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               OooOO'   OOoOooO  `OoooO'

Table of content:
1) Introduction                              [IDN]
2) Controls                                  [CTL]
3) Point Lookout                             [PLZ]
 3.1) New content                            [PL1]
 3.2) The Local Flavour                      [PL2]
 3.3) Walking With Spirits                   [PL3]
 3.4) Hearing Voices                         [PL4]
 3.5) Thought Control                        [PL5]
 3.6) A Meeting of the Minds                 [PL6]
4) Side Quests                               [PLS] 
 4.1) An Antique Land                        [PS1]
 4.2) The Velvet Curtain                     [PS2]
 4.3) The Dark Heart of Blackhall            [PS3]
 4.4) A Spoonful of Whiskey                  [PS4]
 4.5) Plik's Safari                          [PS5]
5) Version History                           [VHY]
6) Credits                                   [CDS]
7) Copyrights                                [CRS]

                 1) Introduction                   [IDN]

Out in the marshes lie humans you would never hope to meet, humans so foul, 
so absurd you'd presume them to be a joke, a hallucination. At worst they 
are but a nightmare of that which is not real.

But the truth speaks differently as you venture out to Point Lookout 
wherenightmare becomes reality, where fear becomes truth and where the 
answers lie hidden in the place 
you would expect least.

Prepare for the oncoming horrors of the swamps and try to survive.


                  2) Controls                   [CTL]

 Left analog   -    Movement
 Right analog  -    Look around
 A             -    Activate/ Use
 X             -    Reload (Hold to pull/ holster weapon) 
 B             -    Open/ Close Pipboy (Hold to activate flashlight)
 Y             -    Jump
 RB            -    Use V.A.T.S
 RL            -    Attack
 RL            -    Aim/ Block
 RB            -    Switch between First Person/ Third Person
 Back          -    Wait
 Start         -    Pause the game

 Click the left analog (L3) to go into Crouch mode.
 Click the right analog (R3) to pick up objects

 RB            -    V.A.T.S mode (Hold to scan)
 RT            -    Select Target
 Right Analog  -    Switch between targets
 Left Analog   -    Aim at specific body parts
 A             -    Confirm target
 B             -    Cancel V.A.T.S

                  3) Point Lookout                    [PLZ]
                   3.1) New content                  [PL1]

 - New NPCs -
   - Desmond
   - Tobar
   - Consance Blackhall
   - Obadiah Blackhall
   - Jackson
   - Haley
   - Plik
   - Rip Smithy
   - Jacob Humboldt
   - Jimson
   - Wood Rose
   - Croatoa
   - Kenny
   - Nadine
   - Marguerite

 - New Enemies -
  - Hillfolk
    - Scrapper
    - Tracker
    - Brawler
    - Creeper
    - Bruiser
  - Tribals
  - Swamplurk
  - Swamp Ghoul
  - Smugglers

 - New Perk
  - Ghoul Ecology
    - + 5 Damage against Ghouls
  - Punga Power
    - Boosts the recovery effect from Punga Fruit
  - Superior Defender
    - Slightly increased damage you deal and absorb, but one when standing

 - New Weapons
  - Axe
   - DAM 29, WG: 6, VAL: 55
  - Backwater Rifle
   - DAM: 44, WG: 7, VAL: 241
  - Bio-Gas Canister
   - DAM: 6, WG: 0,5, VAL: 50
  - Double-Barrel Shotgun
   - DAM: 78, WG: 6, VAL: 159
  - Fertilizer Shovel
   - DAM: 24, WG: 3, VAL: 55 - Effects: HP -4 (10s)
  - Lever-Action Rifle
   - DAM: 40, WG: 8, VAL: 193
  - Microwave Emitter
   - DAM: 68, WG: 8, VAL: 500
  - Ritual Knife
   - DAM: 20, WG: 1, VAL: 20
  - Shovel
   - DAM: 21, WG: 3, VAL: 53
  - The Dismemberer
   - DAM: 34, WG: 6, VAL: 55
  - Toy Knife
   - DAM: 6, WG: 1, VAL: 20

