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II. Matataki Village (cont.)
	D. Brownboo Village
		-This is the home of the Moon People who live on Blue Terra, and is 
uite a pretty place. Walk into the village, and go counterclockwise around the 
circular pathway until you automatically come to a stop.  One of the Moon People, 
none of whom tend to like humans, will drop a rock on your head.  Once you have 
convinced them that you mean no harm, and are trying to put an end to great evil, 
they agree to work with you.  The Moon People were the ones responsible for sealing 
the Dark Genie away all those many years ago, but they are no longer able to 
perform such a task.  They suggest that the Moon People still living on the moon 
may be able to, however. But first, you must help them retrieve the Moon Orb. It 
allows them to control the Moon Ship, which is to be your means of traveling to the 
moon.  It seems to have been included, entirely by accident, in a shipment of fruit 
that was taken to Queens.  The Moon People will mark Queens on your map, giving you 
the means to access your next destination. 
	E. Matataki Village Georama
		1. Pao’s House
			-Requests: To be near Peanut pond (looks like a peanut)
			-Reward: Cooks a meal, Tells of the Moon People, and      
gives a Fruit of Eden
			-To complete you will need:
				_ Torch
				_ Sign 
				_ Stairway
				_ Laundry
				_ Pao
		2. Cacao’s House
			- Request: To be near the voice of nature (between a lot of 
			- Reward: Tells the story of Fudoh, and give the Old Tone 
			- To complete you will need:
				_ Torch
				_ Sign
				_ Stairwell	
				_ Laundry
				_ Cabin
				_ Cacao
		3. Bunbuku’s House
			- Request: To be near a watermill
			- Reward: Give him the candy you got from either Mataki 
village or Norune Village and you will get the ointment leaf (needed for Muska 
			- To complete you will need:
				_ Torch
				_ Sign
				_ Stairway
				_ Cabin
				_ Bunbuku
				_ Kululu
		4. Kye and Momo’s House  
			- Requests: To be near the Wise Owl Shop
			- Reward: Kye makes a scene on the roof, and Momo gives a 
Plant Breaker
			- To complete you will need:
				_ Torch
				_ Sign
				_ Stairway
				_ Cabin
				_ Kye
				_ Momo
		5. Baron’s House
			- Requests: To be close to the water (waterfall)
			- Reward: Tells the story of Fudoh, and gives a gourd
			- To complete you will need: 
				_ Torch
				_ Sign
				_ Roof
				_ Branch
				_ Ancient Baron
		6. Couscous’ House
			- Requests: On a high place (Earth A)
			- Reward: Candy and Storage
			- To complete you will need:
				_ Torch
				_ Sign
				_ Grass
				_ Couscous
		7. Gob’s House
			- Requests: To be close to Momo’s house
			- Reward: Gob cooks a meal, and gives a Frozen Tuna
			- To complete you will need:
				_ Torch
				_ Sign
				_ Bone
				_ Tree
				_ Gob
		8. Mushroom House
                        - Requests: To be in a high place with a good view and nice 
breeze (near waterfall)
			- Reward: Allows Toan to see the view and gives a Moon 
Grass seed
			- To complete you will need:
				_ Torch
				_ Sign
				_ Second Floor	
				_ Balcony
				_ Ro
				_ Annie
		9. Wise Owl Shop
			- Requests: To be surrounded by water (in between the river)
			- Reward: Opens the shop, and offers to sell the Wise Owl 
Shop at a “cheap” price
			- To complete you will need:
				_ Torch
				_ Sign
				_ Entrance
				_ Wise Owl Entrance
				_ Mr. Mustache
		10. Well 1-3 
			- To complete you will need:
				_ Torch
				_ Stairway
				_ Roof
				_ Bucket
		11. Watermill 1-3
			- To complete you will need: 
				_ Water Wheel

