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| |/| | ||  \| | / /\ \ | |     | |/| / /\ \ |  \| |  | | / /\ \ | ||/  \ V /
|   | | || | | || |__| || |     |   || |__| || | | |  | || |__| | \ \    | |
| |\| | || |\  ||  __  || |     | |\||  __  || |\  |  | ||  __  |  \ \   | |
| |   | || | | || |  | || |     | |  | |  | || | | |  | || |  | | /|| |  | |
| |   | || | | || |  | || |_/|  | |  | |  | || | | |  | || |  | || \/ |  | |
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      / ,'        \ `'\|__`. \ \   / / ,',-.| |,--. .--.|  ,      \ |
     / /          | |`'   \ \ \ \ / / //    ' '   | |   ' / \     | |
    ! /           | |      | | \ V /  \\_         | |    //\ \    | |
    | |           | |      | |  | |   _`.`._      | |   //  \ \   | |
    | |           | '.____/ /   | |  /,\ `-.`.    | |  //    \ \  | |   /|
    ! \           |    __.-'    | | ||\/    ||    | | //      \ \ | |   ||
     \ \          | |`._`-.____ | |  \\___,','    | |_||      | |_| |___||
      \ `.        |_\ /|`-.__,' /_\   `----'      '----'      '----------'
       `. `._______,-'/
     ,-' _________ `.
   ,' ,-'_   __  _`. \__                                                  __/|
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 / /    | |  | | | |`'  \ \'.--.`.  \ \   \| \ |  ,'.-.\|\ |    \ .--| //    '
! /     | |  | | | |     / /    \ \ || \  || | | /,'   \|| |    | |__  \\_
| |     | '--' | | |    | |      | |||\ \ || | |//      '| |    | .-.|  `.`-.
| |     | .--. | | '.__.| |      | ||| \ \|| | |||       | |    | |  `/,\ `-.`.
! \     | |  | | |    _.-\ \____/ / ||  \ || | |\\      .| |    | |  ||\/    ||
 \ \    | |  | | | |`.`-._`-.__.-'  ||   \ | | | \`.___/|| |__/|| |_/|\\___,','
  \ `.  |_\  |_\ |_/| `-.__,'      /_|    \| |_\  `'----|'-----''----' `----'
   `. `-._______,-'/


|            Tables of Contents             |
| I.    Giant Crab(River Belle Path)        |
| II.   Molboro(Mushroom Forest)            |
| III.  Orc King(Mine of Cathuriges)        |
| IV.   Goblin King(Goblin Wall)            |
| V.    Gigas Lord and Maggie(Moshet Manor) |
| VI.   Armstrong(Tida)                     | 
| VII.  Golem (Veo Lu Sluice)               |
| VIII. Lizardman King(Daemon's Court)      |
| IX.   Cave Worm(Sepelation Cave           |
| X.    Iron Giant(Mount Kilanda)           |
| XI.   Dragon Zombie(Connal Church)        |
| XII.  Lich(Rebena Te Ra)                  |
| XIII. Antlion(Lynari Desert)              |
| XIV.  Meteor Parasite(Mount Vellenge)     |
| XV.   Raem (Nest of Memories)             |
| XVI.  Raem Form II(???)                   |

"Thy memories to the light shall flow, forgotton jewels that lose their glow, in 
time they shall return anew, to be gathered like drops of dew..."

I. Giant Crab(River Belle Path)
The Giant Crab is your first boss, and you've hopefully gotten used to the controls
by now. If not, you'll have a tough time. You need to assign a Pheonix Down to you
command list so that you'll instantly revive if you fall. Also recommended is any
type of Holy magic, or Fire magic. Blizzard and Gravity work well too, but not as
much. Thunder, Slow, and Stop aren't effective at all, so makme sure you don't have
any of those in your command list. Make sure you have Cure in there, since it's very
useful. Okay, the evil Giant Crab has a few good attacks. The first attack is
Thunder, and it'll be using that for the majority of the battle. It'll back away and
charge up some magic, then shoot it forward. When you see it charge, move to the
side or back to avoid the attack.

It also likes to constantly spit out bubbles. These bubbles do no damage, but they
do cast Slow on you, which reduces your speed by half. You don't want that at all
during this battle, but the bubbles move very slow themselves, and vanish after a
short time; you shouldn't have a problem with them. Also, if you get in front of the
crab, it'll shoot a firey blast at you, causing you to lose health and bestow
temporary paralysis. Sometimes it'll jump high in the air and land crashing down in
another part of the arena. To avoid this, just make sure that you never stay in one
place (so just keep moving around). Occasionally, a Mu will pop out of the ground
and try to attack you. Wait until the crab charges Thunder, and then attack the Mu.

Otherwise, the crab will attack you while you're dealing with the Mu, and you don't
want to lose any more health. The last attack the crab has is a simple claw swipe,
which is easy to avoid and should never touch you. It's recommended that you combine
some spells to defeat the crab. Fira and Blizzara work best. Your main weapon does
pratically no damage to the crab, although a few hits may bring its health down. You
want to attack with your powerful magic from the side or the back. The best moment
to strike is when the crab starts to charge Thunder; run to the side and quickly
charge and attack with your magic. Also, if you have only a heart or less left, cast
Cure on yourself when the crab starts to charge Thunder.

Another opportunity to attack would be right after the crab sends the fire at you.
It hesitates for a short amount of time, enough for you to quickly cast some magic.
When you get the Giant Crab down to about 1/3 of its HP, the protective shell will 
fall off. It'll now switch out Thunder with Thundara. Thundara has a wider radius, 
and it does more damage and can paralyze you for a longer period of time. Avoid it 
at all costs, and simply repeat your attack pattern otherwise until this crab falls.

