Celadon City Department Store - Guide for Pokemon: FireRed

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  Celadon Dept. Store, one of the most complete collection of many items under one
roof. Use this guide to keep you from climing floor after floor looking for the
perfect item.

1F:Service Counter
2F:Trainer's Market
3F:TV Game Shop
4F:Wise Man Gifts
Rooftop Square

Floor #1: Service Counter,nothing to see,moving right on along.

Floor #2: Top-Grade Items For Trainers,Trainer's Market

          Clerk 1                  Clerk 2   
 -----------------------     --------------------
TM O5 Roar    - $1000        Great Ball   -$600
TM 15 Hyper Beam    - $7500  Super Potion   -$700
TM 28 Dig    - $2000         Revive     -$1500
TM 31 Brick Break   -$3000   Antidote   -$100
TM 43 Secret Power   -$3000  Parlyz Heal  -$200
TM 35 Attract    -$3000      Awakening     -$250
                             Burn Heal    -$250
                             Ice Heal     -$250
                             Super Repel    -$500

Floor #3: Nothing at all exept a Move Tutor who teaches Counter. Moving along.

Floor #4: Express yourself with gifts!Wise Man Gifts
                  Poke Doll  -$1000
                  Retro Mail -$50
                  Fire Stone -$2100
                  Thunderstone -$2100
                  Leaf Stone  -$2100
                  Water Stone  -$2100
                  Leaf Stone   -$2100

Floor #5: Drugstore.Stat changing items.

            Clerk 1             Clerk 2
     --------------------    ---------------
     HP UP - $9800           X Attack-$500
     Protein - $9800         X Defend-$550
     Iron - $9800            X Speed-$350
     Calcium -$9800          X Special-$350
     Zinc  -  $9800          X Accuracy-$950
     Carbos - $9800          Guard Spec.-$700
                             Dire Hit-$650

Rooftop Square:Vending Machines with healing drinks that if you give one of each to
the little girl, she'll give you a TM for each drink. Thank you for reading my FAQ.


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