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                          Guide Written By Covenant Killa

Story about Halo 2: Halo 2 continues the story of the Master Chief, the genetically 
enhanced super-soldier who is the only human ever to successfully defy the Covenant—
a coalition of alien races on a murderous march toward Earth. To the mysterious 
leaders of the Covenant, the human victory at the ancient ring structure known as 
Halo was an unacceptable failure. They will not fail again.

About this Guide: Ok, I started this guide June 30th, 2004, which was way before the 
game came out. I actually got lots of help from some very friendly, nice people. 
Some added multiple things and one of them added a whole lot. Well, I hope you have 
fun reading my guide because it was fun making it and hearing from all of the people 
who commented on it or helped out. If you like it at the end, there are 2 paragraphs 
at the bottom of the guide that tell you how you can contact me to chat, comment, or 
add about my guide. Enjoy reading!

Another thing I have to say is this: If you want to skip to a section without 
scrolling, hit the Ctrl button and the F button. Keep holding the Ctrl button until 
you have hit the F button. Then, type in a number, for instance 3.1 and then Find, 
in the word box. Those letters will be highlighted on the Table of Contents. Hit 
Find again and it will go to that section. Pretty cool, huh?

Legal Mumbo Jumbo: This guide may not be copied and sold because you CAN go to jail 
if someone finds out it's a fake document. If I find this FAQ on any website without 
my permission and FULL credit, I will sue you of plagerism. If anyone wishes to post 
this guide on their website with credit to me, Email me at this address: 
[email protected] and I will respond A.S.A.P.

Table of Contents:
1. Weapons
  1.1- Info about this section
  1.2- SMG 
  1.3- Battle Rifle
  1.4- Covenant Carbine
  1.5- Plasma Sword(yes, you can use it)
  1.6- Flamethrower
  1.7- Rocket Launcher
  1.8- Energy Grenade Launcher
  1.9- Mounted 30-mm
  1.10- Weaker Pistol
  1.11- Needler(not much to say)
  1.12- Covenant Stationary Heavy Artilery Emplacement
  1.13- Particle Beam Rifle
  1.14- Sentinel Beam
  1.15- Brute Plasma Rifle
  1.16- Fuel Rod Gun
  1.17- What is the best weapon?

2. Enemies
  2.1- Info about this section
  2.2- Brutes
  2.3- Prophets
  2.4- Engineers
  2.5- Honor Guards
  2.6- The Enemies Upgraded Weaponry
  2.7- Drones
  2.8- Which is better?

3. Multiplayer maps
  3.1- Info about this section
  3.2- FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
  3.3- Zanzibar
  3.4- Waterworks
  3.5- Lockout
  3.6- Burial Mounds
  3.7- Ivory Tower
  3.8- New Battles
  3.9- Plasma Sword only Mode
  3.10- Covenant Mid-Ship
  3.11- Coagulation
  3.12- Colossus
  3.13- Ascention
  3.14- Headlong
  3.15- Assault
  3.16- Territories
  3.17- What is the best map?

4. Allies
  4.1- Info about this section
  4.2- Marines(improved)
  4.3- ODST(Helljumpers)
  4.4- The RUMOR!!!! of Spartans
  4.5- Survivors From Pillar of Autumn

5. Vehicles
  5.1- Info about this section
  5.2- Warthog
  5.3- ATV
  5.4- Phantom
  5.5- Ghost
  5.6- Covenant Drop-pods
  5.7- Vehicle Damage
  5.8- Marines Driving the Hog
  5.9- Oh yeah... Wraith baby!!!
  5.10- Spectre
  5.11- Scarab
  5.12- Gondola

6. Other Information
  6.1- Info about this section
  6.2- Shooting down Doors, Columns, and Windows
  6.3- Dual Wielding
  6.4- Hijacking Vehicles
  6.5- Enemies flipping Warthogs

7. Campaign
  7.1 -Info
  7.2- Cairo Station
  7.3- Outskirts
  7.4- Metropolis
  7.5- Delta halo
  7.6- The Quantative Zone
  7.7- Enemies
  7.8- Vehicles
  7.9- Second Halo

8. Ratings of Halo and Halo 2
  8.1- Halo rating
  8.2- Halo 2 rating

9. Hints and Tips
  9.1- Campaign
  9.2- Multiplayer

10. Closing words

1. Weapons- Face it, you wouldn't want to spend $50 on Halo 2 if the weapons were 
nothing new. That is unless you want to waste money seeing new enemies. I've heard 
of three new additions to the weapons section of the Halo series. Note: I didn't 
count the Plasma Sword as new because is was in Halo, but not available to use.

