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               M                                                        7MM

               ~M                                                      MMM

                MM,                                    7            ,MMMM

    M           ,MM                          MM       MD           NMMMM

    ,MM          OMM                       +MM,     MMM,         ~MMMM$,

      MMM,        MMM=             , , ,  MMMM    MMMM,         MMMMM



          MMMMM     =MMMMMMMN,           ?MM    ?MMM      ,MMMMMD

           MMMMMM    8MMMI                M,   ZMMM,    ,MMMMMM,

             MMMMM,   MMM                ,   ,MMMM    ,NMMMMM8       ,M

              $MMMMM    MO    ,MMMMMMMMMMM..IMMMM    ,MMMMMM,      ?MM



         MMMM+     NMMMMMMMM                MM   7MMMMMMN   MMMMM?

           MMMMM,    MMMMM                  :  MMMMMMM   DMMMMMM

             :MMMMI    MM                    MMMMMMMM, MMMMMMMM

                NMMMM    8M        ,~,     NMMMMMMM, 7MMM   MMM$

                  ,MMMM        MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM  M8       MMM

                       ,     MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM             MMMN

                         ZMMMMMMM      ,NMMMMMM,              MMM

                          MMMMM,          MMMM                MMM

                          ,MMMMD   NMM     MMMM    MMMMN      MMM,
                          =M      MMMMM7   MMMM,  MMM:MMM     MMM=
                                 ,MMMMMM   MMMM   MM=.~MM     MMM=
                                  MMMMM,   MMMM   :MMMMM:     MMM,

                              M           8MMM,      ~        MMM

                            NMMM,        MMMMM               ,MMM

                NMM,   M,  MMMMMMMM   MMMMMMZ                MMMM

             =MMMM   8M, 8MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                  MMM

           IM,,MM  MMM  MMMMMM,  MMMMMMM,                   MMMM

              MM.NMM   MMMMM                                MMM

              M.M    NMMMMI                      NZ        MMM~
             M,      MMMM                         MMM     MMMM

            ,:     ,MMM                            MMMMMMMMMM

                   MM~                              OMMMMMMM

                  MM                                  MMMMMM

                ,M                                      MMMM7







Dishonored: Brigmore Witches DLC Walkthrough. PC. December 2013 Version [1.0]

|* Intro-----------------------------------------------------------------[0001]|
|* Skills----------------------------------------------------------------[0002]|
|* Characters------------------------------------------------------------[0003]|
|* Enemies---------------------------------------------------------------[0004]|
|* Favours---------------------------------------------------------------[0005]|
|* Corrupted Bone Charms-------------------------------------------------[0006]|
|* Main Missions---------------------------------------------------------[MM01]|
|** Choosing your Mark---------------------------------------------------[MM02]|
|** A Stay of Execution for Lizzy----------------------------------------[MM03]|
|** The Dead Eels--------------------------------------------------------[MM04]|
|** Delilah's Masterwork-------------------------------------------------[MM05]|
|** Granny Rags Recipes--------------------------------------------------[GRRP]|
|* Collectables----------------------------------------------------------[CT01]|
|** Runes----------------------------------------------------------------[CT02]|
|** Bone Charms----------------------------------------------------------[CT03]|
|** Corrupted Bone Charms------------------------------------------------[CT04]|
|** Blueprints-----------------------------------------------------------[CT05]|
|** Achievements---------------------------------------------------------[CT06]|
|* Copyright-------------------------------------------------------------[CPRT]|
|* Word from the Maker---------------------------------------------------[WFTM]|


Hello and welcome to  my second walk-through  this year, guess  this means I can
take next year off huh? Well  at any rate I did a walk-through  for Dishonored's
last DLC “The Knife of Dunwall”  and with the release  of “The Brigmore Witches”
several months  gone and with  there being  no comprehensive  written  guide (at
least on GameFAQs); I thought, why not? 

Well for those that  somehow managed  to get this far  without knowing  anything
about this game;  this is the third  major DLC for  the game Dishonored  and the
second part of a story arc about the assassin Daud. The story takes place during
the events of the main game but throws in  new missions, new areas, new enemies,
new skills and all that good stuff. This  DLC is a direct sequel to the previous
DLC “Knife  of Dunwall”,  and  in-game  events   are affected  by  your previous
actions, so you'll  probably want  to buy (and play)  that before jumping  in on
this one.

As with the previous walkthrough, this guide will not be a 100% completion guide
and will be going by assumption that you  don't want to be spotted. I also won't
be killing anybody but I'll  point out how you could if  you wanted to. The bulk
of the guide will  also be under the  assumption you're  on a low chaos  run and
wanting to collect all Runes and Bone Charms.


Blink 1
Rune Cost: N/A
Mana Cost: 20%
Teleport forward a short distance, time is frozen when Daud is not moving.

Blink II
Rune Cost: 4
Mana Cost: 20%
Teleport a greater distance.

Void Gaze 1
Rune Cost: N/A
Mana Cost: 20%
Reveals locations  of Rune and  Bone Charms.  Note limited  range when  compared
against Corvo's Heart.

Void Gaze II
Rune Cost: 2
Mana Cost: 20%
Reveals living creatures; their sounds and line of sight (yellow). Items (green)
and interactive objects (blue) are also revealed.

Bend Time I
Rune Cost: 2
Mana Cost: 60%
Slows down time for ~12 seconds.

Bend Time II
Rune Cost: 6
Mana Cost: 60%
Time freezes for ~8 seconds.

Summon Assassin I
Rune Cost: 1
Mana Cost: 40%
Novice assassin will appear and fight for you.

Summon Assassin II
Rune Cost: 5
Mana Cost: 40%
Master assassin with appear and fight for you.

Vitality I
Rune Cost: 1
Mana Cost: N/A
Increased health.

Vitality II
Rune Cost: 3
Mana Cost: N/A
Health regenerates.

Blood Thirsty I
Rune Cost: 1
Mana Cost: N/A
Execute one enemy with adrenaline. 

Blood Thirsty II
Rune Cost: 3
Mana Cost: N/A
Execute two enemies at once with adrenaline.

Agility I
Rune Cost: 1
Mana Cost: N/A
Jump higher, less damage from falls.

Agility II
Rune Cost: 3
Mana Cost: N/A
Run, climb and swim faster.

Shadow Kill I
Rune Cost: 1
Mana Cost: N/A
Unaware foes turn to ash when killed.

Shadow Kill II
Rune Cost: 3
Mana Cost: N/A
All foes turn to ash when killed.

Arcane Bond I
Rune Cost: N/A
Mana Cost: N/A
Assassins  can teleport  and  are affected  by  Vitality  (if Daud  unlocked  it

Arcane Bond II
Rune Cost: 4
Mana Cost: N/A
Assassins are  immune to Bend  Time and gain  Shadow Kill  (if Daud unlocked  it

Pull I
Rune Cost: 2
Mana Cost:  20%/40%
Pull can be used to lift inanimate objects, collect and pilfer items.

Pull II
Rune Cost: 4
Mana Cost: 20%/40%
Pull can  lift bodies,  living  enemies   are  bound and  can be  choked  out or



Daud is the  main  protagonist  of this  and  the previous  DLC;  'The Knife  of
Dunwall'. He's  an assassin  by trade and  leader of the  Whalers. He's  the one
responsible for the death  of the Empress  at the start of the  main game, he is
also faced  in the  main game  and can  be killed  or  spared.  Daud grew  up in
Serkonos, an island to  the south, just like  Corvo. The similarities  don't end
there however as Daud is also  marked by the Outsider,  and as such has numerous
powers just like the ex-Royal Protector. 

Delilah Copperspoon-------------------------------------------------------------

Delilah was a baker's apprentice in Dunwall  Tower and was a close friend of the
Empress Jessamine.  She  was spotted  by  Anton  Sokolov  for having  a gift for
painting and quickly  became an apprentice  in the  arts. She became  the latest
trend among the  nobles attracting  the eye  of Lord Timsh  who almost  ended up
giving over all his fortune to the lady.  It's unclear when she started dabbling
in the black arts of the Outsider, but by  the time of the DLC she is a powerful
witch and  leader  of the coven  The  Brigmore  Witches.  Her goal  seems  to be
possessing the body of Emily and becoming the next Empress.

Lizzy Stride--------------------------------------------------------------------

Lizzy Stride grew up Morley,  although it was apparently  a harsh upbringing, as
she smuggled herself out by pretending to be a boy and joining up with the navy.
In time she became  the de-facto leader  of the children  on the ship.  When her
disguise was discovered, by a doctor operating on her, she attempted a mutiny of
the ship. While unsuccessful  she, and a handful  of her mutineers,  escaped and
joined up with another  ship; learning  the trade and  become hardened  sailors.
When her gang  landed in Dunwall  she managed  to carve  out a territory  in the
docks. During this  time she took  an aristocrat for  a lover, who arranged  for
papers to allow Lizzy access  to restricted waters; with  a fearsome crew, legal
right to  travel,  and control  over  docks  and  warehouses  she  has become  a
successful smuggler.  Lizzy  herself is known  for her brutality  and  files her
teeth into points, her enemies fear her unpredictable violence.

Mortimer Hat--------------------------------------------------------------------

Mortimer Hat (aka Mr Hat, aka The Geezer) is the elderly leader of the gang 'the
Hatters'. During his formative years Mr Hat founded a small time gang and gained
control over one of the textile  mills in Drapers Ward.  With the outsourcing of
cheap textile goods to Morley  Mr Hat used his criminal  connections to fund the
re-imagining  of the ward;  transforming   the  image into  one of  opulence and
attracting the city's  elite. However  it was soon  discovered that  his workers
were underpaid, lived  and worked  in terrible conditions  and where  constantly
threatened by his  gang, the social  elite stopped  coming to the district,  and
with the plague now ravishing  the city the  ward is now a shell  of it's former
self. Old, and with his power base disintegrating,  Mortimer's days are numbered
in more ways than one.