 - New Armour
  - Confederate Hat
   - DR: 1, WG: 1, VAL: 8 - Effects: Per +1
  - Cryptochromatic Spectacles
   - DR: 1, WG: 0, VAL: 8
  - Desmond's Eyeglasses
   - DR: 1, WG: 0, VAL: 21 - Effects: +5 Explosives and Sm. Guns
  - Grifter's Fit
   - DR: 2, WG: 2, VAL: 6 - Effects: +1 Char, +5 Sm. Guns
  - Pint-Sized Slasher Mask
   - DR: 6, WG: 1, VAL: 60 - Effects: -1 Per, +5 Melee Weapons
  - Tribal Uniform
   - DR: 12, WG: 5, VAL: 75
  - Workman's Coveralls
   - DR: 2, WG: 2, VAL: 6 - Effects: +10 Repair

 - Four new Achievements
  - The Local Flavour - 20 points (Complete this mission)
  - Walking With Spirits - 20 points (Complete this mission)
  - A Meeting of the Minds - 20 points (Complete this mission)
  - Bog Walker - 40 points (Discover all 30 locations)

                   3.2) The Local Flavour                      [PL2]

- Point Look -
   The closest point to Point Look is either the Jefferson Memorial or the
   Arlington library. Go to either place and then head towards the boat. You
   will be approached by a woman called Catherine who will beg you for help.

   It seems someone precious to her has gone the Point Lookout and is
   missing.Respond however you wish and board the boat. Talk to the man
   Tobar who will tell you a bit about your location.

   Buy a ticket and then head into the cabin behind you. Activate the
   Passenger Cot to start the travel to Point Look.

   The adventure begins!

  - Point Lookout Pier -
   Admire the view as the boat brings you to a bunch of broken piers. Buy
   items from Tobar if you need them and leave the boat. Don't forget
   to activate the Wild Punga plant just outside the ship as it'll
   introduce you to your first Wild Punga fruit!

   You'll have to to the East to start your journey. The mansion up ahead
   will be easy to find as it is smoking. Go there. Once you approach
   the main doors leading into the Mansion you'll hear someone talk.
   He seems to be happy to see you.

   Go in the mansion.

 - Calvert Mansion -
   Upon entrance you'll encounter a small fire fight with several dogs, a 
   ghoul and a turret against some tribals. Since the tribals are considered
   enemies it is only wise to attack.. the tribals. 

   Meet Desmond, a nice ghoul who isn't so nice to some of the tribals. Follow 
   him into the next room where a small explosion seem to occur. Take care of
   the tribals and follow your ghouly ghoul friend upstairs where you'll 
   encounter some more tribals.

   He won't guide you however as you'll have to make your own path to the first 
   floor. Head into the dining hall and watch with joy as several tribals bash,
   smash and slash their way into the room, all for you.

   Feel special and honored when killing them slowly. Head through the double
   doors on the west side of the room and then to your right, up the stairs.

   Follow the hall until you are forced to enter a small room due to blockades.
   Inside you'll see a tribal bashing its way through some boards. Enjoy seeing
   him climb up whilst killing him and his friends.

   Make your way through the rooms, looting and plundering everything you can 
   until you can go through some double doors again. Kill all the tribals 
   inside and your lively friend will inform you that you need something that 
   is explosive, something that can block off the breach.

   Although you can use grenades or other explosives, it is easier to simply
   shoot the red canister in the left room. 

   Leave the room and the smiley man will call you over. Follow him into the 
   room and kill some of the tribals. Walk towards the south and you'll fall
   all of a sudden. Loot the room and head towards the next one.

   Tribals are out for your blood as they crack open another door. Kill them
   and head up the stairs. Just keep going through the hallways and you'll
   see that you start to recognize some areas. Just go up some stairs again, 
   through a room with a pool table and through another hall.

   You'll discover however that you can not open any door and thus another 
   option is required. In a gap in the wall you can look and you'll see a 
   red gas cannister. Looks familiar? Yes and you know what to do.

   After the explosion blocked the East Wing, you'll have both wings blocked
   and thus made another step towards finishing this quest. The door that 
   needed a key earlier will be opened by Desmond. Follow him.

   The two of you will now prepare for a huge wave of tribals. Having mines or
   other explosives will definitely help. Don't forget about the dogs and the
   turret downstairs as they'll provide quite some help as well.

   Every barred door will be broken open so expect tribals to flood in from
   many directions, though one flood at a time. Once it is done just follow
   Desmond again. 

