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                                                   Blitz Knight Stunt Presents:
                  \       | |¯¯¯| |¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                   \__    | |   | |   | |    ___|
                      |   | |   | |   | |   |
                      |   | |   |_|   | |   |___
                      |   | |         | |       |
                      |   | |         | |    ___|
                      |   | |   |¯|   | |   |
                      |   | |   | |   | |   |
                      |   | |   | |   | |    ¯¯\
                      |   | |   | |   | |       \
                      |   |  ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
           ___   ___  |   |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |   | |   | |   | |¯¯¯|                     D L C   C H A P T E R:
|    ___| |   | |   | |   | |   |
|   |     |   | |   | |   | |   |                 T H E   C O N S E Q U E N C E
|   |___  |   | |   | |   | |   |
|       | |   | |   | |   | |   |                  S T R A T E G Y   G U I D E
|    ___| |   | |   | |   | |   |
|   |     |   \ /   | |   | |   |                              B Y
|   |      \       /  |   | |   |
|    ¯¯\    \     /   |   | |    ¯¯\                      B K S T U N T
|       \    \___/    |   | |       \
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯             |   |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    ___   ___   ___   |   |  __________
   |   | |   | |   |  |   | |          | |¯¯¯| |¯¯¯| |¯¯¯| |¯¯\     |¯¯|
   |   | |   | |   |  |   | |__     ___| |   | |   | |   | |   \    |  |
   |   | |   | |   |  |   |    |   |     |   | |   | |   | |    \   |  |
   |   | |   | |   |  |   |    |   |     |   |_|   | |   | |     \  |  |
   |   | |   | |   |  |   |    |   |     |         | |   | |  |\  \ |  |
   |   | |   | |   |  |   |    |   |     |         | |   | |  | \  \|  |
   |   \ /   \ /   |  |   |    |   |     |   |¯|   | |   | |  |  \     |
    \             /   |   |    |   |     |   | |   | |   | |  |   \    |
     \     /     /    |   |    |   |     |   | |   | |   | |  |    \   |
      \___/ \___/     |   |    |   |     |   | |   | |   | |  |     \__|
                      \   /     ¯¯¯       ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯   ¯¯
                       \ /      1 0 0 %   S P O I L E R - F R E E
                        `       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
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             Version:   1.00
        Last Updated:   7/6/2015

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O==<                          Table of Contents                           >==O

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~~~~~> Section <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Section Code <~~~

1] Introduction........................................................[BK100]

2] Controls............................................................[BK200]

3] Main Walkthrough....................................................[BK300]

    3.1] Chapter 3: Illusions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK303]
    3.2] Chapter 4: A Ghost Is Born . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[BK304]

4] Archive Transcripts.................................................[BK400]
5] Trophies............................................................[BK500]
6] Version History.....................................................[BK600]
7] Credits.............................................................[BK700]

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              |_   _|         | __|           \ \    / /   
                | |   H  E    | _|   V I L     \ \/\/ / I T H I N
O==<                            Introduction                              >==O

 Hey everybody, Bkstunt here with a guide for The Evil Within's second DLC
Chapter: The Consequence. We continue our control of Julie Kidman from the
first DLC chapter. That being said, you should really play the first DLC
chapter before playing this! Thankfully I wrote for that, so if you are
looking for a guide for that here you go:

 o http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps4/134496-the-evil-within-the-assignment/faqs/71333

 I wrote for the main game with my friend Absolute Steve, so this DLC chapter
has a bit of his influence in it along with some of my old formatting. Sort-of
a mesh that hopefully works. By the way, if you are looking for a guide for the
main game, here you go:

 o http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps3/711439-the-evil-within/faqs/70314
 Anyways, its good to be with you all again! Let's do this!

 ~ Bkstunt


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              |_   _|         | __|           \ \    / /   
                | |   H  E    | _|   V I L     \ \/\/ / I T H I N
O==<                               Controls                               >==O

            _.——————._     PS3 GAME CONTROLS [CON-1]      _.——————._
           |    L2    |    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     |    R2    |
          /|—´¯¯¯¯¯¯`—|\                                /|—´¯¯¯¯¯¯`—|\
         //|    L1    |\\______________________________//|    R1    |\\
       //'               `.        S  O  N  Y        .´               '\\
      /'       .——.        '                        '        .——.       '\
     /         |UP|         \   ____        ____   /        ( /\ )        \
    (     .——.  \/  .——.     ) [ SL ]      [ ST > (    .——.  `——´  .——.    )
    |     |LT >    < RT|     |  ¯¯¯¯        ¯¯¯¯  |   ( [] )      ( () )   |
   .(     '——'  /\  '——'     )_       .——.       _(    `——´  .——.  `——´    ).
     \         |DN|            `.    ( PS )    .´           ( >< )        /
  ´   `.       '——'      .´¯¯`.  \    `——´    /  .´¯¯`.      `——´       .´   `
  |     `._             .  LA  .  )          (  .  RA  .             _.´     |
  |        ¯—._____.—.  '  L3  '  |__________|  '  R3  '  .—._____.—¯        |
  |                  /\  `.__.´  /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\  `.__.´  /\                  |
  |                 /  `._    _,´              `._    _,´  \                 |
  |                /      ¯¯¯¯                    ¯¯¯¯      \                |
  '              .´                                          `.              '
   \           .´                                              `.           /
    `._     _.´                                                  `._     _.´
       ¯¯¯¯¯    .´¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯`.    ¯¯¯¯¯
                |   UP = UP            |   /\ = TRIANGLE       |
                |   DN = DOWN          |   [] = SQUARE         |
                |   LT = LEFT          |   () = CIRCLE         |
                |   RT = RIGHT         |   >< = CROSS          |
                |                      |                       |
                |   L1 = L1 TRIGGER    |   R1 = R1 TRIGGER     |
                |   L2 = L2 TRIGGER    |   R2 = R2 TRIGGER     |
                |                      |                       |
                |   LA = LEFT ANALOG   |   RA = RIGHT ANALOG   |
                |   L3 = L3 (PRESS)    |   R3 = R3 (PRESS)     |
                |                      |                       |
                |   SL = SELECT        |   ST = START          |
                |                      |                       |
                |            PS = PLAYSTATION BUTTON           |

