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*********************THE FOLLOWING IS ORIGINAL CONTENT************************* 

I not going to waste you time with all the fancy graphics and yammer (we all 
hate that ) 

I have found these weapons or methods to be most effective ,and the tend to have 
professional or better ratings.Mos misions can be completed with out guns
Do note that there is a "lets shoot the bald guy" glitch where for no reason 
what so ever security will start shooting you . Be sure to save you progres ,as 
this will keep happening untill you reset thge game.

This said lets get to the point .
aa. a birfe note
bb. The Weapons
1a. Recomended upgades
1b.Death of A Showman
1.A Vintage Year(VY)
2.curtains down(CD)
3. FlatLine(FL)
4.A new Life(ANL)
5.The Murder of Crows(MOC)
6.You Better Watch Out(BWO)
7Death on The Mississippi(DOM)
8.till Death DO Us Patrt(TDDP)
9.A House of Cards(HC)
10.A Dance With The Devil(DWD)
aa. A brife note
 Stealth is the name of the game , timeing is everything ,and patience is of 
virtue few men have (be one of the few).
You are an assasin and you are a breed obove the rest. no longer is the gun the 
primary tool of the trade .47 has some nice quiet standard equipment ,and it is 
this equipment that is the foundation of succes.
In normal mode and up you have a noteriety rating ,this is costly to corect and 
colateral damage is more costly as you will have to pay for damage 
controll.keep a low profile,and make a point of colecting your custom wepons 
and suit retrival is also costly
bb. The Weapons
CUSTOM: (you start with these weapons ,these are the only guns you can upgade)







1a.Recomended Upgades
Your main focus should be on your SilverBaller(note the singular)your Sniper 
Rifel and Misc.Equipment.these are esential tools for 47 and the cash flow will 
not cover the necesary upgades if used on other wepons

SILVERBALLER:silencer 1&2,extra ammo,rail mount,lasersight,magnum ammo,reddsight
rapid fire,LONG SLIDE
W200 Sniper:extra ammo,scope 1,2&3 light wheight fr
ame.armor percing ammo,carbon
fiber barrel,bolt action
MISC.EQUPIMENT:Pain killers,binocularsimproved lockpick,enhanced 
deatonator,adrenaline,extra mine,crattschulitz lock pick,foil padded breifcase
flexible flank vest
1b.Death of A Showman:
 This is a tutorial level you are not rated & can NOT keep any of the wepons so 
fallow the prompts and have fun (kill 'em all if you like) this is an exelent 
opertunity to get a handel obn close combat tecniques use yor fiberwitre when 
ever posible
 1.A Vintage Year
Wepons needed : none 
Items used:sedative
Rating SA
method:Push both targets to their death.
Disguises: guard uniform,vip gaurd uniform
 Starting off head south an out doors gaurd will head off all by his 
lonesome,faloow him to the end of the wall sedate him take his cloths and pich 
him over the rail( if you like take his shot gun to the ICA box and store it)
head in the double doors clib the boxes strait ahead of you and go over the 
here you will find a guard sleeping and a door strait ahead ,go to tghe door 
and oppen your map and go to first floor watch the gaurd making rounds . when 
the gaurd kleaves the room an heads down the hall go in take the door on the 
left ,then go left and into the room sneek up to the chair and take vip gaurd 
uniform .
got to the locked door pick the loch and head up stairs ,go to the hall and 
enter the fist door on the rite .oppen your map and wait for you target to ente 
rhe room and go out on the balcony , go in to the room sneek up behind him and 
push him over the edge. target1 eliminated.
now heed to out side and to the wine cellar .
once in the wine cellar wait at the top of the stairs . there is a guard here 
who will leave on occasion ,your target will come throug with a associate ,wait 
this is not the time . eventualy your target will come back in and the guard 
will be out side now is your chance push him down the stairs .(be sure to push 
him from the top of the stairs or he may not die
head through the wine cellar to the elivator go down and push the guard off the 
dock into the watter (be sure the worker is not there .
if you like you can fallow the path back up and get your suit or just exit here.
2.Curtains Down
Wepons needed: none
Items used:seaditve,RAUP Mine
Method:provided in level*deatonate mine