William Trimble-----------------------------------------------------------------

William Trimble, commonly referred to as “Nurse” Trimble, is the personal aid to
Mortimer  Hat. In  his  younger  days he   studied  at the  Academy   of Natural
Philosophy alongside Piero  Joplin; at some point the  two had a falling out and
took part in a  duel. Both drew  pistols and  shot multiple  times but  each one
missed, in the end they  settled the matter  with a coin-toss.  Trimble lost and
was forced to  leave the  academy. He  was hired  by the Hatters  to keep  their
elderly boss in good shape, and using a series  of unpleasant means, has managed
to make Mr Hat “immortal”  but infirm.  With Hat's  health stable, but  with him
unable to lead,  Trimble  has taken  control  over  the gang  and has introduced
Sokolov technology  to increase  security.  Cold  and calculating;  his  bedside
manners need a lot of work.


Thomas is something of a mystery.  No back-story is given  and all that is known
is that he's the newly appointed  right hand man to Daud  (after the betrayal of
Billie Lurk in the previous DLC). Thomas  will appear throughout the game giving
hints to enemies, traps and hidden ways into  locations; he won't aid you in any
fights and he keeps this opinions  to himself. The only  window into his mind is
his diary found  at the  start of  the game   that reveals  him to  be loyal but
fearful of the fate of the  Whalers (although with him  leaving his diary around
in plain sight of his murderous boss, he's hardly going to be saying he plans to
stab him in the back, now is he?).


Whalers are Daud's  protégées; his  own personal band  of assassin's.  Daud hand
picks each Whaler based on individual merit; some are skilled in the ways of the
outsider, some in information  gathering and some in logistics,  all are useful.
Equipped with  masks used in  the processing  of whale oil  (hence the  name) to
protect themselves from the plague, armed with a pistol and gun, and with powers
of the outsider seeped  from Daud;  these are powerful  allies. Daud  can summon
these assassins  to aid  in fights or  distract  foes with the  ability  'Summon


City Watch----------------------------------------------------------------------

Split into three distinct sections; 

Lower Guard; drafted from prisons and street gangs these lightly armoured troops
are the weakest version  of the guard.  Armed with  a single sabre they  have no
long range attack  and are easy to  handle in a straight  fight. Will  often run
from a fight to sound the alarm and call for reinforcements.

City Watch Guard; ever since the plague jobs  have been hard to come by, forcing
many men to join the watch  out of necessity, rather than  a desire to serve the
city or uphold the law.  Armed with a single  sabre, with no long  range attacks
and only lightly armoured these guards are only an issue in large numbers.

City Watch Officers;  the sons of the aristocrats  these men are  well armed and
well trained.  Armed with a  sword and a pistol  these officers  prefer  to keep
their enemies  at a distance  while  the lower orders  engage  in melee  combat.
However they are still highly skilled with  a sword and are a dangerous enemy if
not surprised.

The Dead Eels-------------------------------------------------------------------

Lizzy Strides  gang, a  seemingly  unremarkable   enemy  those only  interesting
quality seems to be that  it's an equal opportunity  gang; with  women making up
around 40% of the crew. However that assessment is incorrect (mostly correct but
still); each crew  member also  has a vial  of River Crust  acid that  they will
throw at potential enemies  causing immediate damage when  struck, environmental
damage in the immediate  area and  a form of smoke  screen. You can  use Pull to
pluck these vials out of the air and use them for your own ends.


Witches are new  enemies to  this DLC and   function like  Whalers, specifically
Billie Lurk final  boss of the last  DLC. These powerful  foes Blink  around the
environment making it harder to sneak up  on them but at the same time they will
consistently follow an easy to figure out  pattern allowing for perusing patient
players potential  permanent pitfalls.  Once in combat  they are highly  skilled
with the sword, some will charge in while others will fire multiple shivs of ice
from a distance. Again they  will use their blinking ability  for good use, will
occasionally use  Windblast  to keep you at  bay and will  also summon  roots to
spring from the ground.  These roots  will first suck  you into their  grasp and
then will rap  themselves around  you; causing  damage and  preventing  you from
blocking any further  attacks. In  short you want to  avoid fighting  witches in


Gravehounds are creatures summoned from the void by the Brigmore Witches and are
only found  at Brigmore  Manor.  These  act  very  similar  to the  main  game's
Wolfhounds but  with several  key differences.   Firstly they  have no sense  of
smell, they can  only rely on  line of sight,  this makes  them a lot  easier to
avoid. Secondly once killed  they will transform into  a skull; if left alone it
will resurrect and  continue as normal.  Likewise if  Daud disturbs  any dormant
skulls the Gravehound will awaken and attack. The only way to permanently kill a
Gravehound  is to  destroy  the skull  while  it's in  the dormant  state.  N.B:
Gravehound kills  don't count  towards deaths,  so can be  killed on a  no death

River Crusts--------------------------------------------------------------------

Stationary barnacle/oyster type creatures  these crustaceans fire highly caustic
acid with remarkably good aim  for creatures without any  eyes. While only a few
are encountered in the DLC these can still  be a pain if you're unaware of their
presence. Only when they attack can you shoot at their soft innards to take them
down but if you invested  in Pull II you'll  be able to uproot  them regardless.
Inside most Crusts  are precious pearls,  so remember  to loot them  afterwards.
N.B: Don't count towards deaths.


Carrying  on from  the  last  DLC;  Daud   has a network  of spies   and corrupt
merchants, the latter  allows you  to purchase upgrades  and general  items. The
former however allows you to change the level  to your favour before you've even
entered it.  These  can range  from  extra items,  hints  to locks  and  reduced
security; so it's always  worth a look to  see what you can get  before starting
the next mission. Also worth  noting that one of these  is dependant on what you
did in the previous DLC.

|Corrupted Bone Charms---------------------------------------------------[0006]|

A brand new mechanic for this DLC is the  inclusion of Corrupted Bone Charms. As
the name implies these are  Bone Charms that are corrupted.  Well my job here is

Okay, okay. These special charms once again increase Daud's powers, or add brand
new unseen quirks to  him, to a greater effect  than normal Bone  Charms. But as
Peter Parker  is keen  to point   out;  with great  power   comes  problems...or
something like that. With each  Corrupted Bone Charm equipped  a penalty is also
bestowed upon Daud. There is a chance to  gain six randomly chosen charms out of
a total of nine. They are:

Benefit: Pull power distance and speed are increased.
Penalty: Mana cost for Pull increased.

Power Slash
Benefit: Daud deals greater damage with his sword.
Penalty: Sword Swings slower.

Shivering Silhouette
Benefit: Enemies have a high chance to miss ranged attacks. 
Penalty: Daud is more visible to enemies.

Splintering Bolts
Benefit: Bolts shot by wristbow do more damage.
Penalty: Greater chance of bolts breaking.

Benefit: Daud will  not be spotted  by enemies while  standing still,  unless in
Penalty: Mana does not regenerate.

Benefit: Damage taken is reduced.
Penalty: Movement speed is reduced.

Witch's Skin
Benefit: When taking damage, Daud's mana is drained before his health.
Penalty: Mana does not regenerate.

Benefit: Build up adrenaline much faster.
Penalty: Adrenaline takes much less time to cool down.

Benefit: Overall movement speed is increased.
Penalty: Damage taken is increased.

|Main Missions-----------------------------------------------------------[MM01]|

|Choosing your Mark------------------------------------------------------[MM02]|


Runes: 2
Bone Charms: 0
Corrupted Bone Charms: 1 
Blueprints: 2
Outsider Shrines: 0


Daud's Hideout

We begin with a monologue, depending on your actions in the previous DLC (if you
played the DLC) it will  change. But pretty  soon we'll face off  against Corvo;
much sooner than I'd though,  huh? Corvo is a rather easy  opponent to defeat it
turns out, simply  remember  to block when  he attacks,  attack often  with your
sword and you'll defeat him. He'll occasionally Blink around the area but if you
get hit you've always got a  health potion in your inventory.  “Defeating” Corvo
will gain you the achievement  “Parting Blow”,  and the reason  why defeat is in
quotations marks is? Yes, it was all a dream...and you might not even defeat him
then depending  on your chaos  level. Note:  Corvo is harder  on High  Chaos but
still rather easy and this “death” doesn't count towards the death count.

Dream over it's back  to reality (Oh  there goes gravity)  and Daud  is informed
that Thomas is ready for him. Did they introduce Thomas is the last DLC, cause I
don't remember  him? Anyway  before  you go anywhere  look around  your  bed and
you'll find some text-books  and a chest containing two  gold bars (very handy).
Downstairs next to Thomas you'll  find some blueprints  for Folded Galvani Resin
and Bonded Galvani Weave, as well as a book.  Just behind the Weave blueprint is
a locker containing another  two gold bars and just behind  that, in a trunk, is
your equipment, among  which is the  DLC's first [Rune].  More books  lie around
this area and next to Thomas  is his diary, an interesting  read that recaps the
previous DLC's story encase you forgot.

Don't talk to Thomas yet but instead head towards the double doors away from him
and eavesdrop on a pair of assassin's talking  smack about you. Yeah how about a
nice knife to the  throat you ingrates,  don't you  realise you're getting  your
powers from Daud?  Anyway keep  going around  the corner  to collect your  first
[Corrupted Bone Charm].  Now corrupted charms  have some nice benefits  but also
some not so nice side-affects, to me personally  I don't think they're worth the
hassle but some people like  the added challenge. Although  if you get the charm
“Statuesque” you can play Red Light, Green Light with your enemies, which is fun
because it normally ends with somebody getting stabbed.

