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This dungeon is filled with lava and even some water! The tribe patriarch has 
been transformed by a dark power and locked up in a deep room. Three elders 
hold key shards to the patriarch's room. Find the elders and claim your prize!

1)Small Key #1
2)Key Shard 1/3
3)Dungeon Map
5)Piece of Heart 1/2
6)Small Key #2
7)Piece of Heart 2/2
8)Small Key #3
9)Key Shard 2/3
10)Hero's Bow
12)Key Shard 3/3
13)Fused Shadow #2
14)Heart Container 2/8

NOTE: To prevent from your wooden shield burning, go to Malo Mart in Kakariko 
and buy a Hylian Shield for 200 rupees.
When you enter, jump down and then jump across the platforms in lava. Make sure 
you don't jump when the lava geysers are about to erupt. On the right, go north 
and bust the wooden planks with your sword. You will be stopped by a fire jet. 
So backtrack some and step on the button. Put on your Iron Boots to press it. 
The fire jet will stop for a minute. Hurry past it, then step on another button 
to your right. Put the Iron Boots on to press it, then run past until a dead 
end, now turn south and climb the ladder. Avoid the fireballs coming from the 
Fire Toadpoli in the lava. Now you can open the chest for a Red Rupee, then 
jump to your west on the small rock island. Then jump across again to another 
ledge. Head north and defeat the torch slug that falls off the ceiling. You 
will be blocked again by another jet wall, so go south and defeat another 
enemy. Step on the button using your Iron Boots, then hurry back north then to 
the left to pass the jet of fire. Now from the ledge, jump on to another ledge 
to the left of the gate. Put on your Iron Boots to make the switch lower, and 
open the door. This is a big room with a crane. While inside, go to the right 
and defeat the enemies. Open the chest for a SMALL KEY. Now from the entrance, 
go left while desposing of enemies and use the key on the western door. Now run 
left across the ramp to be met by a Dodongo. Defeat it by hitting its tail 
while it breaths fire. Now jump across the platforms while avoiding lava 
geysers. You will then get to another Dodongo. Defeat it then look to the right 
of the door. You will see a Dodongo. Defeat it then pull on the chain to make 
the stone wall in front of the door move. Hurry across the rock platforms while 
avoiding lava geysers. You will need to hurry past the moving block to make it 
to the door. If you fail, try again. You will now enter a room with what?! 
Water! Jump in the water and put on your Iron Boots. Walk through the broken 
part of the gate and step on the switch to be magnetized upwards. Walk up more 
to the door. Open it to find a small Goron guy. He is one of the elders. Talk 
to him to get the FIRST KEY SHARD. Behind him is a chest with your DUNGEON MAP. 
Now climb the ladder. Go left and break the pot to find OOCCOO! Now you can 
warp out of the dungeon. Enter the door on the east to be back in the water 
room. Go to your left and put on your Iron Boots while on the magnetic wall. Go 
up and defeat the torch slugs. Now hop off the wall when you are below solid 
ground. Now be careful not to fall off, then open the door. You will now be in 
the room with the Dodongos. Press on the switch with your Iron Boots on to be 
magnetized on the ceiling. The best help I can give you here is to follow the 
path on the map on the left side of your screen. Follow the path to the 
northeast corner of the ceiling and open the chest below for a PIECE OF HEART. 
Get back on the magnetic path and follow the path to the very east. You will 
see a door. Drop down in front of it and go through the door. Follow the path 
to the east until you meet some Bokoblin. Defeat them all then press the switch 
with your Iron Boots. Go over to where the crane is at (look for the shadow). 
Hook on with the Iron Boots to go up to the north door on the second floor.
Defeat the enemies and go through the door. This is another room with water. Go 
in the water and put the Iron Boots on. Go to the right and open the chest for 
a SMALL KEY. Swim up if you need oxygen, then go to the left of the room near 
the metal wall. Sink down with your Iron Boots and push the block. Now when 
inside the cage, swim up. Climb on the ledge and press the button. You will be 
lifted up. Drop when you are on another ledge. Press the next switch to create 
a wall of magnetic force. Jump dow with the Iron Boots on to be on the wall. Go 
to the left and drop when you are on th ledge. Open the chest for a red rupee. 
Now strike the diamond switch and jump down before the door closes. When in the 
next part of this room, defeat the Bokoblin, and avoid the Beamos. Go to the 
wall on the left and put your Iron Boots on. Go to the left when at the top and 
open the chest with a PIECE OF HEART. Drop back down and go to the right while 
