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                     Dragon's Dogma Everfall Chambers Guide
                                  Version 1.1
                            Written by hourofcrisis

Table of Contents

        Version History....................................[VRSN]
        Everfall Chambers..................................[EFCB]
                 Chamber of Confusion......................[COCO]
                 Chamber of Anxiety........................[COAN]
                 Chamber of Absence........................[COAB]
                 Chamber of Hesitation.....................[COHE]
                 Chamber of Apprehension...................[COAP]
                 Chamber of Remorse........................[CORM]
                 Chamber of Tragedy........................[COTR]
                 Chamber of Lament.........................[COLA]
                 Chamber of Fate...........................[COFA]
                 Chamber of Distress.......................[CODI]
                 Chamber of Estrangement...................[COES]
                 Chamber of Woe............................[COWO]
                 Chamber of Sorrow.........................[COSO]
                 Chamber of Resolution.....................[CORS]
                 Chamber of Inspiration....................[COIN]
                 Chamber of Hope...........................[COHO]
        General Tips.......................................[GNTP]
        Frequently Asked Questions.........................[FAQZ]

Introduction                                                             [INTD]

This is my first guide of any kind so please forgive me if there are any
glaring errors. If you find anything wrong this guide (including typos,
grammatical errors, etc.) or any information that contradicts what you find
in-game feel free to contact me using any of the methods in the Contact

This guide is meant to be used post-game. If you have not beaten the main
story there may be spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

This guide is to provide a database of sorts for the enemies you can encounter
in the various Everfall chambers. This should prove helpful when wanting to
look for specific enemies and to allow proper preparation for each chamber. I
will include tips on how to beat every enemy and I will give tips on how to
handle the specific set of monsters that are in each chamber.

Version History                                                          [VRSN]

Version 1.0 (Submitted 05-28-12)
- All enemies found in the Everfall
- Added the locations of those selling equipment
- Added the amount of treasure chests found in each chamber
- More detail has been added to each room within each chamber

Version 1.1 (Submitted 05-29-12)
- Fixed some spelling and grammatical errors
- Section on the Chamber of Distress had the incorrect search code
- Numbered the chambers according to the order of descent
- Added respawn times for the Drake and Wyrm
- Added some tips thanks to some feedback

Everfall Chambers                                                        [EFCB]

The Everfall Chambers are unlocked after having beaten The Dragon and
completing the quest "A Warm Welcome" after waking up in Cassardis. There are
two ways to reach the Everfall. You can jump into the pit directly from the
main square in Gran Soren or you can go to the Pawn Guild and through the same
door used for the quest "Lure of the Abyss". Once inside the Everfall
you have access to only one chamber with only one monster. After defeating
said monster you will have access to the other 15 chambers.

#0 Chamber of Confusion                                                [COCO]
Amount of rooms: 1
Amount of chests: ?
- Room 1: ?
Shop Availability: None
Enemies encountered: 
- Room 1: Evil Eye (Boss)

Initially, when you enter any Everfall chamber you will automatically be placed
in the Chamber of Confusion to face an Evil Eye. You will not have access to
any other chambers until you have successfully slain the Evil Eye.

Battle Tips:
The only enemy you will fight is the Evil Eye and you have plenty of room to
battle it. Make sure to have items that cure petrification and give some to 
your pawns in case they have been afflicted with it. The Evil Eye is capable of
putting up a barrier that repels many attacks so I would advise against
attacking it head-on. The easiest way to beat the Evil Eye is to attack the 
tentacles that come from the ground. Once the barrier is down unleash your
attacks on it. If done enough damage it will fall to the ground and the eyeball
will be exposed and a great target for high damage. If it recovers and puts up
the barrier again repeat the steps and bring it down again.

Once you have defeated the Evil Eye you can exit the room and you will be able
to access the correct chambers.

#1 Chamber of Anxiety                                                    [COAN]
Amount of rooms: 1
Amount of chests: 1
- Room 1: 1
Shop Availability: None
Enemies encountered: 
- Room 1: Skeleton Knights, Skeleton Sorcerers, Wight (Boss)

Battle Tips:
Once you turn the corner and look down the hallway the Wight will start casting
spells. Holy Boon/Holy Affinity is useful here. Take out the Skeleton Sorcerers
out first as they can be a nuisance. Once they are out of the way you should 
easily take out the Skeleton Knights and then take out the Wight. Take care to
avoid being in the red ringed area of a Wight's spell. Once you see the ring
quickly move away from it to avoid continuous damage. That is the only real
threat from this room as it should be a breeze for most players.

