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          action RPG for Dreamcast
          FAQ/Hint Guide
          Written by The Saiyan-D

----------------------------------------------SECTION LAYOUT------------------------------------------------


----------------------------------------------01: THE STORY------------------------------------------------
(for those nit picking about the proper spelling of names, I'm going by the katakana
in the game.  If my interpritation dissagrees with you, get a life)

     It all starts with the ressurrection of a hero with red hair and a wizard named Wort.  
The dark sorcerer Vagnard, with the help of the spiritual witch Karla, seek to bring the 
dark god(dess?) Cardice back into the world of the living.  Our hero, with no recollection 
of who he was or how he died, finds himself a tool in a battle between mages.

     For those who know the story of the OVA series, this is a sequel and an alternate ending
to the original OVAs (Japan won't acknowledge the crappy TV series they tried to put out 
after).  Yes, Beld and Farn led their countries to war with one another.  Yes, they both died
in that war.  Yes, Ghim died freeing Leylia from the grip of Karla. BUT here is what is different....

     -Karla found another female form to live on in.
     -Non of the story after Karla's defeat occured.

     There are multiple possibilities for the story, based on character interaction.  (I will only state
the options I chose because I'm not lacking so much of a life as to waste time playing this game over 
and over just to see each possibility.) This will determine who lives, who dies, 
and who is there to stop the advent of Cardice.

----------------------------------------------02: THE GAME------------------------------------------------

     The first dungeon is the citadel where Wort ressurects you.  (Located in Marmo, for 
who know the series)  This first area is just a training mission.  You will go floor by floor, 
completing various basic tasks and thus, learning the controls.  After completing this, 
you are asked as a final test, to go forth and subdue the goblins who have based themselves 
in the hills nearby.  You find yourself left to wander alone in a graveyard.

     The graveyard area is very simple, all that has to be done is to find the key item (like the one 
used in one of the tutorials) to open the sealed door to the catacombs below.  There is a house
with a friendly goblin inside with information, if you can read it, but it is not vital to moving on.

     The catacombs are, strangly enough, a sub-section of Wort's lair.  There is another door with 
a magic seal, but don't worry about that now, it won't come into play for a long time.  All that must 
be done now is to find your way down a stairway you see several goblins using to flee.  After a 
short bit to tunnel, you will come across a cell, with a voice echoing out stating that he cares not 
whether you are god or devil, just so long as you save him.
     The prisoner is a Dwarf whom you can name yourself.  He will show you, once asked, the way 
up to the Goblin's fort.  You will meet up with him later (indeed, he will be your best asset in the
game), but he will not join as a party member to fight.
     After going up past other cells, you will surface atop the goblin mountain.  There are alot of 
enemies, but all you need to do is find their leader and kill him.  All the rest will stop fighting as 
soon as you do.  The leader is located in the largest set of buildings.  The closest door to him is
locked, so you will have to take a longer, route to him.  Just hack and slash and you will reach 

     As soon as he is defeated, Wort appears and congratulates you.  But before you can go out 
on his quest he still has more training for you.   First, is learning to use magic.  Magic is selected
by holding down the X button.  A screen will pop up with the list of all of the spells you have so far.
Beneath them is a combo of buttons, the pattern you now put in will determine which spell you can
cast by hitting X twice anytime afterward. (B cancels out of the selection screen if you got there by 
accident)  Your first spell will warp you back to the goblin mountain (your home base) so you can 
heal and save AND provides a warp right back to where ever you teleported from.
     After trying your spell, talk to everyone around the fort (yes, even goblins).  Some will give more
hints on controls (for example: holding L+R and pushing start brings up the map).  You will also meet 
the Dwarf you freed and discover he is a weapons crafter (yay!).
    The test you have to perform is back in the prison area below the fort.  There you will find your magic 
equipment (see basic hints section for details) and you will come across a goblin who will open up the 
other cells for you.  What you are supposed to do is beat both the Ogre and the Golem.  (you can save
between fights)  The golem can be a real pain but you MUST kill it to move on.  If that means going back 
to the graveyard or catacombs to level up, do it.  After beating both, you go and talk to the dwarf about 
his skills and then Wort.

