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                         Charcters, Races, Jobs and More


1. Welcome to my guide. In this guide it will show all the things you need to know 
about Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. And at the end of the guide I will tell you how 
to beat a mission that is a little complicated. Hope you enjoy!Also check out my 
guide for Metal Gear Solid: the twin snakes!!!

2. There are many characters in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance that you may not know 
much about. Well here are some of the main characters.
                                          Info: Young Teen
      Marche Radiugi                      Hair: Blond
      The Hero                            Clothing: Blue shirt
      Race: Human                                   Red Pants

The game begins soon after Marche moves to St.Ivalice. The reason he moves there is 
because his mom and his dad got a divorce and that is were his mom lived when she 
was a child. In addition  Marches little brother Doned, illness was getting worse 
every day. But when all of Ivalice changes, will Marche be able to restore the world 
and make it back to normal or will it stay like that forever?
                                          Info: Short Moogle
      Montblanc                           Hair: Blond and Light Brown
      Marches freind                      Clothing: Green shirt                      
      Race: Moogle

Montblanc runs into Marche in the begining of the game. Marche is very confused but 
Montblanc tells Marche most of the things he needs to know. After Marche and 
Montblanc get done with fighting the two Bangaa's Montblac lets Marche join his 
clan. Montblanc may seem small but he packs a powerful punch.

                                          Info: Young Teen
      Mewt Randell                        Hair: Brown
      The other Hero                      Clothing: Yellow shirt
      Race: Human                                   Red Pants

Mewt is Marche and Ritz classmate. Mewt is a odd boy. He carrys around a teddy bear 
that was from his mom before she died. Mewt also gets picked on at school and is 
more shy. Mewt was the one who found a book at a used book store wich changed the 

                                          Info: Young Teen
      Ritz Mulbeur                        Hair: Red/Pink
      Marche and Mewts classmate          Clothing: Light Pink Shirt
      Race: Human          

Unlike her other friends Ritz speaks her mind. She may be a girl but she is very 
very strong. When the world changes she is nowhere to be seen.

3. There are five different races in the Final Fantasy world. All of different 
attacks and power. Here are all the races and there powers.

Humans are the most common race in Ivalice. They are mostly good at everything The 
things that make humans so cool is because the have a variety of jobs to choose from 
which makes them fun to develope.

Moogles are very very clever. They help your clan out alot with their talent. 
Moogles are the smallest race in Ivalice but that doe's not mean a thing. They are 
very good at magic and also alot more stuff. 

Nu Mou
Nu Mou are respected by all of the races. They are the most powerfulest wielders in 
magic. Nu Mou are not so good at attacking like Humans and the Bangaa Nu Mou focus 
mostly on magic.

Viera are femal hunters. They are the most fastest race in Ivalice and their jobs 
focus on swiftness. The good thing about Viera is that they are the only ones who 
can handle summoned monsters.

If you look real close at a Bangaa you see that they look just like large Lizards 
but dont go telling them that. Bangaa get mad real easy. They are the strongest race 
out of all. They love to battle and deal tons of combat damage.

4. Jobs are one of the most important things you need to know about in this game. 
Jobs are what decide what your clan member can do and can not do. Some jobs are 
better than others so pick what job you think would be good for your character. And 
dont worry if you pick the wrong job you can change your job any time you what by 
going into the menu that lets you equip weapons. Here are the starting jobs for all 
the races.

Human starting jobs
White mage
Black mage
Moogle starting jobs
Black Mage 
Nu Mou starting jobs
Beast Master
White Mage
Black Mage
Viera starting jobs
White Mage
Bangaa starting jobs
White Monk
There are also many other jobs that your clan members will earn through the game 
that are much more stronger.
Missions are the main part of the game. some might be hard and challenging but some 
might be fun and easy. You can earn items,weapons and more by completing missions. 
Here is a challenging mission That some of you might have a hard time on.

Mission: Fire Fire
This is a mission were fire monsters are attacking the city. If you dont know what 
your doing the mission is preaty hard. First off have Montblanc out and anyone who 
can freeze the oponent. Then freeze as many of them as you can because they can heal 
each other when they use fire. once you have all but one killed gang up on him and 
destroy him. 

Hope you enjoyed my guide!   
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  By. GameDragon16/Justin L.
  date. 6/14/04

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