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                        Created by: Nathan McNaught (Nevfx)
                              Started on: 15th June 2011  
                        First published on: 18th June 2011
                              Current Version:  0.26    

As with most guides nowadays, a simple copy and paste search function has been
implemented in this guide. Simple highlight then copy the sections code you
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+----- Introduction -----+ (DW7GINTRO)
+----- Characters   -----+ (DW7GCHARA)
+----- Controls     -----+ (DW7GCONTR)
+----- Story Mode   -----+ (DW7GSTORY)
++------ Shu Story Mode ------++ (DW7GSHU)
++------ Wei Story Mode ------++ (DW7GWEI)
++------ Wu  Story Mode ------++ (DW7GWUS)
++------ Jin Story Mode ------++ (DW7GJIN)
+----- Conquest Mode -----+ (DW7GCONQU)
++------ Battle Stages  ------++ (DW7GBAT)
++------ Battle Allies  ------++ (DW7GFRI)
++------ Quiz Questions ------++ (DW7GQUI)
+----- Trophies/Achievements(DW7GTROPH)
+----- Legal -----+ (DW7GLEGAL) 

+----- Introduction -----+     (DW7GINTRO)

Well, well, well. Hello there. Thanks for checking out my first ever FAQ. I did
once try making a stage specific guide for Dynasty Warriors 5, but it was
rejected for being... well.. "too specific". 

Anyway, this is a guide for Dynasty Warriors 7, KOEI's most recent editon in
its best selling Dynasty Warriors series. In my opinion, it is the best
edition in the series thus far, and should bring more fans to the series if
they give it a chance. 

This walkthrough will detail my tips and strategies for the story mode and the
Conquest mode. I also intend on putting details of the Downloadable Content
when I myself get them. 

I will add more details as the time goes on. I intend to first publish it when
I have completed one of the story modes. 

+----- Characters -----+     (DW7CHARA)

OK then, in this section I'm going to detail all the characters in the game. 
Including details on how to unlock them and there EX Weapon. Not the biggest
section but I feel some people might like it as reference. Note by unlocking
them, it means exclusively in Conquest Mode, as that is the only mode where
you get to choose your character. 

+Shu Characters

Zhao Yun-
EX Weapon: Spear
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of Guan Du' in Shu's Story.

Guan Yu-
EX Weapon: Pike
Unlock: By completing the level 'Anti-Dong Zhuo Coalition - 1' in Shu's Story.

Zhang Fei-
EX Weapon: Double Vougue
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of Xu Province' in Shu's Story. 

Liu Bei-
EX Weapon: Twin Swords
Unlock: Initially avaliable

Zhuge Liang-
EX Weapon: War Fan
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of Cheng Du' in Shu's Story.

Pang Tong-
EX Weapon: Staff
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of Luo Castle' in Shu's Story. 

Huang Zhong-
EX Weapon: Bow
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of Mt. Ding Jun' in Shu's Story.

Guan Suo-
EX Weapon: Nunchuka
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of Fan Castle - Part 2' in Shu's Story.

Jiang Wei-
EX Weapon: Spear
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of Wu Zhang Plains' in Shu's Story. 

Ma Chao-
EX Weapon: Spear
Unlock: By completing Ma Chao's Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode. 

Wei Yan-
EX Weapon: Double Vougue
Unlock: By completing Wei Yan's Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode. 

Yue Ying-
EX Weapon: Bo Staff
Unlock: By completing Yue Ying's Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode. 

Xing Cai-
EX Weapon: Sword and Shield
Unlock: By completing Xing Cai's Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode.

Guan Ping-
EX Weapon: Greatsword
Unlock: By completing Guan Ping's Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode.

Liu Shan-
EX Weapon: Rapier
Unlock: By completing Liu Shan's Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode. 

Ma Dai-
EX Weapon: Paint Brush
Unlock: By completing Ma Dai's Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode. 

Bao Sanniang-
EX Weapon: Spinners
Unlock: Initially avaliable.  

+Wei Characters

Cao Cao-
EX Wepon: Sword
Unlock: Initially avaliable.

Xiahou Dun-
EX Weapon: Sword
Unlock: Initially avaliable. 

Xiahou Yuan-
EX Weapon: Bow
Unlock: By completing the level 'Anti-Dong Zhou Coalition' in Wei's Story. 

Dian Wei-
EX Weapon: Axe
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of Wan Castle - Part 1' in Wei's Story.

Cao Pi-
EX Weapon: Twin Swords
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of Guan Du' in Wei's Story. 

Xu Zhu-
EX Weapon: Club
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of Xu Province' in Wei's Story. 

Zhang Liao-
EX Weapon: Twin Axes
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of Chang Ban' in Wei's Story. 

Jia Xu-
EX Weapon: Chain and Sickle
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of Tong Gate' in Wei's Story. 

Zhang He-
EX Weapon: Claws
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of Mt. Ding Jun' in Wei's Story. 

Cao Ren-
EX Weapon: Flail
Unlock: By completing Cao Ren's Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode. 

Zhen Ji-
EX Weapon: Flute
Unlock: By completing Zhen Ji's Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode. 

Cai Wenji-
EX Weapon: Harp
Unlock: By completing Cai Wenji's Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode. 

Xu Huang-
EX Weapon: Pike
Unlock: By completing Xu Huang's Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode. 

+Wu Characters

Sun Jian-
EX Weapon: Sword
Unlock: Initially avaliable. 

Sun Shang Xiang-
EX Weapon: Wheels
Unlock: Initially avaliable.

Sun Ce-
EX Weapon: Tonfa
Unlock: By completing the level 'Pacification of Liang Province' in Wu's Story.

Sun Quan-
EX Weapon: Sword
Unlock: By completing the level 'Ou Xing's Rebellion' in Wu's Story. 

Zhou Yu-
EX Weapon: Bo Staff
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of Wu Commandery' in Wu's Story. 

Huang Gai-
EX Weapon: Club
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of Chi Bi - Part 2' in Wu's Story. 

Gan Ning-
EX Weapon: Chain and Sickle
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of Nan Commandery' in Wu's Story.

Ling Tong-
EX Weapon: Nunchuka
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of He Fei - Part 2' in Wu's Story. 

Lu Xu-
EX Weapon: Twin Swords
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of Fan Castle - Part 1' in Wu's Story.

Lu Meng-
EX Weapon: Pike
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of Fan Castle - Part 2' in Wu's Story.

Taishi Ci-
EX Weapon: Twin Rods
Unlock: By completing Taishi Ci's Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode.

Zhou Tai-
EX Weapon: Curved Sword
Unlock: By completing Zhou Tai's Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode.

Xiao Qiao-
EX Weapon: Iron Fan
Unlock: By completing Xiao Qiao's Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode. 

Da Qiao-
EX Weapon: Iron Fan
Unlock: By completing Da Qiao's Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode. 

Ding Feng-
EX Weapon: Gloves
Unlock: By completing Ding Feng's Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode. 

Lian Shi-
EX Weapon: Crossbow
Unlock: By completing Lian Shi's Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode. 

+Jin Characters

Sima Yi-
EX Weapon: War Fan
Unlock: Initially avaliable. 

Sima Zhao-
EX Weapon: Sword
Unlock: Initially avaliable. 

Sima Shi-
EX Weapon: Rapier
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of He Fei Castle' in Jin's Story. 

Deng Ai-
EX Weapon: Lance
Unlock: By completing the level 'Second Assualt in Shu' in Jin's Story. 

Guo Huai-
EX Weapon: Hand Cannon  
Unlock: By completing the level 'Second Assualt in Shu' in Jin's Story.

Zhuge Dan-
EX Weapon: War Fan
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of Dong Xing' in Jin's Story.

Wang Yuanji-
EX Weapon: Throwing Knives
Unlock: By completing the level 'Battle of Dong Xing' in Jin's Story.

Zhong Hui-
EX Weapon: Flying Swords
Unlock: By completing the level 'Fourth Assualt in Shu' in Jin's Story. 

Xiahou Ba-
EX Weapon: Great Sword
Unlock: By completing Xiahou Ba's Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode.

+Other Characters

Zhu Rong-
EX Weapon: Throwing Knives
Unlock: Initially avaliable. 

Diao Chan-
EX Weapon: Chain Whip

Lu Bu-
EX Weapon: Halberd

Dong Zhou-
EX Weapon: Flail

Yuan Shao-
EX Weapon: Rapier

Zhang Jiao-
EX Weapon: Staff

Meng Huo-
EX Weapon: Gloves

*All characters in Other are unlocked by completing there Legendary Battles in
 Conquest Mode.

*Interestingly, if you play Conquest Mode before story, by completing a 
 characters Legendary Mode battles you will unlock them, even if they appear in
 Story Mode. 

+----- Controls -----+     (DW7GCONTR)

These are the basic controls for the game. 

+XBOX 360 Controls-

A - Jump/Mount/Dismount Horse
X - Normal Attack
Y - Strong attack/Make the horse Jump
B - Musou Attack (only when Musou Guage is full)

Start - Pause
Back  - Map

Left Stick/D-Pad - Movement
Right Stick      - Rotate Camera

LB - Strafe/Guard/Dodge Roll
LT - Call horse
RB - Switch Weapon
RT - Toggle Map

+PS3 Controls- 

 X - Jump/Mount/Dismount Horse
[] - Normal Attack
/\ - Strong attack/Make the horse jump
() - Musou Attack (only when Musou Guage is full)

Start - Pause
Select - Map

Left Analog Stick - Movement
Right Analog Stick- Rotate Camera

L1 - Guard/with analog stick movement you can strafe
L2 - Call horse
R1 - Change weapon
R2 - toggle map
L3 (push Left Stick down) - Nothing
R3 (push Right stick down) - centers camera
+----- Story Mode -----+     (DW7GSTORY) 

Right time to move on to the main event. The story mode off DW7 is simply
amazing. Brilliant scenes, great big battles and pure epic storytelling. Lets
move on. 

The flow of Story Mode is like this, you usually, but not always, start with
town/camp exploration, where you can buy new weapons, speak to the various
other officers and soldiers waiting in the base, and speak to the key character
which will begin the battle. Like I said, this is only usually, other times
you will jump straight into the next battle. 

Right, some battles are split into two parts. In between these two parts is
usually a camp exploration event, and more often than not the second part will
feature a different playable character than the first. 

This brings me on to another very important point, in DW7, the story mode is
fixed, as is the characters you can control. You cannot, unlike in previous
Dynasty Warriors games, choose which character you control. This leaves some
characters with no appearance in story mode, but its ok. As you may have read
above, when you first use a character in Story mode and complete their level, 
you unlock them for use in Conquest Mode.

OK then, let's get started. 