     Wort says that there are 4 heroes you must meet and help in order to gain knowledge on the where-
abouts of Vagnard and Karla.  They are: Parn, Deedlit, Slayne and Leylia.  (NOTE: should you choose to,
you can also help Pirotess and Ashuram, although they technically are bad guys)  The first is Parn, who 
is said to be off near the Darkelf forest.


    Marmo is divided into 7 areas (8 if you include the graveyard).  The names I give below are not the exact 
names but should make it easier for those who don't speak japanese to identify each area.

                                                               ELVEN FIELDS
                                                                  /           I
                                        DEMONIC ISLAND          I
            MOUNTIANS                          I              \     I
                      \                DESERT HILLS  -- SWAMPLANDS
                        \                   /                 \                I
                 WASTELAND RUINS              MAIN HILLS
                                                              (goblin fort)START
                                                              CEMETARY AREA

     All around the land, are those message boards like the ones you found in the cemetary.  However, these ones 
contain skills and blacksmith abilities ("ancients").  Always try to explore every possible part of each area.  The maps
for these areas, although less accurate, are already provided, and you don't need to explore to uncover them.


     The darkelf forest are located in the most northern part of the elven fields.  Now I know that looks like a long ways 
away, but you will be expected to do alot of insanely difficult travelling in this game so get used to it.  The easiest way 
to get there is to follow the path directly out of the fort.  It will wind northward and eventually T branch with a road sign.
Left is towards the desert-hills, right is to the swamplands.  Follow the right path and continue to follow the path 
through the swamps and all the way to the northern tip of the elven fields.  (yes, it is just one long path)

     THE DARKELF VILLAGE is hostile and you will be confronted by the guards you see conversing so save before you 
take another step.   When they talk you, introduce yourself, say you're looking for Parn, and that you don't know him
personally or else they will attack you and KILL YOU IN LESS THAN 3 HITS.  (good thing you saved)  There is also a 
red warp which will be a perminent link back to your home base.  (That ring of symbols in the fort's courtyard)
     Once in town, find Pirotess in the south-eastern corner of town.  If you choose to help her, she will show you how to 
get through the town to the older forest area where Parn was last sighted.  Your task, rescue a kidnapped darkelf from 
the pyramid in the village (you can't miss it).  First, you must go through the first floor and find an item (I forget which, but
greed states that you should grab everything anyway).  The only risk is that one chest is booby trapped, it looks like one 
that is locked, but can be hacked open BUT IF YOU DO, IT WILL EXPLODE AND KILL YOU. (Use lockpicks)  Later, once
you are stronger, chest traps will only hurt you, so feel free to hack them open should you encounter them when you are 
an ass-kicker.
     After returning to Pirotess, she will open the way to the second floor where the prison is held.  Just kill the enemies 
and talk to the victem and there you go.  A passage onward will open up in the east side of the pyramid's first floor
which will lead you onward.  Before you go, Explore the third floor of the pyramid for alot of mithril and an ancient
(mini boss fight).

    THE ELVEN FOREST is a series of ruins with alot of darkeves and ogres pestering you.  Your objective here is to pull 
a lever opening a gate.  Through there will take you to a couple of tunnels (some dead ending with items/ancients) and
eventually to a temple.  Inside, you will encounter a boss and his hoard.  After a little parlay, they will threaten to attack 
you.   A voice will ring out from behind a pillar and Parn will emmerge and help you in this fight.  Parn isn't that strong, but 
he has ALOT of life and makes a great decoy.  After beating them, He tells you he was travelling with  Deedlit to defeat a
Darkelf named Rusev when he got seperated from Deedlit.  You have the choice of helping him find her, or telling him his 
help isn't worth going through all of the trouble of rescuing a bimbo and that he can go piss up a tree. (translation not 
exactly word for word)  But as it is Wort's "request" to find her, you kinda find yourself stuck.


