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F A H R E N H E I T / I N D I G O   P R O P H E C Y
C O M P L E T E   P S 2   W A L K T H R O U G H   G U I D E ©

B Y   E M M A   N O R T H

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Last Edited:  11/01/07

**Please note that this game has two names. The first is the UK title and the 
second is the US one. This walktrhough was created using the UK version 
although I believe both games are the same.**




2.1		-	THE STORY

3.8		-	TYLER & KATE
3.9		-	LOST LOVE
3.14		-	AGATHA
3.17		-	THE STORM
3.18		-	DARK OMEN
3.19		-	FACE OFF
3.28		-	JANOS
3.31		-	THE CLAN
3.34		-	CHILD’S PLAY
3.36		-	THE PACT
3.37		-	JADE
3.39		-	WHERE IS JADE?
3.40		-	BOAGART
3.43		-	EPILOGUE

4.0		-	POST GAME
4.1		-	FAQS
4.3		-	TIPS





I've completed this particular game both with and without the help of a 
walkthrough or guide and found that although it may have been more exciting and 
nerve-racking without one, it took a hell of a long time and I found myself 
getting bad ratings where I was so slow and unconfident. I often find this with 
similar games and because of it I usually prefer to play with the help of some 
form of guide. However, I'm sure I am not alone in believing that many (nearly 
all, in fact) walkthrough guides are either too vague or do not help with 
certain important aspects of a game (ie; finding non-mandatory items like 
health or explaining exactly when something is going to happen). I have decided 
to try to provide gamers with detailed guides which describe not only how to 
complete the game, but how to complete it comfortably... and with style.

Before scrolling down to crack on with the game guide, I really advise you read 
Section 2.0: “Preparing for the Game”. It’s not that long and it just lays out 
a few points which you really need to bear in mind if you want good ratings and 
a confident, exciting game.

If you have any suggestions for improvements of this guide, or know of any 
points which I have missed or which are incorrect please do not hesitate to 
email me at [email protected] Similarly if you have the answers to any 
of the unanswered questions I may raise in part 3.5, please email me. This is 
much appreciated. I do also appreciate all of you who contact me just to let me 
know that they found my guide useful. This is a big boost for me and I hope I 
can carry on being of use!

If there is a game you would like help with or a walkthrough for, let me know 
and you never know but I may be able to help.





In the men’s room of a New York diner a mysterious murder takes place. However, 
unlike most murders, the murderer is no secret and is just an ordinary man. He 
has no idea who his victim is. But this is no isolated incident. All of the 
city, normal people are killing complete strangers. But all these murders show 
the same ritual patterns...

You will become the four key characters in the story; the murderer Lucas Kane, 
Detective Carla Valenti, NYPD agent Tyler Miles and the priest Markus Kane; the 
murderer’s brother.

Discover the truth. Why did Lucas kill? Who made him do it? Who is controlling 
these murderers’s? Run from the police and hide from yourself in a completely 
new form of video game...



Lucas Kane
The game’s main character: an average IT manager who suddenly turns into a 
murderer. But Lucas knows he wasn’t in control when he did it. All he can do is 
try to discover the truth... before the police catch him.

Carla Valenti
Nobody challenges Carla, the NYPD detective in charge of the Doc’s Diner 
murder. Initially she puts the brutal killing down to the work of a psychotic 
mind. But the ritual pattern let behind makes her look further than the obvious 

Tyler Miles
NYPD detective Tyler is troubled by his relationship problems and long working 
hours. He’s more than ready to wrap up this case immediately. That is until 
Carla takes things one step further. This murder isn’t going to be solved 

Markus Kane
Markus hadn’t heard from his brother for two years until he comes to him with 
blood-stained hands. As a priest he’s torn between doing the right thing and 
his family ties. Is blood thicker than holy water?



Here are the game controls. They are also shown in the Manual.

	X			Run
	TRIANGLE		Switch Character
	CIRCLE			Display Mental State

	RIGHT ANALOGUE	Swing Camera, Perform Action

	L1			Camera Switch
	L2			Camera Reset (in outdoor scenes)
	L3			N/A

	R1			Camera Switch
	R2			First Person View
	R3			N/A

	D PAD			Move

	START			Pause Menu
	SELECT			Display PDA


The game is split into scenes. Here is my recommended walkthrough. I highly 
advise complete the tutorial first; this won’t take much of your time and will 
follow onto the game. However please note that this does not cover many 
important aspects of the game which I think it should but nonetheless it 
doesn’t so you will need to learn to pick up things as you play. 

One point to take notice of is the fact that I DON’T tell you what NOT to do 
during the walkthrough itself. For this, check the points guide at the start of 
each scene description which I have used to show you what has negative effects 
on you.

Good luck!



Playable Characters:			Lucas
Bonus Points:				N/A
Location:					Doc's Dinner

Removing body:				+5
Sweeping blood:				+5
Hiding knife					+5
Removing blood from your body		+5
Getting coin					+5
Eating						+5
Drinking					+5
Playing jukebox				+5
Leaving diner after paying		+5
Leaving with a cab				+10
Leaving with the subway			+10
Looking out of window in restroom	-5
Using phone					-5
Walking behind counter			-5
Talking to man with hat			-5
Talking to waitress				-5
Talking to cop				-10
Leaving without paying			-10

Note: this chapter is the only one you will play if you are playing a demo 
version. If you are, I hope you go out and buy the damn thing; you won’t regret 

The game begins with a cutscene which introduces you to your first character 
and then you’ll see a man urinating. He washes his hands casually and doesn’t 
notice you sitting on a toilet, carving symbols into your arms. His own body 
hides you from the mirror as you walk up behind him in a trance to stab and 
kill him. Your mental status goes from neutral to depressed as you realise what 
you’ve done. You’ll then be in control of Lucas.

You will have to complete the tasks in here reasonably quickly as the police 
officer will visit the restroom and you need to be gone before he does.

You’ll need to cover your tracks and reduce the evidence. Start by dragging the 
body into the toilet. You should begin to learn how you do things in the game, 
when symbols appear and what they mean. Next, take the mop by the cubical you 
were in and clean up the blood stains (you will need to repeatedly push the 
Right Analogue Stick up to do this). There is a knife on the floor near the 
urinals. Pick this up to get ride of it. Lastly, wash your hands at the right-
hand sink (the other is out of order). 