++------ Shu Story Mode ------++      (DW7GSHU)


1 ...... Yellow Turban Rebellion (SHU1)
2 ...... Anti-Dong Zhou Coalition(SHU2)
3 ...... Battle of Xu Province   (SHU3)
4 ...... Battle of Xia Pi        (SHU4)
5 ...... Battle of Guan Du       (SHU5)
6 ...... Battle of Xin Ye        (SHU6)
7 ...... Battle of Chang Ban     (SHU7)
8 ...... Battle of Chi Bi        (SHU8)
9 ...... Battle of Luo Castle    (SHU9)
10...... Battle of Cheng Du      (SHU10)
11...... Battle of Mt. Ding Jun  (SHU11)
12...... Battle of Fan Castle    (SHU12)
13...... Battle of Xiaoting      (SHU13)
14...... Battle of Tian Shui     (SHU14)
15...... Battle of Wu Zhang      (SHU15)

The story starts with a great cutscene showing the poor peasants suffer at the
hands of the Yellow Turbans. The Imperial Army does nothing to help them, and
as they are about to be cut down, Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei arrive to
save them. The camera pans behind Liu Bei and your first battle begins!  

++------ Yellow Turban Rebellion ------++ (SHU1)   
Player Character: Liu Bei
Trophies/Achievements: Yellow Turbans Eliminated (if this is your first time)

|Part One  | 

As the battle starts, you'll find some troops in front of you to deal with. Use
the [] and /\ buttons to combo some normal and strong attacks to defeat them. 
If your Musou Bar, the bar underneath your health fills up to the top you can
use a Musou Attack with the () button to unleash a powerful attack on the 
enemy. You should have no problem with the enemy in front of you. Least I hope
so, cause these are the basics enemies here, troops, and you will be fighting
a lot of them. 

Following the on screen messages, your objective should become obvious. Defeat
the marked enemies to save the villages, this should be no problem at all, the
enemies are very easy right now. The left hand village requires Deng Mao to
fall, the right hand one, Cheng Yuanzhi. There are some Peasants in the 
village, not suprisingly, and if they all fall, you lose, but it should come
no where near to that. 

Defeating them ends this part of the stage. 


After you clear Part One, a cutscene plays. A narrative one, with an epic
sounding voice giving details on the story, while your shown the map and
where this is all taking place. You hear some stuff on Liu Bei, nothing new to
anyone who played the other games, then you get taken into a village. 

|Respite - Village |

Your taken to a village where you can talk to people. As the Private in front
of you will tell you, speaking to the person with the Red Marker above their
head will start the next part of the battle. You can also talk to a Weapons
Dealer, who will sell you new weapons, the list depends on your current stock
of weapons. There are many villages to talk to, all of whom are grateful for
Liu Bei's support, although he is as modest as ever. 

Talk to Guan Yu (or Zhang Fei actually), to start the next part of the fight. 


|Part Two     |

Nice music, eh? As you can see from the second the map comes up, and from
Guan Yu's words, your first objective is to help the Imperial Army, who are
currently struggling in the centre of the map. However on the way you're likely
to come across Zhang Mancheng, unless you purposefully avoid him, so cut him
down and continue onward. 

When you arrive at your target, you'll see you need to defeat Zhang Yan,  Yan
Zheng and Guan Hai. They are all fighting against one of the Imperial Army
Main officers. After defeating them, the Imperial Officers are actually rather
grateful and they start advancing. 

Don't let this fool you though, you'll still be doing most of the work. Head
towards the enemy, towards Gao Sheng is a good place. Cut him down, and as you
do so, you'll see some boulders start falling downards towards you. This is
the work of Zhang Liang, and to stop them, you'll going to need to defeat
him. Head towards him, carefully dodging the boulders, and defeat him to stop
his magic. 

Reinforcements will arrive either after you beat him, or during your right with
him. Its best if you go deal with them, as otherwise you risk your commander
coming under heavy attack. Cut down Bo Cai on your way too if you come across

After thats done, continue heading upwards, past where Bo Cai was stationed.
This triggers Zhang Bao's magic, high winds, making it impossible to
continue onwards. Fear not though, as Guan Yu points out a cliff to the south
you can use to reach him and stop his magic. Head to where your instructed to.

Simply jump using the X button to traverse the cliff and reach the top. Head
onwards, defeating Liu Pi along the way, during which you will be guided to
swing around the cliff ahead and ambush Zhang Bao. Follow the nicely laid
out on screen instructions, using your map as guidance to ambush and defeat
Zhang Bao. You know you're succesfull when he asks how you got there and his
troops starts cowering and he starts backing off. There sitting ducks now, cut
them down to end his magic. 

There should now only be three enemy officers and the commander left, and
no more magic to impede you or the Imperial Army. Head towards the enemy main
camp, cut down Han Zhong, Sun Zhong and Zhao Hong and head on inside.

An epic cutscene takes place where Zhang Jiao announces his intentions and 
sets off some fire pillars. You will wanna take these out, particulary if
you started on story mode and your havent done any training before hand. This
is easily done, as its rather obvious. Four large cauldrons are at the four
corners of the camp, hit them with [] or /\ attacks, while dodging Jiao and
his fire, to put an end to his magic, then confront Zhang Jiao himself. 

He will be harder than anyone else you have fought so far, but still he is easy
to beat. If your health runs low, you can run to find some meat buns in a
jar, but you shouldnt need to. Remember you can guard with the L1 button, so
make use of it if need be. 

After defeating him, the level ends. 

You're treated to a lovely scene where Zhang Jiao says everything you have done
was for nothing, as nothing can stop the period of war thats about to come 
about due to the Hans corruption. Well that sucks. 

Did you like playing as Liu Bei? Yes? Thats a shame, cause you wont be using
him again during Shu's Story Mode.       
More awesome narration. Sure enough, as Jiao said, the Han loses more suppport
and the wars continue on. Yuan Shao and Dong Zhuo however take advantage of 
this, with Zhuo gaining great power. Yuan Shao forms a coalition to stop
this tyrant. Liu Bei decides to join the Coalition, with the intention on
protecting the land and people. 

++------ Anti-Dong Zhuo Coalition ------++      (SHU2)
Player Character: Guan Yu 
Trophies/Achievements: Dong Zhuo Eliminated (if this is your first time)
                       OK, you can pursue Lu Bu (only if you defeat Lu Bu)
Character Unlocked: Guan Yu (if you haven't already)

After another scene, where Guan Yu and Zhang Fei discuss all the famous 
officers around them and lament Liu Bei not recieving any recognition, the 
camera pans behind Guan Yu and you gain control. 

|Respite - Camp |

Before moving on, go to the Pause Menu. Under your stats, do you see the
number on the bottom right labelled "Skill Points"? You can spend these under
"Officer Info" -> "Skills" to increase your max life and various other nice
additions, in particular the extension of your current combos. These are 
important to get, as you will need to be able to fight to your full potential
later on. Ths can be done during battle too.

Also, under "Weapons", do you see the heading, by the weapons data, "Obtainable
Seals"? As you fight using a weapon this bar fills up, and when it fills to
the top you aquire the seal. By equipping these seals to your weapons you
can get many other effects, including more health, Musou and attack, so its
well worth monitoring which Seals you are learning, maybe even using a 
weaker weapon in order to learn its Seal, I did it and im all the better for
it now. 

Once again, you can talk to many people here. As its a Coalitions Camp, there
are warlords and officers from all over the country here. Of particular note
here is Cao Cao, who points out just defeating Dong Zhuo here will not end the
chaos. He has a point. 

After checking on the Weapons Dealer, talk to Yuan Shao, who is currently
giving a rallying speech to his troops, to start the battle. 


|Part One   |

As the battle starts, Sishui Gate is marked on your map. This is your ultimate
destination, but there is plently to do first. You will notice Zhang Ji
attacking from the north, but leave him for now and focus on whats going on,
Hua Xiong taking down everyone he comes across as he heads towards Yuan Shao. 

Seeing as we're the player we're going to need to stop him. I suggest going 
alongside the right hand part of the map, as that is the route he is taking
and you can head him off. He is pretty tough, he sure can take a fair few hits,
and during the fight he can even rally and fully restore his health! Fear not
though, as he is still no real match for Guan Yu, a good Musou attack, using
the () button remember, is a sure fire way of defeating him.

After he is beaten, he retreats, which suggests he will retun later. As the on
screen messages come up, start heading towards the centre where Sun Jian is
camped, taking down Fan Chou on the way. As you approach, you will see why we
are heading there, the troops are hungry and for some reason, the supplies
have yet to arrive. 

When you reach Sun Jian, defeat any officers that are there and listen to his
troops pleas. Yuan Shu hasnt sent the supplies yet, and Liu Bei wants to know
why. As you decide to go see him, he gets ambushed by Dong Zhuo's reinforcement
force of Zhang Xiu and Niu Fu. Looks like its Guan Yu to the rescue again. 

On the way, you may want to take down Wang Fang and Li Jue. However dont take
too long, as the longer his troops are left without the food, the further
Sun Jians morale will plumet. When you reach the supply camp, Yuan Shu will
laugh off your accusations of not doing his job by claiming he cant do it
with the enemies here. (Although they have only JUST got there... sounds like
he is lying to me, eh?)

Deal with Zhang Xiu and Niu Fu and the supplies can finally reach Sun Jians
starved troops. You're now told to finally head towards Sishui Gate. You
can deal with Zhang Ji now if you wish, who probably hasnt made much progress
on attacking your main camp, or simply cut down Guo Si adn head to defeat 
anyone who is left just outside Sishui Gate. While doing this, the gates will
open and the enmy will start heading towards your Main Camp. 

If you are after experience and skill points, hunt every enemy officer down 
before heading in to Sishui Gate. Defeat Hu Zhen and Li Ru to take the gate
and end this part of the level. 

Or not. Hua Xiong reappears to defend the gate in his fallen allies place. Cut
him down one more time to take the gate and end this part.


Your treated to a scene where Guan Yu declares he has bested Hua Xiong in his
brothers name, recieving praise from Yuan Shao and his brothers as well. 

You are then taken immediatly into the next part, no respite. 

|Part Two        |

Head through the newely opened Sishui Gate and procced towards Hulao Gate. As
you approach the gate you will meet the dreaded Lu Bu. 

You are treated to a scene before fighting him, where you will recieve your
brothes help. Unlike in other Dynasty Warrior games, you HAVE to fight him,
you cannot run away. He is tough, keep your distance if need be and let your
brothers deal with him. I suggest a hit and run plan, hit him a bit, then run.
However, note that you will not be able to flinch him, he will stand firm and
take your hits. 

After you deplete enough of his health, he will run off, saying you can have
the gate if it means that much to you. If you pursue him and finish him off
you recieve the "Ok, you can pursue Lu Bu", trophy/achievement. Worry not if
you cant fully deplete his health, as you are forced to defeat him during
Wei's story, which will earn you the trophy/achievement then (I think.)

After Lu Bu withdraws or is defeated, you will recieve a message saying the
catapults are ready. They will start attacking the gate, and as they do, 
DOng Zhuo's counterattack team will react, and move to destroy your catapults.
That wont do, so you need to defend them. 