II. Molboro(Mushroom Forest)
Malboro... a traditional Final Fantasy enemy is now a freaky boss. Malboro is so
huge, that it is unable to move. However, you cannot get behind it or to the side of
it either, since it takes up a large part of the arena. The first thing you'll want
to do is take out the two Hell Plant's that are in the arena. They can cause small
problems for you if you let them live. Malboro has five different attacks, and
they're all very irritating. The first attack is the most common one; Malboro will
cause a bunch of vines to pop out of the ground. If you keep moving, then you'll be
able to avoid the vines without any problems. Malboro also likes to charge up a
black cloud and send it in an area. Simply avoid the target while it's being

Next, Malboro likes to suck you up. This is actually not a bad thing at all, unless
your crystal chalice is on the ground. If it is, the crystal chalice will be sucked
toward Malboro and you'll be out in the miasma. When Malboro trys to suck you up,
just run forward with him and start slashing. Malboro also likes to exhale green
gas. This gas isn't poisonous, but it CAN do some damage to you. The final attack is
the rarest one, but it can be very annoying. Malboro will charge up Slowga, which is
the most powerful of the Slow magic. It has a large radius, and touching it will
bestow Slow upon your character. If you are hit by the magic, run to the back of the
arena and run around until Slow wears off. If you, at any time, are at one heart or
less, then run to the very back of the arena and use Cure on yourself.

That's the safest place to be, since you're far away from the Malboro. Now, the Fire
magic and Holy magic is good to fight the Malboro with, since he has little
resistance against those two. Using Gravity, Blizzard, and Thunder will cause a
little damage, but not much. If you use Slow and Stop, pretty much nothing will
happen to Malboro. The best thing you can have is the Novice's Sword and the spell
Fire. You did get the Novice's Sword like I told you to, right? If so, then put your
Copper Sword in as your main weapon, and then assign the Novice's Sword to one of
the extra command slots. Next to it, assign Fire and they'll fuse and make
Flametongue, which causes major damage to Malboro. You'll basically want to stand in
front of Malboro and use rapid focus attacks and you'll win in no time.

Malboro... a traditional Final Fantasy enemy is now a freaky boss. Malboro is so
huge, that it is unable to move. However, you cannot get behind it or to the side of
it either, since it takes up a large part of the arena. The first thing you'll want
to do is take out the two Hell Plant's that are in the arena. They can cause small
problems for you if you let them live. Malboro has five different attacks, and
they're all very irritating. The first attack is the most common one; Malboro will
cause a bunch of vines to pop out of the ground. If you keep moving, then you'll be
able to avoid the vines without any problems. Malboro also likes to charge up a
black cloud and send it in an area. Simply avoid the target while it's being

Next, Malboro likes to suck you up. This is actually not a bad thing at all, unless
your crystal chalice is on the ground. If it is, the crystal chalice will be sucked
toward Malboro and you'll be out in the miasma. When Malboro trys to suck you up,
just run forward with him and start slashing. Malboro also likes to exhale green
gas. This gas isn't poisonous, but it CAN do some damage to you. The final attack is
the rarest one, but it can be very annoying. Malboro will charge up Slowga, which is
the most powerful of the Slow magic. It has a large radius, and touching it will
bestow Slow upon your character. If you are hit by the magic, run to the back of the
arena and run around until Slow wears off. If you, at any time, are at one heart or
less, then run to the very back of the arena and use Cure on yourself.

That's the safest place to be, since you're far away from the Malboro. Now, the Fire
magic and Holy magic is good to fight the Malboro with, since he has little
resistance against those two. Using Gravity, Blizzard, and Thunder will cause a
little damage, but not much. If you use Slow and Stop, pretty much nothing will
happen to Malboro. The best thing you can have is the Novice's Sword and the spell
Fire. You did get the Novice's Sword like I told you to, right? If so, then put your
Copper Sword in as your main weapon, and then assign the Novice's Sword to one of
the extra command slots. Next to it, assign Fire and they'll fuse and make
Flametongue, which causes major damage to Malboro. You'll basically want to stand in
front of Malboro and use rapid focus attacks and you'll win in no time.

III. Orc King(Mine of Cathuriges)
The Orc King is a pretty simple boss if you have the right equipment. That equipment
is basically the Warrior's Weapon and the Iron Shield, which you hopefully got at
Marr's Pass. Any spell will work too, but I find it best to be using physical
attacks on this guy. The Orc King has a few good attacks that do moderate damage,
but no powerful attacks that can wipe your HP out. I'd say that the most he can take
away is about half a heart at a time, maybe a little more. The Orc King's first
attack is the one used the most. The Orc King will charge Fiara and use it. Take
this opportunity to rush in and attack with a focus attack or a combo. If you stay
in too close to the Orc King, he'll do a powerful spin attack with his hammer. This
causes some damage and knocks you back, but it also makes the Orc King dizzy.

When he is dizzy, rush in, do a few quick attacks (or you can charge up and use some
magic), and then retreat. If you're too close, he'll also smash his hammer to the
ground, which can cause a reasonable amount of damage. Also note that Orcs will
occasionally come out of the mine doors. Only one appears each time, and you'll only
see about four or five in a battle, so you don't really have to worry about them.
Still, I suggest you take them out quickly so they don't cause a distraction. The
attacks that I've listed are basically the only attacks that the Orc King uses. So
if you have powerful magic (I really don't think that a level one spell is powerful;
try to do a level two spell if you have it), cast it. Otherwise, rush in and slash
away with your sword, using Focus Attacks whenever the Orc King becomes dizzy from

When the Orc King is down to 25% of his HP, he'll glow yellow. Immidiately run
forward up to the Orc King and start slashing and using combos. Don't use Focus
Attacks, since you can't afford the time it takes to charge up. Just keep slashing
away until the Orc King dies. If you do not beat the Orc King in the time that he is
glowing yellow, he'll explode and cause heavy damage. If you know that you won't be
able to kill the Orc King before he explodes, run to the far corner of the arena and
cast Cure on yourself so that you're at full health. If you're in the corner, you'll
avoid suffering damage.

IV. Goblin King(Goblin Wall)
When you start, you won't be fighting the boss directly. Instead, you must fight
four regular goblins, which will release two keys. Pick up these keys and place them
in the correct slots to open the door and begin the real battle. The Goblin King is
tougher than the past three bosses; the only thing he is easily damaged by is Holy;
Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder do moderate damage, and Slow and Stop do almost no
damage at all. I suggest to stick to powerful focus attacks and Holy if you have it.
If you can, combine some of these spells to get the level two or three spells.
Although the Goblin King has some tougher attacks, there is one very nice thing: he
has a very limited amount of HP. Yes, it is a small amount, but he makes up for that
by having some powerful attackskk that can take away at least half a heart each.

