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This is the dungeon that is home to an abandoned tribe that once tried to 
steal the Triforce using the Fused Shadows. But a lot has changed as tempers 
have flared. Zant, the false ruler of the Twili has been given a different 
kind of magic to turn the Palace of Twilight into a dangerous realm. Now it is 
up to you to breach Zant’s throne room and free the Twili.


You will walk up and notice these things that look like Twilit Messengers. 
Midna tells you not to attack them because they are the Twili. Now continue 
over to the left side and open the door. In here are a few Twilit Babas and 
Keese. Defeat them and go north to see a Zant Mask. Hit is as many times as 
you can before it teleports. Look around for it again then attack it when it 
appears. When it is defeated, a chest to the north will appear. Open it for a 
SMALL KEY.  Now continue north into a room with a black cover in the middle of 
it. Walk into it and you will turn into a wolf. Midna tells you that these are 
magic black crystals that will transform you into a wolf. You can change back 
though when you are out of the crystals. Turn on your senses to see through 
this fog. When you are out of the fog you will be attacked by another Zant 
Mask. Defeat it as a wolf or a human. When it is defeated, two chests will 
appear. The one to the south is a COMPASS. When you get over to it you will be 
attacked by Twilit Vermin. Now the one to the north is another SMALL KEY. 
Almost every door in this dungeon is locked, so make sure you always 
investigate each room for a Small Key. Use one of the Clawshot medallions near 
the door to get up on the ledge and exit. Now in here, jump down and try to go 
north when Twilit Walls form and a holographic Zant appears!
This fiend will summon a huge red ball to summon many Twilit Keese. Defeat 
them, then go into the middle of the room look for Zant hopping around. When 
he stops to summon another red ball, go over to him and slice him up. Repeat 
this to make him summon many black shadow crystals.
Now walk forward toward the glowing ball. Midna tells you that this is a Sol. 
Now go to the edge of the crystals and Clawshot the Sol to make it fall out of 
the hand. Now Clawshot the ball to grab it. The hand will come to life! It 
will try to get the Sol back so run to the middle of the black crystals. The 
Sol makes all of the black crystals disappear. Place the Sol in the middle of 
the indention to make some stairs rise. Climb up the stairs and when you are 
off of them, Clawshot the Sol to bring it to you. Now exit the door. The hand 
will follow you through the door so you gotta hurry! Run to the middle of the 
crystals and put the Sol in the indention. More platforms will rise and there 
are also many enemies. You can defeat them, or ignore them. Trust me, ignoring 
them is faster! Now run up the platforms and when you are on solid ground, 
Clawshot the Sol. Now throw it up on the ledge which is too high to reach. 
Grab the Sol and jump down and exit the door. Now the hand will also follow 
you into this room, so again you must hurry! With the Sol in hand, run with it 
and dodge the enemies and run past the Babas that will knock the ball out of 
your hands. Now open the door to exit back out. Out here, make it back to the 
middle, and you can go around with the Sol and transform all the Twili to 
their normal state. This will now make the right side of the dungeon 
accessible. Stand on the glowing platform to ride it to the right side. Now 
open the door. If you don’t already know, there is one more Sol to collect in 
this room. Now in here, defeat all of the enemies and Clawshot one of the 
medallions on the side of the wall. Now Clawshot the medallion on the ceiling 
and lower yourself to the moving platform. Now ride it to the center island. 
Now a Zant’s Mask will appear. Use the Shield Attack to reflect the energy 
ball back at the fiend. Now hop across the moving platforms over the shadow 
crystals. Now land on the other side and finish off the Mask. This will make a 
chest appear. Open it for a SMALL KEY. Now unlock the door. In here are three 
Twilit Messengers. Transform into a wolf and defeat them. Now there are a 
couple of Zant Masks. Defeat them to make a chest appear. Clawshot near the 
door, then Clawshot onto the roof. Now on the west side ledge is a chest with 
the DUNGEON MAP. Now Clawshot back onto the ceiling and then Clawshot to the 
east for another chest which holds a SMALL KEY. Now continue to the north and 
Clawshot up there and open the door. Drop down here to be met by … guess who?
This time he is back and harder! He gets another ball and summons Twilit 
Babas. Defeat some if you like, then use the same tactics as last time, but 
this time Zant will teleport more often. Defeat him again to make more shadow 
crystals appear. 
Now grab the Sol again and place it in the middle of the room in the 
indention. Run up the stairs and Clawshot the Sol to go to the next room. In 
here, hurriedly place the Sol in the indention. Now take your time and defeat 
all of the enemies, because the stairs that rise will block the hand. Now grab 
the Sol again then place it back in the indention, and before the stairs fully 
rise, run over and get on them to ride up. Now when you are on the high 
southern ledge, Clawshot the Sol and drop down and exit via the southern door. 
