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-----------------The Demon's Forge-----------------

Use control+F to navigate.

1. Introduction..........................(1TI)
2. Controls..............................(2CT)
3. Gameplay..............................(3GP)
4. Campaign Guide........................(4GD)
   Chapter 1: Town of Dyfed..............(ZTD)
   Chapter 2: Dungeon of Dyfed...........(ZDD)
   Chapter 3: Wilds of Govad.............(ZWD)
   Chapter 4: City of Llyr...............(ZCL)
   Chapter 5: Walls of Kala Moor.........(ZWK)
   Chapter 6: Kala Moor..................(ZKM)
5. Closing/Contact.......................(5CC)

Hello, and welcome to my guide for Hunted: the Demon's Forge. The purpose of
this guide is to provide a  general guidelines guide for how to play the game
along with some tips to get through the game's main campaign. The guide is
organized in to five sections: you're in the introduction, the controls section
lists the gamefs controls, and The Gameplay section provides tips for general
combat and how stuff works, and the Campaign guide details the main path
through the game The introduction and the closing section have contact
information as well as some other information about the guide. This guide does
not currently contain information on the locations of optional content
(corpses, dragon tears, secrets, etc.), though I do plan to include them in a
future update. If you have any questions, you can contact me at
[email protected]

2. Controls...(2CT)

Standard controls- can be customized and changed.

LS Click.........Way point 
RS Click.........Change weapon 
R.Trigger........Fire Weapon
L.Trigger........Aim (bow), Guard (melee), Switch to Bow (when in melee)
L Bumper.........Health potion
R Bumper.........Cast spell 
Y/Triangle.......Heavy attack (melee)
X/Square.........Light attack (melee), Switch to melee (long range)
A/X..............Take Cover
D-pad............Equip assigned spells
3. Gameplay...(3GP)
The gameplay in Hunted is a sort of like a combination between a hack and slash
game and a cover based shooter. If you've ever played either of those, this
game should be pretty similar. The main difference is that each of the game's
two characters play differently

Caddoc is a melee fighter. He specializes in getting in close and messing
things up. His primary weapons are swords, axes, and maces. Swords are fast,
axes are moderately fast and powerful, and maces are all about strength. For
back up Caddoc has a crossbow. It can only hold 40 rounds, and it's got a slow
rate of fire. It can eventually get a bit of a bite to it, but for the most
part it's useless. His weapon abilities mirror this. Each one is centered
around melee combat: dash is a movement based attack, Winds of Wrath stops
enemies in their tracks and slams them into the ground, and Primal Rage
increases his stats for a short period of time. Caddoc also has a rage meter.
Dealing damage and defending against attacks will increase the meter. Using a
heavy attack when the meter is full will unleash a super powered attack that
deals hundred of damage.

E'lara is the long range fighter. If Caddoc is a battering ram, E'lara is a
sniper. E'lara's best attribute is that she can take out threats before they
get to her. Unlike Caddoc, she can remove potential problems without putting
herself in harm's way. She does this with three different kinds of weapons-
light, medium, and heavy bows. It might seem like a simple distinction, but
there's actually more variety there than with Caddoc's weapons. Light bows are
weak but feature a very high fire rate, medium bows provide a decent mix of
power and speed, while long range bows provide a really high attack and the
ability to zoom at a snail's pace. Each bow encompasses  different play style-
using a light bow feels more like use an assault rifle, while heavy bows are
more like sniping. Her abilities are much more simple than Caddoc's- Arctic
arrow freezes enemies, pyre blast explodes on contact, and arcane burst deals
arcade damage. Just as Caddoc has a crossbow, E'lara has a sword and shield.
Her's are pathetically weak, and you should only attempt to fight enemies up
close when you absolutely have to. 

Working together- 
The most important skill in the game is finding the balance for how to  play as
each character. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, as
detailed above. Making these work for you is a challenge. Generally speaking.
Caddoc should be the first line of defense. Have him lead the charge as E'lara
picks off ranged enemies from a distance, then turns to the larger threats.
Both characters need to keep an eye out for the other: Caddoc needs to make
sure that E'lara's not going up against melee enemies, and E'lara needs to keep
archers off of Caddoc while he's fighting. Even with the difference in ability,
you should never be that far from each other in a fight. 

Using Magic and Abilities
The above section mentioned abilities, but didn't go into detail. This section
is all about how to use them. Abilities and spells are the backbone of your
attack force. Once you start fighting the harder enemies in the game, simple
arrows and sword strikes just don't cut it anymore. You'll need to make use of
the elemental damage granted by spells and abilities, to which many of the
game's enemies have a weakness to. Spells are universal, and can be used both
characters. Abilities are unique to each character. Both of them make use of
mana, and both can be upgrade through the use of crystals found throughout the

In addition, you can perform a move known as a battle charge using spells.
Instead of tapping the button to cast, hold it down. This will send out a
colored orb to your partner, and will then enchant their weapon with an element
and some side effects. Doing this with both characters at once is known as a
spell link. In addition to the normal benefits granted by the battle charge,
this creates a floating skull that will travel between the players and deal
damage to any enemies in the vicinity. 


Sigil of Pain
Sigil of Pain is an area of effect spell. Casting it drops a purple symbol down
on the ground, and any enemy that enters into it will take gradual damage as
long as they're inside of it. By itself this spell is somewhat limited- until
the higher levels it's rather small, and it's easy for enemies to just walk out
of. However, it can be amazing against the right foes and in the right
situations. If you can cast it in areas where enemies have their movement
restricted, or against enemies so large that they can't easily move out of it,
the damage can be phenomenal.

