Boss Walk - Guide for Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World

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  Welcome to the boss walkthrough. Please read carefully. On Twin Bridges,Donut 
Plains, and Valley of Bowser, there are alternate paths to take to reach the boss.  

Iggy in Yoshi's Island: Iggy will shoot slow fire balls(he hardly does). Jump on his 
head until he's knocked in the lava.    

Morton in Donut Plains: Morton will continuesly walk up the wall and drop from the 
ceiling. While he's still on the floor, jump on his head three times.  

Lemmy in Vanilla Dome: Use Luigi for this. Three koopas will pop up. Jump on the 
koopa who looks different then any of them three times. Jump away from the fireball 
and jump on the nearest koopa.  

Ludwig in Twin Bridges: Ludwig will spit fire balls and slide in his shell. Jump on 
his head three times while he's firing fire balls.  

Roy in Forest of Illusions: Use the same tecniques you used with Morton.  

Wendy in Chocolate Island: Use the same techniques you used with Lemmy, except there 
are two fire balls.   

Larry in Valley of Bowser: Use the same techniques you used with Iggy.  

Bowser in Valley of Bowser: First of all, Bowser will fly around and throw mecha 
koopas. Jump on them and throw them near Bowser. At every two hits, Bowser leave to 
think about more stradegies. Flames will come down. Wait til they disappear and jump 
in their palce. Bowser will return with Peach out, throwing a mushroom. Grab it if 
you have no power-up in the blue box. Bowser will fly near you now. After another 
two hits and the same thing, Bowser will hop.   

Reznors in Vanilla, Forest, Chocolate, and Valley Fortress: Jump under them. they'll 
throw fire balls, but after you defeat two, the platform starts disappearing. 

Big Boo in Donut Secret House: Toss three blocks at the Big Boo. Watch out for his 
undefeatable henchmen.

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