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SpongeBob Squarepants
FAQ by: T.K
Game by: THQ
Developer: Nintendo
Version: 0.5
GBC Only

Version History:

03/23/01: First Version. Everything new. Started some of the walkthrough

03/25/01: Added some other sections and more of the walkthrough

03/26/01: Added one more level on the walkthrough and a review

03/27/01: Straightened up the lines and spaces

03/29/01: Added more of the Walkthrough

03/31/01: Made some minor changes


I:) Introduction
A.	Controls
B.	Story
C.	Characters

II:) Walkthrough

III:) Collectibles
A.	Weapons
B.	Ammo
C.	Miscellaneous 

IV:) Review and Rating

V:) Secrets
A.	Gameshark

VI:) Credits



Start: Bring up Menu Screen
Select: Bring up Safety First Screen

A Button: Fire Selected Weapon

B Button: Jump

D-Pad: Move SpongeBob


SpongeBob Squarepants is searching for the Flying Dutchman's Golden Spatula. 
With it, SpongeBob will become the "Master Fry Cook" of all time! Help 
SpongeBob search for hidden clues, unlock bonus items, avoid Jellyfish and 
even feed hungry ghosts! SpongeBob Squarepants in the Legend of the Lost 
Spatula- you'll laugh so hard, you'll get the bends!


SpongeBob: Our hero SpongeBob resides in a fully furnished pineapple house 
under the sea in Bikini Bottom. He's incurably optimistic and well meaning, 
yet everywhere he goes, trouble seems to follow. SpongeBob is a dedicated 
employee of the Krusty Krab restaurant where he aspires to be Employee of the 
Month every month.

Gary: SpongeBob's confidante and pet. Gary is a domesticated snail.

Patrick Star: SpongeBob's best friend, this dim-witted starfish can usually be 
found clinging to the underside of a rock. Patrick idolizes SpongeBob, and 
together they unintentionally wreak havoc on everyone around them.

Squidward Tentacles: Co-worker and neighbor of SpongeBob and a dreadful 
Clarinet player, Squidward is an embittered, aloof octopus. Everyone and 
everything annoy him. This could stem from the fact that Squidward is two arms 
short of a full set.

Sandy Cheeks: She's the only squirrel of her kind - with a penchant for 
thrill-seeking sports like karate, surfing and weight lifting. One of 
SpongeBob's best pals. Sandy lives under the sea in an air dome. SpongeBob 
loves hanging out with her. Unfortunately, being with Sandy usually entails 
the need for a crash helmet.

Mr. Krabs: He's the greedy owner of the Krusty Krab and SpongeBob's money-
hungry boss. Although Mr. Krabs finds SpongeBob a constant source of 
aggravation, he genuinely likes him.

Plankton: He owns the Chum Bucket restaurant, the Krusty Krab's rival, and 
business isn't good. Could this be because he's pretentiously and mean, 
constantly plotting to put Krabs out of business and steal his famous Krabby 
Patty recipe. Plankton is short and it shows. He suffers from a Napoleon 
complex. Plankton is made of two ingredients, 1% Evil, 99% Hot Gas. 


|Level 1: Goo Lagoon|

You'll start beside your pineapple house. Go right until you reach the 
Downtown sign. Go downtown and fight the Bubble Bath (the big fat guy). Talk 
to Mr. Krabs and go to outer town. Go talk to Mrs. Puffs and she'll give you 
the Hall Monitor Uniform (actually a new layer pants). Next, go to the Goo 
Lagoon. Fight the Beach Bully at the Snack Bar and go to the docks. Get on the 
Bubble Platform and continue to the rocky mountain area. Find the Spatula and 
go on the highest part of the mountain and keep following the bubble platforms 
until you find the anchor. Grab it and you'll sink down into the Goo Lagoon. 
Open the treasure chest to find the map and the information to find the four 
oven knobs to enter the Flying Dutchman's underworld to find the Golden 
Spatula. Get through the maze to appear back at the beach.

|Level 2: Jellyfish Fields|

To enter Jellyfish Fields, go to Sandy's Park and enter the Jellyfish Fields 
Road. To complete Jellyfish Fields, you'll have to fight the Big Jelly. But 
first you should find some new equipment. I think you find the Glasses here 
but I'm not sure. Also, try to find the Jelly that Squidward needs. Check the 
treasure chests for more pants and ammo. From the start, go to the far left to 
find the Big Jellyfish.