Walk towards the vending machine near the door and use it to notice it's 
broken. However do the same thing again and you will hit the machine. Repeat 
this motion until a coin drop out which you should take before leaving the 

Walk to your table (the second one on the right) and sit down. Eat some food 
and drink something from the glass and try to from the coffee mug (there are 
two different drink icons to do this) to see that you were with someone at your 
table. Then look at your bill and pay at your table. Move to the jukebox and 
use the coin to play a track. Exit the diner and leave the city using either 
the cab or the subway, depending on which you find first!



Playable Characters: Carla, Tyler
Bonus Points: N/A
Location: Doc's Dinner

Drinking coffee (both):			+5
Talking to the men at the bar (both):	+5
Getting near the cab (Carla):		+10
Putting jukebox on (Tyler):		-10
Talking with homeless guy (both):	-10
Using urinal (Tyler):			-10

The cutscene which follows will explain that Tyler has problems so listen to 
this. Then when you take over as Carla, follow the little question mark icon to 
see that she too has issues before entering the diner.

Let Carla talk to the cop and you will need to decide what to talk about. It 
isn’t too critical as most of what is said will be said one way or another but 
ask him about the waitress when the opportunity arises and he’ll tell you to 
take it easy with her. This is a good idea as being sensitive will make her 
tell you as much as possible. I know it seems like getting yourself into 
trouble but it's needed for the story.

After speaking with her, get up and go behind the counter to drink some coffee. 
You can switch with Tyler and make him do the same. You may find this process 
difficult but it’s really easy if you follow the movements on the icon while 
holding the stick forward and gently pulling it to the side.

Talk to the guys at the bar with both Carla and Tyler and then go to the table 
where Lucas was sitting. Examine everything possible with each character and 
you will get another officer to examine the Shakespeare book on the floor after.

Now enter the restroom and let Carla investigate the blood on the floor. Take 
each character in turn into the cubical which Lucas was in. Carla will be able 
to examine the blood and Tyler will flush the toilet. Tyler may find the knife 
here but its location is random and if not then let Carla look out of the 
window and she may find it here. If not, Tyler should search the bin. The knife 
will be in one of these three locations.

When you find the knife, go back out and talk to the guys at the bar again. 
Then have one of your character’s talk to the other and at some point in the 
conversation, select leave. Then head back to the car and finish the scene.



Playable Characters: 			Lucas
Bonus Points:				5
Location:					Lucas' Apartment

Using the toilet:				+5
Taking a shower:				+5
Putting music on:				+5
Taking medicine:				+10
Using bandages:				+10
Drinking milk:				+5
Watching TV:					-5
Looking at a photo on the desk:		-5

Lucas awakes with the misconception that it was all a dream, although the 
stained sheets and carved arms soon prove otherwise. 

You will have to complete the certain tasks reasonably quickly as a police 
officer will call and you will need to explain that you were the one screaming 
as you cut yourself with some glass and that it's no problem if he takes a look 
inside. He doesn’t stay long but you must have pulled your sheets over, washed, 
dressed and put your shirt in the washing machine first (as the walkthrough 
will explain) so do these tasks first. I have the tasks in order below as to 
what’s most important so work quickly and follow my order. Also, when the 
officer does arrive you really should try to succeed in the mini-game as this 
will prove trouble later.

Stand up when you have control again and take the medicine which is on your 
bedside table. Look at your bed and then hide the blood under the sheets.

Head out of your bedroom and answer the phone when it rings to speak to your 
brother. After the call, pick up your shirt near the pillar to see a reminder 
of the night before. Go again to pick up your shirt and go through the side 
door to your bathroom. 

Now use the toilet and take a shower to clean up after. Open the medicine 
cabinet above the sink and use the bandages. Close the cabinet for another 
harsh reminder.

Now head back to your bedroom and take some clothes out of the wardrobe to put 
them on. Head back into the living room and find a on the table which you 
should take. Also look in the fridge and drink the milk which you’ll find. 
There is your first bonus card in one of the kitchen cupboards. Take it for 
five bonus points.

Once the policeman has been and gone, make sure you’re ready and leave the 
apartment to meet your brother.

Now you have a choice as to which scene to play next. It doesn’t matter too 
much but I have chosen to continue with Lucas for now. Refer down if you change 
to Carla and return back for Lucas’ scene later.



Playable Characters:			Lucas
Bonus Points:				N/A
Location:					Park

Saving the boy:				+20

In the park, walk straight ahead to find your brother, Markus. Talk with him, 
and explain what's going on. At the end, he'll offer you a cross. Accept it, 
since it's an extra life.

Markus will leave you and you’ll have a headache and a vision involving a boy 
who you think will fall. After the vision he actually does fall. You need to 
save him. Run forward and work your way through the mini-games to save him and 
bring him to surface. Get out of the ice and try to resuscitate him. Wait until 
you have counted to three before each pump and you should save him in time.

The police officer recognises you but doesn’t arrest you.



Playable Characters:			Carla, Tyler
Bonus Points:				10
Location: 					Park

Using the toilet (Tyler):			+5 Tyler
Taking a shower (Tyler):			+5 Tyler
Talking with Sam (Tyler):			up to +20
Kissing Sam (Tyler):			+10

When you take control of Carla you are at the police station. Head straight 
ahead through the metal detectors and up the stairs to enter one of the double 
doors at the top. Now walk to your office in the top right corner. People may 
talk to you when on your way which will lower your mood so try to keep away 
from people if you can. Near your office a guy will ask you about some money 
Tyler owes him who you can’t avoid. Then you’ll hear news about forensic 
results. After, head into your office. 

Use the phone in here to give Tyler a call. After, switch to Tyler.

Get out of bed and walk into the bathroom where you'll find a bonus card. Use 
the toilet and shower, before heading back to the room to get clothes out of 
the closet.

Walk into the living room and talk with your girlfriend by drinking some 
coffee. She's unhappy about things so cheer her up. Go to the coat rack by the 
door and put your coat on. Go over to Sam and give her a kiss before heading 
out to the police station.

Head up to Carla’s office as you did before. On the way, the guy you owe money 
to will stop you. Say something about not wanting to lose a friendship over 
$100 an then offer a preposition of a basketball game where you’ll pay him $200 
if you lose. He’ll accept. Enter the office after. Hang up your coat and go out 
to join Carla at one of the desks. You can check your email first if you like, 
there’s one from Sam there.