You can accomplish this by defeating Guan Shun, Wei Xu, Cao Xing and Yang Ding.
You might also notice some more enemy officers on the walls of the castle. 
After the counterattack team has been beaten, the gates are destroyed, and
you can finally enter. Those people on the roof of the gate will attack
Yuan Shao as he approaches, so if this is your first time I recommend beating
them to stop them taking out your commander as you fight against the people

Lots of people to beat up in here, if you're after experience I recommend 
hunting everyone down. In order to gain access to Dong Zhuo you will need to
take out Zhang Liao, who is the marked officer on your map. He is of the same
power as Zhang Jiao previously and should pose no problems to you. He is,
however, accompanied by Hou cheng, who is easy to beat, but just might get in
your way when you're fighting Zhang Liao, so cut him down first.

As soon as the enemy camps door opens, everyone who hasnt yet been defeated
will move towards you. Cut them down as you see fit, then head inside. 

Dong Zhuo has no gimmick to his fight, unless you count the fact he has Diao
Chan by his side to aid him. Cut her down if she starts getting in the way,
or just for the skill points, then finally beat Dong Zhuo to end the level. 

The scene you are treated too afterwards is a narration one. Dong Zhuo escapes
from his purseres, but is killed in his new capital by Lu Bu himself. Ah well.

Even though he is gone, the damage to the Hans reputation had been done, and
full out war started. Apart from Liu Bei however, who has no land of his own
and thus needed to seek the aid of someone else. This man is an old friend, 
Gongsun Zan. When some old guy asks for help, Zan sends the three brothers and
Zhao Yun (who everyone must know), to defend the old guy from Cao Cao, someone
you should recognise as one of the Coalition members. 
++------ Battle of Xu Province ------++      (SHU3)
Player Character: Zhang Fei
Trophies/Achivements: None
Characters Unlocked: Zhang Fei (if you haven't already)

As the screen fades to the camp, you find yourself in control of Zhang Fei.

|Respite - Camp       |

Spend your accumulated skill points to Zhang Fei's combo list or whatever you
wish, check on your seals and weapons and check out the weapons dealer. 

Talk to whoever you wish, then, when prepared, talk to Zhao Yun to continue on.

|Battle Start   |

This is a one part stage, but that doesnt mean there isnt loads to do. Straight
off the bat you will notice Tao Qian under attack, he is marked on your map. 
This is the man we came to rescue, so I guess we better not let him die. 
Head towards his position then when you reach there, take out Yu Jin and
Guo Jia to save him.

You now have to escort Tao Qian to the marked location. Head towards there, 
be sure to take out enemy officers on the way. You will need to cut down Cao 
Hong to gain access to the castle. When you enter the castle, you will find it
already taken by Cao Ren, Xun You and Niu Jin. They must be dealt with, while
keeping the old man alive, to take back the castle and succesfully escort him
to safety.

Now that thats done, you will no doubt see Cheng Yu start heading towards you.
Meet him halfway and take him out, then deal with whats going on. You need to
take out Xu Zhu to claim the central garrison, but the gate opens and Xiahou
Yuan charges out of it leading an attack. He also has Man Chong with him. Stop
him from making any headway, then head inside the garrison. 

Lots of defence captains and Xu Zhu await you inside. XU Zhu should not be too
hard, the fight will be similiar to your one with Cao Ren.Take him out to claim
the central garrison. Now I bet your expecting to go charging through the 
cluster of enemies in the centre? Not this time. Zhao Yun will hold them off
from the garrison, while you take an alternate route.

Things wont be that simple however. When you reach the path lots of troops show
up charged with stopping Zhang Fei. Shame for them, as there nothing but 
fodder. Use there appearance as a guide as to which route to take, cutting them
down as you go. Then something more interesting turn ups when you reach the
middway point, Liu Dai and Lu Qian. Stick in this midpoint, fighting off troops
and let them come to you, or at the least let Liu Dai come to you. Deal with
them both, Liu Ye will also be with Lu Qian, and hurry on, remember while this
is going on Zhao Yun is dealing with about four enemy officers on his own.

When you reach the south, go north and cross the shallow water towards Li Qian
and the others in this large area. As you do, who should turn up, but Lu Bu...
on YOUR side. Zhang Fei isnt to happy to see him, but with his aid, cut down
everyone you wish while heading towards Cao Cao's location. Lu Bu's appearance
panics Cao Cao's army, making them easy bait.

You will face Xiahou Dun, Cao Ang and others on your way to the enemy camp.
Also, the forces fighting Zhao Yun will begin retreating, meaning you could
turn around to fight them too, if you want the skill points.

Li Dian guards Cao Cao's camp, and when you get there Lu Bu will be facing him.
Knock him down then head inside, where Cao Cao and his bodyguard Dian Wei await
you. With Lu Bu here its all easy pickings, just cut them all down to end this

After the fight, you see a scene with Zhang Fei chasing Cao Cao's remaining
troops away, while Liu Bei and Lu Bu have a staring contest. Lu Bu recommends
to Liu Bei himself if he wants to face Cao Cao, but Zhang Fei is against the 
idea. Liu Bei however, says they cannot just leave a homeless man to rot, 
and takes him in. Zhang Fei warns him that his kindness will lead to his death.

The old guy gives Liu Bei his old lands before he dies, giving Liu Bei his own
land finally. Rather than fight Cao Cao however, Liu Bei comes to a compromise
and carries out Imperial Orders. However, while he was away, Lu Bu snatches
Liu Bei's land from him, who is forced to join Cao Cao. 

As you are told your next opponent is Lu Bu himself, the camera pans behind
Guan Yu, who you will controlling next. 

++------ Battle of Xiapi ------++ (SHU4)
Player Character: Guan Yu
Trophies/Achievements: OK, you can pursue Lu Bu (if you didnt get it before.)
Character Unlock: None
|Respite - Camp   |

Once again, check on your seals etc and the weapons dealer. Your amongst Cao
Cao's troops now, so you should have some new people to talk too. When ready
talk to Cao Cao to start this one part battle.

|Battle Start     |

Cao Cao detailed the plan when you spoke to him in the camp. First things first
I suggest heading straight ahead of you and taking out Song Xian, then head
further south to Hou Cheng. Head towards the other base structure here to beat
Cheng Lian to clear up this area, this will be useful for later.

Now heads towards the marker that has been on your map since the start of the
battle. As you approach it, the gate at the northern end opens and Zhang Liao
comes bursting out of it, him now becoming another marked guy on your map. Head
towards him, going via a bridge that leads to some troops. He will also be
heading this way, so you can head him off. Defeating him also captures him. 

As soon as this is done with, a whole massive army appears to the south. This
is Yuan Shu who has come to aid Lu Bu. This is why you wanted the center clean
before, to limit how many officers are there. The reinforcements will head
towards Cao Cao so you need to move yourself over there. They will be moving 
via the southern alternate route so its best to go into your Main Camp the head
down that path yourself to, as ever, head them off. 

There are four officers to deal with, Yuan Shu being one of them. They should 
be easy to defeat. After this, head back towards your original marker. When
you reach the bridge, the camera will zoom onto ballista on the roof. These
nightmares will impede your allies progress, and as ever its you who needs to 
deal with them. Get rid of anyone in your way the head to the left. You should
see some stairs heading up to where the blasted things are.

As you approach them, they will turn to aim at you. They will fire LOTS of 
arrows at you at once, which should deal lots of damage to you. You can avoid
this by moving fast or moving from left to right. Defeat them like you do
anything else, there are five in total.

Doing this opens all the gates to the castle and Cao Cao orders an all out
attack. Defeat the guys to the south if you wish then head towards Lu Bu.
When you approach you will be ambushed by Gao Shun and Chen Gong. Cut them down
then finally head to Lu Bu. He will have Diao Chan with him. She will be much
easily to deal with than him, so get her out the way, although this will make
Lu Bu angry, rasing his stats and stopping him from flinching. However, you
should notice he is much easier this time round. Cut him down to not only
end the level, but capture him.

An epic scene happens now. The captured Lu Bu an Zhang Liao are presented to
Cao Cao. Lu Bu is acting like an animal, and offers his services to Cao Cao
like he did with Liu Bei, but Zhang Liao chastises him, telling him to be
honorable and die like a men. Cao Cao then orders Lu Bu's death. Lu Bu doesnt
take this too well, not suprisingly. Cao Cao asks Liu Bei if he would have 
shown him mercy, who cannot answer. Zhang Liao asks to be killed too, but
Cao Cao refuses, and instead, recruits him. What luck.

More narration. Liu Bei is annoyed with himself for not being more like Cao Cao 
and then the Emperor himself asks for him to kill Cao Cao to free him. He 
waited though, and after staging his rebellion, he was crushed by Cao Cao, who
also captured Guan Yu. Liu Bei ends up with Yuan Shao. 

++------ Battle of Guan Du ------++      (SHU5)
Player character: Zhao Yun
Trophies/Achievements: None
Character unlock: Zhao Yun (if you havent already)

There is a scene with Liu Bei looking pretty down, which is understandable
considering what he has been through. Zhang Fei lifts the tree he is leaning
on up and throws it. Zhao Yun arrives and somewhat cheers him up. You then
gain control of Zhao Yun.

|Respite - Camp |

Definatly use all those skill points on Zhao Yun and sort out his weapons and
seals. Buy some more if you wish, talk to whoever you want, and talk to good
old Yuan Shao to get on with this.

|Battle Start   |

Right from the beginning, Yu Jin, Yue Jin and Liu Dai are marked on your map.
Do as your told and go defeat them all, these guys should pose no threat now,
meaning my tips concerning them will become none exsistent.

As you do this, someone will defect from you, setting your supplies at Wu Chao
aflame. Damn. Deal with anyone left from the previous order and then once 
again do as your told and rush over to Wu Chao to assist. On your way there,
beat up Dong Zhao and Cai Yang. As you head towards the right side of the map
a cutscene will take over, where we see Guan Yu.... riding red Hare and in
BLUE clothes! Looks like he is working for Cao Cao now. Whats more, he takes 
down two of Yuan Shao's greatest officers before your eyes. 

Guan Yu withdrawns afer this. Liu Bei is happy to see he is alive, but 
Zhang Fei is disappointed to see him working for Cao Cao. Liu Bei has become
your marker, so head towards him. But then...

Oh. My. God. Yuan Shao notices Guan Yu on the enemies side, and knowing that
he is your brother suspects you of betraying him. He orders your capture, and
then EVERYONE on the map is against you. Dont stop to fight people, rush over
to Liu Bei, who is now under heavy attack. Your new objective is to get the
fudge out of here, alongside Liu Bei. Stick close to Liu Bei, and take out
everyone around him, which includes Zhang He. Liu Bei will actually move, 
unlike in previous instalments where anyone you needed to escort somewhere 
would stop to fight everyone on there way.

On your way, you will be ambushed by Zhang Liao. Seems like Cao Cao is putting 
him to good use, eh? He is joined by Li Dian. Cut them down and then move on.
As Zhang Fei laments Guan Yu's apparant betrayal, Cao Pi and some others show
up just ahead. After you beat them, reinforcements for Yuan Shao show up
behind you. They pursue you, but I recommend sticking by Liu Bei too keep him

When you reach the goal, Yuan Shao himself shows up to stop you. He is easy to
defeat, beat him up, then when Liu Bei escapes, the level ends.

A scene shows you shacking off your pursurers. ZHang Fei again complains about
Guan Yu's betrayal, but Zhao Yun assures him Guan Yu has not betrayed them.

