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     __________  __     _____      _    _    _  __     _____   ______  
    /  ___   __|/  \   |     \    \ \  / \  / //  \   |     \ /  ____| 
    \  \  | |  / /\ \  | |>  /     \ \/ _ \/ // /\ \  | |>  / \  \     
  ___\  \ | | /  ¯   \ |    \___    \  / \  //  ¯   \ |    \___\  \    
 |_____/  |_|/_/¯¯¯¯\_\|_|\_____|    \/   \//_/¯¯¯¯\_\|_|\________/    
                ______  ______  ______  __  __  ______                 
               |  __  \/  __  \/  __  \|  ||  ||  ____|                 
               | |  | || /  \ || |  |_||  ||  || |____                  
               |  ¯¯ _/| |  | || |  __ |  ||  ||  ____|                 
               |  \ \  | |  | || | |  ||  ||  || |____                  
               |  |\ \ | \__/ || |__| ||  ¯¯  ||      |                 
               |__| \_\\______/\______/\______/|______|                 
            __      ______   ____   ____    ______  ______             
           |  |    |  ____| /    \ |    \  |  ____||  __  \            
           |  |    | |____ /  __  \|  _  \ | |____ | |  | |            
           |  |    |  ____|| |  | || | |  ||  ____||  ¯¯ _/            
           |  |___ | |____ |  ¯¯  || |_|  || |____ |  \ \              
           |      ||      ||  ||  ||     / |      ||  |\ \             
           |______||______||__||__||____/  |______||__| \_\            
                 * R O G U E   S Q U A D R O N   2 *                   
An FAQ/Walkthrough by Will Hansen Version 1.7
E-mail: [email protected]

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Game Menus and Controls
4. Rebel Alliance Forces
   A. Pilotable Craft
   B. Support Forces
5. Imperial Forces
6. Strategies
7. Mission Walkthroughs and Gold Medals
   A. Training Mission - Tatooine Training
   B. Mission 1 - Death Star Attack
   C. Mission 2 - Ison Corridor Ambush
   D. Mission 3 - Battle of Hoth
   E. Mission 4 - Prisons of the Maw
   F. Mission 5 - Razor Rendezvous
   G. Mission 6 - Vengeance on Kothlis
   H. Mission 7 - Imperial Academy Heist
   I. Mission 8 - Raid on Bespin
   J. Mission 9 - Battle of Endor
   K. Mission 10 - Strike at the Core
   L. Secret Mission 1
   M. Secret Mission 2
   N. Secret Mission 3
   O. Secret Mission 4
   P. Secret Mission 5
8. Secrets
   A. Bonus Tech Upgrades
   B. Secret Ships
   C. Passcodes *UPDATED*
   D. Ace Mode 
9. Standard Guide Stuff
   A. Legal
   B. E-mail Guidelines
   C. Credits
   D. Version Updates
   E. The Final Word


1. Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my Rogue Leader FAQ!  ^_^  As my Third GameCube 
FAQ, I felt it was only fitting that I write for one of the greatest 
sci-fi series ever.  Being a Star Wars nut as well, this choice was 
quite logical.


2. FAQ

Q: What is Rogue Leader?

A: Rogue Leader is the sequel to Rogue Squadron for the N64.  It was 
developed by Factor 5 and published by LucasArts.  It's a flight-sim/
shooter using much the same engine as the original Rogue Squadron.

Q: Does this game have a sidestory to the Star Wars Trilogy?  What 
movies does the game cover?

A: This game covers the entirety of the original Star Wars trilogy.  
There are several missions that serve as "in-betweens" between the 
major battles (Yavin, Hoth, Endor), but none of them go far as to 
create a sidestory.

Q: What ships can you fly?  What are some passcodes?  What enemies are 
you up against?  How do I beat a mission?

A: All those questions are answered in the guide.  Please refer to the 
Table of Contents to see where your questions are answered.

Q: What's Targeting Computer Efficency?

A: A new stat added.  This starts at 100% and drops whenever you use 
your Targeting Computer.  Those searching for Gold Medals will want to 
use it as little as possible.

Q: Who uses Cluster Missiles?

A: Two of the secret ships.  Check the Secret Ships section to find out 

Q: How do I open bonus missions?

A: There are three bonus missions which are above the three key battles 
of the game: Yavin, Hoth, and Endor (specifically Strike at the Core).
You will only be able to scroll up to these bonus missions after earning 
at least a Bronze Medal in the mission that precedes them.  You 
need to earn points to unlock them.  You earn points by earning medals.  
Bronze gets you 3 points, Silver gets you 6, and Gold gets you 10.  When 
you earn a higher medal on a mission than the one you have, the old 
gets replaced, so if you earn a Gold on a mission that you had a Silver 
on, you'll only receive the extra four points.  There are two other 
bonus missions, and they appear to the right (one after the other) of 
the Endor bonus missions.


3. Game Menus and Controls

The Main Menu comprises of two selections, Start and Options (it's 
almost TOO easy)...

"Start" will take you to the game select screen, where you can choose 
from one of your games saved to the Memory Card, or erase any of the 
games.  Use Back to return to the Main Menu.  Once you select a saved 
game, you will go to the Mission Select screen.  Use Left or Right to 
move through the missions (or Up ^_^)

"Options" will take you to the Options menu:

Rogue Leaders: Displays a sort of Top Ten players list.  It displays 
 the player's initials, what mission they last completed, the player's 
 Alliance Navy rank, and how many medals they have.

Passcodes: Enter your super secret passcodes here...

Game Settings:

- Cockpit Auto-Switch: With this on, your camera will shift while you're 
   tying up an AT-AT with a tow cable.
- Enemy Camera: With this on, the camera will pull back if an enemy is 
   chasing you so that you can see it.
- Auto Roll: Turn this on and your craft will automatically right itself 
   when you roll your craft on its side.
- Auto Level: Turn this on and your craft will automatically right 
   itself when you pitch it up or down.
- Crosshairs: This toggles the crosshairs in front of your ship.
- Rumble: This toggles whether or not your GCN controller will rumble.
- Restore Default Settings: Puts all settings back to their original 
- Back: Return to the Option Menu.

Video Settings: This will allow you to switch between Interlacing and 
Progressive Scan if you have a Progressive Scan capable TV.  Don't 
worry about it if you don't.

Sound Settings:

- Music Volume:      |
- Sound FX Volume:    }- Changes the respective volumes
- Speech Volume:     |
- Stereo/Mono: Allows you to switch between the two sound types.
- Restore Default Settings: Puts all settings back to their original 
- Back: Return to the Option Menu.

Special Features:

- Audio Test: Gives you a quick test of a TIE flying around.  Good for 
   determining how well your speakers work.
- Teaser Trailer: This lets you view the trailer released for Rogue 
   Leader for Space World 2000 (with X-Wing flying by Yavin).
- Documentary: This lets you view the Making of Rogue Leader.  It's 
   available after you beat the game.
- Credits: You'll be able to view the game credits at any point after 
   you complete the game once.
- Audio Commentary: Once this is enabled, you can hear background voice 
   from the design team about developing Rogue Leader.  It's enabled 
   after you get at least 10 Bronze Medals.
- Music Hall: Once you use a passcode to open this up, you can hear 
   all the music in the game (both MIDI and orchestral)
- Concept Art Gallery: Once you use a passcode to open this up, you can 
   see several samples of concept art.
- Ace Mode: This only is accessible once you get all 15 Gold Medals.
- Back: Return to the Option Menu.

Back: Takes you back to the Main Menu.


In-flight Display

Upper Left Corner: This is where your Command Cross is.  When your 
wingmen ask for orders, tap the Control Pad in a direction to issue them 
that order.  Orders are explained in the next section under D-Pad.

Upper Right Corner: This is the new 3-D map.  Blips at the top mean the 
craft is ahead of you.  If blips are "above" or "below" the map, they're 
above or below you spatially.  Red blips indicate enemies.  Green blips 
mean allies.  Blue blips mean neutral craft or structures.  If you're 
distant from your current objective, an orange cone will appear to 
guide you to it.

Lower Left Corner: This is your shield indicator.  The color goes from 
green to red (and the bars shorten) as you take damage.  When you're in 
serious trouble, your wireframe craft will flash red and yellow.

Lower Right Corner: There are several indicators here.  The most obvious 
one is the secondary weapon indicator, which shows the type and the 
number of weapons you have (if limited).  In the lower left corner, 
you'll see a little yellow meter.  Once this meter fills, you can 
perform a speed boost.  If you have ion cannons, this will turn blue as 
you charge the cannon.  The border around the icon progressively lights 
up, and, once completely lit, you can fire linked lasers.



Control Stick: Moves your craft.  Forward pitches you down and Back 
   pitches you up.  Left and right apply the etheric rudder to turn you.
A Button: Fires your primary weapon (lasers).  Hold down for fully 
   automatic fire.  Note that when you stop firing, the border around 
   your secondary weapon in the lower right corner will start tracing 
   around.  Once it's fully lit, you can release a fully linked blast.  
   In some cases, tapping the A button will fire a partially linked 
   blast on craft with more than two lasers.
B Button: Activates/Fires your secondary weapon:
   Proton Torpedoes/Concussion Missiles: Fires the warhead.
   Tow Cable: Will only work near an AT-AT.  Fly around it to tie it up.
   Ion Cannon: Hold the B Button to charge the cannon.  Note the blue 
    meter next to your secondary weapon in the lower right corner.
   Proton Bombs: Tap once to bring up the bombing reticle, and tap 
    again to let 'er fly.  Bombs will regenerate (for some reason).
   Cluster Missiles: A missile splits into six.
X Button: This button will switch camera views from chase view to 
   cockpit view and back again.
Y Button: Use this button to bring up the targeting computer.  Potential 
   targets are highlighted in red, and essential targets are highlighted 
   in yellow.  If your craft has bombs, using this when the bombing 
   reticle is up will give you a semi-top-down view.  You'll still be 
   able to see ahead of you, but any bombable targets below you will 
   appear over that.  Kind of tough to explain.  Best way to explain is 
   to try it yourself in Tatooine Training.
L Button: The L analog button is used for deceleration.  Push it down 
   gently to decelerate.  Push it past the click for a heavy brake.
R Button: The R analog button is used for acceleration.  Push it down 
   gently to accelerate.  Push it past the click for a momentary speed 
   boost on some craft.  With a B-Wing or X-Wing, this will close the 
   S-foils. (Open them again by tapping A or B, or clicking R or L)
Z Button: Hold this button to be able to roll your craft by pulling 
   Left or Right on the stick.
C Stick: Up or Down will change the distance the camera follows your 
   craft.  Left and Right will rotate your view.
D-Pad: Use this for assigning commands to your wingmen.  Use Form to
   have them get on either side of you and fire when there are enemies 
   in front to give you a bit of extra power in your shots.  Use Flee 
   to get rid of them if they're "stealing" kills from you, and use the 
   different things that come up for Left and Right to have them attack 
   certain enemies (Guns, TIEs, AT-STs).
Start: Pauses the game.  From the Pause Menu you can abort the mission, 
   or adjust the Game and Sound Settings.


4. Rebel Alliance Forces


A. Pilotable Craft

All the most famous starfighters from the Rebel Alliance are available 
for your TIE-busting pleasure.  This does NOT include secret ships, 
which will be covered in the Secrets section.  However, just because 
a craft appears elsewhere in this section or the Imperial section, 
doesn't mean that it can't be a secret ship... ~_^


Incom Corporation T-65 Space Superiority Fighter


The X-Wing was the last fighter developed by Incom before its seizure 
by the Empire.  Its most famous feature is its four wings that folded 
out to form the signature X shape.  There's also this little matter of 
some guy who blew up this big space station with one.  

In this game, the X-Wing has the best balance of speed and power.  Its 
S-foils can be closed (using an R-click) to increase speed in both 
vaccuum and atmosphere.  It also has an R2 unit aboard that will repair 
your shields as long as it holds out.  If you get hit really hard, you 
may see the directional pad pop up with "Repair" in all directions.  
Hit it, and you'll be restored to full green for one time only.

Primary Weapon: Quad Lasers
Secondary Weapon: 6 Proton Torpedoes


Koensayr BTL-S3 Longprobe Attack Starfighter


The former flagship fighter of the Alliance before the introduction of 
the X-Wing, this combination fighter/bomber vehicle has two engine 
nacelles extending from its cockpit, giving it a Y shape.  

The Y-Wing's quite slow, but it can take serious punishment.  There is 
no speed boost available for it, so you won't get anywhere fast.  It 
also has an R2 unit that will repair your shields as long as it holds 
out.  If you get hit really hard, you may see the directional pad pop up 
with "Repair" in all directions.  Hit it, and you'll be restored to full 
green for one time only.  Remember, Proton Bombs regenerate, so don't 
be afraid to use them.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers
Secondary Weapons: 20 Proton Bombs and Ion Cannon


Dodonna/Blissex RZ-1 Fighter/Interceptor


One of the fastest fighters in the galaxy, the A-Wing can leave other 
ships in the dust.  It was developed in a joint venture with General 
Jan Dodonna, and Rebel engineer Walex Blissex specifically for the type 
of hit-and-run tactics that the Alliance became so fond of.  It is 
recognized by its sleek wedge-shaped design.  

It's fragility can be a liability, but it has incredible speed, and the 
ability to have an even bigger speed boost if you jam the accelerator.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers
Secondary Weapon: 20 Dual-fire Concussion Missiles


Slayn & Korpil B-51 Fighter/Bomber


Developed after the Battle of Yavin, the B-Wing fighter was created by 
then-Commander Ackbar with the help of the Slayn & Korpil Verpine 
colonies.  It looks like a large wing with a cockpit at one end, with 
two airfoils extended.  

The B-Wing is superior to the Y-Wing in most every way.  It's faster, 
but still not as fast as an X-Wing, even with S-foils closed.  It has 
more lasers, with a wide spread to hit fighters more effetively, and 
the most Torpedoes of any craft.  It's only a little less durable than 
the Y-Wing.

Primary Weapon: Triple Lasers
Secondary Weapons: 12 Proton Torpedoes and Ion Cannon


Modified Incom Corporation T-47 Airspeeder


This repulsor craft was turned from a workhorse speeder to a combat 
vehicle for air strikes on planetside engagements.  

It's the only craft that can tie up those pesky AT-ATs with its tow 
cable.  It has the ability to engage a respectable speed boost if you 
jam the accelerator.  You're told there are no shields, but the craft 
has thick armor plating, which makes it more durable than an A-Wing, but 
not as much as an X-Wing.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers
Secondary Weapon: Tow Cable


Incom Corporation T-16 Low Atmosphere Repulsor Craft

"T-16 Skyhopper"

This pleasure craft is something every hot rodder wants in his garage.  
The small main cockpit is connected to three airfoils that stabilize it 
in flight.  It uses its targeting lasers as a main weapon.  

The craft can only be used in the Tatooine Training Grounds where 
certain aspects (like secondary weapons), change as you do different 
training lessons.  It has the ability to engage a speed boost if you 
jam the accelerator.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers
Secondary Weapons: 6 Proton Torpedoes (20 Proton Bombs) and Ion Cannon


Bespin Motors Storm IV Twin Pod Patrol Craft

"Cloud Car"

A patrol craft, mainly, this ship is made for upper atmosphere work.  
Lando Calrissian maintains a good number of these for patrolling his 
latest investment, Cloud City.  