                 ____    XBOX 360 GAME CONTROLS [CON-2]    ____
               .´ LT `.  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  .´ RT `.
            .—´————————`—._                          _.—´————————`—.
          .´      LB     / `—.____________________.—´\      RB      `.
         ´¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯`—.___    Microsoft    ___.—´¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯`
        ´                      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                       `
       ´                      __     .\¯¯/.     __            .—.       `
      ´     .´¯¯`.           (BK)   .  \/  .   (ST)          ( Y )       `
     ´     .  LA  .           ¯¯    '  /\  '    ¯¯       .—.  `—´  .—.    `
    ,      '  LP  '                  `/__\´             ( X )     ( B )    .
            `.__.´        .——.                           `—´  .—.  `—´
   ´                      |UP|                               ( A )          `
                      .——. \/ .——.              .´¯¯`.        `—´
  ´                   |LT >  < RT|             .  RA  .                      `
 .                    '——' /\ '——'             '  RP  '                      .
 |                        |DN|                  `.__.´                       |
 |                        '——'                                               |
 |                                                                           |
 |                      . ´¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯` .                      |
 |                   .´                                 `.                   |
 .                 .´                                     `.                 .
                 .´                                         `.
  `            .´                                             `.            ´
   `.        .´                                                 `.        .´
     `._  _.´  .´¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯`.   `._  _.´
        ¯¯     |   UP = UP            |    Y = Y              |      ¯¯
               |   DN = DOWN          |    X = X              |
               |   LT = LEFT          |    B = B              |
               |   RT = RIGHT         |    A = A              |
               |                      |                       |
               |   LB = LEFT BUTTON   |   RB = RIGHT BUTTON   |
               |   LT = LEFT TRIGGER  |   RT = RIGHT TRIGGER  |
               |                      |                       |
               |   LA = LEFT ANALOG   |   RA = RIGHT ANALOG   |
               |   LP = LEFT ANALOG   |   RP = RIGHT ANALOG   |
               |        (PUSH DOWN)   |        (PUSH DOWN)    |
               |                      |                       |
               |   BK = BACK          |   ST = START          |
               |                      |                       |
               |            GIANT "X" = XBOX GUIDE            |
            |        COMMAND:         |          ACTION:          |
            |   Left Analog Stick     |       Movement            |
            |   Right Analog Stick    |       Camera Movement     |
            | Left Analog Stick (Push)|       Flashlight On/Off   |
            |Right Analog Stick (Push)|       Inventory Screen    |
            |                         |                           |
            |  Directional Pad (Up)   |       Item Shortcut       |
            | Directional Pad (Left)  |       Item Shortcut       |
            | Directional Pad (Right) |       Item Shortcut       |
            | Directional Pad (Down)  |       Item Shortcut       |
            |                         |                           |
            |        A / X            |       Confirm/Interact    |
            |        B / O            |       Cancel/Burn         |
            |        X / Square       |       Reload              |
            |        Y / Triangle     |       Melee               |
            |                         |                           |
            |        LB / L1          |       Sprint              |
            |        LT / L2          |       Focus Flashlight    |
            |        RB / R1          |       Sneak/Hide          |
            |        RT / R2          |       Shoot/Melee         |
            |                         |                           |
            |        Start            |       Pause Menu          |

            * Game Controls can be changed in the Options Menu.

 _     _  _____  _     _    _  _______ _   _  ______  _____  _   _  ____  _   _
| |   | ||  _  || |   | |  / /|__   __| | | ||  __  ||  _  || | | ||  __|| | | |
| |   | || | | || |   | | / /    | |  | | | || |  | || | | || | | || |   | | | |
| | _ | || |_| || |   | |/ /     | |  | |_| || |__| || | | || | | || | _ | |_| |
| || || ||  _  || |   |   (      | |  |  _  ||    __|| | | || | | || || ||  _  |
| || || || | | || |   | |\ \     | |  | | | || |\ \  | | | || | | || | ||| | | |
| || || || | | || |__ | | \ \    | |  | | | || | \ \ | |_| || |_| || |_||| | | |
|_______||_| |_||____||_|  \_\   |_|  |_| |_||_|  \_\|_____||_____||____||_| |_|

 The meat of the guide! Follow along to find all of the game's collectible
items and survive with ease!

               _____           ___            __      __ 
              |_   _|         | __|           \ \    / /   
                | |   H  E    | _|   V I L     \ \/\/ / I T H I N
O==<                       CHAPTER THREE: ILLUSIONS                       >==O

 Welcome back to The Evil Within!
 We are thrown right into Chapter Three, waking up in a hospital room. The
cats are a nice touch! Inspect the door when you can.

 As soon as the scene changes STOP and go back into the room. There is a safe
on the table here with a code. Check the walls here for the code, which is
going to be RANDOM. Grrr... They will look something like this:


 So, I can't help you with this safe, but I will say rotating the innermost
circles here moves everything, so do the LOWEST number first. It matches the
lowest number you saw. THEN work your way upward. This opens the safe and nets
us [_LETTER SCRAP 1_].

 After that, head outside your door and left, into the foyer. You will meet
the nurse here of course. After some dialog, a small scene will occur. After
that you CAN talk to Tatiana, but there isn't much dialog. Head back into the
hallway with the cells and check out the door on the far left (the reporter's
room, as you recall). You get a scene with him and afterward the door will be
open. Head inside to get the [_ENTRY #154_] Research Document.

 After that, go view the other two doors in the hallway. You already know who
they belong too, but they are some good scenes. Once you are done there, go
to Tatiana and enter the door behind her. Follow the music to the lockers for
something to happen, then head back and listen to the man. Interesting stuff...

 Head outside the METAL door that is the shortcut to the brain gel room in
the main game for one more quick scene to your left. You can't enter the gel
room, but when you go back to the foyer, the wall across from the desk will
react more and leave a "1" mark which you can focus your light on. Do so to
get another door. Use it and watch what happens. I love it when they use the
TV's to tell story like this. Take the door that appears afterward.

 Head forward and you'll see a short scene showing off the terminal. After
that look around for another "1" on the wall (in a corner) and use it to reveal
two doors. Take them to a hallway. You can try the glass doors on the right,
but the power is out and of course we need to get it running. Continue on past
the bathrooms and junky office and we will get a scene soon.

 And we dropped out flashlight. Because OF COURSE we did. We do have [_CHEMICAL
LIGHTS_] nearby though, so turn around and grab the green glowing thing on the
wall nearby, the pay attention to the note below:


 ~ This trophy is given to us if we use "no more than" 10 Chemical lights
  between the time we got them (NOW) and the time we turn on the generator.
  We can do this with dramatically lower than 10, but I'm going to write the
  guide while using less than 10, so this trophy SHOULD come naturally to you
  here. Just keep this in mind as a warning not to use too many!
 OK, time to make our way in the dark. Lovely. First of all, don't bother
throwing a light up here: there is only one path down so follow the edges of
this upper walkway area until you find the ladder down. It's away from the
door we entered from, so just follow the edges.

 Now, there should be a vent nearby to your left and right as you touch down
below. Turn RIGHT and walk away from the ladder. A machine will be on your
right and up ahead is a corpse. You can let it grab you if you want and you
can then stomp on it to kill it. Head past it and go RIGHT when you can, to
another vent shining on the wall. Crawl into it and peek out the other side.

 Still with me? Good. There should be a door in front of you past some chain
link fence. Head to the right and throw a stick (#1!) into the corner (throw
when the throw line extends out from you as there is a corner here). This gives
us some much-needed light. Go hide by the machines near the door and wait as
there is an enemy here. WAIT until he moves away from the door and then head
through it. Now, head straight ahead until you hit a wall, past a couple of
enemies (steer around them and note you can hit a wall if you go too far right
immediately past the door). Once you hit the wall, follow it to the LEFT until
you reach a big passageway in the wall to the left. This triggers a CHECKPOINT
so you know you are heading the right way!

 As you head down the stairs, the light will turn off. LOVELY. Follow the
right-hand side down here by the barriers until you hit a small wall, then
go to the left a bit and keep following the right wall until it forces you
to curve right into another room (you can throw a light down the hallway here
if you want; not necessary). The room leads to some stairs, but take the LEFT
SIDE in this room. Go down the stairs when you reach them.

 At the bottom of the stairs, throw a light to the right corner (there are
fences in front of us), then move to the corner and take cover. Throw another
up ahead, the follow the clear path and enter the cubby on the left and hit
the switch here. This turns on the axillary power and nets us our trophy!

