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***This FAQ has some content provided by other gamers***
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1.Legal Information
3.Mew Trick
4.Contact Information

1.Legal Information:
   Ask permission before copying this information.
This FAQ should not be sold for any profit, unless the author gets
a share.I do grant permission for you to print this faq and use it 
for personal use only.These questions were provided by online forums,
I do have permission to list these questions.

Q:Why can't I get the Bulbasaur from the lady in Cerulean city?

A:Make sure that you have your Pikachu with you.Give your pikachu
a potion 6 times, even if it has full health already.Check your 
pikachu's condition.If it has hearts above its head go to the woman
and she will give you Bulbasaur.Make sure you have room in your party.

Q:I can't get into the pokemon factory.I beat the Elite Four 30
times without healing.How do I get into the Pokemon factory?

A:I have also tried to get into the Pokemon Factory.I have also found 
that I can't get into the ''Pokemon Factory'' either.This is just another
false tip.

Q:I have caught an 'M' instead of a Missing No.My game is messed up.
But my friend caught a Missing No. and his game is fine.What's wrong?

A:Missing No. is a pokemon that is supposed to be a prototype.The creators
made a test pokemon that they used before they actually finished the game.The
creators never took Missing No. out.It is a prototype of Mew.That is why
it can learn any attack.M is a glitch.I believe it is the early stage of
Missing No. or the evolution of Missing No.'M' messes up your game and
deletes all your memory on the hard drive in the pokemon cartidge.It ruins
the hard drive so that you cannot start a new save.I recommend you do not
catch either of them.You can run from Missing No. and get x99 items in 
your sixth item slot.To learn this and other tricks read my other FAQ.
Q:Is it possible to get mew?
A:Yes, read the mew trick below.

3.Mew Trick:
   To get mew go to a trainer that is off screen and sees you when you move 
over a screen.Stand near that trainer.Move over a screen.Right in the middle 
of your step press start.You should end your step and you start screen should
pop up.Teleport,fly,dig,or use an escape rope to go back to a recent pokemon 
center.When you fly/dissapear the trainer should see you.When you are at the 
pokemon center your start button, B button,or A button shouldn't work.This is
normal.Go to a trainer that you haven't beaten before.Make sure that you can
battle the trainer with out using the A button.No gym leaders or Elite trainers.
Also make sure that the trainer has to step towards you for them to battle you.
If they don't step towards you, your game will freeze and you have to start the
trick all over again.Beat the trainer.Now your buttons should be working.Get a
pokemon with the special stat at 21.Go to a place where you can find wild Dittos.
Use your pokedex or go to the unknown cave(mewtwo's cave).Find a ditto and 
change to your pokemon with the special stat of 21.Let ditto transform into it
and defeat the ditto with any pokemon.Once you have beaten it, go back to the
trainer that you first flew,teleported,dug,or used and escape rope to get away
from.When you are in that area your start menu should pop up.Use B to exit out
of it.You should automatically go into a battle with a wild mew.This mew is 
100% glitch free.It is a normal wild mew.This won't affect your saved data in
any way.
4.Contact Information:
   To contact me for any reason click on my screen name where you select
the FAQ you want to read and email me questions,cheats,or requests for
cheats for other games.

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