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Final Fantasy 8

Hello you FF8 players.  My name is Max and I have made this strategy guide with the
help of my friend Josh.  I love the game and have put hard work into this walkthrough
so this document may not be sold, copied, or misused in any way.  You may however
show as many people as you like about it and use it as best as you can.  If you need
additional help on the game, you may email me at [email protected] .  However, please
do not send any spam or questions that are already answered in this FAQ or I will
have to see about the removal of your membership with  Oh, and also
please vote if you liked my walkthrough or not so I will know whether to continue
publishing my FAQ’s on  Enjoy:) This FAQ was last edited on 6/21/05.
  Version 1.0
(Disc 1) You start out in the informatory, so just answer the questions and you’ll go
to class with your instructor Quistis.  After you talk to her at the end of class, go
back to your computer, and get your first 2 GF’s(Shiva and Quetzacoatyl).  This is
very important, must get your GF’s :)  Now you run into Selphie, choose to show her
around and you’ll go to the map in the entrance hall.  When you’re done, go out to
the front gate to meet Quistis.  After she teaches you how to Junction, press “o” to
get your menu and junction both your characters.  Now you go to the fire cavern,
which is to the right of Balamb Garden if you are facing the side you came out onto
the path from.  When you get there Quistis will teach you how to Junction something
else, listen, and then do it for real to both characters.  Now, you choose your time
limit, I can do it in 10 but I played the game many times, for a beginner, I suggest
20 minutes.  Just follow your way around the path, drawing the magic when you have
the chance, and you will reach Ifrit.  (Oh, be sure to equip Shiva to Squall and
Quetzacoatyl to Quistis) Ifrit is very easy!  Once you beat him you will get his card
and Ifrit as a GF, don’t equip him yet because he is best with zell:) Now go back to
the Garden and get ready for your mission to become a SeeD.  You find out your squad
is you, Zell, and Seifer(don’t think Seifer is cool because he turns evil!)  Now
drive the car to Balamb Docks for the mission.  Go into the submarine, you will hear
your mission, and you will see a cool movie.  Once you land on Dollet make sure you
have Squall-Shiva, Zell-Ifrit, Seifer-Quetzacoatyl.  You fight 5-10 easy guards, wait
until Seifer loses his temper with the dog, and you follow the soldiers to the
Communication Tower.  You fight the snake (very easy) and go on to the tower. 
Selphie joins your party.  When Seifer leaves equip Selphie with Quetzacoatyl
(Seifer’s Gf).  When you go up the lift, you fight Wedge and Biggs, which are very
easy, but they slow you down for your next fight.  You fight this big flying monster
named Elnoyle which is harder than Ifrit, but still easy if you use your GF’s.  Be
sure to draw Siren from him because that if your 4th possible GF.  When you win,
equip Siren to Squall.  Now you have 30 mins. To get back to the beach while being
chased by the giant spider.  If you are strong enough you may be able to beat him. 
I, however, think it is a waste because the longer you take to get to the beach, the
lower your SeeD score for the mission will be.  You keep attacking it with GF’s until
it kind of lays down and Zell says “lets get the hell outta here”.  Now hold in L2
and R2 so you run.  Now you have to run all the way down the mountain and through the
town to get to the beach.  Once you get through the town, the spider chases you on
the beach.  Right before it gets you Quistis jacks it up with the machine gun (in my
opinion one of the coolest parts of the game).  When you get back to Balamb you are
allowed to explore, but when you want to continue just go back to the Garden.  You
talk Seifer a bit and then are called up to the 2nd floor.  You’re then told you have
became a SeeD.  You see Cid in his office with the 3 others that made it.  He says
it’s nice to have a gunblade specialist and then you see your report.  Then you have
to get changed into your new outfit and go to the dance.  Say yes to Selphie when she
ask’s you to join the Garden Festival.  Now Rinoa comes over to you and you see a
cool movie with you dancing with her:) Then you talk to Quistis and you have to get
changed and go to the Training Center with her.  Again....a junction system so listen
and do.  Now you can go right or left to get to the secret area.  (Doesn’t matter)
When you get there, she tells you she was fired as an instructor and is now a SeeD
like you.  Now you leave and near the entrance you save the “girl” by fighting the
giant insect.  (It is soo easy, 1-2 GF’s should do it) Now go back to your “new”
dormitory and go to sleep.  When you wake up you are told that you have your first
mission in Timber. 
