Character-Track Guide - Guide for Crash Nitro Kart

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Beginners- Coco, N. Gin, Zam, Polar
Intermediate- Crash, Cortex, Nirtus Oxide, N. Trance, Fake Crash
Advanced- Crunch, Tiny, Zem, Dingodile
Other- Pura, N. Tropy
 (This guide excludes Velo)

Inferno Island- Advanced characters or N. Tropy. This track is flat and mainly
straight, I recommend the speed in the advanced characters or N. Tropy because of
his great speed and acceleration

Jungle Boogie- Pura is my answer to this map. Pura offers the best balance of
speed and handling in the game. Handling helps on this map, but speed is handy also. 

Tiny Temple- Advanced characters. Speed is the key to this map, the turns are
loose enough for the big guys to handle. 

Barin Ruins- Intermediate characters or N. Tropy. This track is one of the most
versatile tracks on the game so that calls for the most versatile drivers. 

Meteor Gorge- Beginner characters. This track offers enough jumps and turbos for
the beginners to keep up. I recommend beginners so you can take the turns more
sharp and get out ahead. 

Deep Sea Driving- Advanced characters. This track is speed heaven. Hardly any
sharp turns and a lot of turbos and jumps. 

Out of Time- Beginner characters or Pura. This track is pretty curvy, the turn on
top of the clock is deadly to advanced characters but a breeze for beginner

Clockwork Wumpa- Beginner characters. This track is covered in sharp turns. The
moderate acceleration in beginner karts helps if hit one of many traps on this track. 

Thunderstruck- Intermediate Characters or N. Tropy. This track has straight-aways,
turns, and jumps. Be prepared. 

Assembly Lane- Intermediate characters, Advanced characters, N. Tropy, or Pura.
You can play this track with many varieties of characters. There are tough turns
but beginners are over-matched on this track. 

Android Alley- Intermediate characters or N. Tropy. You need a good combination of
every stat for this track, which these characters have just that. 

Electron Avenue- Beginner characters, Pura, or N. Tropy. You need some good
handling for this monster course, but if you feel too slow, use N. Tropy or Pura. 

Hyper Spaceway- Anyone. This course offers so many different parts to it, that
anyone you use would have a strength and a weakness somewhere on the track.

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