Brimstone is a small projectile attack that sends out an explosive burst of
flame. It's sort of like Hunted's version of a grenade. At low levels it can
take out one enemy if you hit it correctly, and at higher levels it's a massive
explosion. Like most grenades, this spell shouldn't be counted on for direct
damage. Aiming perfectly can do a lot of damage, but it's better used when
tossed into a crowd of enemies to deal some additional damage to enemies. 

Dragon's Breath
Dragon's breath sends out a lightening strike. At low levels this will hit one
enemy, but at higher levels it can arc between them and deal damage across a
wide area. Dragon's Breath is probably the most useable of the spells in the
game, as there's really no situation where it isn't useful. It doesn't require
specific spacing or situations to use, but it makes up for that by being
slightly weaker than the other two spells. 

Caddoc Abilities-

Dash is easily Caddoc's most useful ability. It's extremely simple: you will
dash towards the nearest enemy and slam them with your shield. The initial
strike does damage, and can knock down enemies and break shields depending on
how you hit them. At higher levels the ability gets cheaper and does more
damage, and you can more quickly dash between multiple enemies. You should get
Dash as soon as you can, and keep it upgraded as much as possible. 

Primal Rage:
Primal Rage, aside from being a really cool dinosaur fighting game from the
90s, is an ability that will buff up Caddoc for a limited time and make his
attacks deal more damage and make hits deal less damage. There's really no
strategy for using this ability- it's obviously good, but there's no real
situation where it's not a good idea. That said, this ability is best used when
facing powerful enemies. Using it against weaker enemies is a waste, but
against powerful foes it will let you go toe to toe with them.

Wind of Wrath
This ability is pretty useless on its own- it lifts enemies up in the air, then
slams them down on the ground after a short period. U;grading it gets you
longer float times and more slam damage. Where this spell really excels is
during co-op- the immobilized enemies make perfect targets for E'lara to hit.
This spell is otherwise useless, so make sure that you can use it in tandem
with your partner before you cast it. 

E'lara Abilities-

Arctic Arrow
This ability makes your next arrow coated in ice, and it will freeze any enemy
that it hits. At higher levels it can freeze multiple enemies, and deals more
damage. This is a lot like Winds of Wrath, in the sens that it needs a partner
to be of use. Hitting an enemy with an arrow and letting Caddoc wail on them is
a great way to deal damage, but doing it with no way to damage the frozen enemy
is meaningless. However, this can also be used in a pinch to slow down or
disable approaching enemies to give you a chance to kill them.

Pyre Blast-
Pyre Blast is a fire based arrow that explodes on contact. U[grading the
ability will increase the range and the damage, eventually ending with a huge
explosion. Surprisingly, this doesn't do as much damage as you would expect.
It's more useful ability is its wide range and the ability to knock down
multiple enemies with one shot. However, you need to make sure to aim properly.
Due to the wide range it's better to aim at the ground near the enemies instead
of directly at them. Aiming at the ground ensures a hit for a slight damage
reduction, whereas a body shot is only a little more damage and has a much
higher chance of completely missing. 

Arcane Burst-
Arcane Burst is E'lara's most useful ability, and her go to answer for dealing
large amounts of damage. In addition to doing basic damage, arcane burst can
shatter armor and at higher levels in can arc between enemies. This spell is
devastating at higher levels, though it requires a precision shot to be
effective. Larger enemies in the game can be taken down in no time at all. 

If you want to do well in the game, you're going to need weapons. Weapons can
be found by destroying weapon racks. Whichever character destroys a rack, a
weapon for them will drop. Weapons generally advance by one factor of
usefulness for each chapter in the game- each chapter has one new weapon for
each character in each of their three categories except for the final one.
There are also the much rarer epic weapon racks, which are purple and slowly
rotate. These are typically hidden in secret areas of the game, out of sight
and behind puzzles. In addition to your basic weapons, you can also upgrade
your armor and your goff handh weapon (crossbow for Caddoc, Sword for E'lara)
through weapon racks. The same thing goes for both character's shields, which
need to be updated constantly due to ongoing 

There are three main levels of weapon rarity- normal, rare, and epic. Each
weapon level increases the base attack by a certain amount. Rarer weapons will
also come equipped with enchantments. Enchantments are special abilities
possessed by a weapon- they freeze enemies, poison them, set them on fire, etc.
Each enchanted weapon has a certain number of charges, and randomly activates
on a hit. After the charge is depleted, enchanted weapons are mostly just worse
versions of normal weapons. It's best to just discard them and grab something 

Upgrading and Exploration 
Upgrading is an important part of getting through. There are two primry ways to
upgrade your abilities: talents and crystals. Crystals can be found in small
little vials, and are used to upgrade your magic and abilities. They can also
be found in shard form: collect enough shards, usually dropped by enemies, and
you can make a full crystal. I honestly wouldn't both looking for them too hard
in game unless you're going for the achievement. With minor exploration, it's
possible to get around 75% of your abilities maxed by the end of the game (and
since you can only equip four out of your six abilities, you can ignore two of

The other upgrade method is through talents. Talents are specific actions, like
killing so many enemies with melee weapons or collecting a certain number of
random items. When you reach milestones, you'll unlock certain bonuses- more
slots for potions, more health, dealing more damage, etc. Mostly standard RPG
stuff. You can find a list of your talents by pressing back/select, which is
also a stat screen for your various equipment, abilities, and collected items. 