head imeadiately to the coat room and talk to the guard get WWII Pistol* go to 
bathroom oppen container and prep seadative stand facing second stall. when 
worker comes in sedate him ,take his clothe hide body in container and close 
container. exit the bathroom go to the tool box and place WWII Pistol go to the 
stairs bang a rite at the bottom(note "bang is vernacular don't be caping any 
one)go to the end of the hall stop at the door and let security search you ,the 
wont find the gun. once searched go through the door and down the stairs, go 
throuch the door in front of you and imeadiately turn left and dow a short 
stair turn rite and go through the first door on the left and past the workers 
through the door  into a nother hall that will lead you up stairs you will find 
another hall go through the second door and through to the next hall .
you will see a double door on the left go in turn left and go up the stairs. be 
sure your alone and retriv then holster WWII Pistol and drop tool box.
go through the door (only one up there) and walk to the pullies and plant 
mine . go back down stairs.
once in the hall head to the first room with a star by the door hide in the 
closet and wait.the suporting actor will come in hide till he leaveas the 
room .take the prop WWII Pistol and replace with Real WWII Pistol and head back 
to the bathroom and get your suit go to the stage and equip the deatonator and 
wait .
the suporting actor will shoot target1 (ooops) a few moments will pass then 
every one figures out he is dead including target2 who will come runing down 
and trip under the sandilire (oops agin) detonate the mine now target2 
elimeinated now Get out of Dodge mision compleet.
items used:provided in level*,poison ,seaditive
rating,profesional-SA(strangely this one varies even under identical situations)
methods: poisoning,exploding*,strangulation*