     It turns out Deedlit was seperated from Parn when a swarm of Goblins (some other clan that is actually kind of tough)
attacked and captured her.  The Goblins can be reached by traversing the mass of tunnels that can be accessed from the
temple you find Parn in.  The first few floors are just dungeon (booby trapped chests), but eventually will open up into a HUGE
level of caverns.  The Goblins Lair is located by taking the cave furthest to the south-east.  All other caves will eventually
dead end and usually have neat stuff in them.  Along the way there are groups of enemies that, if you kill the whole group, will
cause a chest to appear.  Make your way south and into the Goblins' lair to find a save and heal water.  There will 
also be your second red warp back to home in this tunnel.  Travel through and you will see an FMV of Deedlit tied up.
    Now, this cave area is swarming with goblins.  (ALOT!)  But all you really have to do is reach Deedlit.  You can come back
here afterward and most of the goblins will be back should you want to level up.  You rescue Parn's girl and you tell her who
you are and why you're here.  Again, you can choose not to help them go after Rusev, but I found these caverns a little tough 
to be travelling alone, and so agreed to help. (little did I know how easy all of this is compared to the later levels)


     The point here is to exit the goblins' lair at the west end.  This will lead to the second half of the caverns which, 
just to be confusing, are full of caves that lead back and forth throughout the same area. Use your map or risk looping back 
alot.  The exit from here is right next to where you first entered these caverns from the elven temple.  However, when you reach
there, you will find the door locked, and a sign saying that you must defeat the stone titan to unlock it.  The titan can be found
by a glowing flash that is located nearby.  Each time you step on the flash, a new one will appear nearby leading you to the 
boss's room.  (NOTE: in ALL future appearances, this glow means a boss fight, not a path)  After fighting the titan, return to 
door and go up to the second half of the elven forest.
     This area is fairly short and simple.  Just follow the series of caves to get into the citadel seen to the north.  NOTE the magic 
door and the chest blocked off by a row of crystals.  (you will be able to break these later in the game)  Once in the citadel, 
you will reach an area with an FMV and you will meet Rusev.


     Before Rusev fights, (like all major bosses in all games) you can talk with him. He sets the area on fire, which will
cause your characters damage if they touch the fire.  Then, he will send some lackeys after you.  Once they are beaten,
he will attack himself.......with some help.  Beating him can be tricky.  But not if you kill all of the elves the heal and summon 
more enemies first.  Once he is beaten, you take his head as a trophy (yes, that's what I said).   And you are congratulated by 
Parn and Deedlit.  At this point, the two of them departed saying they were going back to Lodoss Island and there is
nothing left to do but return to Wort.


     According to Wort, Slayne and Leylia are with the dragon Narse.  Narse's lair is a cave visible on the map in the Desert-Hills
area.  Since the desert is full of sandworms that do alot of damage, the easiest way to get there is to follow the path from the 
Goblin fort like you did with Parn, only when you reach the T-branch, take the left.


     This area is plagued by ogres.  Ogres are a pain, because they can knock you down and swarm you once you're stuck on 
the ground unable to get up.  The best way to avoid this is to give your armour/shield very high Durability (see basic hints).\
Once you reach Narse's lair, you will find another red warp as well as a the standard save and heal water.  The caves 
are full of those crystals you saw earlier and they block much of the area so skip exploring for now and find the stairs 
going up.  The second floor is just a huge room empty save Narse, Slayne and Leylia.  


     It turns out that Vagnard is ressurecting Cardice in the castle of the now dead Kind of Marmo, Beld (Conquara).  The castle is located in 
the most north-western corner of the mountains area.  BUT the castle is sealed by magic and the only way in is a back door
with a special seal.  The seal can only be broken by Vagnard's 2 henchmen; the dark elf Rusev and a cultist of Faralys named 
Shordel. Now, Narse can make a key, but it will require something of Shordel........
............yes, it's off to collect his head. MWA HA HA HA!

     Just north of Narse, is a wall of that crystal stuff you've seen alot of.  Search it, and a huge golem will appear.  It would seem
that those crystals are actually Mithril and with a pick he's going to give you, it can be broken up and collected (Yay!).  He will 
give you one, but now that you have it, you can duplicate more back at the blacksmith like you do with the lockpicks.  
(NOTE: it usually takes 4 picks to take out a the average chunk you will encounter)  Past this wall of mithril is a path leading 
back down another part of the same cave area.  In the east wall is another exit which will pop you out in the Demonic Island area.
And no, Neither Slayne nor Leylia volunteer to join.... (or do they?)