Boss: Big Jellyfish
Attack: Electric Shock
Strategy: Keep fighting him with bubbles
Reward: First Oven Knob

|Level 3: The Carnival|

To enter the Carnival, go to SpongeBob's block and go down the road. Before 
you go, talk to Patrick. It seems that he misplaced his shorts at the 
Carnival. Your main objective is to find the shorts, also to find the 2nd oven 
knob. Enter the carnival from the road. The enemies you face will be some 
easy-goers. Lucky for you that there is no boss here. If there were one, it 
would probably be a big clown. To find the shorts, go to the left side of the 
level and take the cliffs to the highest land point and ride the hooks. The 
hooks make a big maze. Keep going higher to find a platform with the shorts on 
it. Then climb the platforms higher to find the 2nd oven knob. Congrats! Give 
the shorts back to Patrick and he'll give you your trusty net for 
jellyfishing, 'Ol Reliable.

|Level 4: The Undersea Desert|

First, before you find the Undersea Desert, talk to Sandy in Sandy's Park. 
She'll complain because she lost her hat. Go to the Outer town area to get to 
the Undersea Desert. This was my least favorite level, because of the presence 
of Urchins and Scallops, but when I found out you can catch them with your 
net. To the far right, you'll find the boss, Hot Sauce Bandito, who has stolen 
Sandy's hat. First collect more items and ammo. To find the boss, go to the 
far-right area.

Boss: Hot Sauce Bandito
Attack: Gun
Strategy: Attack him bubbles
Reward: Third Oven Knob
When he's defeated, you'll collect the third oven knob and Sandy's hat an 
she'll give you the Moon Man Launcher, which gives you unlimited ammo to the 
net launcher.

|Level 5: Kelpazoic Jungle|

To find the Kelpazoic Jungle, go to downtown. Talk to Mr. Krabs and he'll give 
you the pizza. Now go to Kelpazoic Jungle. Go right and jump up on the big 
spatula-like stalks until you find two warp points. Take the right one. Take 
the bottom path and defeat the Urchins. Jump on the waterfall at the end and 
steer to the right. Jump on the stalks and on to the platforms and keep going 
up. Take the platform and go right. Go down and avoid the waterfalls and keep 
going down. Talk to the guy and deliver the pizza to him. Go into the warp 
point and keep taking the bubble platforms up. Once you find a treasure chest 
at the end, you'll find the Big Fish by it.

Boss: Big Fish
Attack: Rocks
Strategy: Give him a Patty and shoot the Net Launcher.
Reward: Last Oven Knob

Once you find all the Oven Knobs, you'll see a cinema with the oven.

|Level 6: Rock Bottom|

When you end the scene with the oven and SpongeBob, you'll keep falling till 
you reach the ground. There really is no walkthrough with this level. It's 
pretty short. Keep rising on the platforms and keep going right until you find 
the exit. I think there's a boss here but not sure. When I replay this level, 
I'll post the strategy here.

|Level 7: Flying Dutchman's Underworld| (Coming Soon)



Bubble Wand
Description: SpongeBob's main weapon. It has unlimited ammo and might scare 
off some enemies.
Location: Available from beginning

Jellyfishing Net/ 'Ol Reliable
Description: A weapon for catching Jellyfish, Scallops and Urchins.
Location: Available from beginning/gift from Patrick

Net Catcher
Description: Catch's many enemies but not the small ones like Scallops and 
Location: Treasure Chests

Moon Man Catcher
Description: Same as the Net Catcher but has unlimited ammo.
Location: Gift from Sandy

Description: Serves up Krabby Patties to feed and stall your enemies. Also a 
weapon to use on some bosses to defeat them.
Location: Goo Lagoon

Description: These glasses make SpongeBob invisible, but he can't walk.
Location: ???

Spring Shoes
Description: Makes SpongeBob jump twice as high
Location: Goo Lagoon Cave


Net Launcher Ammo
Used for: Net Launcher
Found: Treasure Chests

Used for: Spatula
Found: Treasure


Used for: Health
Found: Anywhere

Hall Monitor Badge
Used for: Pants Upgrade
Found: Treasure Chests

Review and Rating

SpongeBob Squarepants is finally on the GBC, but can he survive?

THQ made many Nickelodeon Shows into games and now is making SpongeBob 
Squarepants the next GBC hero. This game captures the humor of the show but is 
not really that fun. To its credit, the game has very strange objectives that 
must be accomplished to complete the game. While some other websites put low 
ratings, I want to put an okay rating. I liked the game but others might not. 
I'm a big SpongeBob fan that might have boosted me up for liking this game. 
Nintendo's rating was 2 ½, which means about 6.5.  This game, I thought were 
better then the other Nick Toon games. Rugrats, I thought were boring because 
the babies can't attack. SpongeBob Squarepants isn't bad, but could have been 
a little bit better.

Gameplay: 7.0

Sound: 5.0

Graphics: 6.9

Satisfaction: 7.1

Over All Rating: 6.5
Bottom Line: Only people who like SpongeBob Squarepants will get a kick out of 
this one.

Gameshark Codes

Infinte Health: 9102c6c3

Invincibility: 9189acc3


Legal Stuff:

Stuff to Obey!

1.	None of this Information is changed in anyway!
2.	Ask for my permission before you post or use this FAQ on the Net
3.	IF you use this without my permission, legal charges will take place.

© Taylor Kempema 2001

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