on the wall now. Go over to where ropes hold a huge metal blockade. Slice the 
ropes to make a bridge for you. Drop down and open the door ahead with your 
key. This room looks like a docking station. There are a few Bokoblin trying to 
shoot you with arrows. Walk up some and use your Slingshot on the Bokoblin. 
Break the wooden wall then go up some and then to your left where there is a 
Beamos. Go to the left against the wall to find a small chest with SMALL KEY. 
Now go back and go to the right. There is a locked door. Open it with your key. 
This room has water and moving platforms. Jump on the first platform, and jump 
across before it turns again. Now there is a big rotating platform with 
magnetic squares on it. Lets focus on the side that has three squares. Go on 
the platform and put your Iron Boots on the first or second square. Cautiously 
move across to the ledge with a door. Open it to find another elder. Talk to 
him for the SECOND KEY SHARD. Climb up the ladder and then go through the door. 
Go on the magnetic wall then drop when you are above the ledge. Enter the door 
to start the mid-boss battle!
When the battle starts, put on your Iron Boots to avoid falling off. Walk up 
towards Dangoro and when he raises his fists, slice his belly with your sword 
to make him ball up. Grab him and toss him to one side. When he is close to the 
edge, grab him and throw him into the lava. After you throw him into the lava 
three times, he will give up and let you into the room where the treasure is.
When you enter, walk straight up and open the chest for the HERO'S BOW. You can 
only hold 30 arrows. Defeat the torch slug, then go through the door. In this 
star-shaped room there is a bunch of idle Beamos. Walk up to southernmost one 
to awaken him and his buddies. Hurry back to the north of this room and shoot 
an arrow at the eye of each Beamos. When all are defeated, go to the western 
Beamos and pull it out. This will be your COMPASS. Now go to the eastern 
Beamos, and pull it out. Enter the door to find the last elder. Talk to him to 
get the LAST KEY SHARD which is the Big Key. Go back to the Beamos room and go 
through the southern door. In here, knock the grated wall down by rolling into 
it. Defeat the Fire Keese, then shoot all of the slugs off the ceiling with 
your arrows. There are two Dodongos in the middle island that can be defeated 
with the arrows. If you need more arrows, the slugs usually drop some. Above 
the door in this room is a Dodongo. Defeat it with your arrows, then go over 
and press the switch with your Iron Boots to be lifted to the ceiling. While on 
the ceiling, shoot an arrow at the diamond switch in the small alcove above the 
door to make the gate open. Go through the door to be in the same crane room 
you were in a minute ago. Step on the switch to activate another crane. Go onto 
the crane, and you will be moved to the northern side of this room. Enter this 
door to be back in the room where you found a Piece of Heart. There are two 
Water Toadpolis swimming around in here, so defeat them with arrows. Head to 
the gated door, and shoot the diamond switch to your right with an arrow to 
open it. Inside, defeat the Beamos and Bokoblin then head north. Your back in 
the docking station room. Defeat more Bokoblin with your arrows. Now bust down 
the wooden walls and defeat one last Bokoblin. Now head over to where you found 
a small key. Defeat the Beamos, then pull it until it stops. This will open a 
rock wall. Go in and follow the path to the left then back around. Be careful 
when you climb up because two Bokoblin will fire an arrow at an explosive 
barrel. Instead, shoot the explosive barrel between the Bokoblin. Now head up 
and go right. Step on the switch to activate another crane. Go over and attach 
to the crane. While upside down, shoot the rope holding the huge metal wall to 
create a bridge. Fall on the bridge and enter the door. While in this room, 
defeat the Bokoblin archers on the platforms with your bow. Now head down the 
ramp and defeat the rest of the Bokoblin. After that, shoot the rope to make 
another bridge. Behind there is more Bokoblin. Defeat them, then break the pots 
for hearts and arrows. Now enter the boss door.
When you walk in, there will be a huge black beast chained up. His eye will 
glow then he will break free! He will then suddenly ignite starting the battle. 
Get back a distance to avoid being trashed by his chains, then shoot an arrow 
at his glowing eye. This will make him start to run around. Go over to one of 
his leg chains and pull on the chain with your Iron Boots on. This will make 
him collapse. Go over to his eye and slice it up. Repeat this, but on the third 
time, press A to deliver the Final Blow on his head. This will defeat him. You 
will be rewarded with FUSED SHADOW #2 and a HEART CONTAINER. 


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