The Cloud Car isn't the most flashy craft ever, but helpful in Bespin 
if your primary ship is getting hammered.  It's has decent 
manueverability and speed, but it can't take too many hits.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers


Sienar Fleet Systems Lambda-Class Shuttle

"Imperial Shuttle"

The shuttle is a general-purpose passenger and cargo transport 
originally employed by the Empire.  The feature that makes this craft 
recognizable are the three wings, the bottom two of which fold up when 
the shuttle makes a landing.  

Since the shuttle's not meant for combat, it has lousy speed, 
manueverability, and durability.  If you push L all the way down, you'll 
close the shuttle's wings.  One good thing about the Shuttle is its 
secondary weapon, which will track enemies behind you.  It's not 
perfect, but it does help at discouraging pursuers.

Primary Weapon: Dual Linked Lasers
Secondary Weapon: Rear Single Laser


TIE Fighter

Even though I also included the Fighter in the Imperial section, you 
do have a chance to hop into a TIE Fighter during the normal missions.  
You won't be doing much combat in this, as you'll be using it to sneak 
into a base.  If you want a breakdown on its combat capabilities, check 
Secret Ships.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers


B. Support Forces

You're not alone in your fight against the Empire.  Besides your own 
wingmen, you'll have other forms of support as well.


Rebel Trooper/Commandos

Appearance: Little guy running around

These ground troops are specialized for many types of missions in many 
types of environments.  They can be very useful if used properly.


Atgar 1.4 FD P-Tower
Golan Arms DF.9 Anti-Infantry Battery

Appearance: Small dish-shaped gun / Small cylindrical emplacement

These two weapons emplacements are used during the Battle of Hoth to 
hold back the advancing troops.  They're not all that effective on the 
nasty walkers.


Kuat Drive Yards v-150 Planet Defender

"Ion Cannon"

Appearance: Medium-sized globe with the firing barrel on top

The ion cannon covers the escape of the Rebels from Hoth by disabling 
the Imperial Star Destroyers orbiting Hoth long enough for the 
Transports to get by.


Gallofree Yards Medium Transport

"Rebel Transport"

Appearance: Long, rounded craft

This ovular-shaped craft isn't the best transport in the galaxy.  
Sporting no armaments, it's quite vulnerable.  The Rebel Alliance, 
always strapped for funds, bought a number of these transports at a 
greatly reduced price.


Modified Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 Light Freighter

"Millennium Falcon"

Appearance: Flat, disc-like ship with an extended cockpit.

One of the more famous ships in the galaxy, this craft has been 
illegally modified from a simple freighter to one of the greatest 
smuggling ships ever made.  Incredibly fast hyperdrive, amplified 
deflector shields, and twin quad laser cannons make this ship quite a 
piece of work.


Corellian Engineering Corporation Corvette

"Corvette" or "Rebel Blockade Runner"

Appearance: Medium-sized thin ship with large engines on the back

The Corvette has a common modular design which can be used for cargo, 
passenger ferrying, and even military duty.  For a cruiser, it's small 
and fast, but only carries light armament.  Popular Corvettes are the 
"Tantive IV" and the "Razor".


Kuat Drive Yards Nebulon-B Frigate

"Rebel Frigate"

Appearance: Tall decks in the front, connected by a shaft to engines on 
the back

Several of these odd-looking ships have been stolen by the Rebel 
Alliance for use as medium capital ships.  They sport several turbolaser 
and laser batteries for use against other starships.  One popular 
Frigate is the medical frigate "Redemption".


Mon Calamari MC80a Star Cruiser

"Calamari Cruiser"

Appearance: Large, rounded Rebel starship

These large ships compose the heaviest firepower in the Rebel Alliance 
fleet.  Developed by the aquatic Mon Calamari, who never knew of war 
until the Imperials made them slaves, these once pleasure craft were 
converted into ships of war.  No two of these ships are alike, as each 
captain prefers an organic look to his or her own ship.  Every cruiser 
sports many turbolaser batteries and are well-suited for slugging it 
out with Imperial capital ships.  Popular Calamari Cruisers include 
"Home One", the "Liberty", and the "Defiance".


5. Imperial Forces

The Galactic Empire has no shortage of disposable pilots or disposable 
weapons of war to throw at you, and they'll throw everything in the 



Appearance: Little guy running around

Trained intensively on military planets to remove all individuality or 
willingness to reconsider orders, these soldiers are fiercely loyal to 
the New Order.


Blastech E-Web Repeating Blaster

"E-Web Blaster"

Appearance: A small tripod gun manned by a trooper.

This heavy repeating blaster is mounted on a tripod.  Two stormtroopers 
man the gun.  Although not much of a problem to you, it's devastating 
to any ground troops you may be trying to protect.


Arakyd Industries Viper Probe Droid

"Probe Droid"

Appearance: Small, floating, black, ball-type droid with legs

The Probe Droid is sent to the far reaches of the galaxy to find 
whatever the Imperial overseers wish.  Its main purpose, of course, is 
search and discover, but it can also be used for light defense.


Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/ln Space Superiority Starfighter

"TIE Fighter"

Appearance: Spherical cockpit with hexagonal solar panels perpendicular 
to it

One of the most recognizable symbols of the Empire, the alien-looking 
TIE Fighter consists of a ball cockpit with two hexagonal solar array 
wings on the port and starboard sides.  Twin chin-mounted lasers are 
its armament.  A lack of shields makes the craft quite vulnerabe, so the 
pilot must rely on maneuverability to stay alive.  Rebels refer to these 
craft as "eyeballs".


Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Interceptor

"TIE Interceptor"

Appearance: Spherical cockpit with angled solar panels that extend to 

Developed using improvements on Darth Vader's TIE Advanced, this fighter 
is far faster, more powerful, and more manueverable than the standard 
TIE Fighter.  It is recognizable by its bent solar wings, with dagger-
like protrusions.  Quad-laser cannons and a slightly stronger hull make 
this craft superior to the standard TIE Fighter in every way.  The Rebel 
slang for this craft is "squint".


Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Bomber

"TIE Bomber"

Appearance: Double cylindrical hull with angled solar panels

The Empire's prime assualt bomber, this craft is recognized by its 
double hull, one for the cockpit, and one for its payload of warheads.  
Although slower than other TIE starfighters, it has a well-armored hull 
to compensate.  For warheads, Bombers, or "dupes" to the Rebels, can 
carry proton torpedoes or proton bombs, if in atmosphere.


Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Advanced x1 Prototype

"TIE Advanced"

Appearance: Cylindrical hull with angled solar panels

This specialized TIE was customized by Sienar Fleet Systems as the next 
generation of Imperial Starfighters.  Its most obvious difference is 
the angular solar panels.  More important differences involve deflector 
shields and a hyperdrive.  Darth Vader is the only one who flies one, 
and, if you remember the movies, you'll remember that you can't 
destroy it.


Sienar Fleet Systems/Cygnus Spaceworks Sentinel-Class Landing Craft

"Imperial Landing Craft"

Appearance: Larger variation of the Imperial Shuttle

This large craft, derived from the Lambda shuttle, has the same 
signature up-folding lower wings.  Its main use is as an armed troop or 
vehicle transport.  Some, such as the infamous Moff Seerdon, have 
Landing Craft that are more well-developed for combat, since the heavy 
armor plating allows them to take a decent amount of hits.


Space Mine

Appearance; Small, gold star-shaped vessel

These mines can be arranged together to form a barrier.  You're in 
trouble if you get too close.


Space Weapon Emplacement

Appearance: Small, flat, black emplacement

These space-borne emplacements have several laser cannons on them, and 
they can eat right through your shields.  If you have them, I suggest 
using Ion Cannons to disable them outright, because they can take 
several laser hits before going down.


Prison Guard Tower

Appearance: Thin black tower with a sphere on top

These towers can dish out many hits at once.  They're pretty heavily 
shielded, but can't stand up to a well-placed bomb.


Laser Turret

Appearance: Many different appearances

Many emplacements and ships employ small laser turrets for starfighter 
defense.  Most of them aren't all that durable.


Balloon Turret

Appearance: Large balloon structure with guns on the bottom

In the skies above Bespin, several guns are attached to a hot air 
balloon.  This weapon can easily be destroyed by shooting the gas 
tanks that keep it afloat.


Imperial All-Terrain Armored Transport Walker


Appearance: Massive four-legged metallic behemoth

The AT-AT is a fearsome sight on the battlefield.  It lumbers towards 
its target on four massive legs.  For its cumbersome appearance, it's 
actually faster than it looks, reaching speeds of up to 40 miles per 
hour on stable terrain.  Two heavy blasters are positioned under its 
"chin".  It's as much a psychological weapon as it is a military weapon.


Imperial All-Terrain Personal Transport


Appearance: Short two-legged walker

This small armed transport is meant to allow a soldier to handle a 
squad of ground troops.  It's as fast at maximum speed as an AT-AT.  It 
has twin chin-mounted blasters.


Imperial All-Terrain Scout Transport Walker


Appearance: Relatively tall two-legged walker

The AT-ST is used as a scout vehicle, or as support for the AT-AT.  It's 
faster than the AT-AT, capable of reaching 60 miles per hour speeds on 
its twin legs on even terrain.  It's head-mounted blasters can hit with 
decent power.


Kuat Drive Yards "Imperator"-Class Star Destroyer Mark One

"Imperial Star Destroyer"

Appearance: Large dagger-shaped cruiser

The Imperial Star Destroyer will forever be a reminder of the awesome 
might of the Empire.  The wedge-shaped capital ship is a mile long and 
half as wide at its aft.  It can hold six squadrons of TIEs, and 
boasts eight heavy turbolasers and a large amount of smaller laser 
turrets for starfighter defense.  Popular Star Destroyers include 
"Devastator", "Avenger", and "Chimaera".


Custom Deep-Space Battle Station - Code Name: "Death Star"

Appearance: One freakin' huge ball

Designed by the genius engineer Bevel Lemelisk, this station was to be 
the representation of the Empire throughout the galaxy, and the 
embodiment of Grand Moff Tarkin's "rule through fear" doctrine.  The 
craft is approximately 120 kilometers in diameter, making it roughly 
the size of a small moon.  Its signature weapon is an unbelievably 
powerful superlaser, which has enough power to vaporize a planet.  On 
the surface of the Death Star are many Laser Turrets and Deflection 
Towers for defense.


Custom Deep-Space Battle Station - Code Name: "Death Star II"

Appearance: Like the first one, but it's missing pieces

Bevel Lemelisk corrected many of his past mistakes in this new Death 
Star.  The vulnerable exhaust ports that brought the downfall of the 
first were replaced by millimeter-wide vents.  The superlaser's power 
was increased, and recharge time took far less time.  It could also be 
adjusted to attack capital ships as well as planets.  This new Death 
Star would have been invincible.  The only way to destroy it would have 
been while it was under construction.


6. Strategies


Survival Strategies:

Be sure to read the instruction booklet and use the Tatooine Training 
Mission.  You'll get some valuable insight on controls and functions in 
the game.

The radar objective cone is there to help you.  Be sure to follow it 
when you don't know what to do.

Don't forget your targeting computer.  Yes, you get medal-type credit 
for not using it, but when you're first going through a mission, that's 
not exactly the first thing on your mind.

Don't forget your secondary weapons.  A well-placed torp or missile on 
an emplacement can do a lot more damage than just lasers.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the bonuses.  They can make life a lot 
easier.  Spend some time after completing a mission to just poke around 
in any random spot.  ALL normal missions have bonuses, but some can 
be hidden quite deviously.


Gold Medal Strategies:

The criteria for medals are as follows:

Time: How much time you took in the mission (active flying, not 
Enemies Destroyed: How many enemy craft (red blips) you shot down, or 
 how many individual emplacements you've destroyed.  Some things that 
 are Imperial, but don't count as targets (and, therefore, won't show up 
 on the radar as red blips).
Accuracy: A percentage of how often your lasers connected with a viable 
 enemy target.
Friendlies Lost: (This used to be Friendlies Saved)  This should be as 
 low as possible, but on some missions it can't be helped, so the count 
 can be high.  This is how many people on your side were lost, including 
 troops, emplacements, and ships.
Lives Lost: (Used to be Lives Remaining) Self-explanatory.  Many Gold 
 Medals require that you lose no lives, but for those that don't, be 
 sure to take full advantage of it.
Targeting Computer Efficiency: You basically start with 100% and every 
 time you use the computer, your percentage goes down.  Some missions 
 require a 100% Efficiency for Gold, but some don't.

Note that Bonus Collected is NOT in the list, so that's one less thing 
to worry about, I guess...

Anyway, strategies...

Have all the relevant bonuses when entering a level.  Advanced Lasers 
and Shields are an absolute must.  The proper warhead bonuses should 
also be in your possession.

Know the level like the back of your hand.  Know where most every 
enemy is, and exactly where all your objectives are.

TIEs are funny things...  They fly in these little flights of two to 
five and don't break up for much of anything.  The only big thing 
they will break up over is the loss of their leader.  Shoot down the 
TIE that's the farthest ahead and the rest of the group will break up, 
to reform later on a new leader.  So, if you're going for quick kills in 
a short amount of time, line up behind a group of TIEs and take out all 
the ones but the leader.  Of course, there will be times when you'll 
WANT to take out the leader, but I'll address those as I come to them...

To beef up Accuracy, it helps to use the linked fire.  Take single 
linked shots at enemies to take them down more efficiently.  Also, TIEs 
will be the biggest hit to your Accuracy, so only hit them if you need 
to, and if they're flying away from you.

Make sure you pay attention to Targeting Computer Efficiency.  If it's 
100%, don't touch the Computer.  If it ISN'T, don't be afraid to tap 
it every once in a while.

Trust your feelings...


7. Mission Walkthroughs and Gold Medals

Guide to Walkthroughs:

Overview: The basic gist of the mission, and some thoughts about it.

Available Starting Craft: The craft you can pick in the hangar to fly 
initially.  Note that in several missions that you can change craft.

Enemies: These are targets that shoot back.  Note that sometimes you 
may be required to take out something that doesn't shoot back.  Those 
things aren't included under Enemies.

Survival Walkthrough: How to go about completing the mission.  These 
generally assume you don't have a lot of the tech upgrades.

Gold Medal Strategies: Basically, this is my way to get the Gold Medal, 
but I'm sure there are others, and if you can find a better one, go 
right ahead and let me know and I'll consider it.


A. Training Mission - Tatooine Training


This training mission is quite open-ended.  You can fly around on the 
surface of Tatooine and practice your skills and the manuevers in the 
game.  There are several "objects" to be found in the area, and a few 
mini-missions.  A cute thing about this mission is that the scenery 
changes depending on the time of day on your GameCube's internal clock.


Available Starting Craft:

T-16 Skyhopper






There are no REAL kind of objectives here.  You'll note there are 
fifteen spinning Rebel insignias.  

Twelve of these are training to introduce you to controls.  You'll 
learn Acceleration, Deceleration, Hard Braking, Speed Boost, Proton 
Bombs, Ion Cannon, Roll, Targeting Computer, Camera Switch, C-Stick, 
D-Pad, and Linked Lasers.