 (-NOTE-) You should get "Fumbling in the Dark" Bronze Trophy at this time.
          Fun Fact: According to my PS4, only 0.2% of players have this trophy
          as I write this! Ultra Rare! Most people are playing this on PS3, I
          am sure.
 Time to head back now! Go back the way you came, but be sure to grab the AXE
on a corpse on your way back. Use it to kill the enemy near the door we passed
on our way here. Also, note how very linear our path actually was (it was a TON
scarier in the dark!). Keep going the way we came and avoid the second enemy
moving through the door by the vent. Sneak past him. We aren't missing anything
here, so head up the ladder and go back all the way to the door that needed
power. We can of course go through now.

 Head down the stairs and watch the scene at the end. Interesting. Head to the
left now and search the offices for [_MUSIC TRACK 1_] before doing anything
else. Head to the bottom of the stairs now and pull away the cart that is
nearby to continue on. Use the hand-scanner to get to a new room.

 Here there are stations with the... brain experiments we saw in the mansion
from the main game. Gruesome! Head to the tables in the far end of the room
to find the [_ENTRY #120_] Research Document. After you grab this, watch the
vision. Soon after that, the room will undergo a radical change...

 Make your way back the way you came and enter the door on the right that
you find. Keep following this gruesome path through the hallway and finally
to a room where a light is flickering. After going near the monster, you can
focus on the wall and a door will appear. Enter it and get ready to run!

 Run through the linear hallways until you get to a room with several walls
and partitions to hide behind. Now, THIS room we need to find the exit to and
scan our hand. Then we must wait awhile until we can go through. The best place
to hide is without a doubt the center area, where the small short wall area is
that allows us to see the room and move around it stealthily. Once the door
opens up make your way over there and head RIGHT. This leads to a shutter we
can get through (button mash!), saving ourselves from the weird light creature.

 "Out of the pan, into the fire...". Our new room isn't very safe and is, in
fact, another trap room. We need to evade the creature once again while waiting
on the door. The exit is to your right, so go start the timer when you can and
then evade the creature (I had great luck doing one slow counter-clockwise loop
around the room). Enter the elevator once you can to be "safe" once again.

 Head through the shower hallway once the elevator stops and through the doors
you find. We now find ourselves in a room with the exploding enemies, so be
VERY CAREFUL where you throw your chemical lights here! To the left is an
exploding monster that is blocking our path. The game WANTS us to go under the
shelf to the left, but PFFFT to that! Aggro the monster and run as he gets near
you and puffs up. He'll die and you'll be OK. Very easy to do. Now wait a
second for the other monsters to lose interest, then sneak past where he was
and go under the RIGHT shelves. Go through the door here. Continue on past the
large circular room to a room that will really look at you the right way (that
was horrible, I know!).

 In this eyeball-infested room, walk forward and watch the scene. After that,
grab the [_FLASHLIGHT_] on the table. Hello again, old friend! BEFORE we go
into the next room, head to the left corner and look into the sink! Inside is
[_SNAIL MODEL #1_]. Heh. Nab him and then shine your light on the "1" here to
open the way forward. Go through the door you find.

 STOP! Before going down those stairs in front of you, turn LEFT and you will
see a safe. There's no combo to this safe though, instead we are going to be
matching up blood splatter. Look at the dials and you'll see each of them is
bloody and can be matched up to the dried blood. Start with the LOWEST dial
first and match up the blood, then the upper left dial. Finally do the upper
right dial to gain [_LETTER SCRAP 2_]. Easy.

 Head down the steps now and at the bottom notice the shapes that disappear
on the whiteboard (we'll need them for a puzzle in a bit) and then shine your
light on the "1" in the middle of the room for a short scene (and to see what
became of Rueben). Hmm. A door appears afterward, with a button lock. This is
where the red squares to the right come in handy. Note that they extend beyond
the whiteboard to the left and above, making a bigger puzzle. This should get
you through, but double-check just in case the game is random:

 o = BLANK

 o  o  o  x
 o  x  x  x
 x  x  o  x
 x  x  x  o

 Go through the door now and pick up the [_ENTRY #209_] Research Document
from the cart to the right as you go. Continue on to a terminal, the go to
the doors behind it for a scene. Past that is a save point you can use if
you wish.

 From the save point continue on to a ladder (look above you before you start
going down). On your way down is another short scene about your partners. He
has plans apparently. You'll soon find yourself on solid ground again... at
the police station!

 Head up the stairs here to two big doors. There are a couple of smaller doors
off to the side for an interrogation room, but there's nothing over there for
us. Head through the big doors and check the desk for [_MUSIC TRACK 2_], then
continue on through the next door for another short scene.

 Go through the door on the right and take a right to the first door in the
hallway here. There is a SAFE here we can get into. To find the combo, look
at the window with your light. 

 (-NOTE-) This combo IS RANDOM. You will very likely have different numbers
          than I do!

 18 LEFT
 24 LEFT
 Put in the combo for [_LETTER SCRAP 3_].
 Head back out now and through the nearby door marked "Exit". It is raining
pretty hard outside. Continue through the next door for another short scene.
After that, head through the nearby door. Sunny this time. Head into the door
at the end for ANOTHER scene. Yes, this is the third one in the office. But
this time we have goodies to pick up! After the scene is done, head to the
right of the desk on the small table for [_RECORDING #31: DEBRIEFING_] file.
Our first "Personnel Files" file so far. ALSO, on the other side of the room
check inside of the open suitcase for [_SNAIL MODEL #2_]. Tricky!

 Continue on through the small door and down the hallway to the bigger doors
for a scene.

 We are now outside, in a crumbling world! Note the theater sign in the
distance! Take the stairs down on the right and hop over to the building with
the blue tarp. It sinks a bit as you do on, but continue to the catwalks. Here
be sneaky as you approach the enemy in the distance (use the left path) and
the game tells you to press 'X' behind him to knock him off the roof. Great
idea! Do so and he'll fall to his death. Head into the building now and once
you turn left, look for [_ENTRY #133_] on the cabinet to the right, right in
plain view.

 Continue on and we'll be in an area with enemies once you drop down. This is
beyond easy though. Sneak to the right to the building and an enemy here will
be moving around. He stops in front of a broken fence though, so sneak over to
him and push him down to his death. Note that you can crawl through the hole
here to reach a dead-end with an [_AXE_] if you want. Grab it and continue.

 Up ahead is another catwalk with another enemy pacing. You can watch him as
he also stops in front of a gap in the fence. We can push him off easily as
well, or use the axe you got. I'd push him off and save the axe. Once he is
dead, hit the switch to continue and climb up the neon "HOTEL" sign for a

 Head into the hotel and you'll be able to focus on Beacon for a bit. Past
that head into the crack on the wall (to a lobby, I'm guessing) and look at
the left wall for the [_RECORDING #26: ASSIGNMENT_] file. This is a good one

 Head into the office area now (is this not a Hotel?) and you'll see a
VENDING MACHINE. This is a very special machine, but hit it once now to get
the [_MUSIC TRACK 3_] item. Now, from there head left and you'll see a SAFE
on the shelf near a microwave. This is a puzzle safe! We have to light up
all of the buttons to unlock it! Note that we have to do this in a certain
amount of moves. Here's how you do it!

 STEP 1: Hit the lower-right button.

 STEP 2: Hit the upper-left button.
 STEP 3: Hit the SECOND button in the SECOND row.
 STEP 4: Hit the FIRST button in the THIRD row.
 STEP 5: Hit the THIRD button in the FIRST row.
 This nets us [_LETTER SCRAP 4_], so take it and read the note below for
a fun little Easter Egg!