#2 Chamber of Absence                                                    [COAB]
Amount of rooms: 2
Amount of chests: 4
- Room 1: 1 (Top Floor)
- Room 2: 3
Shop Availability: None
Enemies encountered:
- Room 1: Geo Saurians, Skeleton Mages, Hellhounds (Bottom Floor Only)
- Room 2: Goblins, Hobgoblins, Grimgoblins

Battle Tips:
For the first room take care not to fall down before clearing out the top
floor. You can easily be killed by the Hellhounds who are in packs of three.
Cross the bridge and take out the Skeleton Mages. Move to take on the Geo
Saurians and cut their tails off to hit for more damage. Once you start to 
move downstairs fight one pack of Hellhounds at a time. Ranged attacks work
best and avoid staying in one place to avoid the fireballs they shoot. They are
also weak to ice attacks so Ice Boon/Ice Affinity also helps here.

The second room is a breeze compared to the first. Every species of Goblin 
are here but they should not be a problem. You can stay in the hallway and 
have them group together for quick extermination. Make a note to look for a 
Goblin holding a torch who can be overlooked behind a box.

#3 Chamber of Hesitation                                                 [COHE]
Amount of rooms: 2
Amount of chests: 2
- Room 1: 
- Room 2: 
Shop Availability: None
Enemies encountered:
- Room 1: Saurian Sages
- Room 2: Undead Warriors, Archydra (Boss)

Battle Tips:
The Saurian Sages can be tough to deal with all at once. Focus on
one at a time and always make sure to cut of their tails to ensure more damage.

For the second room take out the Undead Warriors first so they do not bother
you when facing the Archydra. This battle may take a while the first to get 
used to the behaviors of the Archydra. It is important to bring items to
recover Health as you can get hit pretty hard here. To deal significant damage
to the Archydra you must slice off the heads/necks of the beast. The higher you 
go up the neck the easier it will be to cut it off. After cutting off the head 
you can burn the wound with Fire-based attacks to prevent the head from growing
back. If you can successfully do that to all four heads the Archydra will fall 
motionless leaving it exposed to high damage. The Archydra has a projectile 
attack that poison so bring cures for that as well. The most devastating attack
is any movement by the actual body of the Archydra. Sometimes the beast will 
try to slither away or towards you and may even spin around and whip its large
tail. The hit area for the tail is rather large and extremely difficult to avoid
so be sure to stay close to your Pawns in case they are incapacitated or so 
they can heal you quickly.

#4 Chamber of Apprehension                                               [COAP]
Amount of rooms: 1
Amount of chests: 0
Shop Availability: None
Enemies encountered:
- Room 1: Wights, Gorechimera (Boss)
          Grimgoblins, Cockatrice x2 (Bosses)

Battle Tips:
This is the first of three rooms with random spawns that we'll encounter. In
these rooms you'll essentially have two separate groups. Each group will have
different monsters and the chests will also be unique to each room allowing for
more items. I'll give strategies for each group starting with the easier of the

The first group consists of a couple of Wights and a Gorechimera. If you have
Holy Boon/Holy Affinity and a ranged weapon quickly take out the Wights to
prevent them from spawning any Undead. They aren't strong and can easily go 
down without any effort. In dealing with the Gorechimera it is best to always
take out the Snake first. In doing so the beast will fall down and give you an
opening to attack. Afterwards you should take out the Goat because it can cast
healing magic to recover Health. Once the Goat is eliminated attack the face of
the Gorechimera until it is defeated. If the Snake grows back, which it can,
then just cut it off again to cause the Gorechimera to stagger and fall.

The second group consists of several scattered Grimgoblins and a pair of
Cockatrices. This is a battle where you must have items to cure petrification
or equip armor to resist it. You are bound to get hit by the gas more than once
and if you can't cure it you have no chance. Take out the Grimgoblins quickly
so you can focus on the Cockatrices. Choose one and direct all your attacks on
it. Use Fire-based attacks to inflict catching fire and aim for the neck. Its
movements are similar to a Griffin but the Cockatrice has a tendency to stay on
the ground more. Take your time and remember to give yourself and your pawns a
good supply of petrification curatives.

