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By: Parker Sperry (JOJOFACE) E-mail: [email protected] 
AIM: Kakiriko7 
Other FAQ’s: ‘Warlocked GBC’

----------VERSION HISTORY----------

1.2	Sorry, nothing new except for new E-mail address. I have school! 
	Can't blame me!

1.1	Wow! I'm already getting recognition for this FAQ! It is now 
	going to be posted on! I'm sure many of you know 
	that website! Also, he gave permission to put all the codes he 
	has on his website, to be on my FAQ! That's Awesome! 

1.0	I’m the only BattleTanx: Global Assault FAQ writer(On GameFaqs)! Anyways, I 
own the game and uh, have beaten it so, um, trust me. When playing the game, it is 
best with 2 player campaign, yeah. 


1. Version History
2. Controls
3. Tanx
4. Cost of Tanx
5. Gangs
6. Modes of Play
7. Multi-Player Maps
8. Power-ups
9. Campaign Walkthrough
10. Scoring
11. Tips/Codes
12. FAQ
13. Legal Crap
14. Thanks
15. Contact me


Fire 1: Z
Fire 2: A
Weapon: B
Chg. View: L
Chg. Tank: C-up
Off Rail: C-Down
Rail right: C-Right
Rail Left: C-Left
Strafe: R

-Learn you Tanx, beat your enemy’s, win the game. 
-Stats out of Four Stars****.

M1A1: 	The heavy tank of the US Army during the Apocalypse, the M1A1 Abrams is a 
fearsome machine. Although it is difficult for smaller tribes to keep these 
maintained, larger tribes have little to lose by fielding them.

Goliath: 	The super-heavy Goliath has the best armor and weapon. Mounted on a 
small rail platform, it can leave its railway bed at any time. Designed for base 
protection, its firepower is incredible. On rails, the Goliath Tank has a 
significantly increased rate of fire, due to its extra stability. Its 210mm gun can 
knock the fight right out of an M1A1.

Inferno: 	This flame thrower tank is deadly at close range. Watch out, or your 
goose is cooked! Pressing rail right/rail left will cause the Inferno to spew flames 
to the left and right of its directional path.

HoverTank:	This unusual European light tank uses anti-grav technology. As a 
result, it is a challenge to maneuver. But in the hands of an expert, it is fast and 
agile. Pushing rail right/rail left, you can effectively strafe with this tank.

Hornet: 	Popular with the American Gangs, this low-tech variant mounts twin 
missile launchers on a standard tank body. Get it before it gets you! By pushing 
rail left/rail right, you can fire “hook shot” missiles.

Marksman: 	This medium tank mounts a laser weapon as its main gun, and is great 
for long range sniping.

Rhino: 	This heavy tank-destroyer was cobbled together from a medium chassis and a 
trainload of armor. The designers mounted 6 inches of Chobham composite armor on the 
front of the vehicle, but didn’t have any left over for the sides and the rear! So 
it is almost invulnerable from the front, but easy to damage on the flanks. Pushing 
rail right/rail left allows veiws to the sides of the Rhino as you drive.

-Armor:****(In Front)*(In flanks)
M-2 Hydra: 	The Hydra is a light French tank with 2 rapid firing guns. It’s good 
for leveling buildings and hitting fast moving targets.

Mototank: 	Born of a motorcycle fork and customized tread work from a military 
half-track, the MotoTank trades armor for Speed. Watch out for them near your queen 
lords, as they are the abduction vehicle of choice among the inner Gangs. Pressing 
rail right/rail left makes the Mototank execute a tight turn.

Rattler: 	The Rattler is one deadly snake. It mounts a vicious 30mm Gattling 
Gun. Almost as agile as the MotoTank, it can also execute tight turns using then 
rail right/rail left buttons.

FLP-E Tank: 	Pronounced “Flippy”, the name stands for “Full Lateral Propulsion  - 
Experimental”. By pushing rail right/rail left, you can effectively strafe with this 


----------COST OF TANX----------
These are the costs of Tanx in Campaign mode. You do not need to pay Tank Bucks in 
Multi-Player. In 2 Player Campaign mode, you both share a pot of Tank bucks.

Goliath: 25
Rattler: 10
MotoTank: 5
Rhino: 25
FLP-E: 10
Hovertank: 15
Inferno: 5


-Griffin’s Army
Weapons: Gun-Buddy’s
Tanks:M1, M1, Inferno, Hover and Goliath

-Madison’s Militia
Weapons: Guided Missiles and Health
Tanks: FLP-E, FLP-E, Moto, Rattler and Rhino

-Skull Riderz
Weapons: Grenades and Mines
Tanks: Moto, Moto, Inferno, Rattler and Hornets

-Dark Angels
Weapons: Cloaking
Tanks: Rhino, Rhino, Inferno, M1 and Goliath

-Shadow Ops
Weapons: Teleport
Tanks: Hover, Hover, Marksman, FLP-E and Rhino

-Crimson Guard
Weapons: Plasma Bolts
Tanks: Inferno, Inferno, Moto, Hover and Goliath

-Iron Maidens
Weapons: Sheild
Tanks: Goliath, Goliath, M1, FLP-E and Rhino

-Les Miserables
Weapons: Swarmer Missiles
Tanks: Hydra, Hydra, Moto, Inferno and Rattler

-Storm Ravens
Weapons: Laser and Turbo
Tanks: Rattler, Rattler, Moto, FLP-E and Hover

-Cold Warriors
Weapons: Nukes? (Sometimes start with a Nuclear Warhead)
Tanks: Hornet, Hornet, Marksman, Rhino and Goliath

----------MODES OF PLAY----------

---Single Player Campaign---
Story line mode, 18 levels, Co-op Option.

