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Alien Soldier: FAQ/Walkthrough

By: Freedan the Eternal
[email protected]

Copyrights (aka: the stuff you won't read): Alien Soldier is trademark Treasure, Sega, and
whoever else. Honestly, I don't care. If they sue me for every penny I own, they'll get about
fifty bucks. This Faq is copyright Freedan the Eternal 2003, please ask me before posting it on
another site. Then you may not alter it in any way shape or form, yadda yadda,
insert incomprehensible legal-ese here).
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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. What is Alien Soldier?
3. Basics
4. Weapons
5. Powerups
6. Opening story (My interpretation)
7. Characters
8. Walkthrough
9. Closing
10. Updates

1. Introduction

The main reason I am writing this faq is that the only other one makes several mistakes and
misses important facts. I'm not dissing it, I just think he should play the game more than
twice before writing a guide for it. What about me? I have officially beaten this game
twenty-seven times. Woo for me! I have no life! Meh.

Also, I'm going to provide an understandable version of the story, as I see it anyway. It
contains major spoilers, but this is a shooter game, so who gives a ****? I've given names to all
the nameless characters and contructed dialogue for scenes where I think it goes, so see my

If you disagree with my view of the story, then please, write up your version, send it to me,
and I'll add it to the faq. You can have your name in a faq! You're gonna be famous!

Oh, yeah. I will not be held responsible for any damage to your intelligence or sanity due
to reading the bad jokes in this faq.

Whenever I say "the other faq" in this guide, I mean SStrife's guide, which is the only other
faq for Alien Soldier at the time of this faq's creation.

NOTE: I played this game on an emulator. I used Gens, and some stages seemed slightly glitchy.
I haven't tried it on Genecyst, like the site reccomends, but the newest version of Gens seems
to have fixed all the glitches. SEEMS to have. Sometimes a couple of stages have graphical
errors, but nothing serious.

2. What is Alien Soldier?

Alien Soldier is a marvolous shooter from Treasure, the creaters of the greatest shooter of
all time, Gunstar Heros! You've played it, right? No? Then go get it. NOW!

Back so soon? Now, Alien Soldier is along the same lines as Gunstar Heros,
namely, lots of shooting. But what the game really focuses on is the bosses. It's like someone
said, "Why make a game building up to just a few really cool final bosses? Let's make a
whole game of 'em!"

And someone else said, "Yer a damn nutcase!"

But they made Alien Soldier anyway. There's maybe one minute of baddie bashing between each of
the bosses. The bosses are what this faq will focus on.

3. Basics

Okay, this game has your basic setup on the Genesis controller. We'll go over your moves here.

1. Weapon Ring
Press the 'A' button to open your weapon ring with your four weapons. Use the left and right
on the control pad to cycle through them, then press 'A' again to choose one. Simple. Remember,
the weapons you're not using will slowly recharge, so change out when you run low on ammo!

2. Fire
Wanna guess? Okay, don't. Tap 'B' to shoot, hold for rapid fire. Aim with the control pad.
Shoot in eight directions. You can't move while shooting. Okay, you CAN, but we'll get to that

3. Jump
Tap 'C' for a little hop, hold to jump further. Hold up when you press 'C' to jump even higher.

4. Zero Teleport
Possibly the most important move in the game, hold down and press 'C' to fly across the screen,
completely immune to attacks! Until you land, that is. Use this move to cross huge gaps and to
teleport through bosses safely, so you can get behind them! Now, when your life meter is
maxed out, use this move to turn yourself into a firebird and waste anything in your path!
Sometimes this attack can practically erase half a boss's life meter! However, it saps life
from you. On the Supereasy difficulty, it saps 30 points, on Superhard, it saps 50. But the
damage is well worth the price!

5. Catch
The second most important move, double-tap 'B' to create a ball of energy in front of you for
a split second. If an enemy shot is caught in this, it turns it into a lifeup! You can also use
this to throw some enemy attacks right back at them! In combo with the Zero Teleport, you can
repeatedly ram bosses!