#5 Chamber of Remorse                                                    [CORM]
Amount of rooms: 2
Amount of chests: 6
- Room 1: 5
- Room 2: 1 (Top Floor)
Shop Availability: Yes, Joye (Room 1)
Enemies encountered:
- Room 2: Grimgoblins, Golem (Boss), Cyclops (Boss)

Battle Tips:
The room isn't fairly difficult but one mistake can change that. When you step
out of the initial room you will be ambushed by Grimgoblins and there will be
a Golem on the bridge. Take out the Grimgoblins first then attack the Golem.
Be very careful when doing this as the Golem can fall down to the first floor.
Attack the lower weak points to avoid risking this and take your time. If the
Golem does fall down do not fall with it. Doing so will only make things more
stressful and difficult to deal with. Instead, go down the stairs and take out
the armored Cyclops and any Grimgoblins that attack you. At this point in the
game a Cyclops should not be a challenge so there should not be an issue with
that. Proceed to finish off the Golem and move to the next area to finish any
remaining Grimgoblins.

#6 Chamber of Tragedy                                                    [COTR]
Amount of rooms: 1
Amount of chests: 6
- Room 1: 6 (2 on the Top Floor/4 on the Bottom Floor)
Shop Availability: None
Enemies encountered:
- Room 1: Succubi, Gargoyles, Specter

Battle Tips:
Ranged attacks are recommended to fight off the various winged enemies.
Fortunately, the Gargoyles and Succubi are separate except for one instance
where you would face a Gargoyle and a pair of Succubi. Make sure to bring along
at least one Pawn capable of using Magick-based attacks to hit the Specter.
Attack the Succubi with Fire-based attacks and the Gargoyles with
Lightning-based attacks.

#7 Chamber of Lament                                                     [COLA]
Amount of rooms: 1
Amount of chests: 2
- Room 1: 2
Shop Availability: None
Enemies encountered:
- Room 1: Pawns, Ur-Dragon

Battle Tips:
This is it. The one room that contains one of the most rewarding monsters in
all of Dragon's Dogma, the Ur-Dragon. Before you go inside you need to decide
which version of the monster you wish to fight, the offline Ur-Dragon or
the online Ur-Dragon.

The offline Ur-Dragon is just like any monster we've faced so far. Preset stats
for Health, damage and defenses. Initially you will not be able to defeat it in
one battle. Because of the unique way to attack the dragon (explained in full
detail below) the damage you do to it will carry over to the next battle thus
making it a more manageable fight.

The online Ur-Dragon is a monster that grows stronger with each death. Upon
entering the battlefield its Health is a representation of the total damage
done to it by all players who have fought it. It will also show the current
incarnation, or generation, of the Ur-Dragon. Once you have dealt enough
damage or 8 minutes have passed by the Ur-Dragon will flee and the damage you
have dealt will carry over along with other players' damage. You can fight it
as many times as you wish and if you can manage to strike a finishing blow you
will be blessed with great items.

Once you have decided which version to fight pause the game and go into the
Options. Move over to the Gameplay tab and go down to the Connectivity setting.
Having the setting set to "Online" will have you fight the online version of
the Ur-Dragon. Changing the setting to "Offline" will put you against the
offline version of the Ur-Dragon. Make sure to confirm any changes you make and
save again manually just in case.

It is recommended to change your vocation to a Strider, a Ranger an Assassin,
or a Magick Archer. The skills that they possess and the weapons they can equip
make them excellent choices to fight the Ur-Dragon. A Mystic Knight can work
well too and bring a Pawn that can give you Holy Boon/Holy Affinity for extra
damage. Bring plenty of items to restore Health and also Stamina.

Once you enter the chamber drop into the battlefield run straight to the other
end to find three Pawns. Defeat these Pawns to initiate the Ur-Dragon battle.