 ~ This Easter Egg is BIZARRE! Go hit the nearby VENDING MACHINE 14 more
   times (assuming you hit it once already for the music track, so 15 times
   in total) and after you have done that do a 180 degree turn and walk to
   the corner on your right. There should be a "Happy New Year" poster in
   that corner! Once you get near it, it will fall down and you can go look
   through the hole that was behind it! DANCE PARTY! It ends automatically
   after awhile, but as Julie says, "What the hell!?!?"
 Oh man, that was good. OK, now that we've had our fun continue on through
the next crack in the wall to a hallway. We get spooked here a bit but go
through the door at the end. This leads to an incomplete sculpture that we
will have to put back together to get through. To the right of this sculpture
is [_SCULPTURE PIECE 1_]. Grab it and put it on the sculpture. The room to the
right is empty, so go through the wall on the left once you are ready.

 We find ourself in a large room. Go through the door you find and note the
lockers here. To the left is a room of desks. Go in and sneak as an enemy is
going to bust out of the far door any second. On one of the desks in the very
back is [_SCULPTURE PIECE 2_], but we have to sneak towards it. Or, if you
sill have the axe, you can kill this enemy relatively easily. There is nothing
in the room she came out of, just FYI.

 If you DO get caught just grab the piece and run back the way you came. Once
you slide under the wall, you will be safe. I DO NOT recommend going into the
lockers, as the chance is good that the enemy will see you go into them. Just
best to grab the loot and get out.

 Put the piece where it belongs and then use the sculpture on the wall to
make an elevator appear. Enter for a short scene. Once you exit you can move
down the rooms and stairs to a save spot. Yes, this chapter just KEEPS ON GOING
it seems. So long!

 Continue on to a catwalk and as you go you'll see Sebastian below us. You
remember this part of the main game, I'm sure! Especially if you were crazy
like me and went through AKUMU mode. Anyway, continue on and duck under the
beam. We'll drop down below soon and an enemy on the moving platform will
show up and start shooting at us! Take cover and make your way to the left to
a room with a [_HANDGUN_] and [_6 HANDGUN BULLETS_]. We finally have a gun and
13 shots to boot!

 Head back out and hit the flame barrel by him to take him out. A door at the
far end of the area will open up and three enemies will come out. Let them
come to you and shoot the red barrel when they do to hopefully take them all
out. I kicked the first one as he came to group them together better. Mop up
whoever you don't get with the barrel.

 Continue to the room they came out of. There is [_5 HANDGUN BULLET x2_] in
here, so you should have enough ammo. Hit the switch here and three more
enemies will come at you. You can use the barrel right outside to easily kill
the first two, but the third one will likely need to be taken out solo.

 Head outside once they are dead and THREE MORE enemies will come at you. One
comes from across the way and you can kill him by shooting the barrel over
there as he passes. Two more are coming from your left. There should be the
middle barrel you can shoot still, so use it and mop up whoever is left.

 We can cross the bridge platform now. If you need it, there is [_5 HANDGUN
BULLETS_] to the right on a barrel, but the enemies drop so many bullets you
likely don't even need it. Head to the left and down the ramp, going down the
stairs you find and out onto a catwalk (note the billboard overhead says
"Paranoia" on it). Continue on and soon we'll be in a new area.

                           --- BOSS: THE SHADE ---

 Now that we are armed, we can finally take on this thing. Although to be
fair, we MUST kill it to continue.

 This light woman is actually a push-over compared to the amount of trouble
she has put us through. The objective here is to shoot her THREE TIMES in the
light (head) which will kill her. Yes, that is it: three handgun shots. Note
that there are bullets lying around this area if we need them.

 The room we are in is full of columns we can hide behind, so do so and get
a bead on where the Shade is. Note that we MUST HIT ITS LIGHT, which means we
are going to be shooting at it from an angle more often than not. This is due
to the fact that if it sees us, its light turns RED and we can't aim or fire at
it in this state.

 So with that said, hunt the thing as it looks for you and do your best to
aim while standing behind a column, then peek out and get a shot of at its
light when it is looking around. Do this THREE times and the fight is over. It
is fairly easy really, as if it sees us we can run and sneak to get away and we
merely need to get three shots in to kill it for good.

 Continue on through the door it made once it is dead (note that you can go
stomp on its light head if you wish) and down the hallway to another door with
a scene. You will recognize where we are in the main game I am sure.
 We will view several scenes shortly afterwards and will need to run from the
boss after that, so be ready! Once you gain control, you will want to:

 o Turn RIGHT
 o Turn LEFT
 o Stay LEFT
 o Stay RIGHT
 o Turn RIGHT
 o Stay LEFT
 o Stay RIGHT
 o Stay LEFT

 This is all pretty easy, to be honest. Much easier than the first DLC to be
sure, as they give you much more time to react here in general. After you dodge
the last three obstacles (bug arms), you will get the bus scene, which will
officially end Chapter 3!

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Things Fall Apart" Bronze Trophy here once you
         beat Chapter 3.

               _____           ___            __      __ 
              |_   _|         | __|           \ \    / /   
                | |   H  E    | _|   V I L     \ \/\/ / I T H I N
O==<                    CHAPTER FOUR: A GHOST IS BORN                     >==O

 Well... the initial cut-scene here is very dis-heartening for sure. Bah,
oh well. Move into the hallway behind you and head right. We will come to a
picture of... Ruvik? Hmm, you can interact with this picture to make it go
away. Seems... too easy. Continue on the path through the wall and once you
get to an elevator try to open it up to see what happens!

 Head past the elevator into the shaft beyond it which drops us off into a
room. Look on the right table here for [_ENTRY #31_]. Continue through the
door and past the rubble. It is a fairly linear path until you go up some
stairs and... things get CRAZY!

 The paintings out in the hallway are spurting that Ruvik blood stuff and
lead into the next room. Head in there to see what is happening. We have to
do something, QUICK!


 ~ This trophy is somewhat quirky: you CANNOT kill any enemies OR get
   spotted throughout the hotel! This starts from here and ends after
   you leave the hotel, which I will note later on in the guide.
   This is of course ENTIRELY OPTIONAL, and does make it a lot harder so
   it is up to you whether or not to do it. Basically, use bottles whenever
   you can in the upcoming portrait section and SNEAK BY all the zombies
   and exploding creatures. You cannot kill anything OR get spotted. You
   CAN get the "yellow" warning thing, but no getting spotted at all. If
   you do, just restart from the last checkpoint to be safe. Personally, I
   would recommend doing this after beating the game so you both know what
   is upcoming and are more experienced (and you get to use the axes that

 I say quick, but we aren't timed here. In this first part of the room note
the room off to the right. There's nothing in here but lockers on each wall,
which make a decent hiding spot if you should need it. More importantly is the
table near us and the enemy off to the left. This table has BROKEN DISHES
around it that WILL MAKE NOISE and draw the enemy over if we step on them.

 Watch the enemy to the left as he circles the table on the left. Once he is
moving across the far side, sneak over to the left table and take the [_AXE_]
in it, then sneak back to the first table. Wait for him to loop around and walk
towards the wall again, then sneak behind him and take him out.

 From there move to the bigger room and grab the bottle you find. There is an
enemy to the far left guarding the painting we need to get to. Sneak around by
Leslie but DO NOT get TOO close as the blood will hurt you. Sneak around to the
side of the room by the painting and watch the enemy loop around the table. Go
ahead and follow him around stealthily and when he looks out to the big room
throw the bottle out there. He will go investigate and you are free to interact
with the painting and save Leslie.