     If you follow the only real path north-west in the island area, you will reach the far north edge of the map and enter the hills
below the church of Faralys.  This area can be summed up in one word AMBUSH!!!  Breaking Mithril, opening a chest, even 
unlocking a door can lead to a mass of explosions and a swarm of bastards that will appear (sometimes, your recall spell will
be blocked so you have to fight it out).  The church, located at the top of the hills, is locked and a sign says that you must 
destroy 4 demon statues to open it.  You probably saw the statues on the way here. (yes, destroying some of them cause 
ambushes, too)  After alot of pain, the door to the church opens and Leilia stands there.  After a talk, it is possible for her 
(and maybe Slayne as well, I'm not sure) to join.  Leylia is greatest sidekick you can have.  All she does is remove any
ill conditions you aquire and create a field within which all allies heal 90 hp per second AND all enemies TAKE 90 hp 
damage per second-- WOW!   The problem with this is you know means this level will be tough..... (also note the magic
door hidden off to the right side of the church)

    THE CHURCH is based on two concepts, destroy statues and pedistles to open doors (or to cause larger statues to 
dissappear) and pull levers to raise and lower spiked gateways.   There are 4 basement levels and Shordel is on the 5th. 
Along the way, you will meet his aid, a young sorceress named Serafy.
       On 3 occasions you will meet her, and she will send swarms after you. When you finally fight her, she isn't 
that tough, just very fast.  Wait inside Leylia's heal field and try not to let Serafy ram you out of it. For the earlier fights, 
just kill the monster or demon that you see her summon seperate from the rest of the swarm.
       On each floor it is required that you destroy any and ALL statues you encounter.  There will be 
instances where you can go down to the next floor even without doing this, but if you do, Shordel will be invincible.  The
most important of them is the statue of him (a big fat guy) hidden within a mass of mithril on B4.  After this, you will
hear his voice cursing you and all of gates on this floor will begin moving randomly every few seconds (no more need to
pull levers)  Also note  the Magic doors on this floor.   During this dungeon, you will also see an FMV of some expendable 
extras being turned to stone.......guess what Shordel's power is?


     Shordel is a bastard as he will constantly turn you to stone.  Leylia will change you back (or it wears off after a time limit if 
your intelligence is high enough) but the tough part is the enemies will all strike you simultaneously while you are stuck and 
do 100% of your life if less than 2 seconds.  Kill all of the henchmonsters, then move on the Shordel.  It will take a while, 
he has ALOT of life.  After killing him, you take his head and add it to your collection.  


     With the victory at Faralys Church it's time to return to Narse and see what grisley key can be made from the heads of 2
dead guys.  From here, believe it or not, the very next dungeon you do will be to fight Vagnard, Karla and Cardice. Sounds 
like a short game, doesn't it?  Wrong.  You see, once Narse gives you the 2 headed key, the journey to Beld's castle is 
plagued with enemies way to too strong to survive.  (If you doubt this, try traversing the sandworm desert, south to 
through the wastleland area, and north through the mountains without reloading a couple hundred times.)   Which is why both
Slayne and Wort, if talked to, will have side quests for you to use to power up.

     Once you have the key, Slayne will tell of armaments of the dragon (sword, shield, armour and helm).  They are guarded by 
4 spirits and are located across the land (they will appear on the map as a little red and blue wave).  In each area, you will find 
a red warp, like those which send you home, only they will lead to a chamber with a throne and a voice asking if you wish to 
challenge for the dragon's item.
     They are, in order of difficulty:      Helm - the oasis in the centre of the desert hills area (fight an ice salamander)
                                                     Sword - Island in swamp area (must warp there, see section "OPENING THE GATES")
                                                               \ (fight a big lightning bug whos name I forget)
                                                     Shield - southern end of the wasteland (fight Gigandeth)
                                                     Armour - the demonic island (again, must warp) - fight Mithril Golem