4. Campaign Guide...(4GD)
This guide covers the main mode of the game. It does not cover the collection
of epic weapons, crystals, dragon tears, hostages, etc. Those are hopefully
going to come very soon in an update. As of now, the guide is complete through
the main game (excluding the prologue, but that's really easy anyway.) Eachs
ection is plit into categories by Chapter, then by subsection (the subsections
are taken from the map select unlocked after beating the game.)

A. Town of Dyfed...(ZTD)

1-1: Town Entrance 
Head forward into the town. To your right you can find an Obelisk to change
characters if you desire. Up ahead you will encounter Wargars for the first
time. This batch uses long range attacks, so stick behind cover and take them
out. There's a weapon rack behind the first group that will typically yield a
good weapon. After you have that, advance towards the second group and take
them down. Then head left at the wall and open the door. 

Head down the alleyway and dispatch the Wargar with its back to you. Continue
forward and free the trapped man, then hop over the wall and grab the gold near
him. From there head through the small alleyway to come out near a bar, where
several enemies will come out. Kill them, then head inside the bar and jump
down to the bottom floor. Head across the beams and turn left, where you'll
find a larger group of Wargar. Take out the snipers on the upper levels of the
buildings across the courtyard, then have Caddoc head down to the lower level
and take out the enemies while E'lara hangs out up top and picks them off with
her bow.

1-2: Smithy 
Continue down the alley until you come to a door. Head through to find another
bound villager. Free him and move through the building to see a cutscene. After
the scene, head into the building nearby and take out the Wargar inside. Move
to the top floor and take out the Wargar in the courtyard (using the handy
explosives placed there by the villagers, which can be blown up with an arrow.)
Hop down to the courtyard and scour the area for some items, then equip your
close range weapon and head into the building opposite from the one you were
just in. There's a lot of sword wielding Wargar inside for you to handle. After
they're dead, hop across to the next area where you'll promptly fall down to
ground level again

Head around the corner to find the center of town. Inside of here you'll find a
horde of Wargar, all of them melee fighters. The easiest way to dispatch them
is to go long range, and funnel them through the gates towards you as you shoot
them in the head. The last group will open a door to the next area. Follow it
it to come out into another large open space. Kill the enemies, then check
around the doorways for some weapons and potions. Head forward after that to
find a long passage, which will eventually lead to another cutscene. After the
scene you'll fight some aracklings, then a wargar will open a nearby door and
attack. Head into the tunnel after he's dead, where you will find a dead
soldier that asks you to blow up the bridge. 

Head through the tunnel and you'll come out to the bridge. Kill the Wargar in
the immediate area, then have Caddoc push the cart full of hay to the center of
the bridge. Have E'lara light an arrow and shoot the hay, which will form a
path for you to cross. Kill the Wargar on the opposite side, then blow up the
explosive wall on the left side of the area and head up the stairs. At the top
of the stairs, shoot the explosives on the bridge to take out the enemies and
complete the objective. Head around the path to the next area, where you can
find an Obelisk to change characters and a portal to upgrade abilities.

1-3: Dyfed Inn
Head through the door when you're ready. Grab some weapons and ammo in the
courtyard, then head up a level to find the Wargars using a ballista. Seems
useful doesn't it? Well, we may as well take it. Clear a path to the Ballista
and hop on. A huge wave of melee centered Wargar will spawn, but they're no
match for the Ballista. After the fight there will be a scene, and after that
you'll have time to scour the battlefield for potions and items. 

Head down the path to enter another courtyard. By this point, you should really
know what to do with Wargar. Take them out and climb the stairs on the opposite
side, where you'll be targeted by a sniper. Take him out from behind cover,
then advance to the next courtyard where you'll repeat the process once more.
Take the right path out of the courtyard to find an Obelisk and a door to the
next area. This next portion is a little more intense. 

1-4: Town Center
You'll need to take a looping path around the town square so you can use a
ballista to take down the tower that all of the Wargar are attacking from.
Equip your sword and rush down the first portion of the path. This will put in
you in danger from the Wargar in the area, but it will let you avoid the
attacks from the tower. Work on taking out the Wargar one by one, and once
they're dead head towards the ballista. Have one character jump on and fire at
the tower while the other guards them from enemy attacks. The tower will fall
after a few attacks, which leads to a long cutscene and the next area.

1-5: City Exit 
Head forward to find an Obelisk. Change characters if you want, then head down
the hallway. At the end a large talking wall will inform you that you need
Azure flame to pass. Light some arrows with the fire nearby, then head back to
the Obelisk. Light the torch on the wall next to it, which will lead into a
large open room. Head to the back right corner, where you'll find a passage.
Head left at the end of the hall, then all the way down to the end. This wall
is movable: have Caddoc push it aside, then head inside. Follow the path down
to the bottom, being careful not to step on the circular panel in the ground.
When you come to an intersection, turn right to see a large torch. Move down
the tunnel towards it, but be ready for a quick time event. After the event
you'll have a choice: head pack the way you came and avoid all the enemies, or
head back along the right path for some fighting and some treasure. Either way,
the path loops back to the starting point.