The other three are mini-missions.  There's one down in a large pit 
area with a bunch of womprats.  Hit the insignia and you'll have thirty 
seconds to "bulls-eye" as many as you can.  The number you should be 
shooting for is 60.  If you mess up, you'll probably want to wait a 
while until they fully regenerate before trying again.  There's an 
easier way to get sixty, or heck, even a hundred.  Womprats 
instinctively run from your ship, so if you circle the group, they'll 
all group themselves in a small cluster.  This makes it a lot easier to 
take a lot out.

The second mini-mission is on a small plateau near two other Skyhoppers.  
This is a simple racing mission against Biggs and Wedge.  It's REAL 
easy.  Simply follow the insignias and keep hitting the boost whenever 
your boost meter fills up (lower right corner of the screen).  Once you 
hit Tosche Station, you're done.  You'll need to run it twice to get 
full credit.  The second time, Biggs and Wedge will be a little harder 
to beat.

The third mini-mission is above Beggar's Canyon.  You'll race against 
Biggs.  There are two paths to take.  To beat Path 1 (Biggs' path), just 
follow him throughout the whole area, and boost past him once you 
reach the end.  To beat Path 2, just go right at the beginning, then 
follow the path as best as you can.  Simple.

Now, there is one more thing to do, and that's finding "objects".  The 
good news is that your radar points you to every last one of the 
required objects.  You have to find five herds of banthas, three 
dewbacks, two Sandcrawlers, Jabba's Palace, and a crashed TIE Fighter 
in Mos Eisley.  Once you've found everything, your radar will point 
towards Jabba's Palace, so you know you're done if you found it already.

There are also two "bonus items" to find.  The one you always have to 
find is the bones of a Krayt Dragon, which is near one of the herds of 
banthas, and the other changes depending on the time of day.  During 
dusk or dawn, the item is C-3PO, and he's in Jabba's Palace, which you 
can destroy.  During normal daytime, it's the Escape Pod, and it's near 
Tosche Station.  During darkness, the item is R2-D2, found in one of 
the Sandcrawlers (which you'll have to destroy with linked blasts).

So, that's all there is to it.  You'll quit after 20 mintues, after you 
crash your last ship into the ground, or after you choose to end the 
training.  So, if you find all you need to find, just quit and you'll 
get credit for it.

You will get credit for completing training if you find all items, 
regular and bonus, successfully complete the 12 lessons, win both 
Tosche Station races, both Beggar's Canyon races, and peg 60 womprats 
in thirty seconds.

So, basically, find all items and turn all red insignias green.


B. Mission 1 - Death Star Attack


Princess Leia has returned to the Alliance, with the valuable 
technical readouts of the Death Star, but the freighter she was rescued 
on carried a homing signal, allowing the Death Star to track them to 
the Rebel base on Yavin 4.  General Dodonna has devised an incredibly 
farfetched plan, yet one that's just crazy enough to work.  A group of 
thirty starfighters is to be sent past the outer defensive shield and 
assault the station, whereby they will manuever down the equatorial 
trench and fire proton torpedoes at a vulnerable exhaust port.  Only a 
direct hit will set off a chain reaction that will destroy the station.

The first mission isn't too hard at all.  Nobody really shoots at you
for the most part, so think of this as easing into the world of Rogue 


Available Starting Craft:


Y-Wing (after Prisons of Maw) (will have Torpdoes instead of Bombs)



Death Star (Laser Turrets)
TIE Fighter
TIE Advanced


Survival Walkthrough:

Your group of X-Wings and Y-Wings descends upon the surface of the 
Death Star.  You won't have long before it orbits Yavin and can fire at 
the Rebel Base.  Each part of the mission is timed, but you have plenty 
of it.  You know you'll need to boogie when you hear Red Leader tell 
you you're running out of time.

The first part of the mission has you, Biggs, and Wedge taking out 
several Deflection Towers on the surface.  You don't need to deal with 
the guns, just the towers.  They take a lot of hits, so just brake and 
keep pounding them.  Of course, you're never told WHY you have to take 
out the Deflection Towers.  Maybe there are guys up there telling the 
guns where to shoot.  They certainly need all the help they can get.

Once they're all taken out, you'll switch to another part of the Death 
Star's surface to take down about thirty or so TIEs.  For the most part, 
they won't actively attack, so just use the radar, line up your shots, 
and take them out.  Obviously, they just woke up and haven't had their 
morning cup of caf.  TIEs can be kind of tough to spot against the 
Death Star's gray background, so it may help to bring up your Targeting 
Computer every once in a while.  Once they're all gone, you'll head 
into the world-famous equatorial trench.

BONUS ALERT: Before you finish off all the TIEs, there's a bonus to be 
found in this area.  The only problem is it's REALLY tough to find, 
because the item is a whitish cone, and the entire Death Star is gray.  
Okay.  Know how the terrain markers on the Death Star are different 
shades when you look at them on the map?  The spot you're looking for 
consists of two squares of solid dark grey surrounded by complete 
black, and it has one red dot on it.  This spot is approximately 15-20 
degrees to the left of your starting point.  Once you reach the patch, 
fly low near the gun turret there and you'll eventually spot the cone.  
That's about as descriptive as I can be on it.  Good luck.  Pick it up, 
and you'll have Advanced Shields.

It's trench run time, baby... ^_^

In the trench, you'll have to adjust your height so as not to slam into 
the crossbars that pop up.  There are several turrets dotting the 
trench, which you can take out if you wish.  At some point, Wedge will 
be hit and will duck out, and Biggs will be shot down (just like the 
movie!  GET IT?).  After that, pay attention for R2-D2 making noises, 
because that signals some TIEs coming up behind you.  Brake hard so that 
they overtake you and shoot them down.  Soon, you'll hear Vader speak.  
You know, the classic "The Force is strong with this one" line.  He'll 
make two passes at you (in the middle of this, Obi-Wan Kenobi will tell 
you to "use the Force", no, there are no buttons on the controller to 
use the Force).  You can't shoot him down, so just brake so he flies by 
you.  For the third run, he'll come behind you with wingmen.  Gun the 
throttle, and Han Solo, who you originally presumed to be on the other 
side of the galaxy, will swoop in with his trademark "Yahoo!" and take 
out the TIEs and send Vader spinning.  

Once you're all clear, keep going and you'll eventually see gray at the 
end of the trench.  Once you get close, shoot a proton torpedo in the 
general direction of the exhaust port (on the floor) and watch the 
fireworks.  (If you keep missing, use your Targeting Computer to spot 
the exhaust port)


Gold Medal Strategies:

Time: 6:05
Enemies: 91
Accuracy: 39%
Friendlies Lost: 0
Lives Lost: 0
Computer Efficiency: 100%

Naturally, take the X-Wing.  You'll want Advanced Lasers and Shields, 
and Homing Proton Torps couldn't hurt.

Okay, folks.  This is, on paper, the hardest Gold Medal in the game.  
The key to getting the Gold in this medal is four major things.

One (Time): Don't go too far out of your way to get extra targets.  You 
must also be a master TIE killer.  Whenever you get a break from the 
guns in the trench, close your S-foils to gain a second or two.

Two (Kills): In the first two areas, if there's a turret between you and 
your essential targets, use a quad burst on it.  This is especially true 
in the first area, since you're low to the surface.  In the trench, 
this has less weight, since, of course, they're all in your way...

Three (Accuracy): Again, you must be a master TIE killer.  Line up 
behind groups and take out all other craft before you take out the one 
in the lead.  Once you take out the one in the lead, the formation 
breaks up and they're harder to find again.  Use single quad bursts on 
Laser Turrets if at all possible.

Four (Lives Lost): Don't die in the trench.  It's very easy to go so 
fast that you hit a crossbar.  Slow down if you have to.

Okay, in the first section, immediately open fire on the first tower.  
Once it's blown, fly to the left to the rest of the towers.  It may not 
matter, but I like to move in a counter-clockwise direction around the 
towers.  Take the nearest one, then the one to the right of it, etc.  
Stay low to the surface.  If at all possible, try to line yourself up 
so that a Laser Turret is between you and a tower so that you can hit it 
while hitting the tower.  Take out as many towers as you can in about 
a 45 degree arc in front of you.  That is to say, if there's a gun in 
your sights somewhere near the tower, blow it.  If you pass a gun and 
don't destroy it, forget it.  So, make the rounds blowing towers.  
You'll need between 15-20 Laser Turrets here.

Next come the TIEs.  Immediately tell your wingmen to flee so they don't 
take your kills.  Head towards the first visible group of TIEs and take 
them out as described in that Accuracy thing above.  If the next TIE 
group is far away, dip down and take out a nearby gun or two on the 
surface.  I suggest about 5-10 guns in this area.  Finish all the TIEs 
and take out some more guns as the voice goes on to get ready for your 
attack run.

In the trench, I suggest taking out about two thirds of the guns, which 
is about 20-25.  Close your S-foils for the first few seconds of the 
run, and close them again as the crossbars start becoming few and far 
between.  Once the TIEs come up behind your back, slam on the brakes and 
let them past.  Shoot them down each time to get some easy kills.  
After they're all gone, close the S-foils until Darth Vader speaks.  
Open them and shoot turrets, and shoot him when he passes.  You can't 
down him, but hitting him will boost your Accuracy.  When he passes the 
second time, let him pass, but ignore him and just close the S-foils.  
Keep them closed until the very end.  If you have the speed correct, 
the music for the last part (brass orchestra hits) will be your cue to 
fire the Proton Torpedo of Destiny.

Good luck.


C. Mission 2 - Ison Corridor Ambush


A convoy of transports and the Frigate Redemption are headed towards 
the new Rebel base on Hoth.  It's your mission to protect these convoy 
craft until they leave the Ison Corridor.

This mission is simple by nature.  The only trouble you can really have 
is tracking TIEs.  A good knowledge of the radar will get Gold Medals 
here.  If you have any serious trouble, just use the Targeting Computer.


Available Starting Craft:


A-Wing after this mission
Y-Wing after Prisons of Maw
B-Wing after Razor Rendezvous



TIE Fighter
TIE Interceptor


Survival Walkthrough:

BONUS ALERT!  Already?  Yep.  Just below the Frigate is a clump of 
debris.  If you look closely, you can see a square hole in the debris.  
Fly inside and you'll find the bonus item for Advanced Proton Torpedoes.

Okay, you'll very shortly get the call of multiple TIEs inbound.  
Several Fighters will come in from each of the compass points.  Shoot 
down all eighteen, using your wingmen if you wish.  The idea is to 
protect all the Transports so they don't all get shot down.  You can 
still finish the mission even if all but one Transport are destroyed, 
so remember that.

Once the first wave of Fighters are gone, another wave will show up, and 
you'll be prompted to switch to an A-Wing.  Fly beneath the Frigate to 
do so (near the blue spinning Rebel insignia).  Once you switch, head 
out to the large mass of TIE Fighters incoming.  There are fourteen 
this time around.

Once they're all taken out, your convoy will enter the gas clouds of the 
nebula.  Now, you'll be assaulted by 12 TIE Interceptors.  Use your 
targeting computer to see the enemies as they approach through the 
foggy clouds.  Once all are gone, you'll escape from the nebula with 
what's left of your convoy.

Now, I'd like to break character for a second and say that there is no 
way that this convoy could be travelling from Yavin to Hoth.  Point one 
is that the Rebels evacuated Yavin really quickly, and didn't have a lot 
of time at Hoth before they evacuated that place.  Point two is that 
Hoth takes place three years after Yavin.  So, what convoy keeps going 
for three years?  That's what I thought... ^_^


Gold Medal Strategy:

Time: 4:11
Enemies: 40
Accuracy: 19%
Friendlies Lost: 2
Lives Lost: 0
Computer Efficiency: 72%

Accuracy is your #1 demon here.  It seems really low, until you actually 
try it, and end up with 6%, 8%, etc.  Of course, the golden rule here 
is don't shoot at ALL unless you're POSITIVE you're going to hit 

Take the A-Wing right from the get-go for this mission.  It's near-
insane speed will easily allow you to catch the tricky TIEs.  Seeker 
Missiles, while a help, aren't necessary.  Another good ship for this 
is the speedy N-1.

First off, tell your wingmen to Flee immediately, as you don't get 
credit for their kills, and 40 enemies is almost all of the TIEs.  Head 
left off into the red blip distance to engage the three-flight, and the 
four-flight behind it.  Head back to the Transports and engage the 
remaining TIEs.

Once the second wave arrives, boost off to the big mass of enemies in 
the distance.  The four-flight on the left is closest, so attack it 
first, then the other groups up here.  Finish off the remaining TIEs as 
quickly as possible.

In the final area, with the squints, don't be afraid to use your 
Targeting Computer for a second or two to find enemies, because you 
don't need 100% Efficiency.  Smoke the squints as quickly (and 
accurately) as possible to finish up.

Two last things: Don't die at all, and don't worry too much about 
Transports getting nailed, since you can lose two friendlies and still 
get the Gold.

Of course, if you want an easy way, just unlock the Slave I and get 
Homing Cluster Missiles.  Aim those clusters at any enemies to finish 
the mission in short order.  Just be sure not to get yourself killed in 
the rather vulnerable craft.

Here's an alternate strategy from IXOnIOmenXI:

Now that the cheat’s out everyone should have this...  Start off with 
the Naboo Starfighter.  Why?  Because it has great dual lasers the 
speed of an A-Wing and the shields are a bit higher than the A-Wing.  
Also it would be nice to have homing missiles and advanced shields.  
Now, just tell your men to flee and go for the TIEs coming to the left 
of you, put on your homing missiles and let one go to the left or right 
wingman and shoot the other two. Now, head for the quad group in back 
of it.  Try to destroy these before they get in front of you after that 
tight turn and boost to the transports.  If you timed it right you 
might have the TIEs lined up which helps the time problem here.  On 
this first wave of TIEs, use your radar wisely since the last one of 
this wave or of any wave is hard to find (at least for me) so take 
them out quickly, and of course, accurately.  Now, on to the second 
wave.  Go for the large group out to the left again.  Take out the 
first group you see and then take out the others, most likely you’re 
not gonna take out a bunch so just pass them up and tight turn and 
they should be lined up. Go for the larger groups and use your homing 
missiles when you accidentally take out the leader of the group 
because those loners are sometimes hard to find.  Just try to stay 
accurate and do it quickly (the dual lasers should help a bit).  Now, 
for the final wave (I'm not sure if this helps or not but I think your 
wingmen come back after words just make em flee just in case). 
Immediately boost up to the closest group of TIEs (you can use your 
targeting computer for a while just to find the TIEs) turn on your 
homing crosshairs (even if you don't have any left) to make it a bit 
easier to see the ties. Now just take out all the TIEs swiftly, 
accurately and quickly. I have to note that you shouldn't be a sitting 
duck sense the Naboo Starfighter’s shields aren't perfect.  With only a 
couple of tries you should get this down easy! 


D. Mission 3 - Battle of Hoth


The Rebel's base on Hoth has been discovered by a wayward Probe Droid.  
The evacuation has begun, but the Imperial Fleet has arrived to stop 
it.  Fortunately, the fleet jumped out of hyperspace rather close, so 
enough warning was provided for the shield to be raised.  The Empire 
is now attempting a surface attack, and a contingent of Snowspeeders is 
being sent out to hold them off.

This mission requires you to learn how to tie up AT-ATs pretty fast.  
You'll have plenty of other opportunities for shooting down ground 
craft as well.