More narration, which illustrates how helpless Liu Bei is now. 

Then another scene, showing Guan Yu approaching, with Cao Cao's troops behind
him. Zhang Fei prepares to fight his brother, but then Guan Yu turns around
and cuts down Cao Cao's troops, showing they were actually chasing after him
as much as they were Liu Bei. There is a tearful reuion when Zhang Fei
claims he never thought he had betrayed them. Awwwwwwww. 

More narration. Liu Bei needs some help, its obvious him and his three officers
cannot handle Cao Cao alone. Liu Bei knows what his forces lacked... a
strategist to help him achieve his ambition.

++------ Battle of Xinye ------++      (SHU6)
Player Character: Zhang Fei

A scene with Zhang Fei looking over at the enemies massive army starts. Then
someone called Xu Shu approaches, claiming if you had the "Sleeping Dragon"
with you, you could face Cao Cao. Like I first did, Zhang Fei asks him who
the hell he is, and you gain control.

|Respite - Camp  |

First, spend those skill points again! Then, talk to Zhao Yun and Xu Shu, for
some more background info. I don't think the upcoming battle has been
featured in any form in previous Dynasty Warriors games, so it should be
something new to enjoy. 

Talk to anyone you wish, to be honest I believe you might as well speak
to everyone some people have interesting things to say. 

When ready talk to the guy with the red marker over his head to get on with
this interesting battle. 

|Battle Start    |

As the battle begins, you will see a marker on Zhu Ling in the centre. As
Xu Shu then Guan Yu tell you, our much smaller army is going to divide 
itself into three to take on Cao Cao's massive one. Us as Zhang Fei will be 
dealing with the centre. 

So, head over to Zhu Ling. Xu Shu will accompany you, and will do so for the
whole of this battle. On the way you will come across Lu Zhao, who should fall
rather easily. If you jump of the small cliff whilst heading towards Zhu Ling
you can launch an suprise attack, confusing his troops and making him nothing
more than a sitting duck. 

After he has fallen, the bridge will drop, so cross it. Pretty quickly after
you do so, the camera will take over and it will direct your attention to a
weird shield made structure. Also, lots of enemy officers will appear within
it. Xu Shu recognises this as somethign called the Eight Gates formation, and
we are going to need to break it. 

This is pretty simple to do, mainly as your told exactly where to go. Following
both the maps marker and Xu Shu's instructions, head towards Lu Kuang in the
southern part of the formation then take him out. You're the told to head to
the west to deal with Li Dian, do so, to then be told to go North to where
Lu Xiang is stationed. Defeating him breaks this formation. 

Defeating this formation opens a previously inaccesable path leading to the
West. Also, as Guan Yu and Zhao Yun make progress various bridges will lower
to grant them access to the centre. 

Head towards Feng Qian now, who is surrouned by Defence Captains, simple 
pickings. However, after he falls, Cao Hong starts retreating. He has Yue
Jin with him. Rush over to them, Guan Yu will halt there escape, and defeat
them to end this level. 

You get an after battle scene where Guan Yu notes the power of intelligence
is the only reason why they won. Xu Shu informs Liu Bei that his role is done
and that he should continue on to see the Sleeping Dragon, whose name he
reveals.... Zhuge Liang. 

Another narration. Due to Xu Shu's intelligence Liu Bei won the battle, and
that he needs Zhuge Liang, however after visiting him two times, he was still
not granted an audience, which offends Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, but Liu Bei does
not give up. On this third visit he finally meets him. 

As mysterious as ever, Zhuge Liang asks what Liu Bei so badly wants from him. 
Liu Bei is honest, he wants to ease the peoples suffering... but does not 
have the means too. After asking Liang for help, Liang says "Benevolence... is
a tricky thing." Trust me, 'Benevolence' will be said A LOT during this
story from now on. 

Liang and the brothers discuss Cao Cao's methods when compared with Liu Bei's. 
Zhuge Liang declares Liu Bei's path one that makes him a True Leader of Man,
but in order to make it more than a dream... he will need the courage to
unite the entire land. Liu Bei does not think he can manage it, but Liang says
if he truly wants too he should listen... for he can help him.... Sweeeet.

More narration (see how the plot is much better portrayed in this edition?), 
discussing how Liu Bei needs more land and strength, as if we didnt already
know. Whats more Cao Cao attacks again, and even though Zhuge Liang enables
them to avoid a complete disaster, things dont look good. Then, when he does
move to escape, him taking all his people with him only slows his army down
but still he does not waver. It it at Chang Ban where Cao Cao's Army finally
catches up to Liu Bei's....

++------ Battle of Changban ------++      (SHU7)
Player Character: Zhao Yun
                  Zhang Fei

A scene starts this level, with a woman telling Zhao Yun that Liu Bei's son 
has accidentally been left behind. As we all know, Zhao Yun decides to go 
and rescue him. For this two part battle you will be controlling two different
characters, for the first time ever. 

|Part One          |

You start as Zhao Yun, as your know your objective is to find Liu Bei's son.
Dont hang around here, as the enemy is also after him. Head towards the marker
closest to you and defeat Xun Yu to save some straggling peasants. You
will also automatically search for, and not find Adou (Liu Bei's son.)

Move on to your other marker, noting that Cao Hong is currently searching a
garrison to the north for the boy, to take out Li Dian and resuce the peasants.
Once again however, Adou is not here. 

After oyu take him out, don't hang around waiting for the on screen messages, 
get moving over to Xiahou Shang. The messages will reveal the boys location,
which is the just right by Cao Hong. Oh dear. 

First things first, move towards and take out Xiahou Shang. On the way, there
will be an ambush in the garrison, Zhu Ling is attacking the peasants there. 
Save them then move on to Shang. Cao Hong will almost definatly be at the 
garrison before you deal with Shang but dont fret, take him down then dash
over to the garrison Adou is being kept. 

When you reach the garrison the gates shut behind you, forcing you to fight
Cao Hong (like you would want to leave anyway.) Cao Hong is nothing special
just take him out. 

A scene will take over, and you will find the little baby, who Zhao Yun calls
'his lord'. Your immediatly taken back into action, your new objective to
reach Zhang Fei back at Chang Ban bridge. 

YOou are told to flee on horse back to quicken your escape, as enemy officers
arrive to reinforce and pursue you. If your character is not developed the 
horse might be faster, but I always find just running is as good as riding
on horseback. Dont bother going after the enemy officers, just get back to 
ZHang Fei. However should you come across any en route, cut them down if you
so wish. 

On the way, the first garrisons doors will close on you and Zhang He will
ambush you. Your first playable character enemy officer for a while, but 
still, he should be easy to deal with. Defeat him to re-open the gate and 
move on. 

When you get to the bridge, you may find Zhang Fei dealing with enemy officers.
Fight them, as your told to, to end this part. 

A scene shows Zhao Yun jump over Zhang Fei and half the bridge and escape. 
Zhang Fei fearelessly roars at the mass of pursuing enemies which scares 
the crap outta them. Then you take control, controlling ZHang Fei for the
last time ever in this story. 

|Part Two       |

As soon as this part starts, Zhang Fei sets the bridge alight, stopping you
from crossing it, not like you would.  Your goal is really simple, fight off
everyone until Liu Bei escapes. You might think this is difficult, but its
not, it's a LOT of fun. 

Simply cut everyone down. Enemy officers will come from time to time, but 
treat them the same as the troops. Cut them down. I managed to, as you might,
to get 1,000 KO's in this part, which earns you the "Army of One" trophy or

As you smash your way through enemy officers, each and everyone one of them
will speak of your inhumane strength. Cool, eh? When fighting, be sure to
pick up the enemies dropped stat boosters, as they tend to get lost admist
the troops drops and the troops themselves. 

Yu Ji will comment on Zhao Yun's progress, as a guide to how much time you 
have to defend for. As he reaches the half way point (or it may be if you 
move away from the bridge, im not to sure), Cao Cao's engineers will put
the fire out, and any remaining enemy officers will retreat, just as Cao Cao's
main force arrives. 

The only difference now is the bridge can be traversed, so you should stay
close to it to stop people from pursing your allies. Now there are two
ways you can end this fight, either stand your ground until Zhao Yun escapes,
or defeat Cao Cao. Chances are Cao Cao will reach you before Zhao Yun escapes,
but the result is the same anyway, the level will end. Goodbye Zhang Fei, 
nice playing as ya. 

As usual you get a lovely scene after, a narration one. Liu Bei escapes, while
Cao Cao turns his intentions to Sun Quan, of Wu. Liu Bei offers an alliance, 
although to Sun Quan allying himself to someone with no land and a small'
army will help little. 

However, Liu Bei is the only one willing to stand against Cao Cao, whats more
he has Zhuge Liang, who approaches Sun Quan telling him Liu Bei will continue
to fight against Cao Cao even if he surrenders, which lights a fire in
Sun Quan, who refuses Cao Cao's orders of surrender. 

Thus, the great battle of Chibi takes place....
++------ Battle of Chibi ------++      (SHU8)
Player Character: Zhao Yun
                  Guan Yu
Trophies/Achievements: Conqueror of Chibi (if this is your first time)

A scene with Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei starts, who discuss Cao Cao's massive
army which faces them, and that victory depends entirely on Zhuge Liangs
plan. Looks like you will be controlling Zhao Yun for this part. 

|Respite - Altar |

You're at a fancy Altar. You can talk to Zhuge Liang ahead of you and Zhang
Fei behind you. Whatever you do, organise your weapons, seals and SPEND THOSE
SKILL POINTS, there is not point them sitting here doing nothing. When ready
talk to Liu Bei's other son, who I think is adopted, Liu Qi, to start this

|Part One        |

Now, this will be interesting. Unlike in previous installments, Shu sticks
closer to history, during which it didnt actually take part in a large amount
of the fighting here in Chibi. You're on a boat, and you will be for the large
majority of this part, and you need to defend Liu Qi as you travel around to
Cao Cao's ship (the boat moves on its own), in order to cut off its escape
route before the fighting begins proper.

Least you will when you get to the ship. Soon as the fight starts the boat is
marked on your map, so head over there. When you get on the boat, you will be
notified off a weapon off sorts on it, like a ballista from the walls. You
will need to take control of this weapon to defend Liu Qi from the archers
etc that you come across while en route to Cao Cao's ship. 

The boat will begin moving when Liu Qi boards, as you will likely get there
before him. To control the weapon, use the left stick to move it around, and 
the () buttonto fire. You can either press the () button once or hold it for
rapid-fire, which, luckily the enemy never seems to do to you when they use
the weapon. I recommend simply rapid firing over everything. Soon, the boat 
will come across enemy ships. Fire at them, rapidly, to take them out, if you'
fail to before they reach you, troops will attack Liu Qi, sometimes maybe
even jumping on your ship. 

If the ships get in your way, they will lower there bridges to give the
archers on them room to fire, if you didnt notice them coming towards you,
which I didn't the first time I played the level, go after those ones first. 