-Deathmatch: First player to have 10 Kills
-Battlelord: First player to capture all Queenlords from the opponents base wins.
-Tank Wars: Team of Tanks battle each other for 3 minutes. The team with the highest 
score at the end of this times wins.
-Frenzy: To win, you must resque the queenlords that appear radomly on each level. 
Get 10 to win.
-Convoy: Each team of tanks is assigned to either Protect, or Destroy the convoy of 
about 8 transports.
-Hole ‘Em: To win, you must take the Queenlord from the center of the map, return 
her to your base, and gurad her for 30 seconds. Very fast paced.
-Family: An alternate style of deathmatch, where you have unlimited main cannon 
ammo, and power-ups are automatically armed in sequence when you pick them up. Power-
up weapons are automatically used in preference to your main cannon. Single button 
control is utilized; all weappons are fired from the Z button. Very confusing to 

----------MULTI-PLAYER MAPS----------

Multiplayer is the best part of the game. My favorite mode is BattleLord by far. 
Here are a list of Multi-player Maps, starting in west U.S.

-San Francisco - SFO
	Difficulty: Easy

-San Francisco - Assault
	Difficulty: Normal

-San Francisco - Alcatraz

-San Francisco - Panhandle
	Difficulty: Normal

-Arizona - Truck Stop
	Difficulty: Easy

-Texas - Slave Fortress
	Difficulty: Normal

-Route 66 - Drive in
	Difficulty: Hard

-Washington DC - White House
	Difficulty: Easy

-Washington DC - Mall
	Difficulty: Easy

-London - Tower
	Difficulty: Hard

-London - Parliament 
	Difficulty: Normal

-Paris - Bistro
	Difficulty: Normal

-Paris - Eiffel Tower
	Difficulty: Normal

-Paris - Champs Elysees
	Difficulty: Normal

-Pairs - Lakepark
	Difficulty: Easy

-Paris - Crossfire
	Difficulty: Hard

-Germany - Brandenburg Gate
	Difficulty: Easy

-Germany - Berling Warzone
	Difficulty: Normal

-Germany - Escape from Berlin (FAV!)
	Difficulty: Normal
		Strategies: If you are on the north side, get the nuke by going into 
where the tain is when it passes by. That side also has tons of Guided Missiles. If 
you are on the south side(The shorter side), there are tons of gun buddy’s. When you 
have 8 Gun Buddy’s Press A+B simultaneously, you will let out tons of Gun Buddy’s, 
including Pop-up, Giant, half-giant, and normal. 

-Germany - Railyard
	Difficulty: Hard

Hope that helps!!!

This is a list of the Power-ups you can get in the game.

Star- This is left behind when a tank is destroyed and gives a little ammo and 

Health- Duh.

Ammo- Ammo for your main cannon.

Radar- Tells where your objectives, enemy’s and allies are.
	Blue= Good
	White= Nuetral
	All other colors= Enemy

Swarmer missiles- Fires three moderate damage afflicting missiles.

Grenades- Good for clearing mine fields.

Guided Missiles- Everyone’s favorite, after firing hold down the A button to guide 
the missile from a camera angle behind the missile. You tank does nothing when 
missile is being guided.

Mines- Pretty self-explanatory.

Laser- a laser that does moderate damage.

Sheild- A shield goes around your tank and deflects things fired. Turns reed when 
wearing out.

Cloaking- Makes your tank invisible from enemy’s and radar, but you become visible 
for a second when you fire any weapon.

Nuke- Um... Duh.

Gun Buddy- A stationary turret that fires at enemies. 

The Edge- Found only in later levels of campaign mode, this one use power-up can 
take over some units or make others spin in circles for a short time. 

Teleporter- Teleportation power-up. A good use for this is... right after a nuke 
explodes, teleport. That way the nuke won’t harm you a bit, because you are 

Plasma Bolts- These bounce and bounce off buildings till theyt hit a tank.

Turbo- Similar to a nitro in many racing games, you can go fast.

Flame thrower- A powerful short range attack.

Bouncing betty- Similar to a mine, when anyone comes near it it jumps into the air 
and shoots out random laser shots.

----------CAMPAIGN WALKTHROUGH----------

This is a detailed walkthrough for the main Campaign mode, 2 player or single player.

|----|San Francisco Airport
-Destroy all Tanks

When you start get the radar. Turn around and get the swarmers. In one-player, 
beware of the trucks. When you blow one that has propane in back, there is a very 
powerful shockwave. In the dock area, there are some tank bucks. This one is very 
easy. You don’t even have to press a button to win.