   Just talk to him when he isn't moving anymore. You'll get the Superior 
   Defender perk which allows you to do more damage and absorb more damage
   if you are standing still.

   You'll also unlock the achievement Local Flavour, indicating that you 
   completed the first mission.

                   3.3) Walking With Spirits                   [PL3]

 - Calvert Mansion - 
   You need to infiltrate the Cathedral and investigate the tribals. It is
   time to leave the mansion.

 - Point Lookout - 
   The cathedral is north of the mansion, but you'll have to walk a while to
   get there. You'll see a cathedral in the distance, it's not so hard to see
   it. Follow the path and prepare for a marsh lies on your path.

   The moment you arrive at the entrance to The Cathedral you will be hailed
   by a man. Talk to the intercom to start a conversation. You must prove your
   values to the Citadel by facing the Mother Seed.

   You will need to collect some seed which you'll find in the West near the
   giant Punga plant. You'll encounter ghouls, Swamp Lurks, smugglers and
   locals throughout your long path. 

   There is a good chance you'll come across the Trapper's Shack. Raid it if
   you want. Otherwise just keep heading towards the West. You'll eventually
   discover Sacred Bog Entrance. Go inside the cave.

 - Bog Entrance -
   Follow the path whilst heading deeper in the dark cave until you reach a
   door at the end.

 - Sacred Bog -
   Walk ahead towards the water, being careful for the Mirelurks ahead. Make
   your way through the water until you find a ramp in the West that'll take
   you out of the water. Follow the path, passing torches, bear traps and 
   murdered... dolls. Keep following the path around the water and up another

   Eventually you'll have to go back in the water again and make your way to
   the other side. Again you leave the water and follow a trail marked with
   torches. At the end you'll see a giant weird plant.

   Approach it and activate the Punga Seed Pods. A strange gas emits from the
   plant, suffocating you for a second or two before you collapse. As you get
   up again, you might realize what's going on.

   Now you'll have to return to the Cathedral. As you can suspect, something
   weird might happen along the road... or not. Enjoy the path and the sights.

   Eventually you'll encounter Mr. Break. Talk to him and watch the explosion.
   You'll awaken again.

 - Point Look -
   Head back to the Cathedral.

 - This time you'll be allowed to enter and you'll meet Jimson, an interesting
   chum, to say the least. You'll get the achievement Walking With Spirits and
   the perk "Punga Power" which gives you better effects from eating Punga 

                   3.4) Hearing Voices                       [PL4] 

 - Point Lookout -
   Go inside the Cathedral.

 - Ark & Drove Cathedral - 
   Talk to Nadine. She'll give you a key to open a door in your quest to find
   the leader Jackson. For now however head back towards Calvert Mansion.

 - Point Lookout -
   Head towards Calvert Mansion.

 - Calvert Mansion -
   Head back to Desmond, watch his gratitude for your work and get back to
   Point Lookout. 

 - Point Lookout -
   (Fast) Travel to the Cathedral and make your way down the cliffs to a place
   called Wrecked Seatub. Enter the hatchet that says "Hatch to Sea Cave".

 - Sea Cave -
   Walk up the ramp and follow the path until you get to a large unusual room
   with several pillars. You'll also see a man preaching in the distance. 

   As you approach the man you can hear a voice being happy about a "victory"
   You'll discover some interesting things if you take the time to listen.
   If you aren't interested just talk to the man and discover what's going

   Talk to the floating brains afterwards and learn even more. Take the ladder
   on a lower level to Point Lookout and you'll end up near the Cathedral.

 - Point Lookout Pier -
   Go here to discover a very interesting surprise. Once you are done travel
   to the mansion again.

 - Calvert Mansion -
   Talk to Desmond and learn the other side of the story.

                   3.5) Thought Control                       [PL5] 

 - Calvert Mansion -
   You'll get a special device and you get the honour of planting it in a high
   place. Can't keep the zomb.. ghoul waiting!

 - Point Lookout -
   Go to Pilgrim's Landing, which is very close to the Pier.

 - Pilgrim's Landing - 
   Head towards the Ferris Wheel in the North West. Don't try to get inside 
   from the outside. Once you start entering the little place you'll hear a
   familiar voice who is hailing out to you. 

