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Note: I recommend doing this with a skilled friend in Coop!

Okay, this level may take about a hour so hang tight. Once you deploy on the 
beach, blow the turrets on the mountansides with a rocket and finish the Elites 
and Grunts. Some Jackals will be near to so I suggest going to the right 
underneath the rock bridge. Now go into the building and trade your rocket(If 
empty), and get a full Beam Rifle. Go to the ledge up on the cliff but be 
careful! There are 4-5 Jackal Snipers, and if you've played Outskirts on 
Ledgendary, you know to watch out. Take them out then proceed down the alley. 
This part is a bit confusing if you don't know how to elude and outsmart enemy 
vehicles. Both of you should clear the rock and go to the ledge near the sea. 
Find a way to get to the ledge covered by the rocks and have one person act as 
a decoy trying to make the stupid Elites(And Grunt...:/), hurling down into the 
valley below by jumping while they try to splatter you into a billion crunchy, 
metal pieces! Once you've cleared the 5 or 6 ghosts, the Scorpion comes into 
battle. Have one person go into the building once BOTH of you have cleared it 
and lower the bridge. Have one get in the tank and the other one, rush across 
the bridge acting as a decoy for the 2 Wraiths. If you're as crazy and funny as 
me, try to board the Wraiths and blow them out! I did! :P Once you have 
finished the Wraiths and Ghosts, The Banshees come from the ocean. They are a 
real pain! Shoot them, or if you're the decoy, act as a decoy. 

Ok, the fist big portion is done! Now take the Scorpion and Ghost into the 
tunnels, having the ghost act as a Recon Vehicle. Once you've cleared the 
tunnels, you should run into a stone hill. Have the tank go since there's a few 
ghosts and Plasma Turrets. Back into the Tunnels. Eventually, you will run into 
the large building fort/castle/empire place. Be friggin careful here! If one of 
you have a few plasmas, go to the left ledge and jump onto some ledges at the 
end. Grenade jump by throwing a grenade and jumping before it explodes until 
you reach the top. Once you're there, you'll see two invisible Elites dancing 
near the Envy Skull. Press X near the Skull and you can now turn invisible! For 
aa short time. Next, clear out the building, or just run through it. Then 
you'll reach the "Sniper Valley" Where the Jackals and Drones are near the 
waterfall. Jump left, and when you land activate your Invisibility, run to the 
cave, and rest. Then run to the other caves with your invisibilty on and keep 
going. Sometime around, you should reach the building where you have to start 
Regret and kill the Honor Guards. Kill them and you should be done. 
Congratulations! You have finished the Level! 

If you want to know how to get Permanent Invisibility, don't look here! I tried 
the way I was taught to do it and I lost it! :( Oh well! Thanks for reading my 
Walkthrough! If you want to contact me, just E-mail me at [email protected] 
or Xbox Live- CYBERPLASMA. 

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