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Here is a complete list of monsters/enemies and their weaknesses.

Bosses and mini-bosses:

Odolwa : At the beginning of the game this guy could prove of a challenge. Just 
maintain a safe distance from him and dodge his attacks. When he starts dancing 
whip out your arrows and shoot one at him or slash him with your sword when you get 
a chance. When insects come destroy them because they have precious items like 
arrows and such that may come of use to you.

Goht : First of all to start the fight shoot his giant "ice chunk" with a fire 
arrow. Then he will start running around in a circle. Put on your goron mask and 
roll after him hitting the magic pots along the way for more magic. Then when you 
get close enought to Goht ram him with your spikes as many times as you can before 
the giant ball of electricity hits you. Then near the end when he is almost dead he 
will start kicking bombs and rocks at you avoid these as much as possible to catch 
up with him and destroy him.

Gyorg : Alright, this guy can be kind of tricky so be careful. Use the zora mask 
and when you see him down in the water hit him with the boomerang things on your 
arms. When he is down jump into the water and shock him then get back onto the 
platform as soon as possible. Try to stand in the middle of the platform so when he 
rams it you will not fall off. Eventually little baby gyorg's will come out shock 
those guys and finish off gyorg.

(forgot this guy's name but he is in ikana castle) : After destroying his body 
guards the kind will then fight you. He will continually swing at you so keep 
blocking with your mirror shield until his attack slows down. Then use thrust (up + 
B) to stab him. Eventually he will die and you will recieve the light arrows.

Twinmold : Take note that you should drink a bottle of chateu romani before this 
fight you need lots of magic. When the fight starts immediately put on your giant's 
mask. Then just continually slash him in the face or tail with your sword. 
Sometimes he will go under the ground avoid where he is about to come out and just 
continute to do the slashing. He will soon die and you will get his remains.

Majora's Mask (1st form) : Keep attacking him from the back (I prefer using the 
zora boomerangs) and eventually he will move on to his next form.

Majora's Reincarnation (2nd form) : Stun him with your light arrows then slash him 
in the face with your sword avoid his fire attacks.

Majora's Wrath (3rd form) : Alright stay close to this form because it has little 
tentacles that can whip you from a far distance. Just continute the light arrow 
then slash him in the face thing until he is no more.

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