6. Hover
Press 'C' during a jump to turn on your jets and hover in place. You can then drop down or
jump higher. You cannot hover twice during one jump. You can also teleport out of hovering.

7. Firing Mode
Okay, tired of not being able to move and shoot at the same time? Hold down and press 'A' to
switch to secondary fire. This allows you to start shooting, then move while firing in the
same direction! Not useful in most situations, but there are some bosses that this makes so

8. Ceiling Cling
Jump up into the ceiling to stand on it. That's right, STAND. You'll be upside down, but still
be able to move and shoot freely! Remember, jumping will drop you to the floor. Look, Ma! No
hands! Also, make sure you press UP instead of DOWN to teleport from the ceiling, as up and
down are reversed. It's real humiliating to drop on a boss's head when you try to avoid him.
Look, Ma! No brains!

9. Speed Down
Only available on Supereasy difficulty, if the game is too fast for you, you can turn the game
speed down. Remember! Though the game is slower, the timer moves at the same rate. So basically,
it takes longer to do things that could be done quickly. Watch that timer! When it hits zero,
for some unknown reason, Epsilon spontaniously combusts.

4. Weapons

You are given a choice of four weapons at the start. You can take one more than once for more
ammo. Here are the choices:

1. Buster Force
Your basic straight-forward shot. It's got a nice firing rate, range, and punch. It's not
really a must-have, but it is useful for baddie bashing, but not so much for bosses.

2. Ranger Force
This weapon fires four shots in a spread pattern, but its fire rate is too slow to really be

3. Flame Force
Hotfoot! This weapon fires fire in a small spread in the direction aimed.This weapon is
extremely powerful, sucking away a boss's life faster than any other weapon, but its ammo
consumption is very high and its range is abysmal.

4. Homing Force
Your basic traveling companion. It shoots fireballs that track the enemy. It's not as powerful
or as long-ranged as the Buster Force, but you don't have to aim! Hell yeah! It will also pass
right through enemy defenses! Double hell yeah! My personal favorite. Bring at least one of

5. Sword Force
A thin beam of light cuts across the screen. Kinda your range weapon, but its damage varies.
Long-range = abysmal damage. Mid-range = good damage. Short-range = heavy damage.
Point Blank = Aw snap! This damage 0wnz!

6. Lancer Force
The end all. The final weapon. The ass kicker. Okay, maybe not all that, but this is a must
have. A single beam of light shoots across the screen, wasting anything in its path. But you
only get about six shots to start with.

5. Powerups

Small Diamond: Restores 30 life.

Large Diamond: Restores 100 life.

Gold Orb: Restores all life and boosts max life by about 30-40 points.

Weapon Powerup: Pick it up and your current weapon will be replaced by the weapon displayed.
The picture cycles through the weapons, so wait for the one you want. If it matches your
current weapon, your ammo will be restored and your max ammo will be boosted by 250 points.
Get all you weapons maxed at 2000 to be a walking armory.

6. Opening story (My interpretation)

The year is 2015. The people of the planet Sierra have advanced in biotechnology enough to
create creatures that are combinations of man and animals. A group of these creatures have
banded together and become a terrorist group known as Scarlet. Their leader, Epsilon, has
declared that the Sierrans will be denied the ability to move into space and colonize other
worlds. Whenever theSierrans attempt to launch a spaceship, they are violently attacked
by Scarlet troops.

The Sierrans plan to assasinate Epsilon, hoping that Scarlet will then disband. But before
they can move, a group inside Scarlet attacks Epsilon. He is banished into a Time Portal,
into the Time-Space continuum, where his body is destroyed and his spirit can watch the world,
but not interact. The leader of this rebellion, Xi-Tiger, takes control of Scarlet.

Under Xi-Tiger's leadership, Scarlet becomes more aggressive. The attacks on the Sierrans
become more frequent and increasingly more violent. Unrest builds within the ranks of Scarlet.
Many desire the return and reinstatement of Epsilon. Xi-Tiger must move to fix this. He opens
the Time Portal that Epsilon had been banished into, finding the bird-man gone. He tracks
Epsilon's life-force to a laboratory where young children are being used as guinia pigs to make
the ultimate super soldiers.

