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King Kong is a pretty straight forward game, but sometimes you get that feeling 
that you missed something important.  But don't freak.  Just print this out, and 
make checks as you go along.  That way, you know where you are and what you have to 

Table of Contents

1.The Ship Ride

2.The Beach

3.The Crew Returns

4.You and Ann

5.Fire and Bushes

1.The Ship Ride
[ ]just sit back, relax, and watch your team mates get wasted
2.The Beach

[ ]follow your team up the stairs

[ ]take the gun from Hayes

[ ]keep killing the crabs until Hayes gives you the OK to go on

[ ]kill the bigger crab

[ ]break the door with the butt of your gun

[ ]with Hayes, kill the next couple of crabs

[ ]to kill the big crab, aim for what looks like his mouth (under his shell-aim low)

[ ]take the shotgun and kill the nearby crab

[ ]hit open the door

[ ]kill the three crabs-a couple of shotgun blasts will work
3.The Crew Returns

[ ]Hayes will start talking to a part of the surviving crew

[ ]hit open the nearby box and take the shotgun ammo

[ ]light a spear (or bone) on fire and burn the nearby bush

[ ]kill all the centipedes in the room-but watch your back

[ ]to conserve ammo, try to use just spears

[ ]another two centipedes will come out, so keep protecting your team mates and 
kill them

[ ]it seems like everything's clear, but there's still one more.  Go into the new 
passage and kill the centipede

[ ]Carl will eventually be attacked, so keep up with him so you can save him

[ ]kill the flying predator

[ ]walk across the plank, going quickly before it breaks and being careful not to 
fall off

[ ]watch Ann and kill any centipedes that come her way

[ ]go for the flying predator, then kill the centipede with two shotgun blasts

[ ]burn the bushes and kill the centipede

[ ]kill the centipede going after Ann

[ ]kill the two flying predators going after you

[ ]kill a grub to distract the spiders
4.You and Ann

[ ]kill the two flying predators that are going after Ann

[ ]Ann will burn the bushes

[ ]Ann will kill the gators while you swim

[ ]burn the bushes and kill the predators

[ ]hit the flaming skull with a spear to burn the bushes

[ ]take the sniper rifle

[ ]kill the three centipedes
5.Fire and Bushes

[ ]break the door blocking your path

[ ]snipe the flaming skulls

[ ]kill anything in your way

[ ]take the ammunition

[ ]kill the scorpion

[ ]cross the bridge

[ ]shoot the four flaming skulls

[ ]kill all the surrounding scorpions

[ ]Ann will open the next two doors

[ ]when the second door is opened, you WILL get killed, so don't try to save 

[ ]just enjoy the movie

[ ]Carl will come and untie you

[ ]follow him (Carl)

[ ]a raptor will come, so have a spear ready and hide with Carl

[ ]go out when you're ready and fight

[ ]once it's dead, head south-west of the big door and hit the flaming skull down 
to burn the bushes

[ ]take the lever

[ ]put it in the poll and open the door
Well, that's part 1.  I'll try and get part 2 up by tomorrow.  Also, I'll keep 
trying to get a valid email address that I actually can check email.  When I do, 
please send me comments!  I wanna know what you think so I can make my FAQs the 
best that they can be. 

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