as the level begins fallow the path till you see a guy smoking a butt near a 
bench ,on the bench you will find admision papers,sneek over and take them then 
head to the main building.
place admition papers on desk and go to changing room change in to patient 
robes,head back in to the loby and to the doors on the left stop let the cop 
search you (or he will cap you and every one else will join in) turn to your 
rite and go up the stairs to room"A" head to the balcont and to the room next 
door, check your map be sure the room is empty ,sabatage the tanks* one of your 
targets will get exploded .
head back down stairs and acrost the foyer to a room with a globe turn yor back 
yo the globe (if your target see you see him he will take the bottle and leave0 
wait till the tanks blow up this will greate a distaction go open the globe and 
poison the bottle and move on 
go to the left and through the double doorsat the end of the hall on the rite 
there is a room with a weight bench* wait till the target comes in watch him do 
a few reps then drop the weights on his gizard move on
go back the ay tou came and through the double doors tur imeadeately rite or 
left (dosn't matter) and go up stairs head to the end of the hall and into the 
second room on the get the terapist outfit and go back down stairs.
go the oposite direction of the wheight room and through the double doors,take 
the second door on the rite ,walk to the desk where the cop is and take the 
card key ,you wont need to take the tape. use the card key and go through the 
gate ,falow to second gate and go through head to the corner on your left and 
wait there .(this is a god time to use a save) oppen your map and go tomedical 
wing watch the orderly who is walking back and forth ,when he heads out of the 
room where thi with the other orderly start sneaking th the window near theat 
room and climb trogh , sedate the orderly in the chair take his cloths and hide 
is body around the corner get the cell key off the table and go in to the next 
room and down sairs to the rite you will see Agent smith in a cell ,be sure the 
orderly down there has gone to or is in the cell on the opposite side go in to 
Smiths cell and talk to him when cut sceen is over walk to him and when 
prompted press the x buton .
watch the cut scene and exit trough the door the othe orderly goes out ,jump 
the wall and head back to the main building to get your suit.
go back to where you started and wait till the orderly leaves the morgue ,give 
him time to get out of sight  then go in and revive the agent and exit. mission 
4.A New Life
close combat kills :1
Itemes used found in mission*seadative,mine** poison or fiber wire
Disguises: Agent
ok this on is easier than falling down
(fun alternative get be basebal bat in the gararge and bust every ones squash)
starting out go to the catoring truck and take the doughnuts* go back to your 
exit drop the donuts and use the seaditive on them ,walk up to the survailence 
truck and use the put dow doughnuts option rather that oppen door 
 47 will place the doughnuts on the ground and knock on the door . go around to 
the side of the truck near animal hospital ,an agent will come out take the 
doughnuts and the 2 agents will eat them (good nite boys) go in the truck close 
the doors steal the video tape and take the agents suit exit the truck and 
close the doors.
head to the front doors of the mansion and go rite on in and through to the 
back yard .In the north east corner is a shed head ,there when the poolguy is 
not arounf pick the lock and get the lighterfluid*. go to the grill check you 
back be sure no one is watching and rig the grill.
now just hang loose and wait . a long will come the daughter (all lit up like  
new years eve) and try to start the grill and we have an accident. take her 
necklace and head inside .
Once inside head to the kitchen and go left and up to the door strait ahead.
oppen your map, when the room is empty go in close the door and drop a mine** 
behind the chair ,then hide in the room to the left as you came in (DO NOT 
DETONATE MINE)when your target returns his personal body gaurd will pick up the 
mine and exit the room . sneek out ad poison or fiberwire target then go to the 
survailence truck ,be sure the jogger is not around go in the truck get your 
suit exit and close the doors ,head to the exit .mission compleet
5.The Murder of Crows
 wepons:Silverballer silenced ,W200 silenced
close combat kils:2
items used :sedative ,RUAPmine(poison )
method:poison/fiber wirer ,in level prop
rating: SA
diguises: red bird costume,waiter
****BE WARE*** Kulinsky will kill the target regardles of payment if he knows 
Mason is dead,and vise versa.
 As you sart the level check your map ,it is in your best intrest that Kulinsky 
is on the second floor of the blues bar. re start till he is there and then 
 once saved you will see "Big Red" come in and go to the bar wait till he 
leaves and fallow him. if he crosses the street he will go to the ally nearest 
to you,if he turns left he will go to the next ally to the east .
 beat Big Red to his destination find and oppen the dumpster.
Time is NOT!! on your side here (read till disposal before trying this part)
police are making quick rounds.
   If Big Red goes to the aley nearest you he will stop near the doors on the 
north side of the cort yard positinon your self about 2 paces from the rite 
side of this door and wait facing doors .
   If Big Red goes to the nex alley he will stop facing the path near the 
dumpster position your self about 1 body with from the dumpster and 1 pace fron 
the path.
   Big red will eventualy end up standing smack in front of you . quickly 
sedate him take his costume and hide his body in the dumpster close the lid 
then take the dimonds . there is no time for hesitation, you will close the lid 
just as a cop come into the alley.
   now turn your attention to target 1, on the north west side of tow you will 
find an alley and dudes in yellow bird cosumes and a door on the left of the 
alley enter through this door and go to the second floor.
 wait at the top of the stairs back to the wall near the stair way ,a yellow 
bird will come and stand infront of you ,sedate him and drag him to the other 
end of the landing and leave him near the dresser .
 go into the door and head twords the desk target1 will go sit at the desk walk 
behind him abd either fiberwire or poison him ,get you diamond brief case and 
leave the way you came .
    return to the hotell and leave the diamonds  on second floor where your ICA 
weapons box is. Go out side and to the aley behind you ,on the south side is a 
drain pipe . climb the drain pipe after the cop goes through .fallow the porch 
around to an open room sneek in and take the waiters uniform ,sneek to the door 
and pick the lock head out of the room and out side .
 now go acrost the street and in the front doors of the blues bar. head to the 
rite side of the room and to the back and in the first door .go through the 
door strait ahead and up will se a couple up there necking ,they 
will leave when they see you.
  once all alone pick the lock and side step to your rite .oppen your map and 
watch your target as he heads to the north west side of the room sneek in and 
hide in the closet on the left. waith here til he goes to the spot agin sneek 
to him and fiberwire or poison him .drag him up the hall to the north east of 
room and leave the way you came .

