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Resident Evil Code: Veronica

You begin the game trapped in a prison cell. Equip your lighter on the inventory
screen. When you spark the lighter, Rodrigo, the jailer just outside of the cell
will open the door for you. He'll preach some gloom and doom about not being able to
get off of the island. Then, Rodrigo will slump into a chair. Return to your cell 
and grab the Herb in the corner. Exit the cell and pick up the Handgun bullets to 
the right of the door. A Knife is on the desk in the adjoining room. Take it if you 
want to, then exit. The next area is a Save Room. Grab the Ink Ribbon next to the 
typewriter and the
Handgun Bullets on the floor. Continue down the hall and turn right, then follow the
stairs up. This will put you outside in the rain. Isn't this place supposed to be 
run by
Umbrella? What's up? Proceed forward and take a right (near the smashed, sparking
Truck) into the graveyard. Walk a little further and a CUT SCENE ensues, introducing
your most consistent threat in this (and any other Resident Evil) game: zombies.
You'll see a briefcase fall out of the exploded truck. Don't bother trying to fight
the zombies yet. Instead, simply run through them to the metal gate. Exit through
the iron door.
CUT SCENE: As you step into the next area, a CUT SCENE introduces you to Steve,
another island prisoner. When he first sees you, he tries to off you with a barrage
of machine gun fire. Claire dodges the bullets and returns fire, and the two call a
shaky truce. Steve comes down from his perch and introduces himself, then quickly
takes off, searching for the airport that will transport him away from the island.
When Steve leaves, you'll be have the M93RHandgun (it holds 12 rounds). Search the
body next to the overturned Jeep for another box of Handgun Bullets. The large,
double gate (with tire tracks leading under it) is inaccessible at this time.
Proceed through the other door. This door leads to an open corridor between two 
brick buildings. Going straight ahead leads to a path around the building. You'll 
return here later. First, follow the wooden walkway and take the steps up. Before 
going through the door, grab the Green Herb at the end of the platform. Return to 
the door and go in, bracing for another zombie attack.
Three deadheads will attack the moment you enter, so make sure your weapon is loaded
and equipped. Take out the one to the right first, then focus on the two others
(either killing or avoiding them). Skirt around the central table and claim the
Handgun Bullets on the bookshelves. Then, take a left into the kitchen and snag the
Map from the wall. Mount the wooden stairs and get the Green Herb on the other side 
of a cluttered table. There is a bathroom through the open door near the 
bookshelves, but it
contains nothing of interest (although it could use a good cleaning…) Go back to 
the room where you entered and head through the other door. Track through the 
dilapidated barracks. This area is littered with corpses and painted in blood. Be 
careful. Proceed forward and grab the Prisoner's Diary on the top bunk to your 
left. Then, take a right around the corner. Here, you'll encounter a frustrated 
zombie attempting to head-butt his way through the window. Grab the Handgun Bullets 
from the ledge. When you return to live action, the zombie bursts through the 
window, and is joined by two of his friends indoors. The first zombie will drop the 
M-100P pistols. Shoot the zombie in front of you first, then turn to waste the 
crawling zombie in the doorway. Finally spin and shoot the zombie coming up behind 
you. When all the undead have been rendered…well…dead, pick up that pair of Pistols 
and go forward, heading into the shower area. Take the Handgun Bullets in the last 
stall. After you grab the ammo, leave the bunk area. As you are exiting this room, 
you will encounter another zombie. Blow by it, then exit the building.
As you reach the bottom of the wooden stairs, a short CUT SCENE will play from a
beastly perspective beneath the walkway. Move forward along the right wall, then
turn the corner right. As you move ahead, you'll see a corpse get pulled under the
building. Keep moving forward, making a couple of right turns, until you reach a 
fenced-in culde sac. Take the door left into the next area. Move ahead, 
disregarding the zombie in the cage to your left. Don't try to shoot him--
apparently bullets can't pierce chain-link fences in this world. Take on the two 
zombies you encounter, using the Knife (this will save ammo). Ahead a little ways 
is another zombie. Kill him, then follow the path to the right and enter the door 
on the left.
Proceed forward to the metal detector and place all of your metal gear inside. Walk
to the box, press X, then press X for each item, moving the Box list down to
accommodate. When all of your metallic objects have been placed inside, move through
the detector. If you try to move through while holding metal objects, the subsequent
areas will lock down, and you will not be able to go further. If you did trip the
switch, you'll need to reset it by pressing the button to the right of the detector.
Step out of the metal detector and follow the corridor until you reach a second
deposit box. In the next room, grab Flame and B.O.W. Rounds from the cluttered
cabinets on the left side of the room. Then, snag the First Aid Spray and 3D Scanner
Manual from the table. Leave the machine next to the table for now. You'll be 
coming back to it. Instead, proceed to the door near the metal detector. In the 
next area, take the Fax from the edge of the counter. CUT SCENE: As you round the 
corner, you'll run into Steve again. Hacking into the computer, he's found that 
Chris Redfield is being monitored by Umbrella. Claire uses the computer to send 
messages to both Leon and Chris, giving them her coordinates. When Steve suggests 
that Chris couldn't possibly come save her, she disagrees and Steve leaves in a 
huff. In the computer desk drawer is the Hawk Emblem. Grab it and the Ink Ribbon 
near the typewriter. Then, walk to the panel near the blocked door and flip the 
switch. This will activate power to the outdoor shutter.
Return to the 3D scanning machine and place the Hawk Emblem on the scanning tray.
The machine will hold on to the Emblem for you, storing a 3D scan of the item.
Return to the metal detector and place the metallic items you've found inside. Head
back to the first deposit box and grab all of your gear. Exit the building. 
Activate the shutter mechanism to open both the shuttered door and the chain link 
cage. Opening both doors will bring out four zombies: two in front and two behind. 
Target the oil drum behind the first two and take them down with one shot. Then 
spin to waste the other two.
Head into the garage to collect the Fire Extinguisher. Then, go to the fenced-in
area and take the Padlock Key from under the guillotine. Man, someone sure made a
mess in here! Go back to the iron door and exit. As you round the corner of the 
brick building, two dogs will attack--one from either side. Whirl and knock down 
the first canine, then spin back and pop the other. Run past them once they are 
down. Proceed back to the area with the wooden walkway. Beyond the building (near 
the door where you entered), take a left and unlock the door with the Gate Key. 
This will give you easy access to the computer lab area later. Head through the 
iron door back to the burned-out Jeep area. Dispatch with the two zombies here and 
proceed to the door near the Jeep.
Through the door is the graveyard, and yet another zombie party. Waste the undead
on your way to the other end of the yard, then take out the last one
right before you reach the burning van. Equip the Fire Extinguisher and use it on 
the blaze. Then, pluck the Briefcase from
the ashes. To see what's inside, select the Briefcase in the inventory screen and
Examine it. Make sure the handles are facing directly toward you when you examine
it, or it will not open. Once it is open, take the TG-01 Material and Report inside.
Head back through the graveyard, past the Jeep and to the gate you recently
unlocked. Proceed back into the computer lab by entering the iron door through the
gate to the right. Reenter the metal detector building and once again check your
metal in the deposit box. The only thing you should have left in your inventory is
the TG-01 material. Once your metal's been accounted for, take the TG-01 to the 3D 
scanner. Place the material on the duplication machine next to the scanner to 
produce a perfect, non-metallic copy of it. As you leave the room with your new 
Emblem, you'll hear the sound of breaking glass. You know what that means! Dodge 
the three zombies in the hallway between the metal detectors. You should be able to 
scoot by the first one on the left and the others on the right. Then, back at the 
first detector, grab all of your gear and exit the building. Head back to the area 
with the overturned Jeep. There are three zombies here. Run past them, then place 
the new Emblem in the large, iron double doors. As you open the doors, you'll 
encounter a partial bridge. A wrecked, torched-out Jeep bars passage to the other 
Instead, take a jaunt down the metallic walkway to the left. At the end of the walk,
grab the two Green Herbs. Then, approach the Jeep from the opposite side and take
the ammo from the driver side. To get past the fire, push the crate on the bridge 
forward, then to the right to cover the blaze. Then mount the crates and walk to 
the long, metal stairway leading up the sheer rock face. At the top, you will 
encounter a pair of zombies. Eliminate them and continue to the left. Follow the 
path past the fiery, fenced area to the right and mount the stairs to a wrought-
iron gate. Upon entering, you'll be attacked by a trio of rabid zombie dogs. 
Dispatch them and continue to an open courtyard. Take a left and head toward the 
wrecked pillars, picking up the blinking Proof. Up the stairs, on the steps leading 
to the palace, snag the Green Herb. Then, go through the detailed double doors.
Once inside, the camera will momentarily zoom in on the portrait hanging in the
stairwell. We call this foreshadowing. Proceed up the carpeted stairs to the right.
