All Secret Places - Guide for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Hangar Mullet Falls:
1.) Go grind the helicopter wing that goes over the halfpipe.
2.) Go gring the other helicopter wing in the room with the E of skate.

School 2 Southern Cali
1.) Go get a lot of air at the quarterpipe with the K of skate on it. When you 
come down go strait and go down the brown ramp and ollie off the planter onto 
the roof. Then ollie to the next roof. Get the money there.
2.) Go grind the roll call opunsezmee rail at exactly 1:40 time. Then go strait 
between those two buildings and keep going strait through the gym doors.
3.) When you start off go wallride the bell that's to your right. Do a wallie onto 
the roof up there.

Marsielle France:
1.) Go and ride on the planter with the trees and a lamp post. There should be 
a stick holding up the lamp post. Knock it down. That opens up the secret 

New York:
1.) Catch all five subway tokens. Then go up the escalator and go down the 
subway rails. That leads to the secret place.
2.) Go to the secret place with the secret tape. Lets say you just got the secret 
tape. Put on fly mode and fly forward as far as you can. Then go left as far as 
you can and go down into the water. There's nothing there but it's cool. To get 
out just fly up.

Venice Beach: 
1.) Go to the quarterpipe with the spray can and the second bum. Ollie forward. 
That will go to the secret place. The Venice Ledge is there with a $100 bill on it.

1.) Grind the rail with the fifty dollar bill on it that goes over the halfpipe. Then 
restart and go to your right. The fence should be open.
2.) Grind the huge quarterpipe with the etnies sign on it(grind to the left). When 
you reach the end ollie and there should be another rail that's just hanging 
there. Grind it. That opens the other fence doors.

1.) Grind the phone line with the $50 bill on it and the E of skate at the end. 
Then you can enter Phillyside.

1.) Go to the quarterpipe that goes around the whole place. Then ollie forward 
into the bullring. Run over all the poo and money will pop up. There are only 4 
bills there if you're wondering.

Chopper Drop:
1.) Put on fly mode and fly all the way to the edge. Then go down into the water. 
There's and underwater place there. There's nothing there but it's cool.

Skate Heaven:
1.) Go grind "Time to feed the volcano". If you don't know where that is then go 
on the roof behind the Tony Ramp. There's a rail that goes from the roof to the 
other roof above the stairset. Grind that. You might have to keep ollieing and 
grinding but at the exact spot where the rail's above the ground and where it's 
over the roof you have to grind at that exact spot. If you've done all that then put 
on fly mode and fly into the volcano.

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