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I) Table of Contents
II) Updates
IV) Introduction
V) Walkthrough
   A) In the Beginning...
   B) Points
   C) Construction Site
      1) First Mission
      2) Second Mission
      3) Third Mission
      4) Fourth Mission
      5) Fifth Mission
      6) Boss Mission
   D) Shopping Mall
      1) First Mission
      2) Second Mission
      3) Third Mission
      4) Fourth Mission
      5) Fifth Mission
      6) Boss Mission
   E) Parking Lot
      1) First Mission
      2) Second Mission
      3) Third Mission
      4) Fourth Mission
      5) Fifth Mission
      6) Boss Mission
   F) Harbor
      1) First Mission
      2) Second Mission
      3) Third Mission
      4) Fourth Mission
      5) Fifth Mission
      6) Boss Mission
   G) XIX Hall
      1) Boss Mission
   H) Warehouse
      1) First Mission
      2) Second Mission
      3) Third Mission
      4) Fourth Mission
      5) Fifth Mission
      6) Boss Mission
VI) Credits & Contact Info
VII) Copyright & Disclaimer

V1.0 (September 19, 2003): Created and completed the Walkthrough. FAQs will be
added as soon as I get them.

The FAQs section is empty because...well...I haven't gotten any questions yet!
If you have a question, smack me one at the e-mail address posted WAAAAAAAAAY
down at the bottom of this Walkthrough in Section VI.

Welcome, one and all, to The Doc's Revenge Mode FAQ. Obviously, this FAQ deals
with the Revenge Mode in "WWE WrestleMania XIX" for the GCN.

Revenge Mode is the story mode of WMXIX. It is in Revenge Mode that you will
earn money for the ShopZone and unlock hidden playable characters.

When you start the game, select "Revenge" from the menu list. Once you do,
you'll be asked to either start a new game, continue a previously saved game,
or select a mission. The latter two, however, will not be available if this is
your first time through.

Before you can start Revenge Mode, you must select your character. It doesn't
make any difference as to what character you choose, so I really don't have any
recommendations. It's really just a matter of taste.

And now, the walkthrough. All times are based on the Easy difficulty (as I have
not played Revenge in any other difficulty and I don't know if there are

)A: In the Beginning...(
Two security guards are carrying your character (who is in first-person view),
whom they have presumably smacked stupid. They talk some trash about how Vince
McMahon has terminated your contract, then they politely kick your butt out the
door. As you come to, you notice a pair of (rather nice-looking) legs. You
notice that it is Stephanie McMahon, and she tells you to follow her to your

Cut to her office. The Evil Genius That Could hands you a proposition: ruin
WrestleMania XIX and force Vince out of business, and she will give you a
contract upon her takeover. Sounds easy enough. All you have to do is complete
a few choice assignments, and WrestleMania will be a complete financial
disaster (for those of you actually watching WWE in real-life, you'll see some
irony in this storyline...).

With that, she dismisses you. You've got some work to do.

)B: Points(
Thus begins your journey. Revenge Mode consists of 25 Missions: 24 of them are
split up into four groups of six, while the final Mission is unlocked only
after completing the first 24.

Whenever you complete a Mission, you'll be rewarded with points (which can be
used in the ShopZone). Here's how the points stack up:

^Base Points^
These points are yours simply by clearing the Mission. The farther along you
are in an arena, the more money you get.

^Technique Bonus^
The Technique Bonus awards you points based on how your fighting style was. If
you can mix it up a little, you'll be more rewarded. If you use the same moves
over and over again, you won't get squat.

^Opponent Bonus^
The Opponent Bonus awards you points based on how many opponents you eliminated
("killed" to others). The opponents in Revenge Mode are employees (Security
Officers, Workers, Riders), wrestlers (anyone on the roster), and Bosses
(unlockable characters specially created for the game; only appear in Boss
Missions). Be warned, however: there are some arenas and Missions where
eliminating your opponents is impossible, so don't waste too much time.

^Object Bonus^
The Object Bonus awards you points based on how much you used weapons. Weapons
appear in virtually every Mission and are oftentimes required to eliminate
opponents. The more you use weapons and the more diverse your arsenal is, the
more points you get.

^Time Bonus^
The Time Bonus awards you points based on how quickly you completed the
Mission. The faster you complete the Mission and reach the goal, the more
points you get. Although there are some endurance Missions where you have to
simply survive, you'll still get some consolation points in this category.