After the boats are taken down, you will turn a corner, if there are corners
in the ocean. On your left, you should see an enemy ship, and the mini map
shows you its full of enemy troops, which are all archers. Rapid fire at them
as you turn the corner, and as you sail past you should take them out simply
as you go. Keep on firing to take them out. 

As you pass the boat, it will set aflame. The fire attack has begun. This
means Cao Cao will start retreating. As this happens, two Liuetenants and
Li Dian will jump on your boat. How rude. You can turn the weapon around
and rapid fire them till they fall, or disengage it, by pressing X, and taking
them out as normal. I recommend going off the weapon, so you can beat themw
while defending Liu Qi, and so you can collect what they drop for besting
them. As you fight them, enemy archers will appear on a nearby ship. Get
back on the weapon to take them out. 

When they are beaten, Yue Jin will jump on the ship. After beating him, the
camera will zoom onto Cao Cao, your nearing his location. You can see, on the
ship in front of you, Cao Cao, Xu Zhu and Xu Huang. As you near the boat, 
Xu Huang jumps onto yours in order to stop you from firing at Cao Cao, not
that you can anyway. Get off the weapon, and deal with him. 

MORE archers will appear on a nearby ship, so get on the weapon, turn around,
and shot them down if you can (I could never actually see them until I turned
another corner, and thus got hit with arrows before I could take them out).

Your boat will land, but you would have lost sight of Cao Cao, which sucks. 
Get on the enemies ship, and head towards the marked enemy Xu Zhu, who is the
only enemy officer on the map. He is simple to beat, cut him down. This will
end this part of the level. Wasn't this a nice take on the level eh? I was
expecting altar defending and travelling through lots of ships...

|Respite - Camp |

With the camera now behind Guan Yu, Zhuge Liang informs you Cao Cao has
already begun his escape. Zhao Yun is sorry he failed his objective and asks
for the order to pursue, which Zhuge Liang gives, although he doesnt seem 
angry at all. He asks Guan Yu to help, who hesitates. This is because Cao Cao
took him in all that time ago, rather than capture and kill him, and Guan Yu's
honor dictates he owes Cao Cao, killing him hardly repays this debt. 

When in control, speak to whoever you wish, certainly use Skill Points as you
would not have used Guan Yu for an while, then set up your weapons. Afterwards
move over to Guan Ping to move on with this. 

|Part Two       |

Now we have to chase down Cao Cao. On the big map (press SELECT) to bring it
up, Cao Cao's name has a big ? by it, we dont know where he is right now. 
However, Zhang Liao is marked on the map. Move over to him, taking down only
enemy officers you see on the way, remember you are in PURSUIT here. 

As you start getting closer to Zhang Liao, Cao Cao will order his troops to
rest and regroup. Good, cause we're far behind. You have to defeat Zhang Liao,
as the gate behind him is closed. Best him to open it. 

Afterwards, Li Tong will become the marker officer. Head to him. As you near,
you hear Zhang Fei, and Jiang Gan sets a fire stopping you from reaching him. 
Cut him down, then turn back around, the fire wont go out. Look at the map 
and head to Yu Jin. Beat him, then move on to Li Tong to beat him and save
Zhang Fei. After you save him, he reveals Cao Cao's whereabouts, and he becomes
the next marker. Head over there. 

However, as Xiahou Yuan shows up on the map, the gate leading to Cao Cao closes
in front of you. Beat up Yuan, and enemy reinforcements show up, lead by
Cheng Yu. They are the marker now, so head over to them. Cao Cao will then 
start to march again. Crap. 

Beating Cheng Yu reveals another path, which just so happens to lead right to
Cao Cao's escape point. Handy. Zhang Fei guards the route to let you
use it safely, while Zhu Ling and Cao Hong become marked enemies. Take the new
route to them and cut them down, then head to Cao Cao's escape route. 

While this goes on, Guan Ping will move south so you and him can catch Cao Cao
in a pincer attack, but Cao Ren causes a landslide to impede Guan Ping's
progress. We are no where near there though, so don't bother with it and
continue onward. 

As you reach it, a scene takes over, with Cao Cao fleeing for his life. Guan
Yu appears before him, and he turns around to face the God of War. Beat him to
end the leve. 

Cao Cao thinks he is done for... but Guan Yu let's him go, as he owes him and
he must listen to his honor. Cao Cao flee's, and Guan Yu tells Zhuge Liang he
just couldnt do it, who admits he planned for it, and that the stage is still
set for Liu Bei's next move. Well that's good. 

More narration. Cao Cao's defeat here was his worse yet, and due to his escape,
Sun Quan could not take any major actions in taking his lands, and can do
nothing but chip at his army. Cao Cao too cannot fight now, so Liu Bei can
turn his attention southwards. During this, Guan Yu came face to face with a
tough old cookie, Huang Zhong. He impresses Guan Yu, but the enemy he is facing
surrenders. Turns out Zhong's comrade, Wei Yan, killed there leader for
mistreating them and accusing Huang Zhong of being a traitor. Zhong asks for
mercy for the people of the castle, when Guan Yu says EVERYONE will recieve

More narration. Liu Bei gains the two officers, and Pang Tong, who is equal
to Zhuge Liang. Sun Quan wants a reward for helping in Chibi, as it was Wu who
did most of the fighting, and asks for some land. Zhuge Liang gives a vague
answer, which angers him, but he knows it is too dangerous to attack Liu Bei
just yet, so he marries his sister off to him. Can't believe people did that
back then... i wouldnt marry my sister off. I couldnt anyway she wouldnt
let me. 

Liu Bei needs to get the fertile lands of Shu. This will give him the power
to match Cao Cao's kingdom of Wei and Sun Quan's land of Wu. However... this
land belongs to a relative of his. Taking it by force goes completely against
what he stands for....
++------  Battle of Luo Castle ------++      (SHU9)
Player Character: Pang Tong
Trophy/Achivements: None
Character Unlock: Pang Tong (if you haven't already)

We start with a scene of Pang Tong deep in memory. Liu Bei, despite his pleas,
refused to order an attack on Chengdu, as it goes against his beliefs. 
Fastfoward to current time, and it looks like Pang Tong is doing it anyway,
with Wei Yan and Huang Zhong's help. Amen to people who don't listen. 

|Respite - Camp|

You will be controlling Pang Tong it seems. Straight away sort out your weapons
seals and skill points. Pang Tong uses a weapon you wont have used before if
you have only played through this story mode and didnt use it with one of the
other characters. You haven't used Pang Tong before either, so you should be
able to unlock most of his skills right now. Your priority should always be
too unlock your characters moveset first, then on unlocking there second
musou attack, some of them are better than the first ones. 

Go to the Weapons Dealer. If you haven't been buying weapons your characters
are not proficient in, which isn't a bad thing, you wont have any other
Staff weapons for Pang Tong, so go buy the best one you can. This will be the
only time you use Pang Tong, but you want it to go as smoothly as possible, 
dont you?

So anyway, when you're ready, talk to whoever you want, then speak to the
lucky guy who gets to be the red marker guy this time around to start this

|Battle Start    |

As the battle starts, you will see you are outnumbered, as per usual. However
Pang Tong is confident of your victory with Huang Zhong and Wei Yan in your

Your mission is to follow and assist Wei Yan. Simple enough. Just follow Wei
Yan. When he enters the first garrison, Liu Zhangs army will launch an 
ambush, with Gao Pei and Yang Huai leading. Take them out while keeping Wei
Yan safe should be very simple. Pang Tong's first musou attack is very useful
for sweeping enemies away from your allies, as anyone caught up in it is
dragged around by you. 

After beating the enemies Wei Yan will continue on. Stick by him as he moves
on. He will be heading towards Deng Xian. While this goes on, Huang Zhong will
be attacking the northern equivalent to the garrison you just took. No ambush
awaits you in the next garrison, so take out Deng Xian to clear the way. After
this Wei Yan will once again move on. Huang Zhong should have taken the
northern area by now and be moving on, although his progress doesnt really
matter much right now. 

Soon you will reach Wu Lan, who needs to be defeated in order to continue on.
Do so, then follow Wei Yan. However, just before you reach it, the bridge 
connecting this base to the other side gets destroyed, leaving you with
apparantly no way to go. It's up to you to find an alternate route, after all
Pang Tong is a strategist. 

You might have noticed on your way here, mainly as Wei Yan jerks at it on the
way over here, a ladder. Go back to where this ladder was, press X to get on it
and climb up. Walk over to the other side and climb/jump down. Of course, it 
was a trap. They left you with one route to go and set a trap on it. You get
ambushed by Yan Yan and Wu Yi. Knock them out to open the gate. You'll notice
Wei Yan followed you, you are still supposed to be moving WITH him remember. 

As you head towards Lu Yi, Huang Zhong will continue to make progress in the
north. As you pass a ladder and go around a corner... 

Oh. My. God. You will notice half you health disappearing, archers appear led
by Zhang Ren and anyone who has played any previous DW games knows what has
happened. This is the ambush on Pang Tong which happens in every game, except
you are playing AS Pang Tong during it now. 

You can heal your health using your second musou if you have it. It shouldnt
matter much now though, just go and take out this meanies who ambushed you and
Lu Yi who is still hanging around here. While everyone is worried about your
injury, Pang Tong shrugs it and there concerns off, and remains his usual
self as you continue on. Head towards Pang Yi and take him and Wu Ban out,
before heading onward towards Lei Tong, who is guarding the southern entrance
to Luo Castle. 

Defeating the previous two guys let your reinforcements in. Proceed with them
to Lei Tong. You will be told to deal with Zhang Yi and Deng Zhi too, who
will move towards you, so do so. As your reinforcements met up with you, they
will discuss how despite the fact this battle goes against Liu Bei's orders
and beliefs, it IS necessary.

Pang Yang will probably be round you, so knock him out, as will Zhuo Ying. Then
Yang Hong. I didnt notice these guys, they just appeared by me and starting
slashing me. As they fall the gates finally open. Head on in and take 
everyone out, Liu Xun being the main guy, to end this level.

The scene which follows is a sad one. Liu Bei arrives and is furious for having
his orders defied... but then he hears the people who are cheering for him. 

As Huang ZHong arrives he pats Pang Tong on the back for a job well done, but
recoils as he looks at something on his hand (which we can presume is blood
from his injury.) Pang Tong falls to the floor, saying he will be leaving
them sooner than planned, leaving everything in Zhuge Liangs hands, as he dies.

That sucks. Well it seems his death has light a fire in Liu Bei to fight
against Liu Zhang for the people. Zhuge Liang came to assist after hearing of
Pang Tong's death. Well, well, well, we finally get to play as Zhuge Liang
++------ Battle of Chengdu ------++      (SHU10)
Player Character: Zhuge Liang
Trophies/Achievements: None
Character Unlocked: Zhuge Liang (if you haven't already)

A scene showing Zhuge Liang arrive starts. He is thinking about the situation
when a messenger arrives telling him Zhang Fei has gone to help Liu Bei. 
Zhuge Liang in turn orders all forces to advance and the battle begins as the
camera pans behind him, no respite stage here. 

|Battle Starts    |

First things first, sort out your weapons and skills, you can't buy anything 
new but that doesn't matter. 