The Goblin King has four attacks. The first one is a simple attack that only happens
if you're too close to him; he'll simply swing his staff and knock you away. He also
likes to cast Thunder a lot. When you see him charge up his magic, charge forward
and ready a focus attack, then strike. Next, he'll charge up a poison cloud. This
has a large radius, and can poison you if you're caught. When you see him charge up
a green spell, retreat to behind the Goblin King and start striking wildy from
there. The final attack the Goblin King has doesn't damage you or cause any status
effects; some might not call it an attack. The Goblin King will vanish in a purple
light and teleport to a different part of the arena. If you follow his health meter,
you'll know where he is going to teleport.

Rush to that spot and charge a focus attack, then release when the Goblin King
reappears. Sometimes, the Goblin King will instantly teleport a second time once
he reappears, so be ready to release your focus attack quickly. Also, regular Go
Goblins will wander around the arena, disrupting your attack patterns. Whenever
they come on, defeat them to prevent you from losing HP. If you keep doing focus
attacks and casting powerful magic, you shouldn't have big problems with this

V. Gigas Lord and Maggie (Moshet Manor)
Without multiple players to fight this boss battle, the Gigas Lord is one hell of a
tough boss. You only have to defeat the Gigas Lord (really Jack Mochet) to win, but
it's recommended that you always take care of Maggie whenever she appears on the
field. First off, the Gigas Lord easily resists Thunder, Slow, and Stop, and Gravity
and Blizzard don't do much either. Fire does a good amount of damage, and Holy does
a great deal. Try to get Fira or Fiagra so you can hit both Maggie and the Gigas
Lord at once. Now, the Gigas Lord and Maggie both have different attacks. First, the
Gigas Lord can run a LOT faster than you, so he'll usually run up and then jump. If
he lands on you, you'll suffer lots of damage. If he lands near you, the force of
the impact will cause a slight bit of damage to you.

The Gigas Lord also likes to use his powerful breath, which can knock off a few
hearts in one hit! Whenever you see him inhale, get to the side or behind him and
start swiping until he stops. Now, Maggie doesn't stay the whole battle. When you
attack the Gigas Lord for the first time, she'll appear. Maggie's only attack is
Sloga, but that's a dangerous one. Also, the Gigas Lord has a new attack whenever
Maggie gets on the field. It's not a damaging attack, but a cure attack. The Gigas
Lord will stop moving for a moment and heal both himself and Maggie to full health.
That is one of the reason's why this battle takes so long, and another reason why
you want to get Maggie out of the arena as quickly as possible. Whenever Maggie is
around, don't focus your attacks on the Gigas Lord, unless your attacks can hit both
Maggie and the Gigas Lord at the same time.

You'll want to use powerful spells on Maggie until she leaves the screen. You don't
see her health bar, so you won't be able to tell how much damage you've done to her.
Make sure to avoid her Slowga spell, or the Gigas Lord will be able to seriously
hurt you. You REALLY need Cure during this battle, because your health will probably
drop a lot during the fight. Once you totally deplete Maggie's HP, she'll run in
front of the southwest door and you won't be able to attack her anymore. She's now
out of the battle, so you can focus totally on the Gigas Lord. Make sure to use
powerful Fire or Holy spells, and this is one of those battles where you DON'T want
to use any type of physical attack. The Gigas Lord has a swipe that can knock off at
least a heart and a half if you approach.

As long as you keep curing yourself and if you take Maggie out of the battle
quickly, you should be okay.

VI. Armstrong (Tida)
Armstrong looks like he was made out of a destroyed house. Would've been cooler if
he was made out of the ruins of Tida's crystal but meh. Anyway, Armstrong is another
tough boss to fight. Like I mention earlier, you should definitely have Fira, and
maybe Fiagra if you're lucky. Fiagra does MAJOR damage to Armostrong, while Fira
does moderate damage. Regular Fire does almost nothing at all, so I sugest you try
to get a higher magic level. Okay, Armstrong has a few tough attacks that you'll
have to watch out for during the battle. The first one is a needle type attack.
Armstrong will stop for a brief moment and fire a couple dozen needles at you. If
you keep moving, you'll avoid them easily. Armstrong also has a cannon that fires a
ball of ice at you.

If you are at a distance, he'll shoot but he usually won't use it if you're close
up. This can take a few hearts away from your health, so I suggest that you keep
moving and staying close up. Don't get TOO close though, or Armstrong will use his
swip attack, which can also eat up some of your health. Another attack Armstrong has
is a breath attack (all bosses in this game seem to have one =P). Armstrong will
inhale, which means you should move around to the side or the back. He'll then
exhale some poison gas. If you moved to the side or the back, you can avoid it
easily. If you didn't, then you'll have a tough time. A final attack Armstrong has
is a purple gas that surrounds him. He'll release it and it'll cast Slow on you if
you're touched.

Make sure to move back when you see the gas. Armstrong has tough defense, and
Thunder, Slow, and Stop do almost no damage to him. Blizzard and Gravity are okay,
but Holy and Fire are the best. Like the fight with the Gigas Lord and Maggie, you
won't want to use physical attacks here. Stick to Fire or Holy magic. The skeletons
that rise up from the ground are also vulnerable to fire, so Fiagra can REALLY help
you here, because it can take a big chunk out of Armstrong's health meter and
totally wipe out the skeletons. They like to cast magic also, which is all the more
reason to wipe them out. If you always take out the skeletons and keep using Fire on
Armstrong from a distance, you shouldn't have any major problems with this boss.

VII. Golem (Veo Lu Sluice)
Golem is like that boss Thardus in Metroid Prime, the one made out of all the rocks.
Golem has five tough attacks, that can all do some good damage in one way or
another. The first attack is a blue gas. Golem will run up to you and unleash some
blue gas that will surround him. This gas will cast slow on you, so make sure to
avoid it when you see it coming. Golem also likes to fire his two fists at you. They
aren't homing, and they fire in a straight line, but if either hits you, you're
going to suffer major damage. When you see him fire his fists either stay in the
middle of them or move out of the way to the left or right. If you're hit, you'll
suffer some major damage. The third attack is another dangerous one that can piss
you off.