 After he runs off go after him and down the hallway. There is something
special though: as you go keep an eye on your LEFT to see a cubby with a "1"
sign on it. Shine your light here to find the "Staff Room" and enter. There is
a safe here we can open, but we have to find three colored numbers around the
room first. Remember that you need to shine your light on these to make them
show up!

 Red Number: Across from the entrance, on the wall.
             Northeast of the whiteboard.
 Yellow Number: Left of the entrance, on a painting.
 Blue Number: In the "washing machine room" opposite of the safe.
              On the whiteboard.
 These numbers are all random, so I can't give you the answer, but once you
find them you can put them into the safe for [_LETTER SCRAP 5_]. Nice and easy.

 Head back out into the hallway and you'll end up heading down into the rubble
in a bit. You will come to a hallway after dropping down a couple of times.
Here head RIGHT first and pick up the [_MUSIC TRACK 4_] you find.

 Continue down the hallway and you'll see the cat run to the right. Follow him
whether you need to save or not as right of the couch is the [_ENTRY #232_]
document. I wonder how many people miss this one due to not needing or wanting
to save!? Save if you wish and continue on.

 We will come to a room FULL of the exploding enemies. This is going to be
fun. To the right is a bottle you can pick up. Down below are three exploding
foes that, if you wished, you could either make explode using the "get near
them and run away" trick or if you wanted throw the bottle into the far right
corner and then go down there and PUSH the cart forward. Once you do push the
cart, it will make a loud sound, so retreat and let everyone who is alive reset
to their normal positions.

 After that we need to get the keycard from the cold storage room to the right
(you can see the blue item color from the upper walkway if you look). Sneak
over to the right corner and through the vent. Once you are in the meat room,
look for a bottle near the close wall and throw it in the right corner of this
room. The item is in the left corner, so get over there quickly and grab the
[_HOTEL KEYCARD_], then retreat.

 Now, make your way past the cart you pushed and down one of the two right
lanes. Another exploding enemy is moving around down here, so watch out for
him and use the keycard on the card reader. It makes noise, but doesn't aggro
the enemy. Get on through to be safe.

 Now, there is a secret item nearby! Look at the nearby elevators and note
that the second one is slightly ajar. You can squeeze through it. Do so and
look to the right for [_SNAIL MODEL #3_]. Nice. Head back out now.

 Continue down the hallway and into a kitchen when you can (after a "look"
event). Break the boxes in your way and then read the note below to get a
trophy right here and now!

 ~ This trophy is missable, but it is hard to do so! After breaking the
   boxes in the kitchen, note the dumb-waiter in front of you. It will ding
   in a bit and the light will turn on! Simply go over and hit the button to
   get this trophy AND save Sebastian's life at the same time!
 Continue on to a new room where we will have to burn down Ruvik Pictures!
 This is a fun one. No real plates to worry about here, but there are TWO
pictures this time: one to the left and one to the right (which is the one you
saw right away). There are also THREE enemies patrolling this area: one enemy
by each of the pictures and one in the middle of the area. More importantly:
there is a VENT SYSTEM that breaks off twice against the far wall in this first
big room and once to the smaller area to the left. This vent area is where you
should go if you do happen to get seen at all!

 From the start, nab the bottle off of the counter and sneak your way to the
right a bit. Once you can, throw the bottle in the far right corner and then
quickly burn down the picture to your right when the two enemies go off to
investigate the noise. Once you have it burned, retreat back the way you came
and note the [_AXE_] in the wall in one of the center walls. Nab it if you

 From here it is best to get into the vent system and then follow it to the
left, back by the second painting. Exit when the enemy is walking away and
kill him if you want. There is a bottle here too, so you could just distract
him. Burn the painting once you do. Note the nearby room which has another
[_AXE_] in it and a locker. You can also lock this room if you wanted to trap
an enemy inside.

 With the two pictures burnt, Leslie will get away and get caught by another
picture beyond the doors he was by. Great. The enemies are still alive too.
The easy way to do this is to use the vents and go to the far end near where
Leslie was, and sneak out when it is safe. You can try to burn this picture
but watch the scene.

 After the scenes, DO NOT follow Leslie right away. Instead, go hit the nearby
dumb-waiter on the left to uncover a safe. This safe is another light-puzzle
game, so let's do this step by step:

 STEP 1: Hit the FOURTH button in the SECOND row.
 STEP 2: Hit the THIRD button in the THIRD row.
 STEP 3: Hit the THIRD button in the FOURTH row.
 STEP 4: Hit the FIRST button in the FOURTH row.
 STEP 5: Hit the SECOND button in the THIRD row.
 STEP 6: Hit the SECOND button in the SECOND row.

 Once you've done that, [_LETTER SCRAP 6_] should be yours.
 Continue to the hallway and the exit, going all the way out to the playground
from the main game. Watch the scenes here (which are fantastic by the way) and
once you regain control head forward for a change of scenery. This includes a
save couch on the right-hand side, so use it if you need it.


 ~ This part (where we are outside) is where the trophy requirements end by
   the way. You should get your trophy now. If you don't, I again just
   recommend starting over with NEW GAME + once you beat the game. Much
   easier that way.

 Enter the double doors and watch the scene. We are trapped in here with three
regular enemies. Not too tough. There are also three axe's we can take care
of them with. There are also a number of vents in the area that we should use
if we are ever seen. There are also some bottles scattered 

 Sneak to the right when you can and when the enemy that is near moves right,
pauses, and starts to go left make your move by sneaking around to the right
and grabbing the [_AXE_] from the table. Use it on him to take him out.

 One down. Next follow the right wall up and note the second [_AXE_] stuck in
the man in the wheelchair. Grab it and wait for this enemy to move to the left
as well, then take him out. The last enemy is easy enough as well: move back
to the entrance and follow the left wall this time, looking for the axe in the
furniture on the way up. Wait for this guy to move right now and make him pay
for daring to pace about!

 Enter the door in the back now and you'll get some dialog from the boss.
Once you are ready, smash the center console and end it. This also changes
up the look of the surrounding rooms. Head out and down the stairs to the
morgue area and shine your light on the "1" on the center table. This causes
another entertaining scene.

 Head back the way you came and take the cargo elevator to the left upwards.
This triggers another scene. Continue on to reach a hallway. Head down into
it and watch for a cart that has [_ENTRY #188_] sitting on top of it. Continue
on to a large metal staircase and go down it but STOP! Go look underneath this
staircase for [_SNAIL MODEL #4_]! Tricky, tricky!

 Continue on to a room with an automatic door in front of you and a work area
to the left. Go left and shine your light on the "1" over here for a scene.
The boss will stay behind and fill the area with fog... spooky. Find the source
of the fog (from the ceiling) and shine your light on it to make bodies appear.
Once again, find the source of the fog (from the brick tub area) and shine your
light on it. More decaying flesh. One last time, find the new source of the fog
and shine your light on it (this time from the actual tub in the room). The
room will undergo a serious change.

 We're back in the Sadist's room! Go behind the counter to the back room and
you will see a safe! Now, we need to find the light code! This is tricky too!
Head back out to the counter the Sadist works at and to the right (or to the
left if you are facing the counter) kick the box. Go down the path it makes
and break all the boxes back here. Shine your light on the walls here to find
the code. It is random, so I can't tell you what it is, but once you see it
you can unlock the safe for [_LETTER SCRAP 7_].

