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                            Cars with full descriptions

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                  Manana: One good starting car. Pretty like junk on races. one of 
the cars wanted in sunshine autos(in litte havana near the airport.)To drive short 
distance to medium distance because of sluggish speed.

                  Sabre/Sabre Turbo:Fast but dont get it too often. either complete 
sunshine autos mission.(Find all cars on the list buy building first and complete 
2nd list.)Good on races but the setinel XS can penetrate soon.(one car for sunshine 
autos, only the Sabre.)

                  Blista Compact:Again slow and sluggish but will be faster than 
the Manana. it's like the Toyota Corolla.(is one car for sunshine autos.)averange 
car but would just make the whole of vice city a smooth trip.

                  Hermes/Cuban Hermes:Averange car but also a a fine car for 
tricking Cubans. you might want to get one and go get some cuban threads and be a 
Cuban!!! If you want to be a Cuban then you must kill the Haitians. Which will be 
impossible.(one car for sunshine autos. Cuban Hermes only.)

                 Stallion:One roofed and one unroofed, strange eh? moslt averange 
but you will look like a cool guy.

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