With that picked up keep going forward and just after the doorway on the left is
a pouch of coin on the floor under a pew. Inside the room to the left is another
pair of Whalers talking behind  your back, really guys?  Your boss is a stealthy
assassin whose raise au d'etre is killing  people without being noticed, who has
just managed to fight off one coup d'etat,  and you're talking about killing him
in the room outside his bedroom? You're only lucky we can't kill you now without
getting a game over screen  or you would be screwed, we  can however give them a
little scare by revealing ourselves. Anyway  on the ground level of this room is
another pouch  of coin,  a book about  “The  Knife  of Dunwall”,  an interesting
propaganda piece that probably isn't true  if you took the Low Chaos route...and
probably is true  if you took the  High Chaos route.  Speaking of high  roads (a
nice segue, I  thank-you) up  on one of the  bookcases is  this “levels”  second

With everything  of interest  found head back  to Thomas  and learn about  Lizzy
Stride. She's in jail, you  can either go now or explore  a bit more, up to you,
once you do you've completed your first “mission”.

|A Stay of Execution for Lizzy-------------------------------------------[MM03]|

Overseer Daud  [100]: You are  disguised as  an Overseer.  An Overseer  has been
summoned to Coldridge Prison.  Your contacts will intercept  him and send you in
his place. Using this overseer's disguise  should fool the guards long enough to
let you inside.
Misplaced Rune [200]: A recent sweep of the  prison for contraband has yielded a
number of heretical  artefacts, one  of them will be  “misplaced” for  the right
Forced Requisition  [100]: Forced  requisition  orders allows  your contract  to
deliver stun mines to the prison. The key to the munitions locker will be hidden

Runes: 2
Bone Charms: 2
Corrupted Bone Charms: 1
Blueprints: 2
Outsider Shrines: 0

If you didn't  already in the  previous DLC  purchasing  the stealth boots  is a
Godsend, running is almost  as quiet as walking, quite  crouching is piratically
impossible to detect.

Well the start of the level depends on if you bought the favour “Overseer Daud”;
if you did you're disguised  as an Overseer  and if you didn't,  well, obviously
you're not. The next  section will  detail how to handle  the level  if you took
that favour, if you didn't then skip past it.


Coldridge Prison

If you picked the Overseer  disguise you'll find yourself  on the bridge leading
up to the main entrance of  the prison. Walk up to the  guards, talk to them and
you'll get a nice little  speech about how  you're forbidden to  go anywhere but
the interrogation room; that's where “it” happened. So be a good overseer and do
what the guards tell you, head towards the marked room; through the door that is
opened for you. To  the right is a  guard booth with  a letter detailing  prison
transfers which reveal a new objective (the log book), a rewiring tool and a can
of jellied eels. Through the door next to  the rewire kit is a vial of Whale Oil
(coin) and the  [Blueprints]  for the  Compact Arc  Amplifier.  There is  also a
control panel for the arc pylon, you can  rewire it but be careful as you're not
meant to be in that room playing with the security. Thankfully the pylon doesn't
have any power -source so you don't need  to do anything with it but if you want
to kill the guards rewire and plug in the  whale oil. Just outside (to the left)
of this room.

Also outside this room are a pair of guards chatting about Corvo and how awesome
he is, don't  try going  through  the door  they're  guarding  and  instead keep
heading forwards. You'll find yourself in  a large courtyard with at least three
guards in it,  in the top  left hand  corner you'll  find a  [Bone Charm].  Once
collected go up the stairs  and look to the right, you'll  find a box of bullets
and a note about  the Hatters,  interesting.   Keep  going to  the interrogation
chamber, dismiss the guard and enter.

Okay, creepy. Ignore  the immolated body and  play the interrogation  log. While
listening collect the coin  pouch, the key chest, health  potion, a [Rune], bars
of gold, a transfer note, a log book on interrogations and finally a request for
Chokedust from a friend in cell A25.

Well with nowhere else to explore  as an overseer go outside,  to the right, and
up the stairs,  Watch out  for the lone  guard that  patrols  that area  as your
disguise won't work in the  restricted areas. Open the  first door to find a gun
and some  bullets.  Following   the corridor   around you'll  find   the opening
mechanism for the cells, a note about the log-book again, Piero's Remedy, a book
about Corvo's escape and a pouch of coin.  The way the mechanism works is really
simple, the first is the cell  block and the other two  are the cell number. Now
simply flip  the switch  to  open it.  Seeing   as we already  know  where  some
choke-dust is open  up cell A25. Before  you head back  look up and  just as the
corridor starts you'll see and opening in  the roof. Blink up to reveal a hidden
cache of items including sleep darts, a coin  pouch, a medal and an escape plan.
That last one could come in  handy. Right you've reached  the end of the section
that details what to do if you took the Overseer's  disguise, skip past the next
section which details how to do the level start without the favour.


This section details  how to enter Coldridge  if you didn't take  the Overseer's
disguise; seems less fun to me personally but whatever floats your boat. 

We start in the sewers with Thomas revealing that Overseer music is playing over
the loud speakers...wait,  what? You  mean that's all  it takes to subdue  magic
powers? Why didn't they  play that music all  the way through the  Lord Regent's
Palace or over every speaker  in the city to stop Corvo?  Whatever go forward to
find out  that Thomas  isn't   lying,  keep going  until   you find  a collapsed
stairway. Provided you took that favour you'll  find the first/last [Rune]. Work
your way up the steps, being  careful as you're probably  not jumping as high as
you're use  to due to  your powers  being  sapped.  Find  the sign  saying Halt:
Restricted Area; reconsider your lot in life and give up on killing Delilah...or
just keep going until you're over the wall.

Once at the top you'll find an execution going on; seems they're punishing those
that failed to stop Corvo,  one of them is  the guard that gave  him the key. If
you save them that guard he  will tell you the cell number  for Lizzy Stride but
it's not required and  it will give away your  position. You can  instead simply
work your way along the wall to the left  of the commanding officer. Don't avoid
the centre completely though as you'll find a [Bone Charm] hidden underneath the
gallows. With everything collected find the light blue panels next to the yellow
pipe, climb on top, and work your way over the vent in the door. Be quick as the
guard on the other side might spot you.

Follow the pipes to the left  and you'll see a lone guard  underneath and an arc
pylon just a bit further on. Take out the  guard and enter the room on the right
to find a note on log updates, a rewire tool and some eels. Speaking of rewiring
just through the next door is the control  panel for the arc-pylon, rewire it if
you want some smoky bacon. Also in this room you'll find processed whale oil and
the [Blueprints] for the Compact Arc Amplifier. 

With those items collected go back out and up onto the pipes, follow them to the
opening on the left to come to a large courtyard. Blink down to the ground level
on the left side and hug the wall until you  find the second [Bone Charm]. Sneak
right and up through  the door, take a left  and then blink up  on the sign that
reads “Order Shall  Prevail”.  From this advantage  point  get a bearing  on the
guards; should be two on ground level and  one walking the catwalk. Take out the
one on the catwalk  first and then  the guys on the  ground. The one  that stays
stationary by the bars can  be easily got from behind  and strangled leaving the
roaming one open. 

Enter the interrogation  room  straight ahead  of the entrance  to find  a burnt
body. Play the interrogation  log; while listening  collect the  coin pouch, the
key chest, health potion, [Rune],  bars of gold, a transfer  note, a log book on
interrogations and finally a request for Chokedust from a friend in cell A25.

Okay go back up to  the walkway, open  the door at  the end to find  bullets and
Peiro's Remedy. Following the corridor around  you'll find the opening mechanism
for the cells, a  note about the log-book  again, Piero's  Remedy, a  book about
Corvo's escape  and a  pouch of coin.  The  way  the mechanism  works  is really
simple, the first is the cell  block and the other two  are the cell number. Now
simply flip  the switch  to  open it.  Seeing   as we already  know  where  some
choke-dust  open up cell  A25. Before  you  head  back look  up and  just as the
corridor starts you'll see and opening in  the roof. Blink up to reveal a hidden
cache of items includes sleep darts, coin pouch, a medal and an escape plan.


Okay regardless of how you started the level we should all be at the right place
now. From the stairway  from the cell  control room  blink up onto the  dividing
wall. Then  up onto the  speaker  and then  to  the top  cell. Depending  on the
placement of the bone charm (yes it's randomised)  there might be a [Bone Charm]
in cell D21 (hidden in the  toilet), or it could be an  unimportant prisoner. If
it's the bone charm  go back to the  control room and  open up the cell,  if not
ignore the prisoner and keeping  heading forwards. In  the next room you'll find
two potions  and  an  unbreakable   locked  door,  well   that's  no good,  head
downstairs. At the bottom of the stairwell  are two guards (again going on about
Corvo, don't  these people  talk about  anything  else?). Get  close enough  and
they'll change places with  the one facing the stairs  turning slightly which is
just enough to get behind him and knock him out. Move the body upstairs and then
do the same to the remaining  guard, gaining the guard  key in the process. Head
back downstairs to reveal the locations of Lizzy and Mr Penroe (Lizzy's location
varies between A00, A21, C28, D24 and D28, so you should really get this book to
save time), now go back  to the control room  and open those doors.  While we're
here we might as well open  cell A13. Also if you didn't  spot the bone charm in
D21 you should open up cell A10.

As far as I can tell  opening Mr Penroe's  door does  nothing (?) but  they must
have included  that for  a reason  right?  Anyway  make  your way back  and peer
through the keyhole on  the top level of the  restricted area (the  door next to
the two potions) and wait for the guard that's  patrolling to turn around so you
can sneak up behind him; don't be tempted  to hide in the alcoves on the walkway
as he'll spot you. At  the far end of the  walkway enter the cell  to find bread
(great), blueprints for Baffle Dust, a book about prisons and some kings-sparrow

With that collected blink onto the speaker that's opposite cell A25 and look out
for the patrolling guard. Take him out by blinking behind him. On this floor, in
cell C15, you'll find two cannisters of choke-dust,  a [Corrupted Bone Charm] in
cell A10 (in the toilet) if it wasn't present in D21, and two vials of whale oil
in A13, blink  into A13 to avoid  the trap.  With that done  it leaves  only the
ground floor. Remove  the two guards by carefully  watching their  positions and
taking them  from  behind.   Also  on the  ground  floor   (side closest  to the
interrogation room) there are several reams of copper for the taking.