Your target is marked on your map, but as you can tell, there will be some
other things to deal with before we reach there. This map can get confusing,
even for me, but don't worry. First, head towards Liu Jun. Beat him up, then
head up the clifface ahead of you, use your map to pinpoint Xu Jing's location
and head there next. 

On the way there you will see allies in your only occupied piece of land
under enemy attack. This is actually Liu Bei, so you better go and help him
I guess. Defeat Lu Yi who is the one attacking him and Zhang Yi who will more
than likely meet you by the front door to the castle. After saving him, Liu Bei
will start moving towards Chengdu Castle himself. 

Contiue on toward Xu Jing. After you knock him down, you should be able to 
reach your targets of Fei Guan, Li Yan and Fei Shi. Defeating Li Yan opens the
gate to the other two. After you beat these guys, Ma Chao and Ma Dai will 
arrive from the north to assist the enemy. Damn. 

Zhuge Liang and Fa Zheng discuss how unworthy Ma Chao's current ruler is, and
that it sure would be interesting if they could aquire his service. OK then, 
let's do it. The gate finally opens after this chat, and you can and should
head towards Huang Quan to beat him up with your war fan. You will have some
reinforcements yourself at this time. 

OK, now you have to protect Li Hui while he goes to meet with Ma Chao. Zhao
Yun will be protecting him, so I believe you should follow Liu Bei into the
garrison close to you to help him clear out the enemies, otherwise he might
start struggling while your on your travels. After you have helped him deal
with some enemies, start moving towards Dong He, use your big map to bring 
it up. 

After that, Li Hui will be making some headway, but as you can see, he is 
heading towards a large group of foes. You should head towards Ma Han, take
him out, then hurry over to Li Hui. Lots of things will happen at once. 
Enemy reinforcements will arrive, some heading towards Liu Bei, others to
the bridge Li Hui needs to cross. Carry on towards Li Hui. You will notice
his path is blocked by those horrible arbalasts. 

Beat Liu Xan, then charge at the arbalasts, take out Deng Zhi to make it vanish
into thin air. Li Hui will move on, follow him. Take out Liu Ba who should get
it in your way, at least his troops will. Now, leave Li Hui and find the
reinforcements that arrived and headed towards Liu Bei. Get rid of them to 
ease Liu Bei's load. 

Continue on to Ma Chao, Li Hui is following you. Take out Wang Fu. When you 
reach Ma Chao, dont attack him. Walk around, dodge, guard, whatever, just
dont. Dont attack Ma Dai either. After there conversation, the Ma's will
join your side. Yippe. 

The battle is all but won now. Defeat the only guy outside the castle left, 
well it should be, Qiao Zhou. Now simply walk into the castle, take out
Liu Zhang to end this level. 

Straight away is a scene. Zhuge Liang tells Liu Zhang he wasnt great enough to
lead. Zhang asks whether Liu Bei is. Zhuge Liang replies simply by pointing
towards Liu Bei, who is just arriving amidts cheering people. Liang labels
him a benevolent ruler. 

Narration. Zhuge Liangs plan is coming along as he planned. Liu Bei now has
much land, and the land has been split into three. The Three Kingdoms have 
begun. Jing, an area in the center of the Three Kingdoms was now very 
important strategically, and the alliance between Shu and Wu was decaying
as both bitterly wanted Jing. However, an attack by Wei on Han Zhong changed

Shu and Wu arranged a truce, with Shu returning the eastern part of Jing to
them. In return, they asked Wu attack the Wei city of Hefei while Shu fought
them at Han Zhong. 
++------ Battle of Mt. Dingjun ------++      (SHU11)
Player character: Huang Zhong
Trophies/Achivements: none
Character Unlocked: Huang Zhong (if you haven't already)

This level opens with a scene. Huang Zhong is overlooking the enemy ranks. 
Just then, an arrow comes flying at him, nearly hitting him. Archers move to
counter attack, but Huang Zhong they are too far and there is no point... 
unless you are as good as him. He fires an arrow which slashes across Xiahou
Yuan's face, who seems suprised. Huang Zhong super jumps off the archer tower
and you gain control. 

|Respite - Camp     |

As usual, spend those skill points. You might be able to finish Huang Zhong's
skill tree right now. Buy some more weapons and sort out your seals. Then
talk to whoever you wish then speak to the Guard to continue on with the

Soon as the fight starts head straight ahead and jump off the cliff. Head
towards Li Dian, take him out then head into the garrison to fight Xiahou Dun
and his allies in the base to capture it. 

While this happened, Xiahou Yuan probably started heading out to the battle
himself. He will be the targeted marker not inside a base. Head over to him. 
He will be wreacking hell in the center of the battlefield. Beat him and
Wang Shuang should probably be around him too. Beat them both then head
towards the other garrison which is guarded by Zhang He and some other less
worthy opponents. Take it and there should be a small gathering of 
enemies making there way up the mountain you started on. We better deal with
them, eh?

You will have to walk around to get to them, open the big map with SELECT to
make more out of the map. I personally usually have Wang Ping, Cao Hong, Cao
Zhen and Cheng Yu there. Take everyone out. 

While this happened, you almost definatly recieved orders to take out the 
enemies supplies. You will need to move alongside Yan Yan to achieve this. 
Head over to him and help him take out Xiahou Shang and Xiahou De. Then head
to your target, the enemy supply base, and take out Han Hao. Oh if only it 
was that simple. 

Xiahou Yuan will return before you reach the supply base, and will ambush you
in defence of there supplies. Take him out again to clear a path to the enemy
supply base. Defeating Han Hao results in success of the fire attack, and the
enemies supplies go up in flames. Look on your map and make your way down to
Cao Xiu's position now. He will begin moving towards you, as should Dian Man.
Take them both out and continue on. 

Have a lookm at your map. Unlike in DW6, there is only one direction you can
approache Mt. Dingjun from. Walk ALL the way around to it and start on heading
up. XU Zhu should be the first enemy you come across, get him out the way.
Soon you will reach a garrison. As you enter, it will be set alight, and
you will be ambushed by Sima Yi and Yue Jin. Take them out to clear a path
out of here. 

Reach the peak of Mt. Dingjun to come face to face with Cao Cao, who doesnt 
seem happy to have visitors. He is accompanied by Hu Xiu. Take them out to end
this level.

A scene. Cao Cao claims he was acting as a decoy and that this will be the last
time he does so. Zhuge Liang arrives and Huang Zhong passes Cao Cao's words on
to him. He is greatly troubled by this news and worries for Guan Yu's safety.

Narration. Cao Cao seemed far too calm during the battle, and ZHuge Liang is
deeply worried by this. Guan Yu marches north from Jing to Fan Castle. If he
could take this land, the Wei Capital will be sitting in front of them. But
++------ Battle of Fan Castle ------++      (SHU12)
Player Character: Guan Yu
                  Guan Suo
Trophies/Achivements: none
Character Unlocked: Guan Suo (if you havent already)

|Respite - Camp  |

You immediatly have control. Spend any skill points you have, you should have
finished Guan Yu's skill tree by now. Speak to the people around here, get some
more background story. Talk to your sons when ready to move on. 

|Part One      |

Your plan is clear. First, head straight towards Zhai Yuan and Xiahou Cun and
take them out. This opens up gates which lead you straight to Lu Chang, the
targeted officer. Before you manage this, Xiahou Shang, Wen Pin and Cheng He
will arrive as reinforcment and will head towards your western garrison, which
is rather important to your strategy. 

Head over there to defend it. You will need to defeat Cheng He, Xiahou Shang
and Wen Pin, although as you will no doubt be aware your reason for coming
here is to open the floodgates and flood Fan Castle. Go over to the big 
glowing circle which would have appeared after besting the enemy officers. 
Walk inside it and press /\ as instructed to open the gates and flood the 
castle. Don't leave this area though, as you will be taking a boat to Fan
Castle to attack the enemies main camp. Go to the targeted area and the camera
will zoom on the ship and the plank will appear so you can get on. 

Board the ship and it will begin to move. You will speak with Guan Suo and
Guan Ping on the way there, but no enemies will attack you on the journey
there. When you arrive go onto the castle walls. Cao Tai and Niu Jin will
become targeted officers. Locate them on the map and walk along the wall for
a bit and look to the left. You can see Niu Jin on the ground, so jump off
the castle wall and head over to him. This will reveal Cai Tai right next to
him, and it will launch a suprise attack on them both, making them sitting
ducks. Destroy them both to end this part. 

As the battle ends, some more onscreen messages will reveal something terrible
is afoot... you're in trouble...

|Part Two           |

A scene begins this part, but there is no respite. You will be controlling Guan
Suo. Guan Ping volunteers to stay behind to hold of the enemy as his brother
and father escape. The camera pans behind Guan Suo as this part begins. 

Now, sort out your weapons and use those skill points, you should definatly
be able to complete his skill tree. Your objective is simply yo follow your
father and protect him as you both escape. He will be a bit ahead of you as
he left before you, so rush over to him. 

He will head down some stairs so follow him. As you leave the castle and turn
a corner, archers will fire at Guan Yu, which takes off some of his health,
making protecting him even more important. Take out the archers and he will
continue only, claiming it is just a flesh wound. Didn't Pang Tong react
the same way to his injury? Anyway, as you leave, Dong Zhao will arrive as
enemy reinforcement. Ignore him and follow GUan Yu. 

You will enter a garrison with Yu Fan attacking an ally. By all means take him
out, but Guan Yu will not hang around himself, so don't linger to long. However
he will stop to fight Lu Meng, who would be approaching you since the start of
the level. Take him out to let your father escape again, and Lu Meng will
actually die in battle. 

Follow Guan Yu again. You will get ambushed by Zhou Tai and Hang Dang. Beat
them away to continue on. Gunners will appear to fire at you, but don't bother
with them, just keep following Guan Yu as you head towards Jiang Qin. Beat him
up, and you might notice Xu Huang is following you on your map. Take a moment
to deal with him as getting rid of him would be beneficial. 

YOu father would have reached Mi Fang and Fu Shiren, who were actually on your
side when thsi fight started. Traitors. Punish them for there betrayal and
contniue on. Be creful, as there are catapults near by who will aim at you as
you fight them. The Fan Castle gates will open, and Cao Ren will start
advancing, but your objective is not to beat him, but to escape, so ignore
him, but keep an eye on him. If he starts getting close you should try taking
him out, but you shouldn't actually see him at all. 

A messenger will inform you of Guan Ping's death. Damn. Well there is nothing
we can do now. Wu ambush troops, led by Xu Sheng will now attack you, so 
get rid of them. Pan Ju will now start heading towards you, while Guan Yu will
carry on. Go and defeat him, then rush back to Guan Yu's side. Ding Feng will
then ambush you when you approach the escape point. Defeat him then head in
the garrison. Lu Xun will be awaiting you in there, so defeat him too. Then,
Ma Zhong and Pan ZHong will appear to block your path, so defeat them too.

Then leave the garrison and the level will end.

A scene. The Guan's are corned at a river. Guan Yu insists his son should live
and leave the pursers to him. He asks him to pass a message onto his brothers
apologising for breaking the oath, then he knocks his son into the river as he
faces his end square in the face....