After you find out all you need to know about the forensic results, head back 
to your office and use your computer to check your mail. The mysterious 
email “it’s happened before” is interesting. After emails, go across to the 
third icon on you computer main screen to search the police database. Scroll up 
for the word “Kirsten” to find that it’s a classified entry. Then leave your 
computer to end the scene.

Again you have a choice, this time of three scenes. I chose to do them in order 
so again find the one you chose first.



Playable Characters: 			Lucas
Bonus Points:				10
Location:					Naser & Jones Bank

Washing hands:				+5
Letting Tiffany come over:		+10
Looking at photo in draw:			-5

So Lucas killed a guy but still decided to come into work. In the restroom 
you’re in pick up the bonus card, wash your hands and head out through the door.

Use the map at the top of the screen to see that your office is at the top and 
head there. Inside, sit at your desk to talk to the guy you share an office 
with. If you get the mini-game right you’ll notice you have visions as you read 
his mind. Wait here until the phone rings and allow Tiffany to come to collect 
some things.

After this call, take a cross (a life) out of the draw on Lucas’ right without 
looking at the picture in the other draw. Then go to work on your computer. Get 
the next min-game right and you’ll see the guy spill his coffee cup before it 
actually happens. When the other guy does get the phone call, you’ll offer to 
fix station 62. Leave your office and head there using the office plan again.

You’ll likely see strange bugs and other weird visions on the way but continue 
regardless. Once you get there and are working on the computer, lots of bugs 
will appear and try to kill you.

Save yourself, and at the end, everyone will be wondering what's wrong A 
sequence of tricky mini-games will follow so save yourself as best as you can. 
In the end everyone will be crowding Lucas and wondering what happened. He’ll 
leave after.



Playable Characters:			Carla
Bonus Points:				N/A
Location:					Mortuary

Doing well:					+10
Doing poorly:				-10

This scene is fairly simple. Just listen and concentrate on the mini-games to 
reconstruct what happened. Ask a few questions at the end and hear more about 
this ‘Kirsten’. The scene will then end.



Playable Characters:			None
Bonus Points:				N/A
Location:					Police Station


Tyler will ask Kate to make an image Lucas using their software. Do your best 
but I wouldn’t be too bothered about the outcome as it’s hard to remember when 
you don’t have him in front of you. I do awful at this part every time.



Playable Characters: 			Lucas
Bonus Points: 				None
Location:					Lucas' Apartment

Playing guitar well:			+10
Using toilet:				+5
Playing music:				+5
Drinking alcohol once:			+5
Taking medicine:				+10
Sleeping:					+10
Giving Tiffany a drink:			+10
Sleeping with Tiffany			+30
Tiffany leaving when you kiss her:	-30
Dreaming:					-20
Drinking alcohol more than once:	-20

Lucas will wake up. Tiffany is coming over tonight. Take the medicine on your 
bedside table again. Use the toilet and wash you hands before returning to your 
room and sleeping.

When you wake up Tiffany will be at the door so go and let her in. Offer her a 
glass of gin before going to get it for her. The bottle can be found underneath 
the breakfast bar.

You’ll then need to find her boxes. One is near the kitchen and the other in 
the corner of your bedroom.

After getting her boxes you can let her leave or if you’re nice to her she’ll 
ask you to play guitar. Play well and she’ll like you more. You can still let 
her leave or kiss her and if she likes you enough you’ll have sex with her. 
However if this happens you’ll awake after and something clearly isn’t right. 
You can get up and do stuff if you like such as turn off the TV but in the end 
go back to bed and to sleep.



Playable Characters: 			Lucas, Young Lucas
Bonus Points:				None
Location:					Cemetery

Thinking about the past (Lucas) 	-20

Walk towards the grave of your mother and talk to Markus. Leave your flowers at 
the grave and you will think back to time as a kid.

Lucas is sitting alone while Markus and his friends are playing. Markus wants 
Lucas to go and play with them but Lucas isn't interested. Markus and his 
friends decide to go to a forbidden area – Hanger 4. But soon after they leave 
Young Lucas will have a vision about a fire and goes to rescue his brother and 
his friends.

Walk to the north-eastern part of the map, and climb the fence where it’s 
covered by gauze. To do this, push the stick in the direction it tells you and 
then spin it upward. This will alternate before you need to just push it 
forward at the top. 

After that, walk straight ahead being sure not to be seen. You’ll need to move 
along the fence ahead, moving towards the left until you find a gap in the 
fence. Crawl through this gap.

From here on it gets a bit harder. Move right behind the blockage and move 
forward behind another lot of crates. Wait her until a truck passes by and then 
walk along the side of it. You’ll see Hanger 4b straight ahead with a guard 
standing next to it and another guard stood by the hanger to the right. When 
you see the truck here, move up to it and follow it right until it is right 
between the two hangers. When it is there, stop and go straight forward into 
the gap between the hangers when the truck passes. You won't be seen if you do 
this correctly. Enter the hangar on the left through the gap at the end of this 

Inside, you will tell Markus leave and that you’ll look for the rest. Walk 
around until you find someone. You probably won’t get them all out but I’m not 
sure; this may be possible, depending on whether or not you got the mini-game 
right. There’s one lad upstairs at the end of the platform (the stairs are near 
the front of the hanger), on in the plane nears these stairs and one at the 
back in a crate. At least you’ll have saved your brother anyhow.

Now a cutscene will see Markus give Lucas the details of someone who could help.



Playable Characters:			Carla, Tyler
Bonus Points:				10
Location:					Gymnasium

Drinking something (both):		+5
Warming up (both):				+10
Winning (Carla):				+20 Carla
Failing training a few times (both):	-5

As Carla, drink something and do two different training courses. If you tire 
out your hands you can pause during these, I find this useful sometimes. After 
doing this with Carla, switch and do the same with Tyler.

With one of your characters collect the bonus card from the other side of the 
ring before fighting.

When you’re both ready, walk up to the ring and fight. You’ll fight as Carla. 
If you don’t win you’ll need to go again, otherwise it’s up to you whether you 
play again or continue the game.



Playable Characters:			Carla
Bonus Points:				10
Location:					Police Station

Finding the right tape:			+20
Getting too scared:				-10

Please note that there are two chapters with this name so don’t get confused!

Carla explains she doesn’t like small spaces and she’ll hate it even more when 
they’re dark. Take the bonus card here and then walk to the gate. Turn the on 
light nearby before opening the gate.