 Head into the main area now (Sebastian was here?) and take the all-too
familiar path. You'll get some spooks on the way, but soon it will lead to
a modern-looking room from the first DLC chapters. Head up the stairs and
through the vent system you find. Soon we'll be looking at an enemy that blows
open a door with a shotgun... Oh yes...

 Follow the enemy and grab the [_AXE_] from the cubicle wall on the left. Take
him out when you can... or try to in order to see a scene. Doesn't matter, have
shotgun! In the middle of the area are a total of [_5 SHOTGUN SHELLS_], so
gather them up and blow open the door. Take out the enemies that come after
you though, as you are making a lot of noise. With any luck they will also
drop shells for you.

 Pick up the bottle down below by the doors and head up now. Up above is
another door that has some exploding enemies by it and even an infected enemy
outside all munching on corpses. Go into the room and stand by the shutter,
then throw the bottle at the door you entered. Quickly enter the shutter.

 You will find [_2 SHOTGUN SHELLS_] in the vents here and an exploding enemy
moving back and forth past that. Wait for him to head left and quickly go
right, then continue. Keep going until you can shine a "1" symbol to open up
a completely new area.

 We are now in the sewers, and this is going to be a bit tricky. As soon as
we drop down, we are going to be bum-rushed. As in, ENEMIES DO NOT STOP
SPAWNING IN THIS UPCOMING AREA, so be wary! Drop down and three enemies will
start to come out of the blood. Run to the right and kill the first as he is
getting up, then turn around and go through the hallway. Shoot the exploding
enemy that appears, reload and grab the ammo nearby (there is ammo scattered
throughout - we aren't counting this time) and then exit. Run to the right
and jump into the water - don't fight the two enemies chasing you.

 As soon as you jump in the water shoot the enemy that rises up. If he drops
ammo, reload and pick it up (we are running and gunning, but need ammo) and
climb the ladder. Continue forward and kill the enemy that stands up. Reload
and ammo grab, then continue and IGNORE the door on the right.

 An exploding foe will come up next. Shoot him. Press forward and pick up the
ammo on the small cart on the right and kill the next exploding for that pops
up. Reload before rounding the corner. In this door here is a RUVIK CLONE! Get
a shot on his face as he opens the door, then reload quickly. Shoot him again
to kill him, but watch your back here for enemies. You may have to dance around
them and reload. Go into the room Ruvik was in for [_MUSIC TRACK 5_] and two
more shotgun shells. Hold out here if needed, then fight your way out and head
RIGHT to continue to the door.

 Continue on as the room changes. We'll be at the beginning of Chapter 1 soon
enough, but it will seem like we are trapped after the dialog. We aren't of
course: head to the barred door on the left and shine your light on the barred
door to open it up. Weird that there is no "1" symbol, right?

 Head on through and pick up the [_3 SHOTGUN SHELLS_] on top of the railing
and save if needed. More importantly, to the right of the save couch you can
find the last Personnel File, [_RECORDING #4: INDOCTRINATION_].

(-NOTE-) With this last Personnel File, the "Becoming an Agent" Bronze Trophy
         should be yours. Assuming you followed the guide, of course.
 Head down the escalator and enjoy the dialog. As you exit you will be in the
rain. STOP here and head right. You will find a safe tucked away in the near
corner that we can open right now. It is another one of those "match up the
blood" combinations, so it should be easy for you. Start with the upper left,
then the upper right, then the bottom dial to avoid messing anything up. You
will gain [_LETTER SCRAP 8_] here.

 We can now put together the letter in the ARCHIVES menu. Go ahead and do so
now. It is beyond easy, so I won't bore you with HOW, as they all fit together
very nicely. Start with Scrap 1 in the upper left and you'll have no problem
at all. This completes the letter.

(-NOTE-) With the letter complete, the "This is Just the Beginning" Bronze
         Trophy will be yours.
 Continue now onward, into the doors in the distance. Once you are inside,
head into the room on the right to find the very last document in the game
on the table, [_ENTRY #264_]. This should be revealing and will also net us
another trophy!

(-NOTE-) With this last file, the "It's All Your Fault" Silver Trophy will
         be yours! Assuming you followed the guide, of course. Congrats!

 Head down the hallway now, picking up the [_2 SHOTGUN SHELLS_] if you can.
At the end is an elevator. Call it and get ready to hold out. Enemies will
break out of the doors to the left and come at us one at a time. Take them
out and pick up any ammo you can. We will face 3-5 in total, depending on if
they get held up by the environment. You may also have to shoot two at once,
so be ready for that. Once the elevator comes get on and ride it upwards, but
note that we need at least ONE SHOTGUN SHELL before you get on that elevator,
for trophy purposes.

 Once the ride stops, head forwards and watch the short scene. You can then
go see yourself in the tub if you wish for some dialog. After that, let's get
a trophy:


 ~ Head to the center and aim your shotgun at the brain. Shoot it to get a
   fun little trophy. Remind you of any other game? This little credit wheel
   will stop short after a bit and we'll be placed back into the game again.

 That was fun. Continue on to the doors Leslie went through and you'll get a
very lengthy cut-scene. This leads to the game's last section which is a boss
fight of sorts, so...

                       --- BOSS: THE ADMINISTRATOR ---

 This is a multi-part fight that is spread out a bit, so stick with me here
and we'll get through this fairly easily. It's not a very impressive boss
after all...

 First up is the "First Phase" of the boss fight. We are surrounded by shady
copies of the Administrator. DO NOT just shoot wildly at them though: what we
want to do is run by them and see if they strike at us. When they DO strike at
us, their face turns red. This is the REAL enemy, and once we dodge him we
want to shoot him in the face.

 If you run out of ammo, you can shine your light on the ground, on the "1"
symbols for refills here. Once you shoot him in the face about four times, it
is on to the "Second Phase" of the fight.

 The Administrator stops attacking directly and spawns copies of... us?!?
Well damn! These things are very freaky and will come at us weirdly, one
trying to grab us and one trying to hit us with an axe.

 Run around the arena, dodging their attacks and shooting them. They move
in a very jagged manner, so be wary. If you run out of ammo, you can shine
your light on the "1" symbols on the walls for more. Just beware of the doll
things sneaking up on you. Blow them both away to reach the "Intermission"
phase of the fight.

 We are left alone with the Administrator in the distance. Now it is time to
get the game's LAST COLLECTIBLE! Head to the right column and search for the
[_SNAIL MODEL #5_]. Very nice. We can also shine the light on the other "1"
columns here for ammo refills, which you should do. Fill up your ammo here and
head forward to the third and last phase.

 DO NOT sprint right away and save your stamina. Once the arena changes, hide
behind the first column and wait for the Administrator to make the ground wave
towards us. This hurts slightly of course, if you get hit.

 Once it passes, immediately get up and run PAST the next column and hide
behind the third. Wait for the ground to raise up again. Get up fast and run
once again past the next column and hide behind the fifth one. Once a third
ground-wave passes, run at the Administrator and you're in the fight proper.

 Here he spawns two giant hands. We need to shoot whichever hand raises up
and starts to shine. Immediately reload and get ready for the hands to do it
again. Once you shoot one, it will thrash around for a bit, but does hardly
any damage. Also, if you need ammo, you can shine the light on either side of
the small area you are on for ammo.