Par Time: 3:00 

|----|San Francisco Break Out
-Get to the escape ship

This one is a little harder. Blow up a couple buildings and get the swarmers. 
Destroy the boats in the water in the beginning. There is a sub near the tunnel that 
will get you 3000 points. When in the tunnel, a good 2-Player Tactic is one player 
breaks to the left, while the other person goes straight. The one that went straight 
kills the inferno on the turn, while the one that turned, kills the second. With 
guided missiles you can destroy the boats from the cover of the buildings. The enemy 
tanks generate from the pier at the beginning, so watch out. Towards the end, there 
are some tank bucks surrounded by buildings. Get those and touch the escape ship to 

Par time: 3:00

|----|Truck Stop
-Destroy all Tanks and Bunkers

Bunkers are those buildings with green fronts. You should definintly be the Moto-
Tank on this one. One the first run through, go straight right away and turn right. 
Destroy the bunker. In the gated area next to it, there are some tank bunks. 
Continue, and watch out for enemy Gun buddy’s. If you get guided missiles, use them 
and destroy the bunkers, but keep an eye out for enemies. A little past the middle, 
there are some tanks inside a breakable wall, w/ some tank bucks. Watch out for the 
trains, and the two hornets at the end. Next to each hornet are some tank bucks.

Par Time: 7:00

|----|Texas Slave Fortress
-Rescue all Prisoners

This is the only tough one. There are so many gun buddy’s near the prisoners, that 
your first couple runs with the M1A1 will be just for blowing them up! So, as you 
heard... use the M1A1 and blow up tons of Gun Buddy’s. The more gun buddy’s the 
better. At the beginning each time you die get the radar, there should be one in 
front of you and one behind to the right. (Remember: Gun Buddy’s are not on the 
map!) Once you take out the turrets, the mission should just be a matter of where 
the prisoners are. Using guided missiles you can easily take out the gun buddy’s. 
You will find some at the top of the map, near some missiles. (Note: If you get 
yourself in the right position, the gun buddy’s shots will just go by you if you are 
a Moto-Tank.) Often times you will need to blow up buildings to reach the prisoners. 
There are eight Prisoners. (Note: Gun Buddy’s can see you when you are cloaked after 
you fire! Another tip, use the train as cover.) These enemy bunkers cannot be 
destoyed at this level. Many times, you will find tank bucks after you destroy the 

Par Time: 6:00

|----|Drive In
-Destroy two video projectors

From the beginning, chose a moto-tank. Take the first left and DON’T SHOOT ANYTHING! 
Avoid the mines, and take a left after the two buildings. Keep going straight until 
yo come across a breakable wall on the left. Blow it up, and go inside ignoring the 
pop-up gun buddy.  Go through the next breakable wall, and destroy the first 
building. Always be moving! Get the grenades, and throw an aimed one at the movie 
projector. If you’ve practiced, you can leave now. Exit the same way as you entered. 
When you exit take a left. Then take another left. Continue going and take the jump. 
There should be another jump. You should see a concrete tiny wall. Take that path. 
There should be a jump, on a tun going left. Take the turn slowly and keep going. 
There should be another breakable wall, next to the propane tank. Go through the 
wall, run in, throw a grenade at the movie projector and kepp moving. This should 
take about 0:53. With the par time of 9:00, you will get tons of points.

Par Time: 9:00



In Campaing mode, every 10,000 points, you get 10 tank bucks.

Mototank: 50
Goliath: 400
Rattler: 75
HoverTank: 150
Hornet: 150
Rhino: 250
Submarine: 2,000
M1A1: 100
FLP-E: 100
Inferno: 75
Marksman: 150
Hydra: 100
Boss Tank: 2,000
Attack Boat: 300
Getting Power-up(CAMPAIGN): 25
Turrets: Range from 25 to 100
Convoy Missions: 
-Defenders: Each transport alive at end 2,500
-Enemies: Each transport destroyed at end 1,000
Beating Par Time: 100/second under par time.


In Cheats Menu type: 


and then type anything that you want. When I type in sprmn(Superman), I get certain 
tanks, and a certain starting power-up. If your Custom Gang has nothing as its power-
up, that means that it starts with short-range radar.


*Send in your questions and I'll answer them, and put them onto the FAQ!*

----------LEGAL CRAP----------

	Parker Sperry has made everything on this Walkthrough. It has come from the 
Instruction Booklet though. If you see this FAQ on any other website than, or please tell me. Because of 
this Legal Crap and Copyrights, I will be able to beat them up! Gwahahahaha! Feel 
free to print this out though, but do not sell it! And, do not change or copy 
anything directly from this FAQ!


Thanks to 3DO for Making a Great Game, with a crappy storyline though...
Thanks to Cheat Code Central ( for letting me put the codes onto my 
FAQ, and on his Website!

----------CONTACT ME----------

AIM: Kakiriko7
E-mail: [email protected]
	  [email protected]




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