   You'll now have two options. You can either help Desmond or the brains.

                     The Path of the Brain

 - Pilgrim's Landing -
   Head to the Trash Compactor and throw in the Cogwave Jammer. Go back to
   the mansion.

 - Point Lookout -
   Approach the mansion and enjoy the fireworks. Mission complete!

                     The Path of the Ghoul

 - Pilgrim's Landing -
   Go up the stairs and ramps and walk towards the giant Ferris Wheel.
   Select Active Ferris Wheel and install the device. Return to the mansion.

 - Point Lookout -
   Defeat the tribals that attack you before you can move away. They aren't
   happy with your actions. Once you are near the mansion you can enjoy some
   fire works. Now it is up to you to find Desmond, wherever he may be.

   Luckily you can find a hatch on the ruins of the mansion. Go inside.

                   3.5) A Meeting of the Minds                    [PL5] 
  If you chose to destroy the device just go the the Lighthouse directly.
  It'll end up with the same choices as normal.

 - Panic Room -
   Desmond isn't happy with what happened. He'll want to finish things with
   the brains and you are to follow him.

 - Point Lookout -
   Just follow Desmond.

 - Lighthouse -
   Follow Desmond again.

 - Underground Lab -
   Again, follow Desmond. Hack some computers to make life easier if you want.
   If Desmond refuses to follow just go ahead. He'll follow soon enough and 
   start leading again. If not, just keep moving.

   Eventually you'll meet the brain. Talk to it. Again you will get a choice.
   Kill Desmond or kill the brain.

   If you kill Desmond the brain will inevitably betray you and thus leading
   you to no reward. Kill it.

   If you side with Desmond you can loot the place, but that's about it. You 
   complete the mission and get an achievement. And a special key...

                  4.0) Side Quests                   [PLS]

Simply... explore Point Lookout. This guide will of course help you.

                   4.1) Antique Land                     [PS1]

 - Point Lookout -
   Find the location USS Ozymandias and go there. Once you are on top of the
   boat enter the hatch.

 - Belowdecks -
   Activate the terminal near the locked safe and you'll get the quest. Go
   back to Point Lookout.

 - Point Lookout -
   The closest one is inside a place called Excavated Muck Hole. This place
   isn't present on the World Map. If you have done the main quest you'll
   probably have found Trash Heap, Flooded Sinkhole or the Trapper's Shack
   already. Fast Travel there and move towards the East/South East/ South or
   just walk.

 - Excavated Muck Hole -
   Immediately as you enter you can hear the radiation building up inside of
   you. Luckily the Soil Survey Tape is in front of you, on the table. You
   can also loot the footlocker for some Bio Gas cannisters and a stimpack.

 - Point Lookout -
   Now that you have number 2, it is time to find 1 and 3. Just go north
   from the Muck Hole and walk towards the second one. Time to enter another
   Muck Hole

 - Excavated Muck Hole -
   Same as before, except this time you can find an Advanced Radiation Suit.

 - Point Lookout -
   Head towards the West. The last Muck Hole is in sight.

 - Excavated Muck Hole -
   This time it isn't lying on a table, but near a corpse. Grab the stimpacks
   and the ammunition and leave.

 - Point Lookout -
   Congratulations, you have all the  Soil Survey Tapes. Head back to the USS
   Ozymandias to claim your rewards!

 - USS Ozymandias -
   Go to the Belowdecks
 - Belowdecks -
   Simply enter the codes and open the Expedition Supplies. Inside the safe you
   will find an Advanced Radiation Suit, Bio Gas Canisters, Dirty Water, Pre
   War Money, Rad-x and Radiation Suits (Regular)

   Nothing too big.

                   4.2) The Velvet Curtain               [PS2]

 - Point Lookout -
   You need to go to a location called "Turtledove Detention Camp". It's on the
   top of the map, North East of Trash Heap.

 - Turtledove Detention Camp -
   Head to the big building, the Administration building.

 - Administration -
   Read the terminal in the northern room, specifically the Suspected Spy
   file. It'll start the quest. Go outside.

 - Point Lookout -
   Head towards Pilgrim's Landing or Fast Travel there and head towards the
   location which is either south or north of you depending on how you went.