Sadness, i hate it when people die! Narration. Due to Wu's treachery, Guan Yu
was dead. Any bonds between Wu and Shu were now gone. Cao Cao died, and
Cao Pi succedded him. Pi labelled himself King od Wei, so Zhuge Liang advises
Liu Bei to become King of Hanzhong, as due to his family lines to the Han
throne, he could declare Cao Pi a traitor for having deposed of the Han

But Liu Bei was still huanted by Guan Yu's death, and was still undecided over
it. In a new scene, Liu Bei decides he must defeat Wu to avenge Guan Yu, but
Zhao Yun and Zhuge Liang tell him Cao Pi is the true threat. Liu Bei apologies
for being rash and it looks like his anger has been somewhat contained, but
then a messenger arrives telling us Zhang Fei has been killed by his own
men and his head... was taken to Wu...

Losing all control now, Liu Bei cuts his chair in pure anger, and falls to
the floor in despair...

Narration. Liu Bei has decided to start a war on revenge, rather than on
benevolence. With two brothers gone, there oath to die at the same time seems
likely. Liu Bei's pure hatred stormed towards Yiling, where the battle with
Wu will take place...
++------ Battle of Yiling ------++      (SHU13)
Player Character: Zhao Yun
                  Zhuge Liang

This will be your last time as Zhao Yun, in case your wondering. 

A scene begins this battle. ZHao Yun is overlooking the massive numbers of the
Shu army, which illustrated Liu Bei's anger and sorrow. He decides  he must
go to Liu Bei's side to protect him. No respite here. 

|Part One           |

Dont forget your skill points! First things first, you need to jump of the
cliff in front of you. You need to find Liu Bei, whose current location is
unknown. A fire attack immediatly also takes effect. 

There is much I could say here, detailing every enemy officer marked and what
allies to save, but there is little point to that really. Simply head to all
marked locations taking out enemy officers and saving allies as you do. Simply
put, Liu Bei is no where to be seen, and everyone else is in severe danger
of being killed due to the fire attack. 

Head to all the markes, taking out enemy officers and looking for Liu Bei.
After saving severel officers one of them will reveal Liu Bei is to the
south, and eventually you will be told to cross a bridge to go save him. Do
so, and you see him issue orders to a troop, and the nearby garrisons doors
will open. Defeat Yu Fan, enter the garrison and Gan Ning will show up.
Defeat him too and this part will end. 

A scene depicts Liu Bei fighting off Wu troops and Zhao Yun saves him. Liu Bei
refuses to withdraw however, so Zhao Yun performs a similiar trick Guan Yu
did, he knocks Liu Bei out so your troops can make him move to safety. 

Zhuge Liang then appears, seemingly he is reinforcements for you, and the next
part begins, no repite at all this level. 

|Part Two             |

Sort out skill points and weapons first. You have to help everyone withdraw
while Zhao Yun holds of enemies to the south. 

Similiarly to the previous part, there is no point in me naming everone, as
there are so many officers on the map. All I can suggest is to follow the path
laid out to you by the positing of the officers. After you beat the officers
attacking your allies they will begin to withdraw. Your mission isnt over, you
need to protect them until they actually leave, but I recommend beating enemies
and then immediatly moving on to the next one. There are also several weapons
laid around for you, in fact as the level progresses they will be pointed out
to you, but I personally don't like using them, i feel im much better just
fighting enemies myself to be honest.

I don't like this level, it's hard to write for in my opinion. For now,
just focus on defeating marked enemies and saving allies. 

Eenemy reinforcements led by DIng Feng will arrive, leading Zhuge Liang
to urge Yue Ying to speed up production of her "new weapon". Not long after
this weapon is revelaed to be the Juggernaught. You can use it to move around
as well, but I find it very slow and its attacks are not that good. Maybe Im
just not getting these weapons, i just dont see the point to them. 

When Guan Suo is saved, he will not withdraw. Instead he will attacking the
enemy main camp. He will need to be saved, but for now don't worry. After the
fire has been put out, you can access some new areas. Move to the pointed out
"Shu Second Company", as they will be beginning to withdrw themselves too.
Defeat the enemies attacking them to help there withdrawal. When you have taken
out all the enemies, check your map. You will see Zhao Yun in the enemy main
camp with Guan Suo. Get over there, taking out enemy officers on your way, 
to aid them. 

There are five enemy officers in there, Ling Tong and Ding Feng being the most
dangerous. Take everyone out. They will now begin withdrawing. 

Eventually your allies will start getting out of here. Note that Zhao Yun
will go no where so long as there are some allies still not fully withdrawn,
and you win when he reaches the escape point. when Guan Suo finally gets out
of here, Zhao Yun will begin withdrawing. When he has succesffuly escaped,
the level ends. Be mindful of Lu Xun who arrives to impede Zhao Yun, he wont
follow him, but defeating him will end this level. 

Narration. Liu Bei's army gets defeated, badly, but due to Zhao Yun and
Zhuge Liang kept him alive. Liu Bei cannot handle this, and he falls ill. 

A scene with ZHuge Liang talking to Liu Bei who is in his death bed. He is
regretful for his revenge war againsr Wu as it cost lives, and Zhuge Liang
tells him it is due to his benevolence. Liu Bei leaves Shu in Zhuge Liangs
care, saying it was actually him who showed true benevolence... before dieing.

Meh I hate death. Narration. With Liu Bei gone, Liu Shan (the now adult Adou
from all those battles ago) is now the ruler of Shu. After dealing with the
Nanman to the south, Zhuge Liang, Prime Minister of Shu now, begins a northern
campaign against Wei. 
++------ Battle of Tian Shui ------++      (SHU14)
Player Character: Zhuge Liang

A scene starts. Zhuge Liang is talking with Liu Shan. Liang is speaking as if
this is the end, but Liu Shan says its really only just beginning. Liang 
leaves the tent and speaks to Liu Bei in the heavens... the son has inherited 
his fathers benevolence.  

|Respite - Camp|

As ever, use skill points, sort out weapons and check on your seals. This is
the penultamite level, one before the last. Its also been two DW games since
this level was featured.  When ready, talk to the red marked individual
to start this level.

|Battle Start    |

As the fight starts, Zhuge Liang himself says what needs to be done. Head
towards Han Ying and fight him and the other guys near him, then move towards
the other targeted officers. Defeat them too. 

As this goes on, Xiahou Mao will begin fleeing but Zhuge Liang orders him
to not be pursed. Instaed, as the other garrison gates open, find your current
marked location and head towards the garrison closest to it. Fight Cheng Wu
and Xue Ze and beat them. Then head towards the marked location. 

If you have been listening to the on screen conversations, you would know
that Ma Su told Cui Lang you were heading south, so when he sees you enter his
base he will be a little more than shocked. Defeat him to capture him and
the castle. Enemy reinforcements will now arrive and begin heading towards
Liu Shan. Not good. 

Make your way back to him. On your way there should still be enemies from the
start of the fight in an garrison just south of where Liu Shan is, now is a
good time to deal with them. The enemy reinforcements will definatly be at
Liu Shans location by then, so beat them all to help him. 

You will recieve new orders. Go to the targeted location. You will use your
captured officer as bait to lure them in opening the gate. Clever, eh? At 
least it would be if the enemy hadn't already planned of it! Seems someone
on the enemies side could predict even Zhuge Liangs moves, you become the
victim of an ambush and your capture officer turns against you, taunting you
that he would never surrender to you, not truly. That little...

Kill him and the ambushers. Now other previously empty garrisons reveal that
they were in fact occupied... by the enemy. Go to the newely appeared enemies
and eliminate them. Zhuge Liang wants to know who could do this well when
faced with him, and Ma Su talks of a supposed genius called Jiang Wei who
lives in Tianshui. Hey thats where we are!

Head towards the marked area, but then as you approach it there will be a
big ambush from many enemy officers. Not a complete polished plan but it has
good potential. As Zhuge Liang says himself. Take out the new enemies then head
inside the only garrison left. After you do so Jiang Wei himself appears, so 
when the doors open get inside. The enemy commander flees leaving Jiang Wei 
in charge. 

When you approach him you get a small scene, similiar to when fighting Zhang
Jiao. Afterwards, the enemyt commander attempts to trap you (from outside the
battlefield) by setting the camp on fire, but Jiang Wei cares more about 
keeping his men safe so he orders the gates to be opened, which impresses
Zhuge Liang. Now knock him out to end the level.      

A scene. Zhuge Liang says if Jiang Wei had not shown mercy to his troops and
opened the gates he would have won. Jiang Wei says someone who would do that
has no heart. Zhuge Liang says that he, too, has benevolence within him, 
and directs Jiang Wei's attnetion to Liu Shan, who has arrived ordering 
his army to not pillage the people, and to treat the injured, even the enemy
troops. Zhuge Liang asks Jiang Wei to be his apprentice. 

Narration. Sima Yi takes control of Wei's army in order to help prevent
Shu gaining an advantage, defeating Ma Su who defended the previously 
captured Jie Ting. This northern campaign goes on for years, Wei and Shu
takign bits of land of the other, but then losing it. Zhuge Liang also
falls ill. In the face of this, Zhuge Liang and Jiang Wei head for one
final battle with Sima Yi, at the Wu Zhang Plains.
++------ Battle of Wu Zhang Plains ------++      (SHU15)
Player Character: Jiang Wei
Trophies/Achievements: Emperor of Shu (completed Shu story trophy)
Character Unlocked: Jiang Wei

A scene to start with. Zhuge Liang is ill. While he has the time, he needs to
lay the groundwork for the upcoming battle. He gives a reluctant Jiang Wei
command of the army, saying he has full confidence in him. 

|Respite - Camp  |

First time as this guy, in about two Dynasty Warriors no less, so sort out
your weapons, seals and use those skill points. Spoeak to everyone, then let's
get on with this final, two part, level!

|Part One        |

Two points will be labelled for you. Just head straight ahead, towards Man
Chong. We won't be going to the other side, our allies will deal with it. 

As I say, head towards Man Chong. Fight Liu Shao on the way to him, then when
you reach him defeat him. The enemy supply base will open as Xiahou Ba charges
out of it. Head back to your main camp first and foremost. Jiang Wei will 
mention he suspects enemy ambush troops might be placed on the cliff by your
main camp. Let's get the jump on them shall we? 

When you reach your main camp, head north out of it. Fight back Xiahou Ba 
and then Xiahou Hui. Now procceed along the path they took. Open up the big 
map and you should see a path leading to your marker on the cliff. When you
approach that area you should see a ladder leading up there. Climb it and
then head towards the marker to find the ambush troops. They will run from you
some even jumping off the cliff, but don't worry, just take them out. When
you take out Guo Hai, he mentions his body won't hold out much longer, but 
that he suspects the same can be said for Zhuge Liangs...

Start heading back across the path you took to the ladder. Enemy reinfocements
will appear on the way, dispatch of them as you travel. Head towards SIma Shi,
he will appear not long after the reinforcements. Take him out to end this
part of the final level.