All that done head over to  Lizzy and have a little conversation...well  so much
for behind able to fly. Well it's probably easier this way. Grab her, blink up a
level and work your way  along the pipes towards  the exit. Blink  onto the vent
above the alert guard (to the right) and  witness an execution (if you didn't go
this way at the start of the level). You can save them but not without revealing
yourself and you don't gain anything for  it because you've already found Lizzy.
Either watch it happen or take them out,  doesn't matter to me. If you choose to
be stealthy just head right and around the  raised platform and up the stairs on
the corner, keeping as close to the wall  as you can,. Before you leave the area
though don't  forget to  grab the last  [Bone  Charm]  underneath  the execution
platform.  After   that,   head  up  the   pipes   and  you'll   taste  freedom,

Ahem, yes well. Head down and  find the last/first [Rune]  of the level provided
you bought that particular favour. Now go  towards the exit to get the option to
stay or go, either way my job is done. Huh  these missions seem smaller than the
last DLC.

|The Dead Eels-----------------------------------------------------------[MM04]|

Sunken Crate  [100]: Allied  Whalers  will  dump  a crate  loaded with  supplies
overboard near the Undine. You will have to dive to retrieve the contents.
The Hidden Rune [200]: A tunnel dweller has been bribed to bring a rune from the
depths of the Dunwall storm drains and place it within reach of the surface.
Former  Rothwild  Labourer   [75]:  A labourer  you  saved   from  the  Rothwild
slaughterhouse has some information for you. Meet him at the textile mill.
A Gift From Abigail  Ames [100]:  Abigail  Ames has contacted  you through  your
network. She's offering  a bone charm that  might be useful to  you, in exchange
for a small fee 

Runes: 7
Bone Charms: 5
Corrupted Bone Charms: 3
Blueprints: 1
Outsider Shrines: 2


Drapers Ward Streets

We start with Thomas telling  us about how the textile  mill has started running
and whatever is inside is stirring up trouble, a gang war has broken out between
the Dead Eels (no relation  to the band 'The Eels') and  the Hatters. Go forward
and up onto the pile of rubbish just to the  left to observe a fight between the
two aforementioned gangs. If you're in a killing mood help out but the surviving
side won't be grateful, if you're not just  sit back and watch. The Hatters will
lose (badly) to the Dead Eels leaving three to patrol the local area.

From your advantage  point  look  to the right  and blink  to the  ledge over  a
window. Now when nobody is  looking blink onto the pile  of rugs and up onto the
damaged walkway. There  is an easy to miss  door here, open it  to reveal a room
with cider, a note  about a ritual  and upstairs you'll  find a war  medal and a
book about machines on-top a locked locker. You probably won't need to open this
locker but  if you  do the  key is in  the  sewer  section  of the  level.  More
importantly there is also a [Granny Rags Recipe] in this room, it reads;

“Bring a man to represent my black-eyed groom
Fetch a woman to represent me in my youth
Lay them together in the eternal circle
A wedding band, to bind them, placed on the silver tray 
Do this for me dearie and I'll give you a wedding gift”

What this means is you need  a female and a male body  to be placed on the runed
circle (alive, dead,  partially eaten, doesn't  matter) and a wedding  ring. The
ring is found outside the Dressmakers house, on the ground level. Place the ring
on the silver platter  to gain a [Rune]. Probably  best to do this  after you've
cleared the  waterfront  as  you'll  have  an  easier time  getting  around  and
searching for the ring.

From the balcony here blink  down to ground level and  advance forward. Two more
Hatters will run past so sneak up to the  waterway and see yet another one-sided
fight between the gangs.

Keep on this level  and head  right, away  from the fight,  and you'll  hear two
Hatters talking about a safe they've found.  Ignore them for the moment and keep
going to find a vial  of choke-dust  and two coins  worth 5 each. From  here you
should notice that one Hatter stands still  while the over paces back and forth,
you should know what to do  by now right? Sneak up to  the one that stands still
while the other's back is turned and take him out, now either quickly finish off
the next poor sole or blink away carrying the body and take him out in a minute.
Well at the very least these guys aren't  complete idiots and the safe is indeed
locked. Go down a level  to find some jellied  eels, just left  of it you should
find the key for the safe in  the bushes, use Void Gaze  II to make life easier,
open up the safe to gain an ingot. Jump down  again and find two pearls past the
rusted gate. Assuming you took that particular  favour you'll also find a [Rune]
along with a note from  a concerned friend.  Go back out and to  the right, in a
side drain, you'll find a bottle  of processed whale oil,  also scattered around
here are some coins. Well that's all of any  interest at the moment so head back
the way you came and  notice that there is  a large shopping precinct  we missed
when we took after the two Hatters.

Enter the eponymous Drapers and go up the stairs to overhear two Hatters talking
about a black  market dealer  overlooking  the canal; we  may want to  pay him a
visit later. Follow the path  around to the left and watch  out for the Dead Eel
that patrols that area (if you didn't take him out) and look at the far wall and
up, blink up and find Piero's  remedy. Now blink over  to the sloped roof and up
again to the roof  over the precinct.  On the glass  section of the  roof you'll
find a [Corrupted Bone Charm] closest to the river-side. 

From the roof drop down onto  the vent and then blink  onto a chandelier, on one
of the vents (closest  to the entrance  of the level)  is a ream of  copper. Now
blink down to the pathway over  the arc pylon (don't worry,  won't reach through
the floor) and blink  over to the far door;  seems you'll need  a password, well
isn't that a pain.

Go back the  way you came  to the river-side  and  to the opposite  side  of the
location of the safe.  Go down the  alley and pick-pocket  the guy requesting  a
fight. You can save  this Dead Eel  but it's rather  pointless, instead  scarper
back to the river-side before he notices  and before a gang of Dead Eels appear.
Facing the alley  you just come out  of look up to  the left and blink  onto the
balcony, let yourself  in and you've  found the black  market. Inside  is a coin
(5), a gun, a grenade, bread, powderer crystal, processed whale oil, a jewellery
box, two pears and a note from Jerome about  harvesting the flower that lives in
the mud of the canal.  Talk to the shop keep  and buy a [Bone Charm]  and one of
those flowers we just read about. Purchase  both and pick-pocket him to gain the
key to his safe. Open the safe when he's not looking and find a rewire kit and a
pouch with 50 coin. Now if you destroyed the slaughterhouse for Ames (and didn't
kill her afterwards  obviously)  and  you took the  favour you'll  find  a [Bone
Charm], the most annoying one to get in the DLC? I'm saying yes.

Blink out the window into a  vent and up again. You can  use Void Gaze II to see
two Dead Eels up on the roof, watch where  they're looking carefully and jump up
at a good time and take them out from behind; you should be able to do it easily
without being noticed but be warned one of  them does like to pace around so use
the raised  roof above  them  to avoid  being   spotted  if necessary.  In  this
guard-post  you should  find Gristol  Cider,   bullets and  a note  of complaint
talking about the corrupted  rune we should already have.  Face the direction of
the entrance to the Waterfront and you should see a broken walkway; blink up and
enter the room to  find “the Dressmakers”.  In here  you'll find bread,  several
coins, a cigarette  case, a  [Rune] and a  letter from Lady  Boyle. Talk  to the
dressmaker to learn of  Delilah. Outside on  the balcony is another  cider and a
remedy propped up in the window.

Blink down onto  the roof  over a store-front,   avoid the remaining  Dead  Eels
(don't worry  about any  items in the  local area,  you'll be  back and  have an
easier time  getting  to them  in a  moment)   and go through  the  door  to the

Drapers Ward Riverfront

Walk forward, grab the ore and quietly climb the stack of boxes. You'll overhear
some Dead Eels talking about their new boss...drowning  people in a sack, lovely
fellow. From here  blink over to the  open window to  get another briefing  from
Thomas. In this room you'll find a remedy, an archer cameo, food stuff, powderer
crystal, a book and a note from a Hatter spy. Jump out the window onto a slanted
roof and blink to the balcony on the opposite  side of the yard; two goons argue
over which death is worse;  burning to death or drowning.  Silly fools, you soak
him in oil, set em alight  and then throw  them in sewage water;  that's a worse

Anyway jump up  to the roof  from the balcony  to find another  [Corrupted  Bone
Charm], follow the  pipe around to  get another briefing  from Thomas,  he hints
that their may be a hatch in the bottom of  the boat for dumping contraband.  Go
on the large pipes hugging  the wall and once again overhear  conversation about
mysterious ladies. Keep going and you'll reach a point where two vertical panels
of metal stick up  from the pipe,  on the side furthest  from the entrance  is a
bolt shooter, disable it before  dropping down onto the  train/carriage. Quickly
blink into the area  under the pipe  (avoiding the  trip wire) and take  out the
Dead Eel/weepers inside. You'll find a [Rune],  a health potion and a book about
corrupted charms. Note you can always use Pull to get the items without entering
the area.

Go back out the way you  came (there is a  ream of copper to the  right, quickly
get it if you want) and head to your left,  towards the water. Go down the steps
and in the boat will be a ream  of copper, two coins and  a pouch worth 20. Jump
in the water and swim underneath the corrugated iron into a hidden passage. Find
the exit on the roof and blink out to reveal  a secret room; inside is an Archer
Urn, a health potion  and a [Rune] on an [Outsider  Shrine]. Pick  it up and get
The Outsider, lord of the darkness, quoting nursery rhymes. 