     In each case, the fight consists of the boss, 3 lizard ice-mages and 1 lizard champion.  The 4 lackeys are quite tough, and
reappear 5 seconds after you kill them.  These fights are not something that can be done quickly, it's a matter of trying back 
now and then and seeing if you can live through one.  In either case, the final part of this quest cannot be completed until
you are near god-like in power (I was at the max level of 100 and I still needed to power up for the next part).  Once you have all
4 armaments, return to Narse and it will give you the Dragon Buster ancient.  After, it will ask if you are ready to be tested.
If you say yes, you will have to fight all 30 of the realm's spirits (see Wort's quest for details) in a row without a chance to 
warp and heal AND AFTER fight Narse (yes, the dragon).  Who is really tough.  (1 hit from anything will kill you unless your 
armour is above 1700 and your resistance to fire is above 80!!)    Don't ask what you get if you beat him, I haven't done it yet.

     Leylia, if talked to after you reach Beld's castle, will ask you to return a statue which is located on the 3rd or 4th last floor of 
the dungeon.  Her reward, like a many others is semi-random (see basic hints)


     Wort will ask you to see his friend Fingerpost in the darkelf village.  It turns out that she is Rusev's mother and is
 saddened by his death.  She claims he was seduced by the darkness and was actually a good man (you can choose to
agree with this or not).  She says that there are 30 spirits across Marmo, and each has a golden crest.  She wants you to go defeat 
the spirits and bring back the crests so she use them somehow as tribute to her dead son.  She will create a warp beside her
house to the first of them, the Lizard King.  (Note: most of the temples will now appear on your maps)  Each spirit is the same sort 
of thing. A tunnel leading to a door, maybe a side chamber or 2, and a big room with the boss.  After the first one or two, (I forget which)
she will give you a book that is not a spell.  You actually put it in your active item row and use it to unlock any of those magically
sealed doors (YAY!).  As all but 2 of the spirits are locked by these doors, this is a must have item.  She will also give you random
rewards after the first 4 medallions you return.  After that she will ask for them in groups of 3 or 4 and only give a reward when all
3 or 4 are returned.  This will go on until there is only 1 left (for the best story outcome, this should be the Hell Lord on the demonic 
     Should you not get the book after beating the Lizard King, the only other spirit not locked is the Goblin King.  Who is located in 
the main hills area.  Simply follow the same path you've followed before, and take a left the first opening you get after you pass that
broken bridge with the goblins on it.  Circle south and you will find it.
    The temples on the maps can be view by hitting L or R on the map screen.  Selecting the temple will give the name of who is 
inside.  They are, in rough order of difficulty:
				-Goblin King
				-Skeleton King
				-Lizard Man
				-Lizard King
				-Goblin Lord
				-Eldar Knight
				-Dark Shaman
				-Titan Zombie
				-Iron Golem (actually tougher, but every time you destroy a statue, he is paralyzed for a while)
				-Great Insect
				-Flame Demon
				-Goblin Master
				-Gigandeth Zombie
				-Puddle Queen
				-Lesser Demon (the same guy Serafy summoned agains you once only angrier)
				-Greater Demon
				-Demon Lord
				-Hell Lord (you have to fight both the Greater Demon and Demon Lord here again)
				-Mithril Golem (statue, paralyze thing here as well)
      When you beat a spirit, you will get a crest, an ancient and (sometimes) an item(always in a locked chest).  A firey slash 
will appear over top that temple on your map to keep you from repeating your journeys.  The 2 marked hidden are off  the main 
map.  Zombie is located beyond that first magic door in the catacombs below the graveyard way back at the start.  The Cultists
are beyond the magic door hidden beside Faralys Church.  Here is also where you can find the warp to the great gates......