Golem will run forward and shoot two lasers out at you. If you're hit, you'll lose a
bit of health AND be frozen. Being frozen is very dangerous, because there's always
a chance you'll be hit even more and take double the damage. The fourth attack is a
simple swipe that Golem likes to use when he's up close to you. If you keep running,
he shouldn't use it that much, but remember that he is faster than you, so you'll
probably be hit a couple of times during the battle. The final attack only happens
when you take Golem's health down to 50%. He'll get pissed and fire a second laser,
but this one will be red instead of blue. He'll turn in a circle while firing the
laser. When you see this attack, RUN AWAY! It means that he's about to use his
dangerous fire attack.

This attack isn't quite Fiagra, but it's quite like it. A huge ring of fire will
appear around Golem, and if you're hit you'll lose some HP as well as get burned.
Throughout this battle, Ice Flans will constantly appear. Always take care of them,
since their only attack casts slow on you. They appear a LOT during the battle, but
never try to ignore them or you'll get in trouble. Golem isn't exactly that weak to
anything, except for maybe Holy. Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Gravity moves all do
okay damage to him, and Stop and Slow moves won't effect him at all. I suggest that
you stick with Blizzard moves, since you should have a lot of Ice Magicite. Usually,
you'll get two Ice Magicite in the level, allowing you to cast Blizzara. If you
painted Mog blue, he'll cast Blizzard, so you can fuse Blizzara and Blizzard to make

Also, if you have the Ring of Blizzard, you already have Blizzard. Combine that with
the two Ice Magicite you get in the level and you'll be able to use Blizzaga on your
own, which is VERY useful.

VIII. Lizardman King(Daemon's Court)
The Lizardman King isn't that hard, depsite the fact that this dungeon probably
drove you freaking mad. What makes this battle hard is the actual enemies that
accompany the Lizardman King when you're fighting him. Coeurls and Lizard Skrimisher
(those annoying Lizards that shoot projectiles at you) like to roam the area, and
you won't be able to survive this battle until you take them both out. There's a
small chance that you'll have a level three Magic (Fiagra, Blizzaga, or Thundaga) if
you defeated every enemy in Daemon's Court. The best magic to have would be blizzard
magic, since it can freeze enemies. The Lizardman King is very weak to Holy (who
isn't?), and Fire, Slow, and Stop do nearly no damage to it at all, so I suggest not
bringing those types of magic along.

At the start of the battle, two Coeurls and a Lizard Skirmisher will run at you.
Take them out first, or they'll constantly stalk you throughout the battle and
you'll suffer some serious damage. Once you're gone, you only have to worry about
the Lizardman King's two attacks (yeah, he only has two) for a while. The first
attack involves him thrusting his claw forward at you. This attack can make take a
LOT of hearts away, so keep moving and never get too close to the Lizardman King and
you should be fine. The second attack is just like the Skirmisher's attack; the King
will stop and shoot five big projectiles out all at once. If it hits you, you'll
take a lot of damage, but he only shoots the projectiles out in front of him, so
there isn't any major worrying to be done here.

Blizzard and Thunder spells work best here. You really should use magic instead of
trying to defeat him with pysichal attacks, or the giant claw will get you. Also,
there's a unique thing in this arena that can help you: saws. You should notice red
switches in the corner of the arena when you're fighting the battle. If you stand on
this switch for a few seconds, it'll click and then saw blades will drive through
the sand. This can hurt you, enemies, and the Lizardman King. Use the saw blades if
you have no powerful magic.

IX. Cave Worm (Selepation Cave)
After seeing the Cave Worm, you may be thinking that a tough battle is ahead. Well,
you're right. This is a tough battle, a very tough one I might add. The Cave Worm
has attacks that can deplete three or four hearts at once, and then the electric
jellyfish that always move around the arena don't help either. The only good thing
about the Cave Worm is that its attacks are limited in range, so you can go near the
back of the arena to heal and be totally safe from the Worm's attacks. Its just
trying to get AWAY from the attacks that's hard. Really hard. Okay, the Cave Worm
has five attacks that are all very annoying, except for one, which can actually help
you. The first attack is the most common one. The Cave Worm will reveal it's huge
mouth and start to spray sand everywhere.

This takes off about three hearts, so when you see the flaps move out of the way,
get to the side to avoid being blasted by the sand. The second attack doesn't damage
you, and it can be helpful. The Cave Worm will do an inhaling attack similar to
Malboro's; this attack will cause you to be sucked forward, but it doesn't cause
damage. Rush toward him when he starts inhaling and charge up a focus attack and
then slash. The third attack only occurs when you get too close to him. He'll simply
swipe at you and take away three hearts. Ugh. The fourth attack is a huge bubble
that, if it hits you, casts Slow. The flaps in front of the Cave Worm's mouth will
disappear and then he'll shoot a HUGE blue bubble out. He does this all very
quickly, so make sure to keep moving.

The final attack happens only when you get his HP down pretty low. If you get close,
the Cave Worm will jump up (how the hell does it lift that body up?) and slam down,
releasing a shockwave that will take away about five (!!!) hearts if you're hit.
Okay, the Cave Wrom resists Blizzard, Slow, and Stop, and Ffire, Thunder, and
Gravity don't do much damage either. Holy does the most magic damage, but that STILL
doesn't help, because Holy never really does massive amounts of damage anyway. So
don't use magic. No, the best way to go would be to use Focus Attacks non-stop. Just
keep charging and doing Focus Attacks to slowly sap the Cave Worm's health, and
retreat to cure yourself when you're low on hearts (which will happen quite a bit, I
might add).

Whenever the Electric Jellyfish show up, kill 'em. You don't want to have to deal
with them AND the Cave Worm at the same time. Just remember that using your main
weapon on the jellyfish will cause you to lose HP.

X. Iron Giant(Mount Kilanda)
At the start, you'll see some Goblins approach and bring the Iron Giant some swords.
There will be zero to three swords presented to the Giant depending on how many
Goblins you destroyed. He'll take the swords then kill one of the Goblins, and the
rest will rush off. Okay, when you start, he'll have a sword with him, even if you
miracuously managed to wipe out all three sword Goblins. This is one of those bosses
where physical attacks work best. No, not FOCUS attacks. Just the regular 1-2-3
Combo attack, which can bring down his HP faster than any other method (unless you
have a level three Blizzard spell, which I don't think you have). This is a unique
boss, because it's attacks will be different depending on if he has a sword or if he
doesn't have one.