Take a short jog to the right and mount the short set of stairs to another Save
Room. Grab the Secretary's Note from the coffee table. Take the Ink Ribbon near the
typewriter and the box of Rounds on the bookshelves near the desk. Save progress at
the typewriter if you'd like. In the hallway leading to the door with dual golden
guns, snag another Green Herb. Move the small table her to reveal an Umbrella ID
card. Pick it up and examine it (you'll need to flip it around to see the back) to 
the ID number: NTC0394. Go down the stairs and to the front desk. Take the Handgun
Bullets. Enter your ID number in the computer to unlock the arched door in the far
left corner of the room. Don't go into it yet. Instead, go to the blue door and 
proceed into the restroom. Keep your Lighter lit to scare the bats and collect the 
First Aid Spray from the sink. Search the stall to find Bullets. In the rear of the 
restroom is a Briefcase. You can't open it yet, so just stow it at an Item Box the 
next time you go.
Go back to the door you unlocked and through, bracing yourself for the 3 zombies
you'll encounter. Eliminate the zombie threat, then claim the Handgun Rounds in the 
alcove near the door. Move down the long, tiled hallway. Take the Red Herb near the
bench. Before you reach the door, kill the zombie to your right. Then, proceed
through the door and down the steps. In the study, take the Handgun Rounds from the 
coffee table. Find the glass enclosure housing a large ant and press the blinking 
button. This will trigger one of the creepiest cut scenes you are likely to see. 
When the FMV concludes, the case on the wall moves back to reveal a door. In the 
uncovered room, grab the Steering Wheel. Leave the Gold Lugers where they are for 
now. Make your way back to the main doors of the mansion. As you touch the door, 
you'll hear Steve scream. Head back to the room where you watched the creepy movie 
and access the computer on the same wall as the case you recently moved (it's back 
in its original location). On the screen, you'll see Steve trapped in a room. To 
get him out, you have select two guns from a display of six. Select C and E to free 
Steve. Head back outside the mansion. CUT SCENE: When you get back to the lobby, 
you'll run into Alfred Ashford, the bitter grandson of the gentleman in the 
portrait-one of the founders of Umbrella. He'll take a couple of shots at you as 
you listen to his banter. He's concerned that his base is under attack, and holds 
you to blame. Eventually, he'll leave, cackling like a ninny. Taking the Steering 
Wheel and Proof with you, head right from the mansion stairs and through the arched 
gate. Take the stairs down to the path that follows along water's edge. Follow the 
path to a green barrel and grab the quiver of Arrows there. Then make a 180 and 
follow along the stairs to a small room. Pick up the Handgun Bullets and Map here. 
When you've gotten the items, go back to the green barrel and turn right, 
approaching the console on the short pier overlooking the water. Put the Steering 
Wheel there and turn it. This will bring a submarine to the surface and extend the 
platform across to it.
Go across to the sub and enter (by pressing X). Once inside, search the area behind
the ladder for the brown Side Pack, which will expand your inventory by two spots.
By all means, pick it up. Then, go to the main control panel and flip the switch to
make the sub descend. Climb out of the sub and into a small underwater cubicle. 
This leads to a flight of stairs. Go down the stairs and follow the path around 
(cool underwater shots on the way) to the small, metal door. Enter the office and 
take out the two zombies in front of you. Then, spin to kill the one who comes up 
behind. When the deadies have been dealt with, grab the Handgun ammo from the 
leather wrap-around couch. Go behind the desk to find an Ink Ribbon perched on a 
cardboard box. Then, go to the corrugated metal door and lift it. This will once 
again place you outside. Run across the bridge to the next metal door. In the next 
room, go to the far right corner and use the elevator to go up to the next level. 
Operate the crane at the glowing blue control panel. Move it forward and to the 
left, picking up the boxes blocking the doorway below. Return to the elevator and 
go down, then activate the switch. This will bring a tray of zombies down to you--
five in all! Run around the railing and take up a safe position behind the guard 
rail, killing the zombies as they come down the passage at you. Once they've been 
wasted, go to the platform and take the Arrows and Biohazard Card on the boxes in 
the corner. Go back to the office where you first came in and enter the door near 
the huge fish tank. You'll notice several bats hanging in the rafters. Equipping 
your lighter will scare them off. Go to the glowing computer at the far end of the 
room and press X. This will activate the platform to the right. Go to the platform 
and place the Green Proof in the machine. Go back to the submarine and head to the 
surface. It's probably not a bad idea to go back to the mansion to save your 
progress. Return to the bridge area and take a right, toward the military training 

Gulp Worm CUT SCENE: When you enter the dirt courtyard, you encounter the Gulp 
Worm, a huge, mutant slug bent on your destruction. After the FMV concludes, run to 
the double iron doors and proceed into the building. Go immediately to the right 
and up the stairs. Take a left at the top and enter the door at the end of the 
corridor. From the desk, take the Bow Gun and Memo. To save room in your inventory, 
you can immediately combine the Arrows with your Bow Gun. When you attempt to exit 
the room with these items, an alarm will sound and a short CUT SCENE will unfold. 
In it, a lab worker behind strong plexi-glass is horrendously murdered by an 
unknown assailant. Notice the creepy painting in the room. We'll be coming back for 
that. Upon exiting the room, another FMV will play. This time, a "contamination 
alert" sounds, and Claire narrowly avoids being trapped upstairs. She is now back 
in the lobby and the stairs are sealed from her. In the lobby, take the Red Herb on 
the bench and the Arrows from the nearest phone booth. Head to the door on the far 
end of the room and enter. This leads to a locker room. Eliminate the zombies that 
greet you and move deeper into the room. You'll encounter two more zombies as you 
go further. From the open lockers, grab another couple quivers of Arrows. On the 
dead body near the far door, there is yet another quiver. Open the door and run 
past the first zombie, then, sticking to the right wall, dart around the second 
zombie and step down into the water. From this position, you can kill the zombies 
easily without threat of attack. Locate and turn the large red valve to stop the 
flow of water. Now, pick up the
glimmering Key near the lion's head spout. Head back to the lobby. Go through the 
door opposite the phones. There are three zombies here: one faking on the floor 
next to the door and two on the opposite side of the room. Take out the zombies, 
head to the control panel near the copy machine and press the blue button. This 
will create a Map. Grab it from the copier tray. Make sure you grab the Green Herb 
behind the dead zombie near the door. Combine it with the Red Herb you found in the 
lobby to create medicine. Take the Arrows from the counter and move into the other 
office. Use the Key you found in the pool to open the locked cabinet at the far end 
of the room. Inside, you'll get a suitcase
full of Explosive Arrow formula. Combine the contents with your arrows to get 10 
Explosive Arrows. Use your Biohazard Card and open the right door at the far end of 
the hall. This will give you access to a new hallway. Enter the door at the end of 
the hall and walk into the courtyard.
CUT SCENE: As you enter the courtyard, Alfred takes aim at you again. When it
concludes, dodge that laser beam (clinging to the near wall) and head up the stairs.
When you do, Alfred will run away. Take a right to enter into a dusty hallway. 
Proceed toward the vending machines. Grab the two boxes of Handgun Shells near the 
stand-up, and then go through the gray door. This is a Save Room. Take the Green 
Herb near the typewriter table, the Green Herb on the floor near the couch, and the 
Hemostatic Medicine on the cushions. There is an Ink Ribbon near the typewriter. 
Save if you wish. CUT SCENE: When you attempt to enter the next room, Alfred (the 
freak) comes over a loudspeaker and tells you that the next area is a trap designed 
specifically for you. The door locks you in the room. Your only option now is to 
continue to the brown door on the vending machine wall.
When you enter the next area, take a left and pick up the two Uzis in the corner of
the walkway. Before taking a step, equip your Bow Gun with the Explosive Arrows. As
soon as you move past the door, a short CUT SCENE ensues, introducing a new kind of
mutant--the Bandersnatch. Dodge its arm and fill it full of explosives. It should
take about four hits to kill. As you walk toward the stairs, a green door will open.
CUT SCENE: When you get to the bottom of the stairs and go through the open door,
another mutant attacks, dangling you off of the ground and nearly crushing your
skull. Luckily, Steve comes to the rescue, two barrels blazing. You trade him the
two Uzis you just got for the two Lugers he received when you let him out of the
room in the mansion. He tries out his new weapons, only to find that they don't have
ammo. He gives you a boost so you can snag the clips on top of the nearby crate,
then loads the guns. As he does this, Alfred comes over the speaker again, boasting
he'll now kill both of you. Then, the platform descends and you begin to play as
Playing as Steve:
In the room you're plopped in right after the CUT SCENE, there are four zombies--two
in the room with you and two behind a fence. It's a real treat to eliminate them
with the dual Uzis. Kill them all and go through the gray door. Eliminate the
zombies in this room. You can't take the gear in the side room. Don't worry, you'll
be back. Now go back to the room where you came in and head through the rusty metal
door on the right wall. Wax the zombies and proceed to the stairs at the other end
of the room. Go up and through the door. CUT SCENE: As you move over the next 
walkway, Claire will rejoin you. She confronts him about why he's on the island and 
he gets upset. Then the two head into an elevator and up. Steve departs and you're 
Claire again.