Of course, if you're just trying to complete Revenge Mode and not worry about
money yet, that's fine.

)C: Construction Site(
Your first stop on the road to doing Vince in is at the Construction Site. This
is the incomplete WrestleMania arena. If there's no arena, there's no show,

^First Mission^
/Prevent the workers from constructing the arena!\
|Time Limit: 15 minutes|

In Mission 1, your goal is simply to take the workers and toss them off the
scaffolding. Use an Irish Whip to throw them to the edge. If they start to lose
their balance, hit them once. Once they fall, they might grab on to the ledge.
Keep kicking them with the 'B' button until they fall to their deaths. If they
fall without you kicking them, then...great!

^Second Mission^
/Continue to prevent the workers from constructing the arena!\
|Time Limit: 10 minutes|

It's like Mission 1, except somewhat harder. Now, the time limit is smaller,
there are more employees, and now you have to worry about fighting two of them
at once. It's really no problem, actually. If you keep kicking them, and using
weak, quick Grapples, they should be incapacitated enough for you to get them
out. Irish Whipping them off the ledge is still the best tactic (and will be
throughout Revenge Mode). Remember to use the 'Z' button frequently to switch
between opponents.

Once you've defeated the first nine employees, the last one will be a wrestler.
He's not much harder then standard employees...he's just got more stamina
(read: he won't fall off the ledge as quick). Hit him with a Special or two and
he'll be easy pickin's.

^Third Mission^
/Take our Vince's reinforcements!\
|Time Limit: 15 minutes|

This time around, the time limit has extended, there's more enemies, and your
fighting area is limited. You're on a high-rise in the site, which consists of
nothing more than a square and a door where the opponents come out. They're all
standard employees, so this should be a walk in the park. (If you want to get
on that rise above the door, you can pick up the crate, place it near there,
then climb the crate with 'Y' (hold it). You can then climb onto the platform.)

^Fourth Mission^
/You've been challenged to a little friendly competition!\
|Time Limit: 5 minutes|

Oh, now we're getting somewhere! There's you, another wrestler, and two
employees. It's sort of like an Iron Man Match. The wrestler who has eliminated
the most employees within the five-minute time limit wins.

It's actually very easy and there are several strategies: keep eliminating
employees, or eliminate just one or two and prevent your wrestler opponent from
eliminating any. Again, whatever suits you. Remember, you're gonna go five
minutes whether you like it or not, so be prepared.

^Fifth Mission^
/Vince sent a superstar after you, so you must take him out!\
|Time Limit: 10 minutes|

If you're not careful, you can get stuck on this one. You start by facing two
employees, but you must find the wrestler who is guarding the wrecking ball
controls. Finding the controls is hard enough if you don't know where to look.

Near the high-rise where you are is a tall, narrow (fenced) wall. You must
incapacitate the employees, then climb the fence where the wrestler is waiting
for you at the top. If you don't incapacitate the employees enough, they will
shake the fence while you're on it, which will force you to fall to the ground
and start over, so you may want to hit them with a couple of Specials.

Once you DO make it to the wrestler, you'll probably start to wish you didn't.
The wrestler is easy to defeat (just a smidge harder than the wrestler you met
in Missions 2 and 4), but the two employees will come after you, making it a
three-on-one fight. If possible, ignore the two employees and just worry about
the wrestler. If you stay at the top where the controls are, make sure to knock
the wrestler off the LEFT side of the ground you're on. There's ground on the
right side, but the left side is abyss.

^Boss Mission^
/Protect the wrecking ball controls!\
|Time Limit: 5 minutes|

[NOTE: Welcome to your first Boss round! In every sixth Mission of every Arena,
you have the opportunity to unlock a Boss (20 in all). You will note that none
of the Bosses are actual WWE superstars. They are custom characters made
specifically for this game. Bosses, however, are randomly shuffled amond the
levels, so it's impossible to tell which one you face each time. Once you
complete that Mission, you can choose the Boss from a special menu at the
Character Select screen.]

This is an endurance Mission. You are standing at the fence that lead up to the
controls in Mission 5. This time, however, you must make sure that no one else
can make it to the controls. You need them to use the wrecking ball to decimate
the site in a flood of biblical proportions!

