Arbiter's Grounds to Snowpeak Ruins Walkthrough - Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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We have just gotten through the Arbiter’s Grounds and we are fixing to learn 
where Zant gets his power from. We also learn that Zant has broken the Mirror 
of Twilight. This walkthrough starts the quest for our final Poe Souls and the 
Mirror of Twilight. The game gets a whole lot shorter from here on out. 

-Fishing Rod
-Empty Bottle #1
-Empty Bottle #2
-Empty Bottle #3
-Empty Bottle #4
-Gale Boomerang
-Hero’s Bow
-Bomb Bag #1
-Bomb Bag #2
-Bomb Bag #3
-Giant Bomb Bag
-Frog Lure
-Sinking Lure
-Ordon Sword
-Master Sword
-Ordon Shield
-Hylian Shield
-Hero’s Clothes
-Zora Armor
-Magic Armor
-Big Wallet
-Big Quiver
-Poe’s Scent
-Pieces of Heart: 28/45
-Fused Shadows: 3/3
-Mirror of Twilight: 1/4
-Golden Bugs: 23/24
-Letters: 8/16
-Poe Souls: 41/60
-Hidden Skills: 5/7
-Total Number of Heart Containers: 12/20

1)Letter 9/16
2)Piece of Heart 29/45
3)Piece of Heart 30/45
4)Ashei’s Sketch
5)Coral Earring
6)Reekfish Scent
7)Hidden Skill 6/7