Playing as Claire: Go into the brown door and through. When you attempt to rejoin
Steve, you both fall through the weak walkway and another CUT SCENE occurs. CUT 
SCENE: As you both get up, a zombie comes toward Steve. The zombie advances toward 
him, but he cannot shoot. Claire attracts the attention of the beast and it moves 
toward her. When it bends to feed, Steve snaps out of his trance and peppers the 
monster with bullets. It was his father. Steve tells the story behind his father's 
demise, and Claire leaves him to rest for the time being.
When the CUT SCENE concludes, circle around and grab the Handgun Rounds on the high
barrel near the door (stand on the crate to get them). Move to the wooden door next
to the Jeep. Unlock it and enter the facility. Grab the Handgun Bullets near the
door then eliminate the zombies here. Walk forward until you reach the iron door
directly ahead. Go through the door and into a weird picture room. Be sure to grab 
the Ink Ribbon near the typewriter and the Blue Shield on the wall. Return to the 
area where Steve is waiting and exit through the double doors, avoiding the zombie 
dogs as you unlock and exit through the door on the right. Go back through the worm 
courtyard and enter the double doors. Move to the end of the main hall and use your 
Biohazard card on the second door on the right. Go through the door to the 
courtyard, running past the two zombie pups laying in wait. When they've been 
stopped, mount the stairs and place the Blue Shield in its receptacle on the stone 
overlook. Grab the Emblem Card inside.
Return downstairs and go through the door on the fence near the burning barrels.
Take the ladder down. In the ensuing hallway, use your new Emblem Card on the gate
barring your path. Move through the room, avoiding the steam pouring from the broken
pipe. Continue to your right and up the stairs, entering the door at the top.
Remember this area? Take your Emblem Card to the scanner near the gate. When it
lifts, you'll have access to the Grenade Launcher. Grab it and head through the door
in the back. Two Bandersnatches will attack you here. Use the Grenade Launcher on
them. When they're gone, grab the Arrows in the corner. Now return to the room with 
the ruptured pipe. Head across the room and go up the opposite stairs. This dumps 
into a watery area. Make sure you take the Handgun Bullets from the gargoyle's 
mouth, then track to the end of the hallway and enter the elevator. Head up to 
level 2F. Move to the locked shutter and open it with the Emblem Card. As it opens, 
a zombie will slump out in front of you. Go into the lab and take a short jog up 
the stairs to the right. Pick up the Grenade Rounds near the chair.
Move to the lit display on the right to learn all about Albinoids. Scared? You
should be. Go back down the stairs and take the Red Proof from the computer
terminal. Then, activate the security camera at the terminal. Locate the skeleton
painting on the right side of the room and zoom in. Remember the number 1126 (which
is written on the lower left corner of the painting). Grab the two Green Herbs near 
the end of the computer banks and exit the room. Run by the zombies and head back 
to the elevator. Return to the double doors in the worm courtyard and enter, this 
time using your ID on the first shutter on your right. Discard the ID and go up the 
Go to the door at the end of the hall and enter. Use the code (1126) you got from
the painting on the lab door (where you saw that first long-armed mutant CUT SCENE).
Take the Acid Rounds from the desk and the Painting from the wall. As you touch the 
painting, a short CUT SCENE will be triggered, in which you will be introduced to 
the Abinoids first-hand. The adult version will escape through an air vent (think 
you'll see it later?) and several babies will spill out on to the floor. Don't 
waste your time with them. Simply run out of the room and get downstairs. That 
clock in the corner of the screen is counting down the time before that shutter 
closes! Head out of the building, through the worm courtyard again, through the 
tank area, to the elevator 1F to the phony bedroom Place the skeleton Painting on 
the correct spot on the wall to reveal a secret room. On the model of the research 
complex, grab the Key. Read the message on the podium
and record the number "12 8." Now go back to the palace. On the walkway leading to
the mansion, you will be attacked by two more Bandersnatches. Run past them and up
the steps. Once inside the palace, you'll find it crawling with zombies. Return to 
the brown door at the rear of the mansion. Follow the hallway, then take a right 
turn and use
your new Gold Key on the gold doors.
Inside, you are confronted with more art and another puzzle. First, go to the large
picture of Alfred (up the stairs). Grab the Message to New Master and read it. Then,
focus your attention on the portrait puzzle. The object here is to pick the
paintings in the correct order. Select them in the following sequence:
1) Lady Ashford2) Stanley Ashford (Man holding two babies)
3) Thomas Ashford (Man holding a cup of tea)4) Arthur Ashford (Man with red hair)
5) Edward Ashford (Old man seated near a vase)6) Alexander Ashford (Man leaning on 
a mantle)7) Alfred Ashford (on steps) Completing the puzzle will yield a vase. 
Examine it in the Inventory to get the Queen Ant Object. Now, head to the door and 
place the two Lugers in it (press Use in the Inventory). This will unlock the door. 
Go inside and grab the Handgun ammo. Then, After a short replay of the creepy 
episode plays on the laptop, then the computer asks you for a password. Enter 1971, 
and it will open a secret passage behind the clock. As you move toward it, a 
Bandersnatch will burst through the window. Dispatch it with a couple of explosive 
arrows. Then, duck into the passage and cross the bridge, picking up the Blue Herb 
if you have room.
Proceed to the courtyard of the mansion. Here, you will encounter two more
Bandersnatch. If you have enough explosive arrows, kill them. Otherwise, run through
the yard and up the stairs. The long-arms will follow. Just bypass them and enter
the door. When inside, use your lighter to deter the bats. Move to the room to the 
left of the stairs and enter. Grab the Handgun Rounds in the corner. Kill the 
Bandersnatch here and skirt around the table, picking up an Ink Ribbon from the 
small cupboard near
the fireplace. Light the fireplace, if you wish. Exit the room mount the stairs and 
follow the walkway until it dead ends. On a small table, get the Handgun Rounds and 
First Aid Spray. Then proceed through the red, padded door. CUT SCENE: the sadistic 
brother and sister Ashford are discussing their plans as you spy on them. Luckily, 
Claire does not give herself away. When the FMV ends, grab the Handgun Rounds on 
the table near the door and the Green Herb in the hallway to your right. Then, head 
inside the door to the left. Go to the music box and activate it. This will move 
the bed, revealing a Key. Pick it up and head back downstairs. Then, exit the 
mansion and return to the palace. If you ran past the grabbing mutants the first 
time, now three will be waiting for you. Unless you have adequate firepower, dodge 
them and escape. Back in the mansion; exit the Save Room (first saving, if you 
wish) and move across the upstairs hallway, killing zombies where appropriate. Use 
your newly-acquired Key on the opposite door. This takes you to a casino room with 
plenty of goodies. Take the two Green Herbs from the bar, the Handgun Rounds behind 
the host stand, and the Explosive Arrows at the end of the green table. Go back to 
the Save Room and stash items, making sure you grab the Hemostatic Medicine.
Return downstairs. Head through the brown door near the back of the lobby. Then, use
your key on the door directly across the hallway. Equip your Bow Gun with Explosive
Arrows and enter the room. Kill the two Bandersnatch (two shots each) and explore 
the room, finding the HUNK Report in the U-shaped desk, the Handgun Rounds on a 
chair, and the Eagle Plate from the carpet in the middle of the room. Leave the room
and the mansion and head toward the prison where the game began.
CUT SCENE: As you enter the prison (providing you have the lighter), Rodrigo gives
you a Lock-pick in exchange for your Lighter and the Medicine. Return to the 
guillotine, killing zombies as necessary. Use the Blue Shield on the door and 
prepare for a two-zombie-ambush. When they have been eliminated, proceed through 
the next door. Target the oil drum, explosively destroying the zombies. Then, turn 
to the left and claim the Green Herb near the barrels. Go back out to the main path 
and head forward, entering the door. Claim the Handgun ammo near the barrel, then 
climb over the stack of crates. There is an Item Box behind it. Use it if you need 
to, then move the crate away from the door so you can enter. This is the back door 
to the research facility you entered earlier. Go claim your checked items and 
return them to the Item Box outside. Return to the other side of the building and 
claim the items from the other metal detector, and place them in the Item Box. Do 
NOT forget the fire extinguisher, no matter what you do. Then track back to where 
you exploded the zombies with the barrel. Enter the wooden door. You're in the 
infirmary. Take the Handgun Bullets on the table near the door. In the glass 
cabinet, score another First Aid Spray. Head into the small office and take the Red 
File from the desk. Follow the partitions around until you reach the body bag, then 
exit the door and
watch the bag twitch. In the next room, dispose of the two zombies, then grab the 
Red Herb in the corner of the room. Take out the other two zombies, and explore 
further. Grab the Handgun Rounds near the bloody torture bed. Then, grab the White 
Case on the mantle. Examine it to reveal Handgun Parts. Immediately combine these 
with the Handgun for a faster-firing gun that now holds 20 rounds at a time. In 
addition, your new weapon can now be set to auto in the Inventory Item menu. When 
you return to the infirmary, you will hear a truly disgusting sound. Moving into 
the room, you'll discover a doctor feasting on his patient. Use your brand new 
Handgun to neutralize the zombie threat. When the doctor falls, grab the Glass 
Eyeball that falls from his pocket. Take the Eye back to the office and place it in 
the medical model. This will open a secret passage in the room. Go down the stairs. 
