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Sorry it has been so long, but it is finally here! This dungeon is one of the 
harder ones. It has many chambers and floors as well as four hidden Poes. This 
walkthrough has everything you need to beat the dungeon and the very hard 
boss. Good luck!

2)POE 1/4
7)POE 2/4
10)POE 3/4
12)POE 4/4

When you arrive in front of a sand trap, look to the left and Clawshot the 
mark. Now jump over to the east platform, then run across the sinking platform 
on the west. Now run over to the northern ledge. Walk through the sand and to 
the northeast ledge. Defeat the small skeletal creatures then Clawshot the 
chain handle to bring it to you. Now pull on it to make the path open. After 
goind up the stairs, go to the left alcove running across the sand to obtain a 
SMALL KEY. You can optionally go to the right alcove for some Lantern Oil 
because the next room is dark and requires a Lanter. Now you can open the door 
and enter a dark chamber. Walk straight ahead then suddenly a ton of small 
skeletal creatures will rise from the sand. Make good use of the spin attack 
to get them out of your way. Now light the two torches next to the sealed door 
to open it. Now enter into the next room where four lanterns take the fire 
from the pillars. Three of them will go in different directions. One will stay 
to fight you. Turn into a wolf and use your senses. Now bite and grab hold to 
the ghost by pressing A repeatedly. Do that twice to make it fall on its back. 
Now finish him off to get the first POE. The Poe leaves behind a scent. Sniff 
it to learn the POE'S SCENT. Use your senses to see that the trail goes in 
three different directions. But first turn into a human to get some helpful 
items. In the northeast corner is a chest with a PIECE OF HEART. Now go over 
to the northwest corner and defeat the Bubble then walk across to obtain the 
DUNGEON MAP. Now go over to the eastern wall to find a small patch of sand. 
Dig here to reveal a chain. Pull on it to have the floor open up revealing a 
path. Go down.
Open the door and the jump down to the bottom where the pillar is at. Push the 
handle counter-clockwise to reveal a small chamber with a ReDead. Shoot him 
twice with a Bomb Arrow to defeat him. Now open the chest behind him for a 
SMALL KEY. Now go back to the pillar and look up. There is a small hole with a 
Clawshot medallion. Go up and open the door to enter a small circular chamber. 
In here is the second Poe. Transform into a wolf and switch on your senses to 
see the second Poe. Defeat him for the second POE. Now backtrack to the room 
where you learned the Poe's Scent. Now two torches are lit!
Now go to the eastern door in this chamber. When in here open the locked door 
to enter a large room. In this room, go to the left side and follow the path 
avoiding spikes that randomly pop up. When you reach the land where a large 
block is, pull it back some, then push it into the slot. Now go up the stairs 
and grab the chain handle. Pull it back to make the large chandelier rise up. 
Pull it back as far as possible then run past before it falls on you. Climb 
the stairs and enter the door. 
In this circular room, go to the southern alcove to find a chest with your 
COMPASS! Now go to the central pillar and rotate it 90 degrees. This will open 
the way to the east alove where a ReDead rests. Defeat it with Bomb Arrows, 
then open the chest behind him. In here is another SMALL KEY. Now open the 
locked door to the west to continue. In this weird shaped room lies a bunch of 
small skeletal creatures and two ReDeads. Defeat all the enemies, then follow 
the scent to a small patch of sand. Dig there to reveal a chain. Pull it to 
open the gate revealing the third Poe. Defeat him for the third POE. Now enter 
the door to the north. This room is very quiet and suspicious. Go down and 
open the chest for a SMALL KEY. Now you will start to walk very slowly. Weird. 
Transform into a wolf and switch on your senses to reveal several Ghoul Rats 
on you. Defeat them all with a spin attack. Now open the locked door to the 
west to return to the main room. This lights three of the four torches. Now 
jump across the gap using the chandelier to open the western door on the other 
In here jump down then push the large block into place. Now climb up and 
defeat the Moldorms as needed. Now grab the chain to make the chandelier rise. 
Quickly run over and stand in the very middle to have it fall around you. 
Climb on the chandelier the enter the door to the west. This star-chamber has 
a memorable enemy in it. In here is a Stalfos. Defeat him with a regular Bomb 
Arrow. Ah, doesn't this dungeon remind you of the days of Ocarina of Time? The 
Forest Temple with all of those Stalfos and the four Poes? Good times. Anyway, 
after he is defeated enter the door to the south. 
In here is a statue with a snake wrapped around a girl. This is a puzzle where 
you have to light specific lanterns. Light the one in the front and the one on 
the back row to the left. If you get confused, turn your senses on to see 
where the Poe has been. This will open the rest of the way. In this room is 
the last Poe. Like in Ocarina of Time, there is a different way to defeat him. 
He will split into four. Right before he attacks you, the real Poe will be 
brighter than the rest. Attack this one. Repeat once more to defeat the fourth 
POE. Now enter the door to the north. Now get out your Clawshot and shoot the 
medallion above the eastern door. Latch on then jump down. Open the door to 
return to the main room.
Now all four torches are lit! This opens the large door. Head north to a large 
circular room with some Bubbles. Defeat them, then go east. this is yet 
another circular room with many levels.
In here, jump all the way down then turn the pillar to raise the floor one 
level. Here go to the west path then open the hidden chest for a SMALL KEY. 
Now go back to the pillar and go down. Now unlock the southern door to enter a 
very large room.
In here change into a wolf and switch on your senses. Turn right then go south 