Xi-Tiger senses Epsilon's spirit inside a young boy, so he takes a girl hostage and threatens
to kill her if Epsilon doesn't come out of the boy's body. The boy is enraged and his spirit
merges with Epsilon's, and his body morph's into the birdman Epsilon used to be. Xi-Tiger sees
he cannot win here, so he kills the girl and makes his escape.

Epsilon speaks, "Xi-Tiger! You cannot escape me! You'll pay for your crimes against humanity!
You'll never escape!"

Epsilon flew off in search of Xi-Tiger. As he left, he saw something unusual. When the boy's
spirit had merged with his own, the evil of Epsilon's soul had been forced out. It was now
flying off searching for its own body. He'd deal with it later.

7. Characters
These biographies were created by me, and I have no idea if they have any relation to the
actual story. I also gave some nameless characters names. Oh, and I also named every stage in
the game! I have way too much time on my hands!

The good guy. The guy you play as. Also a bad guy. WTF?
Epsilon looks like a birdman with metal armor and a jet pack. What else is there to say?

This Wolverine wannabe is the one who had Epsilon banished into the time space continuum. He
looks human except for those yellow claws coming out of his hands. He dresses all in black except
for that grey body-armor. You'll know him when you see him.

Professor Higharolla Kockamamie
The scientist who created the devices that create these human-animal crosses. Now, he is
experimenting on innocent children, turning them into super soldiers. Epsilon's gonna have to
do something about that. Can he handle this kockamamie scheme?

The robotic body that the evil part of Epsilon's soul has taken. It looks like a big, metal,
purple bird. It seeks no less than the complete destruction of life on Sierra. One of
Epsilon's most deadly opponents, he'll have to watch his step when he confronts it.

Sara Grodin
The girl thought killed by Xi-Tiger, she was found by a celestial force, who brought her back
from the dead and granted her immeasurable power. Now, she seeks revenge on Epsilon for not
saving her from Xi-Tiger.

The mysterious celestial being who saved Sara, what could this force want with Sierra?

8. Walkthrough

Part 1 - The Hunt for Xi-Tiger

Stage 1 - Streets of Neo-Tokyo
Epsilon begins his chase in the streets. What is there to say? Blast the baddies and run to
the right. Collect all the powerups.

BOSS - Mechapede
This is the most pathetic enemy you'll face. When he's thrashing around, stand on the roof
and blast him. Watch the shots he throws at you. When he gets down low and bunches up, drop
down and Zero Teleport with full health to kill him. One down!

Stage 2 - More Streets of Neo-Tokyo
*Yawn.* Blast baddies. Grab gold orb for health. EPSILON SMASH!

BOSS - Antroid
A big cricket. The homing force is very effective. Blast him, when he hops toward you,
teleport behind him. Whenever he jumps, you need to teleport past him. When he spits acid,
either catch it for healthups or teleport past it. Laugh as he writhes in pain as he
dies. We're just getting warmed up!

Stage 3 - Xi-Tiger's Personal Bodyguard
Scarlet pulls out more stops for Epsilon in this stage, but even a rookie should be able to
handle it.

Just switch to the homing force and blast the damn thing. Watch for its shots! Heh heh heh...

BOSS - Shell Shogun
This rotund samurai packs a punch. Watch that sword! Aim for the head with the homing force or
lancer force. Whenever he swings, either teleport past it or move away from him. If you have
max life, remember to be level with his head when you teleport. When he blows up, laugh and
say "That's it. No more mister knife guy."

Stage 4 - After Xi-Tiger!
Epsilon is getting closer to his arch-rival. Remember to use your ceiling cling to avoid mines.
If you see a floating mine, catch it to send it flying away. If it hits an enemy, it'll do
MAJOR damage.