In the ensuing corridor, run past the bats and claim the Green Herb in the corner. 
Then, continue down the hall and into the wooden door.

Welcome to yet another torture chamber! Boy, Umbrella sure knows how to treat their
guests. Eliminate the three zombies. Grab the Arrows on the brown bench and the
Handgun ammo on the small, circular table, then go through the door next to the
portrait and down the stairs. The following room has four statues in it. Take the 
sword from the statue near the wall. This will trigger a sequence where the room 
fills with poison gas. Rotate the center statue (using the extended lever) to stop 
the flow of gas and turn the sword statue to reveal an iron maiden. When the gas 
stops, place the sword into the iron maiden. This will trigger a zombie attack. 
Kill the undead, then take the player piano scroll from the opened maiden. Now that 
you have the Lockpick, return to the weird picture room in the Military Facility 
and use it on the candelabra cabinet to yield a First Aid Spray. Return to the 
palace, eliminating undead on the way.
Go back to the casino room, and place the Scroll in the piano. This will trigger the
nearest slot machine to open, revealing a Blue Ant. Take it and return to the Save
Room. Grab the other Ant from the Item Box. Now is a good time to open the white 
case with your Lockpick. It will give you explosive Bow Gun Powder. Now head 
through the Luger
doors and up to the mansion. There are about four zombies on the bridge over, so 
make sure you're loaded for bear. Another pair of long-arms will be waiting for you 
as you reach the top of the stairs. Bypass them and cruise into the mansion. Break 
up the zombie soiree happening in the foyer, then proceed upstairs, wasting two 
more deadies on the way. Two more zombies will be waiting in the hall. Dispatch 
them and enter Alexia's room (off the right hallway). Place the Queen Ant Object on 
the top of the Music Box. Take the Music Disk and go to the other hallway and enter 
Alfred's room. On his music box, place the Blue Ant. This will open it. Now, put 
the Music Disk inside. The music box will play a tune, revealing a ladder above the 
bed. Hop aboard and climb up. You are now on a carousel in a very suspicious-
looking room. I think we can surmise at this point that little Alfred and Alexia 
didn't have an ordinary childhood. Get off of the carousel and claim the Green Herb 
near a stack of books along the wall. Then take the Dragonfly on the chair near a 
leaning cello. Examining the Dragonfly will reveal that it is, in fact, a Key. 
Place it in the mouth of the ant on the mural. Hop aboard the carousel again, this 
time taking the central ladder up. This takes you to a Save Room. Snag the Handgun 
Bullets near the desk and the Ink Ribbon near the open book. Then grab the 
Newspaper Clippings from the broken steps. Push the crate all the way to the glass 
display, then climb atop it to grab the Confession Letter and the Blue Proof. 
Return to Alfred's bedroom. Cutscene: As you attempt to leave the room, Alexia 
confronts you with a rifle. Steve bursts in and saves you, taking one for the team, 
but injuring Alexia in the process. As Alexia is shot, she falls through a secret 
passage. When the CUT SCENE concludes, you find yourself on the other side of the 
wall. Take a look at the blonde wig on the music box to trigger another CUT SCENE.
CUT SCENE: Alfred is hiding on the top of the bed as you touch the wig. He leaps 
and confronts you and Steve. We learn that he has been posing as Alexia the whole
time-he thinks he's two people. As he exits the room, a self-destruct warning comes
over the speaker. Head back to the mansion, saving in the Save Room if you wish. 
Make sure you have the two Proofs and go to the submarine. CUT SCENE: As you go 
down the stairs of the mansion, Steve runs up, noting that planes are flying 
overhead. You both decide that it would be a good time to leave. As you go to the 
sub, you run into Steve again. He says "We gotta get to that airport." Follow Steve 
down the steps to the underwater lab. Run by the two zombies in the office and 
through the next door. Steve will be waiting near the lift. Place both Proofs into 
their places on the console. Then, operate the switch to board the plane. CUT 
SCENE: As you mount the stairs, another FMV occurs. Steve cannot launch the plane 
until the bridge is lowered. Claire says she will take care of it while Steve 
attempts to get the plane going. Note that the plane cockpit is also a Save Room. 
Grab the Ink Ribbon near the typewriter to save your game, if you wish. Then, grab 
the Lever on the floor. Return to the underwater office, go around the desk, then 
out the corrugated metal door. Go across the walkway, through the door, up the 
elevator and to the crane room. Head to the door at the other end of the walkway 
and enter. Use the Lever on the control panel. Run across the lifted bridge and 
inside. As you enter, take a right and head to the furthest locker. Open it for a 
First Aid Spray. Then, grab the Key from the middle corpse. Exit the room and go 
back across the bridge, entering the other door.
Use the key on the door labeled “Airport door” & enter. In here grab what ya need, 
and save if necessary.(Tyrant fight ahead) Grab 2 green herbs, handgun ammo & 
grenade rounds.
Now, push both crates into the elevator. Start by pushing the right crate all the
way left, then in. Then, push the left crate all the way right and in. When you do 
this, and attempt to enter the lift, a five minute countdown begins. (Wow that is 
very familiar isn’t it???)CUT SCENE: As you ride the elevator up, another CUT SCENE 
happens. Alfred will not let you leave the island-and he's whipped up quite a 
beastie to keep you there. When the scene concludes, you're back in the Gulp Worm's 

THE NEW TYRANT (more improved of course)
Head toward the mansion, avoiding the worm. As you go over the bridge, you will
encounter the tyrant. Keep your distance and blast him with Grenade Rounds, aiming
up to maximize the effect. Make sure he does not knock you into the fire or over the
bridge. If he does, you will die. After a barrage of Grenades, he'll fall flat,
defeated. Go back toward the airplane, taking the sub, down through the underwater 
office and on to the plane. CUT SCENE: Steve fires up the plane and the two take 
off, and Steve apologizes to Claire for his behavior on the island. We see Alfred 
take off in a secret jet, plotting his revenge. It seems like everyone's out of 
danger. Of course, there's
that other disc, and you know that's not honeymoon footage… So, there's one last 
encounter before the disc ends.
Make sure you save, then head through the door to the fuselage of the plane.
Somehow, the tyrant has gotten onto the aircraft and it's Claire's responsibility to
stop him. Note the control panel right next to the door. Pushing the button will
send a crate shooting across the floor of the plane. Push it once immediately to sap
the mutant's strength. Then, move into the body of the plane and prepare to take on
the creature. Explosive Arrow and Grenade attacks work best, but the auto Handgun 
is a good back-up. The tyrant has mutated a bit-not he has an enormous claw instead 
of a hand. He will attack in two ways: slashing attacks with his talon and charging 
attacks with his other hand or shoulder. The slashing attacks are much more 
damaging, but easier to telegraph. When the beast rears back, run by him on the 
claw side. Then, assume a safe distance and fill him full of Grenades. When the 
creature is leaking blood badly (leaving a trail on the floor), go to the control 
panel and press the button. If you have depleted the mutant's strength enough, he 
will get bowled out of the plane by the crate you propel at him. If he stops the 
crate, you'll have to beat on him some more. You won't be able to push the button 
again until the beeper sounds. Avoid him until then, striking if you can, then run 
back and send another crate at him. CUT SCENE: You report your victory to Steve and 
the two of you rejoice…for a moment. Someone has taken control of the plane. Guess 
who? Alfred comes over the television and says that he will not let
them get away. Claire and Steve fall asleep together. There is a bit of sexual
tension as Steve awakens and looks like he's going to kiss Claire. Then, we learn
that the plane is headed to Antarctica. It crash-lands and the two are unconscious.