The Iron Giant isn't effected by Thunder, Slow, Stop, or Gravity, and Holy does,
again, lots of damage. But the 1-2-3 attack works best, so always stick with that.
Okay, the Iron Giant has four attacks, and three of them can only be performed when
he has a sword. I'll list the attack which doesn't require a sword first. When the
Iron Giant raises his fist, retreat because he'll slam his fist down and cause a
huge eletrical malfunction thingy, causing you to take quite a bit of damage. Just
run off and cure if you're touched by it. Now the Giant needs a sword for these next
three. The first one is just a regular combo swipe. He'll go horizontally, then
vertically (or vice versa sometimes), and both can hit you and cause some damage.
For the second on, he'll simply slam his sword onto the ground.

This will cause a mini-shockwave to rise up. Hitting it does indeed damage you, so
back away when he raises his sword. The final attack is rare, but it does cause
MAJOR damage. The Iron Giant will swipe his sword once, which will cause a spinning
purple disc to come out. This is a large disc, so you'll want to run to the left or
right quickly to avoid being hit by it. You should have time to get in quite a few
swipes with your weapon before you're hit by the sword. When you are, just cure and
repeat the process. Taking out the two Goblins is your choice, since I personally
think that they aren't much of a bother. Eventually, you'll destroy one of the Iron
Giant's swords. The Giant will attack you a little bit without a sword, but he'll
then jump up to an area with another sword.

If no swords are left, then he'll simply attack you with his electric move. Just
keep running in, slashing, and then retreating to cure. This might take a little
while, but it's the safest way to go. If you wish, you can run in and slash away
until you get REALLY low health. This method is a lot quicker, but you'll still have
to heal. Besides, you'll need a Pheonix Down and high defense to survive all the

XI. Dragon Zombie(Connal Church)
The Dragon Zombie is basically what it sounds like: a dead Dragon. The unique thing
about this dragon is that it can become transparent, therefore nearly completley
nullifying all attacks. The Dragon Zombie resists Slow, Stop, and Gravity, and
Blizzard and Thunder do moderate damage to it. Due to the intense length of this
dungeon, you should have Fiagra, Blizzaga, and Thundaga by now. Those all do
pratically no damage when the Dragon Zombie is invisible, but when its visible it
does a ****load of damage. Yeah. The best thing to have is Holy. Man, if you have
Holy than this boss just got a hell of a lot easier. Holy does the same amount of
damage to the Dragon Zombie when it's invisible that it does when it's visible (did
that make sense?).

Holy does a lot of damage no matter what form the Zombie is in, and whenever the
Zombie is invisible, using Holy will instantly make it visible. Now, the Dragon
Zombie has four good attacks that can piss you off and take away a lot of hearts.
The first attack is the most common one, a poison breath that takes up about 5/6 of
the platform you're on. When you see the Dragon Zombie inhale green air, run to the
opposite side of the platform and stay there to avoid suffering major damage and
being poisoned at the same time. Simply cast your spells from that corner until the
Zombie stops exhaling the poison gas. The second attack is a whirling tornado that
the Zombie likes to shoot straight out at you. If you simply move left or right, you
won't be touched.

The third attack is a laser that is shot straight out. If it hits you, you'll suffer
no damage. However, you'll be petrified, which will cause you to take double damage.
If you get hit by the laser, wiggle the controls stick back and forth to make
yourself be able to move again. The final attack is rare, and it doesn't do that
much damage. The Dragon Zombie will simply shake his head from side to side. If this
hits you, you'll be knocked back and any spell you were charging up will be
cancelled. Also, Stone Sahagins will come occasionally; take them out the moment you
see them or the battle will get quite difficult. Now, like I said earlier, Holy is
the most efficient attack to use. Just use it ad nauseam from one spot (but make
sure to switch spots occasionally so you aren't hit!) and the Dragon Zombie's HP
will slowly deplete.

It might be a good idea to come equipped with a Phoenix Down, since you might die
your first time through this boss.

XII. Lich(Rebena Te Ra)
At the start, Lich will activate two switches, which will make a protectice sphere
around it. It is invulnerable to every attack (even Holy) as long as that sphere
surrounds it. First, take out the Skeleton in your way and then head to the east
side. Cast Fire, Blizzard, or Thunder magic on the switch (I used Thunder) and then
do the same to the other switch. This will lower the sphere, and you won't have to
worry about it for the rest of the battle. First things first, CAST GRAIVTY!!! I
cannot stress this enough! Cast Gravity on the Lich and watch what is easily a third
of the Lich's health bar disappear. If you try to cast Gravity agian, this trick
won't work, so you don't need it after it's used once. The Lich is like the Dragon
Zombie because it is transparent sometimes and becomes solid other times.

The only thing you'll want to use (after you use Gravity, of course) is Holy. Holy
does some MASSIVE damage, whether the Lich is invisible or visible. Now, the Lich
has three attacks, two of which are quite common and one that is rare. The first
attack is the most common. The Lich will make a glowing blue halo appear. When that
happens, run FAR away! After a couple of seconds, an electrical storm will occur,
and it has a freaking HUGE raidius. If you're hit, you'll lose a bunch of hearts for
every electric ball that hits you (there's four or five eletric balls total) and
you'll be paralyzed briefly. The second attack is a giant rock that the Lich will
call upon if you get close to it. A spot of white light will shine and the rock will
follow quickly after the rock.

It is very hard to avoid, but it thankfully is one of the weaker attacks the Lich
has. The final attack is rare, and it may not happen at all in the battle. The Lich
will start to charge up a purple and black sphere. When this happens, move away from
it. After a while, a spell will be released and cause some huge damage if you're
hit. Physical attacks aren't really a good idea for this battle. Also, the Lich
resists Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Slow, and Stop. After you cast Gravity once, it'll
resist that as well. Holy is the only thing that can really damage the Lich, and
it's the only spell I suggest you use.

XIII. Antlion(Lynari Desert)
Like pretty much all other bosses in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, the Antlion 
is a traditional Final Fantasy enemy that has now been supersized. Literally. The 
Antlion has some weaknesses, but don't bother using Thunder, Slow, or Stop on it. 
Fire and Holy are okay, Blizzard is good, and Gravity is the best, though once 
you've used Graivty once, it won't damage the Antlion again. Start off by using 
Gravity to sap away a huge amount of HP (not as much as the Lich, but it's still a 
lot). After that, switch to Blizzaga (you should've gotten a hundred Blizzard 
Stones in the dungeon) and start to use it. The Antlion has four tough attacks that 
all sap a really big amount of health, so you'll want to make sure you have at 
least eight hearts for the battle.