BOSS - Sniper Honeyviper
Dead AND ugly! That's hard! What do I mean by dead? THIS! Blast the sucker with your homing
force, and notice where it homes into. The thing's back. Its attacks include whacking the
ground, sending rocks flying your way, raining mines from the sky, and releasing bugs that
turn into a bullet when you shoot them. Use them to catch shots to max out your life meter,
then teleport to the thing's backside (through him), then switch to the lancer force or
flame force and administer the ENEMA FROM HELL! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry. *Cough.*
Does wonders for my asthma.

Stage 5 - Into the Rail Car Station
Hmm. Shoot baddies. Grab the powerup. Try to stay on the roof. Get max health before boss.

BOSS - Madam Barber
Talk about crabby! This sucker's claws will block any weapon except the homing force, so that's
what I recommend. 'Course, that's what I always recommend. Get on the roof and use the teleport
to knock a third of her life away. Then SHOOT THE DAMN THING! If you're not using the homing
force, then you'll have to get underneath it, which is a very dangerous area. She'll swipe at
you with her claws and throw exploding eggs. The little crabs will hold onto you so you can't
move or shoot, so tap everything quickly to break free. Stay on the roof if you can, remember
to shoot the little crabs. Teleport when she gets too close to you, and when healthups appear,
snatch 'em up, then ram the evil (female dog)!

Truncated adds: "There is a place close to the left of it on the roof where you can stand, 
where the crab will miss with the claws but still not walk towards you. You can just stand 
here and use your homing force while the crab attacks in vain." 

Stage 6 - Amphibeous Assault
This stage is shorter than usual. Huh. You know what to do.

BOSS - Joker
A giant frog...
What will they think of next. One thing is important for this fight. STAY ON THE DAMN ROOF!
The only, and by only I mean ONLY, reason you have to drop down is that you have a maxed life
meter and are going to ram him. Shoot him with whatever weapon you want, it doesn't really
matter. Catch the shots his eggs shoot at you to charge up. In moments you'll have thousands
of fried frog legs. Moments? But I want it now!

Stage 7 - The Last Obstruction
Xi-Tiger is close, but Epsilon hasn't caught him yet. Blast the last of the baddies. The
powerup in this stage is hidden behind one of those billboards. Shoot the homing force to locate

BOSS - Walking Tank
This big robot is one pain in the ass. I say, either stand on the roof or behind the box to the
left. Shoot at the cockpit on the front. Shoot the missles it shoots at you. It also has two
forward guns. You'll see them charging up before firing. The top one will hit you only if you're
on the roof, and the bottom will hit you only if you're standing right in front of it. Ram it
to knock off about 1000 points of life. Once it's gone, it's on to Xi-Tiger! (Getting tired of
reading that name yet?)

Truncated adds: "I found standing on the box to the left using the lancer worked better than
the roof or behind the box." 

Stage 8 - The Train Ride from Hell
Epsilon will see Xi-Tiger on the roof of the rail car! You're practically on top of him!
Run to the right, blasting Tiger's flunkies and grab the powerup and for the love of GOD, if
you don't have the homing force, use the powerup to get it!

BOSS - Flying-Neo
This flyin' freak isn't tough. Shoot it in the head and teleport past it. When its life gets
down to about 1000, it will turn invisible. Equip the homing force. Now, whenever it enters the
screen, a blue crosshair will appear at its head. Now you still know where it is! Shoot it until
it dies!

Stage 9 - Final Confrontation
This stage begins with two waves of psyco bugs. One from either direction. Shoot them all, try
not to get too busted up. Catch their shots if you can. Then, a big, purple, blimp, thing will
fly overhead. A snake will drop down to attack you. Ram it if you have the health, otherwise just
shoot it. Watch out for shots coming from overhead. Catch them to fill up your life meter. After
it has passed, get ready for the showdown.

BOSS - Xi-Tiger
Epsilon: Time to die.
Tiger: You actually managed to catch me.
Epsilon: You're going to pay for what you have done.
Tiger: Do you realize that each of us, the ultimate forms of life, possesses two body forms?
Your second is obviously that fire-bird form. Now witness mine!