Available Starting Craft:




Probe Droid
Imperial Landing Craft
TIE Fighter
TIE Bomber


Survival Walkthrough:

You'll start by heading through a thin mountiain pass, and you'll 
encounter some Probe Droids along the way.  Blast them if you wish, and 
you'll enter the main battle area outside Outpost Beta.  

Your first task is to take care of the ten threatening AT-STs in the 
area.  There are actually a total of seventeen, but you only need to 
take down those that are heading directly for the ion cannon at Outpost 
Beta.  They'll show up yellow on your targeting computer.

Tell your wingmen to form up or go after the AT-STs, and the ground 
troops to defend.  Slow down as you draw level with the AT-STs and 
pound them with lasers.  They take quite a few hits, so don't let up.  
Once you take out all the essential AT-STs, you'll be told to take down 
the AT-ATs.  After a few seconds, you'll see a famous cutscene, where 
Luke gets shot down and Wedge ties up an AT-AT to show you how it's 
done.  You'll control Wedge from here on out.  Wasn't that cute how they 
switched to Wedge? ^_^

Now, you have to take down three specific AT-ATs to move the mission 
ahead.  The rest you can ignore.  The three you're after are the ones 
farthest ahead on the battlefield, near the Shield Generator (again, 
they'll be yellow on the targeting computer).  Fly to the right or to 
the left of the legs of one, slow down, and fire your Tow Cable (press 
B), as you pass the walker, as the cable fires behind you.  Fly slowly 
around the walker's legs, not straying too far from the AT-AT, but not 
getting so close that you'll ram the legs, and you'll drop him after 
three passes.

Once you take down all three walkers in the area, there will be a 
cutscene where the General Veers' AT-AT lays the smack down on your 
Shield Generator.  Time to leave.

BONUS ALERT: Once you regain control, fly on back to where the Shield 
Generator used to be and you'll find the coveted Advanced Lasers.  
Sweet stuff.

Head down the thin mountain pass you'll be placed in.  You'll pass a 
few groups of Probe Droids (shoot at your leisure) and you'll enter the 
transport area.  Drop down and grab your X-Wing (at the blue Rebel 

Change craft quick, because you'll have to deal with the arrival of six 
TIE Fighters and eight TIE Bombers from high atmosphere on your left.  
Your priority is the Bombers, as they can hurt the Transports.  Shoot 
down all the Bombers and you'll complete the evacuation.  Luke will 
head off to Dagobah to pursue his Jedi heritage, and Wedge will move on 
to bigger and better things with Rogue Squadron.


Gold Medal Strategies:

Time: 5:00
Enemies: 43
Accuracy: 53%
Friendlies Lost: 22
Lives Lost: 0
Computer Efficiency: 100%

Props go to whoever found out that troopers do NOT count as viable 
targets.  However, Probe Droids DO count, so keep that in mind.

As you travel along the path, take out as many of the Probe Droids as 
you can without slowing down too much.  These Probe Droids will pound 
your guys in this area if you don't take out enough, and that, of 
course, isn't good for your Friendlies count.

As you enter the main area, start smashing AT-STs (either tell your 
wingmen to flee or to go after the guns).  Hit the brakes and take out 
two or three of the nearest group of four, then head to the back of 
the battlefield (near the incoming Landing Craft).  Take one or two of 
the back three, then hit the Landing Craft and the box underneath it.  
Take out the remaining AT-STs in those two groups, and hit as many as 
you can in the last group of three.  If you miss one, try to take out 
some of the others (you'll eventually need to take out all of them for 
target number).

Once all the AT-STs are gone (before or after the switch to Wedge), 
head towards the three AT-ATs.  Here's the big kick.  Start pounding 
the nearest AT-AT in the head.  This will drive up your Accuracy to be 
high enough.  Wrap up the three AT-ATs.  Once that's all done, you'll 
enter the passage back to the transports.  Take out as many Probe Droids 
en route as you can (there are three groups, including meeting up again 
with the first group).

Once you enter the Transport area, switch ships, then head towards the 
red dots on the radar, and climb in altitude so that you can intercept 
some of the TIEs.  You'll have to at least take out some of the TIE 
Fighters as well as Bombers.  Concerning the Bombers, use Homing 
Torpedoes (if you don't use them on Fighters).  Make sure you line up 
your shots as they're making their bombing runs, as opposed to turning, 
so you're sure to hit them.

Oh, and make sure not to use your Targeting Computer.


E. Mission 4 - Prisons of the Maw


An Imperial prison facility is rumored to be in the black hole cluster 
near Kessel known as the Maw.  You are to search this area for the 
prison and do what you can to rescue the prisoners.

This is probably the first mission with a measure of difficulty.  You'll 
be under attack from many avenues.  First from Fighters and space 
emplacements, then guard towers and Interceptors


Available Starting Craft:




TIE Fighter
TIE Interceptor
Imperial Shuttle
Space Mine
Space Weapon Emplacement
Prison Guard Tower


Survival Walkthrough:

You'll enter the asteroid field, and it'll be a little TOO quiet.  
Proceed ahead, plug some asteroids for fun if you want.  Eventually, 
you'll get a call about some strange activity.  Head out the direction 
your map is pointing.  You'll eventually see several small Imperial 
Freighters, which are being escorted by a few Imperial Shuttles.  You 
don't need to take them out, but you can if you wish.  Watch your back 
as a patrol of TIEs will be inbound shortly.  You don't have to take out 
these TIEs, either, but they will dog you.  Head past the Freighter 
convoy and further on.  

Soon, you'll see two large blue hexagons.  This is the shield for the 
Imperial prison here.  As you get closer to the shield, you'll notice
some Space Weapon Emplacements, which you can also ignore, and proceed 
on to the shield.  You need to disable three Generators of this shield 
using your Ion Cannons.  There are ten Generators, and you can find them 
at the corners of the hexagons.  Use your Targeting Computer if you 
don't understand what I'm talking about.  Stay away from the edge of 
the shield, as a field of Space Mines are arrayed around the shield.  
Disable one generator and part of the shield will go down.  To disable 
two others, they need to still have shields flowing out of them.  Once 
three are fizzling and crackling, you'll head to the prison compound.

Once you reach the compound, you'll be told by the "leader" of the 
prison revolt, Karie Neth, about how she broke out recently and how 
you'll need to help her free the rest of the prisoners.  Follow the 
radar and you'll be led to the compound.  Bomb the seven Guard Towers 
in the area using your Proton Bombs (they're the things that shoot at 
you) to free the prisoners.  

Next, the prisoners need to get some weapons.  Follow the radar (bombing 
AT-PTs all the way) and get to the armory.  Bomb all six Guard Towers 
in this spot.  Once that's done, you'll be told to head to the comms 
station, so the prison can't call for help from the Imps.

BONUS ALERT: On your way to the comms towers, you'll see off to your 
right a cluster of two structures: a dish, and a dome.  Bomb the dome, 
and you'll find a bonus inside.  These are Advanced Cluster Missiles.

Once you reach the Comms Station, you can ignore the seven Guard Towers 
and just bomb the seven dishes in the area.  I've found that to deal the 
maximum amount of damage, you'll want to hit the comms dishes near the 
base, around the red support girders.  It will take a lot of bombs, 
probably more than a normal load.  If you run out, just break off and 
wait for your bombing bay to fill back up.

Once the comms station is destroyed (and the prison loses their 
favorite radio station: KIMP), your prisoner buds will run their little 
train to the hangar to pick up transport.  Fly over there as fast as 
your sluggish little Y-Wing will carry you, and bomb all six Guard 
Towers near the hangar.  Once they're all scrap, a Landing Craft 
carrying the prisoners will take off.  Fortunately for you, this Landing 
Craft is quite invincible.  You can shoot down any TIE Interceptors 
chasing the craft, but it's not necessary. Soon, the Landing Craft will 
make it off the planet, and you'll be done this long mission.  Phew...


Gold Medal Strategies:

Time: 9:19
Enemies: 63
Accuracy: 75%
Friendlies Lost: 2
Lives Lost: 1
Computer Efficiency: 75%

I'd like to thank snooozer for being a big help here.

Advanced Bombs are essential, and Spread are helpful.

For the first part, just rush through.  Take out a Freighter if it makes 
you feel better, but it's not necessary.  You really won't be short on 
targets at all.  Disable three shield projectors quickly to enter the 

Once inside, don't be afraid to use those bombs.  If you come across 
a trio of AT-PTs, bomb the center of the group to take them all.  Bomb 
all the guns quickly (some skill with the bombs is essential).  Head to 
all the targets and take out all the Prison Guard Towers (one bomb 
each).  Don't fly off too much, or the prisoners will get hit and 
you'll lose friendlies.  Once you reach the Comms Towers, unload all 
your Bombs on the towers and crash your ship, using your one life 
allowed.  Take out the rest of the towers, and don't worry too much 
about saving the bombs.

Once you finish, instead of flying straight for the hangar, follow the 
track as it winds its way through the hills.  You'll eventually come 
across a section with a bunch of Towers and AT-PTs.  Concentrate on the 
walkers more, since three targets are better than one.  Once you reach 
the hangar, take out all the Towers.  Once that's done, head back for 
the previous area to clean it up.  Don't worry, the Landing Craft can 
take anything the Interceptors can dish out.


F. Mission 5 - Razor Rendezvous


A Corvette called the Razor is carrying a stolen Imperial computer.  The 
Frigate Redemption is meeting with the Razor at Kothlis to retrieve the 
computer.  The computer will then be transferred to Bothan techs to 

Of course, that's when it all goes kablooie.  A Star Destroyer is right 
on top of the Razor as the Redemption and its starfighter escort enter 
the scene.  You'll have your hands full trying to take out the Star 

NOTE: For those of you who have played X-Wing Alliance, the Razor's fate 
plays out a bit differently.  Don't try to think too much about it.


Available Starting Craft:


X-Wing, A-Wing, Y-Wing after completion



TIE Fighter
Imperial Shuttle
Imperial Star Destroyer (Laser Turrets, Turbolasers)


Survival Walkthrough:

From initial looks, this is one of the toughest missions to survive.  
The second you hyper in, you'll be in deep doodoo.  The Star Destroyer 
will start hammering the Frigate with two of its turbolasers.  These two 
are your first priority.  Zap them with your lasers to bust them up.  
Note that you're probably dying at this point.  The Star Destroyer has 
quite a few tiny guns that are plastering you with laser fire.  Make a 
run for it and come back around the rear of the ship.

BONUS ALERT: Off to the port side of the Star Destroyer (far side from 
where you start) is an Imperial Shuttle making a break for it.  Turn it 
into scrap and pick up the object it leaves behind to earn Advanced 
Proton Bombs.  This shuttle doesn't hang around for long, though, so 
make it one of your early priorities in the mission.

Now, your first "objective" is to save the Frigate, and you can't do 
that until the first two turbolasers and all the TIEs flying around the 
Frigate are dealt with.  Once that's done, the Frigate is safe from 
attack and you're free to attack the Star Destroyer.

BUT, if you're fast enough, all you need to do is take out the two
turbolasers and the Frigate will be relatively safe for some time.

So, to take down this behemoth, you need to destroy four targets.  The 
first two are the spherical shield generators on the very top of the 
bridge tower (they look like golf balls).  Attack from behind to 
minimize return fire.  Use your torps or your ion cannon if you wish for 
some extra punch.  

Once both generators are taken out, you'll be told to take out the third 
shield generator on the bottom.  Someone at Factor 5 had their tech 
screwed up.  That bulge on the underside of the Star Destroyer is the 
main reactor.  Still, it's a good target to hit once the shields are 
down.  Fly under the ship and pound the reactor until it explodes (it 
takes plenty of hits).

Your final target is the command deck, but it's quite a small target.  
Fly to the front of the ship.  The command deck is on the bridge tower 
(below the shield generators).  It's a small windowed area in the very 
center of the front of the bridge tower.  Fortunately, it doesn't take 
all that many hits.  Show the captain of this ship a new definition of 
pain and suffering.  It shows up better when you bring up the targeting 

Once the command deck explodes, the Star Destroyer will be caught by 
the gravity well of Kothlis and plummet to the planet's surface.


Gold Medal Strategies:

Time: 1:19
Enemies: 10
Accuracy: 60%
Friendlies Lost: 0
Lives Lost: 1
Computer Efficiency: 85%

Note the time limit.  That's your biggest problem here.  Your second 
biggest is the Accuracy requirement.  Just make sure you're hitting 
something important for that one.  Not just any spot on the Star 
Destroyer counts as a hit, just the guns, or the four main targets.

You definitely need Advanced Lasers, Shields, and Proton Torpedoes.  
Take the X-Wing or the Naboo Starfighter for this mission, as they have 
enough speed to get you to the Star Destroyer with enough time for 

Speed towards the cruiser at top speed and get behind it.  Turn around 
at a large distance and lay on the brake.  Fire three torps at each 
generator and follow up with lasers.  Also, take down some of the 
small guns on the bridge tower, since you need six more targets after 
the four main targets on the ship.  Once you take out the generators 
and six or so guns on the surface... CRASH!  Yes, you need another 
full load of torps to get this done, and that one life you can lose will 
save you here...

In your next ship, angle down a bit and speed towards the reactor.  
Unload all six torps on the reactor and laser it to a piece of junk.  
Finally, swerve up to the dorsal face of the ship and hit the command 
deck hard.  It's a hard Gold.  Good luck...

Here's an alternate Gold Strategy from aj_007:

At Razor Rendezvous, try using the Y-wing fighter.  Sure, it's slow, and 
it moves like a blimp, but it's still possible.  (I did it.)  You're 
going to have to go, from the start at full speed.  Charge the ion 
cannon, and hit the first generator, then follow it up with laser 
blasts.  Once you're within range, drop 5 bombs directly onto the 
generator.  Go back a bit (behind the command deck area) and repeat to 
the next generator.  Once you destroy that generator, go to the top side 
of the destroyer on the way to the bottom.  Unload all your bombs on top 
of it.  It should hit a some guns.  Swing around below, charging the ion 
cannon.  Once you see the third generator and can get a good shot, fire 
and keep blasting it with lasers.  Tap the A button rapidly- the lasers 
will link.  Crash into the generator, and hope you get it.  If you 
didn't, you'll see the bulb sticking out from where you start.  Once 
within range, fire some more.  You can hit it without getting to close 
to the edge of the destroyer.  After that, make a bee-line for the 
command deck at full speed, unloading all your bombs onto the top of the 
destroyer and crash into the deck.  The game won't consider it a life 
lost.  You should have killed around 11 to 20 enemies, thanks to the 
bombs, accuracy should be over 100%, thanks to the bombs again.  And if 
you've played the level enough, you don't need the targeting computer, 
since you can't use it anyway.  The time and lives lost is the real 
killer.  Try to move through the level as fast as possible.  You should 
only crash into the shield generator on the bottom if needed, and at the 
command deck.  After a couple times, your times should be improving.  It 
can be done! (Thank goodness the game doesn't register the crash into 
the command deck a life lost.)

Another strategy from W1nston1o:

I've had better luck with the B-Wing on Razor Rendezvous. Fly straight 
at the left shield projector and turn on homing missles they will 
target everything but the projector, fire lasers at projector and 
launch missiles when they lock.  Fire enough missiles at the projector 
to destroy it.  Fly away behind the SD, turn around break and repeat 
for the second one.  Then crash.  Turn on homing missles again and aim 
for the bottom one, launching missles as they lock.  Loop around and 
take out the bridge, fly straight into it without shooting if you like 
that life won't count.  The B-Wing was easiest for me.