The caves are populated mostly with weak skeletons, though there are also a few
Dreads. These are red glowing skeletons with twin axes, and they can be pretty
tough. Your best bet is to freeze them with an arrow, or just to have Caddoc
defend while E'Lara attacks him from behind. Anyway, once Azure flame is in
hand, head back to the statue and shoot it in the eye. Head through the passage
to come out above ground. Make your way towards the barn and you'll encounter
your first armored Wargar. These guys can be really annoying. The easiest bet
is to use arcane magic to blast away their shields, but that's not always an
option. If worse comes to worse, you can just gang up and rush them with melee
attacks with both characters. After the first are dead, head into the barn and
up to the top floor. You'll have to fight more armored Wargar along the way. On
the other side, jump down the lower level and head into grass. More fighting
through the grass as you make your way out to the other side, where you'll find
a door.

1-6:Keep Entrance
Inside the door is an upgrade portal, an obelisk, and a door that leads to your
first boss battle, a Wargar priest. This boss is a magic using Wargar. For the
first part of this fight he'll sit up on the upper ledges and spam fireballs at
you. Have both characters take cover and remove the archers from around the
ledges. Caddoc can deal with any close range fighters that move in, while
E'lara takes care of the mage. Once the mage has taken significant damage,
he'll jump down to your level (along with a flood of enemies). Have one
character focus on taking out the enemies while the other tries to kill the
mage, making sure to avoid getting cornered or slapped with a fireball from the

B. Dungeon of Dyfed...(ZDD)

1-1: Well of Sorrow 
That...does not seem like a survivable fall. Anyway, once you've recovered,
begin your trek through the tunnels. There's an Obelisk along the path right
outside the first room, and a trapped villager not long after. Beyond him there
are two Wargar that can easily be taken out. Continue down the tunnel past
them, and you eventually end up on a bridge overlooking some of the human
prisoners being transported. Make your way around down to their level to
trigger a massive fight. Have E'lara move to the upper level while Caddoc
sticks around down below to flush out enemies and kill of stragglers. You'll
need to cooperate, as there are quite a few enemies around here. After this
wave is finished, head into the adjacent room for another. This wave will
feature a new enemy, the Wargar Zealot. Zealots are very similar to to the
Dreads from the last level, only faster. Like before, have both characters
focus on taking them out. 

After the enemies are dead, scour the area for collectibles. There is an
optional door to the left of where you entered that contains an epic weapon,
and another optional door up some stairs in the far right corner that has some
gold. Of course, always check for items dropped by enemies. After you're
through, head forward through the main two person door. Head to the right and
activate the torch overhead. This will create a path of light through the cave.
Quickly head down it, as the fire will soon burn out. Jump down the ledge at
the end to fight a group of Aracklings, then head through the nearby two-man
door for the next section. Jump down once again, fight more aracklings, then go
through another two man door. Head down the hall for a cutscene. After the
scene you'll have access to an Obelisk and an upgrade portal. 

2-1: Prison
Through the door near here is the prison, which is guarded by two armored
Wargar. Clear them out, along with the archers, then patrol the room for
goodies. There are switches along the walls that will open the cells, allowing
you access to the stuff inside. Once you have what you need, use the Winch to
head to the next room. This one has a mage and a couple more armored Wargar.
The armored  Wargar are much more of a threat: take them out first, then focus
on the mage. After the fight use the stairs to reach the second floor to find
even more items, then head back and use the door near the bottom of the stairs. 

This next area is a bit of a gauntlet. It's really straightforward, and there
aren't very many enemies, but it will take a few minutes to clear the whole
room out. Just advance carefully and make sure that you don't get overrun by
enemies and try to keep them on one side of you. There's a two man door at the
end which will lead to the next area. 

2-3: Crane Room
In here, one player will need to lower the other down on a lift. The player on
the lift will need to take out enemies on a ledge near by, which can easily be
done by targeting the explosives there. Once down to the lower level, they will
need to blow up a large cache of explosives to knock over a pillar, which will
let the other character down. A zealot will show up once you reach the bottom,
but it's important to take out the explosives before you fight him. If you get
downed, your partner can't save you here. Once both players have joined up
again, head through the tunnel on the lower level. You'll find an Obelisk and
an upgrade portal, so make use of them if you need to.  

2-4: Descent 
This next stretch of gameplay is basically just one really long tunnel with a
lot of enemies in it- as soon as you get the objective to follow the trail of
villagers down the tunnel, things don't really change a whole lot. It's just a
lot of traveling down one-way paths with some enemies along the way. Your
objective wheel will eventually update with gcontinue follow villagersh, 
but it doesn't really change much. 

Past that, you will eventually run across a large room filled with bridges.
You'll have to carefully- and slowly- move across the bridges one at a time.
Have one character cover the other as you move across to the opposite side,
where you will find a door to the next area. Head on through, and you'll soon
see a scene with a large spider. Head into the cave behind it, then duck under
some wood. Continue along the path to run into some Wargar, which should be
cake for you by now. Head down the stairway past them, during which you'll need
to remove some more Wargar, and enter the door at the bottom to find an Obelisk
and an Upgrade portal

2-5: Ballista City 
Head through the crack in the wall and turn left to be faced with a ballista.
Charge down the hallway and run up to the ballista to chase the mage away, then
focus on taking out the surrounding enemies. One character should remain on the
platform and use magic/long range to prevent enemies from taking the ballista,
while the other focuses first on the mage and then on any stragglers. After
they're done, turn head into the hall in the left corner. Head up the stairs
and trough the door to find a large open room. Take out the snipers at the
opposite end of the path, then charge down for the melee fighters. Head left
down to the floor, then move across the area through another co-op door.