Xi-Tiger will transform into an enormous beast with claws the size of cars. Equip the homing
force, or you're in for a tough fight. Tiger has three attacks. An upward slash that he will
crouch down before using, a leaping slash that he jumps in the air for, and a downward stab that
he'll have to raise his arm to use. His arms will block any shots but the homing force, so if
you don't have it, then you'll have to nail him when he raises his arm, exposing his chest.
Otherwise, just shoot him and teleport to keep your distance. Eventually, the bastard will die.
Part 1 finished!

Truncated adds: "Homing force is good, but the lancer when he does the upward strike works

Part 2 - To Save the Children
Epsilon goes in search of the laboratory to rescue the children from being turned into science
experiments. Upon finding it, he also finds an underground base where the human-animal creatures
are created for Scarlet. Time to blow **** up!

Stage 10 - Entryway
Epsilon must make his way into the underground base. This stage presents a new hazard. Bottomless
pits. Like all video game heros, Epsilon has a natural weakness to these. But Epsilon doesn't
die instantly like all the others. Press jump repeatedly to jump back out, but remember that your
life will gradually leak away when you fall. On Supereasy, there will usually be platforms
across the pits, but on Superhard, the only thing to save you will be your hovering ability.

BOSS- Jaws
Naughty fish! Naughty! I just can't take him anywhere, y'know? This terror of the deep has
two, count'em, TWO attacks. The first, he will leap out of the water to try and drag you into it.
The second, he will sit in the water and spit eggs at you. Catch the eggs for lifeups and ram him
as he leaps about. He'll be dead in two hits. Shoot him with the homing force if you don't have
the life for a ram.

Stage 11 - The Kockamamie Scheme
When you reach the big thing that comes out of the water and looks like a giant anus, crouch
to avoid its shots. That's all I've got to say.
Augh! I got da poo on me!

BOSS - Professer Higharolla Kockamamie
Equip either the homing force or lancer force. This guy's attacks consist of making the wind
blow, to try and knock you in the water and throwing fish at you. When he's about half gone,
he'll start to travel to the right. The auto-scroll of the screen can cause a problem. Jump from
platform to platform and keep shooting.

Stage 12 - Escape
With the prof. dead, the children are safe. Now, Epsilon needs to find a way out of the base.
You know the drill. When you reach a boat, save the teddy bear from the baddies. He'll start up
the boat and you'll haul ass outa there. Now, when you're on the boat, remember that the dirction
you press, the boat will move. Yes, press left and you'll walk to the back of the boat, and
the boat will also move left on the screen! Yikes! I feel omnipotent now! Shoot the baddies until
the boss appears.

BOSS - Polly Lobster
This giant lobster will appear and throw the teddy bear off the boat! Bastard! Time to melt the
butter and bring out the bibs! The flame force works well here, seeing as how you've got no range
but point blank. While you're shooting, you can move the boat to make it so you can teleport past
its attacks without falling into the water. When it backs off into the water, it's about to leap
over your head. Shoot the little lobsters for healthups. Keep shooting until you can serve it up
on a silver platter. Then Epsilon will have successfully escaped the underground base and stumbled
upon an enormous tower. Get ready. The action is about to heat up!

Part 3 - Thy Soul Tainted
Epsilon makes his way up the tower, battling more baddies, but not knowing what awaits him at
the top.

Stage 13 - Door Guards
Epsilon lands at the undeground entrance to the tower. A snake-like-thing will appear and weave
about the screen. Don't bother trying to kill it unless you have the buster force. Just dodge it
for awhile, until the boss appears.

BOSS - Bugmax
Stand in front of the second waterfall from the right and shoot at the thing's top. Eventually,
it will transform into a moth form. Get behind it and shoot it. When it releases little maggots,
shoot them for lifeups. Two rams will kill this bug.

Stage 14 - I Knew I Should Have Brought those Night Vision Goggles...
In case you haven't noticed, this stage is dark. Weapon shots will light up the place, but that
wastes ammo. Basically, watch the blue lights in the background. If there is a break in them,
a baddie is there. A jump might as well be referred to as a switch here, between the floor and the
ceiling. There is a powerup in here too.