O-kay then,  go back the  way you came  and assuming  you took  the favour  head
towards the sunken  cargo. In it you'll  find two potions,  a gold ingot,  sleep
darts and a [Bone Charm].  Be quick about  picking up what you  need cause those
hag-fish  are painful  (be  sure to  turn off  any corrupted  bone  charms  that
increase damage if  you're having  problems surviving).  Swim back to  shore and
make your way  up onto  the roof  overlooking   the Undine.  Thomas  will appear
talking  about people  watching   us. Great!  There  are   also some  bolts  and
kings-sparrow feathers up there.
Look towards the Undine, to the right and  next to what looks like an alarm (but
it's actually a spotlight) is a ream of copper. Blink over and pick it up before
quickly blinking onto the Undine  before you're spotted  (or you can use Grab if
you've got it). Also on this  side of the Undine is a  bottle of processed whale
oil, pick it  up and head  upstairs.  In the cabin  is more  whale oil and  some
bullets but  also a lever  to start  the engines.  Flipping  the switch  will do
nothing so jump up  onto the roof  to find another  ream of copper.  The deck is
heavily guarded and the only thing of interest there is a ream of copper so just
ignore it and  jump in the drink  again. Directly  under  the Undine is  a [Bone
Charm], use Void  Gaze if you  can't find  it. Avoid the  hag-fish and  find the
hatch (unopened) in the centre of the boat to gain access to below decks.

Right as you exit the hatch you'll find a  diary entry, there is also some whale
oil, a health potion and a man called Edgar,  our mark. You can either kill him,
knock him out or talk to him.  If you talk to him you'll,  obviously, be spotted
and he will attack you after  Daud plays with him. I should  point out that only
knocking him out  will lead Edgar  to a much worse  fate than one at  the end of
your sword. Anyway once  dealt with it's time  to signal Lizzy,  go back out the
hatch and make your  way to the bridge  of the Undine  and sound the  horn. With
that done Lizzy  will return  and make  a lovely  speech about  forgiveness  and
cutting off people's  fingers.  Talk to her  and you'll  find out that  the boat
won't move (Edgar also rambles about this)  and you need to get a vital piece of
the engine back from  the Hatters. You can  now freely explore  the area without
being attacked; on the deck is a ream of  copper and on the boat near the Undine
there are two pieces of ore.  Back near the entrance (where  the two guards are)
there is a bottle of whale oil and a piece  of ore in the bin. Happy that you've
got everything  (even  maybe  pick-pocketing  a few Dead   Eels) go  back to the

Drapers Ward Streets

Do note that the  gang war has caused  plenty of the  dead bodies to  appear, so
regardless of your actions there will be a swarms of rats going around. Now that
you've got the Dead Eels on your side you don't need to hide on this side of the
map, so happily walk  through the  alleys to find a  pair of Eels threatening  a
Hatter, they even let him go. Nice of them.  If you haven't already look for the
wedding ring needed in Granny Rags recipe,  it should be in the bushes on ground
level, it'll be with some coin and another copy of the safe's key. 

Well go over to the precinct, use the chandeliers to get in unseen and watch the
patterns of the patrolling  Hatters (there  are only a two inside).  Notice that
one patrols the street facing the Dead Eels  territory and the only hangs around
the door to the mill. It's the first one that has the key to the power-source of
the arc pylon. Wait for him to get out of  range of said pylon and steal the key
by whatever means you want.  Once done blink up to the  chandeliers again before
blinking down at the opportune moment to remove the power-source. Or, of course,
you can just  rewire  the whole   thing  killing  the  Hatters.  With the  pylon
neutralised  you can gather  up the  arc-mine, whale  oil and  a note about  how
pylons work. With the Hatters removed from  the area (there may be one left near
the safe) and the Dead  Eels on your side  you can happily explore  the area for
items you may have missed;  like the whale  oil at the start of  the level where
the two gangs first faced each other. Happy  you've got everything? Head over to
the textile mill.

Drapers Ward Textile Mill

Thomas will appear  and it appears  that they're  making  shrouds for  the dead,
which is, um, not that bad actually. Anyway the place if trigged to expel poison
gas if the old man dies, seems like you may have to make a deal after all.

Go forward and up  onto the vent to  the left, you'll  find two Hatters  talking
about who just came through  the gate, one will check  out the entrance which is
the perfect time for you to take him out. With him gone get back on the vent and
go through the broken skylight  taking out the guy in  the guard booth. Take him
from behind and quickly pick him up and drop him near the entrance of the level,
If you don't the body  will be discovered.  Go back into the gatehouse  and find
copper, coin, bullets, herbs, potions and  an Archer Plate. Take what you please
and get back on the roof. From  here you can see the control  panel for the Wall
of Light, rewire it if you want to quickly get rid of the guards passing through
but also note  the ore just  in-front  of it. From  the panel  go right  to find
processed whale oil, more ore and a [Bone Charm]. To the left of the charm there
is a boarded up room, destroy the boards  and loot the cupboards to find coin, a
remedy, bolts, a grenade  and Hemlock Essence.  Also in this room  is a way into
the textile mill, provided you got the key from the guard of course.

Enter the building, being careful  of the Hatter that  paces that entrance, take
him out and be sure to move  the body to avoid it being  spotted. From this room
you can remove the  power-source to  the wall of light,  there is also  a pot of
herbs on the couch. Go through the door on the other side of the building, again
being wary of  a Hatter that  makes his home  there. You  can blink up  onto the
pipes to make life easier for you. Take out the guard, move the body and disable
the grenade thrower  attached to the  pipes above you  and the other  one on the
shelves opposite.  Even with the traps disabled you still shouldn't use the main
entrance as it's also linked to an alarm.

Assuming you took that favour head towards  Private Storage and meet up with the
Rothwild labourer,  he says that we  won't be able  to get into the  engine room
without the combination  lock...we  won't  be able to get  the combination  lock
without talking to Geezer,  we can't talk to Geezer alone  without Nurse Trimble
in the way  and the only  time Trimble  leaves   Geezer  is to check  on his lab
equipment, huh, what obvious  rail-roading. Anyway also  in this room there is a
book on the  plague, a bull  rat foetus,  Archer's  pocket watch,  a note  about
Skeeves (which talks about a lot of money in the river, umm) and a [Rune].

Well lets check out the door to the basement engine room anyway; there is a note
attached by some guy called  Pete. Seems he went into  the sewers and never came
out. Oh well time  to head upstairs  I guess.  Head all  the way up to  the top,
avoiding the gaze of any Hatters in the room  with the loom. On the section just
above the loom room level  look up and you  should be able to see  the shadow of
the guy upstairs, a glitch  I know but a handy  one, when he turns  around go up
and knock him out. In this room you'll find medicinal herbs and [Blueprints] for
Small-Scale Explosive Refinement.

Go back to  the loom  room  and take  out the  two guards  and  the two  workers
(although not hostile they  will still count as being  seen). After this is done
you'll find bullets, a health  potion and herbs near the  stairs. While metallic
salts, more herbs, hemlock  essence, processed whale oil  and a history on Lizzy
Stride in the area furthest from the stairwell.

Blink up onto the balcony and  peer through the keyhole  of the door just to the
right of it; Trimble and Geezer  are having a conversation  within. Yes it seems
that Trimble is using old Geezer for his  own ends, we're sure to get him on our
side if needed. Go  upstairs to Trimble's  lab to find  loads of empty  vials, a
remedy, powdered crystal, herbs, coin, a moveable pillow, the lab key, two books
on Gastric humours,  a still for making  potions, a  note about timers  (and how
Trimble comes  running after  he hears  one) a timer  and a  audiograph  player.
Nothing in the player  however, odd that you  can move that pillow  though isn't
it? What-ya-know there's a audiograph card underneath, pick it up and slot it in
to reveal an ingot and recipe  for antitoxin which requires  Oxrush Flower, Bull
Rat Foetus and Metallic  Salts, all  of which you should  have but if  you don't
you'll find the flower in the  black market (found high  up opposite the safe in
the streets), the bull rat in the storage  near the entrance to the mill and the
salts in the loom  room. Create  the antitoxin  and drink  heartily, now  you're
immune from the effects of Geezer's gas so if you wish to kill him, go ahead.

With that all done it's time  to make a choice; you can  either make a deal with
Geezer and Trimble  or take  out Trimble and  get the combination  via  Geezer's
death (or none of the  above if you really  want). If you choose  to make a deal
you'll have to enter  the sewers and start  the waters again to  power the mill,
then they'll give you the coil.  If you choose that then  go talk to Trimble and
Mr Hat in their room and then skip to the sewer section of this guide.

If you don't you'll have to  spring our trap; remove the  audiograph card so not
to alert Trimble and use the experiment timer  to get him to leave Geezer. He'll
come running so wait behind  the blackboards and take  him out/pickpocket him to
get the sewer  access key.  You can  now enter the  main office  and talk  to Mr
Hat/Geezer. He'll, predictably,  ask you to kill him.  Remove the whale oil tank
if you want, he'll give  you two number of  the combination leaving  you to hard
crack the last number  (varies each play-through).  Also in this  room is health
potions, herbs and a couple of notes. Head  back to the basement, enter the code
and once inside take the coil and exit through the sewers.

Of course killing and talking  to Geezer means you've  just got your hands dirty
so you can just ignore him and head to the  sewers which is where I'm going now.
Head back outside to the courtyard, remove  the last two Hatters if you wish and
drop down onto the pipes  spanning the river  in the centre of  the yard to find
the door to the sewers

Drapers Ward Sewers

Moving forward you'll  find a male  an archer whale  statue but you'll  be under
attack from those annoying river crusts,  equip your wristbow and take them out.
Jump over and look to your left and up to see yet another one raining green puke
upon you. If you're lucky each  one should have a pearl  inside. To the right is
the entrance to  the engine  room so you won't  have to  go through two  loading
screens and a ream of copper. While to your  left you'll find a swarm of rats, a
grate, a  bottle of  processed  whale  oil, a  locked  door to  the right  and a
breakable one to the left. 