What you need to do now, is control Carla by holding the left and right mouse
button, and keep her breath under control by pressing left, right, left etc.
when the thing in the bar moves.

Straight ahead you'll see that big cases are blocking the path. 
Go to the valve on the right and use it to move the first lot. Next, use the 
valve on the left followed by the valve on the right to clear a path. You'll 
now find a terminal, but the power will shut down.

It’s fairly simple to find the controls, simply go through the gap on the left 
and turn the valve to the right before doing the same with the valve down the 
left. This will now reveal the power controls which you should go and use. In 
this little walkway you’ll also be able to pick up some files starting with k 
which you should do before returning back to the terminal. This tape is not the 
right tape, not the right year. You would find several of these tapes but I 
will now direct you to the right one.

Now from this room turn the left-most valve on the right, just next to 
terminal. Move forward and turn the valve on the left. Come back out and turn 
the valve you turned previously and then move over to the valve on the right-
hand side to turn this. Again, move through and turn the valve you come to. 
This will reveal a walkway where you will be able to take the right tape off a 
high shelf.

However there’s not much to see on it when you put it in the terminal. Just 
that a Robert Mitchell led the investigation...

Note: If you have trouble finding the tape your best bet is to try anything or 
restart the scene and follow the instructions steadily again.



Playable Characters:			Tyler
Bonus Points:				40
Location:					Police Station

Finding paper in book:			+20
Giving book:					+10

Please note that there are two chapters with this name so don’t get confused!

Tyler will be in a book shop. First head to his left and follow the walk around 
to take the bonus card. Then head back to the stairs. Walk down, go underneath 
the stairs and head over to the desk there. Look at the Shakespeare book with 
the magnifier. On one of the pages, something is written in the top corner. 
Take the book after finding this and Tyler will find a piece of paper. Take 
this as well.

Talk with the old Chinese man on the floor. He won't help you unless you help 
him first. After talking, go to leave and he’ll offer help. He'll give an 
example book and tell you to find a book that looks like it. Firstly, take the 
book to the desk to look at it under the magnifier. You'll see it's written 
by "De Gruttola". Walk up the stairs, and look at the book here. You'll find 
out De Gruttola has the number 1796. Now go back down and look at the book on 
the table behind the man. Book 1796 is on the third level and that as the 
author begins with “d” it is in the white part of the level. Go there, and find 
the book.

Give the book to the man and ask about clients. Then ask him about the book. 
He’ll be of little use anyway. Leave the shop, picking up another card worth 
another 20 bonus points at the foot of the stairs on the way out.



Playable Characters:			Lucas
Bonus Points:				30
Location:					Agatha's House

Completing:					+20
Failing:					-5

Now with Lucas again, get to Agatha’s house. It's up ahead on the left. Ring 
the doorbell and then enter. Walk straight ahead to the door at the end and go 
into the living room. From there, enter the next room to find Agatha on a chair 
in her bedroom.

Agatha is blind, so you need to push her. First enter her bathroom to take a 
bonus card worth 20 points. Then go back and go to push Agatha.

She wants to feed her pets so head out into the hall and take the door one 
Lucas’ right. After she speaks, Take the seed from the cabinet and feed the 
birdies. Then talk to Agatha again and push her back into the living room.

She’ll now tell you that you need candles and matches. The candles are in a 
cupboard in this room, over by the door. To collect the matches, head back to 
the hall and take the door in this hall which you haven’t yet used. The matches 
are on the table so take them and head back to the living room. Put the three 
candles on the table and light them.

Now do as she asks. The light switch is over by the door so switch it. Close 
both curtains and then go to sit in the chair next to Agatha.

A series of those wonderful mini-games will follow where you will find out a 
lot more about your night in the diner. Keep up as best you can and you 
eventually will be told to return tomorrow.



Playable Characters:			Carla
Bonus Points:				N/A
Location:					Police University

Shooting well:				+10
Shooting poorly:				-10

You really don’t seem to do much diner-murder-work do you? Talk with Sergeant 
Mitchell at the end of the lane. You'll have to ask questions and shoot 
targets. Enter the booth he was shooting from to begin. 

After your first round of shooting you’ll engage in conversation. Try to get 
the best information possible before shooting again. After, get him to tell you 
more about his investigation.



Playable Characters:			Tyler
Bonus Points:				N/A
Location:					Outside Police Station
Make fun:					+5
Win a few points:				+5 (can happen several times)
Win the match:				+20

God, neither of you do much work do you?! Well basically all there is to this 
scene is a game of basketball to settle some scores. You have to beat him each 
time to get a chance to score and then when you’re in possession he has to stop 
you to get his chance back. Simple; I find this one tricky though as it can be 
hard to see the lights on the mini-game.



Playable Characters:			Lucas, Markus
Bonus Points:				N/A
Location:					Lucas' Apartment

Saving Lucas (Markus):			+10 for Lucas

Lucas will enter his home to the phone ringing. Go and answer it to hear that 
familiar voice and see the figure behind you. Then everything will seem really 
strange. A strong wind will come in and you need to avoid things by running and 
dodging. This is intense and is one of the best action scenes in the game.

You'll end up at the balcony where you will fall.

You'll now control Markus for the first time. With him, go to the first door on 
the right, ring the doorbell and then bust in through the door. Run to Lucas 
and save him.



Playable Characters:			Carla, Tyler
Bonus Points:				10
Location:					Carla's Apartment

Using toilet (Carla):			+5
Watching TV (Carla):			+5
Visit from Tommy (Carla):			+5
Drinking wine (Carla):			+5
Talking to Tommy (Carla):			+5
Asking Tommy about bank (Carla):	+20
Finding out about stock piles (Tyler):	+10
Faxing (Tyler):				+5
Use basketball (Tyler):			+5
Finding out about watermark (Tyler): 	+10
Getting tired (Tyler):			-20
Asking about work (Carla):		-5
Asking about Carla (Carla):		-5
Using the tarot cards:			-30 (total)

Carla is at home taking a shower and the phone is ringing is the living room 
when she gets out. Grab the bonus card in here before going to answer the 
phone. You’ll hear that Tyler has found nothing. Go back into your bedroom and 
put on some clothes. Use the toilet off of the living room and watch TV. 