III. Queens
        A. You start out in the city of Queens. Make your way to the port (use the 
Georama thing to make your trip faster) and you’ll enter a cut scene where you meet 
Rando. He tells you of this shipwrecked queen and stuff like that. He also lets you 
borrow his sub, but I doubt you’ll use it later (use the map the rest of the game).
	B. Shipwreck
            - Gate Key: Hook 
            - Back Floor Key: Flapping Fish, and Ice
            - Obstacle Door key: Ship cabin Key, Ruby, and Goro
            - 17 Layers
            - Church of Memories: Ice Queen La Saia: (see 
Completing Queens section) there are to ways to beating the Ice Queen. One 
way is where you buy a lot of fire gems from Joker (25 max, may need more may need 
less). Just throw the gems at her which should weaken her, she should fall after 
several of them have been thrown. Otherwise, using Toan, use a Dran’s Feather to 
get close to her, break her shields. When the shield is broken, use either Xiao or 
Ruby (see King’s Hideout) and fire from long range. Repeat this until it is 
finished. (Tip: stack up on revival powders and stand-in powders and watch out for 
ice blasts or you’ll frozen and most likely die)
            - After the battle, YOu enter a cutscene where Rando say that he is 
sorry and that, “eternal life without his love was worse than death,” how sweet is 
that!! He also said that he used Toan to get to La Saia, and then he hands over the 
Moon Orb. Excellent! Now we can go back to Brownboo Village.
	C. Queens Georama
                1. Ruty’s Store 
                    - Requests: To be close to the port
                    - Reward: Opens shop, and gives up a free Flapping Fish and an 
Ice Block
                     - To complete you will need:
                           _ Pushcart
                           _ Pushcart
                           _ Pushcart
                           _ Ruty
                2. Suzy’s Store
                    - Requests: To be close to the fountain
                    - Reward: Shop opens, Can change the store’s name, and receive 
Premium Water
                    - To complete you will need: 
                           _ Keg
                           _ Urn
                           _ Pushcart
                           _ Lamp
                           _ Suzy
               3. Lana’s Store
                    - Requests: Close to King’s to keep an eye on Jake
                    - Reward: Additional scene after fortune telling, shop opens 
and a Gooey Peach
                    - To complete you will need:
                          _ Pushcart
                          _ Pushcart
                          _ Pushcart
                          _ Lana
               4. Jack’s Store
                    - Requests: Near the Watery
                    - Reward: Shop opens; if Ruby is present, he will give you the 
Big Bucks Hammer and Platinum Ring (Important: Do not view the event at Jack’s 
store until you have gotten Ruby from the “King”. If she is not present, then he 
will not give you anything.)
                   - To complete you will need:
                         _ Chimney  
                         _ Sunshade
                         _ Sign 
                         _ Lamp
                         _ Annex Room
                         _ Jack
              5. Joker’s House
	          - Requests: To be far away from the sheriff’s office
	          - Reward: opens shop, tells about the life sphere
	          - To complete you will need:
		        _ Chimney
		        _ Sunshade
		        _ Sign
		        _ Lamp
		        _ Joker
             6. Divining House
	         - Requests: For the snake sees the rising sun
	         - Reward: Tells fortune twice (not a good sight!), after you 
finish watching these go talk to Lana who said that she gave the moon orb to 
someone; later return for yet another fortune
	         - To complete you will need:
		       _ Snake
		       _ Sign
		       _ Yaya
             7. Cathedral
	        - Requests: Close to Leaning Tower, facing the ocean
	        - Reward: Tells the story of La Saia, and gives Holy
	        - To complete you will need:
		       _ Hat-shaped roof
		       _ Torch
		       _ Emblem mark
		       _ Phil
            8. Basker’s Store
	       - Requests: To be put in a high place
	       - Reward: A storage space, trade ointment leaf for foundation 
(needed for Muska Lacka)
	       - To complete you will need: 
		      _ Chimney
		      _ Sunshade
		      _ Sign
		      _ Second floor
		      _ Lamp
		      _ Basker
           9. King’s Hideout
	       - Requests: To be around a road so his car won’t get dirty
	       - Reward: You get Ruby as a party member
	       - To complete you will need:
		       _ Sunshade
		       _ Car 
		       _ Lamp
		       _ Jake
		       _ Stew
		       _ King
          10. Sheriff’s Office
	       - Requests: Close to King’s so he can keep an eye on King himself
	       - Reward: Sheriff tells about Joker, and gives Search Warrant that 
will allow you to complete Joker’s store
	       - To complete you will need: 
		      _ Prison
		      _ Prison
		      _ Bicycle
		      _ Sign
		      _ Sam
		      _ Wilder
          11. Fountain
	        - To complete you will need:
		      _ Water’s surface
		      _ Pillar
		      _ Sprout
          12. Leaning Tower
	       - To complete you will need:
		      _ Tower 2nd floor 
		      _ Tower 3rd floor