 target 3 we take out toon town style.
  on the west of you map is an alley with 2 points of intrest,go there and wait 
for the cop to go through , once con climb the cage on the east side of the 
alley and work your way around till you come to a wench place your bomb and 
work your way back down(dont jump you will die) once on the ground equip your 
detnator and wait for target three to move into position . detonate your bomb 
and a the piano will fall on her head (if timed perfect her body will not be 
found) go get your suit ,get the diamonds and get out of New Orleans mission 
6.You Better Watch Out
close combat:1
items used:seaditive,poison/fiberwire
   As the mission starts oppen your map and look at the first floor layout.
you will se 2 points of intrest .the one at the south end of the map is a bar,
(zoom in)to the left of the map you will seea set of stairs and a room behind 
them ,this is the kitchen.
 close your map and head twrds the building ,there are two gaurds ,walk behind 
the first one and call the elivator(THERE IS A CAMRA ABOVE THE ELIVATOR IT WILL 
 take the elivator to the first floor and head to the bar ,talk to the 
bartender he will give you an aphrodisiac ,now go to the kitchen . you may pas 
santa on you way in ,let him go he will be back.
 on the north side of the kitchen ther is a bottle on the counter use a 
seaditve on this,near the trashcan yo will find a sausage use the remaning 
seaditve on this and pick it up oppen the container on the south of the 
room ,then go hide in the small room  near the trash can and wait for santa to 
come and drink his bottle .
   take the santa suit and hide santa in the box close lid.
go back to the barr there will be a martini glass on the corner of the bar ,use 
the walk up to it and press xbutton to spike it.
now head to the security gaurds to your rite head up the pasage between them at 
the end of the pasage turn rite and go through the your map(note the 
narow pasage with the stair way on the east side of the floor)head to the sair 
way on the east side of the floor,and fallow it to the balcony ,stand on the 
left of the door and wait for target 2 to come out there. poison or fiberwire 
target 2 and leave the body there. head back to the kitchen.
  as you enter the kitchen go through the door imeadiatly to the rite oppen 
your map and look at the staff floor( you will see 2 points of intrest the one 
on the west is a waiters uniform head here)the waiters suit is in the shower 
room ,there is a guy taking a shower there ,step just inside the stall beside 
him but close enough to the waiters uniform so you can put it on ,look behind 
you to see if security is in the locker room,once the coast is clear change 
outfits and head back up stairs.
     go back to the pasage near the bar(CHECK YOUR INVENTORY MAKE SURE GUN 
YOU HID ERILER) and stop to allow security to search you.once the give you the 
goahead go back through the pasage and oppen your map.(notice 2 gaurds on the 
north side of the room near an elivator)
  head for the elivator and allow security to serch you agin.take the elivator 
to the studio you enter elivator equip the sausage you sedated.
  on the studio floor oppen your map(notice 3 points of intrest take note of 
the one on the west this is the tape you need to retrive)
 go throug the double doors ahead of you and drop the sausage on the floor
(target 2s yappy mutt will eat it and take a nice nap) 
 go through the door on yor left and to the point of intrest ,make sure 
security isnt looking and take the tape . leave the room the way you came in.
 fallow the hall around the corner and make sure target 1 has either left the 
room  enter the room and go to the rite side ,crouch and wait at the bottom of 
the stairs.when target 1 goes back on the balcony and stops sneek out to the 
balcony through the doors in front of you .sneak up behind target one and push 
him off the balcony.
  go get your suit and take the elivator to the peir floor. (remember the camra 
above the elivator) walk behind the guard to your left and head to you exit.
mission compleet
7.Death on The Mississippi
 wepons none
close combat kills:4
items used:seaditive,poison,fiberwire
disguises:sailor,purser,vip tux,1st class purser
map peek and restart*****
 oppen your map notice the second stairway (behind the ICA box)  see your first 
this is where you will get your first diguise. scan to the other end of map and 
notice tor exit between to stairwells ,there is an engin room on the 
floor ,where a fer workers and a sailor keep moving about ,and 3 sailors on 
your end of the deck .by now your first target is coming on the deck as well. 
  run to the second set of stairs and go up,a sailor will come out and lean on 
the rail . sedate the sailor and pick the lock on the door he came out,drag the 
salor in there and take his cloths .open map (notice a point of intrest to the 
nort this is the engen room key)go back to the cat walk and into the room 
strait acrost take the engin room key .head back down to first deck and into 
the engin room.
 head to the far end of the engin room and wait for the guy in the red shirt to 
come down and lean on the railing.sneek up to him and push him over the rail. 
(1 of six eliminated )
 go through the door at the end of the engin room and up a short hall,turn left 
or rite go out the door and up stairs . hed to the first room on the left  on a 
bench between the lockers you will find a purser uniform change cloths.
 go back to the halland head to the north end of the hall ,turn rite and go 
through the door and up stairs to the 3rd deck.
 on the third deck go strait accrost the hall to the door and go out side stand 
on the rite side of the door.
 a gator guy will come out and lean on the rail.(yup you got it) push him over 
the rail and go back inside (2 0f 6 eliminated )
 to get to the rest of the targets you will need to change diguises twice.
    head north up the hall and go up stairs . head to the back of the room and 
through the double doors  fallow the hall to the next set of double doors and 
go in.
 as you enter the room a gent at the table to your left will beccon you  go to 
him.there will be a short cut sceen . take the card to room 323 and go back 
down stairs and south to room 323. as you go through the second set of double 
doors room 323 is the second room on the rite. use the cardkey go in and get 
the vip pass of the halfround table near the bed ,and change into the tux on 