Fighting the Ur-Dragon is very simple and direct. On the dragon's body you can
repeatedly attack certain weak spots to deal damage. As you hit the same spot 
over and over the area will start to glow red until eventually the weak spot
has been hit enough that a small white flash will come from it. When that
occurs the weak spot will no longer deal damage when hit and the specific area
will look damaged and stripped to the bone. You can find the weak spots on the
legs, body, wings, tail, neck and head of the dragon. Because of the
difficulty in hitting some of the weak spots the Ur-Dragon may flee before you
are able to finish it off. If that's the case its Health will carry over to
the next battle as will the same weak spots that are left. Exit the chamber
and rest up at the Inn to prepare for the next battle with the Ur-Dragon.

As you damage and destroy the weak spots loot will fall down to the ground just
below the Ur-Dragon. Collect it before it disappears as it can be sold for
several thousand Gold. Once the Ur-Dragon has been defeated the rewards will
be located next to exit in front of the Hall of Fame.

**Strategy by sarcon89**
If you have built an Arisen as a Mage/Sorcerer you will have very low attack
Strength which will limit the damage you deal to the Ur-Dragon. To remedy this
switch your vocation to a Magick Archer and equip a bow with high Magick. This
will allow you to physically hit the Ur-Dragon with a lot of damage using your
original build. You can also use Hunters Boon to deal extra damage to the
Ur-Dragon on various weak spots.

#8 Chamber of Fate                                                       [COFA]
Amount of rooms: 2
Amount of chests: 8
- Room 1: 2
- Room 2: 6 (2 on Top Floor/4 on Bottom Floor)
Shop Availability: None
Enemies encountered:
- Room 1: Harpies, Drake (Boss)
          Wight, Chimera (Boss), Gorechimera (Boss)
- Room 2: Giant Bats, Harpies, Succubi, Gargoyles

Battle Tips:
Here is the second room with random spawns. Again I'll begin with the easier of
the two battles.

The first group is simple. A group of Harpies which can go down in one attack
at this point and a Drake. The Drake has some very basic attacks that include a
breath of fire and a tail whip. It can also grab a Pawn and try to take control
of it. To counter this hit the claw that has grasped the Pawn to release it and
to stagger the Drake for a few seconds. Its weak point is in the chest and it
is weak to Ice-based attacks.

If you plan on farming the Drake to have your equipment Dragonforged make sure
to allow 2-4 in-game days to let the Drake respawn. If you re-enter the chamber
and you don't see any enemies at all, more time is needed for respawning.

The second group is, in my opinion, the hardest group of monsters in all of the
Everfall Chambers. In consists of a Wight, a Chimera, and a Gorechimera. You
may recall that the Chamber of Apprehension had a similar group except that
this one has a Chimera as well. The other difference is that the Wight in the
Chamber of Apprehension summoned Undead. The Wight in this chamber summons
Hellhounds which makes it the primary target. Defeat the Wight quickly with
Holy-based attacks and clean up the leftover Hellhounds. Target the Chimera
should go down rather quickly and then focus on the Gorechimera.

#9 Chamber of Distress                                                   [CODI]
Amount of rooms: 2
Amount of chests: 5
- Room 1: 4
- Room 2: 1
Shop Availability: None
Enemies encountered:
- Room 1: Direwolves, Snow Harpies
- Room 2: Wyrm (Boss)

Battle Tips:
One of the easiest chambers due to the drop in difficulty of the monsters.
Fire-based attacks make quick work of the Direwolves and Snow Harpies. Stay on
the second floor to continue to the next room.

The second room contains a Wyrm. It is similar to the Drake in the previous
chamber but its wings are smaller and instead of breathing fire it breathes
ice. Being an Ice-based monster it is naturally weak to fire so Fire-based
attacks work well here as well. It also has the same weak spot as the Drake so
concentrate all the attacks towards the chest of the Wyrm.

If you plan on farming the Wyrm to have your equipment Dragonforged make sure
to allow 2-4 in-game days to let the Wyrm respawn. If you re-enter the chamber
and you don't see any enemies at all, more time is needed for respawning.

#10 Chamber of Estrangement                                              [COES]
Amount of rooms: 3
Amount of chests: 10
- Room 1: 1
- Room 2: 4
- Room 3: 5 (Bottom Floor)
Shop Availability: Yes, Delec (Room 2)
Enemies encountered:
- Room 1: Cyclops (Boss), Ogre (Boss), Golem (Boss)
          Steel Golem (Boss), Lich (Boss)
- Room 3: Undead, Undead Warriors, Giant Undead, Specters

Battle Tips:
This is the final chamber with random spawns. Again, I'll explain the first
group and then the second.