1.1- Info about this section- As all Halo players know, there were great weapons in 
Halo, both Human and Covenant weapons were able to be used in Halo. They ranged from 
the weakest human weapon: Assault Rifle, to the mightiest human weapon: Rocket 
Launcher. I will bet that the weapons I am introducing to you will not be known 
(except Plasma Swords). Here goes nothing:

1.2- SMG- I'm sorry I mistaked the two guns as combined. I didn't have enough 
information, but I got more and realized I should fix it. The SMG, or Sub Machine 
Gun, is similar to the Assault Rifle, but all it is is a cooler looking than it's 
counterpart. This also has the rapid fire of the Assault Rifle. It's silverish and 
sticks out more than a weak little Assault Rifle. I can't tell you if it's more 
powerful, though.

1.3- Battle Rifle- This gun is basically an enhanced version of an Assault 
Rifle. The only thing about it is that it has the scope ability, resembling a Sniper 
Rifle. Also, it lost the idea of rapid fire, so the accuracy is increased. This 
makes the Battle Rifle a great weapon. This seems like it will be a great human 

1.4- Covenant Carbine- If you're looking for the Covenants answer to the impressive 
Battle Rifle, here it is. This alien technology is similar to the Battle Rifle,with 
the scope option. When you're unloading, the Carbine will kick back on each shot, 
with bullet chambers that auto-eject. I am pretty sure that this will be used most 
often by the Covenant Elites. It doesn't sound too strong, but anything can happen 
when you leave an FPS in the great hands of Bungie!

1.5- Plasma Sword- Yay! I know everyone wanted to know if it was available in this 
game, and it is. It perform one-hit kill lunge moves, which makes it an incredible 
weapon. You gotta love it. If you want to have fun, get one and slice a fellow 
Marine. Unless you want help and realize that the Marines are helpful. If you 
remember the Gold Elites in Halo, you'll remember this sword, because I sure do.

1.6- Flamethrower- There will be no Flamethrower in Halo 2. Unless I'm crazy and I 
haven't found one, there isn't a Flamethrower in Halo 2.... Therefore, MasterChief22 
was wrong, which is rare.

1.7- Rocket Launcher- (Posted by MasterChief22) The new Rocket Launcher has been 
know for a long time, with the homing-in rockets for better accuracy. As everyone 
knows, that obviously rsembles the Needler bacause of homing-in. Even though I 
knew about this a long time ago, I decided not to post it because it's basically the 
regular Rocket Launcher of the first game. I let MasterChief22 write it and gave him 
the credit. Aren't I just so nice? lol

1.8- Covenant Brute Shot- (Posted by MasterChief22) The Brute Shot is obviously used 
by Brutes. It fires at high velocities and will be an extremely useful weapon for 
the Brute to kill MC. Don't worry, you can probebly dodge it easily. It has a sharp 
blade located at the bottom of it. Its ammo supply is extremely limited.

1.9- Mounted 30-mm- (Posted by MasterChief22) The Mounted 30-mm is a stationary gun. 
If you remember the Shade, this is a human version of it. I'm pretty sure it has 
infinite ammo like the Shade, but only Bungie knows that now. You can stamd at it 
and shoot instead of sitting in a seat while firing Plasma shots continuously. That 
sounds pretty cool, I'd say.

1.10- Weaker Pistol- Uh-oh, this can't be good. Bungie said that the Pistol was too 
powerful and was more powerful than it should have been. Now, you do not have the 
option of firing while scope is up, which is a sad fact for Xbox gamers. Come 
November 9th when I use this weapon, Covenant Killa= :(

1.11- Needler- Ok, like said in the contents, I'll only be able to say one thing. 
The Needler will be a stronger weapon in Halo 2 and is valuable. It still has the 
homing-in thing and you can easily dual-wield the Needlers. They are supposedly one 
of the best weapons in the game, but I think I'll stick to the Plasma Sword.