 Keep shooting the hands as they raise up and show a mark. After you blow them
both away, the Administrator will kneel down a bit. Time to aim for his face.
Do so and get off a shot to have the world change.

 We are on a couch. In the initial office area. With a pistol. Lovely.
 Walk forward and do what needs to be done. If nothing else, we have survived
the darkness. Enjoy the cut-scenes that come afterward, you've earned them!
(-NOTE-) For finishing Chapter 4, you get the "Where Do We Go From Here?"
         Silver Trophy. Congrats!
(-NOTE-) For finishing the game, you unlock NEW GAME + and KURAYAMI modes.
(-NOTE-) I hope you've found this guide helpful. Be sure to give the guide a
         recommend using the link up at the very top if you've enjoyed it.
         Also, be sure to swing by my Facebook page (Facebook.com/Bkstunt)
         and say Hi, or shoot me an email!

               _____           ___            __      __ 
              |_   _|         | __|           \ \    / /   
                | |   H  E    | _|   V I L     \ \/\/ / I T H I N
O==<                         ARCHIVE TRANSCRIPTS                          >==O
 As usual, I like to record a game's transcripts, so I wrote them all down
and put them here. Fun to read.

(-NOTE-) This section is full of spoilers, so I'd recommend beating the game
         first before going and reading these.


 o Recording #31: Debriefing
 AGENT: You've been on assignment for a week. How has it been?
 KIDMAN: Observe and report, just like you ordered. It's surreal to be on
         the other side after all I've been through.
 AGENT: Any signs of anything?
 KIDMAN: Nothing yet. I'm not about to be caught snooping around the classified
         room while I'm still on probation, so I can't get what they have on
 AGENT: Just earn their trust. That's all you can do now. It'll take a while,
        but in the end they will let you in.
 KIDMAN: I didn't know all these police officers were characters, though.
         Guess the tough hardboiled detective stereotype is still going strong.
 AGENT: Our reports on Oda are that he doesn't let things slide, so be extra
        careful around him.
 KIDMAN: Will do, though I can't imagine us getting along well.
 AGENT: And Detective Castellanos. Anything you have to share on him?
 KIDMAN: Seems drunk half the time, but at least he's considerate. Is he
         really the one people are concerned about? He seems almost harmless.
 AGENT: He is known to get emotional. Just make sure to give him his space.
        Respect him as your superior.
 o Recording #26: Assignment
 AGENT: Well, here's where you'll be living. The view's pretty spectacular,
 KIDMAN: Holy shit, this is different than I'm used to. If you saw where I
         grew up.
 AGENT: The past is over; you are with us now. Here are the keys. It's yours.
        You'll have to take care of your own food, clothing, and incidentals,
        but your bank account has more than enough to take care of that.
 KIDMAN: So, that's it? What am I supposed to do?
 AGENT: Whatever you desire. But your assignment at the Krimson City Police
        Department is precedent to everything. You are a police officer and
        you must live as such and act as such.
 KIDMAN: I don't normally say this, but thank you.
 AGENT: You shouldn't be thanking us. These aren't gifts we provide. You have
        a very specific assignment at KCPD and all of this is in exchange
        for that.
 KIDMAN: OK, you're right. Sorry.
 AGENT: Don't apologize. Just show us you can do your job.
 o Recording #3: Indoctrination
 AGENT: Please, roll up your sleeve.
 KIDMAN: Whoa, now. That's a big syringe. Don't think you're putting that
         fucking thing in me.
 AGENT: Ms. Kidman, you agreed to this. Don't forget that. Nothing we are
        doing is malicious; it's only proper protocol.
 KIDMAN: You know what's proper protocol? Telling the person getting the
         fucking shot where the hell she is and what's the fucking  Dammit! That hurt!
 KIDMAN: Hey guys, what the fuck? Is anyone there? You give me a shot then
         just let this weird video play on repeat? Some great fucking medical
         science you've got going on in here!
 KIDMAN: About damn time. All right, can I go now?
 AGENT: Not right now, Ms. Kidman. How are you feeling? Any headaches?
        Nosebleeds, perhaps?
 KIDMAN: What? No. But I do feel a little floaty, almost like I'm underwater.
 AGENT: That's consistent with the effects of the compound. We just have one
        last part of this test to partake in. Then you will be free to go.
 KIDMAN: Sure. Go for it, I guess.
 AGENT: Good. I will now ask you a series of questions. You will answer them
        while watching the images in front of you. You will not look away from
        the screen. Do you understand?
 AGENT: Question Number 1: have you ever felt abandoned by the ones you
 o Entry #154
 Despite our powerful benefactors, with this much collateral damage, it's
only a matter of time before people start to take notice.

 KCPD has been dropping by. A female officer, I don't remember her name...
Regardless, the police are not something I should be involved with. Mobius
says they will take care of it and make an effort to ensure KCPD leave us

 Then there is the reporter from the Krimson Post, Ivan... something-or-other...
He has become a personal annoyance. He barely qualifies as a tabloid journalist,
writing cover stories about tales of church sacrifices and other nonsense, but
now he's being persistent about the missing patients claim. I'll be damned if he
is the man who brings Beacon down...

 It seems that Ruben could be useful for other forms of problem solving. Perhaps
I can interest this reporter in an "exclusive interview."

 o Entry #120
 His demeanor has turned far too aggressive and his techniques even more
perverse. Da Vinci would dissect corpses to further his anatomical studies,
but what Ruben has done goes beyond... Demanding his subjects be "aware" as
he dissects them to truly see how the mind reacts. He's more of a butcher than
an artist.

 But we must remain scientists above all. I had taught him from a young age
that the end shall justify the means, but I could not have predicted things
to be this extreme.

 Mobius has learned of his involvement, due to my carelessness. I've asked
they bring him on board to assist in development. Perhaps offering him
better facilities and support will refocus him and stave off his gruesome

 o Entry #209
 I saw what they have done to him, and I am appalled. To think the young boy
I mentored is now this... a mass of grey matter in a glorified test tube.
Could they have been planning this all along?

 And what have I become in all of this?
 They've managed to keep his mind alive by simulating an artificial body. His
consciousness is being confined to a mental straight jacket, a gear in their
infernal machine. They have even stricken his name and humanity, referring to
him by an anagram, "RUVIK." A crude joke, as if spitting on his grave.

 I almost felt the urge to smash the case and end it right there... but my
anger was quickly replaced by scientific curiosity. Ruben's legacy will live
on; I will spearhead the next Step. I will create something of my own out of
this tragedy.

 o Entry #133
 Buben's experimentation has demanded more and more subjects and, sad to say,
they're suffering as much as - if not more than - his previous patients.
Fortunately, Beacon and this city offer no shortage of expendable subjects.
I should feel guiltier than I do, but my Hippocratic Oath was abandoned long
ago. The scientific and medical potential of the work is too great to be

 Mobius has also offered me a respectable amount of... compensation. Promoting
me to director at Beacon is not something to be taken lightly. First, however,
they want me to have a reputation, publishing studies in various journals.
Repurposing some of Ruben's research towards patient evaluation seems viable.
I doubt he will even notice.

 o Entry #31
 After surviving the fire incident and subsequent abuse from his parents,
it's a miracle Ruben can function at all.

 His work comes from a place that isn't motivated by fear or money or social
standing... his motives are more... pure. I would say that he is obsessed with
the chance to re-live and re-mold reality so he can be with her again.

 His scarring is heavy, both physically and emotionally, but he longs for
his lost sister.