The first group consists of a Cyclops, an Ogre, and a Golem. All of these
monsters should not pose any form of a threat but the optimal order to take
them out would be in the same order I just introduced them in. Make quick work
of the Cyclops and then quickly move on to the Ogre. Once it's been dealt with
attack the weak spots on the Golem for the easy kill.

The second group is a little more challenging but not by much. It is just a
Stone Golem with a Lich that spawns Giant Undead rather slowly. Any monster
that can spawn others should always be the first target. Attack the Lich with
Holy-based attacks to defeat it and then attack the weak spots of the Stone
Golem. Bows/Longbows work well here both to hit the Lich in the air and the
Stone Golem's weak points which are scattered in the room.

The third room is filled with enemies weak to Holy-based attacks. Have a pawn
Holy Boon/Holy Affinity or equip weapons with the Holy attribute to breeze
through the room of Undead and Specters.

#11 Chamber of Woe                                                       [COWO]
Amount of rooms: 1
Amount of chests: 1
- Room 1: 1
Shop Availability: None
Enemies encountered:
- Room 1: Hellhounds, Giant Undead, Skeleton Lords, Lich (Boss)

Battle Tips:
This chamber is a little tricky in the sense that there are various species and
you are confined to the small room. Hellhounds should be the priority as they
can get very annoying. Move on to eliminate the Giant Undead roaming around.
The Skeleton Lords can pack a punch and can also put up barriers to defend
themselves with. Pick your shots and take your time as the Lich is hardly a
threat so long as you remember to get out of the red ringed areas quickly. Once
the second Skeleton Lord has fallen you can focus your efforts on the Lich with
Holy-based attacks.

#12 Chamber of Sorrow                                                    [COSO]
Amount of rooms: 3
Amount of chests: 9
- Room 1: 4 (1 on Top Floor/3 on Bottom Floor)
- Room 2: 4
- Room 3: 1
Shop Availability: None
Enemies encountered:
- Room 1: Evil Eye Tentacles
- Room 2: Grimgoblins, Evil Eye Tentacles, Vile Eyes
- Room 3: Evil Eye Tentacles, Evil Eye (Boss) 

Battle Tips:
The first room is fairly tame. You will randomly come across Evil Eye Tentacles
around the entire area so mind your surroundings. They are easily dispatched
with physical attacks. There are two doors here that you can go through. The
door on the top floor leads you straight to Room 3 with the Evil Eye. The door
on the bottom floor takes you to Room 2 with a pair of Vile Eyes.

The second room is very simple. Several Grimgoblins with more Evil Eye
Tentacles to bother you while you fight the other monsters. You will also come
across a pair of Vile Eyes. These are similar to the Evil Eyes that they can
put up a barrier. Wait for them to start casting a spell and then hit them with
physical attacks.

The third room is identical to the Chamber of Confusion. Refer back to the
section on that Chamber for tips on fighting the Evil Eye.

#13 Chamber of Resolution                                                [CORS]
Amount of rooms: 2
Amount of chests: 4
- Room 1: 3
- Room 2: 1
Shop Availability: None
Enemies encountered:
- Room 1: Stout Undead, Giant Undead, Ogres (Bosses)
- Room 2: Geo Saurians, Saurian Sages, Cockatrice (Boss)

Battle Tips:
As soon as you enter the first room you will be greeted a several Stout and
Giant Undead along with an Ogre. Use Holy-based attacks to quickly eliminate
the Undead and then focus on the Ogre. Because this room is essentially split
into three areas and each area contains an Ogre, it is possible for another
Ogre to join the battle. Keeping focusing on only one target until it is down
and then attack the other. The last thing you need is a couple of Ogres
rampaging in a small confined area.

The second room contains several Geo Saurians, Saurians Sages and a Cockatrice.
Focus your attacks on the Cockatrice and ignore the Saurians as they are not
aggressive enough to attack you. Use Fire-based attacks on the Cockatrice and
remember to stock up on items that cure petrification before fighting it.