Now we have a choice, if we're  doing a no kill, never  spotted run then go back
down the steps and  blink through  the gap and ignore  the next section.  If you
want to have a fight then break down the wooden door.


If you picked having  a fight then  break the wooden  door on the left  and keep
going. You'll hear  a plead for help  and find whale  oil and powdered  crystal.
Drop down through the  hole in the floor and  pick up the health  and grenade in
the grate. Now go through the gap and explore the area.

In the centre, on a raised  platform is a  “strange woman”. Behind  her are some
bolts, herbs and  a note about  how the water  control system  works.  The woman
seems to have lost her son but I'm sure nobody  reading this believes that for a
second. If you talk to her and help her up;  she attacks you, if you talk to her
and do nothing; she attacks  you, if you attack her first;  she attacks you, and
if you try to  leave; she attacks  you. The  only way to  avoid a fight  at this
point is to use Bend Time II, or trigger the fight and run away.

Anyway the witches are a powerful enemy; they use blast to keep you out of melee
range, they're quick  with swords, they blink  around and they  have a fast-fire
long range attack. They are however easy  to lose so once you've killed one just
blink out of sight  and pick off the  remaining sisters.  In the room  next door
you'll find  a statue  of Delilah  to  talk with,  in  the room  below her  is a
[Corrupted Bone Charm],  break the boards  to gain access...and  probably toss a
grenade down to take out the rats too. Once the area is clear spin the handle to
open the door and leave.


If you picked  a no death  run then  blink  through  the  gap and listen  to the
witches on the other side, blink back and break down the door. Talk to the woman
in the middle and confront her, Daud will stab her which doesn't make the others
appear (however  attacking   her conventionally  does)   and at  the end  of the
conversation Daud will simply knock her out.  Go through the next door, take out
the witch from behind, talk to Delilah and break the boards to find a [Corrupted
Bone Charm] underneath  her. Pick  up all the items  in the area (pearl,  health
potion, powdered crystal, processed whale  oil) and go back the way you came; if
you open the door the other witches will jump you.


Okay you've  either blinked  through  the gap or  you've just  had a big  fight,
either way you've basically ended up in the same place. There is a remedy in the
water below and by the dead  Hatter, a grenade, processed  whale oil, a mechanic
apartment key and a “to do”  list under the body. If you  avoided the fight with
the witches there will  be two lurking by  the door comically commenting  on the
acting talent of  their sister. You've  avoided the  fight so far, you  might as
well avoid them all together,  blink over to the other  side of the gap and pick
up the ore. Keep going until  the path gets submerged  under rubble to find more
ore and a [Bone Charm]. With that collected head right, through the doorway.

Here we'll find  another  two witches,  apparently  more intelligent  that  your
Whalers, they realise killing Delilah would  be stupid (if you want to kill them
pick up the oil-tank  just before this room  and throw it at them  while they're
talking for an easy victory).  At any rate don't blink  up to the walkway on the
right, because after  the conversation  one of the  witches will blink  up there
too. Instead drop  down a level and  pick up the wrench  and ore just  under the
entrance you came through. Be careful on  this floor because our old friends the
weepers have  joined the  party.  Wait for  the  conversation  to end,  grab the
power-source from under  the stairs and then  head to the right  out through the
door. Stick it in the machine and blink up collecting the note about the fan and
turning it  on. Keep out  of the  way and  when  it rips  itself out  go through
(collecting the copper as you  go) to reveal a room with  a dead guy in it. Pick
up the hemlock essence,  the key and open  the far door to allow  access back to
the start of the level (ore  just on the other side of  the door too). With your
exit secure turn around and look up, blink  up to the hole in the grate and drop
down to pick up the [Rune] from the [Outsider Shrine].

Re-entering  the room  with the weepers   and  witches blink  forward  under the
walkway and make your way up  the stairs (avoiding weepers  obviously). Blink up
to the raised  centre  area  and then  blink  again to  the rafters.  From  this
advantage point you can see  the where the ugly sisters  go. There is a pattern,
both of them  will blink  to the  centre platform  (rarely  together)  which  is
probably the easiest  time to pick them off,  just remember to  move the body of
the first one you take out. Once the top of the room is clear you'll find a note
about the wrench,  a bottle  of powdered   crystal  and  a health potion  in the
centre; whale oil in  the far right corner;  another processed  whale oil in the
near right; a remedy  and copper wire in the  near left; and nothing  in the far
left. With everything collected use the wrench  to activate the water pump, only
to find two  vines have  wrapped  themselves   around the  flywheel.  Use normal
crossbow bolts to take them  out without the need of alerting  the weepers. With
that done return to Trimble  and gain the access code.  If you haven't spoken to
Trimble, and you  didn't get the code  from Geezer  then you can find  it in the
apartment building  allll  the way back  at the  start, just  above Granny  Rags
recipe; use the key you found on the dead  guy just before those witches talking
about acting talent on the locker.

However you do it get the coil from the engine  room (along with oil and copper)
and haul ass back to the waterfront.

Drapers Ward Waterfront

Well so much for the levels being shorter,  looks like they just decided to cram
everything into one. With the end in sight collect everything you need and place
the coil in the engine of the  Undine. Alas this isn't  going to be easy sailing
as the Brigmore Witches attack; repel the  attack and then head up to the bridge
to finish the level. If you  want to avoid being seen  simply activate Bend Time
II when you plug it in and  run away, the Dead Eels will  make short work of the
witches, however Lizzy will  be killed and you will be  made, I can
live with that. Oh and  looting Lizzy with  gain you 25 coin. Note:  the witches
won't appear if you killed them all in the sewers.

|Delilah's Masterwork----------------------------------------------------[MM05]|

Hole in the Fence [200]:  Your operatives  will drop a rune, some  mana and open
the fence to allow for a more stealthy approach to the manor.
Thieving Butler [75]: The former  butler smuggled goods  from the estate and hid
them by the shore. One of your agents will unearth the cache for a price.
Turncoat [50]: Your agents have paid off one of the witches to meet with you and
provide information. She'll be wearing a red jacket.

Runes: 4
Bone Charms: 4
Corrupted Bone Charms: 3
Blueprints: 0
Outsider Shrines: 0


Brigmore Estate

Thomas appears  and gives us  some vague information;  snares  are placed  down,
statues  of Delilah  litter   the  manor  and the  witches   are getting  in and
out...somehow. Not the best info ever but  at least he isn't planning to stab us
in the back like the  last gal. From the starting  point look to  your right and
turn on Void Gaze, in the distance  (provided you took  that favour) is a marker
reading “shoreline”,  in-between  you and  it is a [Corrupted  Bone Charm]  just
under the water.  With the item  collected  head towards  the marker.  Avoid the
attacks from  the  river crust  (and  do pick  up the  pear, it's  handy  for an
upcoming side-quest) to find a note from the butler to his partner.

In the centre  of the flooded  area, before  the walls of  the manor,  is a tall
outhouse of sorts (reminds me of the many  English country houses I've visited).
Enter through one  of the windows  (the door is booby  trapped) and  disable the
launcher. Also in the room  are some bolts, a pear, herbs,  a stun mine, Piero's
mana potion,  a look-out  note and  another   note meant  for an Overseer.  With
everything found inside blink  up to the roof to find  the hidden butler's cache
housing another mana potion and a [Rune],  also on the roof is a ream of copper.

Everything found go back to  the start. Go forward up  the stairs and blink past
the broken section; from this viewpoint Thomas will reappear taking about hounds
that get up after  being killed...zombie  dogs? Anyway  just behind  you will be
some ore. Blink onto the wooden  strut, then onto the  next and finally onto the
pillar of the  gate (partially  shrouded by  the tree, use  the blink  arrow for
guidance). Drop down a level  and be careful of the aforementioned  zombie dogs,
to your right  will be two projectile  launchers  linked  up to the hole  in the
fence, disable them if you want or just keep  going, you're not coming back this

Further on  jump inside  the  mausoleum   (no  roof) to  collect  the bottle  of
processed  whale oil  and a  note about   the  lever, it's  in the  garden  shed
apparently. Jump back out (quickly  the hounds will spot  you if you linger) and
blink up to the side of the greenhouse, there should be a small ledge for you to
walk on. Follow  it around  until you  come to the  entrance,  blink behind  the
patrolling witch  and take her  out; failure  to do so will  lead her  to summon
roots that will grab Daud while she shoots at you. Move the body to the platform
in the rafters as another witch will blink  in soon enough. Also in this room is
a bottle of powdered crystal and a book. 

Just over the pond (which is  deep enough to hide in if  needed) will be an open
window, blink up to it to find  a ruined room with two  vials of choke-dust. Now
blink up to the next  level in the  ruined section  of building to find  several
books about gardening,  a chest containing  powdered crystal and  a note from an
old book which turns out to be one of [Granny Rags Recipes]  which reads;

“Dreary waters, hissing daughters.
Crack three green shells and steal their pearls.
Turn the spigot and drink from the misery of a broken house.
Gulp and swallow, follow, follow.
Three wet marbles down the gullet. 
Do this for me dearie and I'll give you a birthday gift.”

Basically all  that you need  to do is get  three pearls  from river crusts  and
drink from a hidden fountain; easy enough. 

Drop down and go out of the opposite way you came in, diving into the other pond
to find three coins of various  denomination. Blink back  up to the window, then
to the cliff-side to the left, finding bolts, another coin and a [Bone Charm]. A
lone witch should walk up and down this pathway so watch out for her as you head
towards the waterfall. Note: to the left  is a, I don't know what that is, stone
gazebo?  Anyway  to the left  is this building  with a statue  of Delilah  and a
small treasure trove around it; encase you haven't figured it out yet statues of
Delilah act as sentries so  avoid them, only approaching  from behind. Use Pull,
if you've got it, to gain the items without being spotted.