Cid tells you your mission and you have to take the train from Balamb to get to
Timber.  Talk to Cid before you leave again and he will give you the lamp.  Go inside
the garden, save your game, and try to beat Diablos now.  If you don’t fight him now,
he gets stronger as you get further in the game. You can either draw and cast demi on
him, or just blast him with ur GF’s. Once your done with that, go to Balamb and get
on the train(it is to the left of the guy on the bench and the thunder draw).  You 3
fall asleep and go to the “dream world” on the train.  You become Laguana, Kiros, and
Ward.  Follow the path till you reach the car and drive to Deling City.  Now go to
the Arcade/Game area and go into the hotel.  Now go downstairs and there will be a
lot of talking.  You then go to Julie’s room and talk to her a lot.  Then you all
wake up and realize you had the same dream.  Then, get off the train and say “but the
owls are still around” to Watts.  He takes you to the “Forest Owl’s” base.  Here you
meet Rinoa as a permanent member in your party. (Always use Squall, Zell, and Rinoa
as your party because they are the 3 best) They tell you their plan to switch the
train cars.  So talk to Watts when your ready and you do the train mission with the
codes.  Simply follow the party, and then drop down onto the side of the train and
type the codes in quickly.  Always check if the guards are coming.  You have plenty
of time so it’s better to go up and escape and then come back down rather than
getting caught.  Then when you’re done you gotta be equipped with GF’s Squall- Shiva
and Siren, Zell-Ifrit, Rinoa-Quetzacoatyl.  You now find he is a fake, and fight him
as some Zombie.(easy) Just use your Gf’s and you’re fine.  Watts then tells you the
real President is going to make a broadcast.  Pick your party of 3 and leave the
train.  Search the town a bit and then go into the woman’s house.  Go upstairs and
look through the back window and you will see the alleyway.  Now leave the house,
walk across the little bridge with the man on it, and go down the steps to the back
bar.  Here you have to fight 2 soldiers and you get a card for winning.  Then go into
the bar and you run into a drunk that is blocking the exit.  Talk to him and give him
the card you got for defeating the 2 soldiers.  He gives you a card in return and
lets you pass through.  Save in the alleyway and go on.  You go up the stairs, start
watching the broadcast, and see Quistis on the screen telling you to come help at
once.  So now you go on to the broadcast and find Seifer holding the Pres. Hostage. 
There is lots of talking and Zell blabs that you’re from Balamb Garden.  Then the
Sorceress comes and takes Seifer away.  Now you go back through the bar and you find
out the team’s hideout was found so go back to the woman’s house.  Here there is a
lot of talking and you decide to go to Galbadia Garden.  So now leave the house and
find Zone by the steps that lead to the bar.  He will give you the tickets so get on
the train.  You have to walk around and talk to people for the train to finally
arrive at East Academy.  Go across the bridge and into the forest where you will meet
your other 2 party members.  Then you, Quistis, and Selphie go to the Dream World
again.  Laguana says that he brought the wrong map and that they were in the wrong
place.  You fight 3 esuna solders and then go on down the ladder.  You continue
through the cave, press the blue switch, and go on until you see the save point. 