	D. After completing Queens, Sheriff Wilder will give you the Macho Sword. 
He did say he got it from his nephew! Now go talk to Phil at the cathedral, he will 
tell you a sad love story, and suggest that you see the fortune teller. This time 
she will show you the man whom the Queen loved 100 years ago. It is Rando!!! GO to 
his shop. Nobody’s there, but there is something glittering on the counter, the 
Music Box Key. Finally, we can complete Layer 17. If you want to beat the boss 
quick, go to Joker’s store and buy at least 25 fire gems as well as a couple of 
throbbing cherries, actually I take that back a bunch of them. Return to Layer 17 
and go through it again. This time, after clearing out the monsters, use the Music 
Box key at the exit spot, and enter the Church of Memory. Prepare to fight 
next boss.
	E. Brownboo Village: Return the Moon Orb to the Moon People, and 
they will fetidly attempt to activate the moon ship. A shaft of light travel up 
through the night arcing all the way back to the Moon Temple, the Moon Ship’s 
resting place. While everyone is talking, Goro runs in and says that they should 
just go and see what’s up. Theo, one of the Moon People, is told to join you on 
your voyage, but temporarily. A new place is made on your map, Muska Lacka, and off 
you go!!

IV. Muska Lacka 
        A. As you enter, you are stopped by a voice in front of the Sun & Moon 
Temple.  It is Ungaga, a desert warrior who has lost faith in his own strength.  
When his village was destroyed, he was unable to do anything to stop it.  He has 
lost his beloved, and his hope.  Theo stops to talk to Ungaga, urging you to go on 
without him.  Enter the temple, and plan to use a weapon with the Holy attribute, 
because many of the monsters in there are the undead.  
        B. Sun & Moon Temple
             - Gate Key: King’s Slate
             - Back Floor Key: Secret Path Key
             - Obstacle Door Key: Stone Key, Ungaga, Ruby, and Goro
             - 18 Levels
             - King’s Curse: It's time to fight a pissed off coffin and 
smoky man. The coffin is protected by Black Wind in the form of a man, so use 
Ungaga here. Equip the Mirage he was given, and use his charge attack to remove the 
Black Wind. Once it is gone, the coffin is temporarily vulnerable.  This is where 
you attack it; use the charge attacks if you want to. It is pretty effective, but 
chews up the WHp. When it returns, use Ungaga’s charge attack to clear it again, 
and repeat the process.  Try not to let this guy hit you too much, because his 
attacks strike, I mean strike!  After you defeat him, a passageway will be 
revealed. you can now enter the room which houses the Moon Ship.  
             - After the battle, the cave starts to crumble and collapse.  You must 
get past a duel which, instead of defeating an enemy, will allow you to progress up 
the crumbling walkway leading to the ship.  After completing the “duel” and 
entering the ship, you are ready to go. The chief and Zabo run up to the temple, 
and see the ship taking off.  

                            To be continued in Part 

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