On the other side, you will face two platforms of snipers and a few fighters,
along with a mage. Have one character focus on the snipers, the other on the
fighters. After everything is dead, head over to the skeleton-looking thing
(actually a molting). Pull the lever next to it and head down. Follow the
winding path to another co-op door and head through, then hop down to the lower
level near an obelisk and upgrade portal.
Head through the door into the next area to come across a large room full of
enemies. These guys shouldn't be too much trouble- there's a lot of them, but
they drop a good amount of potions and items and the room is pretty open. It's
pretty easy to just slaughter them all. After they're dead, a door will open to
the next area. This fight is much similar, although there are a couple of mages
to contend with this time. Thankfully, the arena is laid out well enough so
that this really isn't a problem. After the enemies are dead, head to the upper
level on the opposite side of where you entered to find an elevator. 

2-6: Spider Lair
Head down the elevator, then through the tunnels you will drop down a few
ledges and come to...

Boss: Spider Queen
This boss is a lot less threatening than it looks. For the first portion of the
fight, all you need to do is run away. There are walls separating each of the
three areas, but the spider will automatically destroy them before you reach
them. After the second wall and a bit of running, you'll find two ballista. It
should be obvious what you need to do- hop on the ballista and get shooting.
After you've lowered the Queen's health by a bit, she'll thrash around and
loosen part of the ceiling. After the cutscene, shoot the stalactite hanging
from the ceiling to bring it down on top of her and kill the boss. 

C. Wilds of Govad...(ZWG)

1-1: Bridges 
Make your way across the bridge. At the halfway point you'll run into some
enemies. These are a new breed of Wargar, but are functionally similar to the
last despite a slight increase in health/defense. Take them out and move on to
the other side, where you'll find an Obelisk/upgrade portal. Continue along the
path once your done and drop down to the lower area, where you will have to
fight a wave of enemies. The most important ones to take out are the archers
along the upper platforms- there's extensive cover, but it's useless if they
can pepper you with arrows. After the enemies are all dead a door will open,
and you;ll have the chance to peruse the selection of weapon racks around the
arena for new gear.

Head through the newly opened door to see a cutscene. Some of the villagers
have broken free, and it's up to you to save them from a ballista. Follow the
guard into the next area and deal with the enemies inside. There are a lot of
archers and snipers in the area, so be careful about standing around outside of
cover. Slowly move through the first area, taking out enemies as they spawn and
sticking behind cover. Towards the end there's a co-op door, which leads to the
next area. In here you'll face the cannon. Your best bet is to run along the
right side of the area, then take the path through the tower. This will set you
right outside of where the cannon is, letting you kill the cannoneer and use
then use the cannon to clear out the remaining enemies. You also need to clear
out the rubble on the left side of the area, which will let you proceed to the
next portion of the chapter.

3-2: Descent 
This area is fairly straightforward, but there's a lot of fighting. Upgrade and
change characters as necessary. Once you're out of the cave, and have hopped
over a short gap, the actual fighting will begin. The first group of enemies
will be fought as you descend a long hill. Like before, this area is heavy on
archers- so stay safe behind cover. Just advance slowly down the hill and try
to converse potions for the next area. At the bottom of the hill you'll jump
down onto a plane, where you'll encounter a very large group of enemies-
probably the largest in the game up to this point. Have E'lara stick to the
raised platform in the middle of the area and pick of snipers and archers,
while Caddoc guards the lower stairs and takes on melee enemies. If you need a
new weapon, there are plenty lining the area. 

After clearing everything out, head through the newly opened door. You will
soon come to another clearing full of enemies, but this one is much easier. You
can approach them from either side to get the drop on them, then fight them
like normal. Once they're defeated, head into the cave to find the man the
villagers mentioned. He'll point you towards Seraphine's body. As you head out
of the cave you'll be attacked again, but it's a small group of enemies. After
finishing them off, head through the gate to the next are to find an Obelisk
and upgrade stone, which signals the end of 3-2.

3-3: Encampment
This chapter is pretty straightforward. The first section has you saving a butt
load of villagers from Wargar camps. Each has a small collection of Wargar, and
at least one villager to save. Each camp also has at least one horn. Wargar
will attempt to use the horns to call for allies. If they do, more Wargar will
pour into the camp and (most likely) kill the villagers. Your goal is to
prevent that from happening. Thankfully, the bands of Wargar are pretty small.
Maintain a perimeter around the horns and kill anything that nears. Most likely
this won't be a problem, so you can run around a bit as long as you keep an eye
on the horns to prevent enemies from using them. After several camps you'll
come across a tight passage you need to squeeze through, signaling the end of
the camps.

Past the camps you'll find two catapults on the temple steps. They will begin
bombarding you, but for now this is a good thing. You need them to break down a
wall so you can charge them, allowing you to take the hill. Advance around the
corner and you should soon see a rather conspicuous wall. After a moment, a
catapult shot will destroy it. Charge up the hill and take out the Wargar
defending the catapults, then get onto one yourself and take down the Wargar
that are no doubt charging up afterwords. You'll need to defend this point for
a few minutes until an enemy opens up the temple door, allowing you to head in
to the next area. 

3-4: Temple Puzzle 
Use the stones as needed, then head around the curve to the next room. You'll
come out into a large open space with a complex mechanism in the middle. Time
for a physics puzzle! Had over to the right side of the area and blow up the
explosive near the rocks. This will free up the chain, allowing you to use the
nearby winch to raise it up. Have one character stand  at the bottom while the
other moves to the opposite side along the top. You'll have to perform a
similar puzzle on the next level, only this time under enemy fire. Work on
getting one player up to the top level to take them out. Clear out the enemies
up to, then head into the temple. Soon enough you'll come to a co-op door and
some items. Stock up, then head through and watch the cutscene.