Don't jump down, because of the patrol witch  and Gravehound, instead keep going
to the waterfall to pick up the spiritual  remedy and the key to the front door.
We're not going through the  front door but it's still  nice to have. Instead go
left, hugging  the cliff  (ore also  found  nearby)  until  you come  to another
building blocking your way. Blink up on top  to find a roof that is in desperate
need of repair; damn witches  and their lack of maintenance.  Take out the river
crust from this advantage point  (remember to get it's  pearl) and drop down out
of sight of the door. Disable the projectile  launcher in the chair and find two
different  types of  potions,   sleep  darks and  the  lever  for  the mausoleum
entrance; that's where we want to go. Also in this room are loads of whale tanks
perfect for throwing at witches if you want.

Blink up onto the roof and drop down onto the opposite side of the building from
the way you  came. Hang  around this  area for a  bit if you  bought the  favour
“Turncoat” as the British spy  is around here. Talk to  her and she'll tell you;
Delilah plans on inhabiting Emily's body (we already figured that out), there is
a way in through the crypt and where the lever is (we found that out and already
have the lever)  and that we  will have her  to answer to  if we kill  any witch
other than Delilah (jam a blade down her throat now for threatening you). All in
all, a waste of 50 coin.

Well with that waste of time over hop the small fence between the cliff-face and
the manor, it's a small alleyway back to  the front of the house but within lies
the last river crust  we need; use you crossbow  and you're all  set to complete
Granny's spell. Also up on the platform the crust was hanging off is some copper
wire. Go back to the garden shed and activate  the tap on the fountain to gain a

Get back on the roof and spy out the area,  there should be three witches in the
courtyard and  they're incredibly  hard to  take out without  being spotted,  at
least without Bend Time  II at any rate. In  the centre of the  courtyard you'll
find fruit, cider and a key  to the storage shed. Tempting  but the storage shed
window is just  on the other  side of  the courtyard  and you  can easily  sneak
around the low area,  keeping the  railing between  you and them, without  being
spotted. So I simply opt to  avoid them, blink into the  window to find potions,
medical herb,  the Brigmore  pocket watch  and another key  to the storage  shed
you're currently in.

Go back to the roof  of the shed,  look up to the manor  and notice  the railing
along the top. Yeah that's  not just for show, jump and  use Blink to find a way
up and two witches  having a  chinwag. Avoid  them by hiding  behind one  of the
plant pots while they  talk and then by blinking  between them  while they split
up; from here you can either take them out  one by one or simply hop through the
window on the opposite  side of the roof.  Once inside you'll find  some hemlock
essence, a book and a [Corrupted Bone Charm].Either  follow this way through the
broken roof and  go left or  go back to the  alley and hop  over the next  gate.
Either way to the left you'll  find another [Rune] in  a safe in front of a tree
on the ground level, while  two river crusts pelt your  with snot. Take them out
quickly with your crossbow or else the witches will notice the commotion. 

If you took that particular  favour you can  exit the manor through  the hole in
the fence and then  get back into  the estate grounds  the way we came  in...but
where's the fun in that? Creep towards the house and when in range blink up onto
the scaffolding, jump once  again to the higher level  and then onto the balcony
of where we just came from  to find some kings-sparrow  feathers. Now blink over
to the balcony above the front  door, keep going to the  lower scaffolding, hide
behind the rock before blinking up to the  ledge and working yourself around the
side of the greenhouse. I should  point out that two witches  will appear in the
ruined house talking about how they're fed  up of hearing about Daud, just below
where you found Granny Rags'  recipe; not sure why these  pair spawn now and not
earlier. Anyway  use the lever  on the crypt  door and enter...of  course  being
careful to avoid the hounds of hell.

Inside the crypt will be a swarm of rats, a trip wire and a jewellery box on one
of the tombs. Run towards the tripwire and  crouch quickly to slide. Just to the
right with be a Delilah statue  (eyes covered) with a  [Bone Charm] in front. Of
course the moment  you take it the  statue moves, even  using Grab causes  it to
move. I'm not sure if this counts against  you being spotted or not, so why risk
it? Use Bend Time  II to pick  up the charm  and move out  of the way  before it
reacts; it'll still make  a noise but when  you come back you'll  see it's still
shielding it's eyes. I call that a win-win. Also note that if you go back to the
entrance  of the crypt  two  witches  are there  discussing  how  the lever  has
magically reappeared,  they lay in wait for  your return (we're  not returning).
Anyway enter the Manor proper through the crypt door.

Brigmore Manor

Well we've finally  made it into the  Brigmore Manor  and the place  is crawling
with witches so it'll be a tough cookie to  fight it's a good thing
I'm focusing on stealth  then. From the crypt  entrance go up the  stairs and to
the right in a bookshelf should be one of Sokolov's Potions and a pouch of coin.
Move forward and a witch should blink in,  and then blink further down. Don't go
through the  door,  the floor  is littered  with  Gravehound  skulls  that  will
activate if you go out. You could pull the skulls in and then quickly swipe them
before the activate but why go to all that  effort? Instead blink up through the
collapsed ceiling. Turn around  from the way you came,  go past the corridor and
into a room  with a deranged  Overseer  propped  up against  the wall.   In here
you'll find the Overseer's orders, a memo  on his interrogation, a stun mine and
a [Bone Charm].

You can either wait for one of the witches to walk past the door and remove them
form the equation or just ignore her. Go back out the door, to the left and then
left again through a  collapsed corridor to  find a [Corrupted  Bone Charm]. You
should be safe in this room  so relax and find the Brigmore  Sextant. Keep going
and to the left you'll find a locked door requiring the library key (is that the
one with the picture  of a sword or  armour on it,  I forget); peak  through the
lock to hear a conversation, charming people these witches.

Go to the  left,  on top  of  the  bath to  avoid  the  trip-wire,  disable  the
projectile-firing-thingy.  Go forward a little  bit and use void  gaze to notice
that there is a gravehound quite close to  you. Wait for it to turn around, pick
up the feathers and then blink  up a storey. Once again  use void and notice all
the lovely projectile-launchers  waiting for you; disable  them and congratulate
yourself for finding Delilah's studio. Pick up the processed whale oil, the coin
worth 10, read Delilah's  journal  and pick up that  annoying sounding  lantern.
Behind the lantern you'll  also find the key  for the east wing  and on the over
side of the room is another  coin and a cigarette case.  Drop down the hole near
the case to find two more coins and a statue  of an archer whale; be vary of the
witch and hound  lurking about.  Now you can  either go  back the way  you came,
there is not  much point  going down  this  corridor  but  I did it  anyway, not
interested, skip the next paragraph.

Normally I try to  use tactics that  require the bare  minimum of abilities  but
sorry; I can't figure  out another  way to get around  the Gravehound,  inactive
Gravehound skull,  the witch  in the  corridor and  the witch  in the next  room
without using Bend Time II. If you haven't got that skill by now, um, good luck?
Anyway Time  Bend past  those three  threats,  open the  double door,  close  it
immediately afterwards,  strangle  the witch and carry  the body before  quickly
blinking up a level through  the ruined roof.  Almost immediately  after another
witch will blink in,  don't interrupt her  while she's reading  but instead wait
for her to put down the  book before attacking  and moving the  up another level
again. Drop down and once again activate Bend Time to give you a chance to crush
the three Gravehound skulls that wait for  you in front of the door. Use the key
and you'll find yourself right next to the front door of the manor.

However you go here you're once again back in the foyer of the front door, go up
a level and on the right side, the side away  from the collapsed corridor you'll
find two witches on a  level higher than you  talking about the  fate of Timish;
once the conversation  is done they'll  both   blink down  a level  so don't  be
standing  out in the  open  (one has  a key  you  need,  so you  have to  get it
somehow). They should  be easily enough to  take out as they don't  look at each
other that often, so do that, moving the bodies, and blink up to where they were
talking. Up here you'll find sausages and inside the locked chest a remedy and a
[Bone Charm], keep going to  the left and you'll find  more chests with potions,
mines and a [Rune].  Also in  the centre of  the room is  a note saying  how you
shouldn't put  a different painting  in the  place of the  target, because  that
would be very bad...gee I wonder what we're going to be doing in a minute?

Drop down a level (you should  be safe but keep sneaking  to be sure) to collect
all the goodies in the  local area including  more potions, cider,  food, a note
from Delilah, herbs, etc, etc. Drop down to the ground floor and carefully watch
the movements of the remaining witches. You  should be able to take a few out as
they patrol the area  and then quickly blink  them up to the relative  safety of
the higher levels. Now it's simply a case of picking them off one by one as they
walk past wondering “one  of my sisters has  gone missing”. It's  really easy as
well as more often than not  they'll walk in completely  different directions to
each other and in five minutes you've got a pile of women. 

Happy with the reduced number collect the items lying around and go around the L
bend up the stairs on the left  (avoiding the remaining  witches further along).
Should be one witch  up the top and  a Brigmore Medal  to collect in  one of the
holes in the floor. Left  of the entrance  is a health elixir,  some bolts and a
note saying how  stupid you  are. Look up  and Blink up  another level,  use the
rafters above to get to the  far end of the room, now  look left, downwards, and
blink into the doorway.  Follow the  room towards the  location marked  Gallery.
Disabling the projectile-launchers,  collecting  the herbs and  blinking through
the tripwire into the final room. Disable  the two final witches and collect the
three processed whale oils, the remedy and  bolt lying around. When you're ready
use the lantern on the marked board/painting.