IXOnIOmenXI mentions that the above strategy is good, but it's also 
useful to throw your ion cannons into the equation for some extra punch 
on the shield generators.

One final note that several people have mentioned:

If you crash into the command deck, you won't be penalized the lost 
life, so if you're desperate for time, get all Arvel Crynyd on them (the 
guy who took out the Executor by crashing into the bridge)...


G. Mission 6 - Vengeance on Kothlis


The Star Destroyer carrying the Razor has crashed on Kothlis.  Time to 
head down there and retrieve the computer.  Crix Madine's commandos 
are on hand to storm the crashed ship.

Your primary mission here is to defend the commandos.  They'll come 
under attack from many venues here...

Yes, yes.  I know that a plummet into atmosphere, even into water, would 
have probably immediately killed all lifeforms aboard the Star 
Destroyer.  Remember, if that happened, we'd be short one mission...


Available Starting Craft:


B-Wing, A-Wing, and Y-Wing after completion.



TIE Fighter
TIE Interceptor
E-Web Blaster
Imperial Star Destroyer (crashed) (Laser Turret, Turbolaser)


Survival Walkthrough:

Follow the Transport as it flies along, and fend off all the TIEs that 
come up on its tail.  The Fighters will go for the Transport, but the 
Interceptors will go for you, so stay sharp.  All told, there are 24 TIE 
Fighters, and four TIE Interceptors.

Keep downing TIEs until the Transport reaches the Star Destroyer.  Once 
it gets there, start picking off the guns on the downed craft, because 
any guns that you didn't take down while the Star Destroyer was in 
flight are still active (these are some loyal Imps, eh?).  Also, scour 
the front of the ship, because a bunch of Stormtroopers and E-Webs are 
set up to receive the commandos.  There are 12 E-Webs at various points 
along the bow of the ship.  While you wait for the Transport, start 
pounding those guys before they become an issue.  You don't need to 
clean them out now, but take advantage of this momentary lull in the 
action.  Use the Targeting Computer if you have a tough time seeing the 
little guns.

BONUS ALERT: Get this.  The bonus is INSIDE the Star Destroyer.  
Specifically it's in the bridge tower.  Fly slow as you come up on the 
front of the tower and enter a hole on the left portion.  It's inside, 
but you may die trying to get out.  Pick it up to receive Homing Proton 

Once you take down the last of the Fighters dogging the Transport, it'll 
land, but you'll get an unpleasant surprise.  Three AT-ATs have blasted 
their way out of the wreckage.  You need a Speeder to take them out.  
Head back to the Transport and you'll see a Rebel insignia.   Fly into 
it to switch craft.

Taking out AT-ATs isn't as easy as on Hoth, since they're partially in 
the water, but it's a simple matter of staying as close to the water as 
possible.  Tie up all three AT-ATs and the commandos will deploy to 
hit the Star Destroyer.  

Now, immediately fly back to the Transport and fly into the NEW Rebel 
insignia to switch to a Y-Wing.  Fly it around and bomb the last of the 
E-Webs off the front of the Star Destroyer.  Also, if you look in the 
water, you'll notice a TON of AT-PTs marching towards your commandos.  
The good news is, you can bomb them while they're still in the water, 
but you can't shoot them with lasers until they breach the surface (you 
see why you switched to the Y-Wing?)

Soon, Crix Madine will tell you that you need to bust up the hull of the 
ship to release the Razor.  Drop about ten bombs on the front section 
of the hull (it's yellow on the Targeting Computer) and you'll open up 
the hull.  You'll know you've bombed it enough when you hear "Hull 
penetrated!"  Remember, bombs regenerate, so don't be afraid to use 
them, particularly when AT-PTs are still marching out of the water.

Now, you'll know you've taken out all the E-Webs when Madine says "Nice 
work clearing those defenses," and you'll know there are no more AT-PTs 
when Madine says "That's the last of them, Rogues!"  Once you clear the 
defenses, some TIE Fighters will show up.  There are about fifteen 
flying around the entire area, but they won't attack you in groups 
larger than three to six.  You may shoot them down at your leisure.  
You can even go back to the first Rebel Insignia and grab your X-Wing.

Sooner or later, as long as they aren't delayed too severely by enemies, 
the commandos will reach the Razor, find the computer, and this nice 
long mission will come to a close.


Gold Medal Strategies:

Time: 9:55
Enemies: 100
Accuracy: 27%
Friendlies Lost: 2
Lives Lost: 0
Computer Efficiency: 85%

Take the Slave I for the first part of this mission, and make sure you 
have the proper bonuses, especially Advanced Homing Cluster Missiles.

Also, you'll probably want to take out the guns on the Star Destroyer 
in Razor Rendezvous to minimize return fire.

First thing to take care of are the first two TIE Interceptors that will 
pound you heavily early on.  They come from your left.

Aim your cluster shots at groups of TIEs as they get somewhat close.  
Once you get close to the Star Destroyer (past the hill nearby), two 
more Interceptors will start attacking you.  Take them out before they 
take you out (as you can't die to get the Gold), then loose the 
remainder of your clusters at the Star Destroyer.  Now, hang out of 
range of the guns and wait for the Transport to set down.  Once it does, 
grab the Speeder and quickly deal with the three AT-ATs.  Grab the 
Y-Wing once you're finished and start your bombing run on the Star 
Destroyer.  Lay down bombs on the beach nearby and on the bow to take 
out as many troops as possible (especially those E-Webs).  You'll need 
about five bombs on the hull to bust open the Razor.

Note that the Targeting Computer Efficiency isn't 100%, so feel free 
to tap it up to check the Star Destroyer's bow for loose E-Webs.

Anyway, the rest of the mission is a simple matter of keeping on top of 
the AT-PTs as they breach the surface.  Reminder that, although your 
lasers can't penetrate the water, your bombs CAN, so don't be afraid to 
bomb the little guys underwater.

You'll know you'll have taken out all the stormies when Crix tells you 
"Nice work clearing those defenses", and he'll say "That's the last of 
them, Rogues!" when you take out all the AT-PTs.  Once that's done, it's 
all downhill from there, so pick off some of the nearby TIEs if you're 

Alternate Strategy from D Watson:

Instead of taking Slave I, I took the B-Wing.  I don't have access to 
the Slave I yet!

I start off by immediately having my wingmen flee (this is not 100 
percent necessary but it helps to get the 100 enemies), then I bank 
left and take out the 2 Interceptors from a distance with homing proton 
torpedoes.  I reverse my direction and use 2 torps on the TIEs coming 
at the transport from the opposite side.  Then get behind the Transport 
and take down as many TIEs as you can, and don't be afraid to use those 
torps if you get too far away.  Be aware of the two more Interceptors 
that will be coming over the hill, and get them with torps before they 
even get to play in the game!  Continue following behind the Transport 
and take out the rest of the TIEs (again use torps if you still have 
any available).  If time permits, try to take out some turrets, guns, 
or E-webs on the destroyer.

Use the Ion Cannon on the laser turrets, then they're easier to take 
out with lasers.

Finish the rest of the mission as outlined above.

H. Mission 7 - Imperial Academy Heist


The decoded computer tells the Rebels that the Imperials are building 
a second Death Star over the forest moon of Endor.  In order to get a 
team of Rebels onto the surface of the moon to disable the shield 
protecting it, an Imperial Shuttle with the proper codes must be stolen 
from the Imperial Academy on Prefsbel IV.

This is an interesting mission, requiring something we had yet to see 
in a Star Wars flight sim up until now: stealth.

Oh, and not to mention that, depending on whether your GCN internal 
clock is on day or night (6AM and 6PM are the changing points for this), 
this mission plays out completely differently.


Available Starting Craft

Y-Wing (daytime)

Snowspeeder (nighttime)



TIE Fighter
TIE Interceptor
Laser Turret


Daytime Survival Walkthrough:

You need to disable the sensor stations on the approach to the Academy.  
Wedge isn't joking when he says flying low is a good idea.  You need to 
HUG the ground to avoid being detected and charge up your Ion Cannon.  

Now, you don't need to hit each and every station, but there will be a 
fork in the path later, and, if you haven't disabled all of them, you 
will only be able to take the right path.
Watch the radar so that you can see all eight.  The second sensor is 
somewhat hidden past a wall, so keep your eyes open.  The rest are in 
plain sight.  If you disable all eight stations, you can go one of two 
ways at the fork in the path. 

Right Fork: You'll head into the border compound, where several TIE 
Fighters are parked on platforms, and there are some AT-STs wandering 
around.  The first big canyon has three platforms, each with eight TIEs, 
and the second area has two platforms with eight TIEs.  You can duel 
with these guys if you wish, or just skip them and head on to the 
Academy.  They will chase you if they notice you, though.

Left Fork: You can only go this way if you take out all the sensors.  
You'll pass a small outpost with a parked TIE.  After that, you'll pass 
through some empty canyons, and very shortly, you'll reach the Academy.  
No resistance.  Not bad for just a few disabled sensors, eh?

Alternate Route: If you want to steal a TIE Fighter instead of using 
the sluggish Y-Wing, that option is open to you, but it's not required.  
It doesn't require all sensors disabled, either, but you'll probably 
need to hit the last one.  Anyway, take the right path once you pass the 
last sensor, but, instead of heading towards the platforms, fly up and 
over the mountains to your right.  Use the mountains as cover from the 
platforms so you don't get spotted by any Imperials.  You'll eventually 
see a large canyon that's mostly empty except for a comms tower.  
Disable it if you wish.  Parked next to the tower is a TIE Fighter.  You 
need to hit it with your Ion Cannon at least once, either while it's on 
the ground, or a minute or so later once it's in flight.  If you hit it 
with the ion cannon, it'll eventually settle down nearby and the Rebel 
Insignia will appear above it so you can swipe it.  If you don't, it'll 
fly towards the academy you'll miss your chance.  

NOTE: This TIE is NOT the same as the nighttime one (most people find 
that one first).  I don't know what part of "take the right path and fly 
over the mountains to your right" people don't understand, but the two 
TIEs are in a totally different location...

NOTE 2: The TIE takes a LONG time to take off, so be sure to wait around 
for it.  This goes without saying, but don't try this if you're going 
for medals...

Alternate Route Continued:  Now, you'll soon hear over you new radio 
about the fact that a Rebel spy stole a TIE Fighter.  Hey, what a 
coinci...  oh wait, it's you.  Yeah, so, if you fly towards the Academy, 
you'll be challenged to identify yourself, and you'll eventually be 
found out.  You can go ahead and grab the Shuttle anyway, but you'll be 
fired upon in your wimpy little TIE Fighter.  There is hope, though.  
You'll notice a group of TIE Fighters flying in.  They're cadets on 
manuevers.  The commander wants a nice tight formation.  You might as 
well oblige him.  Fly in behind the last TIE Fighter (switch to cockpit 
view so you can gauge your distance between you and the last TIE Fighter 
so you don't crash into him).  You'll fly all the way to the Academy.  
You can break formation any time you like to try to steal the Shuttle, 
but it's best to do so once the formation is close to it.

Now, the Academy is set up like a compass, with hangars extending in 
the four main directions.  The Tyderium is parked on the north platform.  
There are guns in the central complex, and at the end of each of the 
"spokes" of the base.

BONUS ALERT: There is a bonus here at the Academy (there's a different 
one at night).  Fly into the east hangar (remember that the Shuttle's in 
the north area) to collect Advanced Concussion Missiles.

Once at the Academy, you can cause havoc if you wish, or just head to 
the far platform where the Shuttle Tyderium is parked.  You have about 
four minutes after you're noticed to steal the Shuttle.  Shoot up the 
four Laser Turrets surrounding the platform and grab the Shuttle.  
Follow your map back towards the rendezvous point, firing your 
secondary laser to shake off pursuers.  Once you reach the point, 
you'll receive some help and you'll take off to deilver the Tyderium to 
Crix Madine.


Nighttime Survival Walkthrough:

The Speeder's repulsors make it actually quite good at hugging the 
ground.  Be sure to stay under cover of the low fog throughout the 
entire approach, because you can't get close to the sensor stations at 
all.  Travel along the canyon floor and avoid the sensors.

Once you reach a fork in the canyon, you have the choice of paths to 

Right Fork: You'll head into the border compound, where several TIE 
Fighters are parked on platforms, and there are some AT-ATs wandering 
around.  The first big canyon has three platforms, each with eight TIEs, 
and the second area has two platforms with eight TIEs.  You can duel 
with these guys if you wish, or just skip them and head on to the 
Academy.  They will chase you if they notice you, though.  Don't bother 
tying up the AT-ATs.  It just wastes time.

Left Fork: Skim along the floor and you'll reach an outpost.  Your 
gunner will point out a TIE Fighter parked nearby.  Fly towards the 
outpost and you'll notice a black dot kinda standing out in the fog.  
That's the TIE's pilot.  Turn him into a crater, and the Rebel insignia 
will appear above the TIE Fighter.  Fly over and pick up the eyeball.  
Now, no one will bother you until you open fire on Imperial targets.  
Fly in the direction of the radar and you'll eventually reach the 
academy with no resistance.

NOTE: If you take the left fork, you MUST take the TIE Fighter.  If you 
destroy it or miss your chance, you'll have to fly around back and take 
the right fork.

Now, the Academy is set up like a compass, with hangars extending in 
the four main directions.  The Tyderium is parked on the north platform.  
There are guns in the central complex, and at the end of each of the 
"spokes" of the base.

BONUS ALERT: The Spread Proton Bombs are hidden at the academy.  There 
are large hangars around the academy.  The hangar west of the shuttle 
platform (if the platform is at the "north" end) is the one you want to 
fly through.  It has the powerup.  There's a different bonus at daytime.

Once at the Academy, you can cause havoc if you wish, or just head to 
the far platform where the Shuttle Tyderium is parked.  You have about 
four minutes after you're noticed to steal the Shuttle.  Shoot up the 
four Laser Turrets surrounding the platform and grab the Shuttle.  
Follow your map back towards the rendezvous point, firing your 
secondary laser to shake off pursuers.  Once you reach the point, 
you'll receive some help and you'll take off to deilver the Tyderium to 
Crix Madine.

The mission will end UNLESS you stole the TIE Fighter, in which case 
you'll need to return to the outpost where you got the TIE to pick up 
your copilot to leave the area and finish the mission. (You do need to 
go to the rendezvous point first, though)


Gold Medal Strategies:

Time: 4:11
Enemies: 51
Accuracy: 49%
Friendlies Lost: 0
Lives Lost: 0
Computer Efficiency: 100%

Daytime is the order of the "day" here.  You'll need the Y-Wing's bombs 
to keep up your Accuracy.  Weave through the canyon low.  You don't need 
to hit all sensors, but you should hit as many as you can as you speed 
through.  Once you reach the fork in the road, take the right fork.  

Fly towards the platforms with TIEs on them and bomb them.  Hit them 
with at least a bomb in the middle of the each of the four TIE clusters.  
Don't bother chasing the ones that fly off.  Move on to the next canyon 
and do the same at the platforms.

Head towards the Academy and be the mad bomber.  Note that you cannot 
take out multiple TIEs here, but I feel it's easier, and safer for your 
accuracy, to bomb the individual TIEs as opposed to using lasers.  Just 
my opinion, but feel free to use lasers if you think you have a better 
shot at the Gold.  Take out as many TIEs as you can, but don't take too 
much time.  Make sure you take out the turrets surrounding the Shuttle, 
then grab it and make your run for it, hitting a couple of TIEs on the 
way out if you can.