The first attack is the most common, and happens only when you're facing the
Antlion's face. It'll snap its pinchers and knock you back, as well as taking away
what is easily three or more hearts. NEVER face the front of it; always make sure
you're at the sides of the Antlion or behind the Antlion and you'll be pretty safe.
The next attack doesn't damage you, but it can petrify. The Antlion will inahle some
wind, then exhale a bunch of sand. It faces only one direction when doing this, so
use this attack to your advantage by charging and casting Blizzaga. The third attack
is rare, but it'll happen a few times in the battle. The Antlion will send its
pinchers down to the ground and release a huge shockwave that surrounds it. If
you're close to the Antlion, you'll suffer serious damage when this attack is used.

The final attack happens only when the Antlion's HP gets low. It'll shoot two blue
lasers in front of it, which can cause some heavy damage. If you move to the sides,
you'll avoid it. Also, regular Scorpions will pop out of the ground and stab you
with their pinchers. This poisons your character, which can get REALLY annoying.
Casting Blizzaga on the Antlion should also hit and freeze the Scorpion. Two
Blizzaga attacks will finish off a Scorpion, and it'll be a while before another one
appears again. Make sure to run out of harm's way when curing yourself, and NEVER
stand in front. NEVER. You're a lot safer if you're facing the side or the back. You
have been warned.

XIV. Meteor Parasite(Mount Vellenge)
Well, here you are... the final battle with the Meteor Parasite. The meteor that 
brought all the Misama into your world. It's essential that you have these status:

Strength: 55+
Defense: 65+
Magic: 40+
Memories: 80+

You might have to go through a few additional years (I had to go through four more
years before my status were like that) to get your status up to that level. Along
with that you'll need to have Fira/Firaga, Blizzara/Blizzaga, Cure, Clear, and a
couple of Phoenix Downs ready. Now, the Meteor Parasite looks huge and it is, but
the actual vulnerable spot is a small tentacle swinging around everywhere. This
tentacle causes massive damage if your defense isn't high, and it has a couple of
magical attacks that can hurt you, but those come in parts two and three. Even if
you have the status listed above, you still may not be able to beat it. A lot of
this battle required you to actually be skilled when it comes to playing the game.
Oh no, not that!

Really, if you got through the game only because of high status, you're in major
trouble here. Now, the Meteor Parasite has only two attacks in the first form, and
both are very annoying. The first attack is a poison spell. The spell can reach you
no matter where you are, and you have a couple of seconds to move out of the way
before it's cast. It has a medium raidus, so you won't have to move far. The second
attack happens only when you're close enough to the Meteor Parasite. It'll smash
down where you are and cause SERIOUS damage, unless you have high defense, where
it'll take away only a heart or so. The spinning larva-type things surrounding the
actual meteor can poison you if you walk up and touch them, so never get TOO close
to the Paraiste.

Only get close enough to where you can slash with your weapon. A long range focus
attack is great, although the charging up may mess you up. Level three magic
(Firaga, Blizzaga, and Thundaga) is recommended ONLY for part one of this battle,
which is the part we're focusing on now. Slow, Stop, Gravity, and yes even Holy have
no effect on the Meteor Parasite. Okay, the Parasite is hard enough, but something
that nearly doubles the difficulty is the fact that two tentacles always rest on
each side of the arena. They will spit poison/ice (the left tentacle) or fire (the
right tentacle. Ignoring these tentacles pretty much guarantees that you'll suffer
an instant death (believe me, they hurt, and the attacks of the Meteor Paraiste
don't help).

I HIGHLY suggest you don't take out both Tentacles though; it only takes about sixty
seconds for one to respawn, and it takes a long time just killing one; instead,
equip Blizzara and head for the one on the right. It takes about six hits with
Blizzara to defeat it, and if Blizzara keeps freezing it, it can't attack. Once it's
gone, rush to the Meteor Paraiste and use magic or weapons, depending on which is
stronger. If you have a GBA with a green moogle, like I told you to do, it should
show how much each thing does. Usually, both magic and weapons will only do one
point of damage each (and it has 450 HP!), but that will have to do. Once the
Tentacle on the right respawns, heal, use Clear, and defeat the Tentacle once more.
Then continue attacking the Meteor Parasite.

Lather, rinse, repeat. It's a slow process, but the safest one (I didn't even have
to use one Phoenix Down using this strategy). Ignore the Tentacle on the left
completely (it shouldn't be too much of a bother). NEVER attack the Parasite when
both Tentacles are on the screen because, like I said earlier, you'll be eliminated
quickly. Once you inflict 150 points of damage, you'll have to fight it in a 
different area.

You are now in a lower level of the boss arena, where the area is bigger, allowing
you to move around more. Also, the two Tentacles on both sides of the boss are
farther apear, allowing you to easily avoid one while dealing with the other.
However, the Meteor Parasite has trashed the two attacks it had in Form One and
replaced it with a deadly attack that shall be known as Hell's Little Pink Circle of
Death (TM). It also has a second attack that is used rarely, only a couple of times
in the whole battle. HLPCoD is one attack that is as strong, maybe stronger, then
the Meteor Parasite's body slam. However, it can hit you no matter where you're
standing. The Meteor Parasite will throw itself upward a little and a small sound
will be made (you'll grow to recognize it).

A pink circle will appear wherever you're standing. When this appears, RUN! It has a
medium radius, and causes and explosion only about a second after it appears. This
can do a lot of damage if your defense isn't high. You can't block this spell, and
it interrupts any magic you're charging, as well as knocking you down or
interrupting a 1-2-3 Combo Attack. Make sure that you aren't hit at all by that
attack (you will get hit a couple times in the battle, but try to keep the hits to
the minimum). The second attack is very easy to avoid, and very deadly if you're
hit. You may have noticed in the first form that the Meteor Parasite retreated into
the actual Meteor area a few times during the battle. This happens once every time
you take off 50 HP.