Now switch to Tyler, select the question mark icon to hear him think and then 
use the computer. Check the web and look at the "World" tab. He'll realise that 
the piece of paper is from some stock piles. Then call Carla about this. Carla 
will answer and ask you to fax it. Stand up, pick up the piece of paper and go 
to fax it. 

Switch back to Carla and watch TV until someone rings the door bell. Go and 
open the door to meet Tommy, your neighbour who has brought some wine. Get 
glasses out of one of the kitchen cupboards and put them down on the table. Sit 
down and have a chat with Tommy. After some talking, Tommy will show some tarot 
cards. You have no choice but to sit through this even though this ends up very 
bad and puts Carla in an awful mood.
If you faxed the bookmark, Tommy will notice it on his way out. He says you can 
trace the bank which printed it by looking at the watermark. Call Tyler to tell 

Switch to Tyler after the call and take the bookmark out of the fax machine. 
Put it on the desk, sit down and switch on the lamp. Now look at the bookmark 
again but this time with the lamp. Voila; we find the watermark. You can now 
decide who goes to the bank. I chose Carla (by saying ‘no’ when Tyler asked if 
he should go) but it’s up to you as to who you prefer.



Playable Characters:			Lucas, Carla
Bonus Points:				10
Location:					Naser & Jones Bank

Find pen (Carla):				+5
Find torn paper (Carla):			+5
Bugs from above (Lucas):			-10
Big bug in room (Lucas):			-20
Another big bug in the room (Lucas):	-20

You’ll now see Lucas working as he has vision of Carla or Tyler (depending on 
who you selected) coming in the room. Naturally, this will happen shortly but 
first you have some stuff to hide fast.

Stand up quickly and pick up the form next to you. Lucas takes his time about 
things so after picking that up, move to the other side of your desk and take 
the Shakespeare book off the mini computer desk to hide that as well. If you 
get time, sit back down and collect the bonus card out of the right-hand draw. 
You won’t have time for much else before she enters.

Carla will enter as the vision implied and will ask a few questions. First, ask 
her what the subject is as this option doesn’t arouse suspicion. Then I’d try 
to get the mini-games right as each time you do you’ll read Carla’s mind which 
will help you decide what to say. Also, get these wrong will result in the 
appearance of those annoying bugs. I advise telling the truth to avoid creating 
suspicion. After a few questions you'll ask if you can go to the toilet.

You'll now switch to Carla. While Lucas is in the toilet, pick up the pen on 
the desk and the torn paper in the left-hand draw. Look at the photo there too 
if you like. Then wait until Lucas returns and Carla will leave.



Playable Characters:			Lucas
Bonus Points:				10
Location:					Agatha's House

Thinking about seeing Agatha:		+20
Finding the newspaper article:		+10
Looking at the dead body of Agatha:	-30

Go into the house and head to the living room to see someone has killed Agatha. 
Quickly go to her body and you’ll hear to look for something. Head into the 
bedroom and take a bonus card off the floor.

Now quickly head down the hall and go in the bird room. Go to the shelf where 
you got the seed earlier and there is a key inside the seed bag in the bottom 
drawer. Use this to unlock a bird cage in this room with a piece of paper 
inside. If you have time, head into the kitchen and take the knife off of the 
table although I’ve no idea why this is useful, it may not be. 

Then run back to the living room and leave through the window. The cops will 
then arrive and find Agatha.



Playable Characters:			Tyler, Carla
Bonus Points:				None
Location:					Tyler's Apartment

Dance (Tyler):				+30
Use yoyo (Carla):				+5
Find a link (Carla):			+10
Conclusion (Carla):				+20
Getting tired (Carla):			-20
Leaving Sam (Tyler):			-20

You’re now Tyler. You get home and hear Sam tell you to preheat the oven and 
poor the champagne. Contrary to what it may seem (as I initially thought) Sam 
is not in the bedroom with another man.

Do as she asks by turning on the oven and taking champagne out of the fridge to 
pour in the glasses on the side. After you’ve done this, Sam will appear in a 
black dress.

You’ll find out that they have known each other for two years to the day and 
Sam wants to dance. Head over to the decks and turn the music on to dance with 
her. Do a few moves and finish up with a lap dance...

Over to Carla now, working in her office. You need to link different objects 
with each other. What you’ve done in the game will affect what you now can link 
but two you can always link are the fingerprints on the pen (on the computer) 
with the list of fingerprints (on Tyler’s desk) and the two Shakespeare books. 
Martin will come in to tell you about the day at the lake. You’ll also get a 
phone call at some point telling you to check your computer and fax machine. 
Other things you could link should be fairly obvious but will depend on what 
you’ve done in the game.

After you successfully link two things strongly, you’ll need to phone Tyler. 
With Tyler, get up, pick up the phone and leave the house. This won’t please 
Sam too much but life’s a bitch.



Playable Characters:			None
Bonus Points:				None
Location:					Agatha's House

This is just a cutscene which you should watch where Lucas has a vision about a 
murder in a Laundromat.



Playable Characters:			Carla, Lucas
Bonus Points:				None
Location:					Lucas' Apartment

Idea of arresting Lucas (Carla):	+30 Carla
Lucas isn't around (Carla):		-20 Carla

Carla and Tyler are going to arrest Lucas. Go into the apartment and into the 
bedroom as well as into the bathroom. Lucas’ apartment has been somewhat 
redecorated but he’s nowhere around.

Lucas will just be getting home to a vision of Carla in his apartment. 
Naturally, he tries to leave but is arrested by cops behind him. No you’ll take 
part in another big action scene where you’ll escape from the cops with some 
fancy acrobatics.



Playable Characters:			Carla, Tyler
Bonus Points:				None
Location:					Police Station

Explain (Both):				-5

Let both Tyler and Carla do some talking so they share the mental damage. This 
is pretty brief so just hear out the captain and leave.



Playable Characters:			Lucas
Bonus Points:				None
Location:					Saint's Paul Church


Now be prepared for a slightly harder battle. When you get up you’ll see Agatha 
in front of you who you should go and talk to. Then you’ll be attacked by some 

After the up-tempo battle Markus will wake you up. Explain to him a few things 
of your choice although this will just make Markus more sure that you’re 
insane. Nonetheless, you’ll leave the church to try and find out more about 
what’s happening.