So, now you have to fight a Minotaur. These are by far the most deadly enemies
you've fought so far- they have a ton of health, and some really deadly
attacks. Your best bet is to stick to ranged magic attacks, which they're
fairly weak to. It's also a bit risky, but Caddoc's battle charge does wonders
against them. You'll fight one minotaur in this room, then have a chat with
Seraphine. In the next you'll have to fight an entire horde of Wargar and
Minotaurs. The minotaurs can take a minute to kill, so clear out the wargar
before offing them. If you need to, retreat to the upper levels around the
edges of the area and snipe at the enemies from afar. After everything is dead,
head inside the temple.

3-5: Temple Slope 
Once outside the temple, you'll need to hop onto some catapults to defend
against minotaurs. This is exactly like the last section, only that the
minotaurs are a bit faster than the Wargar that were previously charging you.
After killing them all, the door will open to the next area. Follow the path
until you reach a large hill. A cutscene will trigger some trap walls, and
you'll be forced to defend against waves of enemies coming from the grass on
either side of the area. There are a lot of enemies to deal with here. Due to
the wide open area, cover really isn't much of an option. Both players need to
be down on the ground drawing the attention of enemies- you can't have Caddoc
tank everything, he'll get overrun.  The best method is to have both characters
try and stick around in the middle of the clearing. E'lara can take out
snipers, while Caddoc deals with approach melee fighters. When Minotaurs and
Mages show up, both players can focus on them at once. 

3-6: Docks 
After all the killing is done, the door will open to the next area.
Upgrade/change characters as needed, then head through the door at the end to
encounter a boss: the Assassin. The assassin is a weird boss, with two main
forms of attack: a direct frontal assault with a series of fast melee attacks,
and ranged explosives that come from the staff she carries. Have Caddoc fight
her up close while E'lara peppers her with arrows. She's weak to fire, but
actually hitting her with attacks can be problematic- best to just spell link a
fire ability to Caddoc and let him wail on her. When she starts spawning staves
to soot you, target them and destroy them quickly. Due to the nature of her
attacks, Caddoc can build up rage very quickly if you block them. It works
pretty well to block until you have enough rage for a large attack, then to hit
her with that. She doesn't have very much health, so it's pretty easy to go
strike for strike with her.

D. City of Llyr...(ZCL)

4-1: The Landing
Head straight and turn left up some stairs. At the top you'll see an obelisk-
the path to continue is to the right. Head through the building and take out
the small group of Wargar, then go through the door past them. Heh, short 

4-2: Black Hearts Red Blood 
Head forward to get a cutscene with a guard. Open the door to the next area to
find the city in flames, and to see another cutscene. After the scene you'll
have to deal with some Wargar and a minotaur, but it's nothing you can't
handle. The wall will be destroyed after the fighting, allowing you to access a
new area. Head into the building and up the stairs, then under the low
overhang. This will put you into a burning building. Take out the Wargar that
enter through the nearby door, then head to the top floor and walk across the
ceiling. Drop down on the opposite side to the ground, where you'll be ambushed
by Aracklings. Kill them and a stray catapult round will destroy the barrier to
the next area. Take out the few basic enemies and Harridan assassin will show
up. Like before, your best bet is to magic link Caddoc some fire abilities to
take her down. After she's dead, head through the door in the back and up the
stairs. Duck under the beam to enter a new area.

4-3 : Arches of Fire
Head through the building and drop down to the main area. Ambush the Minotaur
and Wargar that are fighting each other and take them out. After your fighting
is done, a catapult will bust through the wall and open yet another doorway for
you. Head through the building that opens up, and be prepared to fight some
enemies once you get to the other side. There's a decent sized group of Wargar
and minotaur, and these ones aren't trying to kill each other. Once you've
killed enough of them, the doorway to the next area will open up. Head through
the building and come out the other side for a cutscene. 

4-4: The Scarlet Maid Tavern
Grab the goodies in the street, then head inside the Inn. There's a group of
enemies, including a minotaur, on the bottom floor. After you kill them,
another group will open the door to the higher floor. The rest of the section
involves continuing up the destroyed inn, fighting sporadic groups of enemies
as you go. These enemies are few in number, and shouldn't pose much of a
challenge at all. Once you drop down from the top floor and duck through some
rubble, you're done with this portion of the chapter.

4-5: The King's Tale
Once you start moving across the aqueduct, it will come under fire. Dash to the
other end as quickly as you can and drop down to the next area. Some Wargar and
Minotaur await you, but if you've been keeping up with your upgrades even the
minotaur should fall easily at this point. Make your way down the long passage
that opens after they're dead for a lengthy, and important, cut scene. After
the scene is over you'll come round the corner to find a flechette gun. Charge
this gun like the rest, then take control of it. Due to the finicky aiming of
the gun, you'll probably have to stop and kill some enemies when they get past
you. It's best to find a single position that the enemies run through ans just
leave the gun in that place without moving it- otherwise you risk letting
enemies through. After they're dead, head through the newly opened gate.