You'll first meet up with a wrestler. You'll fight them for about 30 seconds to
a minute, then a Boss will show up. It's just like a normal handicap match. If
one of them starts climbing the fence, hold the Control Stick in the fence's
direction and repeatedly press 'A' or 'B' to shake them off. Again, it's for
five minutes no matter what, so be careful (if you eliminate either opponent,
employees will replace them).

)D: Shopping Mall(
Stop #2 is the Shopping Mall. Vinnie-Mac has got some great merchandise for
WrestleMania XIX and he's looking to make a handsome profit, but he isn't
counting on you showing up and turning that priceless memorabilia into damaged

^First Mission^
/Take out the shopping mall security!\
|Time Limit: 20 minutes|

The object in this mission is to KO four opponents, one at a time. When you
first see the Shopping Mall, you'll make a startling discovery: there's no way
to KO an opponent! There is no sign of abyss anywhere in this arena, so you'll
have to make do with good ol'-fashioned brutality! You have to make your
opponents bleed in order to knock them out.

Now, some would resort to a fist fight. While this does work on occasion, it
takes just too darn long. There's gotta be an easier way. Well, there is. At
the bend of the water (By the way, could someone please explain to me what the
schmook a river is doing in a shopping mall, anyway?!), there is a shovel. Use
it! When your opponent comes near, hit him with the shovel (use a weak strike,
otherwise he'll just be knocked down).

The first three opponents are employees. The last one is a wrestler. The
wrestler will take a lot more hits, but he will still bleed. Be patient.

^Second Mission^
/Stephanie has been detained by the security force!\
|Time Limit: 10 minutes|

You'll start on the top floor, where an employee (more often than not, a
Security Officer) will be waiting for you. Get to the bottom floor where a
wrestler is laying in wait. To destroy the door, hold the Control Stick toward
the door and keep hitting it. You should probably incapacitate your opponents
first (remember that you can't KO them). When you've hit the door enough times,
it will break, and the annoying announcer guy will yell "Smash!". You may like
it now, but you won't in about two or three Missions...

^Third Mission^
/Destroy Vince's WrestleMania promotional signage!\
|Time Limit: 5 minutes|

When you start out, you'll see three structures with "WrestleMania XIX" logos
on them. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to destroy them.
There will be an employee and a wrestler impeding your progress, though.
Destroy the signs just like you destroyed the door in Mission 2, but do it

^Fourth Mission^
/Prevent Vince's security from reaching the briefcase!\
|Time Limit: 5 minutes|

This is an endurance match. Vince has put the contract to the WrestleMania main
event in a briefcase, and he's hung it onto the ceiling. The only way to reach
it is by climbing a pole, and you have to make sure that no one goes up and
gets it.

You'll start off by facing an employee (more often than not, an Agent). After
about a minute, a wrestler will come out. You just have to last five minutes.

If an opponent grabs onto the pole (and they will), shake them off by going
near the pole and repeatedly pressing 'A' or 'B'.

^Fifth Mission^
/Raise havoc and destroy everything in sight!\
|Time limit: 10 minutes|

NOW the fun starts!!! In this Mission, you have to run around like a baboon in
heat on crack who was just slapped in the face and destroy 20 objects. You can
destroy false trees, benches, almost any type of glass, and the steel doors on
the first floor (stay away from them, though...they take too long). However,
there will be three Security Officers there to try to keep you under control.

^Boss Mission^
/Protect your getaway car and try to destroy your opponent's car!\
|Time Limit: 10 minutes|

Your second Boss fight is kind of interesting. You'll face an Agent and, of
course, a Boss. There is a sledgehammer in the middle of the ground. You have
to make sure the Boss doesn't grab it. If they do, they'll make a beeline for
your getaway van and try to destroy it. If (s)he starts to, hit them until
they're incapacitated, then grab the sledgehammer, run to their car (the one
with the yellow arrow above it), and smash it to ribbons. You'll have to hit it
a lot, but it shouldn't take TOO long. You may need to use a Special or two,
depending on the Boss, to get some time.

)E: Parking Lot(
The Parking Lot. Loathed by few, hated by many, denounced by all. This has some
particularly difficult Missions (at least until you discover some tricks),
especially the Boss Mission. You will swear. Oh, yes, you will swear.