     If you walked all the way to fight the Greater Demon (that temple way up in the sky--far north desert-hills area), or taken the warp
near the Cultists temple, you will have seen the great gates.  These are a link to every temple in the game (and eventually to your
home base as well) making them very handy for travel.  To activate them, you need only beat the Greater Demon.  (Pirotess will
appear at the entrance to this temple telling you as much)  Once activated, you finally warp to the islands and areas you could 
never reach before (demon island, swamp island, etc.).  You don't need to have visited any of the sites, they just all activate 

     When you reach the Hell Lord, she will talk to you and ask why you have come.  If you are honest and mention Fingerpost's name,
the Hell lord will claim that the crests actually summon a great power and have nothing to do with the darkelves.  If you believe her, she 
warps you out of the dungeon and you can end your side quest here leaving old granny waiting.  If you go back into the temple, 
the Hell Lord says you are a fool for coming back and she isn't nice enough to let you leave unscathed a second time (well, she IS
the Lord of Hell, after all).  Beat her and you obtain the final crest. 
     Upon returning to Fingerpost, she seems way too eager to get ahold of it.  And since you have heard that her story isn't entirely
honest, you are given the option not to hand it over.  You just leave and this side quest is over.   BUT if you return it, she laughs 
and warps you to a desert.  She tells you she hates you for killing her son and wants vengence.  Using the crests she summons
a green dragon to attack. Again, like Narse, this thing is beast and I haven't beaten it yet. 


    Once you reach the castle's back door (or perhaps dungeon entrance), you destroy a statue and place the "key" in its place 
(an ambush will occur).  Upon entering, the door will slam shut behind you and your recall spell will be useless.  
However, you will meet Pirotess who will join if answer properly.  The area has a few booby traps and there are areas 
beyond gates and doors you can't get to yet.  All you need to do is get back outside via an exit in the north west.  
Once there, Pirotess will show you the side entrance one floor up.  There is a red warp back to goblin mountain and now your
recall spell is working again.  When you go in to this newer enterance, you will see Ashuram fighting zombies.  As you approach him
it turns out Pirotess was asked to bring you here.  Ashuram says how Vagnard has taken hold of the castle (with Beld dead, it 
should be Ashuram's castle) and he wants Vagnard dead.  It is possible to get him to join, but Pirotess will leave if you do.  He
will also offer to give you a ring or a cloak (you can be a prick and ask for both or be really huge prick and ask for his magic sword,
though the latter he will refuse).  Ashuram is actually really weak and useless versus Vagnard so be prepared to heal alot if you take
him.  From here, it is a matter of going downstairs level by level fighting each floors guardian.  Each floor has a series of doors that 
can only be opened by pulling the lever situatedon one side of the door.  Most of these are more so when you return later, you 
can take short cuts.  There are also a series of statues and barrels you must destroy to reveal the magic symbols underneath (and
beat any monsters that appear because of it).  This will reduce the number of enemies that come back every time you go through
the area.
     The first floor guardian is a Skeleton King who will block the stairway, send a swarm after you and run away.  Beat them and 
follow him around to where he warped to, kill him and go down to the next floor.
     The second guardian is hidden.  When you reach the throne room, Ashuram will say that there is a passage beneath the throne.
Destroy the chair, and the boss will appear.  This guy is a pain.  He will send 2 swarms after you and them both at the same time.
What makes him hard, is he will zap you with lightning that will paralyze you until he counts down.  After you beat all of the swarms, 
he's left alone, and he's just one of those pop-up monster you fought way back at the elven forest and almost as weak.
     The next floor is VAGNARD.  You will know because the whole floor is nothing but a save and and big room.


     After the usual talking routine, Vagnard will summon 2 stone pillars and a massive ammount of bad guys.  Ashuram is useless
here, and you will find yourself healing every few seconds to keep him alive if he gets swarmed.  Vagnard is actually really weak 
EXCEPT FOR ONE CHEAP-ASS DIRTY-GOAT-DICK-SUCKING MOVE.  "Cardice!!!"   Upon yelling this, every small charaacter on 
screen (friend or foe), save him, will take a couple hundred damage and be blown away from him and fall over.  If he opts to use 
this move repeatedly, just reload your game, YOU CAN'T WIN.  Even if you power up, you just end up taking 1 hp damage and 
end up blown into a corner unable to get up long enough to reach him, let alone hit him. (see boss hints for beating this prick if
you get stuck)