While the Meteor Parasite is hiding, run up against the Meteor until you're running
against it. The flaps will open and about five-hundred lasers will spread across the
screen. Unless you're against the meteor, which you should be, the laser can't be
avoided. The Meteor Parasite will do this a couple of times, then reveal itself
again. Now, there's a strategy here that is probably the safest strategy that's
available for this level. However, like all safe strategies, it requires lots of
patience. But by doing this, you may only get hit once or twice in the whole battle.
Because the Tentacles are spread out so far apart from the Parasite, don't bother
taking either of them out. Instead, you should notice two rocks to the left and
right of the Meteor Parasite (a little in front of it).

Get in between those two rocks and do a 1-2-3 Combo Attack on the Meteor Parasite.
It's safe to just do two of the strikes and skip the third, but if you want to risk
it, you can go for a third strike. The Parasite will life up, signaling it's about
to do the pink magic circle. At this point, run down south a little, just a tiny bit
past the two rocks. Wait for the explosion to occur and disappear, then rush back in
and do another 1-2-3 Combo Attack. Lather, rinse, repeat (again). Seeing as how the
sword strikes only take off about one damage point each, this WILL take a long time.
However, you won't bit hit by either tentacles and you'll rarely be hit by the
Parasite's attacks. If you get below three hearts, HEAL. You can't risk ANYTHING.
After taking off aonother 150 HP, you'll go to another spot to fight it.

You're transported to the lowest part of the arena, at the very bottom of the
meteor. This is definitely the hardest form, and it can be quite frustrating.
However, using a strategy that is sorta like a combined strategy for the first and
second form, I was able to beat the third form on my first try. You are in a small,
cramped area where the two Tentacles are VERY close to the Meteor Parasite. Not
good. The one on your left spits fire and is vulnerable to ice, while the one on
your right spits ice and poison and is vulnerable to fire. The Meteor Parasite keeps
Hell's Little Pink Circle of Death (of course, it's only one of the most annoying
attacks in the game), and gets rid of the huge laser attack, but replaces it with
another SERIOUSLY deadly attack.

Again, HLPCoD is used the most throughout the battle, requiring you to run madly
around the arena, trying to avoid it. The second, final attack of the Meteor
Parasite comes right after the pink circle attack is used. A bunch of flashing
lights will appear on the larva-thing that the Parasite is attatched to and then a
HUGE amount of bullets will strike the area. Move around constantly. One bullet can
take off about a heart, which isn't that bad. However, about fifty of them are fired
at once, so hitting a lot can kill you. Now, like you did in Form One, you will not
want to eliminate both Tentacles. It takes a long time for the Tentacles to respawn,
but killing both takes quite a while and you'll get almost no time to attack the
Meteor Parasite, so it's not really worth it.

Take out the Tentacle on the left using six Blizzara moves. It's hard to take it out
this time, unlike in Form One, because you have to deal with the pink circles, as
well as the Tentacle body slamming you, cancelling any spell you're charging. It
takes a couple of minutes to wipe out the Tentacle, but be patient. Once it's out of
your way, run up to the Parasite and do a 1-2-3 Combo Attack. It's REALLY
recommended that you ONLY do two strikes and not do the third. The Parasite will
charge the pink circle near where you're standing. Like in Form Two, run south, to
the back of the arena, and wait for it to explode before rushing in and continuing.
You'll have to deal with the Tentacle on the right, which spits poison at you, but
as long as you constantly move, you should be fine.

You WILL be hit by a poison blast a few times during the battle, so make sure to
have your handy Clear spell ready. Make sure you NEVER fall below four hearts. If
you fall below five, you'll want to rush back and use Cure. But if you get to one or
two, you're in serious danger. I hope you have some Phoenix Downs left, because you
might be needing them here. Anyway, do the strike/run/strike/run strategy until the
Tentacle on the left respawns. Defeat it and continue, avoiding the bullet spray
that the Parasite also uses. Again, after you knock off 50 HP, the Parasite retreats
and simply fires a HUGE amount of bullets at you, so heal yourself fully and then
run like hell until the Parasite reappears. Yes, the strategy is slow, just like all
the others.

XV. Raem(Nest of Memories)
BOSS!!! Fine you little sorry cheater.

You face each other at last. Raem here has 300 HP, and basically one slash equals
one point of damage. Oh, yay. That means you have to hit Raem 300 times before he
perishes. However, this can actually be an easy battle, despite the fact that it
might take you a half-hour to beat. However, using the strategy I'll list below, I
didn't have to use one Phoenix Down. Okay, Raem has six evil attacks, but let me
tell you about the Minions that wander around first. There are two Minions here, a
Red Minion and a Blue Minion. The Red Minion is stronger, and has 24 HP while the
Blue Minion is weak and has only 15 HP. If you defeat both, two more will appear
quickly. Therefore, you must defeat only one. Can you guess which one you'll want to

Go for the Red Minion before you lay a finger on Raem, and avoid attacking the Blue
Minion at all costs. Once the Red Minion is down, you can begin fighting with Raem.
If you are playing with two, three, or four people, then try to cast Slowga or Stop
on the Blue Minion to keep it from attacking you as much. Raem keeps his wings
spread out for pretty much the entire battle, revealing his vulnerable spot, which
is his face. His wings are very dangerous, since they spit out Magicite Bubbles.
There are blue bubbles, red bubbles, and purple bubbles. Remember the Giant Crab,
where it spit out bubbles to cast slow on you? Well, these are just like those. They
move slowly, although they home in on you and two are spit out at one time. A blue
bubble will freeze you, a red bubble will burn you, and a purple bubble will
paralyze you.

Simple enough. Okay, whenever you run up to Raem's face to attack him, he might
shake his head from side to side. This can knock you back and do at least one heart
of damage, which can somtimes be quite annoying if the Blue Minion is behind you
attacking as well. If you are close to his wings, he will push both of his wings
together and try to crush you, which also usually takes away a full heart from your
health meter. The final attack only happens when you have gotten Raem down to 150
HP. He'll shoot from his two sides two laser beams. The lasers don't hurt you, but
they cause a huge inferno that causes SERIOUS damage. DON'T. ENTER. THE LASER'S.
BLAST RADIUS. I cannot say that enough! If you stay in close to Raem or stay far
away from the laser when it is used, you'll be safe.