1.12- Covenant Stationary Heavy Artilery Emplacement- (Posted by Devil Master) Ok, I 
think I'm never going to say the name of this stationary gun ever again because it's 
too long to write, but I'll tell you about it. Seen throughout the game, this could 
possibly level a 50 story in ONE shot, yes I said ONE. Very strong, but you cannot 
use it often and it takes several Covenant to operate it.

1.13- Particle Beam Rifle- The weapons a keep on coming. Behold the might of the 
Beam Rifle. It is an awesome weapon, as it can zoom in and fire as rapidly as the 
human Sniper Rifle. I know, that's not too fast. The Covenant version overheats 
after 4 successive rounds, and the human version needs to be reloaded after 4 shots, 
similar to the Sniper.

1.14- Sentinel Beam- The Sentinel Beam lives up to its nam. It is found often, as 
you can see it fall off of Sentinels, Heretic Elites have them sometimes, and the 
Flood sometimes have them. They shoot out red beams if they are the weaker type, or 
blue beams if they are the stronger type. NOTE: They do over heat.

1.15- Brute Plasma Rifle- You will see Brutes carrying this often in the earlier 
levels Brutes appear in. They are basically Plasma Rifles, but they are stronger, 
shoot red lasers instead of blue, and they seem to over heat quicker.

1.16- Fuel Rod Gun- You can use the Fuel Rod Gun in select levels. When you hit 
something with it, notice how powerful it is. The one you can wield is not as strong 
as the Hunter's Fuel Rod Gun. It only shoots a ball at all time, but the Hunter's 
which you cannot use shoots long beams of blasts which are strong.

1.17- What is the best weapon?- Out of these amazing new weapons, I think the best 
of them is the Plasma Sword. Since you can now use it, you can lunge at your 
opponents and rip them up with a one-hit kill. Amazing, I know. I know this will be 
a popular weapon in my house, what about your house though? 

2. Enemies- Don't worry, there haven't been many new additions. The Grunts, Jackals, 
and Elites are still old characters to the Halo universe. Although some enemies are 
old, some are new, and that can't be a good thing to all Halo victors.

2.1- Info about this section- Do you like power? If so, you are not alone. The 
enemies in Halo 2 are sneakier than you think and the power is with them. Maybe it's 
a good thing Master Chief is getting an upgrade in his armor. Read about these 
enemies and maybe you will learn that Halo isn't the easiest game.

2.2- Brutes- Brutes are pretty easy kills. They have armor only on their head, they 
will usually be seen carrying Brute Shots or Brute Plasma Rifles, and they melee you 
again and again once they lose their weapons. They are pretty much like apes in a 
way, and they will slash at your vehicles when given a chance. Headshots take them 
down easier than bod shots, but a nice melee from behind works well too.

2.3- Prophets- The Prophets are the highest level of enemies in Halo 2. You will 
battle one in Regret I am pretty sure. You have to jump on his chair and melee him 
about 5 times, then he dies. He is Regret, and there are also Truth and Mercy. They 
command the Covenant troops and are a huge part of the game.

2.4- Engineers- (Posted by MasterChief22) The Engineers will not appear in the game 
of Halo, but they're important to the game of Halo. Their role is vital for the 
Covenant race, as they excavate, unlock, and transport Forerunner artifacts. They 
are very quiet, and almost never talk during their work. They are focused completely 
on their work and do not fool around with it.

2.5- Honor Guards- Yes, another new enemy in Halo 2. This was discovered in the 
secrets of Halo 2 section of Official Xbox Magazine, and I am not really supposed to 
tell you this, but oh well. The Honor Guards are the organized hieracrchy of the 
Covenant, and are discovered rarely throughout the game. They can be very tough, and 
sometimes they will lug around with them a nice little thing we humans call the 
Plasma Sword. Of course, fighting is not their main job as to protecting the 

2.6- The Enemies Upgraded Weaponry- (Partail Credit to Devil Master) Yes, I gave 
Devil Master partail credit because he told me that the grunts will be using the 
Plasma Rifle. The Elites(I knew this) will be using Covenant Carbines as a signature 
weapon, and the Jackals will be using(I already knew) Plasma Rifles.

2.7- Drones- A rather known enemy, but it has been unknown as to what they use as 
weapons and how strong they are. I know that they can cling to walls and look odd. I 
hope they are strong, because I want to battle something tough.