      After beating Vagnard (yes, he dies, he doesn't run away), Ashuram says his work is done and he leaves.  The rest of dungeon
must be done solo (or does it?).  B3 is just more of the same statue destroying and lever pulling. (there is a puddle queen guarding
an ancient).  The only thing to note is the room with 3 stone pillars and a tablet.  After reading the tablet, a flame will appear in the 
centre of the 3 and should you step on it, you will be swarmed by enemies.  However, they all dissappear as soon as you step off
the fire.  What you have to do (you get a really strong armament if you succeed) is last 40 seconds of enemy attacks without 
stepping off or bein knocked off that spot.  All you need is a really high armour, durability andjust keep casting your wind spell over
and over, healing when needed.   The floor guardian is a group of titans that appear from statues blocking the stairway down.
     The next floor is more of the same (Medusas!! too much stone!)  The floor guardian is also a Medusa.  (more statue breaking)
     B5 is the only floor which is already mapped for you.  And as you walk into it, a voice rings out that brings fear into your heart....
"Cardice!!!"  Yes, that bastard Vagnard has been brought back as a zombie by the power of Cardice.  After alot of boasting and 
gloating, he mutates into a big monster form and summons a huge swarm of enemies.  Not as annoying as when he was alive.
     As you step over the carcass and traverse to next floor you find the castle is beginning to end and turn into series of ice caverns.
There is a red warp back home so you can start here should you retreat or die.  B6 is very short as it leads quickly to a warp which 
takes you--yes that's right, it's no typo--to B8 right near the stairway to B9.

     Should you choose to go down to B9, you will meet up with Wort, have a short talk with him, and then move on to the other 
great mage----Karla.  OR you can explore B8, and find the stairs up to B7 and from there up to the rest of B6.

    B6 TO B8

    These levels are here for only 2 reasons.  Find Leylia's statue, and POWER UP.  Each floor is a series mithril chunks, chests 
and mini bosses with items. Not only that, but should you leave the dungeon and return via the red warp (and not the recall spell), 
these floors will be unmapped again, and all of the mithril, items and mini bosses will be back (YAY!).  The enemies get tougher 
as you make your way back up to B6 (mithril golems and greater demons are common enemies here).The statue is on B6.


    After a seductive laugh and a bit a talk, Karla will attack you, but not without a surprise.  It seems that Wort isn't the only mage
able to raise the dead.  Karla will not summon any swarm BUT she does summon RUSEV AND SHORDEL.  Yes, you have to
fight all 3 at the same time.  Have fun.

     Well, that's it.  Then only thing left is to go down to B10 and fight Cardice.  Your ending will be determined based on who lived
oir died, who you were nice to, and whether or not you asked people about your past.