^First Mission^
/Destroy the cars in Vince's parking lot!\
|Time Limit: 10 minutes|

The Parking Lot starts easy enough. One at a time, you must toss your opponents
through cars. Throw them onto the car (Irish Whip) and do a move that slams
them to the ground. Luckily, cars can be reused, so you don't have to run
around the lot that much, if at all. That's...pretty much it.

^Second Mission^
/Take out Vince's security force!\
|Time Limit: 15 minutes|

This is like the first Mission at the Shopping Mall. You have to make five
opponents bleed. They're all employees, but they have decent stamina. There's a
sledgehammer near a wall on the high-rise, so use it to your advantage.

^Third Mission^
/Seek out the payment Stephanie has left for you!\
|Time Limit: 10 minutes|

OK. Now, there are two employees, so that's no problem. What IS a problem is
that now you can be eliminated by the traffic. If you even TOUCH a moving car,
you'll have to restart the Mission, so don't go to the lower level.

On the high-rise, there's a pole. Climb the pole, and you'll see the briefcase.
You'll have to time your jump to get to the case. BE CAREFUL! If you
miscalculate the jump, you'll fall into the traffic. Before jumping, your
character swings for a second (for momentum), so you'll probably have to

^Fourth Mission^
/Destroy Vince's big rig truck!\
|Time Limit: 10 minutes|

Now, until you figure out the trick to this, you'll hate this Mission the most
(until the Boss Mission). You have to get to the big rig truck and, one section
at a time, ram four opponents (one wrestler included) through the top of it. If
you are put through, YOU'LL be eliminated and have to restart.

Don't bother hitting them from the top of the truck. They'll hit you with a
Russian Leg Sweep or some other cheap move and you'll be eliminated, so you'll
have to get smart. Get on to the ledge ABOVE the rig, and Irish Whip an
opponent close to the ledge. This will trigger your player's special throw-off
technique (either tossing them off or Chokeslamming them off). If you're lucky,
the opponent won't grab on to the ledge and they'll go through the rig.
Remember, the traffic's still going, so be even more careful.

^Fifth Mission^
/Get rid of the security!\
|Time Limit: 15 minutes|

There are ten opponents here, and the traffic's going, so you'd think it would
be easy to eliminate them, right? ...C'mon, you should know better than that!
You'll be facing three opponents at once (employees mostly with a wrestler at
the end), and they'll be trying like a kid in a candy shop to throw YOU into
the traffic, and they pounce like lions. Don't be ashamed of running from them
every now and then just to get a breather.

^Boss Mission^
/Take out Vince's personal bodyguard!\
|Time Limit: 10 minutes|

It's an obstacle course, and a vicious, vicious monkey the course is, too!

You start on a ledge. Run across the ledge to get to a pole. Climb the poll,
and time your jumps to get across three chains that are moving back and forth
in the air. One false move and you fall into traffic and have to start over
(and unless you can float or something, you'll be starting over a LOT).

Once you get onto the third chain, you can just jump off the chain without
worrying (I hope, anyway). When you fall, start rotating that Control Stick!
You'll have dropped a ways, so you'll be down, and an employee will make a
beeline for you, so get up ay-sapp.

You have two employees to take care of (don't bother eliminating them; they'll
just be replaced), and then another one of those damned chain courses. This
one's much harder because the chains go faster and at odd angles.

If and when you finally make it, you'll meet up with the Boss. Get a Special on
him, knock him into the traffic, and have a joygasm.

)F: Harbor(
This one can be sort of fun, actually. The harbor has some challenge, but you
might just enjoy it. You never know.

^First Mission^
/Take out all of Vince's security detail in the shipping cell!\
|Time Limit: 20 minutes|

Twenty minutes is PLENTY of time to do this. All you have to do is toss five
employees into the water, but you'll have to destroy one or more of the nearby
fences to do so.

After you KO an employee, go near the pole, wait a few seconds, and shake the
pole. This is where your opponents will come from. If you shake the pole,
you'll knock him off and do some damage.

^Second Mission^
/Escape the shipping cell!\
|Time Limit: 10 minutes|

This is NOT for the impatient! You'll have to climb two big structures and risk
being knocked down.