CUT SCENE: Claire and Steve awake from the crash. The nose of their plane is stuck 
the side of a building. They exit and there is another awkward exchange. When Claire
does not respond to Steve's perceived "moment," he leaves, saying they should split
up to look around. This guy definitely has some issues. Follow the walkway to the 
right and go down the ladder, then enter the next door. Follow the next walkway to 
the right until you reach the stairs. Enter the door next to the stairs. Head to 
the rear of the room and take the Handgun Bullets from the shelves, the First Aid 
Spray and Handgun Bullets from the open locker. As you snag the Explosive Arrows, a 
zombie will drop from the cot. When you take a step forward, the room will come 
alive and all the zombies in the room will attack. Stay back in the locker area and 
let them come to you. When they've been killed, take the ammo from the bunk and 
move to the desk, taking the Blue File there and the Handgun rounds on the shelves 
behind, and a map of the terminal on the wall. In the area near the bloody, 
overturned bed, get another Ink Ribbon. Exit the bunkroom and head down the stairs 
next door. Go through the room and head into the Save Room. Here, take Alexander's 
Memo near the Item Box, the Ink Ribbon on the desk, the Arrows on the table and the 
Green Herb along the wall. Then, move to the rear of the room and push the bookcase 
back to reveal a secret room. As you open the locker here, a rat will leap out at 
you. When it is gone, grab the Butler's Letter from the locker. Leave the room and 
dodge the Moths. Do not let them land on you. If a moth perches on your back, it 
will plant a larva on you. The larva will be with you for a few moments. Then, it 
will attempt to burrow in your skin. This will cause Claire to grab it and destroy 
it, but not before taking some damage. If they aren't dropping larva, they're 
flying overhead, dropping mists of poison. If you walk through a poison shower, go 
to the Blue Herb to in the left branch of the room. It will be there each time you 
need it-and you'll need it a lot. Even if you kill the moths, they'll be back when 
you return to the area. Still, it isn't a bad
idea to take them down each time you go through the room. It seems like you're
burning ammo, but in the long run could be saving lots of time and life. Go through 
the double doors into the warehouse. Inside, you'll encounter three zombies. Either 
kill them or avoid them and go to the door labeled marked "Weapon" and enter. Kill 
the two zombies that greet you at the door, then take a left and grab the Key. Kill 
two more zombies as you follow the path around to a fallen zombie near a locker. 
Take the Detonator from his icy grip and place it in the slot on the locker. Then, 
on your way out of the room, grab the Assault Rifle from the green lockers.
Return to the warehouse and enter the door marked "B.O.W." Destroy the two spiders
here. Don't get too close-they won't hesitate to spray acid at you. Go to the far
end of the room, dodging the acid spray from the spider below the grate, and pick up
the B.O.W. sticker from the box. Then, collect the rest of what this room has to
offer: Arrows on the conveyor belt, two boxes (finally!) of Handgun Rounds on the
crate to the right of the conveyor, a Blue Herb in a side alcove and a Green Herb
next to that. Return to the warehouse and put the sticker on the B.O.W. box on the 
conveyor belt. Then, jog up the short flight of steps and use your new Key on the 
locked door at the top. Discard the key and enter. Take a hard right and climb two 
large steps and a flight of stairs, examining the valve at top. Don't worry, you'll 
be back. But
this is an important step in getting the ball rolling. Now go to the next door in 
the icy cave. Kill the two zombie pooches you encounter. There is one more as you 
walk on, so beware. Kill it, then scoot around the grating and locate the glowing 
blue button under a raised, metal platform. Return to the alcove where the last dog 
was hiding and hit that blue button. This will switch the lights in the complex on. 
With the lights on, scan this room for Green Herbs-five in all. Make sure you grab 
the two boxes of Handgun ammo here as well. Return to the warehouse. Head back to 
the B.O.W. box area and press the blue button to move the conveyor belt. Grab the 
lever near the B.O.W. box and pull it, sending the box down the conveyor. Go back 
into the B.O.W. room and claim the gas mask behind the glass case. Then return to 
the Save Room, dodging moths on your way. Return to the locker and press the button 
in the back. The locker will move away, revealing a secret area. CUT SCENE: As 
Claire enters the secret room, she drops to all fours and sees a tied-
up zombie in a chair. Go to the corner of the room and grab the flower pot. Examine 
it to reveal a Blue Key taped to the bottom. Leave the Save Room and exit the area, 
going through the moth room and up the stairs. Move along the walkway to the double 
doors near the ladder. Follow the walkway to the right door and use the key on the 
door. Discard it
and enter. Go through the room and into the next door. Take the Valve Wheel from the
grated floor. CUT SCENE: Steve is in there when you reenter the room. He has found 
an Australian Observation base located near the facility. They come up with a plan 
to use the earthmover to leave the base, but as Steve is operating the crane 
controls to operate the machine, he is struck with Claire's beauty again and ends 
up smashing the vehicle into the wall. This causes a gas leak, and Steve has a 
little fit, saying he screwed up again. Claire tells him not to worry. Return to 
the walkway just inside the double doors. This time, go left instead of right and 
enter the door. Ignore the zombie in the cage for now. Collect the Blue Herb, the 
Green Herb and two boxes of Handgun Bullets and an Ink Ribbon. Place the Valve 
Wheel on the machine in the corner near the desk to modify it.
Go back to the warehouse and kill the zombies there. Then, go back up the stairs and
put the Valve Wheel in its rightful place, shutting off the gas flow.
CUT SCENE: Alfred is there to greet you as the gas shuts off. He holds Claire at 
bay with a sniper rifle, but Steve (ever the intangible) shows up and shoots him, 
sending him careening over a railing and eventually into the mist below. Cut to: 
the creepy zombie we saw earlier. He breaks from his restraints and is on the 
loose. Can you guess what's coming up real soon? Go back to the Save Room and load 
up on gear: health and ammo especially. TAKE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED. Leave the rest of 
the stuff in the Item Box for Chris. Then return to Steve, go down the two large 
steps and claim the Sniper Rifle. CUT SCENE: After Claire picks up the Sniper 
Rifle, she and Steve attempt to get out of the joint in the earthmover. They get 
outside and devise an escape plan, climbing a ladder, hopefully to safety. You find 
yourself on top of a heli-pad. As you move to the stairs to go down to safety, the 
Nosferatu comes up the stairs, knocking Steve over the edge. Steve is hanging by 
one arm, but Claire decides to fight the
beast first, then come back for him.
The hyper-mutant will grow a single long tentacle, which he'll use to whip at you
through the mist. Immediately after the CUT SCENE concludes, put some distance
between yourself and the creature. Head to one of the corners--the objects there
will bolster you and stop you from falling if you get hit by a stray tentacle. Then,
hold the right trigger to activate the Sniper Rifle. The beast does not move
quickly, so you can pump all seven sniper bullets into his heart before he reaches
you. You'll know you scored a good hit when he drops a bunch of blood and slumps
forward a bit. You'll have to avoid the purple poison puffs he sends your way, so 
keep moving around the perimeter, keeping some space between you at all times. When 
the Sniper Rifle's been spent, dance around the beast, peppering it with rounds 
from the Upgraded Handgun. Avoid the edges and his tentacles and fire until he 
drops. When he falls, it's over. CUT SCENE: Claire rescues Steve from his precipice 
and the two get into a half-track, presumably on the way to the Australian research 
facility. Inside the complex,
Alfred Ashford has been mortally wounded and crawls into a lab. With his dying 
breath he mumbles "Alexia," and his sister, naked and in a state of suspended 
animation, comes to life. She cradles Alfred in her arms as he dies. Meanwhile, a 
tentacle goes shooting across the snowy plain, overtaking and eventually upending 
Claire and Steve's half-track. The two lay in the snow helpless and all fades to 
CHRIS REDFIELD: A NEW LEGEND BEGINS…(remember its still the beginning don’t get too 
CUT SCENE: Chris has wrecked his boat and is climbing to safety when we join him. He
is determined to help Claire. Again, we run into the man from the prison. He gives
Chris information about Claire's whereabouts. In the middle of a tender moment, the
Gulp Worm shows up again and consumes Chris' new buddy. When the scene concludes, 
it is probably wise to save your game. Grab the Green Herb near the hole in the 
wall. Then, follow the path to a Save Room, picking up an Ink Ribbon and 30 Arrows. 
Ditch the Knife and Ink Ribbon in the Item Box. Then exit the side door into 
another Gulp Worm stomping ground.
It's time to take it down. Explosive Arrows work well for the task. Stay in the
first room, or the bend of the cave just after. This will allow you the best angles
for fighting. Surprisingly, close quarters are a little easier to negotiate. It also
helps to be near the beast when you plug it. Follow the worm's trail, then dodge it
as it surfaces and plug it. It should only take four to six Arrows to do it in.
CUT SCENE: As the beast dies, it coughs up Rodrigo. As he fades away in Chris' arms,
Rodrigo gives him the Lighter that Claire had brought him (with the Medicine). Then,
Rodrigo dies. Go back through the Save Room and find the statue around the corner. 