while avoiding rats and spikes. Follow the path avoiding spikes until you make 
your way to the southwest corner. Here is a ReDead. Defeat him. Now go north 
then east avoiding spikes to the southeast corner where there is a chain 
handle. Pull on it as far as you can, the go to over where you fought the 
ReDead, no go over to the middle then south to squeeze through the closing 
wall. Once you pass this allows you to continue. Walk down this alley as human 
trying to stay out of the sand and the way of the enemy spinners. Half way 
down the isle some small creatures will jump all over you. They don't hurt 
you, so let them climb on you then use a spin attack to defeat them. Continue 
on your way the go to the southern alcove where there are many pots. Pick up 
the moving pot to reunite with OOCCOO. Now enter the door to the north. When 
you enter you will be met by more poison mites. Defeat them as usual, then go 
north avoiding the rotating spikes. When you pass the spikes you will see two 
Stalfos. Defeat them with Bomb Arrows, then go over to the right to find 
another Stalfos. Defeat it to open the path back where the door was. Backtrack 
to here, to see a couple of platforms and Clawshot medallions. Clawshot the 
first medallion to land on the falling block, then quickly Clawshot to the 
right landing on another platform, now jump up on the ledge, then jump across 
the gap. Now hook a left then enter the northern door for the mid-boss fight!
This isn't the hardest battle, but it can be tricky. When you walk in, slice 
one of the ropes to cause the giant sword to move and rise. After this 
happens, turn into a wolf and switch on your senses. You will see the giant 
beast which you can latch onto and press A repeatedly to have him turn into a 
solid. Transform into a human and get out your Bow. Shoot him with an arrow to 
have him fly around the room. When he stops, he will get in the middle and try 
to smash you with his sword. Dodge it, and while he is down, attack him with 
the Master Sword! Repeat the process until he dies. Now go to the northern 
path to a treasure chest with the SPINNER!
This item is an amazing item that allows you to latch onto the grated wall and 
spin around. You can use A to jump and attack enemies. If you use the item on 
land without the grate, the Spinner will run out of power. Practice in this 
room if you need it. To exit. Use the Spinner on the grated wall to return to 
where the door is. Now exit the room. Back in the previous room, use the 
Spinner on the right side grate to ride over to a platform. Stop on the 
platform, then face west toward the door and use the Spinner to ride up to the 
door. Now enter into a very large room. 
In here, use the Spinner on the right, then jump over to the left, then to the 
right, then onto a circular island with and enemy spinner. Jump on and go 
around until you make your way to the right some to another grate. This will 
lead you up. Stop when you come to a near chest gaurded by a Stalfos. Defeat 
him, then open the chest for a PIECE OF HEART. Now use the Spinner on the 
right and avoid the giant spinning spikes, then jump across using A a couple 
times until you start to go up even more to the First Floor. Land on the path 
defeating the Stalfos, the jump back and forth using the Spinner to avoid 
enemy spinners. When you make it across, run straight ahead and open the chest 
for the BIG KEY!
Now use the Spinner to ride back to the circular room. In the middle of the 
room is a indention. Stand in the middle of it and use the Spinner, now press 
A repeatedly to make the northern wall open.
Go over to there and use the Spinner on the wall to ride up. Keep your eye on 
the central pillar, and when the time is right, jump across to the pillar, and 
use the Spinner by pressing A repeatedly to make more grates rise. Use the 
Spinner here to ride up all the way to the bosses door. 
When you enter, walk up some to be met by Zant! He tells you that the end is 
near for you and he strikes the giant skull head with a glowing red and black 
sword bringing it to life! When the battle starts, run up to the Spinner grate 
and use the Spinner to go around. When you get far enough to the back of 
Stallord, jump off the grate and ride the Spinner over to his spine while 
avoiding the Staltroop that pop up out of the sand. When you get to his spine, 
press A to break part of it. Repeat that, but this time you have to deal with 
enemy spinners, and Staltroopers will gaurd Stallord's spine. Defeat the 
Staltroopers with A, then when you can, press A to break more of the spine. 
After hitting the spine three times, this will knock the monster out revealing 
a large central pillar. Go to the middle, and use the Spinner and press A 
repeatedly. This makes the pillar rise, and Stallord come back to life! He 
will knock you down starting the second part of this battle! Quickly use the 
Spinner to hook onto the central pillar to ride around. After a moment, 
Stallord will appear. He will shoot a red ball at you, when this happens, 
press A to jump to the other side, dodging the energy ball. Dodge three or 
four balls until you are parallel with Stallord. Press A to jump which will 
strike Stallord, causing him to fall to the ground. You will land in front of 
him, so bring out your sword and hack away at Zant's magical sword on 
Stallord's head. Repeat this process, but this time with enemy spinners, to 
defeat this beast. When he dies, you will be rewarded with a HEART CONTAINER. 
Now a bridge will go across as well as a large door will open. Exit out into 
the Mirror Chamber.
Out here, follow the path until you reach a very large statue with a snake and 
a girl. You will also be met by shadow beasts. Five of them! Take time beating 
them to open another warp portal. Now use the Spinner to rise to the top of 
the statue. Press A repeatedly to make a large black stone wrapped in chains 
as well as the Mirror of Twilight pedestal . . .


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