Another strategy from W1nston1o:

Use the Snow Speeder for "Imperial Academy Heist".  Fly as fast as you 
can by the sensors, shoot only the TIEs you know you can on the 
platforms, keep using "turbo" boost until you reach the academy.  Come 
in low use the craft as a speeder hovering on the ground. Line up on 
the right hand row of TIEs in the first area, shoot them one at a time 
then the second(middle row) the turn around and go down the last row.  
Go to the right around the buildings, staying low, and attack the 
second area of TIEs, keep going killing TIEs, one shot each until your 
wingman or who ever he is speaks up about the base shutting down.  
Follow the radar to the shuttle, taking out as many enemies that are in 
front of you.  Take out the 4 turrets, steal the shuttle, blast a 
couple of TIEs on the ground and the turret that comes up and leave.  
Gold medal!  I couldn't get but 36 kills with the bomber.  I got plenty 
with the speeder.


I. Mission 8 - Raid on Bespin


The Rebel Fleet is preparing to attack the second Death Star.  They'll 
need Tibanna Gas from Bespin to power their weapons.  Now that the city 
is under Imperial control, Lando Calrissian has little qualms about 
authorizing an raid on the city.

This mission is kind of tough at first.  You'll need to destroy some 
guns while dogging fighters.  Best of luck to you.  Later on, you'll 
enter Cloud City itself and do some hot-dogging through the low canals 
in the city.


Available Starting Craft:


X-Wing, Y-Wing, and B-Wing after completion



TIE Fighter
TIE Interceptor
TIE Bomber
Laser Turret
Balloon Turret


Survival Walkthrough:

As you enter the mission, you'll notice a platform ahead of you.  
There's also a balloon to its left.  This balloon has a few Laser 
Turrets inside it.  There's a super secret way to bust up balloons.  
Fly below them and pitch up, and you'll notice tanks supplying hot air 
to keep them afloat.  Blast the tanks and you'll take out the entire 
balloon and all the guns inside.  Deal with the Interceptors dogging 
you, too, because they'll cause you some nasty damage (they're getting 
better, have you noticed?)

BONUS ALERT: After the first platform is secure, you may notice an 
Imperial Gas Freighter above the next set of platforms.  Shoot it down 
and the bonus will appear.  The problem is that it's on the nearby 
platform, and surrounded by gas tanks.  Solution?  Blow them up!  Yes, 
it increases your Friendlies Lost, but who cares...  Snag the powerup 
and you'll have Homing Concussion Missiles.

Once the first platform is secure, head to the next.  Try to fly below 
the cloud, since it seriously obscures your vision, and you can get a 
good shot at the two balloons in this area.  Blow both of them up and 
dogfight with squints until you are told to move to the last platform.  
Blow up the four balloons here, dogfight, and you'll be able to head to 
Cloud City itself.

Once in fabulous and glamorous Cloud City, you'll have to take out 
three power generators in the low canals that power the lasers on the 

If you're hurting at this point, hunt around the city and you'll 
eventually find a blue "ship-changing" insignia, and you can snag the 
famous Bespin Twin Pod Cloud Car.  I think the Cloud Car's okay, because 
it can brake better than the A-Wing, and it's quite small.  Anyway, do 
what you want as far as ships go.  There are four of these platforms 
around the city, so if one Cloud Car gets dinged up, just grab another.

Use the radar to find out where to fly down in the canals to find the 
generators.  Move slowly, so as not to hit the sides.  Blast each of the
generators and you can move out of the city and towards the platforms 
as indicated by your map.  Take out the two balloons near the platforms 
and the five TIE Bombers that are trying to bomb them up and you'll be 
all set.


Gold Medal Strategies:

Time: 6:40
Enemies: 110
Accuracy: 65%
Friendlies Lost: 29
Lives Lost: 0
Computer Efficiency: 72%

Either stick with the A-Wing or go for the Naboo Starfighter.  You'll 
need their speed.

Two big important things to remember here.  One: Balloon Turrets count 
for seven kills, since you take out all the guns in them by blowing 
up the tanks.  Two, and thanks to snooozer for this: When shooting the 
tanks on the Balloon Turrets, be sure you're shooting the tanks, and 
NOT the wires holding the balloon together, because the latter will 
absorb hits (and accuracy).

Okay, for the approach part, focus only on the Balloons.  Yes, the 
Interceptors will be dogging you, and will probably make a valiant 
attempt on your life, so if they start shooting, evade momentarily.  
You don't need to kill them, just the Balloons.  Once they're all gone, 
then you can focus on the Interceptors, but only shoot if you're sure 
you can hit.

Once you reach the city.  Take the time to remove all the Balloon 
Turrets in the area, and follow the map.  When the "objective cone" 
disappears, look down in any nearby trenches for the generators.  Don't 
bother hunting around in the trenches, because you'll just eat up 

If you take out all three generators (and all the Balloons) without 
wandering around much, if at all, then you should have plenty of time 
for the Bombers threatening the last of the platforms.  Line up behind 
them and vape them.

Oh, and since you cannot die to get the Gold, if you're hurting once you 
reach the city, head immediately for the platform to change to a Cloud 

As a somewhat alternate strategy, aj_007 has also suggested using the 
X-Wing or the Naboo Starfighter for this mission.  They take more hits 
and have an R2 unit to repair them, as opposed to the A-Wing.  I think 
it's a good idea, especially if your problem in this mission is staying 


J. Mission 9 - Battle of Endor


The amassed Rebel Fleet will be attacking the Death Star II in a 
desperate attempt to destroy it while still in construction.   
Unfortunately, three problems arose in this attack.  The first is that 
upon the fleet's arrival, the shield is still up, the strike team being 
severely delayed.  The second problem is that the Death Star is fully 
operational, posing a severe threat to the cruisers, and the third is 
that the Imperial Fleet has jumped in opposite the Rebel Fleet to cut 
off their escape.

This is honestly my favorite mission, but it's pretty nasty, especially 
with the immense scale of the dogfighting in the first part.


Available Starting Craft:


Y-Wing, A-Wing, and B-Wing (after completion)



TIE Fighter
TIE Interceptor
TIE Bomber
Imperial Star Destroyer (Laser Turrets, Turbolasers)


Survival Walkthrough:

If you know the movies, you know this is a trap.  You can go with the 
movies and pull up with the other guys, or not.  Either way, you'll end 
up flying towards the Imperial Fleet (Yes, that's the Executor back 
there.  No, you can't destroy it).  

Once you close in, the opposition will show up.  For the opening wave, 
you have 48 TIE Interceptors and 32 TIE Fighters to deal with (that's 
right, baby ^_^)  Fight your best against these overwhelming odds.  Once 
you destroy a good portion of the TIEs, you'll get a backup wave of 
another 32 Interceptors and another 16 Fighters.  After a few minutes of 
all this, you'll get the call about an incoming flight of 16 TIE 
Bombers, and they'll start firing missiles at the Frigate Redemption.  
You need to destroy all of these Bombers to continue on, so do so, 
avoiding as much return fire from the rest of the TIEs as possible.  
The Bombers will show up yellow on your targeting computer.

After you finish the opening part of the battle, the Death Star will 
fire, destroying the Cruiser Liberty.  You'll now have to defend the 
Home One against the two, that's right, TWO Star Destroyers off in the 
distance.  You know how to take them out, (two shield generators on top, 
reactor on the bottom, command deck in the middle of the bridge) so do 
your best, and work as quickly as possible.  The good news is not all 
the guns will target you all the time, so you have that going for you.  
One time all the guns WILL target you is when you're going after the 
command deck, so you might want to use torps for that.

This isn't recommended, but if you don't mind losing a life, you can 
just crash into the command deck and you don't even need to take out 
the shield generators on the Star Destroyer.

Oh, and you've got another 64 Interceptors flying around as well.  Most 
of the time, they'll ignore you, but some of them will go after you once 
they realize you're taking out their command ships.

BONUS ALERT: You can actually pick this up at any time during this 
second phase of the battle, but it's easier to find after you destroy 
the Star Destroyer on the left.  Once you bust it open, it'll sink down 
towards the planet and hang really low in an odd angle.  Wait until it 
stops falling, then fly near the Star Destroyer's hangar (it's a large 
square hole in the Star Destroyer on the bottom face), or around the 
area, and you'll find the Homing Cluster Torpedoes upgrade.  The bonus 
is actually in that arbitrary point in space from the moment you enter 
the second phase, but it's far easier to pick it up when you have the 
crumbling Star Destroyer as a reference point.

About thirty seconds after you take out the second Star Destroyer, 
you'll be told that the shield has dropped and to commence attack on 
the reactor.  You and the Millennium Falcon will head for the Death 

(In case you've been counting, that's 208 Imperial starfighters you've 


Gold Medal Strategies:

Time: 10:00
Enemies: 60
Accuracy: 31%
Friendlies Lost: 6
Lives Lost: 1
Computer Efficiency: 80%

I suggest X-Wing for this mission.  Several people found this mission 
works with a Naboo Starfighter, too.  I prefer the X-Wing, since the 
wider laser spread can hit TIEs better.

Okay.  Basic stuff.  Enemies should be no problem, since you'll have 
tons.  Accuracy is an issue.  You'll make up a lot of it on the Star 
Destroyers, but, just the same, use quad bursts on fighters if you can.  
Time is not an issue, period.  With the speed you have to go to save all 
your craft, you'll have this bagged under 10 in no problem.  Friendlies 
Lost is just a matter of moving fast, I'm afraid.  I've blown Golds on 
this before just because of Friendlies.  Lives Lost is probably the 
biggest.  You don't want to lose a life until the Star Destroyer part, 
and even then, not until at least after you've taken one of them down.  
Computer's not 100%, so don't be afraid to use the computer to find 
stray Bombers that are attacking the Redemption.

Sadly, the only advice I can offer for the first part is to just "be 
good".  Don't shoot until you have a TIE in your sights.  Make sure you 
spin around immediately in the beginning, of course, to take the first 
wave of TIEs.  Take out the Bombers as quickly as possible, but don't 
get too close too early or their missiles will target you, which is 
freaky since they didn't have that most of the game.  If you crash into 
a TIE and die, you may as well restart, since you'll probably need that 
extra life for the ISDs...

Once you get to the Star Destroyers, head immediately for the left one 
and start hammering a shield generator, preferably left, since the 
ISD on the right will be attacking you (meanie).  Make a quick pass at 
the generator, then get some distance from the back, turn around, brake, 
and pound the two generators.  Instead of just holding down the fire 
button, tap it rapidly to get dual-linked shots, which will boost your 
accuracy and your firepower.  Once you're done, hit the one on the 
bottom.  Now, the ISD will get mad and start firing on you.  Try your 
best to knock out the bridge, and use a couple of torps, or your one 
extra life to crash, if you think it'll help.

Repeat for the second ISD.  Be sure to watch, after you get hit hard, 
for the REPAIR prompt from your R2 unit.  That can save your butt on 
this mission.  By the time you reach the second ISD, the Interceptors 
in the area will probably be targeting you.  Ignore them and focus on 
your objectives.

Once both Star Destroyers are down, get away from them so they can't 
get lucky shots and drop you.  Peg a few straight flying Interceptors 
at your discretion to up your Accuracy a bit if you wish, and wait for 
the call to hit the second Death Star.

Here's an alternate strategy from Joseph Sedlak:

Here’s a way to take out the Star Destroyers that might make getting 
the gold on this stage a little easier. Come into the fight with at 
least one proton torpedo (assuming that you have not died at all yet).  

First, head straight to the ISD on the left but fly low to go under it. 
Blast an Interceptor or 2 but then take out the generator on the 
bottom. Once it goes out turn right 90 degrees to the ISD on the right. 
Hammer the shield generator on its bottom. Once it goes out turn left 
90 degrees and use a speed burst ( you should be heading in the 
opposite direction as the ISD). After a ways turnaround, fly slow, and 
you should be able to destroy the 2 shield generators on top of the 
bridge towers. Burst past the ISD, turnaround and hit the command deck 
with the proton torpedo and lasers as needed. 

Once it goes down, pull up, and burst past it. Now you will be able to 
come up on the other ISD from the back. You will be able to take it out
in the same way. If you haven’t died yet just crash into the command 
deck and when you come back you will have a new load of proton 
torpedoes to use which can boost your accuracy a bit. 

The conventional way to down the ISDs is to take out the 2 top 
generators, swing around to the one on the bottom, and swing around and 
take out the command deck. Well after you take out the 3rd generator on 
either ship all the guns bear down on you when you are underneath it 
surrounded by guns. This gets you shot up pretty quick. Here the ship 
really can’t fire at you until you fly past it at full speed. 

One thing I’ve noticed is that the Friendlies requirement has always 
been below the limit. The ISD on the right is usually the one that hits 
the Admiral’s ship the hardest and is closest to the fleet, so maybe 
taking out the one on the right first, gives your guys a little bit 
better chance.


K. Mission 10 - Strike at the Core


The shield is down!  Commence attack on the Death Star's main reactor!


Available Starting Craft:


Millennium Falcon (after completion)



TIE Fighter
TIE Interceptor
Death Star II (Laser Turrets)


Survival Walkthrough:

Yeah.  Remember on the first Death Star when very few of the turrets 
were targeting you?  Well, now they're ALL targeting you...

Your first mission is to make sure the Falcon makes it into the shaft.  
To do this, follow it at a respectable distance, and wait until TIEs 
come swooping down on it.  Pick off the TIEs as quickly as you can, but 
don't get too far from the Falcon or it's history.  This part doesn't 
last long, but it's seriously intense, and you may lose one or two 
lives in the process.  If you want to stay alive, you may be better off 
flying up and staying out of the range of the guns that way...  You can 
still pitch down and take out the TIEs on the Falcon's tail.  There are 
a total of seventeen TIEs that chase the Falcon.  After all those are 
down, fly towards the big red entry shaft.  Take out a few guns if you 

Once you make it to the entry shaft, you'll play the same game of 
protecting the Falcon.  The good news is that there are no turrets.  
The bad news is that you're flying through a bunch of pipes and can 
feasibly crash into any one of them.  Just keep that same distance and 
take it to the TIEs.  When you see lasers from behind you, move a bit to 
the side to let the TIEs by.  There are twenty TIEs total in this 
section, and they'll pass you in groups of three, except for two which 
pass solo.  Once you take out a bunch of TIEs, the next group will show 

So, you'll progress through the tunnels with several left and right 
turrets.  Just before the last tunnel, you may be a bit surprised by a 
serious drop.  Take it slow down there.  Once you level out, you'll see 
the reactor swirling blue in the distance.

BONUS ALERT: On the last tunnel before the main reactor (you'll know it 
because you'll see blue shimmering at the end), there will be a series 
of pipes bracketing the lower right corner of the tunnel.  Fly under 
these pipes and under the last one, you'll find the Targeting Computer 

When you finally make it to the reactor, let loose a torpedo on the 
power regulator on the north tower.  The Falcon will destroy the main 
reactor, and you'll have to leave.  