----------------------------------------------03: BASIC HINTS AND TRICKS------------------------------------------------

(these are in rough order of obvious to tricky)
- use your map alot!!
- explore every bit of every area, if you can't wander around an area easily, odds are you're too weak to move on the next area.
- always carry at least 15 heal waters at all times (10 or so, if they are multiple use)
- always carry at least 16 mithril picks at all times.  Some bosses require them.
- you can carry alot more than you think
- in the blacksmith's room there is a chest where you can store extra stuff
- Vital stats include: STR (will raise damage, and impact as well)
                              INT  (will raise MP, resistance, and magic power)
                              Durability (so you don't get knocked down)
- if you ever run out of lockpicks or mithril picks, just go to blacksmith and he can duplicate you some more
- at no time in this game do you ever equip new weapons and armour.  Once you find the magic stuff at the Goblins' Fort, you find 
other weapons, give them to your blacksmith for scrap, then transform your magic wpn/armour/etc into it.
- not all ancients have to be found, if you us up all of the +4s, you may "learn" +5.
- the name of the game is MITHRIL.  Your max level is 100, but I've had my weapons at level 300. And comparing the +4 or so you 
get to each stat when you go up a level vs. the + 10 to 17 you get with the wpn bonus........
- the dragon sword and light saber made seem weak, but their chance at a critical hit is over 100% which means....WOW.
- most chests in the game are random.  (even those given as rewards)  If you don't like what you got, reload.
- firewall is great vs any slow enemies or ones who stand behind walls waiting for you.
- ancients in yellow can't be put into the item, only equiped for use.  But they are good.  There is one that halves your mp, but 
TRIPLES your hp!! 
- TALKING (for those with no japanese):
		-the bottom answer is usually the one that ends the conversation ("the okay, let's go" kinda thing)
		-lines with "!" are usually negative, "?" are usually positive.
		-save before a talk sequence and experiment
- not all magic doors are worth it.  Before you get the book to unlock them, you will only get 4 the whole game (including the
one in the tutorial and the one in the graveyard)
- in the goblin fort there are people who can help, there is one guy who will call up a swarm of goblins you can either kill or ask
them to search the area and bring you items.  There is a guy who will ask for rings, boots and capes, etc in exchange for 
- if you need levels, go to the Sand Worm Temple.  (once you get above level 20, you should be able to kill the weaker sandworms
inside.  It only takes 3-6 to go up a level even at level 90 and they come back every time you enter.)
- if you need mithril, go fight a mithril golem.  Every now and then, he drops mithril just from you hitting him.  He's also very slow, so 
just cast firewall, and run circles around him and pick up the stuff he drops (fire only does 1 hp, so you'll never risk killing him)
- if you are missing spells by the end of the game, the enemies on floors B6 - B8 will randomly drop books to make up for what
you missed.
- if you use a heal water, all people in your party heal (even zombies you've called up).
- the potion with 3 colours (red, green and yellow) is an invicibilty potion, treasure them!! 
- if you want to open the warps early, use invisibility magic to sneak all the way to the Greater Demon, then use an invincibility
potion to kill him (he doesn't have alot of life)
- if you wish to know how many of the mystic weapons and armour you are missing, just look at the blacksmith's room. There are 
racks upon which all special wpns/etc will appear once you have them melted down.
- levitation or hiding foot steps will allow you to sneak past enemies 
- increased hearing will allow you to "see" little blue waves where ever a noise comes from, which is great for invisible or underground
enemies or those behind walls that you can't see.
- if a weapon you like doesn't have the space to equip a certain ancient, transform it to a really crappy small weapon that does, then 
change back when you're done.

----------------------------------------------04: BOSS HINTS------------------------------------------------

Titans, Gigandeth, and other ogre types with big hammers - simple stick and move, hit him one side move to other when he swings

Medusa - hide behind a wall, use firewall repeatedly

Sand Worm (if you want to kill him early) - lead him to the door (he won't leave the sand), when you stand inside the door way, he wil
stay underground and wait for you to come near him.  But  you can see him in the black below the screen, lay a firewall, run up to 
make him pop up, then run out of his range and let the fire hit him. Wash, rince,  repeat....

Mithril Golem - if you have the light saber (or wand hilt, as they call it) it is faster and longer range than anything else in the game, 
just hit and run from just outside his swing range.  (Use stone cage to keep him in place long enough to kill the gargoyles around
him if it's the temple version)

Gigandeth (temple version, the toughest) - ressurect one of his own hammer guys as a human sheild.

Rusev - there is one elf woman who summons up new enemies, kill her first.

Ice Salamander - hide in a corner where only a few wizards can reach you, and lay a fire wall constantly in front of you and heal.

VAGNARD - if you destroy the 2 pillars he summoned, the enemies will stop re-appearing, BUT he WILL start using that cheap move
more.  So, transform your weapon to one with a really high impact (2 handed sword, something damaging) as soon as the fight starts,
run around all of the enemies (ignore them all ) and just start pounding at Vagnard.  If your impact is high, he'll be stunned from
each hit and won't even have a chance to cast any spell.  (only trick is healing every 5 seconds to Ashuram alive as he will be 

Floor guardians: the 3 hammer titans. - it's a very big room, use it and run constantly.  Pick off anyone who gets seperated from 
the hoard trying to follow you.

Zombie Vagnard - destroy the pillar/statue near each swarm and they'll dissappear.  This time, he has no big move to spaz on you
with if he's left alone.

Dragons - run in circles around them while they fly or breath flame at you.  Don't walk under his shadow of he'll land on you.
Karla - there is a rock to hide behind, circle around it and keep those petrification shots away from you.  Only attack Karla.


Well, that's it.  I'm not gonna bother with all of th copyright stuff cause it's just a faq and I don't care.  

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