the coffee table. exit the room.
         go up the stairs acrost the hall and aroudnd to the left,go through 
the door and into the hall ,there are 3 doors on the west side of the 
hall ,stand on the north side of the third door  and wait for the sailor to 
come out . go in and get the first class purser's uniform near the closet.
 go back into the hall and in the door marked private take the cake and go out 
the door acrost from the one you came in.
fallow the deck aeround to the stairs and drop the cake here .
 wait unde the west end of the stairs for gator guy to lean on the rail ,push 
him over(3 of 6 eliminated)
   go back and poison the cake ,leave any wepons you colected in the ICAbox.
 wait at the end of the west stairs for a purser to come down sedate him and 
hide him under the stairs.
   go up stairs your last four targets are here.
go up to the guy with the shotgun and let him serch yo then go inside.
go into the door on the left and wait for a gator guy to come in and use the 
john poison him while he dose his buisnes,leave the body there .(4 of 6 
 go back to the hall and into the next room wait there for your next target to 
come in use the fiber wire on him and hide him in the bathroom with his buddy(5 
of 6 eliminated)
 go back out to the guy who serched you, stand on the west sid of the door near 
the life ring ,when the gator guy turns his back to you fiberwire hima and 
leave him there (6 of 6 eliminated)
 now for target 1 open your map and look at deck 5 note the point of intrest 
this is the photos you need to retrive.
 go get the cake you poisoned and go back up the stairrs.go throgh 3 doors to 
the office and place the cake on the desk target1 will eventualy go over and 
sample the frosting when he crokes  drag him to the room with your point of 
intrest oppen the safe and take pictures and head to you exit .mission compleet 
in this mission i recomend leaving your suit behind thoug on normal dificuloty 
and up you will have to pay to retive it you stand to loose a great deal more 
by geting it your self
Till Death Do us Part
close combat:1
items used: poison,poison/fiberwire/ruap/push(target) ruap only efective for SA 
rating in easy mode
diguises : guest,gambler
********** note ther are 2 glitches in this level ,one is tied to the elaphnt 
rifle where if taken 17 or more witneses who saw nothing will atest to every 
 the other is a gamble who i like to call Marvin the Magnificant ,who tho you 
checked your back and checked your map and found no one will sudenly be there 
just as you try to get your gambler disguise i recomend geting the elaphant gun 
in a replay and saving after target 2 (the groom ) is eliminated*****
 ***Stay out of the water or your gator lunch!!***
 as you start hte mission oppen your map ,you will see a building on the west 
side of the map that is a lighter shade of grey (almost as if highlighted) hed 
to the front of this building and to the west end.
  as you rech the west end you will see a guest stooped over blowing chunks 
(this is good for you)
 head in to the building and wait on the south east side ,the poor sick guest 
will come in to sleep it off once he nods off go over and take his cloths ,the 
party invitation and the six shooter if you like( if you don't take the 
invitation the gamblers will pop a cap in yuraz ,if you do the dont ask to see 
it .go figure) equip a poison syringe and holster it .
 now head stait to the house and enter the doors behind the two gamblers.
  go to the rite of the stairs and through the double doors strait ahead. exit 
this room through the door on the will see a stack of red crates wait 
at the windo by them and watch the room inside. a butler ill come in and leave 
agin ,after he leaves go in  open the lid on the box . behind you is a cake go 
over and poison the frosting . equip a seaditve, then go hide in the closet on 
the east side of the kitchen. the groom will come in and sample the frosting , 
when he crokes come out and hide him in the box you opened ,close the lid and 
go back out the window99target 2 eliminated)Save game Here if you have saves
***** if you are playing normal or higher mode skip to senerio 2*******
target 1 senerio 1:
  oppen your map( on the west side you will see a few buildings with a walk way 
between then ,and an area marked "Family Graves". behind them.
 on the walk way befor the first building is a bucket in the left corner of the 
walk(if its not there Pappy will bring it back in a few) walk up to the 
bucket , use the place item option and place a mine in the bucket.
 Pappy will come and take the bucket .wait till he gets to the family graves 
and detonate the mine.(target one eliminated) get your suit and exit where you 
started.mission compleet
   on the porch at the north west side of the building is a gamble ,go on the 
porch behind him ,check for other gards(like on the walk way to you north )be 
sure no one is looking and sedate him. drag him off the west end of the porch 
take his cloths and hide him in the box.
 head to the buildings to your north and fallow the path out to the family 
 you will find an oppen grave ,wait to the south of this grave . Pappy will 
come out and stand in front of the grave sneek up and push him in (what beter 
place for a dead body than in a grave)this will reqirer alot of patience as it 
takes several minuets for Pappy to return target 1 eliminated) colect your suit 
and exit where you started.
 obtain gambler suit as you did in senerio2.
 after hiding the gambler go onto the porch and in the door on the rite,then 
through the second door on your left. falow the "L" haped halway to a door that 
leads into a bedroom. exit the bedroom throug the door at the opposite end on 
the left.take a left then go up the stairs and left agin pick the lock on the 
door on the left.fallow this "L" shaped hall to a door and go in the room and 
hide in the closed and wait for Pappy to get there sneek out and either poison 
him berwire him and hide him in the closet with the grey slated doors(target 1 
eliminated)make yor way out the way you came ,when you get to the hall you came 
in through on the first floor wait till the gambler leaves ,pick the lock at 
the south end of the hall and go get your suit and exit where you started. 
mission compleet.
A House Of Cards
 weapons:sniper rifle w/light wheight frame,carbon barrel,bolt action,silencer 
2 or3,scope 2 or 3,(you will want this same setup in Amendment XXV)
kills :3 
close combat:2
disguises :none

