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 __  ) )    ( (    ) )   / / \/ \ \    ) )
( (_/ /      ) \__/ (   /_/      \_\  ( (
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Doodle Jump

    Game: Doodle Jump
    System: iPhone
    Author: Richard 'Sour' Hull
    Date submitted: 7.24.2014

Doodle Jump

I. Introduction

II. How to Play

III. Themes

IV. Characters

V. Achievements

VI. Frequently Asked Questions

VII. Copyright and Legal Info

Welcome to Doodle on iPhone! This game is very similar to some games that have
been previously introduced, such as Papi Jump or Abduction. However this was one
of the more recent ones available in this category. Offering many themes,
characters, and general enjoyment.

Hopefully this document will help you understand this game more. Filled with all
the themes, characters, and achievements that Doodle Jump offers...this is a
one-stop document for everything you need to know.

Have fun and Good luck!
How to Play

Once the game is opened to the main menu, select 'Play'. Your game will instantly
start you jumping, so be ready! All you have to do is tilt your phone to the left,
or right to move from platform to platform. The higher you go, the more points you
get. You can move your character off the side of the screen, and it will re-appear
on the other side of the screen. This is especially helpful for avoiding monsters,
and when platforms get further apart.

You will see many different monsters throughout the game. The monsters vary in
size and physical appearance. To kill a monster you tap the screen which will
shoot an object out of your nose. Each monster takes 2-4 hits depending on the
size. There are two sizes of monsters, small and large. The small monsters take
two hits to kill and the large monsters may require up to four. You can also jump
onto the monster to kill them as well. However if you mis-calculate your jump and
hit them, you will die and end your game.

Aside from monsters, you also have to avoid UFO's as well as Black Holes. A UFO
will 'abduct' you if you are under it. You also have to avoid Black Holes. These
will suck you in from all directions if you are too close. Be sure to stay far
away from both of these if you see them appear on your screen.

In addition, you have to watch out for breakable platforms. These are represented
with a crack in the middle. If you land on one of these you will fall right
through. When your game ends your score is noted by a tally on the side. You can
turn this off in the settings if you wish.

These items are activated during your gameplay. They are randomly put out
throughout the level. To activate some of these items, jump on the platform that
has them on it.


    Shoot - Tap Screen.
    Jump to the left - Lean device left
    Jump to the right - Lean device right
    Jetpack - This will soar you through the air very high
    Hat - This is usually a propeller hat that will float you through the air a
good distance.
    Spring/Trampoline - This will shoot you up 3-5 platforms.
    Kill Monster - Jump ontop of once. OR Shoot twice


There are several different themes, 10 to be exact, that are offered throughout
this game. All the themes are free! You can scroll through the themes by swiping
your finger across the bottom. They kind of look like ads, but their actually Themes.

Some themes are very different, other themes are similiar with different
backgrounds. The character's outfit and item they shoot will represent the theme.
But there may be some fun parts as well. Such as the Soccer theme, where you can
shoot into goals. In addition the platforms and breakable platforms will all be
related to the theme as well.


    This is a night theme where you are dressed as a Ninja. You shoot a throwing
star. This level does not have any breakable platforms. However it does offer
coins that you earn which can be used at the store.


    This is a day theme where you are dressed as a Bunny. You shoot eggs out of
your nose. The breakable platform is shapped as three eggs.


    This theme is where you are Frankenstein. The breakable platform is shaped as
a bone.


    You are in outer space in this theme and you are dressed in a space costume as
an astronaut. You shoot lasers out of your nose. The breakable platforms look like
an asteroid belt (row of broken rocks).


    In this level you are dressed as a soccer player. You shoot a soccer ball out
of your nose. Breakable platforms look the same as the normal platforms so beware.
The cool thing about the monsters in this game is that the represent all the teams
from the 2014 World Cup.


    You are dressed in a divers suit and you shoot bubbles from your nose.
Breakable platforms look like bits of coral or rocks floating. Monsters are in the
shape of sea creatures such as Sharks and whales.


    You are dressed as a jungle explorer and you shoot pebbles from your nose.
Breakable platforms are dark green.