BOSS - Depth Perception
Uh...big...eye... What is there to do other than shoot it? When it fires three bullets, switch
to the side with the gap and catch the one bullet that would be a danger. When it sends out mines,
just jump over them. When it sends out the spiked ball, quickly get on the oppisate (floor or
roof) of it and teleport through the thing as it comes toward you. Keep shooting and it'll die.

Stage 15 - I See a Bright Light...
Head over to the right, snatch the powerups in the bottom right corner. Get the homing force if
you don't have it. Then climb. Fire something to see what's happening and avoid the falling rocks
and lasers. At the top, the area will light up.

BOSS - Sunset Sting
Aw... What a pwetty wittle fwower...OW! That thing's got thorns! Shoot at its head, and catching
the thorns will cause them to bounce away, but not reflect. When it shoots its petals at you,
catch them for whopping 100 point healthups! The ram isn't very effective, but use it when you
can. For some reason, it explodes after a while.

Stage 16 - Arachniphobia
As soon as the stage starts, you'll be picked up.

BOSS - Mothra
This ugly moth is your platform, and getting knocked off is bad. It has three attacks. The first,
waves of bugs from either side. Shoot these buggers. It will also shoot worm things at you.
Avoid them. Finally, it will shoot bullets straight down. Just aim for the center of it and
keep shooting. It'll careen into a spider web for another battle.

Truncated adds: "Can be killed basically before is attacks by kneeling (up left) right next to 
the head and then using the flaming force."
NOTE: I have tried his strategy here, and it will kill Mothra in about five to ten seconds! WHOO!

BOSS - Back Stringer
Don't bother shooting the arachnid while it's feasting on the moth. Equip the homing force and
shoot it while it's down low. When the little spiders appear, shoot them. They will pull the
moth down, eventually off the screen, removing your platform! When you have spiderman down to
about 500 health, it'll crawl around after you. Ram it to kill it instantly. If you're not maxed
out, just keep shooting.

Stage 17 - The Evil in Us All
Boy, that's a grand view. Look out for the crosshairs. They mark where life-sapping lasers will
strike. Before long, you'll meet Epsilon's evil twin.

BOSS - Epsilon-One
Epsilon confronts the evil from his soul. If he doesn't defeat it here, the world will be destroyed!
The maniacal bird attacks with bullets from its eyes, lasers from its wings, and lasers from
some source above. All attacks suck away a whopping 200 points from your life. The shields on
its feet can block anything, even the almighty homing force. Switch to the lancer force and
shoot it in the face. When it flies off the top of the screen, hit a savestate, unless you're not
using an emulator. As if you actually found a copy of this game. *snort* Yeah, right! The reason
for the save is that the evil one is about to swoop down, fire bullets straight down and shoot
lasers all across the floor. Load the state if you get hit. Trust me.
Eventually, the thing'll die.

Cutscene - Thy Mind Shattered
Epsilon: It's all over. I've defeated Xi-Tiger, the creater of darkness, and the evil from my
very soul. Now the world may continue on its natural course.
*He gazes over at the world he has saved. Suddenly, the planet explodes.*
Epsilon: What?!
*A shadowed form appears in the void.*
Z-Leo: This experiment has proven a failure. It is no longer needed.
Epsilon: You bastard! You just killed billions of innocent people!
Z-Leo: I experiment as I so please. If you could ever hope to stop me, I would invite you to
my base. But you have no hope. I will now also destoy the planet Earth, as its people are too
likely to self-destruct.
*The form vanishes.*
*Epsilon battles within himself.*
Epsilon: It doesn't matter what he thinks. He's murdered billions of innocent people, and intends
to murder more. Can't let it go on.
*He takes off into the Time-Space Continuum, heading toward Earth.*

Part 4 - Thy Body Broken
Epsilon lands somewhere in the Rocky Mountains (I think) and senses a great power source. He
moves to investigate.

Stage 18 - Welcoming Commitee
Nothing new here. Move along. I had all four of my weapons maxed out at 2000 here. But, I never
changed from my original selection.

