Boss FAQ - Guide for Wario Land 4

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There are 6 bosses in the game:
                                   Boss #1
      This purple blob thing is easy.All you have to do is beat Level 1 in the hall 
of Hypheoglifs and then you can fight him.All you have to do is keep bumping into 
him by pressing B and then he will get hurt.After a few hits he will get mad like 
as if he looks like he has rabes.His teeth stick out so this means you have to hit 
him in the back side a few times.(Remember to watch your time.
                                   Boss #2
      This plant like fellow is hard.Beat the first four stages and collect all the 
jewel pieces in them and you are ready to fight him.He is in the Emerald 
passage.All you have to do is do a but pound on his head a lot but before you fight 
him you have to break his pot.Before of the spit he drops on you you will turn into 
a zombie if they hit you but don't worry a light bug will come and you can jump 
into its light.

                                   Boss #3
      This clock like boss is very simple.When the crane that he drops down on you 
all you have to do is dodge it then hit back and then BAM it will hit him.That is 
all you have to do.Oh yeah,don't hit the razor blades that are on the wall and the 
razor blade that he drops on the floor.THen after a few hits the clock will break 
and then a bird will be there with an eagle on his head.It will be droping 
eggs.Catch the eggs before they hit the ground and then hit the eagle that is on 
the birds head.
                                   Boss #4
      This bear like boss is very tricky.It is in the Tapaz passage.It will drop 
bees on you and then jump on top of the bees and then pick it up and throw it up at 
the bear where the patch is.It will pop and its feet will start flashing.Hit the 
feet and the bear should turn upside-down and a mouse will pop out of it.Keep 
hitting the rat and then eventually it will die but you have to keep repeating this 
process over.
                                   Boss #5                         
      This cat like boss is simple.All you have to do is jump on the waves it makes 
and then jump and hit the bat a few times.It is in the Sapphire Passage
                                   Boss #6
      The Golden Diva is 1/2 hard and 1/2 easy.First 4 of her heads will 
appear.Jump on them after they come after you and hit the Golden Diva with 
them.After that she will fo all sorts of attacks at a time.She will send an 
enemy.Just jump on it and throw it at the Golden Diva.Then she will drop a big ball 
on the ground.Hit it and it will hly in the air and if you get good aim the ball 
will bounce on the wall then hit the ceiling and hit the Golden Diva.Then she will 
get mad and then drop a spiky hammer.Avoid the hammer then it will the spikes will 
go away on the hammer.Pick up the hammer and then throw it in the air and make it 
hit your hear.You can bounce and make yourself hit the Golden Diva.Now she will do 
a combination of moves she did before.Just keep doing as told and then she will 
transform."HE" will come down and try to smash you.Dodge him and then hit his head 
a few times.Then he will die.This is the last boss by the way.So, happy ending.

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