Playable Characters:			Carla, Tyler
Bonus Points:				10
Location:					The Laundromat

Look at wrist man (Carla):		+5
Look at blood in corner (Carla):	+5
After doing both listed above (Carla):	+5
Look at body man (Tyler):			+5
Look at body woman (Tyler):		+5
Look at telephone (Tyler):		+5

Approach the laundrette and you’ll tell Tyler to go inside. Approach the 
officers to get an explanation of the crime. After this, follow Tyler inside.

With Carla, look at the blood and the tools in the corner of the room near the 
door before going down to collect a bonus card. Then head over the male victim 
to examine him carefully to see his wrists. Check out the other victim with 
Carla as well as some bloody footprints in between the two victims.

Now switch to Tyler and also take a look at the man. Then go over to check out 
then woman and the telephone.

After doing all this you should leave the laundrette.



Playable Characters:			Lucas
Bonus Points:				10
Location:					Tiffany's Apartment

Laying down on bed:				+10
Eating food:					+5
Eating some different food:		+5
Drinking:					+5
Watching TV:					+10
Not being found by Tyler:			+10
Hugging Tiffany:				+10
Looking at the homeless guy:		-5
Looking at the raven:			-5
Unsuccessfully opening the window:	-5
Falling down off pipe:			-10
Loosing a mini-game in the apartment:	-10
Listening to messages on phone:		-20

Head forward and around the corner on the right. Follow this forward until you 
have a vision about being arrested. After deciding to take another route, turn 
around, find a nearby fence and climb over it. I found this difficult at first 
but at the top when you need to climb over, move the stick forward and then 
left to get over.

After climbing this fence, you’ll probably tackle the next one with more ease. 
When you’re over the other side you’ll see police standing around. Move forward 
to trigger the clip and watch the screen which appears at the top. Wait until 
they aren’t looking directly your way and then test your luck in running across 
to the other side.

When you get there you’ll need to climb up a pipe to reach a ridge. Move along 
this quickly. You’ll need to do a few mini-games on the way but after each one 
continue to move across swiftly. At the end, climb down the pipe. Climb over 
the fence here to see Tiffany’s house.

The first window is Tiffany’s bedroom but this is closed so if you like you can 
move onto the next one and try to get in. You’ll be unsuccessful so head over 
to a pile of sticks and bricks to pick up a brick. Use this to help open the 
window and then climb inside.

Lay down on the bed for a few seconds to make Lucas a little happier and then 
stand back up again. You’ll get a mini-game which winning will give you a 
vision of Tyler looking under Tiffany’s bed. Don’t worry too much if you fail.

Now head out into the kitchen to get some food out of the cupboard and a drink 
and a sandwich from the fridge. Take a bonus card out of another cupboard here 
and then head to the lounge to watch some TV. You’ll find the remote on a box 
near the sofa.

Now walk to her bathroom and wander around to find an extra life. You can’t 
actually see it but the icon should tell you it’s there when you’re near it. 
You can also read the newspaper under her front door if you like.

Sooner or later Tiffany will come home and the police will ring the door. Head 
to the closet in the living room and hide there. A few successful mini-games 
will keep Tyler away from you.



Playable Characters:			Carla
Bonus Points:				10
Location:					Bellevue Asylum

Once you are inside:			+10
Telling Janos he's not sick:		+10
Cells open:					-20

You’re now in a mental institution to meet the killer from the old Kirsten 
case. Barney will explain how to get to him. First, head straight all the way 
to the end to collect a bonus card and then turn back. Go down the first 
corridor on Carla’s left to meet the guy who will show you Janos’ cell.

Enter to trigger a cutscene. Talk with Janos to get as much information as you 
can. When you’re finished chatting and checking out the cell (if you wish), 
head back out and speak with the assistant again.

Just before you’re supposed to leave there will be a power outage and lots of 
nutcases will be freed. The assistant will disappear. As soon as you get the 
chance, walk and don’t stop until you get to Barney unless Carla says there’s 
someone near. Keep her breath under control as before. You need to go up the 
corridor and then take a left (going up where the first patient you see came 
from), following the rest straight. Take breaks when she suggests it and only 
move again when she says it’s safe to do so. She’ll hold her breathe when she 
needs to as well. It’s pretty easy although you should also note that if you 
see a guy before she does then you’ve gone the wrong way so turn back and turn 
off somewhere but it’s pretty easy to find where you’re going!

Eventually the lights will turn on and you’ll be surrounded by maniacs. Just 
run to the big glass door and Barney will save you. 



Playable Characters:			Lucas
Bonus Points:				5
Location:					Museum

Professor believes you:			+20
Professor dies:				-20

You are now acting as a journalist with an appointment with Professor Kuriakin 
who may be able to help you answer some questions. When you gain control head 
left and pick up a bonus card in the corner before finding him and talking with 
him. You can look at things in here if you like but they aren’t of much use.

He’ll ask you what paper you write for and tell him you write for the New York 
Times. Ask him about a few things to help you learn more about this religion. 
Eventually he’ll ask you who you really are and tell him whatever you want. 
He’ll tell you to go out the back employee exit to save yourself.

Out in the car park you’ll meet a few cars who’ll try to get you so battle your 
way through to complete the scene. At the end the professor will die but not 
before explaining that the oracle kills to find ‘the child’.



Playable Characters:			Lucas
Bonus Points:				None
Location:					Unknown Place


You’ll wake up in an “unknown place” with someone surrounding you. This is the 
Myan oracle. He’ll tell you it’s time to die and that you’ll see him in the 
Other World. He’ll also explain a few things to you here and there.

He’ll summon a black beast who you’ll need to battle with mini-games. When you 
trip over, everything will freeze but you and Agatha will appear. She’ll tell 
you that you need to find a pure young girl who they want to sacrifice.



Playable Characters:			Evil man
Bonus Points:				None
Location:					Unknown Place


Lucas is in an unknown bed twisting and turning. He has another vision. You 
just need to complete a slow mini-game to complete this scene. You’ll learn a 
little more about these Myan people and hear them discussing your “chroma”. 



Playable Characters:			Lucas, Clara, Markus
Bonus Points:				None
Location:					Sleazy Hotel

Walking up stairs (Carla):		+30
Closing door (Markus):			+30 Lucas
Carla & Tyler don’t find you (Lucas):	+20
Lucas not found (Clara):			-30
Waking up (Lucas):				-10
Markus killed (Lucas):			-60
Tiffany kidnapped (Lucas):		-20

This is a really good scene in the game; it’s one of my favourites. You wake up 
in the bed of a sleazy hotel and won’t know where you are. You'll see Clara and 
Tyler heading up the stairs to get you and then you’ll return to being Lucas. 
You’ll soon see three screens; one for Lucas, one for Clara & Tyler and one for 

Now stand up and run to the phone on the bedside table at the other side of the 
bed. Use it to give Markus a call.