The Void

By the Outsider,  the Outsider!  Yay, we're  interesting  again! That  is a good
thing right? Anyway  the final section  of the game  is disappointingly  easy if
you're going for a non-lethal  run. Walk up the steps  in front of you, blink to
the roof-tops on the  other-side of the courtyard.  Find the painting  that just
happens to be here and that isn't guarded at all. Go back to the courtyard, wait
for Delilah to turn  her back, replace  the painting,  and watch the  fireworks.
Well done, you've just completed the game.

Now if you want  a good  battle then,  well, you've  got a battle  at any  rate.
Delilah is basically  just like all  the other witches;  the only difference  is
that all the statues in the  area will come alive and  attack it's like
fighting a group of witches. Slightly difficult  but not too much of an issue if
you've got a lot of health  potions. If you can either  go straight up to her or
one of the statues to start  a conversation or you can  dive on her and take out
one of her bodies that way (that starts the fight right away). As always you can
use your assassins to  take the heat off you  and yes you can even  run away and
hide if you want. Once you've defeated her she'll stand in front of the painting
and you'll get a very nice finisher.

Been a good boy?  Didn't kill wantonly,  didn't cause  needless suffering?  Well
then Corvo will let Daud  live. If you weren't  such a good boy  then, he won't.
And damn, only just realised but that mask is scary. 

|Granny Rags Recipes-----------------------------------------------------[GGRP]|

Carrying on from the last DLC Daud can find vague instructions written by Granny
Rags, completion  of these will  reward the  player with  a Rune. There  are two
recipes in the game (just  like the last DLC)  and, do me at least,  they seem a
lot easier to figure out. Without further ado here they are;


Level: The Dead Eels.
Location: Draper  Ward Streets;  the  apartment  through the  double doors  just
opposite the start of the level.
“Bring a man to represent my black-eyed groom
Fetch a woman to represent me in my youth
Lay them together in the eternal circle
A wedding band, to bind them, placed on the silver tray 
Do this for me dearie and I'll give you a wedding gift”
Instructions: Place a woman and a man in the runed circle. It doesn't matter the
state of the  body at the  time, unconscious,  dead  or just  a torso; it  works
regardless. Next find  the wedding ring found  outside the Dressmakers  near the
entrance to the Riverfront. It's on ground level, hidden in the bushes near some
coins and a  key for a safe;  probably  easier to  search for  this when  you're
friendly with the Eels.  Once you have the  ring place it on the  silver platter
just to the right of the circle and you'll gain a rune.


Level: Delilah's Masterwork.
Location: Brigmore Estate, in the ruined building coming off the greenhouse, top
“Dreary waters, hissing daughters.
Crack three green shells and steal their pearls.
Turn the spigot and drink from the misery of a broken house.
Gulp and swallow, follow, follow.
Three wet marbles down the gullet. 
Do this for me dearie and I'll give you a birthday gift.”
Instructions: First of all you need three pearls from river crusts; there is one
by the shoreline, two  to the right of the  front door, one in  the little alley
way going right to the back  of the house, one hanging  in the back of the house
and one in the garden shed.  Now the garden shed is where  you pick up the lever
for the entrance to the crypt and it's also where the fountain you need to drink
from is placed. Once  you have any  three pearls simply  turn the handle  on the
fountain to make a rune appear.



------------------------------Choosing your Mark--------------------------------
------------------------------Daud's Hideout------------------------------------
1; Found in the chest near Thomas.
2: Found in the library on top of the bookshelves.
A Stay of Execution for Lizzy
------------------------------Coldridge Prison----------------------------------
3: In the interrogation room, to the rear on the right.
4: Found just outside the sewer entrance at the start of the level [favour].
------------------------------The Dead Eels-------------------------------------
------------------------------Drapers Ward Streets------------------------------
5: In the  apartment  building  just  in-front  of the  entrance  [Granny  Rags'
6: Found in the dried up waterway near the locked safe [favour].
------------------------------Drapers Ward Riverfront---------------------------
7: Opposite the Undine, under  the pipes, in an area blocked  off where the Dead
Eels keep the infected.
8: In a hidden room below  the building next  to the Undine, take  the submerged
passage to reach it.
------------------------------Drapers Ward Textile Mill-------------------------
9: Found in the same room as  the Rothwild labourer, or  in the room to the left
of the main entrance of the mill.
10: In the room with the faulty fan, jump  the grate to the right and find it on
an Outsider Shrine.
------------------------------Brigmore Manor------------------------------------
------------------------------Brigmore Estate-----------------------------------
11: Found in the butler's cache on the roof  of the outhouse by the start of the
level [Favour].
12: Found in the same shed with the lever, after finding three pearls from river
crusts drink from the fountain [Granny Rags' Recipe].
13: Facing the front door of  the manor; the rune is to  the right in front of a
tree by two river crusts.
------------------------------Brigmore Manor------------------------------------
14: Found in  the attic  above the front  door,  locked in a  chest. One  of the
witches in the immediate area will have the key.

|Bone Charms-------------------------------------------------------------[CT03]|

------------------------------A Stay of Execution for Lizzy---------------------
------------------------------Coldridge Prison----------------------------------
1: In the courtyard, top left corner (from when you first enter it).
2: Underneath the execution platform in the yard.
------------------------------The Dead Eels-------------------------------------
------------------------------Drapers Ward Streets------------------------------
3: Bought from the black-market.
4: Found in Jerome's safe [Favour].
------------------------------Drapers Ward Riverfront---------------------------
5: Found in the sunken cargo near the Undine [favour]
6: Directly underneath the Undine.
------------------------------Drapers Ward Textile Mill-------------------------
7: Opposite the entrance in what looks like a photo-booth.
------------------------------Drapers Ward Sewers-------------------------------
8: Underneath the statue of Delilah, break the boards to enter.
9: After exiting  the fight  with the witches  go left until  the path  turns to
rubble, it'll be at the end there.
------------------------------Delilah's Masterwork------------------------------
------------------------------Brigmore Estate-----------------------------------
10: Coming out of the ruined  room off the greenhouse,  on the cliff-side to the
left on a chair.
------------------------------Brigmore Manor------------------------------------
11: First floor, in the room with the deranged Overseer.
12: Directly above the front door, on the  highest level, in a locked chest. One
of the witches in the immediate area will have a key.

|Corrupted Bone Charms---------------------------------------------------[CT04]|

------------------------------Choosing your Mark--------------------------------
------------------------------Daud's Hideout------------------------------------
1: Just outside Daud's room on a table next to a Whaler. 
------------------------------A Stay of Execution for Lizzy---------------------
------------------------------Coldridge Prison----------------------------------
2: In A10 or D21, found in the toilet.
------------------------------The Dead Eels-------------------------------------
------------------------------Drapers Ward Streets------------------------------
3: On the glass section of the roof over the shopping precinct.
------------------------------Delilah's Masterwork------------------------------
------------------------------Brigmore Estate-----------------------------------
4: From the starting point, just to the right, underwater. 
5: In the ruined attic, found at the rear of the manor.
Brigmore Manor
6: From the room with the deranged Overseer  go left and left again, through the
collapsed corridor. 


------------------------------Choosing your Mark--------------------------------
------------------------------Daud's Hideout------------------------------------
1:  Folded Galvani Resin: On the table next to Thomas.
2:  Bonded Galvani Weave: On the table next to Thomas.
------------------------------A Stay of Execution for Lizzy---------------------
------------------------------Coldridge Prison----------------------------------
3:  Compact  Arc Amplifier:   Found  in the security   booth through  the  first
security door.
4: Baffle Dust: Cell A25, top floor.
------------------------------The Dead Eels-------------------------------------
------------------------------Drapers Ward Textile Mill-------------------------
5: Small-Scale Explosive  Refinement:  on the desk  of the room just  outside of
Trimble's lab.

| Achievements-----------------------------------------------------------[CT06]|

Standard Achievements

Breakout: Break Lizzy Stride out of Coldridge Prison.
Deal Maker: Purchase at least 8 favours in The Brigmore Witches.
Gangs of Dunwall: Restore the Undine to working condition.
All Come To Ruin: Complete The Brigmore Witches in High Chaos
Changed Ways: Complete The Brigmore Witches in Low Chaos.
Enough Coin To Disappear: Survive The Brigmore  Witches in low chaos with 10,000
Cleanest Hands: Complete The Brigmore Witches without killing anyone.
Silence Is Golden: Complete The Brigmore Witches without alerting anyone.

Secret Achievements

Parting Shot: You delivered (or attempted) the killing blow on Corvo.
Wall of Flesh: You used an  enemy lifted with Pull as  a shield (works for melee
attacks too).


Everything in my guide has been my own work; only I could make the kind of
grammatical  errors that  I have made,  call it  my thumbprint. But I would be
amiss not to mention  that has been a great 
reference and you should check it out if you wish to know more about the world 
of Dishonored.
If you wish to use this guide for non-profit reasons then please feel free to
use it without my permission although I do ask you credit me if you do,
thank you.

And yes this section  was copied from my last  walkthrough, I credit  myself for
this paragraph!

Oh and a major thank-you to Selmiak's website for providing an easy way to
format the guide, check out the url below if you're interested;

| Word from the Maker----------------------------------------------------[WFTM]|

Well that was Dishonored; I really get the  need to replay the main game now and
attempt to ghost  it, which  I guess is the  best compliment  you can  give to a
piece of DLC. I mean I probably won't, got several hundred (thank you Steam, GOG
and Humble Bundle) games I  haven't got around to playing,  but I have a feeling
that desire will build as time passes. As  for the DLC itself; I'm slightly less
impressed with it when compared  against Knife of Dunwall  but it's still a good
farewell for the old gal. It was apparently  longer, as this guide is 4000 words
longer than the previous  guide, but  somehow it didn't  have the same  sense of
expansion the first had. Speaking  of guides I hope mine  helped; need to get in
contact? E-mail me at Jallen9000(at) with a clear title.


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