Just follow the Falcon for this part, too.  It's actually not all that 
hard if you stay calm.  Close your S-foils on the straightaways to 
keep up speed, then open them on turns.  It may seem weird, constantly 
switching, but don't let it bother you.  Don't stray too far behind, 
because the fire WILL catch up to you.  Once you see starlight, rocket 
the boosters and enjoy your victory party as the Empire crumbles to 
pieces behind you.

When you use the Falcon, you'll be doing most of the same stuff, 
except you'll be defending Wedge from Imperial fire.  It's plays out 
the same, though.

Seymour-Peels tells me there's a way to use the Falcon before beating 
the mission.  Why you would is beyond me, but he says: "Play the 
mission and lose purposely.  When the screen comes up saying mission 
failure and replay mission, hold the B button and while holding it 
press the A button to replay mission."


Gold Medal Strategies:

Time: 5:05
Enemies: 41
Accuracy: 32%
Friendlies Lost: 0
Lives Lost: 1
Computer Efficiency: 95%

Accuracy is the toughest thing here.  That and Lives Lost, of course...

Enemies aren't that big of a problem, since they line up as they head 
towards the Falcon, both on the surface and in the tunnels, and Time 
won't be an issue if you don't die halfway in or out of the tunnels.  
If you've been counting, there are a total of 37 TIEs, so you'll have to 
take out some of the guns on the surface.

So, just stay accurate and you can get the Gold.

Oh, and the power regulator only needs one torpedo.

Daniel Chang tells me:
"Just wanted to write to see you wanted to add an easier method for the 
Gold medal in the Strike at the Core mission.  I tried doing yours but 
would always get too shot up trying to take out guns that I was about 
to give.  But then it struck me that every time you die once you fly 
inside, you begin at the beginning and kill all the same enemies again.  
So what I did was do my best to stay alive on the surface, and then once 
you kill the first and second wave of ties at the beginning of the 2nd 
stage, crash immediately, and then you will have 6 extra kills for a 
total of 43."

Brad Davy says:
At the beginning, turn to the left and take out the first gun turret. 
This will line you up on the path toward the entrance. Alternately boost 
and slow to shoot. Get ahead of the Millennium Falcon. As long as you're 
in front and taking out turretts, the Falcon will be OK. As you approach 
the entrance, slow down and take out the 3 TIEs following the Falcon. 
Following this strategy, I was able to make the entrance with almost no 


L. Secret Mission 1 - Death Star Escape

Unlock this mission with 20 points.  It appears above the Death Star 
Attack mission on the select screen once you earn at least a Bronze 
Medal in said mission.


Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia have successfully made it 
out of the Death Star, but the Millennium Falcon is coming up on the 
station's sentry forces.  You'll have to take control of the gun 
turrets and fight them off.

To fire the gun turrets, use the L and R buttons.  Use the Control 
Stick and C-Stick to move your view around.


Available Starting Craft:

Millennium Falcon



TIE Fighter


Survival Walkthrough and Gold Medal Strategies:

Time: 1:20
Enemies: 35
Accuracy: 16%
Friendlies Lost: 0
Lives Lost: 0
Computer Efficiency: 100%

Really, there's no point in splitting them up for this mission, given 
its simplicity.  Just shoot all the TIEs and you're done.  Be accurate 
and learn the swooping patterns (because the TIEs swoop exactly the same 
every single time) and you can clean them up.  Don't hold down the 
firing buttons for too long so that you don't spoil your accuracy.  
Good luck.


M. Secret Mission 2 - The Asteroid Field

Unlock this mission with 30 points.  It appears above the Battle of 
Hoth mission on the select screen once you earn at least a Bronze Medal 
in said mission.


The Millennium Falcon's hyperdrive is damaged (again...).  You need to 
lose the pursuing TIE Fighters into an asteroid field.  After you shake 
the TIE Fighters, park yourself on the Star Destroyer Avenger so that 
the Imperials lose you from their sensors, then float away with the rest 
of the garbage.


Available Starting Craft:

Millennium Falcon



TIE Fighter
Imperial Star Destroyer


Survival Walkthrough:

Aim yourself for the radar spot and the TIEs will start lining up 
behind you.  Simply wait for them to come up behind and waste them with 
your lasers (your lower quad gun tracks them, so it can shoot enemies 
behind you).  Make sure you watch where you're going, too, because those 
floating asteroids aren't just there for show.  Be sure to keep 
yourself relatively level with the asteroid belt off in the distance, 
because going too high or too low will flip you around, and probably 
into an asteroid...

Once you finish all the TIEs on your tail, you'll eventually reach the 
big asteroid, and we all know what happens there...  You'll be flying 
back now, with more TIEs on your butt.  Waste them all, and look down 
below the main asteroid field "line" to see your destination: the Star 
Destroyer Avenger.  A red Rebel insignia will pop up behind the bridge.  
Fly into it and you'll land to finish this cute mission.


Gold Medal Strategies:

Time: 4:34
Enemies: 50
Accuracy: 10%
Friendlies Lost: 0
Lives Lost: 1
Computer Efficiency: 75%

Don't lay off the top speed for an instant, because time is your biggest 
problem.  Taking out the TIEs is a simple matter of not firing until 
they're climbing up your tailpipe.  It's really quite simple.  You'll 
have to be a bit lucky, and, of course, don't hit any asteroids.  Fly 
towards the Star Destroyer as soon as you see it and head towards the 
back and you'll be all set.  Really, this is a pretty easy Gold Medal.

Trace Jackson adds:
"As easy as this mission is, If you find yourself low on shields on 
your second life, and you are near the Star Destroyer, aim yourself at 
the Rebel insignia, but be a litter higher.  Go as fast as you can 
towards it.  If you get shot down, you should crash in to the insignia, 
and complete the mission."


N. Secret Mission 3 - Triumph of the Empire

Unlock this mission with 30 points.  It appears above the Strike at the 
Core mission on the select screen when you get at least a Bronze Medal 
in said mission.


YOU ARE DARTH VADER.  Destroy the Rebels attacking the Death Star for 
the greater glory of the Empire.


Available Starting Craft:

TIE Advanced

TIE Fighter (after completion)
Imperial Shuttle (after Golds in the two Vader missions)





Survival Walkthrough:

This is really quite simple, but it's not all that easy until you get 
the Homing Cluster Missiles upgrade.  All you have to do is destroy all 
the Rebel craft in the area in the first part.  The big problem is that 
they take a lot of hits.  Make sure you use your wingmen...

The second part has you flying over the trench.  Fly in the direction 
the radar indicates.  You'll either be coming up on Rebels from behind, 
or they'll be coming towards you and you'll have to turn around to 
engage.  You can leave the trench all you want, too, but there are a 
few fighters above the trench that will offer their buddies support.  

Anyway, destroy three Y-Wings in the first run (Gold Leader), three 
X-Wings in the next run (Red Leader), and three more X-Wings in the 
last run (Luke, Biggs, and Wedge), and you're all set.  Let them get 
too far and they'll take out the Death Star.

Naturally, this would never happen in the movies, but it's cute to play 
the bad guy every once in a while (anyone who's played the game TIE 
Fighter will tell you that).


Gold Medal Strategies:

Time: 4:00
Enemies: 32
Accuracy: 35%
Friendlies Lost: 3
Lives Lost: 0
Computer Efficiency: 100%

Naturally, you'll need Advanced Homing Cluster Missiles for this 
mission.  Try to keep yourself slow and make sure you come up behind 
groups of Rebel fighters to take them down with clusters.  Try not to 
fire clusters at the Rebels unless there are at least three in your 
sights.  Try to have at least ten clusters for the second part, so work 
on your accuracy with lasers, since you might not get them all just 
with the clusters.

At the trench, pop a cluster into the Y-Wings, then finish them off 
with lasers.  You'll get the call about the first group of X-Wings.  At 
this point, jump out of the trench and start firing clusters at the 
Rebel fighters above the trench.  You'll need to take down a good 
number of them, so do so in between taking out trench runners.  Don't 
let the trench runners get too far ahead of you, of course, or you'll 
mess up the time requirement.

Naturally, don't fire your lasers unless you're sure you're gonna hit 
something, because the T/A's lasers fire really fast.  Friendlies 
include guns along the trench, so be sure not to shoot any of those up.


O. Secret Mission 4 - Revenge on Yavin

You need to have earned at least a Bronze Medal in Triumph of the 
Empire to make this mission appear to the right of that mission on the 
select screen, and you need 40 points to unlock the mission.


The Death Star has been destroyed, and the Emperor is ordering swift 
retribution.  Take command of the TIE Advanced and lay waste to the 
Rebels on Yavin.

This mission, I feel, is pure fun, because the Alliance Fighters are 
rather dumb and you have clusters on your side.

Available Starting Craft:

TIE Advanced

TIE Fighter (after completion)
Imperial Shuttle (after Gold Medals in the two Vader missions)


Laser Turret

Survival Walkthrough:

As you enter the area, go for the Transports already in the air.  
According to your objectives, you can let no more than two escape, so 
make sure you get right on top of any Transports that take off.  They 
take a lot of hits, but don't waste your cluster missiles on them.  Save 
those for the fighters.  Once you take down all Transports in one area, 
they'll start lifting off from another clearing.  There are eleven 
Rebel Transports, total.  In the nearest clearing, your fighters and 
support walkers may clear out some of the Transports for you, but don't 
rely on them.

For the final portion of this mission, you must fly INSIDE the Great 
Temple and take out the five Transports inside.  Once they're gone, your 
mission will be complete.

Gold Medal Strategies:

Time: 4:19
Enemies: 36
Accuracy: 65%
Friendlies Lost: 15
Lives Lost: 0
Computer Efficiency: 100%

Advanced Homing Clusters are necessary, of course.

You're going to want to mostly concentrate on the Transports with your 
lasers, and the fighters with your clusters.  First, tell your wingmen 
to flee, so they don't steal kills, and set upon the nearest Transport 
that's in the air.  Fill it with laser fire, then hit the next one, 
then go for the groundede ones.  Also, you may want to launch some 
clusters at nearby open patches of jungle that have parked fighters in 
them for some extra targets.  Keep up this busines of downing only 
Transports with lasers, breaking off for a couple of seconds at a time 
to launch a cluster at tailing fighters.

Once you get all the Transports on the ground, wait around outside the 
temple entrance for the main hangar to open up.  While you wait, use 
your remaining clusters on the fighters in the area.  Once the hangar 
opens, swoop in and head for the back of the hangar quickly while 
strafing the Transports.  As soon as you get to the back, loop around 
and start making slow strafing runs on the Transports.  The reason you 
went to the back so quick is because some fighters follow you in, and 
they can't compensate for the turn you made, so they'll just hit the 
wall.  Looks like Rebel training's a bit lax...

Anyway, vape all the Transports as quickly as possible and you should 
have little problem getting a Gold on this mission.


P. Secret Mission 5 - Endurance

You need to have earned Gold Medals on all missions before this, as 
you'll use the last of your points (20) on this mission.  It will 
appear to the right of Revenge on Yavin.


You are a lone X-Wing above the second Death Star.  Destroy wave after 
life-sucking wave of TIEs as they come after you.

No story.  No introduction.  No mission critical craft.  No wingmen.  
No superlaser.  No Rebel Alliance fleet about to be destroyed.  No 
Millennium Falcon.  No Obi-Wan telling you to use the Force.  NO MERCY!

Starting Available Craft:


Y-Wing, A-Wing, B-Wing, etc. (after completion)


TIE Fighter
TIE Interceptor
Imperial Shuttle
TIE Advanced

Survival Walkthrough and Gold Medal Strategies:

Time: 400:00
Enemies: 1300
Accuracy: 8%
Waves: 99
Lives Lost: 12
Computer Efficiency: 0%

How do you earn a Gold Medal?  Simple.  Kill them all.  Every last one 
of them.  All 99 waves.  Good luck.  I'll be over here...

It's pretty simple, though.  Just don't shoot willy-nilly and the 
accuracy requirement will be met.  Everything else is simple enough.

Oh, it's worth it to note that every tenth wave is a group of Imperial 
Shuttles.  Once you gun down all of them, you'll earn an extra life, 
which you'll most definitely need...

The first wave is easy.  They won't fire at you directly.  Right after 
that, though, they get up in difficulty, especially around waves 31 and 

There's some strategy involved for this, especially when the waves get 
up in the high numbers and they start crashing into you and stuff.  Fly 
past the entire wave, fly far off, turn around, and make head on 
passes. X-Wings always win over TIEs, and the chance to crash is less 
when you can see them coming.

Oh, and since Computer Efficiency is 0%, put up the Computer and leave 
it up (if you have Advanced Targeting Computer).

The final wave (after the 99th) is the Dark Lord of the Sith himself in 
his TIE Advanced.  Good luck.


8. Secrets

There's quite a bit of secret stuff in the game.  Factor 5 had some 
extra room, so they squeezed in whatever they could... ^_^

A. Bonus Tech Upgrades

Bonuses are tech upgrades to your craft that will stay with you forever 
and ever after you collect them.  To actually collect them, you must 
find them in the mission AND finish that mission in one shot.

NOTE: Some bonuses compound on themselves.  Say, if you pick up 
Advanced Proton Torpedoes and then Homing Proton Torpedoes, then you'll 
have Advanced Homing Proton Torpedoes.  It's just that simple... ^_^


Advanced Shields: Make your craft's shields blue.  You can take more 

Found: Death Star Attack

After you finish off the deflection towers, you'll face off against a 
bunch of TIEs, and there's a bonus to be found in this area.  The only 
problem is it's REALLY tough to find, because the item is a whitish 
cone, and the entire Death Star is gray.  Okay.  Know how the terrain 
markers on the Death Star are different shades when you look at it 
through the radar?  The spot you're looking for consists of two squares 
of solid dark grey surrounded by complete black, and it has one red dot 
on it.  This spot is approximately 15-20 degrees to the left of your 
starting point.  Once you reach the patch, fly low near the gun turret 
there and you'll eventually spot the cone.  That's about as descriptive 
as I can be on it.  Good luck.


Advanced Proton Torpedoes: Proton Torpedoes are much stronger.

Found: Ison Corridor Ambush

Right as you start, fly down.  Just below the Frigate is a clump of 
debris.  If you look closely, you can see a square hole in the debris.  
Fly inside and you'll find the bonus item.


Advanced Lasers: Lasers hit harder.  Quite essential.

Found: Battle of Hoth

After you destroy the three AT-ATs threatening the shield generator, 
it'll be blown up.  Fly on back to where the Shield Generator used to 
be and you'll find the powerup.


Advanced Cluster Missiles: Cluster missiles cause more damage.

Found: Prisons of the Maw

On your way between the weapons depot and the comms towers, you'll see 
off to your right a cluster of two structures: a dish, and a dome.  
Bomb the dome, and you'll find the bonus inside.


Advanced Proton Bombs: Bombs cause more damage.

Found: Razor Rendezvous

Off to the port side of the Star Destroyer (far side from where you 
start) is an Imperial Shuttle making a break for it.  Turn it into scrap 
and pick up the object it leaves behind.


Homing Proton Torpedoes: Press B to bring up the homing crosshair.  Your 
target will first have a green circle around it, then red arrows, 
indicating a lock, where you can press B to fire it.  Pressing B twice 
quickly will dumbfire a torpedo, and rapid hitting of the B button will 
launch several dumb torps.

Found: Vengeance on Kothlis

Get this.  The bonus is INSIDE the Star Destroyer.  Specifically it's 
in the bridge tower.  Fly slow as you come up on the front of the tower 
and enter a hole on the left portion.  It's inside, but you may die 
trying to get out.