    In this level there is falling snow. It does not change your gameplay, it just
looks cool. You are dressed as an elf and you shoot snowballs from your nose. The
breakable platforms look like cracked ice.


    You are dressed like an eskimo and you shoot snowballs from your nose.
Breakable platforms look like pieces of an avalance with a break in the middle.
Monsters look like mutilated penguins.

Halloween 2

    This level is very difficult. It is completely dark and your person is a ghost
that glows. The breakable platforms are the same as the normal platforms so
beware. The level progressively gets lighter as you get further. There is a moon
in the top right corner that does not change.


In order to access the different characters available, and items offered you have
to select the Store option from the main menu. From here, you will be directed to
page with all the characters and items you can purchase. Don't worry, it's in-game
coins as the currency.

In order to unlock more coins that are used to buy characters and items you have
to play on this one stage. This stage is the exact same as all the other stages
(monsters, in-game items, etc) with the exception that there are now coins on some
of the platforms. Jump on these platforms to collect the coins.


    Ninja - 250 Coins - Shoots furthest out of all the characters.
    Sumo - 7,000 Coins - This outfit will shake monsters down when you jump near
them so you can avoid them.
    Shadow - 5,000 Coins- This makes you invisible to monsters so you can jump
through them.
    Double Jumper - 9,000 Coins - With this you can jump, and then jump again. A
double jump.


    Fire - 500 - This is a fire-powered Jetpack that allows you to fly higher than
the bamboo Jetpack.
    Straw Hat - '250 - This is a straw propellerhat that allows you to fly higher
than the normal one
    Resurrect - 1000/each - This will save you the next time you fall during a game.
    Head Start - 500/each - This will start your game off with a massive 'bang'
and fly you very high.


Serial Springer

    Jump on three springs in a row.

Super Serial Springer

    Jump on 5 springs in a row.

Monster Bouncer

    Jump on ten monsters in one game.

Super Monster Bouncer

    Jump on 30 monsters in one game.

Conflic Avoider

    Jump past 10 monsters in a row without missing.

Superp Conflic Avoider

    Jump past 30 monsters in a row without missing.

Sharp Shooter

    Shoot 5 monsters in a row without missing.

Super Sharp Shooter

    Shoot 10 monsters in a row without missing''


    Fly 3 propellerhats in one game.

Jetpack Rider

    Fly 3 jetpacks in one game.

Old-Fashioned Jumper

    Jump past 3 jetpacks without picking them up

UFO Abduction Survivor

    Survive a UFO abduction.

Endurance Jumper

    Jump 200 times on a static platform

Focused Endurance Jumper

    Jump 100 on a moving platform

Epic Fail

    Break 50 platforms in one game.

Epic Fail FTW

    Break a total of 1,000 platforms.

Doddle Jump Exlporer

    Play each theme at least 5 times.

Monster Chopper

    Fly into a monster with a propellerhat.

UFO Bouncer

    Jump on a UFO


    Jump to over 100,000


There are serval statistics that this game keeps. Below are all the statistics
that are kept in this game. Games that offer statistics are awesome.

    Total Games Played
    High Score
    Last Score
    Average Score
    Total Play Time
    Longest Play Time
    Last Play Time
    Monsters Shot
    Monsters Jumped On
    UFOs Shot
    UFOs Jumped on
    Total Jumps
    Max Jumps
    Last Game Jumps
    Average Jumps
    Jeetpack Flights
    Propeller Flights
    Rocket Flights

How you Ended

    Missed a Platform
    Jumped into a Monster
    Abducted by UFO
    Black Hole

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I shoot while I'm using a Jetpack or hat? - No you cannot.

Do my coins stay if I don't use them all? - Yes, your coins stack up.

Can I reset my scores? - No, you will have to uninstall and re-install your game.
Copyright and Legal info

This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed publicly
without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web-site or as
a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
Do not copy or alter this guide, and do not present it as your own. The creation
of this guide took a lot of time, and we would appreciate it greatly if you'd
respect that. Below is a list of sites that are allowed to host this document
and/or adaptations of it. The latest update of this text file can always be found
at GameFAQs.com.

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