2.8- Which is better?- To my opinion, the Brutes are the better enemies. The Brute's 
weapons are incredible in strength and superiority. Although some of the other 
enemies seem interestingly tough.

3. Multiplayer Maps- Since Multiplayer in Halo was basically one of the whole 
reasons to get Halo, you've probebly been wondering waht's new about it. Questions 
such as: Will there be any flying vehicles in Multiplayer? and: What maps are new? 
have been asked more than anything about Halo 2. I have the answers.

3.1- Info about this section- You loved Multiplayer. Multiplayer is the whole reason 
Halo: Combat Evolved was above all other games and still is. There has been another 
couple of amazing maps built for fun and a good party.

3.2- FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)- For the first question usually asked, the 
answer is yes. I learned that Banshees will be used in Halo 2 Multiplayer. The 
second question's answer is that there are a variety of new maps known so far. Read 
the next couple sections to learn about them.

3.3- Zanzibar- This is a new mode to Halo-ites. It is a "beach" level that is very 
colorful and amazing. Basically, if you're awaiting November 9th as much as I am, 
you know about it. Any lover of the Multiplayer levels will fall in love with 
this level(hopefully). I know I'll be playing this level by November 10th. By the 
way, I didn't learn any of this stuff at the E3 show. NOTE: I also wrote beach in 
parentesis because it resembles the beach map in the game Wolfenstein.

3.4- Waterworks- (Posted by Deathbringer) A large subterrainean cave with a 
bottomless pit bisecting the center and bases at opposite ends. It supports 
vehicles, and there is a Banshee at the top of each teams base, a pair of Warthogs
(Chaingun and Gauss Cannon), a Ghost, and a Scorpion tank outside in front of it.

3.5- Lockout- (Posted by MasterChief22) MasterChief22 has submitted stuff in his own 
words, but my words are a little different. Lockout is a small ice-themed map 
defined by its tiny rooms connected by narrow corridors. A central square platform 
is the primary battle area. This is said to be where research was done on the Flood, 

3.6- Burial Mounds- (Posted by MasterChief22) Another map, which is also a medium 
sized level called Burial Mounds, featuring a raised base surrounded by a desert 
wasteland. This map doesn't have too much information out either.

3.7- Ivory Tower- This map will rule, %99.9 chances, at least. I already know where 
the guns will be, hallelujah. Ok, I'll share the gun location soon. This map is a 
two-level, arena-like indoor map with a sunny, central atrium of death, and a huge 
weapon variety. Now for the good part, you little grasshoppers(had to say it), the 
placement of some weapons. When playing this, I would just run as quickly as you can 
to the atrium, as that is the location of the lone Plasma Sword. Another weapon 
thats location has been spilled is the ever-so-not heard of Covenant Sniper Rifle. 
The CSR as I call it is tucked appealingly on a high walkway. Like I said, chances 
are it will rule the galaxy faster than you can say Zanzibar.

3.8- New Battles- If you like Multiplayer, you will love knowing that Battle modes 
feature a battle between Spartans and Elites. I heard that Master Chief possibly 
jumps higher than the Eltes, but that is pointless information. The Elites start 
with the trusty Plasma Rifle and Master Chief and the Spartans start with their 
signature Assault Rifle. When playing on Live, you can choose your side and have 
some fun. Just another reason everyone wants Halo 2 to come out tomorrow. As long as 
Bungie is making Halo 2 better, I'm willing to wait!

3.9- Plasma Sword only Mode- This will be awesome. There is an option o make it so 
you only have Plasma Swords(Pistols might be in there too). Not much has been 
spilled about this yet, but hopefully more will be.

3.10- Covenant Mid-Ship- Covenant Mid-Ship is a level modeledafter the innards of a 
Covenant command cruiser. Like Ivory Tower, it is arena-like, with 2 primary levels. 
There are gravity lifts to take you up or down a level when on them. There are no 
back corridors like the one's in Ivory Tower, but that's ok, I guess. Finding the CC
(Covenant carbine) gives you a big advantage in the game.

3.11- Coagulation- If you haven't heard about it yet, I would like to inform you 
this is nicknamed Blood Gulch 2 due to its similarities to the original(which I own 
at on a side note). It has some changes, such as more futuristic gameplay and areas, 
new bases, Banshess hiding in the bases, Overshields in hidden caves, and many more 
features. You can be sure that this will be another level on my list of playing 
levels. Along with Ivory Tower and Zanzibar, that is.

