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To whoop all the teams in the NBA in Franchise, on the main menu go to roster 
management or something like that.And go to Trade Players.From there you can go to 
your favorite NBA team and trade the best players in the leage to your team and all 
of the offers will be accepted.

Here is my team:

Pheonix Suns

Starting 5

Yao Ming
Shaquille O'Neal
Andre Iguodala
Dirk Nowitski
Steve Nash


Tracey McGrady
Kevin Garnett
Chancey Billups
Ben Wallace
Amare Stoudemire
LeBron James

These Guys will usually win all simulated games in franchise.My record with 29 
games was 26-3.

Note:Play your Playoff games, during the playoffs  even the bad teams seem to get 

Also usually Amare Stoudemire, Andre Igoudala, Tracey McGrady, and LeBron James   
will make the Dunk Contest and Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitski will make the 3 point 


It wouldn't hurt to create a player and put all of his skills up. :)

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