4-6: The Library 
Upgrade and change characters as necessary (you should be getting to the point
where you're running out of things to upgrade). Then head inside the door for a
boss fight- this time, it's a demon. The demon is pretty powerful, and it can
do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. It's primary means of attacking
is to shoot explosive fireballs. These have a large blast radius, so try to get
far away when you see the demon revving up to do one. The demon also has a
standard assortment of close range attacks, and will continually spawn
skeletons for as long as you're fighting it. 

To defeat the demon, you're going to have to remove its shield. This can be
done by attacking the corpses it uses for power. There are rotating bodies
around the shield- shooting them will disable it, and let you target the demon
head on or with long range. There's no real trick other than that- the demon is
immensely powerful, so it's going to take a lot of damage to take it down. A
combination of fire is always a good strategy. If the demon focuses on one
person for too long, it could easily kill them. Try to get to split the attack
between two people.

E. Walls of Kala Moor...(ZWK)
5-1: Forest
This level is short, and consists almost entirely of fighting. The first fight
takes place right after you begin the level, and is a fairly standard brawl.
Just fight on through like normal. The next fight is in the subsequent
clearing, and this one is a bit more fun. Run up to the center wall of the area
to find a flechette gun,  then turn it on the enemies. They all approach in a
nice straight line, so it shouldn't be too hard to slaughter all of them if you
get the angle right. You can head to the next area once the coast is clear, but
be sure to check around for weapons first. 

The third and final area is a massive Sleg-brawl, taking place in a large
clearing just past the last fight. Not only are there are a ton of enemies, but
there will eventually be a demon as well. Thankfully these enemies tend to drop
a lot of mana potions, so go crazy with magical attacks. The area is pretty
wide open, but you should stick close to your partner. It will funnel the
enemies towards you can make them easier to concentrate fire on if they're all
going after one point. After the big fight, a gate will open to the next area.

5-2: Quarry
Thankfully, this level is a bit less intense than the last one. Head outside,
then move along the cliff. Continue into the nearby building around the lava,
taking out the enemies as you move along. Head up the stairs and through the
central structure and you will arrive at an area with an Assassin enemy and
some basic foes. Take out the Assassin first, then focus your attention on the
Wargar. Killing them will open up a path into the next area, which is patrolled
by floating eyes and a large cannon. You can't defeat the cannon, so you'll
have to run. Head to the bridge and duck under it, then move into the castle
from the cracked wall. 

5-3: Sewer 
Inside the keep you'll face a combination of Aracklings and Skeletons, along
with arrow shooting panels in the walls (be careful where you step). There's
three rooms of them you'll need to deal with, but by this point in the game
these enemies shouldn't even pose a threat to you. Slaughter them all, then
head outside. You'll exit into a construction area. You need to get to the top.
The area is crawling with enemies, and you'll have to fight constantly to reach
it. Thankfully there's never too many at once, and there are plenty of weapon
racks in the area to stock up if you need to. Head through the gate at the top
to complete the area.

5-4: Bridges 
Your goal here is to descend down the wall and and cross the bridge to the
other side. Basically just the exact opposite of the last portion you
completed. The only  difference here is that one character will need to stand
on a pressure plate in order to open a door while waves of enemies attack. Have
both characters huddle up around the door switch and use ranged attacks to take
out enemies before they get to you. Use magic on anything else to kill it
before it can move the person on the switch. After that, cross the newly
revealed bridge and head to the next area. 

5-5: Wall Top
Head up the stairs and open the door. The first portion of this area is another
large fight through a series of courtyards. It's nothing you can't handle on
your own, no real surprises. The trick comes when you're faced with a flechette
gun. Turn to the right and drop off the cliff. This will lead you to a secret
path that lets you come up to the gun from behind, commandeer it, and use it to
kill any of the remaining enemies. Do that, then continue forward. Run around
the perimeter of the area near the archers and drop to the lower area, In here
you'll need to take out an Assassin and a series of minotaurs flanked by armed
guards. Nevertheless, these are pretty simple enemies at this point in the
game. Continue forward through the open courtyard, and you'll fall through the
floor. Inside there's a horde of aracklings and a demon waiting for you. The
cramped area can make fighting the demon hard- make sure not to get cornered. 

5-6: Dragon Boss
After the demon is dead, head up the stairs to the next area for an upgrade
portal and an obelisk. Head through the door to find a long chamber with a vat
of sleg at the start. You know what this means: massive battle time! This
battle takes place in a long hallway, so it's a bit different than the others.
Your best option is to take out the first few enemies, then run all the way to
the end of the hall. Get the enemies down to a manageable number, then heave
someone stand on the panel to open the door at the end of the hall. Like the
last one, it will take some time to open. As long as you can keep minotaurs off
the person by the door, it will open soon enough. After it's opened, you can
head on through regardless of how many enemies remain in the area. 

This area only has one room, and it's a boss fight against a dragon. Stock up
on supplies immediately after you enter the area- there are a series of pots
that all contain various potions- then move down the stairs to the main area.
The dragon only has one attack: a series of explosive balls of lightening. They
have a wide range, can combo you, and they're fast. Thankfully, the area also
has two catapults for you to use against the dragon. Wait for the Dragon to
land, then sit in the catapult across from it. You'll have enough time to get
off two shots before it hits you with lightening breath. Jump out of the
catapult and dodge like a madman once that last shot hits. While you're doing
this, the other character should focus on keeping you safe and dealing with the
constantly spawning skeletons in the area. The dragon will move to three
different platforms, but all of them function the same (though you will need to
change catapults). After the beast is dead, it's on to the final chapter...