3.13- Ascension- An extremely cool map that has one Banshee for you and your friends 
to fight over. It is a floating rock in the middle of nowhere. It also has a cool 
middle area that has a structure in the middle that turns around and can sometimes 
make the level harder. It is a great Slayer map because there are many places to 
sneak up on your opponent and take him down.
3.14- Headlong- This is one of the maps I like. It has most of the vehicles you are 
able to drive. It is set outdoors and is somewhat small. It sets up for great 
battles at all times and has many turrets for gunners looking for them. It is good 
for Slayer especially I think.

3.15- Assault- Yes, I realize I have posted alot of maps rather than gametypes, but 
here's the exception. Assault sounds extremely fun, and it involves taking a bomb 
and planting it into the enemies base before they can commit that act on you. Wow, 
that might beat out Slayer on my list, just maybe. The types of it are Multi Bomb, 
Single Bomb, Single Bomb Fast, Neutral Bomb, and Blast Resort.
3.16- Territories- Wow, a more unknown gametype than Assault. From the sounds of how 
you play it, it seems that you fight over land, but I'm not sure. 

3.17- What is the best map?- To my opinion(and many others), Zanzibar is the better 
of the maps. Since not much information has been spilled about Waterworks and 
whatever other maps have been made, I can't say for sure that the other maps will 
rock. Anyway, Zanzibar is like the Brutes because so much information has been 
spread around. I tried not to write too much about them both.
4. Allies- As you know, the One Man vs. the World thing was only in Halo during 
levels 8-10. This time around, you won't have a bad feeling about getting Marine 
support. Now, you won't want to leave Marines behind. You will also have support 
from a new group talked about later in this section, so go learn about them!

4.1- Info about this section- Trust me, you won't have to think twice about having 
Marines at your side. In fact, the Marines will be greatly improved in the second 
Halo game. Hopefully, you won't get attacked for accidently running over two Marines 
and they won't get in the way. There is also the Helljumpers, actually called ODST, 
or Orbital Drop Shock Troopers.

4.2- Marines- I know, I know. You don't like having Marine support because they get 
in the way, or do you? Actually, they are very smart and are improved.(Thank 
you,Bungie!) They will turn over objects to make and take cover. They will also work 
better as a team and they can call in support from a Warthog. They will also point 
out an enemy sniper for another Marine to take down.

4.3- ODST(Helljumpers)- Behold you're new helpers. The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, 
or ODST, are an amazing ally. They are heavily armored and carry the trusty Assault 
Rifle, prepared for any battle. These men are the second best to Master Chief and 
the other SPARTAN candidates. They are nicknamed the Helljumpers and are the 
paratroopers of the future! Interesting, yes. Vaguely strange, also yes.

4.4- The RUMORS!!! of the Spartans- Yes, it has been OFFICIALLY confirmed that there 
will not be any Spartans in Halo 2, none at all. The rumor has been cleared up, and 
I found this out(along with many other things here) from Official Xbox Magazine(OXM 
for short). Now that that is cleared, let's continue on with the guide.

4.5- Suvivors From Pillar of Autumn- (Posted by Spartan-219) Devil Master didn't 
give me correct information here, so Spartan-219 told me the truth. Only Johnson 
lives. (He is radioactive. That’s why the Flood didn’t take him.) Polaski and 
Locklear die helping the Spartans and Haverson died saving the Spartans and Earth 
from a huge group of Covenant.

5. Vehicles- All of the information posted here was submitted by MasterChief22(I 
forgot to add anything about vehicles) so I'd like to give him credit in my guide 
along with the other contributors. Some of the new vehicles are incredible in 
strength, so fear it or feast on it!

5.1- Info about this section- Since there were only 4 vehicles you could control, 
you were mostly seeing the same thing over again. This time, the old vehicles got 
some new rennovations for good and bad. There are also new Covenant and human 
vehicles that you'll find throughout Halo 2. There have been many tweaks and 
additins, so watch out for them.