Advanced Concussion Missiles: Concussion Missiles hit harder.

Found: Imperial Academy Heist (daytime)

There are large hangars around the academy.  Fly into the east hangar 
(if the Shuttle's considered to be in the north area) to collect 
Advanced Concussion Missiles.


Spread Proton Bombs:  After initial explosion, another cluster of 
smaller bombs will detonate forward of the first blast.

Found: Imperial Academy Heist (nighttime)

There are large hangars around the academy.  The hangar west of the 
shuttle platform (if that's considered north) is the one you want to 
fly through.  It has the powerup.


Homing Concussion Missiles: Press B to bring up the homing crosshair.  
Your target will first have a green circle around it, then red arrows, 
indicating a lock, where you can press B to fire it.  Rapid hitting of 
the B button will also launch several dumb missiles.

Found: Raid on Bespin

Above the second set of platforms is an tubular Imperial Gas Freighter.  
Gun it down, and the powerup will appear on the nearest platform.  You 
may need to gun down some tanks to find it.


Homing Cluster Missiles: Cluster Missiles will pick nearby targets to 
waste.  A VERY useful item.

Found: Battle of Endor

You can actually pick this up at any time during this second phase of 
the battle, but it's easier to find after you destroy the Star 
Destroyer on the left.  Once you bust it open, it'll sink down towards 
the planet and hang in an odd position.  Fly near the Star Destroyer's 
hangar (that hole on the bottom of it), or around the area, and you'll 
find the Homing Cluster Torpedoes upgrade.  The bonus is actually in 
that arbitrary point in space from the moment you enter the second 
phase, but it's far easier to pick it up when you have the crumbling 
Star Destroyer as a reference point.


Targeting Computer Upgrade: You won't have to hold the Y button to 
keep the computer up.  Also, you can use the C-stick to assign targets 
for your wingmen to attack.

Found: Strike at the Core

On the last tunnel before the main reactor (you'll know it because 
you'll see blue shimmering at the end), there will be a series of pipes 
bracketing the lower right corner of the tunnel.  Fly under these pipes 
and under the last one, you'll find the Targeting Computer Upgrade.


B. Secret Ships

There are plenty of extra ships for you to play with in this game.  Some 
require skill to unlock.  All unlocked ships can be used on the 
following missions: Ison Corridor Ambush, Razor Rendezvous, Vengeance 
on Kothlis, Raid on Bespin, Battle of Endor, Endurance


N-1 Naboo Starfighter

This thirty-year-old craft is still quite deadly.  It was never meant 
as a weapon of war, but as a police craft for the Naboo Royal Security 
Force.  It served with distinction against the droid armies of the 
Trade Federation during the Battle for Naboo.

It's speedier than an X-Wing, and far more manueverable, but it's not 
as durable.  It has an R2 unit, just like the X-Wing and Y-Wing.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers
Secondary Weapon: 6 Proton Torpedoes

How to Unlock: Complete Tatooine Training IN ITS ENTIRETY at every 
"time" of the day (day, dusk, night, dawn).  You have to find all 
items, including the two bonuses, beat both of the races twice, kill 
60 womprats, etc.  Refer to my TT walkthrough in the preceding section.
I suggest taking care of the womprats first, because if you screw it up, 
there's little chance of getting a decent enough "respawning" on the 
womprats before time is up, so get it out of the way early, and if you 
mess up, restart.

Also, you have to complete the ten standard missions to fly this craft.


Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/ln Space Superiority Starfighter

"TIE Fighter"

The Empire's frontline fighter isn't all that swell, but it's nice if 
you want to step into the shoes of the bad guys for a while.  It's not 
all that fast and it really can't take very many hits at all, but it's 
quite manueverable and has insanely fast lasers.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers

How to Unlock: In the mission Imperial Academy Heist, you must steal 
a TIE Fighter to get to the compound.  You must do this both at night 
and during the daytime.  Check my walkthroughs on that mission to find 
out how.  You can also use the TIE Fighter on the two Vader missions 
after beating them once.


Modified Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 Light Freighter

"Millennium Falcon"

The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy is an okay ship.  It can take a 
lot of punishment and it has decent firepower.  Of course, even with a 
0.5 class hypedrive, it still isn't as speedy as some fighters in 
sublight.  One thing that gives the ship a huge advantage is that the 
lower quad gun tracks enemies, which can discourage pursuers.  One of 
the biggest disadvantages is seriously poor manueverability.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers
Secondary Weapon: 20 Dual-Fire Concussion Missiles

How to Unlock: Get at least a Bronze Medal in all ten standard missions.  
You CAN use this craft in Strike at the Core (after you beat it once 
with the X-Wing), and in Death Star Escape and Asteroid Field without 
unlocking it.


Modified Kuat Systems Engineering "Firespray"-Class Patrol and Attack 

"Slave I"

In this game, the ship of the feared bounty hunter, Boba Fett, is a 
piece of junk.  It has all the durability of an A-Wing, and all the 
speed and manueverability of a Y-Wing.  The lasers are very tough to 
target enemies with, since they're on the bottom of the craft.  The 
only good thing about this ship is its secondary weapon.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers
Secondary Weapon: 20 Cluster Missiles

How to unlock: You must have ten silvers in the normal missions, as 
well as a silver in Death Star Escape and Asteroid Field.


Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Advanced x1 Prototype

"TIE Advanced"

Darth Vader's ship is pretty nice.  It has the clusters, as well as 
good lasers and shielding, and the famous TIE manueverability.  The 
only problem with the ship is a lack of real speed.

Primary Weapon: Dual Lasers
Secondary Weapon: 20 Cluster Missiles

How to unlock: You may use this ship in Triumph of the Empire and 
Revenge on Yavin normally, and to use it on other missions, you'll need 
to earn gold medals in all fifteen missions.


C. Passcodes

Enter the passcode on the Passcodes screen under Options to activate it.
Reentering any code (or sets of two codes) will deactivate the function 
of the code, unless there is a "standard" way to get whatever it gives 
you and you've done it.  For instance, if you input the TIE Fighter 
codes, but already have it from the normal way, and then input the 
codes again, you won't lose the TIE, since you got it the normal way.

LIONHEAD - Enter this code and you'll be treated to a black and white 
presentation of Rogue Leader.  Wowie...  Several people have mentioned 
this to me, so I'll point out that the joke behind this code was that 
Lucasarts and Lionhead worked together on the game Black & White.

BLAHBLAH - Makes the Audio Commentary function available without having 
to earn it.

COMPOSER - Unlocks the Music Hall in Special Features.

EXHIBIT! - Unlocks the Concept Art Gallery in Special Features.

?INSIDER - Unlocks Documentary in Special Features if you haven't done 
so the normal way.

THATSME! - Unlocks Credits in Special Features if you haven't done so 
the normal way.

The following codes are in sets of two (to delay hacking, I suppose).  
If you enter the first code, you'll get a "bad code" double beep.  If 
you enter the second code immediately after it, you'll receive the R2 
squawk confirmation.

JPVI?IJC, then RSBFNRL - Infinite Lives.  There's a bad side to this 
code, however.  It won't help you with Gold Medals, since it counts 
Lives Lost.  It can, however, help you with Ace Medals, particularly 
the nasty Endor and Endurance.  This code automatically deactivates 
once you shut the system off.

AYZB!RCL, then WRKFORIT - All Tech Upgrades.  Entering these codes will 
give you all the upgrades for your ships.

!??QWTTJ, then CLASSIC - All Standard Missions.  This code will allow 
you to play any of the missions up to Strike at the Core.

PYST?OOO, then DUCKSHOT - Opens Death Star Escape.  Regardless of 
whether or not you can "see" Death Star Escape (prior to unlocking it 
using points), these codes will unlock that mission.

TVLYBBXL, then NOWAR!!! - Opens Asteroid Field.  If you have access to 
the Battle of Hoth mission, you'll be able to access this mission right 
above it.

AZTBOHII, then OUTCAST! - Opens Triumph of the Empire.  If you have 
access to Strike at the Core, you'll be able to see this mission right 
above it.

OGGRWPDG, then EEKEEK! - Opens Revenge on Yavin.  If you have access to 
Triumph of the Empire, you'll be able to see this mission to the right 
of it.

?WCYBRTC, then ??MBC??? - Opens Endurance.  If you have access to 
Revenge on Yavin, you'll be able to see this mission to the right of 

CDYXF!?Q, then ASEPONE! - Naboo Starfighter.  This unlocks the 
Starfighter and makes it immediately available in the hangar in all 
your saved games.  You don't need to beat the game, like the normal way 
makes you.

ZT?!RGBA, then DISPSBLE - TIE Fighter.  This unlocks the TIE Fighter 
and makes it immediately available in the hangar in all your saved 

MVPQIU?A, then OH!BUDDY - Millenium Falcon. This unlocks the Falcon and 
makes it immediately available in the hangar in all your saved games.

PZ?APBSY, then IRONSHIP - Slave I.  This unlocks the Slave I and makes 
it immediately available in the hangar in all your saved games.

AJHH!?JY, then BUSTOUR - Imperial Shuttle.  This unlocks the Shuttle 
and makes it available for use in Triumph of the Empire and Revenge on 

NYM!UUOK, then BLKHLMT! - TIE Advanced.  This unlocks the TIE Advanced 
and makes it immediately available in the hangar in all your saved 

HAGGARTE - DOES NOT WORK!  This is a FALSE circulating code which some 
idiot either jokingly or mistakenly claimed to be the Level Select code.  
As much as I love protecting people from their own stupidity, I'd think 
that the fact that I don't have it in my guide would be a reasonable 
assumption that it's not a good code.  Happily, my view of the human 
race as an intellectual whole has dropped another couple of points.  If 
you find this "code" on any website, immediately inform the webmaster 
that it does not work.


D. Ace Mode

You can unlock the fabled Ace Mode by earning Gold Medals in all fifteen 
missions and earning the Naboo Starfighter (beating Tatooine Training 
on all four times).  Once you do so, you can turn Ace Mode on under 
Special Features.  

What's so hard about Ace Mode?  Well, not a whole heck of a lot, but 
the main difficulty boost is in two spots.

A: Your enemies are a lot better at flying and are more accurate.

B: Enemy fighters and guns fire a lot faster.

Note that they don't hit any harder, but firing as fast as they do, the 
damage can pile up.  This can make missions where you have to protect 
craft a bit harder, such as Ison, Razor, Kothlis, and ESPECIALLY Endor, 
which is actually quite a bit harder on Ace Mode.

So, all you have to do is complete a mission on Ace Mode and you'll 
earn an Ace Medal for the mission.  

What do you get for all Ace Medals?  NOTHING!  Except the satisfaction 
of beating the Ace challenge...

Some people call the Ace Medals "Platinums".  I refuse to call them 
that.  Why?  Three things...

A: They're not white, or anything resembling platinum.  They're blue 
Rebel insignias on a gold background.

B: They don't replace your Golds.  They are added on separately.

C: Anyone who's suffered for Platinums on Battle for Naboo know how 
bloody hard they were to get.  Getting Ace Medals in this game is quite 
easy, since there are no actual requirements (except on Endurance, where 
you are required to go through the whole soulless mess one more time), 
therefore, these tasks aren't worthy of being labeled as Platinum, so 


9. Standard Guide Stuff


A. Legal

This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright © 2001-2002 Will Hansen 
"Gamecube guru ".  You may not take it in whole or in part and 
claim it as your own. You may not alter it in any way, even if you ask 
me first, and that includes putting it in HTML format.  Please don’t 
post this on your site unless you have express consent by me.  I’ve put 
a lot of time into this.  Give me some credit...

Currently, the following sites have permission to post my FAQ:


B. E-mail Guidelines

If you wish to e-mail me, be sure to follow these guidelines...

- Make ABSOLUTELY sure I haven't already answered your question in the 
- Make sure it has something to do with Rogue Leader for God's sake.  I 
don't want spam, chain letters, offers for friendship.  Compliment me 
on the FAQ all you want, though...
- Make sure you say Rogue Leader at one point in your e-mail.  I have 
more than one FAQ, and asking a generic question such as "How do I 
beat Mission 2?" doesn't tell me much.
- Spell correctly and use proper grammar, please.  If I can't understand 
your e-mail, it'll go to the junk pile...

Oh, and there's no need yet to e-mail me about new stuff.  I'm 
constantly searching for new info about this game, and keep tabs with a 
large RL playing community.  If you have better Gold Strategies than 
myself, though, I'm all ears...


C. Credits

CJayC and Al Amaloo for having this on their sites.

aj_007, IXOniOmenXI, Daniel Chang, D Watson, W1nston1o, Joseph Sedlak, 
Brad Davy, and Trace Jackson, for a few alternate strategies on a 
couple of Gold Medals.

Many members of the GameFAQs Message Boards, who've thrown in little 
tidbits here and there which made this grand puzzle come together.

George Lucas, Lucasfilm, Lucasarts, and Factor 5, for giving us all a 
chance to live in that galaxy far, far away.

The Star Wars Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels, by Bill Smith, 
Doug Chiang, and Troy Vigil, and the Essential Guide to Weapons and 
Technology, by Bill Smith, David Nakabayashi, and Troy Vigil for giving 
me some great information about the ships and technology.


D. Version Updates

Version 0.4 - 11/20/01 - Survival Walkthroughs for all ten standard 
missions and the training mission, as well as for the first and third 
secret missions.  A couple of Gold Medal Strategies are up.  I'll post 
more, naturally, as I get more...

Version 0.5 - 11/21/01 - All but one of the tech upgrades are added, as 
well as another bonus mission.  This will probably be the last update 
before Thanksgiving weekend.

Version 0.8 - 11/25/01 - As you can see from the table of contents, only 
six missions are still incomplete, and that just refers to Gold 
Strategies for four of them.

Version 1.0 - 11/26/01 - All Gold Medal Strategies are up.  Guide is 
complete, for the most part...  New passcodes will be added as they 
come up.

Version 1.1 - 11/28/01 - Cleaned up the guide a lot.  Added Ace Mode.

Version 1.2 - 1/21/02 - The Infinite Lives code, plus a couple of 
submitted Gold Strategies.  Enjoy, y'all...

Version 1.3 - 2/8/02 - Two new codes!  Naboo Starfighter and Millenium 
Falcon were released by LucasArts.  Joy!

Version 1.4 - 2/15/02 - Happy Valentine's Day and three more codes!  
All Standard Missions, Death Star Escape, and TIE Fighter.  Congrats go 
to Jochie from for finding these...

Version 1.5 - 3/26/02 - Two more codes and some other additions 
scattered about from submittors.

Version 1.6 - 4/22/02 - I missed the last code day, but here are those 
as well as the newest ones.  I'll bet you fifty creds that the next two 
are Endurance and TIE Advanced, followed by.... what?  The Jedi 
Starfighter, maybe?  Maaaaybe...

Version 1.7 - 5/7/02 - Heeeey...  Well no one took my bet, and with 
good reason, suppose.  Endurance and TIE Advanced codes are up.


E. The Final Word

This IS the game for Star Wars fans.  It is hands down the most 
immersive Star Wars game I've ever played (and I've played a LOT).  I 
hope you folks enjoyed reading this FAQ as much as I enjoyed writing 

Take care and the may the Force be with you.

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