 - Pilgrim's Landing -
   If you fast travelled just walk north.

 - The Homestead Motel -
   You'll encounter some Vicious Dogs. Kill them or ignore them if you have
   the Animal Friend perk. Head inside the door to go to..

 - Room 10 -
   Activate the terminal and read everything to get a bit further in the 
   mission. Grab the key from inside the luggage case on the bed. Time to
   go back outside.

 - Point Lookout -
   It's East of Pilgrim's Landing.

 - Pilgrim's Landing -
   Head East. You'll find a row of lockers, one of them is locked. Use the
   key and take the audio box. Head back to the north of Point Lookout to
   the bank.

 - People's Bank of Point Lookout -
   There are few enemies inside, but you can kill them if you want. The 
   location you are searching if behind the cell door in the south of the
   room. Simply play the audio note you found earlier and then head to
   the open safe behind the computer with a smaller safe inside.
   Grab the audio and listen. You're going to blow up a sub!

 - Point Lookout -
   Head back to Turtledove Detention Camp.

 - Turtledove Detention Camp -
   Go to the west, fight some robots and turrets and head into the shack door
   next to the building to go to the Morgue.
 - Morgue -
   Inside you need to activate one of the corpse holders, it's the one in the
   bottom left. Remove the tooth to gain codes. Leave the place.

 - Turtledove Detention Camp -
   To make things easy for you, the sub is directly West of the Lighthouse.

 - Point Lookout -
   Just head towards the sub and enter. You'll have to swim to reach it. It's
   under water.

 - SSN-37-1A -
   Activate the terminal, choose self destruct. Head towards the other side and
   activate the Self-Destruct Switch. Get out of the sub A.S.A.P!

 - Point Lookout -
   Admire the underwater explosion and head back to the motel.

 - Homestead Motel -
   Head inside Room 10 again.

 - Room 10 - 
   Select Extraction Details and gain knowledge about the location of your 
   reward. Head into the small bathroom and grab your reward from the top
   of the toilet tank. Approach it from above to find it. Leave the room.

 - Point Lookout -
   Head towards Calvert Mansion. 
 - Calvert Mansion -
   Equip the Chyptochromatic Spectacles. You'll have to activate the pedals
   in a certain order. The pedals are in a clockwise order. The northern
   one is the 1 and the southern one is the 3.

   So stand near the southern one and you'll see it this way. Simply use the
   code you found earlier and if you forgot it, it's: 1 3 2 3 4 4 2. A hatch
   will open soon. Go through.

 - Chinese Intelligence Bunker -
   Head down the stairs, meet a friendly Protectron and go into the halls.
   Down another set of stairs and through the door, but first activate the
   Electrical Switch on the wall to the right.

   Activate the terminal and choose Extraction Debriefing. Escape the bunker
   A.S.A.P! The problem is however that the door immediately locks, locking
   you inside the room. Radiation is also released.

   You can stop the radiation by repairing the Ventilator Duct. Before you
   try to escape it is strongly suggested you grab the Backwater Rifle
   from the shelf near the door. Now you can finally escape. Climb up the 
   fallen locker, jump on the yellow crate, climb up to the pipes and walk
   over the beam to the hatch.

 - Runoff Pipe -
   Simply follow the pipe and swim to reach the hatch underwater to Point 
   Lookout. Mission complete!

                   4.7) The Dark Heart of Blackhall [PS3]

 - Point Lookout -
   To start this you'll need to go to Blackhall Manor, a location that can be
   found near the eastern edge of the coast, north of it. Once you found it
   head inside.

 - Blackhall Manor -
   Leave the kitchen and the next room, into the hall and go through the open
   double doors. A man in the distance will suddenly talk you, the owner of
   the mansion, Obadiah Blackhall. Go talk to him.

   He'll ask you to steal something for him, something that was stolen from 
   him and holds great sentimental value. A book and of course, being the
   good/evil guy that wants reward, you'll agree to help him.
 - Point Lookout -
   Outside you will be approached by a woman called Mercella. She'll request
   you to refuse bringing it back to Obadiah and instead bring it to her.

   Help the pretty lady or the old man... The choice will come later. For now
   you must focus on finding the Ritual Site, which is North East from Pilgrims

 - Ritual Site -
   Expect a good fight as 'em hillbillies is gonna make you skaweel lak a 
   piggeh for them boy! (Or girl) After you're done role playing a pig (or 
   making them role play one) head through the shack door inside the ..

