Boss Levels - Guide for SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie

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                                   Boss Levels

The Frogfish
To Fight the Frogfish you have to perform a cartwheel to attack.After she attacks 
3or4 times the lady will appear and attack. To attack press B. The Frogfish will 
appear again. Do the same thing as you did before. The lady will appear again but 
that time you have to ground pound to attack the lady.

All you have to do is to throw the melon but beware of the enemies.

Dennis Returns
Use the SpongeBowl to attack. Beware of enemies.

Bucket-head King Neptune (Last Level)
This has a lot of steps so read carefully. First turn all the tables pressing B. 
Then he will be shooting lasers towards you So dodge them and hide behind Mr. Krabs. 
Last step is to use the sonic wave guitar to attack him. For the last few attacks 
there will be holes so avoid them.

Soon I'll have a new FAQ. Bye

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