Snowpeak Province: 4
Dungeon 5: 3
Total: 8

When you exit the large room you fought Stallord in, you will walk out into the 
Mirror Chamber. Walk along the outer corridor to the center of the chamber. 
Walk towards the large statue when a portal opens in the sky! This time, five 
Twilight Messengers descend upon you! Don’t worry though, just defeat three of 
them normally, then defeat two with Midna’s area-attack. After a new portal 
opens up, walk straight towards the large statue. Get out your Spinner and ride 
up the grate along the statue. You will fall into a groove at the top. Press A 
repeatedly to make a small pedestal and a large black block appear from the 
sand. Midna goes over to it and is very shocked. The mirror is gone! A small 
piece is in a U-shaped holster. What has happened? A strange, white figure 
appears from nowhere. These are Sages. They keep watch over the Mirror of 
Twilight, but an evil man came and tried to break it. This man is known as 
Ganondorf! Ganondorf is a leader and demon thief that tried to seize control 
over the Sacred Realm. He was blind to his danger and the Sages brought him to 
justice. But somehow he too has been blessed with the power of the goddesses. 
No one was aware of this. His Triforce resonated and he broke free from the 
chains and ripped the glowing, white sword from his chest. With no other 
choice, the Sages sent Ganondorf into the Twilight Realm. That’s where they 
think Zant got his evil powers from! Midna thinks that it is too late. Only the 
true leader of the Twili can destroy the mirror. Zant could only break it into 
pieces! The Sages explain. One is in the snowy mountain heights, one is in an 
ancient grove, and another one is in the heavens. We must find the other 
pieces! Warp to the Eldin Bridge.
Go north along the snaking path to where a couple of Bulbins and Bulbin Archers 
are near the small wooden bridge. Defeat them and then look for a Spinner 
groove along the north wall. Ride it to a small distant ledge. Dig in the 
middle of the grass circle here. Enter this cavern to find three Stalfoses! 
Defeat them with Bomb Arrows and then claim the PIECE OF HEART in here. Collect 
one more to complete another Heart Container. There is also a chest of Bombs in 
here if needed. Now exit out. Ride the Spinner back out. Now journey to the 
road that is a shortcut between Hyrule Field North and Lake Hylia. Here are 
some Lizalfos. Defeat them and then get on the Spinner track. Ride it while 
jumping back and forth until you reach a small ledge with a chest on it. Open 
it for a PIECE OF HEART. You completed another Heart Container! Now warp to 
Castle Town. 
Go straight to Telma’s Bar. Go in here and check the map. Ashei is somewhere in 
the Zora’s Domain inspecting Snowpeak. Warp to Upper Zora’s River and walk to 
Zora’s Domain.
Go to the west side of the Domain to where there is a red dot on your map and a 
small tunnel. Enter in the tunnel.
Walk straight ahead and talk to the strange white figure. It is just Ashei! She 
says that recently there has been a large figure coming in and out Zora’s 
Domain. She gives you ASHEI’S SKETCH. This is a drawing of the monster that she 
saw. Take this to Prince Ralis! Warp to Kakariko Village and enter the 
Ralis is near his father’s grave. Show him the Sketch. He says that the monster 
is not as important as the fish it is holding! This is a special Reekfish that 
can only be found in the Zora’s Domain near the Mother and Child Rocks. He says 
you can only catch them with a special type of hook. His earring happens to be 
what you need. He gives you the CORAL EARRING. Now warp to Zora’s Domain.
Go to the east and get on the ledge near two rocks. This is near the Golden Bug 
here. Fish in the water and you will catch a Reekfish. It will drop to the 
ground. Quickly turn into a wolf and sniff the fish. You will learn the 
REEKFISH SCENT. Now enter Snowpeak again.
Turn into a wolf and put on your senses. You will see the trail of the 
Reekfish. Follow it! When you come to the west and north some there will be two 
rocks. Go through the rocks and find a Poe. Though it may not look like it, you 
still have to wait till night to defeat the Poe. Collect its POE SOUL. That is 
forty two out of sixty. Go off your trail some to the south. There will be a 
tree here that is half buried in snow. Here floats another Poe. Defeat it and 
grab another POE SOUL. That is forty three out of sixty. Now get back on the 
Reekfish path until you get north past some icy ledges. Near here is a lone 
tree again. Wait until nightfall to find a Poe here. Defeat it and collect its 
POE SOUL. That is forty four out of sixty. You then want to get back on the 
path. Just ram into the wall that you can’t go up on to get on the high ledge. 
You will then soon arrive at another howl stone. Howl here. The beat is high, 
middle, low, middle, low, high, middle, low. You will again summon the White 
Wolf! This White Wolf lands in the Kakariko Graveyard. I’m not sure what song 
this is. It is probably a new one made by Nintendo. Now get back on the 
Reekfish path until you get to a door. Open it and enter this small cave. In 
here are some Ice Keese. Defeat them and climb the ladder or use your Clawshot 
on the vines on the ceiling. Now exit this cave through the other door with 
huge hand prints on it. Once out, walk straight ahead and you will be stopped 
by incoming Twilight Messengers. Defeat the tree as a wolf or Link. Now before 
you go on, warp to Kakariko Village and go to the Graveyard.
Walk to the east and up the stairs to see the White Wolf. You will get to learn 
another Hidden Skill. You must first successfully do the Mortal Draw on him 
first. This move is the Jump Strike. “Let it be hewn into your mind!” To do 
this, L-Target the skull man and hold A to charge your sword up. You will then 
do a leap and make a small force field of well force that stuns the figure. 
This is useful against multiple enemies. You have learned HIDDEN SKILL: JUMP 
STRIKE. After you learn this move, warp back to Snowpeak.
As a human, walk straight to see a giant beastly man. This is Yeto. He is a 
Yeti that lives here in Snowpeak. He is holding a Reekfish and he asks you to 
come to his home and eat soup. He also says that  he found shiny mirror piece. 
Wife get sick because of shiny mirror piece. Yeto make soup and wife get 
better. That’s how he talks. He hit’s the tree and knocks a piece of ice off 
the tree. He hops on it and slides down the mountain. Follow him! Roll into the 
tree and hop on the piece of ice to sled down. You can use your sword while on 
the sled. Sled all the way down to a large house. This is the Yeti’s house and 
also the next dungeon. But before you enter, to the east are some ledges. Climb 
them and during the night you will find a Poe. Defeat it for another POE SOUL. 
That is forty five out of sixty. Now enter the house!


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