Use your new Lighter on the statue to yield a pair of Sub Machine Guns. Take them 
and head back to the area where Rodrigo was killed. Grab the Green and Blue Herbs, 
then head through the cave until you reach an elevator, dodging the worm. Push the 
button to bring the lift down to your level. Then, collect the Arrows and Handgun 
ammo and wait for the elevator to arrive. When it does, it will automatically take 
you to the surface. You're in the garage. Kill the three zombies, then go through 
the wooden double doors. In the next area, push the red button on the rear of the 
tank to move it, exposing an elevator. Make sure you take the Handgun ammo, then 
take the elevator down. Follow the hallway around, grabbing the Green and Blue 
Herbs and Shotgun Shells (if you can hold it all). If not, go into the orange door. 
It's a Save Room. Take the Ink Ribbon from the desk, the Green Herb, the Acid 
Rounds from the open cabinet, the Handgun and Shotgun ammo from the desk. Note the 
Blue Herbs growing here. Return to you them as many times as you wish when you need 
to be de-poisoned. Still in the Save Room, go to the chest of drawers near the Blue 
Herbs. Access the drawers in the following order: Red, Green, then Blue. This will 
unlock the gold drawer. Remove the Gold Luger from the drawer and place it in your 
Item Box. You've just unlocked Steve in the Battle Game. From the Save Room, take a 
left and head down the hall, collecting the Battery. When you touch it, two 
poisonous Spiders will attack. If you are poisoned by the Spiders, return to the 
Save Room and use the Blue Herbs. Then, return up the elevator and go through the 
double wooden doors. Place the
Battery in the compressed yellow elevator. Climb aboard and push the button to raise
the platform. Head left and take the Chemical Storage Key and Alloy Report. Go
through the wooden door to trigger a CUT SCENE.
CUT SCENE: Chris runs into a control room and sees Alexia singing on a monitor. The
scene switches and we see another person watching Alexia…someone who is also
watching Chris. You may recognize him-his name rhymes with Fesker. He unleashes yet
another foul creature to stop Mr. Redfield. Exit through the brown door. You'll see 
a Blue Shield break through some rotten brick and land in the water below. Move to 
the other end of the walkway and go through the door. Kill the zombies and grab the 
Pouch from the crate. It will expand your Inventory to 10 items. Then take the 
Arrows from the floor. Go back to the elevator and take it to B1F. Go down the 
stairs near the gargoyle and collect Handgun ammo and an Ink Ribbon. Remove the 
Shotgun from the mount on the
wall and the metal steps raise. Take it for now. You'll be back. Go under the 
raised stairs and into the shallow water, taking out the wading zombie. Move 
through the water to the other walkway, grabbing the Red Herbs on your way. Then, 
mount the ladder. Recognize this hallway? Go to the Save Room and do what you must. 
Return down the ladder and enter the door, finding yourself in a blue-lit lab. Grab 
the Green Herb in the corner and head upstairs. Activate the control panel to lower 
an upstairs pod into the floor. Grab the Assault Rifle clip that you find atop the 
collapsed pod. Head through the doors next to the control panel. Ignore the 
blinking object on the floor and instead head through the entrance to your left. 
Through another couple of doors is a wrecked lab room. Take the Handgun rounds, 
Shotgun Shells and . Then, unlock the refrigerator with the Key and discard. 
Remember the number on the podium in the weird picture room? Set the temperature 
inside the fridge to that number. This will turn the Insert Capital Sigma blue. 
Return to the previous room and collect the Doorknob. This will cause one of 
Wesker's floating security cameras to spy you, triggering a two-hunter attack. A 
couple shotgun blasts to the breadbasket will cool their heels. Go back to the 
movable stairs (through the lab) and put the Shotgun back. Go up the steps and take 
the elevator to 2F.
Kill the zombies, then head through the brown door in the lab and across the
walkway. Be careful. There's a security camera in the next area. If it spies you,
you'll have another Hunter to contend with. Go through the single wooden door in the
alcove. Then, head down the tiled hall and use the Doorknob on the passage to your
left. Head to the left to claim some Handgun Rounds, and to the right to grab a
Model Tank from the table there. Avoid the floating camera on the way back to the 
elevator. Take it to 1F. Move forward in the hallway, scooting past the security 
cam and into the door. You're back in the creepy picture room! Place the Model Tank 
in the miniature complex model. This will cause a painting to move back, exposing a 
Passage Note and a Key. Take them both. When you exit, the floating camera will be 
gone. Take the elevator back to B1F and go down the stairs, grabbing the Shotgun on 
your way to the lab. Head to the second floor of the lab.
CUT SCENE: Wesker reveals himself to Chris. He tells Chris he came to the island to
find Alexia, then relates the whereabouts of Claire. Just as he's about to kill
Chris, he notices Alexia on the monitor, and throws Chris across the room,
shattering a glass tube and releasing a grabbing mutant. Take the creature down 
with five sprays from the Shotgun, then head back into the area where you first met 
the hunters. Use the Key on the panel with the blinking red light, then discard it. 
Ride the elevator up, then climb over the crate and through the gash in the wall. 
Push it all the way back into the elevator and then into the metal crates. Collect 
the Bow Gun Powder. Now head out the gash in the wall. You're in the now-destroyed 
lobby of the research facility. Go to the brown door and through. Dispose of the 
zombies inside, then collect the Shotgun Shells from the first room and some Acid 
Rounds from the locker in the adjoining room.
Proceed through the gaping hole in the wall and on to the wooden door. Exit and move
left. Smoke the crawling zombie in your path, then go through the gap in the fence
and down the ladder. Toggle the switch next to the ladder to, firing up the large 
fan that removes poison gas from the compound. Destroy the three zombies below 
before you drop into the room. Head up the stairs near the large elbow pipe and 
enter the door. Take out the hunter inside and grab the Grenades from the shelves. 
Go in the door nearest the shelves. Move through the room and around the corner to 
the right. From the right shelves, get some more Handgun ammo. Take the Clement 
from the left shelves. Combine it with the other solution to produce a purple 
elixir. Open the drawer on your desk, and your Handgun will be immediately 
upgraded. Exit through the front doors of training facility, bracing for a hunter 
attack. Kill the two hunters in the courtyard with the shotgun, then collect the 
Shotgun Shells. Enter the external cargo lift (the one Claire rode up at the end of 
Disc 1) and ride it down. You're in a Save Room. Stock up on ammo and heal if need 
be. This is probably a good time to save, if that's your thing. Go through the 
corrugated metal door around the corner and waste the Hunter there. Go up the 
elevator in the corner, head around the walkway and exit. Move across the bridge 
and enter the next door. When you enter, access the oil gauge machine to the left. 
In this order: press the 3 Button four times, the 10 Button once, the 3 Button 
again and the 5 Button once. This will restore power. When you attempt to leave, 
three zombies will rise to attack. You can get some Shells if you stay, but if you 
are all right on ammo, just head out the door and across the bridge. Access the 
bridge controls to lower it. Go back inside, down the elevator and out the door on 
the right side of the room. Head across the bridge, killing the hunter en route. 
You're back in the underwater office. Waste the zombies here and exit through the 
door near the fish tank. Kill the Hunter here, then access the computer to turn the 
power off. Then, grab the three Proofs. When you get back to the courtyard in front 
of the facility, you will be attacked by two poisonous hunters. Waste them and 
enter the front doors of the facility. Go to the last door on the right and follow 
the rooms through to the courtyard. Go down the ladder, through the fan room and to 
the elevator. Take it to 1F. Exit the elevator and go right, into the creepy 
portrait room. Put the three Proofs into the compartment guarded by lasers. Depress 
the lever to move the miniature compound back and reveal a ladder. Pick up the two 
boxes of Shells and Green Herb in the exposed corner, then take the ladder down. 
There are two spiders waiting for you on the ceiling when you reach the bottom of 
the ladder. Waste them, then grab the Grenades and Green Herb in the hallway. Take 
another walkway across to a second ladder. Climb down the ladder and take the two 
Green Herbs and a Blue Herb in the corner. As you move down the hallway, a short 
cinema will occur revealing our long-lost friend, the Albinoid. It's guarding the 
pool that the Shield you need is in.

The Albinoid will stay in the pool, so you are in no danger if you do not enter the
pool with it. Instead, run around peppering it with shots until it dies. Getting in
the pool with it is simply inviting electrocution. As soon as it senses you're in
its area, it will send out a shock wave over the surface of the water. You can wait
until the creature is at the opposite end of the pool, dash in and grab the Shield,
but this is a touchy maneuver. It is better to hang out on the perimeter and slam it
with rounds from the safety of the ground. The creature will swim around the pool, 
coming right up to all four edges. When it circles near you, point your weapon down 
and plug away. The Sub Machine Guns work the best. Soon, the Albinoid will leak 
blood. Another couple of hits and it will croak. Then, splash into the pool and 
collect the Shield. Combine the Shield with the purple Chemical to make a Halberd. 
After the fight (or during, if you need it), grab the Handgun Rounds in the corner. 