#14 Chamber of Inspiration                                               [COIN]
Amount of rooms: 1
Amount of chests: 1
- Room 1: 1
Shop Availability: None
Enemies encountered:
- Room 1: Phantasm, Skeleton Sorcerers

Battle Tips:
Another room where Holy-based attacks will make quick work out of the enemies.
Attack the Skeleton Sorcerers first so that they don't pester you with spells.

#15 Chamber of Hope                                                      [COHO]
Amount of rooms: 2
Amount of chests: 10
- Room 1: 2 
- Room 2: 8 (2 on Top Floor/6 on Bottom Floor)
Shop Availability: None
Enemies encountered:
- Room 1: Hellhounds, Stout Undead
- Room 2: Skeleton Sorcerers, Gorechimera

Battle Tips:
In the first room use Holy-based attacks to defeat the Stout Undead and then
take out the two Hellhounds.

The second room may seem easy but the environment is not friendly. You begin on
the top floor and that is precisely where the Gorechimera is located. If you
feel confident enough you can wait until it enters your area and then attack it
in the tight space or you can quickly run to the bottom floor and fight it
there with a little more breathing room. There are also several Skeleton
Sorcerers around which can provide a nuisance if not dealt with immediately.

General Tips                                                             [GNTP]

Here are some good tips to go by when dealing with the Everfall:

- Always rest up before going. No point in going in at half-strength when the
  innkeeper is close to an entrance to the Everfall.

- Only take items that you need. Plan ahead to which chambers you are going to
  to take the proper cures. Petrification is the most harmful status ailment
  and can be prevented with preparation.

- Travel light, don't take more than you need. You don't need a Lantern or
  flasks of oil as there are plenty of torches to light up the chambers.

- When trying to land on a ledge leading to a chamber press the grab button
  when close to the ledge to land safely without hurting yourself. Saving your
  Health for the chambers is crucial, especially for the bosses.
  (Credit to Gigz Snowe)

- If you need to run away, do it. Don't try and be a hero when you are
  overwhelmed. Chamber of Apprehension and Chamber of Fate are two examples of
  groups of monsters that can overwhelm.

- Use different Pawn setups to take advantage of the enemies. If you fight
  Undead have a Pawn that knows Holy Boon/Holy Affinity. Take note of the
  enemies' weaknesses and exploit them.

- Change your own vocation to better suit the fight. In taking on the Archydra
  or the Ur-Dragon, Mages are not going to be too effective. Consider switching
  to a physical vocation to climb up these massive monsters and attack the
  weak spots.

- Take advantage of augments that increase attributes at nighttime. Since all
  the Everfall Chambers are indoors anyways it doesn't matter what time of day
  it is. Bloodlust is a great augment to have on any physical attacker.

- Pick up all the items. You never know what you might actually find and while
  there are some static items throughout the Everfall Chambers you may find
  something new every now and then. Some items you can find on a regular basis
  include items to recover Health and/or Stamina.

- The items you can't use you can sell. All the materials dropped by monsters
  can be sold for several thousand Gold. If the item is considered "a rarity"
  sell those items to Fournival (if still innocent) for a small increase of

- Wakestones and Wakestone Shards drop very often in the Everfall Chambers.
  Normal enemies usually drop the Wakestone Shards and boss monsters drop at
  least 2 Wakestones. You can also find Wakestone Shards in treasure chests.
  Once you return to Gran Soren you can sell each completed Wakestone for 
  30,000 Gold each. Consider that the Ur-Dragon (Offline and Online) drops
  20 Wakestones when defeated, that makes a profit of 600,000 Gold.

- There is no need to take a Ferrystone since you can return to the surface
  without one. When falling down the Everfall, pass the final chamber so that
  you get teleported back to the top of the fall. You can then land on the
  first ledge (upper right-hand corner). Follow the path back up the stairs to
  the Pawn Guild.

Frequently Asked Questions                                               [FAQZ]

None yet!

Contact                                                                  [CNAT]

This guide is allowed on:
- GameFAQS.com
- Neoseeker.com

If you would like to use my guide, feel free to contact me with my information
below. This guide may not be changed in any way, both in content and in format.
This guide was made for free with no intent of making any profit off of it.

If you have any questions, concerns, corrections or comments regarding the
content of this guide please contact me through any of the methods below:

Xbox LIVE Gamertag: ProdigyChildPwn
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: ProdigyChildPwn

Thanks for using my guide.

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