enter the building and open your map.notic there's a booth on either side of 
the loby one with a point of intres and one with out, out.also notice two 
elivators on the north side of the lobby

 at the first window of the rite booth is a woman dresed in blue talk to her 
and get your room keycard.
 now go to the left elivato ,when the doors close climb the hatch,set down your 
rifle case and go to the rite of the hatch. equip your fiberwire crouch and 
wait for target2 to enter as the elivator starts to move strangle him  his body 
will be drage to the top of the elivator automaticly.take his keycard
 wen the elivator stops wait a few seconds then climb down ,pick up the payment 
breifcase and take the elivator to the 7th floor . oppen your map and find your 
room(701) go to your room and leave the payment here.
 go back to the elivators and use the one on the rite. when the doors close 
climb the hatch and move to the rite side. equip your fiber wire and wait for 
target3 strangle him as you did target2 thake the SLP.40.S if you didn't get  
it in (MOC).target3 eliminated
 exit the elivator and go into the left elivator agin.when the doors close 
climb the hatch take your rifel case . open your map and find room 803 climb 
down and go to the 8TH floor. head to the west wing of the 8th floor as you 
reac the end of the hall you will see a fire alarm on the wall,pull it.pick up 
your rifle case and move quickly to the south end of the hall ,turn and watch 
as 3 secrity guards run by . after the third guard goes be ,go to room 803 and 
let your self in. wait in the bathroom and get a seaditve ready . watch through 
the key hole for a guard to come back into the first room open the door sneek 
out and sedate him then hide him in the bathroom. go to the bedroom turn of the 
light  behind the door  and look out the window. below you there is a small 
sort of cort yard.unpack your sniper,and go to the table there is a cell phone 
there redial the sheik and sight in on the rite side of the court yard. when 
the sheik comes out clean his ears for him. target1 eliminated. save game
 pack up your sniper and exit the bedroom ,go out on to the deck.
there is a guest in room 801 wait till the goes to the bathroom and jump on to 
his balcony and go through his room to the hall.
 take an elivator to the seventh floor . 
 go to your room ,be sure doors are closed . unpack your sniper and store it in 
the ICA wepons box.take the payment case(there is a 75k diferenc in mision pay 
out if you don't take the payment case) and head to the loby and to your exit . 
mision compleet


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