BOSS - Destroyer-MK2
This thing is pathetic compared to Epsilon-One. Use a ram to knock all its shields away from it,
then shoot the core. Catch its shots. Use catch to reflect the blocks it throws at you. Ignore the
big lasers. Don't stand on the roof.

Stage 19 - Hey! He's Got His Own Castle!
You know the drill.

BOSS - Melon Bread
Hey! It's that thing from Gunstar Heros! This thing is totally pathetic. Equip the lancer force
and it'll be dead in about thirty seconds.

Stage 20 - Awe, Hell Yeah
Epsilon moves underneath the castle, and meets up with Sara. The girl he failed to save.
Epsilon: You?!
Sara: You bastard. You let me die.
Epsilon: I would've saved you if I could!
Sara: No. Z-Leo saved me. He granted me the power to kill you! VALKYRIE FORCE!

BOSS - Valkyrie Force
She has three attacks. One is kicking you. When she crosses her arms, she shoots her fist. She'll
also throw that big friggin' boomerang. Just teleport past them all and aim for the torso.

Sara: Not bad! Now try this! MEDUSA FORCE!

BOSS - Medusa Force
This is less of a boss and more of a shooting gallery. Use the homing force, and switch to
secondary fire so you can shoot and move at once. Her only attack is speeding up, whichever
direction she's going. There are lots of powerups around, so fill up.

Sara: Let's keep going! SYLPHEED FORCE!

BOSS - Sylpheed Force
Use the homing force and keep shooting! She'll defend herself and the shots will go right through
her guard, pinning her down! Keep shooting till she switches again. If you run out of homing force,
you'll have to wait for her to open her guard before you fire.

Sara: Time to put this to rest! ARTEMIS FORCE!

BOSS - Artemis Force
Awe, hell no! Not another one! This is the most annoying one of Sara's forms, as her weak point is
the tip of the tail. Use the homing force for a much easier fight. If you ram, wait for her to
jump, and ram when her tail is aligned with her head. This will do MUCH more damage.

Truncated adds: "I don't understand how you think this is the most annoying form, I had
much more problem with the water fight (Sirene). Let the cat jump once towards you, then stand
close to her. As she flips to shoot a fireball, zip through her. When she lands with ther tail
towards you, just blast it. If you are standing close enough she will shoot again. Repeat." 

NOTE: This is the most annoying  form to me because I don't like such a small moving target, but
to each his own.

Sara: Why can't you just die?! SIRENE FORCE!

BOSS - Sirene Force
First of all, you are underwater for this fight. The flame and homing forces WILL NOT work!
Use either the lancer or buster force and shoot whenever you get a clear shot. A direct hit
with the lancer will score about 500 damage. Hellz yeah! Remember, the whirlpool you're in
circles clockwise. The mines she spits out circle counter-clockwise. Know when you can just
drift and know when to teleport! WATCH OUT FOR THOSE SPIKES!

Truncated adds: "Not much to add, except that the firebird ram wont work. (duh... I felt 
stupid when I catched bombs until I had full life)"
NOTE: Yes, it is very sad the firebird ram won't work. I shoulda mentioned it, being firebased. 

After killing Sara, Epsilon feels betrayed. How many more innocents must suffer before the
battle ends? He senses a power so great it can only belong to Z-Leo. He flies off in
its direction.

Part 5 - Thy Heart Invincible
Epsilon has located Z-Leo in the asteroid belt. He plans a direct assualt on the base, killing
anything that gets in his path. Damn, he's pissed!

Stage 21 - First Blood
Epsilon has entered the asteroid belt and begins the hunt for Z-Leo.
Grey asteroids are just background. Beige ones hurt. Catch beige ones for healthups. Go on. Fill

BOSS - Destroyer Prototype
This UFO (Unintelligent Flying Object) has three attacks. The first, it will point out two guns
and glow blue, then shoot two lasers in straight directions. The second, it will point out
on gun and glow gold, then shoot lasers in every direction EXCEPT the one it pointed to. The
third, it will glow red, then start spewing bullets everywhere. You should know what to do from

Stage 22 - The Perverse Missles
Epsilon starts his descent into Z-Leo's base.
Shoot the bikers, and watch out for missiles. A missle will only be too happy to fly right up
your ass and deliver a whopping 100 points damage.