Even after you get him down to 150 HP, he'll rarely use the attack (although it'll
be used more and more as his health meter gets lower and lower). Okay, you may think
I'm crazy here when I give this strategy. Avoid the Minion as you rush in, do a 1-2-
3 Combo Attack (it's your decision whether to do two strikes or three) then rush out
as Raem shakes his head. Rush back in and do another 1-2-3 Combo Attack, then
retreat. When the Minion reaches you and Raem, run to the edge of the arena and heal
if you've suffered ANY amount of damage. ANY. You have no idea how bad off you'll be
if you're hit by the laser a couple of times, so you'll want to be at full health at
all times. Lather, rinse, repeat. Eventually, you'll deal enough damage where Raem
will fall...

Raem: "You... How could runts like you fell the great Raem?"

Mi: "Raem... Though the miasma may fade away, you will now perish with it. So
please... Believe me.

Raem: "Mio! I don't want to fade! I will not fade! Even if I must possess you!
Mio... Don't... let... me... fade..."

Shattered glass. Teleportation. You are now in an amazing area above the clous,
where you can see the world from a distant view. This is the area where you shall
face the final boss. You have a brief moment to prepare yourself. Equip a Phoenix
Down (I hope you have lots left) and make sure you're at full health. Rush forward
to see your home planet, and look above to find a SERIOUSLY amazing sight. The REAL
Raem will appear out of the Gamecube's beautiful graphics. He looks so damn cool.
Ready yourself.

"I will never fade!"

XVI. Raem Form II(???)

Yes. It is Raem attached to a giant sword, with a small enemy thing below it. It 
takes place in a geourgous graphic arena, but I don't know what it's called. 
Despite the fact that he looks absolutely perfect, he is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY 
tough. But yes, I managed to beat him on my first try using about five-hundred 
Phoenix Downs. It's VERY essential that you have at least 80 memories, and if you 
have 100 memories, you're all set. Why? I'll explain later. First, let me explain 
the seven hellish attacks Raem has. The first four attacks happen only when the 
lower part of Raem's body is showing. The top part will fire a laser down at the 
screen and a white circle will cover the ground.

If you're standing anywhere but the edge of that circle, you have no chance of
escaping. If you ARE standing at the edge, GET OUT OF THE CIRCLE! This is like the
laser in the last battle, and it takes away about four hearts, meaning two hits with
it can instantly KO you. He fires this constantly, especially when you're far away
from him, so stay in close and heal RIGHT after he uses it if you're hit. This is
probably the most deadly attack Raem uses while he's on the ground. The second
attack involves the lower part of the body sending a small laser through the ground
which doesn't hurt you, but makes ice appear which shortly shatters. THAT can hurt
you, so stay away from it at all costs. The third attack is an evil purple gas of

Raem's lower body will spray it and it'll stop you for a few seconds. Nothing major,
but if the laser follows, then you're in trouble. The final attack can't hurt you,
but it is used for eating your memories (I'll explain more about the memories in
this battle later). The upper part of Raem's body holds the most deadly attacks. The
first attack is a single black laser that fires in a straight line. It can take a
huge chunk out of your health (3-4 hearts, maybe more) if you're hit, so constantly
move to avoid being shot. The second attack is fired out of Raem's twin cannons; two
pink lasers will be shot, and both of them deal about three hearts worth of damage,
which can be very bad. The last attack is a blast of white light that also does
around three hearts of damage.

Remember, keep moving to avoid all three upper attacks. Now, let me finally tell you
why you've been needed all of those memories. At the start of the battle, bubbles
which contain members of your family will start to appear. These are your memories.
If you look at your memory count, it decreases each time a bubble appears. If you
cast Cure on it, it'll transform into a tiny pink ball, know as the Ultracite. This
is the most powerful Magicite ever, which can only be found in the final battle.
Pick as many of these up as you can, since without them, you're pretty much hopeless
when fighting Raem. If you wait too long, and you're looking at Raem's lower body,
he'll suck the memory in, eating it. This doesn't really do anything to you, other
than preventing you from getting the Ultracite out of that memory.

You need as many Ultracites as possible. What do they do, you ask? Well, casting one
will instantly charge up either Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, or Curaga. It can also
cast the best spell in the game, Invincibility. The more memories you have, the more
Ultracite you'll receive, and they are the key to winning the battle. If you get
Invincibilty, a blue shield will instantly surround you and stay there for about a
minute. Use this time to rush up to whatever vulnerable point and start slashing as
much as you  can. If you're facing the lower body, you must slash the small little
enemy attatched to the big sword. This does no damage to Raem itself, but eventually
Raem will lower itself so you're facing the upper body. When you're facing the upper
body, the only real way to hurt it is if you have Invincibility.

Run up in between Raem's wings and start slashing away. If you don't have
Invincibility, then you must wait for Raem to attack, quickly rush in and do two or
three swipes, then retreat. It's a really slow process, so that's why you'll want to
make sure you have so many memories available. Cure OFTEN. NEVER wait until you have
one or two hearts, because one more hit and you're GONE! You probably WILL need to
use Phoenix Downs during this battle, so make sure to have at least three (I had
around fifteen and used all but two). If you keep slashing Raem's upper body, you'll
eventually beat him.

|                      Ending Description SPOILERS!                 NMGE      |


Raem: "Not yet! Not..."

You will be sitting in the clouds and then Mio will appear in the sky. You'll run up
to her and watch as she falls to the ground.

Mio: "Now we can defeat the meteor parasite. At long last... The world can return to
its proper course! Raem and I... will sleep for a time. But, worry not. As long as
you spin memories, someday... we will be reborn. I want you to remember... Remember
me from time to time. O keepers of the crystal... Thank you."

She'll vanish and a small crystal will appear in her place. You'll be warped back to
the Meteor Parasite, where you have to fight it all over again. Just kidding. The
Parasite will be lying there, helpless, and you'll arrive. Simply run up to it and
deliver the final blow. The whole parasite will slowly begin to explode and light
will escape from the top. A huge burst of light will appear from Mount Vellenge,
which will cover the entire world, ridding it of miasma. The sky will be covered in
a giant shadow, which will destroy all miasma. Your caravan will return home, and
everyone in your family will greet you.

"This is the final page of the journal. In this journal are written many memories--
some deeply etched in our hearts, some long forgotten."

!NOTE: I can answer any question about the game. I just didn't want to type VERY  !
!LITTLE THING in here, so I just did bosses. If you have a question about the     !
!game,! whatever it may be, email me at [email protected]                        !

A big thanks to: mefrog

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