5.2- Warthog- (Posted by MasterChief22) The newest additions to the jeep family are 
similar to the Halo ones, but have more features. There will be a horn on it and 
emergency brakes to make it better. I also know of a couple of types of Warthogs new 
to Halo. The Jungle Warthog will be used for a certain terrain, and it could be used 
for going over fallen trees and has traction for mud. It will have large grooved 
tires and it will be a great new ride. Another Warthog I know of is the Snow 
Warthog. Like the jungle Warthog, this one is used for certain areas. It has tires 
similar to those of a snowmobile, so it has better turning abilities on slippery 
ice. It has a closed top, but no anaments. Also, the Warthogs will have a nice 
little present for opposing enemies. If you tried to guess it before you read what 
it was and you said a rotating Rocket Launcher instead of a 12.7 mm Machine Gun, 
give yourself a pat on the back! There is no doubt that the new Warthog will kick 
Covenant butt! I forgot to mention that if you go to the screenshots of Halo 2 on 
EBGames.com, they have pictures of the new Warthogs, so you can get a sneak preview 
of them!

5.3- ATV- Bad news, fellow Halo lovers, no ATV. Unfortunately, the ATV had to be cut 
because it was acting like it does in real life. In other words it was unwieldy, 
dangerous, and no fun to drive.

5.4- Phantom- (Posted by MasterChief22)[Who else?] The Phantom is a Covenant 
Dropship that will be able to be shot down with probebly a well-placed Rocket(they 
home-in, so it's not hard to hit these). These babies don't go down too easy, 
though. It has plasma gun turrets and strong shields. They will be easier for you 
since you won't have to waste ammo on the Grunts and such enemies. This will be 
better for your convenience since you can kill the troops all at the same time. 
Sounds fun, right? By the way, they don't always have to fully land before dropping 
off enemies, so that makes less time to shoot at them.

5.5- Ghost- (Posted by MasterChief22) There will not be much written here because 
only a little bit has changed. First, there will be a speed boost on it if there are 
no enemies around so you can get places faster. The only bad part about it is that 
you can't steer or shoot at enemies while doing this. Use only with no enemies 

5.6- Covenant Drop-pods- (Posted by MasterChief22) I can't say much here, but there 
will be a type of Drop-pod. It is similar to the one's used by the ODST's. This will 
provide quick placement onto the battle fields, so they are not your friends. PS: I 
don't know whether this is considered a vehicle or not, but I put it in this section.

5.7- Vehicle Damage- (Posted by DragonFang90, I'm dead serious!) Ok, I'll wait here 
until you people come and form an angry mob, but why would you. Yeah I know, 
MasterChief22 has submitted alot, but this time he didn't include something. Down to 
the point. I heard that all of the vehicles can be damaged, which mean that the so 
called "perfect condition" Warthog can be reduced to mere rubble. The Scorpion tank 
can also be blown up right before your eyes. Beware that some weapons rip vehicles 
apart and some don't affect it, so figure out what you would use it that situation. 
I don't know if the ATV or the other new vehicles get damaged, but I'll say they do 
because DragonFang90 said ALL vehicles.

5.8- Marines Driving the Hog- (Posted by Devil Master) It has been said that 
Marines can now drive in the Warthog, so you can get in the gunner seat and enjoy 
the ride. Of course, you could always do that if you're friend is good at driving 
them and you play CO-OP. Too bad, because now one of you can gun and the other can, 
well, gun from the passenger seat. Enjoy! Now it has been officially confirmed, so I 
know it is not another rumor like the Spartans.

5.9- WRAITH!!!- Ok, this will rule the world, no doubt. Remember the mortar tank 
from levels 5 and 8? Yep, you can drive 'em. The destroy Banshees in a well-placed 
hit so quickly. I need a tissue, this game is too good to be true! It is somewhat 
slow, which makes up for all that power.

5.10- Spectre- The Spectre is basically a Wraith with weaker guns, passengers, and 
it is faster. it also has speed boost that lasts as long as you keep your finger on 
the left trigger. It is not all that strong, but it gets the job done.

5.11- Scarab- I have found out that this is a vehichle, yet it is one that attacks 
and holds ALOT of Covenant. You board one of these in Metropolis, and you will find 
out that it is operated by an Elite in the bottom section of it, along with many 
other Elites, including one that tried to sneak behind you and kill you with a 
Plasma Sword.