 - Burned Out Basement -
   Head down the stairs and make your way through the room and the hallways.
   You'll eventually come to an intersection allowing you to go down a ramp
   or just keep on going to another hallway.

   Go down the ramp and activate the Ceremonial Lectern. Take the book and
   leave the place. Be prepared to fight your way out as several of 'em 
   hillbillies will try to kill you.

 - Ritual Site -
   Now you can choose. Give the book to the pretty lade or the old man.

                     The Old Man

 - Ritual Site -
   Head back to the Mansion.

 - Blackhall Manor -
   Give the book to Obadiah. You'll get 1000 caps. Follow him to the 
   basement to see something interesting.

                     The Pretty Lady

 - Ritual Site -
   You need to go to the Disaster Relief Outpost, south of the mansion.

 - Disaster Relief Outpost -
   Kill some enemies and head inside the southern tent.

 - Marcella's Tent -
   You'll discover a painful discovery. You need to find out the truth.

 - Point Lookout -
   Head to the Pier.

 - Point Lookout Pier -
   Activate the Passenger Seat, it's time to go back to The Wasteland!

 - Point Look -
   Head to the Dunwich Building.

 - Dunwich Building -
   Make your way to the Obelisk. Press the book to its surface and you
   will gain karma and complete the mission.

                   4.8) A Spoonful of Whiskey                [PS4]

 - Point Lookout -
   You must find Marguerite's Shack which can be found South East of the
   Trash Heap. 

 - Marguerite's Shack -
   Talk to the charming Marguerite who claims to have the "Orange Fever".
   If you have enough Medicine and speech you can convince her to give
   up the act and you'll learn the real deal. She wants to make some brew.

   You're going to need six Fission Batteries, three bags of Yeast and either
   ten pieces of Refined Punga Fruit or twenty Wild Punga Fruit. Leave the
   building and start searching.

 - Ark & Dove Cathedral -
   This is THE place to go for Refined Punga Fruit. Just grab all the Refined
   Punga Fruit from outside the church and leave again.

 - Hayley's Hardware -
   This location can be found North East of Pilgrim's Landing. Head inside
   and you can buy 2 Fission Batteries and 2 Yeast. Leave

 - Turtledove Detention Camp -
   Raid Bunkhouse A for a Fission Battery in the footlocker in the right room.
   Raid Interrogation Room A for another Fission Battery on the table. Raid
   Administration building as well. Go into the room on your left and open the
   filing cabinet on the left side for 2 Fission Batteries. The one right of 
   it contains Yeast.

   With that being done you basically have everything you need. Return to the
   charming sick lady.

 - Marguerite's Shack -
   Talk to the lady and give her the.. stuff. Wait 24 hours and return. You'll
   get a measly 300 caps (More if you passed speech checks) and Moonshine.

                   4.9) Plik's Safari                           [PL5]

 - Point Lookout -
   You need to go to Coastal Grotto, which can be found East of the Cathedral,
   on the cliffs. 

 - Coastal Grotto -
   Go inside the cave and make your way through the linear path until you see
   a peculiar ghoul sitting. His name is Plik and he's got a interesting deal.

   For a thousand caps you can enter an interesting arena where you can fight
   feral ghouls. Head inside the mechanical door near him.

 - Plik's Safari -
   Just follow the path until you meet two gentlemen who are participating
   as well. Press the switch on the pedal and the Safari begins!

   Once you are done return to Plik to get your reward, the Dismemberer!

                 5) Version History                           [VHY]

05/06/2009:  Version 0.1 started. Began writing down progress.
05/06/2009:  Version 0.5 More than halfway done with Main Quest.
05/06/2009:  Version 1.0 Written down Main Quest, Side and Unmarked too.
07/07/2009:  Version 1.1 Toy Knife added and Version History corrected.

                 5) Credits                                   [CDS]

- Bethesda for making such an awesome game.
- Myself for my patience
- My PC for not crashing
- Jeffery Bartman for informing me about the Toy Knife

                 6) Copyrights                                [CRS]
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

It took quite some time to put this all together, especially the step by step 

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