Return to the surface and exit the portrait room. Pick your way back to the Save 
Room downstairs. You should encounter no impediments. Use the Halberd on the door 
near the Save Room to locate the VTOL jet. CUT SCENE: Chris discovers an airplane, 
and takes off, eventually landing in
Follow the raised walkway until you reach the double gray doors. Enter and shoot the
tentacles laying across your path. You'll notice Claire and Steve's crashed plane
overhead. Now, go down the stairs and into the Save Room. Look ma, no moths! Use 
the Halberd on the cabinet in the Save Room. Grab the Paper Weight, Ink Ribbon and 
Alfred's Diary. Save your game and grab the Extinguisher from the Item Box. Return 
to the bunkroom, snagging the Grenade Rounds. Go into the double doors near the 
ladder, and head to the right side of the screen (Chris' left) and into the door. 
It's the place Claire and Steve busted out of. Head to the new ice rink and find 
the Valve Handle. Take it and head back, avoiding the zombies who want to stop your 
fun. You may be attacked by a parasite. Just let it do its thing. Eventually it'll 
fall off. Return to the frozen walkway and follow it around to the opposite door. 
It's the zombie cage room that Claire encountered. Wax the three zombies here 
(Shotgun blasts to the head work nice), then grab the Case and Shotgun Shells 
behind the cage. Head back to the Save Room and dump some gear in the Item Box. 
Then, return to the frozen room. Go to the destroyed walkway and hop down (press X) 
Is that a gargantuan Spider under the ice? I think it is… Walk across the gap and 
up, heading into the first door on your right. Obviously, our old friend Wesker is 
about. A spotter gets you just as you cross the threshold. Take out the Hunter with 
your Shotgun and move through the double doors. Hit the blue button straight ahead 
to raise a container of extinguisher. Use the Extinguisher next to it to fill your 
fire-fighter. Find the elevator near the yellow barrels and take it down into the 
Weapon room.
Extinguish the fire blocking your path and move to the crate on the conveyor belt.
Finally…a Magnum! Save it. Do not use it on any enemies yet. Head through the chain
link doorway, wasting the zombie in your way and find the detonator Claire stuck on
the cabinet. Use the Lighter to blow the door open and grab three boxes of Handgun
Rounds. Ride the elevator up and exit the double doors. Avoid the spotters and 
cruise to the gray door to Chris' left. You're in an elevator. Head across the hall 
and through.
Then enter the door immediately next to where you entered. This is a Save Room. Use
it if you need to. Use the Valve Handle in the machine opposite the Item Box to 
crank the fuse on. Then go to the power switch near the door and flip it. Collect 
the Blue Herb, two Green Herbs and the Handgun Rounds on the desk. There's an Ink 
Ribbon and Shotgun Shells here, too. Exit the room and prepare for a zombie 
assault. Then snag the Blue Herb in the icy hallway and move on. Wax another gaggle 
of undead and take the two Green Herbs. Then, move into the door on the left. Once 
inside, grab the ammo on the cabinet. Now, move around the statue and push it 
toward the crack in the floor. The statue will drop through the weak floor and you 
can access the contents of the urn. Go down the red hallway, passing some biohazard 
suits until you reach the statue of a tiger. Grab the Blue Eye of the tiger to 
reveal an 8-sided Socket. That will come in handy later in congress with the Valve 
Handle. Replace the Blue eye and grab the red, revealing Magnum bullets. Return to 
the Save Room and stash some items (the Valve Handle and Socket for sure). Then go 
back to the red hall and enter the brown and gray sliding door. This leads
to an elevator that takes you down into a truly creepy chamber full of ants. Move 
forward to see the large column of ants. Then grab the Wing Object near your feet. 
Go down the left hallway, grabbing a Green Herb on your way in. Waste the zombies 
and head for the desk, picking up the Research Report. Snag the Herbs near the 
small tabletop lamp, then track into the other room, taking down the three zombies 
here. Flick on your Lighter to explore. Grab the two boxes of Handgun ammo on the 
table. Take a look in the tube. It looks like the queen ant is dead. Exit the room 
and go to the other side of the walkway, taking the Green Herb on your way in. Move 
into the room and take a right. Quickly read Alexia's Virus Research Report. Now, 
mount the stairs and go to the small podium to the right. Look at the Paper Weight 
to get the correct sequence of symbols. Rotate it clockwise and remember the order. 
Enter it into the computer. This will open a drawer. Put the Paper Weight inside. 
Cut-scene: the dead Alfred Ashford falls out of a tube, dead. Grab the Ring from 
his dead hand, then Examine it. Keep the Blue stone. Head back up the elevator to 
the Save Room. Exit the Save Room and take the door to the right. Through the door, 
turn right and head into the open area, preparing for a Sweeper attack. Nail it 
with the Shotgun and proceed. Grab the Herbs next to the double doors. Head around 
the pool and snag the Wing Object near the carousel. Splash into the pool and pick 
up the third Wing Object next to the vase. Return to the wooden double doors and go 
through. Boy, doesn't this look familiar! Go straight to the stairs and up. Grab 
the Combat Knife from the upstairs walkway, then go back downstairs and behind. As 
you check behind the stairs, you'll discover Claire, plastered to the wall with a 
bunch of yellow-green bio-spackle. Cut her free with the Combat Knife.
CUT SCENE: Claire and Chris are reunited! She tells him that Steve is still there,
and they pledge to find him before taking off. If she got poisoned in the fight with
the Nosferatu, she will slump to the ground, and Chris will race to find the Serum
to save her. Before anything, return to the Save Room and grab the Magnum and all 
of its ammo. Ditch the Shotgun in the Item Box. You'll soon be playing as Claire.
Go back to the elevator on the right side of the courtyard path. Avoid the spotters
on your way back to the single door to the west. Go to the elevator near the barrels
and down. Grab the Serum from the shelves, then rush back to Claire.
CUT SCENE: Back in the mansion, Chris heals Claire. Alexia is afoot in the mansion,
and she's got Steve. She cackles from the balcony. Suddenly, as Claire and Chris
mount the stairs, a giant tentacle rips through the walkway, and Chris falls to the
first floor. Steve screams from behind a door and Claire rushes on to save him.
When the FMV concludes, Claire is in safe territory. Likely, she's in pretty bad
shape. Heal her right away, then take what the room has to offer: Handgun Shells,
and Shotgun Shells. Then access the Item Box. Remember that case that Chris picked
up? Open it with the Lockpick and put the Magnum Bullets inside back into the Item
Box, for Chris later. Grab the Shotgun, two healing items and a powerful weapon (Bow
Gun with Explosive Arrows). Whatever you take will be unavailable to Chris, so 
choose wisely. Push the bookcase next to the Item Box toward the hallway. On the 
brackets on the wall, place the Shotgun. A picture will slide up at the end of the 
hall, revealing Flame and regular Grenade Rounds. When you have them, grab your 
Shotgun again. Then exit through the left door. As you head down the hall, a 
Tentacle bursts through the wall and cracks Claire upside the head. Make it retract 
with a few pops from the Handgun. Push the center cabinet to get a quiver of 
Arrows. Cautiously, turn the corner and another tentacle pops through. Peck at it 
until it leaves, then move the middle cabinet and grab the Grenade Rounds. Go 
through the door at the end of the hall. You're in a hallway of cells, with tons of 
zombies behind them. Only one is open. Take it down, then climb the short 
staircase. Go into the open cell and grab the Bow Gun Arrows. Then, take the 
Security File. Face the cannon and turn the wheel, bringing a Glass Cannonball out 
of the barrel. As you run past the cannon, a stone slab will crash down from above. 
The next part's tricky. Get the slab to fall again, then as it's raising, go into 
the center of its
touchdown point and access the Inventory. Choose the Ball, then back off. The slab
will come down and smash it. Now repeat the process to get the Inventory Card. Once
it's yours, the stone will cease slamming you. Take the Inventory Card and go down 
the stairs, into the door on the same wall as the open cell. Access the panel in 
the empty room, using your Card to open the gate. As you step through, the door 
behind you locks. Walk all the way down the passage. CUT SCENE: Steve is at the end 
of the path. Alexia has plans for him--she's going to do the same experiment on him 
she did on her father. He begins to transform and finally morphs into quite a 
beast. Chasing Claire with a halberd, Steve is a force to be reckoned with.

As soon as the CUT SCENE concludes, do a quick turn and run, trying to avoid his 
axe. You cant dodge getting hit by him. When you get hit, use a First Aid spray or 
Mixed Herb immediately. If he hits you twice in a row, you'll be dead. Don't get 
hit twice. When you near the door, the action will again become FMV. CUT SCENE: 
Claire dives under the gate as it slams down. The Steve Monster continues to clang 
against the gate, finally busting through. The monster shoots a long tentacle, 
wrapping Claire up. The monster finally crashes through the gate, and just as it 
seems that Claire is toast, the old Steve comes through and takes over the body, 
severing the tentacle. Steve transforms into his original form and dies in Claire's 
arms, Claire collapses in tears. CUT SCENE to the mansion: Wesker wants a sample of 
the T-Veronica Virus, and he wants Alexia to give it up. Unfortunately, the only 
sample left is inside her body. She's not going to be cooperative. To prove her 
point, Alexia transforms into a fiery mutant, scaring off Wesker. As she descends 
the stairs, she sees Chris and approaches him.

