Boston Gaps - Guide for Tony Hawk's Underground

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Air Gaps
Statehouse gap-Air over the two statues in the Top-Left area of the level
Park Steps gap-Ollie off the top step near the Washington statue
Emergency Wing-On the far-right area of the hospital,Spine Transfer from the roof
down to the lower Qp
Big Dig-Air off the ramp between the two fences in the construction area to
the ramp made of wood dirt
Roof Transfer-From the left QP on the hospital roof,Spine Transfer to the other Qp
on the roof next to it
Statehouse Roof-Air from the roof of the building to the right of the Statehouse
to the roof of the Statehouse
Nice Dumpster-Transfer from one QP to another over the dumpster on
the left side of the level
Done Building?-Spine Transfer from the lower QP up onto the roof of the 
building to the right of the construction site
Fresh Air-Ramp up the black and yellow taped QP near the Emergency Wing(see
air gap #3)to the roof's QP
Tiny Transfer-Transfer the 2 QPs at the front of the hospital
Lip Gaps
Washington's Lip-Bust a liptrick on the statue in the park
Hard Hat Area-Pull off a liptrick on the black and yellow taped QP
in the right area of the construction site
Subway Token-Liptrick on the subway entrance with the 'X' on the door
Bustin' Lip-Bust a liptrick on the hospital sign to get this gap
Grind Gaps
Pool Grind-Grind around the pool to the left of the construction site
Pipe and Wood-Grind hop on stack of blue pipes to the first brick funbox in the 
construction site
Cannon Grind-Grind the cannon on the outer edge of the park
Cardiac Grind-Grind the left heart-shaped planter in the park
Transplant Grind-Grind the right heart-shaped planter in the park
Hydrant One-By the subway entrance
Hydrant Two-On the left outer edge of the park
Hydrant Three-Next to where you start
Hydrant Four-To the left of the hospital
Boston Grind-Grind hop on the two rails in front of the Statehouse
Courtyard Hop-Grind hop the two higher ledges at the park entrance
Get to Work-Grind the three high rails on the outside of the construction site(near
the water)
Hospital Roof-Grind the pool on top of the hospital's middle roof
Baby Hop-Grind hop the stairs in front of the hospital
Hold on Tight-Grind the handrail between the subway entrance and the hospital near 
the street
East Side-Grind around the big planter near the emergency wing
Around the Block-Grind around the inner red sidewalk near the park
Long Bench Hop-Grind the bench on the top-right outside of the park and hop
to the other bench on the lower-right outerside of the park
Manual Gaps
Tiny Road-Manual across the street from the park to the construction site
There...every gap in Boston.(WHEW!)

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