You'll start off where you began Mission 1, and with one employee. Here, break
the fence and walk to the outside. Climb the fence to the top of the cage where
another employee will be waiting. Don't climb up the pole yet...ANOTHER
employee is coming down to say "Hey!". You'll have to hit at least two or three
Specials on them (if you're lucky, you can sometimes only get one). When
they're down enough, start climbing the pole quick-like. When you get to the
top, you'll see a yellow arrow. Jump to it!

^Third Mission^
/Take out all of Vince's security detail on the crane platform!\
|Time Limit: 15 minutes|

This is just like any other toss-out Mission, with a twist. You'll face eight
employees, two at a time. When you throw an employee off the platform, there's
a chance they'll land on the crane and have an opportunity to get back up. It's
win/win though because it can buy you some one-on-one time against the other

Try to stay in the ledge area near the door. The crane never swings that far!

^Fourth Mission^
/Get to the crate that is being loaded onto the ship!\
|Time Limit: 10 minutes|

If you don't know what to you here, you'll be confused and feel screwed, so

At the start, break the fence. Fall to the ground and run up the wooden ramp.
Run across the platform and fall to the ground again. Now, you'll be against
two employees and a wrestler. Incapacitate them enough (DON'T USE THE
BOXES!!!), then grab a nearby crate and run up the metal staircase. Put the box
down near the crate, climb onto the box, and crawl onto the crate. You're done!

^Fifth Mission^
/Get rid of the workers on Vince's shipping boat!\
|Time Limit: 20 minutes|

There are nine employees and one wrestler. Throw them off. Plain and simple.

^Boss Mission^
/Break into the ship's control room!\
|Time Limit: 10 minutes|

This can be pretty tough. You have to run up the stairs and keep beating the
living crap out of the metal door until it breaks open. There are a few
catches: an employee, a wrestler, and a Boss. One or two Specials to them all,
and you should be OK, though. Just don't miss any of them.

)G: XIX Hall(

You'll be in Stephanie McMahon's office. She'll congratulate you on a job well
done, but you're not through yet. There's still one more thing to take care of.
In order to get your payment, you must beat Vince McMahon in a one-on-one match
at WrestleMania.

Don't take Vince lightly. He's pretty aggressive, so you'll have to be on the
offensive and the defensive to win this match.

Once you do win, Stephanie will come into the ring with your payment. Before
she can give you your reward, though, someone apparently blindsides
her...Credits roll. (How cheap.)

)H: Warehouse(
The Warehouse is playable only after you complete Revenge Mode. You'll have to
go through the Select Mission list to access it. You can't KO anyone in the
Warehouse, so it relies entirely on grabbing cases from poles and chains. For
Ladder Match fans, it's Joygasm Heaven.

^First Mission^
/Use the ladder to grab more cases than your opponent!\
|Time Limit: 5 minutes|

An Iron Man Ladder Match, if you will. Use the ladder to grab more rotating
cases than the employee. It's sort of like Mission 4 at the Construction Site.

^Second Mission^
/Climb the pole and grab the case before time runs out!\
|Time Limit: 10 minutes|

...Climb the pole and grab the case before time runs out!

^Third Mission^
/Climb the chains and grab the case before time runs out!\
|Time Limit: 10 minutes|

Do I gotta draw ya a map?! OK, this may be a little tough for two reasons. One,
the chains you're climbing are rotating around the case. Two, the employee can
still shake you off.

^Fourth Mission^
/Use the ladder and grab the case before time runs out!\
|Time Limit: 10 minutes|

There's one more opponent than in Mission 2. That's it.

^Fifth Mission^
/You've been challenged to a little friendly competition!\
|Time Limit: 10 minutes|

This is a one-on-one contest against a wrestler. The first one to catch three
cases with the ladder will win. It's that simple.

^Boss Mission^
/Get the case within the time limit!\
|Time Limit: 10 minutes|

You start on the ground floor with an employee. Try to incapacitate them, then
grab a crate and run to the rig. Use the box to climb to the top of the rig,
and the Boss will come after you. Try to at least knock him off the rig, which
will give you enough time to climb on top of those boards and onto the ledge.
Both of your opponents will come after you, so use a Special or two on both of
them (if you want to knock them off, that's fine, but it's not required).

When you're ready to end it, climb the pole, then wait for the case, which is
moving in a square figuration. When it reaches the bottom-right corner (read:
just as it is moving left, towards you), jump. With the lag your player uses,
you should just hit the case.

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