5.12- Gondola- (Posted by Sorocles) Found in Regret only, the Gondola is a vehicle 
that floats over water. It can carry many Covenants and Marines, but is only seen 
with a low amount. It is used to transport you to the main temple in Regret. They 
are pretty cool and have 3 levels to them.

6. Other Information- I know some other stuff about Halo 2, but none of it has to do 
with the stuff I said before. Well, I thought since I have nothing to do that I'd be 
nice and spend a few minutes writing more about Halo 2. Here we go.

6.1- Info about this section- You know, I didn't HAVE to do this extra section, but 
I decided I wanted to feed you nice people some extra knowledge about the fine game 
of Halo 2. This stuff isn't really related to each other, as you'll notice. 
Nevertheless, I wrote it and I'm keeping it here. 

6.2- Shooting down Doors, Columns, and Windows- Doing this makes the game realistic. 
When a door takes damage, it will possibly break. Knowing this, enemies will 
probebly break stuff to make you an easy target.

6.3- Dual Wielding- I admit it, I knew about Dual Wielding before i learned about 
anything. As Halo 2 comes out on November 9th, there will be a new surprise to the 
amount of weapons. I don't know how many you can hold all together, but Master Chief 
is allowed to shoot with TWO guns at a time. You can shoot the gun in Master Chiefs 
left hand with the left trigger. Same thing for the right trigger and right hand 
gun. Also be warned that you can only use one gun if you pick up a Sniper Rifle or 
Rocket Launcher.

6.4- Hijacking Vehicles- As you know, the Hijacking Vehicle option is now available 
to Halo 2. To do this, you need to run up to a SLOW moving vehicle, get on it, and 
kick the driver out. If you try this on a Ghost or Warthog moving at full speed, 
you'll end up as another colorful slotch on the ground.

6.5- Enemies flipping Warthogs- (Posted by Deathbringer) This has not been 
completely confirmed, but I will add more to this if I learn about it. Game Informer 
Magazine is where Deathbringer got his information, so if anyone knows more about 
it, I would like to know more about it and I will add your nickname to it.


7. Campaign

7.1- Info- Campaign this time is very fun, very fun. Especially the levels taking 
place on New Mombassa. Try to beat Campaign, because it is a fresh expierence every 
time you play it.

7.2- Cairo Station- Takes place in a ship, and it is very short. The only thing you 
have to do is defuse a bomb that the Covenant have guarded by Elites. There will be 
a type of flying Elite in this level, and they are extremely annoying. Other than 
them, use the SMG and you should be fine.

7.3- Outskirts- This is a level taking place in New Mombassa, but it is not what I 
thought was Earth City, that is the next level. It is also fairly short, but easy. 
You meet up with a former foe, the Hunter here. Then you realize that it is true, 
you can be a gunner in the Warthog in single-player. Try it, it is fun. Also hijack 
some Ghosts here, because there are plenty. You will go through a tunnel, then you 
will end up on a bridge in New mombassa.

7.4- Metropolis- My favorite level. You start out in a Scorpion, work your way up 
the bridge, and you can even hijack a nice Wriath. Once you get off of the bridge
(which I might add has tons of Ghosts driving along it), there will be some Banshees 
to take out. Go under the bridge, and eventually you will find a Guass Cannon 
Warthog, which is not as amazing as it seems. I would hijack a Ghost, but that's me. 
Well anyway, you have to destroy a Scarab, which is crawling with enemies. Kill them 
all and advance!

7.5- Delta Halo- Delta Halo is a confusing level. It starts outside, a dropship 
comes and drops off a couple Elites and Jackals, plus an Elite with a Plasma Sword.
(Notice I'm only telling some parts of the level, not all) Then, you go through a 
tunnel, go through a building, then you get the rest, I don't need to detail the 
level that much.

7.6- the Quantative Zone- A snow level that is easily my least favorite. There are 
so many Flood, and there are alot of Wraiths and those huge flying tanks with two 
shields that shoot bombs. I don't like that level because you don't get to fight 
anything other than mostly Flood, Flood, Flood.

7.7- Enemies- The enemies are: Flood Combat Form, Flood Infection Form, Flood 
Carrier Form, Grunts, Elite, Honor Guards, Brutes, Jackals, Wraiths, Scarabs, 
Shielded Tanks, Sentinels. Not in that order, but that's all I remember as of now.