Now you’re in control of Markus. Choose to pick up the phone, otherwise you 
will die. Run to the door on Markus’ right (top of the screen) and enter the 
little room. In here, pick up the phone ahead. 

You’ll now be Lucas again. Tell your brother that there is no time to explain. 
You’ll then have to get Markus to lock the door he came from. Get back on the 
phone and Lucas will tell you to call the cops and stay there until they 
arrive. Lucas will hang up the phone.

Now you’ll be in control of Carla & Tyler. Approach the door next to Tyler and 
open it. A humorous misunderstanding will follow. The real room is at the end 
of the hall so continue the way Carla just ran and look at the door on the 
opposite side (with R2). This should read 269. Kick this in.

Lucas is gone but only until they leave the room. This man’s talents are 
endless. Head over to the phone and answer it to find out that Tiffany has been 



Playable Characters:			Lucas
Bonus Points:				None
Location:					The Fun Fair

Saving Tiffany:				+20
Fall down:					-75
Falling off platform:			-95

You’ll soon hear Tiffany scream out for you. You’ll see a homeless guy in front 
of you and a raven on the fence who will fly off. This raven will show you your 
way so follow it and it will lead you to a rollercoaster. Enter the small cabin 
that it rests on and activate the carriage. Go out, get inside the carriage and 
pull the safety rail down. You’ll be taken up the track.

Once you stop, step out and head towards Tiffany. You know you shouldn’t but 
hey it’s the way of the game. Keep Lucas in balance. You’ll need to do 
something similar to what you do with Carla’s breathing although this is a bit 
harder. Take it steady and try not to fall as this will seriously affect your 

The best way to stay up on this plank is to tap one way gently and then pause 
before tapping the same button again. Then tap the opposite button quite 
quickly, take a pause and press that button again. Repeat this or develop your 
own tactics to get across.

When you make it across, head around Tiffany and free her. However the oracle 
will now appear and you’ll both fall.



Playable Characters:			Young Lucas, Young Markus
Bonus Points:				None
Location:					Unknown Place


After you hear the Myan’s talking about you you’ll wake up in your dream. Get 
up and then wake Marcus up. Then head out through the window.

Just stay out of the light and you’ll be fine at this point although this may 
be easier said than done. You need to follow the path on your mini-map. Keep 
rotating the camera with L1 and R1 to check the route of the lights.

Head around the corner in front of you as soon as the light moves past to the 
right and stay close to the building. You’ll then see some soldiers up ahead. 
When you see them, instead of just walking past them you’ll need to move across 
carefully to the other side near a giant rock, away from the building you’re up 
against. Move forward close to this huge rock. Next, move behind a structure 
nearby so as to keep as far away from the soldiers as possible.

Keep moving and you’ll see a soldier and will need to hide. Head over to a car 
you should see on the screen in between two buildings. Hide behind this until 
the soldier has passed.

Check the map and continue the way you needed to go. Soon, Lucas and Markus 
will split up. When this happens, move back in the direction you just came and 
near the corner of the building an explanation mark should appear as an action. 
Do this to throw a stone and the guard will turn around to investigate. 
Carefully let Markus go first, being sure not to get seen in the light. Refer 
to the map to see where to head. You’ll end up between two buildings when 
you’ll need to wait for your brother. Now take Lucas there and continue your 

Move forward and you’ll meet another guard. Markus will tell you that he’ll 
distract the guard while you climb the pole next to him. With Markus you’ll 
need to go back in the opposite direction and move around the building next to 
him into the next building gap. There will be a barrel here which you should 

With Lucas, head up to the pole and begin to move along the wires. However 
you’ll need to be very careful to avoid the lights which will still highlight 
you when you’re up here. It’s very tight but it is possible if you time it 
carefully. When you reach the other side, climb down and use the map to follow 
the route to the door. Use the controls to get inside. Enter the lift ahead of 

When the lift stops, move forward and go through the door ahead. All that 
creeping was clearly worth it, we just don’t know why!



Playable Characters:			None
Bonus Points:				None
Location:					Unknown Place


You’ll just need to play a few mini-games to hear an interesting conversation 
between the Oracle and the Myan guys. They think Lucas is dead and they are 
apparently close to finding that girl.



Playable Characters:			Carla
Bonus Points:				None
Location:					Cemetery

Trust Carla (Lucas):			+10 Lucas
Trust Lucas (Carla):			+5
Work together (Lucas & Carla):		+10 Lucas, +20 Carla

Walk to Tiffany’s grave which you’ll find a little further along than the 
Kane’s with flowers on it. Look at the grave and Lucas will appear, looking 
rather worse for wear. Trust him and you’ll find out that this meeting was 
actually premeditated. Play a few mini-games and Lucas will explain a few 
things to Carla. Both will benefit from working together.



Playable Characters:			None
Bonus Points:				None
Location:					Unknown Place


Simply play the mini-games to discover the location of Jade; that little girl. 
You’ll also see that you didn’t spend the night alone...



Playable Characters:			Carla, Tyler
Bonus Points:				None
Location:					Police Station

Telling Tyler the truth (Carla):	+10
Staying with the police (Tyler):	-85
Leaving the police (Tyler):		+20

The radio will be stating the obvious about the weather and Tyler will turn it 
off. He’ll then ask you if you’re hiding something from him which you should 
probably tell the truth about. After that, Sam will arrive and you'll take 
control of Tyler.

Go and talk to Sam and she’ll ask you to go to Florida with her. I don’t think 
this decision has an effect on the game so do what you wish. Either way, this 
is the last we see off Tyler. After, go and talk to Carla.



Playable Characters:			Lucas
Bonus Points:				None
Location:					The Orphanage

Getting Jade:				+10
Keeping Jade:				+10
Giving Jade away:				-10

Carla will drive Lucas to the orphanage. Step out of the car and head inside. 
After ignoring the nun, run up the hall and take the door on the left at the 
end. Jade will be in here so go to her and pick her up. When you do this, the 
oracle will enter the orphanage.

Head out of the door and run to the fire door nearby after the oracle has 
spoken. You’ll then end up on the roof.

