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Pokemon Yellow

1. Legal Stuff
2. FAQ
3. Extra non-relevant stuff

1. Legal Stuff

This FAQ has had a lot of work put into it. (not like all my other FAQS and 
strategies don't)This FAQ is not to be copied, or sold for any price to anyone 
without written consent from the author.

2. FAQ

This is just a list of helpful questions to guide you through the game. THIS IS NOT 

Q: Why won't the lady in Cerulean City give me Bulbasaur?

A: When you go to that lady you have to prove to her that you are worthy of taking 
care of Bulbasaur. You must make sure that Pikachu ia happy at all times. (Give him 
plenty of potions)

Q: Where do I find Tauros?

A: You find Tauros in the Safari Zone.

Q: Where do I get Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle?

You get Bulbasaur in Cerulean City, Charmander after Nugget Bridge, and you get 
Squirtle in Vermilion City from Officer Jennie.

Q: How do I know how much experiance a pokemon needs until he grows another level?

A: If you pause the game then look under pokemon, you should see the pokemon you 
want to look at, click stats and then hit A. There will be some stats and under the 
picture of the pokemon it should say level up:XXXXXX.

Q: When will Pikachu evolve??

A: In pokemon Yellow Pickachu cannot evolve, in pokemon red/blue you must give it a 
thunder stone. In Pokemon Yellow you aren't able to give it to him.

Q: All 150 pokemon aren't in the game. How do I get them?? 

A: Yes, there are certain pokemon you cannot get in the game. You must trade with 
friends to get them all.

Q: When does Kadabra, Machoke, and Haunter evolve?

A: This is another thing you must do. You must trade one of these pokemon for it to 

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