In here you must really hurry. Jump onto the moving platforms and jump to the 
center island and stand there for a second to make the two spheres glow which 
creates a platform that will ride you all the way to the door. Now exit. Run 
over to the south a bit to a platform. Ride it over to the other side and 
place the second Sol on the indention. What’s this? Your Master Sword is 
glowing!? You have the MASTER SWORD OF LIGHT! Now your sword can pierce 
through the thick walls of twilight and cut through the Twilit Monsters with 
ease. Now return back to the right side corridors to the first room. In here 
on the left is a small alcove with a huge black twilight wall. Use the sword 
to cut through the wall. Now make the other crystals dissipate and quickly 
Clawshot the medallion above the chest. Drop down and open it for a PIECE OF 
HEART. Now exit this room and return to the left side corridors. Now down here 
are some platforms that you can active with your sword. Go to the right side 
one and ride it up, then quickly before it turns north, jump on to the eastern 
ledge and open the chest for a PIECE OF HEART. Now ride that platform back to 
the main room. 
Now go north to be stopped by a black wall. Step on the square mark and use 
the spin attack to make the black wall dissipate allowing you to continue. In 
here, defeat all of the enemies, then cross the black crystals with your 
sword. Now there are two Sols in this room. Grab one and place it in the 
groove, then repeat this to make some steps appear. Climb the steps, then hit 
the globe with your sword to make a moving platform appear. Ride it to the 
east and defeat all the Zant Masks to make a chest appear with a SMALL KEY. 
Now use a spin attack on the three globes to make a platform appear. Ride it 
up and unlock the door to the west. 
Now you are out on the palace’s battlements. Now to the east is a huge black 
wall. Use the Master Sword to cut through it and get behind the wall. Now use 
the Clawshot back and forth then drop on the ledge with the fancy chest. Open 
it for the BIG KEY! Now jump back to the other side of the black wall and over 
to the west are two globes. Use the spin attack to make a platform appear. 
Ride it to a southern ledge and defeat the Zant Mask. Now use the globes to 
get back to the battlements. Now when you arrive over there, there will be 
more Zant Masks. Defeat them all and to the north a chest will appear with a 
SMALL KEY. Now you can exit to the east. 
Now defeat the Twilit Messengers with a spin attack, then go over to the four 
globes and use a spin attack to make a platform rise up. Ride up until three 
more platforms appear. Face west and jump on this platform. This will take you 
west. Now two platforms will appear. Jump on the right one. Jump off onto a 
ledge with a Baba. Defeat it, then get on the next platform. Ride it over to 
where a Zant Mask is. Now Clawshot over there, and defeat the Mask. Now shoot 
the medallion to the south, then Clawshot the medallion on the ceiling. Dodge 
the energy ball and lower yourself onto the moving platform. Now Clawshot over 
and defeat the Zant Mask. This will make a chest appear with a SMALL KEY. Now 
jump onto the new platform and ride it up to the fourth floor door. Unlock it, 
and in this next room is some Twilit Messengers. Defeat them with a spin 
attack and continue north to Zant’s Throne Room! When you walk in, you will 
see a cut scene about Zant and Ganondorf’s meeting. Then the battle will begin!
This battle has many different phases requiring many different items. The 
first battle is back at the Forest Temple. Dodge all of the energy balls fired 
at you and then use the Gale Boomerang on Zant. This will bring him to you. 
When he is near, slice him up with the Master Sword. Repeat this until you are 
transported to the Goron Mines where you battled Dangoro. Immediately put on 
your Iron Boots and wait for Zant to stop bouncing around. He will tire out 
leaving him vulnerable. Slice him up! This time he will fire energy balls at 
you. Block them with the Hylian Shield, then repeat the process. After this, 
you will be transported to where you battled Morpheel. Put on you Iron Boots 
and Zora’s Armor, and wait for a huge Zant Mask to appear out of the middle of 
the arena. Zant will be inside and he will fire energy balls at you. Block 
them with your shield, then he will get tired. Clawshot him to bring him to 
you and slice him up. After you do that, four heads will appear. Stand in the 
middle and look for Zant in one of the heads. Block his energy balls and then 
Clawshot him. Slice him up, then repeat as needed. Now you will be transported 
back to the Forest Temple where you fought Ook. Zant will hop around the totem 
polls. When he stops to fire more energy balls at you, hit the totem poll to 
knock him off leaving him vulnerable. Slice him up, and after this you will be 
transported to the Snowpeak Ruins. Zant will become super huge! Bring out the 
Ball and Chain and hit one of his feet to make him hop around and become one-
third your size. Slice him up, and repeat until you are transported to Castle 
Town Southern Gate. Here Zant brings out knives and tries to chop at you. Use 
the Back Slice to get around him and slice him up. Repeat until he does a 
deadly spin attack. Block it with your shield until he tires out. Slice him up 
when he is tired. He then will do a combination of both so get ready. He also 
won’t get tired after every spin attack he does, so be on guard and slice him 
when you can to defeat him! You will back at the Palace of Twilight where Zant 
lies on the throne. He tells Midna that Ganondorf will continue to revive him, 
but Midna gets the FUSED SHADOWS from Zant and uses them to defeat Zant for 
good! Now grab the HEART CONTAINER and warp out. It is time to raid Hyrule 


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