 His love for her borders almost on an incestuous level, but as long as it
provides motivation, so be it.

 o Entry #232
 I revisited the Victoriano Estate yesterday: it's a vestige, a mere husk of
what was bound to be such a home of promise. Mobius reaped nearly everything
of value when we took on the research ourselves, but Ruben's notes indicate
he was involved in something else.

 There were plans for another STEM prototype... data about using receptors
to transmit the brain function wirelessly to unaware users. It's borderline
parapsychology, but these schematics, and the scientific backup provided,
seem sound...

 What was he planning to do with such a thing?
 There's only one way to find out for certain, but I must continue these
experiments in private, away from their prying eyes. I will not let them
know... lest they take this from me as well.

 o Entry #188
 They grow impatient with our progress and demand briefings on the development
process. At first stressing the results, but now they work off of a timeline
based on their needs - typical bureaucrats.

 I've been pushing Ruben, but he's retreated further, doing his research at
home and refusing to come to the lab unless it's directly working on our STEM
prototype. I am feeling uneasy and no doubt Mobius is looking on us with

 o Entry #264
 They're coming for me. I don't know how, but they know everything. They even
know about Leslie. There's no use hiding this anymore.

 I'll enter the system and my return will be proof that all of this was worth
it. I can of course convince them that it wasn't for me, it was for their

 There are just the final tweaks left. Once I finish, I will put Leslie in the
STEM with myself and activate it. The wireless signal should ring out in the
near distance. I can't speak for those unfortunate to be around, but like I
always said, the ends will justify the means.

 Finally mobius will see that I am one of their chosen ones. Ruben is but a
ghost. I am their savior. Their plan is nothing without me.

(-NOTE-) This letter only comes together once you put all of the letter
         scraps together!
 This machine, this system... I was reborn inside and I will be reborn again.
For every person STEM touches, a seed of myself will be within them. Piece by
piece I will corrupt you, consume you.

 I envision a world where a mere glance of the eye will allow me to spread
on to the next. Just as you said, I am a ghost, but now I have a vessel in
all of you.

 The man from Mobius... he entered here lusting for some sort of power long

 As for you... Kid... even if you happen to escape, I will leave my mark on
you as I did to him.
               _____           ___            __      __ 
              |_   _|         | __|           \ \    / /   
                | |   H  E    | _|   V I L     \ \/\/ / I T H I N
O==<                         Trophy Information                           >==O
 In this section I'll list all the trophies in the game along with my best
description on how to obtain them. I'm sure that you Xbox 360 players out
there have the same exact "achievements", so this should help you out too.
(-NOTE-) Trophies are here in the order they appear in the PS trophy list.

   .——————————————————————————.                               .————————————.
 __|   Fumbling in the Dark   |_______________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Turn on the generator using no more than 10 chemical lights.
                | (Ch. 3)
  How to Obtain | Follow the guide and you'll get this one easily. They give
                | us a TON of lights here, but in the guide we use, what... 3
                | or so? We have this, easy.

   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   A Real Hero   |________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Save Sebastian's life in the hotel. (Ch. 4)
  How to Obtain | This is an easy optional trophy to get. Very missable, but
                | if you follow the guide you won't miss it whatsoever. Very
                | easy to do as well.

   .—————————————————————————————.                            .————————————.
 __|   There Will Not Be Blood   |____________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Get through the hotel without being spotted or killing any
                | enemies. (Ch. 4)
  How to Obtain | This one is rougher to get. I would recommend doing it on
                | New Game + to be honest, but it is do-able in the main game
                | easily enough (with some restarts, if you get spotted). You
                | really need to abuse the bottles here to make this easy on
                | yourself. Also be sure to restart from checkpoint if you do
                | get spotted.

   .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
 __|   Stick to the Script   |________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Defeat Ruvik before the final showdown in The Consequence.
                | (Ch. 4)
  How to Obtain | A clever trophy. Once you reach the STEM terminal with the
                | brain in sight near the end of the game (after the long
                | elevator ride), just shoot it with your shotgun and you
                | will get this trophy.

   .———————————————————————.                                  .————————————.
 __|   Things Fall Apart   |__________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Clear Chapter 3, "Illusions."
  How to Obtain | Just play through the game and you'll get this one. You can't
                | miss it!

   .———————————————————————————————.                          .————————————.
 __|   Where Do We Go From Here?   |__________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Clear Chapter 4, "A Ghost is Born."
  How to Obtain | Just play through the game and you'll get this one. You can't
                | miss it!

   .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
 __|   It's All Your Fault   |________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Collect all Research Documents in The Consequence.
  How to Obtain | Use the guide to get these collectibles as you play. If
                | you are missing one, you'll need to replay that chapter to
                | find it. Use your archive list to see what you are missing,
                | then CTRL + F to find it in the guide.

   .———————————————————————.                                  .————————————.
 __|   Becoming an Agent   |__________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Collect all Personnel Files in The Consequence.
  How to Obtain | Use the guide to get these collectibles as you play. If
                | you are missing one, you'll need to replay that chapter to
                | find it. Use your archive list to see what you are missing,
                | then CTRL + F to find it in the guide.

   .————————————————————————————————.                         .————————————.
 __|   This is Just the Beginning   |_________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Complete the hidden letter in The Consequence.
  How to Obtain | Use the guide to get these collectibles as you play. If
                | you are missing one, you'll need to replay that chapter to
                | find it. Use your archive list to see what you are missing,
                | then CTRL + F to find it in the guide.

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   None More Dark   |_____________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Clear The Consequence in KURAYAMI Mode.
  How to Obtain | This requires you beating the game to unlock KURAYAMI mode,
                | then playing a New Game with this mode selected. BK hasn't
                | done this yet, so um.... good luck! Hahaha!
               _____           ___            __      __ 
              |_   _|         | __|           \ \    / /   
                | |   H  E    | _|   V I L     \ \/\/ / I T H I N
O==<                           Version History                            >==O
 Version 1.00: July 3rd, 2015 - July 6th, 2015

 Got this DLC done. It definitely helps that I did this guide WAY after the
DLC came out, as all the collectibles and even that dancing easter egg were
already known. Heh. Many thanks to the people down below for that stuff. Have
no idea if I'll do the third DLC or not, since it is combat-based, but eh,
we'll see I guess. Very glad I got all story-related things done in The Evil
               _____           ___            __      __ 
              |_   _|         | __|           \ \    / /   
                | |   H  E    | _|   V I L     \ \/\/ / I T H I N
O==<                               Credits                                >==O
 o My awesome family for all the love and support (and time to do all of
   the guides I do!)
 o All my peeps over at the FAQ Contributor board. Bunch of good people there
   who make some of the best guides this site has. You guys and gals know who
   you are!

 o GamerZOMBIE for his playthrough on YouTube. It helped remind me of stuff
   so I didn't have to reload quite as much as I did.
 o Gair Gaming on YouTube for help with the collectibles. This awesome person
   helped with the first DLC guide too! Man am I slow! Still, props!
 o HarryNinetyFour for trophy help (Fumbling in the Dark).
 o My frequent partner in crime Absolute Steve. I did the main "The Evil
   Within" game with him and am using some of the ASCii we used for that guide
   in this one. Can't wait until our next venture together, partner!

YOU ARE NOT                                          Document © Bkstunt_31 2015
REQUIRED TO TRUST                        The Evil Within © 2014 Tango Gameworks
US. ONLY OBEY...                                  E N D   O F   D O C U M E N T

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