You’ll now have an intense battle with the oracle. After the giant metal 
structure falls on him you’ll grab the girl and he’ll emerge from the wreckage. 
Now you’ll need to jump and run with her to avoid the police copters.

When you succeed you’ll have hidden in a small room. Agatha will be here 
although you’ll soon find out that she’s not who you think she is and never has 
been. Don’t give Jade to her and protect yourself from the vortex which will 

You’ll break out through the wall and Carla will tell you to hurry. You’ll 
follow the homeless guy who will call you over and you’ll both disappear down a 
manhole. The weird holographic man from the other clan will disappear, much to 
the dissatisfaction of the oracle.



Playable Characters:			Lucas, Carla
Bonus Points:				20
Location:					Underground Secret Base

Seeing Markus (Lucas):			+10
Having sex:					+10 Lucas, +20 Carla
Using fire (Carla):				+10
Listening to the radio (Carla):		-5

Follow the homeless guy to a secret underground base. He’ll take you in a lift 
and through a few tunnels. Before you follow the guy back up a slope after 
getting out of the lift, run and collect a bonus card from a little way down 
the track. Then follow him until you arrive at a little camp. You’ll stop for a 
brief chat with Carla before going to meet Markus.

Go and talk to the homeless guy on the bench. He is the one who was outside the 
diner that night; Bogart. He’ll tell you to sit down so take a seat on a crate. 
He’ll then explain a few things to you.

Lucas will then go to get some sleep while Carla stays to wander around. You’ll 
now take control of Carla. If you didn’t get the bonus card before then take 
the ramp down to the tracks and collect it. Also, go and examine the radio at 
the end of the tunnel. You’ll see that it needs batteries and an antenna to 
make it work.

Head into the train nearby to find some batteries in a torch and then head into 
the one further down to find a life on the ground. Then head up to the other 
end of the platform to some rails and shake these twice to collect an iron rod. 
This will act as an antenna.

On your way back up to the radio, stop at the fire to warm up before going to 
activate the radio with both parts it needs. Listen to the reports about the 
weather from all the different stations.

After listening to this, head back to the first train and go in to lay down 
with Lucas. On the way you can go in the third cabin if you want to see how 
Jade is doing. Well you two got to know each other quickly ...



Playable Characters:			Young Lucas
Bonus Points:				None
Location:					Wishita Military Base


Get up out of bed and open your bedroom door. Run to the door ahead and listen 
through it to hear your parents talking about you.

You’ll learn that your mother was near an artefact when Lucas was in her womb 
and its radiation may have affected him, allowing him to have his visions and 
powers. They’ll discuss the fire of Hanger 4 and your mother will defend you. 
However, your father will soon open the door and catch you eavesdropping.



Playable Characters:			Lucas
Bonus Points:				None
Location:					Wishita Military Base


Yep, you guessed it; this is the final playing scene in the game. Exciting 
stuff eh?

Lucas and Carla will be arriving at the Military Base and you’ll be in control 
of Lucas when their conversation is over. You’ll have to battle against some 
very strong winds to get to the door of that mysterious hanger. Enter the 
elevator and activate it. When you get there you’ll be in a big room with this 

You’ll soon be surrounded by the Orange Clan force and the Oracle now wants to 
fight you. This isn’t a difficult battle though. Just stop the top buttons when 
it tells you to get ready and play the mini-games to defend yourself before 
returning to charging yourself up. When your bar is full you’ll attack the 
Oracle who will fall into the artefact.

After that, one of the Clan will try to shoot you so make sure you avoid this. 
A few more will try to shoot at you so finish them off in the same way. Now 
onto the Purple Clan and the Agatha creature will appear. Just win the mini-
games to defend yourself.

At the end of all the fighting, go and pick up Jade and place her onto the 
artefact. She’ll whisper something inaudible and Carla will appear.



Playable Characters:			None
Bonus Points:				200
Location:					Somewhere on Earth


A pleasant ending will follow. You’ll also receive 200 bonus points at the end. 

Congratulations on completing Fahrenheit; one of my all time favourite games!




Who is the raven?

The raven is representative of death. Agatha owns this raven which will make 
sense towards the end of the game.

How can I have sex with Tiffany?

Be nice to her! At any opportunity, don’t ask her to leave but be kind and 
sympathetic. She’ll first ask you to play guitar for her and do this well to 
impress her. Then continue to say the right thing and kiss her when the only 
options are ‘Kiss’ and ‘Leave’. You’ll then sleep with her.

What am I supposed to find at Agatha’s house on the second visit?

You find a key in with the bird seed and use this on a locked bird cage which 
has a piece of paper inside. This is a newspaper article.



One final point to note: After the game, and indeed during it if you wish, you 
can spend the points you gain from bonus cards on images and music using 
the ‘Bonus’ selection on the Main Menu. If you collect all or even most of the 
points you will have enough to unlock everything and have some spare which I 
think is a bit daft but there we go.



Watch all the credits at the end of the game for 200 bonus points.

For infinite bonus points, repeatedly reply the credits to get 200 points each 

In Lost Love, before Tiffany arrives, head to the kitchen and drink the alcohol 
under the counter. The first time you do this will gain you mental health 
points but continue to do this and you will get more and more drunk. After 5 or 
6 drinks you’ll commit suicide by jumping off of the balcony.



Firstly to get the nitty-gritty out of the way: I have complete copyright of 
this walkthrough and obviously have no qualms with anyone using it. If it is to 
be printed, this section must be included on the hard copy OR a statement added 
giving the walkthrough title “Manhunt Complete Walkthrough Guide©”, my name “by 
Emma North”, the address the walkthrough was found at and my contact 
email “[email protected]”. No other is permitted to pass the walkthrough 
off as their own, edit it, use any part of it or claim any rights to it. The 
guide may not be used on any sites which have not first been authorised by me 
to do so. Breach of copyright will result in prosecution.

Now, a big thank you goes out to anyone who has or is to contact me with 
regards to this walkthrough and to anyone who has helped create or add to it. 

Also, thanks to anyone who uses this guide and I hope it is of use to you. 
Apologies for any spelling and grammar mistakes that may have slipped through 
the net; I hope you all could read it OK.

Cheers to all the good gaming sites which make life so much easier for gamers 
(www.cheatcodes.com at the top of the list!).

       |                                                     |
       |                      THE END!                       |

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