A scene start this part. Jiang Wei taunts Sima Yi with the knowledge he has
beaten his son and taken his supplies. He does some spear work Zhao Yun would
have been proud off then the camera returns to behind him and the final part

|Part Two       |

Get of the cliff in front of you. Zhuge Liang knows he can rely on you, so he
stations himself in your main camp. Head to your target markers of Zhang Hu, 
Yue Chen and Zhang Wen. Take them down as Wei Yan and Ma Dai start making there
own way up the west and east side of the battlefield. 

While you are dealing with the enemies, they will begin firing Fire Arrows at
you. Mean. Your army will stuggle agasint this, and Jiang Wei will ask Yue Ying
to release the juggernaughts for our use. If you want to use them, do so, but
I don't like doing it. Doesn't mean it isn't a good idea of course. 

The enemy is using there fire arrows via ballistas on the other side of the 
river bank. You are prompted to use the juggernaughts to take them down, which
is not a bad idea, as they make the approach towards these killing machines
a lot easier. Note you need to take out Xiahou He and Sun Li to stop
the fire arrows completely and complete this objective. 

As you do this, Sima Yi will note he knew it would be easy to isolate you
from your army, but not this easy. Sima Zhao ambushes Wei Yan, so head over 
there to help him, on the way you will come across not only Jiang Ji... but 
mines in the ground. These cannot be seen, you need to strafe, (L1 + movement)
to avoid getting hit by them. if you do get hit into the air, you will then
be smacked with arrows from a ballista, so be careful here. Get through the
mine field, take out Ji, and head towards Sima Zhao.

Due to the nature of the map, you will come across Xiahou Ba before Sima Zhao,
but this is no problem. Take him down. Ma Dai will also be ambushed, but you
can only do one thing at a time, focus on helping Wei Yan, who has been 
fighting against Zhao longer than. Whats more, Deng Ai will go into hiding.
I can tell you know you will be rushing to the bottom of this map in the
near future. 

When you finally get to Xiahou Ba, take him out to finish one of your 
objectives. You will now formally be given the order to rescue Wei Yan and'
Ma Dai, so continue as we were to save Wei Yan from Sima Zhao. Defeat him to
save Wei Yan. 

Now from here, go back the way you came but then move back into the centre, it
is just easier this way to get to Ma Dai. Head towards Ma Dai. On the way
Deng Ai will appear by your main camp. You have a choice now. Either head
down to him or continue on to Ma Dai. Base this decision on your current
position. If you are far from Ma Dai, you may as well go to Deng Ai, as he
will slowly get further away from you whereas Ma Dai and his enemies wont
move at all. I suggest going to take out Deng Ai. However, if you get a
message saying Ma Dai is on the verge of defeat, head to him. 

If your going to Ma Dai, then head over there. AS you near him, Sima Shi will
ambush you, so take him down then continue on. Save Ma Dai, then immediatly
begin heading south. Deng Ai will take down your allies as he heads to
Zhuge Liang, but keep on going down this south path until you reach your main
camp. As you do this, your army will surround the enemies main camp, but then
they will be ambushed. Ignore them, you need to help Zhuge Liang above those
guys, but the group is rather large I will admit. 

When you reach a garrison, you will be forced to turn right, but this should
only serve to make you reach Deng Ai faster. Reach him, and eliminate him. 

Phew. We are nearing the end of this tale. Head back to the north. You could
simply go to Sima Yi and beat him, a battle which is preceeded by a small
scene, or take out some other guys first. Its up to you. Personally I like
emptying the field, to properly end this final stage. 

When you beat Sima Yi... you win. 

Sima Yi falls down when bested. Jiang Wei moves in for the kill, but Sima Yi's
sons Sima Shi and Sima Zhao save him. Jiang Wei declares if anyone wants to
get to Shu, they need to get through him first.

I won't ruin the rest of the ending for you, but I will tell you it's sad. 
Expect a lot more sadness as this game goes on, as Shu actually has like, the
least amount of people dying in it.
++------ Wei Story Mode ------++      (DW7GWEI)

Contents - 

1 ...... Yellow Turbans Rebellion  (WEI1)
2 ...... Dong Zhuo's Trap          (WEI2)
3 ...... Anti-Dong Zhuo Coalition  (WEI3)
4 ...... Battle of Yan Province    (WEI4)
5 ...... Battle of Xu Province     (WEI5)
6 ...... Battle of Wan Castle      (WEI6)
7 ...... Battle of Xia Pi          (WEI7)
8 ...... Battle of Guan Du         (WEI8)
9 ...... Battle of Chang Ban       (WEI9)
10...... Battle of Chi Bi          (WEI10)
11...... Battle of Tong Gate       (WEI11)
12...... Battle of Yang Ping Gate  (WEI12)
13...... Battle of He Fei          (WEI13)
14...... Battle of Mt. Dingjun     (WEI14)
15...... Battle of Fan Castle      (WEI15)

As with the Shu story, the Wei story begins with a fantastic cutscene of Cao 
Cao, Xiahou Dun and XIahou Yuan overlooking the Yellow Turbans fighting the
Imperial Army. Yuan notes that the Imperial Army is struggling, and Cao Cao
says it was foolish to set up camp on this narrow path when you have such big
numbers. Dun wonders if they have finally finished talking, and he and Yuan 
jump of the cliff to face the Yellow Turbans, with some excellent camera work
on the way!
++------ Yellow Turbans Rebellions ------++      (WEI1)
Player Character: Xiahou Dun
Trophies/Achivements: Yellow Turbans Eliminated (if this is your first time)

|Part One       |

You will start on horseback. If you played through Shu's Story Mode first, you
will no doubt have other weapons for Xiahou Dun to use, but still, keep him
with a Sword, his EX Weapon. If you used Xiahou Dun in Conquest Mode, as he is
initially avaliable for use at the start of the game, you might have some
skill points to use too, but I will approach each story mainly as if it was
your first story. 

In that vain, I will go over controls again. You can attack using the [] button
on and off the horse to use a normal attack. You can use a strong attack with
the the /\ button off the horse, and on the horse when you are not moving. If
you are moving while on the horse, pressing /\ will make you jump. You can
also sweep through the enemy using your Musou attack with the () button. 

Your objective is clear. The highlighted enemies on your map are your targets.
In this case they are Zhang Mancheng and Bo Cai. You need to defeat them to
save your, as Xiahou Yuan puts it, "superiors". Defeat them to complete this 
part of the first level. 

A scene takes over, this is a narration one. The Han Empire is losing support
due to its corruption, and Cao Cao intends on making use of this.

|Respite - Camp  |

You are taken to a camp. In this exploration area, you can buy some new weapons
from the Weapons Dealer, use skill points from your menu as usual, and talk to
various troops and officers. Cao Ren is on such particular officer. As the
private right in front of you will tell you, talk to the person with the red
marker above there head to begin the battle, in this case, that person is Cao 

I recommend you always just talk to everyone, check out what the weapon dealer
has, sort out your skills and weapons, then talk to the red marker guy to
continue on. Therefore when you are ready, talk to Cao Cao to move on. 

|Part Two        |

As soon as the gates open, epic music starts and three enemis are marked on
your map, ZHang Yan, Yan Zheng and Guan Hai. Your first mission is to defeat
them, so get to it! This should be a simple matter, enemies are not particulary
difficult to defeat at this stage. Head to there location and take them out
one by one. 

When that is complete, start heading northwards. As you do, enemy officers will
launch an attack to the village in the northeast, led by Deng Mao and Cheng
Yuanzhi. You are prompted to go and deal with them, so head over there. When
you get there, defeat the Yellow Turbans attacking the scared villagers. 

While that is going on, Zhang Liang will be stopping your allies advance with
boulders. He is now marked on your map, so head over to him. On the way
you should come across Huang Shao and Cao Cao should be fighting against
He Yi. Defeat them on your way to Zhang Liang to help your allies. 

You will see the boulders for yourself when you leave the village area. Dodge
them while fighting against He Yi and Huang Shao then head towards Zhang Liang
while dodging them some more. Take out Zhang Liang, which should be no problem
at all, to stop the boulders and allow your allies to continue advancing. 

Start heading north, and eventually strong winds will appear to impede your 
progress. Damn. However, the boulders left over from Zhang Liang's magic will
create a path to a mountain you climb to the south. It will become a marked
location as Xiahou Yuan tells you about it, so head over there now. The cliff
will be pointed out to you when you near it. Use the X button to jump up it, 
then when you reach the top, stop and wait for a few seconds. 

Open your map. Liu Pi is just ahead of you. You will see Zhang Bao marked on
your map. You should see two routes to him. One goes around a small cliff
structure ahead of you, the other is a shorter route that leads to him.
The game will instruct you to launch an ambush on ZHang Bao and mark the longer
route on your map. First, take out Liu Pi, then take this longer route around
to the back of Zhang Bao to ambush his troops and himself, making them cower 
and become sitting ducks. Take them all out to get rid of the winds, allowing
your allies to continue there advance.

After this, there should only be four enemy officers left, not including 
Zhang Jiao, Han Zhong, Gao Sheng, Sun Zhong and Zhao Hong. Defeat them then
head towards the enemy main camp. 

There will be a short scene upon approaching Zhang Jiao. He will summon fire
pillars to help in his fight. You should notice four cauldrons in the four 
cornes of the enemy camp. Run and smash them to bits using the [] button to
put a stop to his fire attack. Then simply beat Zhang Jiao to end this stage.

A scene. ZHang Jiao starts preaching that Xiahou Dun's loyalty will not be
rewarded, and that he will merely be betrayed. However he cannot finish his
sentence as Xiahou Dun gets fed up with him and cuts him down. Thats how much
XIahou Dun rocks. 

Cao Cao arrives and will tell Dun he will continue to reply on him. Now some
narration. The Han Empire did what ZHang Jiao said it would, and started
losing more and more support. Cao Cao gained a promotion for his deeds. Due to
the Han's lose of power, other warlords started gaining some. Yuan Shao and
Dong Zhuo in particular. Cao Cao senses that Dong ZHou in particular houses
great ambition...
++------ Dong Zhuo's Trap ------++      (WEI2)
Player Character: Cao Cao
Trophies/Achivements: OK, you can pursue Lu Bu (if you defeat Lu Bu.)

A scene starts. Yuan Shao is talking to Cao Cao about Dong Zhou and tells him
that Cao Cao owes him and WILL help him get rid of Dong Zhou. As he leaves, 
Xiahou Dun arrives with news that DOng ZHuo wishes to meet with him... this 
sounds like a trap to me. 


+----- Legal -----+     (DW7GLEGAL)

This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
private use. It may not be placed on ANY web site apart from GameFaqs
and Super Cheats.com at this time, nor may it be districuted publicly in any 
shape or form at this time.

Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display
is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. 

+------ Notice ------+
This guide is incomplete currently. After i complete each story mode, I intend
on publising the guide. After each story is complete, I will complete the
COnquest Mode section before publishing again.

I have a lot in mind for this guide. If you want to contact me concerning it,
you can do so at [email protected] 

Copyright 2011 Nathan McNaught

End of file.  

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