As soon as the CUT SCENE ends, load up that Magnum(if you have it). Do not let 
Alexia touch you. If you do, you will die. She is pretty easy to beat, especially 
with the right equipment. She'll need about five to seven hits from the Magnum to 
crumble. Avoid the red liquid she emits--it quickly turns into fire. When you are 
through with Alexia, take her Choker near the stairs and examine it, revealing a 
red Jewel. Head up the stairs and place the two Jewels into the portrait on the 
landing. Looks like you need one more. Go back downstairs and exit the mansion. As 
you try to leave, Alexia stirs. Looks like she isn't done yet. Return to the Save 
Room. Grab the Valve Handle and Socket, combining them to save room in your 
Inventory. Go down the elevator across the hall and head into the dual elevator 
room. Take the elevator in the east corner of the room. Use the Valve Handle on the 
water pipe, then take the ladder down. Grab the Crane Key below. As
you take the Key, a Sweeper busts through the glass. Remove it from the world. If 
you were poisoned by it, quickly return to the Save Room and heal the poison. Then 
return to the two-elevator room and go through the single door. Follow the catwalk 
around into the control booth. Use the crane key here. Look--it's our old friend 
Nosferatu. As he is lifted from the water, something falls from his body. You 
guessed it, the third jewel.
Like the Steve Monster, the object here is not so much to win as to survive.
You can kill the Spider, but it is wiser not to (saves ammo by not). Jump off of 
the broken walkway down onto the ice, avoiding the Spider's leg and puke attacks. 
Go around the hole in the ice and grab Alexander's Pierce. Then, head back to the 
door you came in and through. Examine the Pierce in the next hallway to get the 
final jewel. Then, return to the Save Room and save your game. Return to the 
mansion. Mount the stairs and place the last jewel in the portrait at the top. The 
portrait slides down to reveal a secret door. Move to the door to the left at the 
end of the hall on the left. There is a typewriter here. Grab the Shotgun Shells 
and First Aid Spray in the corner near the coat rack. Go to the desk, take the 
Sterile Room Key. Now return to the frozen Save Room downstairs. Grab the items you 
need, then flip the red switch to shut off the power. Return to the mansion and go 
to the double doors on the ground floor. Use the Sterile Room Key, and then discard 
it. Return to the red hall and locate the tiger statue. Take both of the tiger's 
eyes. Go back to the secret door at the top of the stairs. There's another zombie 
onslaught going on. Take them out and go to the green door to the south. It's an 
Ashford bedroom! Run to the statue next to the wall and press X to open another 
secret passage. This looks familiar. Stop the music box from playing by
shutting the lid. Complete the ant on top with the red Tiger's Eye. The box will 
open again. Grab the Plate and head to the other music box. Use the blue Tiger's 
Eye and this one will open. Place the Plate inside. This will cause the bed to 
descend. Mount the bed and climb the ladder. In this portrait room, there are two 
Green Herbs, a box of Handgun Shells and an Ink Ribbon. Take what you can carry, 
but leave room for the next item. Move to the large center table and take the 
Dragonfly object from the ant farm. To save space, combine this object with the 
Wing Objects. Looks like it's missing a wing! Vacate the bedrooms and return to the 
door behind the portrait. Instead of exiting, go through the door on the left. Grab 
the Code: Veronica report on the computer console. Take the Green Herbs near the 
railing, and then take the lift to the lower level. Take Handgun Rounds between the 
capsules, and then press the glowing blue button to raise the glass case. Take the 
last Wing Object and combine it with the Dragonfly Object. Go back up the elevator 
and head up the stairs. Through the next door, you'll find yourself in the hallway 
where Claire was attacked by the tentacles. Return to the Item Box if need be, 
stocking up on ammo and health. Be sure to have some heavy duty weapons--the 
Submachine Guns and Magnum for sure. Then, exit and go to the end of the hall, 
going through the door to the cells. CUT SCENE: Chris runs into the cellblock, and 
then discovers that Claire is trapped. Chris cannot break her from the cell. She is 
still broken up over the death of Steve and tells Chris that if he starts the self-
destruct sequence, the locks may be disabled. She slides a Security File under the 
door. Examine the file (tilting it toward you as you would open it) and a Security 
Card comes out. Move all the way down the hall and take the southwest stairs up. 
You should see the ant hill below you. Look at the middle glass door. There's the 
Linear Launcher. That will come in handy a bit later. Go to Chris' left and access 
the panel near the door. It's got an indentation of a dragonfly! Place your 
Dragonfly Object there to unlock this door. Blast the zombie here, and then mount 
the catwalk to your left. Grab the Green Herb here if you need it. Then access the 
self-destruct control panel. When the Release system tells you, type in "Veronica." 
CUT SCENE: You know the drill. The locks are released, the facility's about to 
blow. Everything glows red and there's a countdown. Exit the control room. CUT 
SCENE: Claire rejoins you and you are about to leave when Alexia bars your path. 
She comes sliding out of some tentacle slime chute and looks nasty. Chris tells 
Claire to turn a key and the two begin the process of charging the Linear Launcher. 
Then, Chris tells Claire to head for the VTOL. As she attempts to leave, Alexia 
throws a stripe of fire in her path. Shoot Alexia once. She will fall to her knees 
and transform yet again. CUT SCENE: Alexia morphs into her final form, a huge queen 
ant form, full of puss and bile. Mutants don't age well, apparently.
This is the big one. Alexia will try to get you in four separate ways. She will slap
at you with whipping tentacles that come from the base of her body. She will throw
fire and spit poison. Finally, she will send out troops of parasites. They will
either attack you outright or grow into tentacles that whip at you from the ground.
This fight is surprisingly easy, if you’re properly strapped. To seriously compete,
make sure you have a Magnum and another heavy weapon (Grenade Launcher, Bow Gun with
Powder, or the Sub Machine Guns). Three full healing items will also help. When the 
fight begins, empty all of your Magnum rounds into Alexia, making sure you keep 
moving to avoid the stuff Alexia throws at you. If you have more than 15, you will 
already have done major damage. When this is spent, move in with your second weapon 
and pump rounds into her. The best positions to be in this battle are between the 
ovipositor-like chutes that
dispense tentacles and parasites. You won't be entirely safe there, you'll still
have to be careful, but it's better than being right in front of a slashing
tentacle. The parasites can be annoying, but don't focus on them. Ultimately, they 
won’t do enough damage to warrant attention. Focus on Alexia and heal when needed 
and you'll
have no trouble winning this fight. When you have filled her full of every kind of 
ammo imaginable, she'll be attacked by the pillar of ants below. Stripped, she'll 
leave her clunky bottom and begin to fly. Fortunately for you, this is the time 
when the Linear Launcher becomes available. Run to the wall and grab it, equipping 
it immediately. Then, press R to aim and L to zoom (like the Sniper Rifle). One 
shot anywhere on her body will cause her to explode in a mist of blood. Strangely 
enough, the easiest way to win this fight is also the quickest. Grab the weapon, 
equip it, then immediately aim, zoom and shoot. You should get her in less than 
five seconds this way. The Launcher has unlimited
ammo, so keep blasting until she falls. Remember to heal if she sprays you with 
fire. Relax and watch the final CUT SCENE. It's payback time! Congratulations, 
beaten the best Resident Evil game yet.

Unlock the Battle Game by completing Code Veronica once.
Unlock Albert Wesker when you complete the Battle Game with Chris Redfield.
Get an A ranking with the two Claire’s, Steve, Chris and Wesker in the Battle Game 
Unlock the Linear Launcher. Once you gain it, it will automatically appear in your
Inventory when you begin the Battle Game again. It’s all about the timing.
Go to the slot machine in the palace each time through the Battle Game (with the
same character). Usually, on the third try, a special journal will be there. It
belongs to someone named D.I.J. Who could that be?
Complete the main game of Code Veronica with an "A" Ranking to earn the Rocket
Launcher. To do this, you must not use First Aid Spray, not save your game, not
Retry, save Steve from the Luger room quickly, give the Medicine to your jailer
Rodrigo… and finish in less than four hours, thirty minutes. Then, when you begin
another game, the Launcher will be available from the first Item Box you run across.
Unlock Steve in Battle Game by solving a puzzle in the main game. In the underground
Save Room in Chris' walkthrough, complete the drawer puzzle in the corner. Grab the
Gold Luger to unlock Mr. Burnside.

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