G. Kala Moor...(ZKM)

6-1: Kala Moor Entrance 
The sections for this chapter tend to be very short, but have a lot of
fighting. This first portion is made up entirely of the bridge you see before
you when you start the level. You'll need to kill enemies on the bridge until
the door on the far end of the area opens. The enemies are weak, but if you
stay on the bridge you'll be attacked by dragons. Make your stand at the area
near the door, then head inside once everything is killed.

6-2: Lower Holding Pens
Take the right path under the gate to come to an area with a lot of slave pens.
Almost all of the enemies here are melee, so do your best to avoid getting
overrun. Have E'lara provide backup and plant Caddoc out front to take on the
approaching enemies. Once the coast is clear, move through the low grate to
find another room of pens. Have E'lara take the high ground to the right with
Caddoc on the ground floor facing stuff at close range. An elevator will
eventually come up from below. Head on it for a scene and the path to the next

6-3: Elevator Pens 
The first portion of this chapter is a battle across a bridge and through some
slave cages. Nothing that should be too difficult, although the second portion
of the battle involves more dragons trying to kill you from the air. Like the
last time, rush to the end of the area so they can't damage you. Beyond them
you'll find an obelisk/upgrade stone and a tight path to the next area. This
are has some basic enemies, as well as a demon. Make sure you take out the
archers on the tall spires, they can be a real annoyance once the demon spawns.
After all the enemies are dead, an elevator will rise from the lower the lower
level. Take it down and move outside for a fight against an assassin. This one
is a bit unique, as she will place her face-shooting staves at the high points
on cages instead of the ground level. Keep this in mind when fighting her, and
take a minute to shoot them down. Head through the door after she and her
allies are dead to find a flechette cannon. Get on and prepare for a wave of
enemies to come through the nearby door. There's a lot of them, but the space
is small and allows for a lot of kills. After these enemies are no more, head
outside and cross the ledge to the next area.

6-4: Depths 
Time for the final push towards the inner sanctum. As you can imagine, this
area is under pretty heavy guard, and is positively swarming with enemies. The
first few sections of the level aren't that bad, but once you get down to the
area with some sleg...it gets pretty intense. There are more minotaurs in this
fight than anywhere else in the game. You need to keep on the move as much as
possible and use your ranged attacks to bring them down- fighting one or two
minotaurs up close is feasible, but fighting four or five is suicide. If you
get too close you might end up stun locked by the minotaur and unable to move
before another charges you, which could quickly result in death. Keep moving
and keep attacking and they will eventually go down. Head into the newly opened
door, then down the hall. The exit to this area is beyond the bridge at the
lower end of the ramp, but it should be cake after the last battle.

6-5: Dungeon 
This is the final level before the end of the game, and the final chance to
collect crystals and other items. It's a pretty short mission too. There's a
small fight in the hallway before a large circular area, then a demon inside of
the circular area. The demon should be pretty easy to take down- it will summon
skeletons, but the arena is HUGE. There's little chance of getting cornered, so
keep mobile and take out the demon. After it's over, stock up on weapons and
potions- this is your last chance. When you're ready, head through the door to
the final area.

6-6: The Forge
The final Boss. Annuvin.

Annuvin has three attacks. For the first he'll raise his arms and clap his
hands together and send out a large shock wave, which can be avoided by
sticking behind some cover. His second attack is sort of a suped-up version of
the sniper attacks. He'll rear back and vomit out sleg, sending a hail of
explosive rounds into the arena. These will explode after a couple seconds of
inactivity, dealing heavy damage. Avoid the attack by moving to a new location,
the best being to either move up or down the stairs depending on your location.
His final attack is to fire out skull-like projectiles that track you and
explode on impact. These projectiles move slowly, and can be shot down with an
arrow. Finally, in addition to all of that, three skeletons will spawn
endlessly throughout the fight to complicate things.

Now for how to actually kill Annuvin. Like the rest of the game, this is going
to be a collaborative effort. His weak point is the large glowing spot on his
chest. Have E'lara stay back and fire on the chest while Caddoc fends off the
skeletons and takes pot shots when he has the chance. Eventually, Annuvin will
move to regenerate his health from one of the pillars. This is where the roles
change: have Caddoc run over to the pillar and press B. You'll enter into the
animation to knock down the pillar. During this, E'lara will need to defend him
from the skeletons. 

After each pillar, the boss will get a little more frantic and aggressive with
his attacks. He will fire more skull projectiles, his sleg breath has a wider
range, and his clap move comes out faster. At this point in the fight, you
should really stick close to your partner, as there's a good chance someone is
going to go down. Keep pressure on him, keep mobile, and keep killing the
skeletons. With no way to regenerate, he'll soon fall.

Congratulations, you've beaten the game. Now for your ending, of which there
are two. It all depends on how much sleg you drank throughout the game. Even
one use is enough to get you the bad ending. You'll have to get through the
game without using sleg once to see the good ending. Or, if you just want to
see it faster,  

5. Closing...(6CL)
This guide is my property, and you are only being allowed to use it. As such,
I must insist that you not use this guide for any personal gain or profit off
of it in any way. You are free to use this guide as you see fit as long as it
comes within those confines: you may print it, make a hat out of the pages, or
create some pleasant origami. I don't care as long as I maintain ownership of
this guide. Do not distribute it without my permission, but if you would like
it on your website feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I will
more than likely allow it. I hope this guide has been useful, and I thank you
for reading it.

This guide, like all of my guides, is dedicated to cats.

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