7.8- Vehichles- The vehicles are the Wraiths, Ghosts, Banshees, Scorpions, Warthogs, 
Phantoms, Pelicans, Spectre. The Spectre is a vehichle not many people have heard 
of, but I put it in my guide in the vehicle section.

7.9- Second halo(Partial Credit to LittleSage151)- By now you know there is a second 
halo ring in Halo 2. The Prophet ill try to activate it, but he needs the icon to 
activate it. Unfortunately, Master Chief will stand in his way, so he might not be 
able to do this.

8. Ratings of Halo and Halo 2- You know what time it is(6:49 ET to be precise, lol). 
Ratings! I will give my rating, pros and cons, and compare these 2 INCREDIBLE games 
together. You know which is gonna win I bet, but the loser is still a great game.

8.1- Halo ratings- Rating- 9.8

Pros- Tremendous Multiplayer
      LAN party= fantastic
      Grunts screaming like schoolgirls brings humor
      Good gun selection
      Plasma Grenades rule
      Flying a Banshee brings fun to the game
      Blood Gulch with infinite grenade= yes!

Cons- No Banshees in multiplayer?
      No Wraiths*sob*
      Repetitive Levels
      The enemies are too easy to kill
      Ledgendary can be beaten in less than 4 hours(by me)

8.2- Halo 2 ratings- Rating- 10.0

Pros- Alot of new weapons
      A new city level seems fun
      Plasma Swords obviously will rule
      Wraiths available
      Zanzibar and Ivory Towers look amazing
      Brutes seem cool
      Lots of new vehicles
      Guess who's back, back again, the Grunts are back, tell a friend!
      The CSR looks incredible
      Banshees in multiplayer
      The graphics out of magazines(yes, magazines) make me pee my pant almost, lol
      Elites have CC(Covenant Carbine) and that will maybe make them stronger.
      (I could go on, but that's a good enough list)

Cons- The Pistol has become weaker, but who cares?
      *Dramatic pause* Ok, that's all

9. Hints and Tips- Like you need hints and tips, ha. But, anything to make it 
better for you wonderful readers. I hope your eyes aren't tired and you liked my 
guide so far, but it must go on. I know, I know, aw man! Am I right?

9.1- Campaign- Here you are:

1. Take your time exploring your surroundings. Check out the plethora of small 
details peppered throughout the Campaign(and look for the fascination of the number 
seven by Bungie.)

2. A funny one. Stare at your Marines when you have a break in action. When you 
stare at them for some periods of time, they utter out truly hilarious words and 
phrases. For example, one Marine in the first level said to Master Chief "Take off 
that helmet. I want to see what you look like." Also, the Marines utter some funny 
ones during their combat. After a grueling match-up with the Covenant, one Marine 
sarcastically said "Purple hearts for everyone!"

3. When facing Hunters, remember the flesh on their backs, which the Beam Particle 
Rifle in particular can hit and drop Hunters very quickly.

9.2- Multiplayer- It will come soon enough, so tune in soon!

1. Try out Waterworks, the Wraith is a fascinating vehicle.

2. Plasma Swords Only matches are amazing, so they are always a top chioce.

3. Try all the maps, because they all offer something new.


10. Closing words

WHAT? We have reached the end of my guide already? I hope all XBOX owners are smart 
enough to get this game, because it is going to become the best game ever until Halo 
3 comes out. I dunno when that will be, reserve a copy now, go, GO I tell you! By 
now you've probebly learned something, if not alot of things. I hope you liked my 
guide and if you did, feel free to E-mail me at the address written below in the 
next paragraph. Any questions, comments, or missing info contact me at 
[email protected] Also, if you know of anything that I missed please help me out and 
I would greatly appreciate it. I will update as soon as I learn more about the game! 
That will hopefully be soon.

I would also like to thank anyne that submitted anything to my guide and who has 
their name in here for helping out with my guide. Hey, if you submit something 
you're name will be up here, too! Thanks for reading this and I hope you liked it! 
You can IM me if you want and tell me if you like it or not, if there is anything I 
can improve on, or just to chat about Halo or Halo 2. I hope that if anyone knows 
something about Halo 2 that they shouldn't be afraid to write to me because I 
greatly appreciate any help given to me for this great game. Just see if I'm online 
and IM me!

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