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                           RESIDENT 4 Evil

                         Made by Gam3 Fr3ak

          Chapter 4-4  Boss Fight: Salazar and the Tentical Monster

                Toughness of Battle:  easy    medium   ((High))

 Outside of the door to the boos fight is a merchant. Before you  enter you should 
buy these things or equip them.
|                 |
|  Useful Items   |

Ammo for all weopons
First Aid Spray: x2
|                 |
|  Weapons   |

(pstl) Punisher
(pstl) Revolver
(pstl) If you have a current pistol that has a higher level then those listed above 
then take it too.

Advanced Sniper Rifle
Mine Thrower
RPG aka bazuka  ( If you do not have room then make some because this weopon is 
really useful.

Equip your punisher 

 Now your packed up and ready to finally get rid of Salazar once and for all. Enter 
the door and there will be a cut scene  of Salazar and one of his Minions. He will 
tell you that they have taken ashley to an island. Then Salazar will be sucked into 
the monster and he will become part of it. ( Press select to skip cut scene)

|                              |
|  Description of Monster      |

 This monster is like an Octopus except with only three tenticals.  There are two 
regular tenticals on both the right and left sides. They will only try to grab or 
hit you. The middle tentical is the ugliest of all. It has a mouth full of sharp 
teath and sometimes tries to eat you. But that will not happen at all if you follow 
my direction. You can also see that he has one red eye. Eww!!   Behind  the middle 
tentical is something that looks like a gate and inside there hides Salazar.

|                                |
| Description of Room            |

  This is a pretty big room with two floors. Right now you are on the platform  
(top floor). It has some shotgun ammo on it along with a few green herbs. On the 
bottom floor you will find some creatures that look like spiders. Avoid them and 
don't spend time on them.
Down there are vases that you can break to get more herbs for you and ammo for your 
weopons. If you ever fall down there, there will be two ladders on the side to get 
back up on the platform.   

   Caution: Be careful down there becasue the middle tentical can some times smash 
his head into to you.

|                    |
| Walkthrough        |

 You have your punisher equiped. Now run towards the far left of the platform. The 
left tentical will  be there. Shoot it two or three times to get rid of it for a 
while ( This is recomended) . Or you can just do it the old fasion way which will 
be way harder and dodge every single swing that the tentical makes. Repeat this 
step if it comes back out again. Now the main tentical has a few moves. His main 
move is smashing his head against the top platform. You will never get hit if you 
get really far back to the left because his head can't reach that far. His second 
move is to eat you and you will die right away. Thats probably what everybody needs 
help on. He does that only when you stand in the middle of the platform for to 
long. Thats why I told you to go far left. The only time you should go to the 
middle is when you shoot Salazar once his cage opens.

Now where was I, oh yeah you took out the left tentical and now take out your shot 
gun and shoot the red eye twice. If the tentical does the head smash while your in 
the proccess of shooting the eye, just go to the far left. If you shot the eye 
twice the cage should open leaving salazar open for fire. Equip your bazuka and aim 
towards him and shoot. You are now out of ammo for the bazuka. If his cage is still 
open then take out the mine thrower and shoot it at his big bubble on his chest or 
aim for his small wierd shaped head. If the cage closes go to the far left and if 
the left tentical is out shoot it with the shotgun ( 1 shot) or a pistol           
( 2 to  3 shots). Now keep on repeating everything.  

1. Shoot Eye----Shotgun ( 2 shots)
2. Shoot Salazar in head or chest----Mine Thrower ( as many times as you can)
3. Run to far left and shoot left tentical----Pistol or Shotgun( P=2 or 3  S=1)
4. Aviod head smashes----Go to far left of platform.
5. Keep Repeating Steps

Note: If you need ammo go down to the lower platform and shoot the vases for ammo 
and health.

...................Phew, you finally defeated Salazar. Catch your breath and go to 
the dead monster and your reward will be .......well you can find that out for 
yourself. Exit out of the next door to go to chapter 5.

Thank you for your time in reading this

If you still need help, my new screen name is  FHNsoccerboy06

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