Save and go up from it and you will be at the top of a cliff.  You fight a lot of
soldiers here and then you all jump off it to the boats below.  Now you all wake up
so just continue on to Galbadian Garden.  You may explore the Garden if you want, but
once you hear the announcement up top, go up the stairs and into the 1st room.  There
is a lot of talk and you find out Seifer has supposedly been executed.  After you run
outta the room in rage, try to go back down and leave the Garden.  You will run into
Rajin and Fujin.  They tell you their going to Galbadia to look for Seifer.  Continue
leaving the Garden, you will see Quistis, and go outside to hear your new mission
from the Galbadia Headmaster.  You meet Irvine and are told that your new mission is
to kill the Sorceress.  The plan is for Irvine to snipe her from far away.  Now leave
the Garden and get onto the train right next to it.  This will take you to Deling
City.  Once there, take the bus to Caraway’s Mansion and talk to the guard outside. 
He will tell you that you have to go to the “Tomb of the Unknown King” and find the
ID number of a lost student.  So have him escort you out of town and then go
northeast to the tip of the continent and go inside the black spot.  Draw some
protects, save, and go inside.  The sword is in the 2nd room u see so just click on
it and remember that ID number.  Now, go to the farthest room on the right by
following the map.  Here you will fight Sacred who is entirely too easy.  Use all 3
GF’s and he will go down in a matter of rounds.  Next, go to the farthest room on the
top.  If you cannot get there from where you fought Sacred, you might have to press
triangle on the map and start over.  Anway, once in the top room press the switch on
the right and the flood will come in.  Next go to the farthest room on the left and
use the drawbridge.  Then you have to go to the center of the map and you will fight
the 2 brothers.  A strategic way to fight them would be to cast float on both of them
to stop them from healing themselves.  However, if you just use 2-3 GF’s with boost
they should die extremely quickly.  You get both of their cards, them as GF’s, and 40
AP for winning.  Now go straight all the way out of the tomb and go back to Deling
City.  Head to Caraway’s Mansion, type in the ID# to the guard, and go inside.  You
meet General Caraway and you leave the Mansion for your mission briefing.  You are
told that you have to close the gate on the Sorceress and then snipe her from far
away.  Now you may walk around and card battle but when you are ready to continue go
back to the mansion.  There is more talking about your mission and then you decide to
set off and carry out the mission.  Follow the General and he will explain the finer
details of your mission.  Then Quistis wants to apologize to Rinoa for being too hard
on her so go back to the Mansion.  You find the room empty and then are locked in by
the General because he thinks Rinoa is in the room.  Now you go back into the control
of Rinoa.  So climb up the boxes and go into the building at the top.  Here you see a
movie with the Sorcerress and Rinoa.  Then you go back into the room as Quistis.  To
find the secret passageway out, pick up 1 of the glass cups on the cupboard near the
door and place it in the statues hand.  This will reveal the entrance behind the
statue.  Go down the stairs, into the sewers, and up the spinning wheel.  Go a bit
further and you will go back into the control of Squall and Irvine.  Leave the crowd
and then climb the boxes like Rinoa did.  Once you get to the top, you have to save
her from the 2 Iguanas.  The first thing you should do is draw Carbucle, your next
GF, because 1 or 2 GF’s will kill them.  Once you beat them go on and go under the
trapdoor on the right that is darkened.  Pick up the sniper rifle, you will talk a
bit, and you will be back in the sewer with Quistis.  Work your way through the
sewer, as long as you are going the opposite way you came from you should find the
exit.  Once you get out, keep going up the ladder to the top part with the switch. 
Now you wait here for the Sorcerress to come under.  Now you go back to Irvine and
Squall and Irvine unwillingly shoots but she puts up a forcefield and blocks it. 
Then you see a cool movie and fight Seifer.  He is extremely easy, but you should
draw some cura and fira and then use a couple GF’s to kill him.  Then you fight the
Sorceress, she is probably the hardest boss on disc 1 but still not very difficult. 
Draw some doubles and lifes and then blast away with GF’s.  Once you do a certain
amount of damage, she will shoot a blizzara at Squall, and knock him off the
ledge....ending disc 1.

This is my first FAQ here on cheatcodes and I really would like all who use this to
vote if you liked it.  I will hopefully soon send in a walkthrough for disc 2.  I
hope you could use some of this information I have provided.    


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