BOSS - Spikey Worm
This overgrown centipede is asking for it by getting in Epsilon's way. Use the homing force, as
it makes it much easier to hit the bastard. It's attacks consist of crashing into you, shooting
its segments out everywhere, and spitting acid. The acid can be caught for lifeups. Ram it at
least once. It'll make ya grin at how much life it loses at that.

Stage 23 - Just Like Begger's Canyon Back Home
Hmm? Where have I seen this before? Oh, well. I'm sure I'll place it later. Anyway, Epsilon
begins his entry, when he is suddenly attacked. Grab all the healthups you can before the boss
gets there.

BOSS - Wolfgunblood Garopa
This horseman has two attacks. First, he'll put a crosshair on you and shoot a lot of bullets.
Teleport a lot to avoid it. The second, he'll pull ahead, then either the horse will duck under
walls above or jump over walls below. Follow the leader, giving him the worst enema of his life.
The rider, not the horse, is the weak point.

Stage 24 - Down Into Hell Itself
This terrifying elevator ride starts with missles coming underneath. Watch out! I have dscovered
that you can control this elevator like the boat! Press up or down while NOT firing to move it
up and down! This helps a bunch!

BOSS - Return of the Perverse Missles
The floor terror. Use the homing force and shoot the center. Always move the elevator away from
it so you have time to avoid its attacks. When it switches sides, move to a section that has
already moved, then move the elevator.

Stage 25 - Thy Flesh Consumed
Z-Leo: So you have finally arrived. You have proven to be a powerful adversary. I offer you a
place at my side as a ruler of the universe!
Epsilon: *silence*
Z-Leo: No? Think of the power you would possess! You would be able to create and destroy
civilizations as you see fit!
Epsilon: Enough of your talking. Now shut up and die.
Z-Leo: Why must you oppose me? I am the creator and the destroyer. All living things are mere
playthings to me!
Epsilon: It is a serious mistake when the created is stronger than the creator. People have their
own free will and thoughts. I cannot allow you to toss away such things as though they were
meaningless. Now, come! We battle, wizard!

BOSS - Z-Leo
The big badass. The bastard of bastards. Let's kill him! He has three attacks. One, spitting a fireball
at you. Two, picking up his Mega Man-like gun and shooting. Three, throwing the platform you're
on up in the air and shooting lasers at you. You should be good enough by now to handle these.
Now, to actually hurt him, as he is immune to all weapons, when he spits a fireball, catch it to
send it flying back at him! Hit him in the face with it for MASSIVE damage! Keep going to beat
him and save Earth! *Insert Fanfare here.*

Truncated adds: "Not only the fireballs, but also the ram will hurt... and, surprisingly... 
the "out of weapon"-weapon. Waste one weapon's energy (the lancer is easiest), freeze in the 
air next to his head and there is nothing except the lasers that will hit you." 

Cutscene - Thy Power Great, Thy Soul Kind
Epsilon escapes Z-Leo's exploding base, to return to Earth. No one will ever know that the battle
even took place, but when evil rears its ugly head, he will return, to protect those who cannot
protect themselves. THE END

9. Closing
Wheeee! I love this game! Now, if you think you're such a great player, finish it without
getting hit once! Ha ha! It's not possible! Like I said at the top, if you don't like my version
of the story, write up yours and I'll post it in the faq. Email is at the top, and I hope to add
at least one other version. Now, go kick Z-Leo's ass without my help. Send in your strategies and
they'll be posted too.

This was my first faq, and I hope it's not my last. I probably will only make faqs for lesser known
games, but I may try a big one eventually. SEEYA!

10. Updates

June 2003: Faq is created.
Freedan said, "Let there be Faq!" And there was. It was good.

November 6, 2003: Added some strategies from Truncated.
This guy caught stuff I didn't. Major thanks, dude!

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