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Make The Big Show for Smack Down2!
Dedicated to the dude that Instant Messaged me and asked me to make The Big Show for 
him on Sunday,April 21,2002
Ya'll know how to get started by now,so here we go...
Eyes:17/type 15
Hair:31/type 4/128-0-100
Facial Hair:2/128-128-100
Base:9/type 3
Shoes:1/Type 2/60-128-0-100
Figure,Upper Body,Chest,Mass:142,Width:150,Thickness:135
Figure,Upper Body,Abdomen,Mass:145
Figure,Upper Body,Arms,Mass:145
Figure,Upper Body,Fore Arm,Mass:145
Figure,Upper Body,Wrists,Mass:145
Figure,Upper Body,Right Hand,Mass:165,Left Hand,Mass:150
Figure,Lower Body,Waist,Mass:145
Figure,Lower Body,Thighs,Mass:145
Figure,Lower Body,Legs,Mass:145
(almost done thank God)
Figure,Lower Body,Ankles,Mass:145
Figure,Lower Body,Feet,Mass:155
Weapons:Piped Chair
Entrance Music:Hardcore Holly
Now,do what ever you want with the rest,but,for his finishing move,you must have the 
THQ Slam unlocked.If you don't,just use the regular Chokeslam!!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By: Ethan Brown

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