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Clavat - Equipment List
By: Fox White

Copper Sword
Atk: 15

Iron Sword
Atk: 20
Design: Novice's Weapon
Material: 1 Iron

Marr Sword
Atk: 22
Given by Marr Lilties.

Steel Blade
Atk: 25
Design: Warrior's Weapon
Material: 1 Iron and 1 Alloy

Travel Clothes
Def: 10

Bronze Plate
Def: 13
Design: Bronze Armor
Material: 1 Bronze

Iron Plate
Def: 17
Design: Iron Armor
Material: 1 Iron

Mythril Haubark
Def: 22
Design: Mythril Armor
Material: 1 Mythril

Makeshift Shield
Def: 7

Iron Shield
Def: 10
Design: Iron Shield
Material: 1 Iron

Mythril Shield
Def: 15
Design: Mythril Shield
Material: 1 Mythril

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