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Dynasty Warriors 7 FAQ
By: CEmAN4 (ceman04 at yahoo dot com)
Version: 1.0
Last Updated: April 12, 2011

Version History:

0.1 - Guide Started
0.75 - Story Finished
1.0 - Guide Completed


Table of Contents:

1) Introduction
2) Controls
3) Characters
4) Walkthrough
5) Conquest Mode
6) Quiz Questions
7) Achievements
8) Copyright


1) Introduction

Welcome to Dynasty Warriors 7 and possibly the best Dynasty Warriors to date.
Dynasty Warriors 7 features 62 characters including nearly all past DW 
characters and new ones. DW7 does away with the Renbu system and goes back to 
the good system from the previous games. Movesets, however, are dependent on
weapon and are not unique. The good news is that there are many weapons and
each character has his or her own EX attack as well as two unique musou 
attacks. In fact, there are plenty of weapons that the only ones that may get
old are the sword and the spear.

DW7 also introduces Conquest mode and a redesigned story mode. There is no
more free mode. Each story mode follows the story of the kingdom and the
character you play as is predetermined. This allows the stories to be more 
accurate than ever in a Dynasty Warriors game.

Conquest mode is all new with hundreds of hexes with different types of 
battles in each one. Each character contains two or three legendary battles
and can be found all over the map. You can also visit select cities to buy new
weapons, switch allies, or answer quiz questions from the scholar.

DW7 takes everything that is loved about the franchise and greatly improves
upon nearly every aspect of the game delivering a truly enjoyable experience.


2) Controls

Start - Pause
Back - Battlefield Map
Left Stick/D-Pad - Movement
Right Stick - Rotate Camera
LB - Strafe/Guard/Somersault
LT - Call horse
RB - Switch weapon
RT - Toggle map
A - Jump/Mount/Dismount Horse
X - Normal Attack
Y - Strong Attack/Jump horse
B - Musou Attack


3) Characters

To unlock a character you must play all of their respective legendary battles
in conquest mode. You will also unlock a character if you play as them in the 


Cao Cao
Weapon: Sword
EX Attack: YY

Xu Zhu
Weapon: Club
EX Attack: XXYY

Xiahou Yuan
Weapon: Bow
EX Attack: YY

Xu Huang
Weapon: Pike
EX Attack: XXYY

Zhang He
Weapon: Claws
EX Attack: XXYY

Cao Ren
Weapon: Flail
EX Attack: XXXYY

Cao Pi
Weapon: Twin Swords
EX Attack: YY

Zhen Ji
Weapon: Flute
EX Attack: YY

Cai Wenji
Weapon: Harp
EX Attack: YY

Jia Xu
Weapon: Chain & Sickle

Xiahou Dun
Weapon: Sword
EX Attack: XXYY

Dian Wei
Weapon: Axe
EX Attack: YY

Zhang Liao
Weapon: Twin Axes
EX Attack: XXXYY


Sun Jian
Weapon: Sword
EX Attack: XXYY

Taishi Ci
Weapon: Twin Rods
EX Attack: XXYY

Lu Meng
Weapon: Pike

Huang Gai
Weapon: Club
EX Attack: XXYY

Zhou Tai
Weapon: Curved Sword
EX Attack: XXYY

Ling Tong
Weapon: Nunchaku
EX Attack: XXYY

Sun Ce
Weapon: Tonfa

Sun Quan
Weapon: Sword
EX Attack: XXYY

Xiao Qiao
Weapon: Iron Fan
EX Attack: XXYY

Da Qiao
Weapon: Iron Fan
EX Attack: XXXYY

Ding Feng
Weapon: Gloves
EX Attack: YY

Lian Shi
Weapon: Crossbow

Zhou Yu
Weapon: Staff

Lu Xun
Weapon: Twin Swords
EX Attack: XXYY

Sun Shang Xiang
Weapon: Wheels

Gan Ning
Weapon: Chain & Sickle
EX Attack: XXYY


Liu Bei
Weapon: Twin Swords
EX Attack: XXXYY

Ma Chao
Weapon: Spear
EX Attack: XXYY

Huang Zhong
Weapon: Bow

Wei Yan
Weapon: Double Voulge

Guan Ping
Weapon: Great Sword

Pang Tong
Weapon: Shaman Rod

Yue Ying
Weapon: Staff

Jiang Wei
Weapon: Spear
EX Attack: XXYY

Liu Shan
Weapon: Rapier
EX Attack: XXYY

Xing Cai
Weapon: Sword & Shield
EX Attack: XXXYY

Ma Dai
Weapon: Brush

Guan Suo
Weapon: Nunchaku

Bao Sanniang
Weapon: Spinner

Zhao Yun
Weapon: Spear
EX Attack: XXYY

Guan Yu
Weapon: Pike
EX Attack: YY

Zhang Fei
Weapon: Double Voulge
EX Attack: XXYY

Zhuge Liang
Weapon: War Fan
EX Attack: XXYY


Sima Yi
Weapon: War Fan
EX Attack: XXYY

Sima Shi
Weapon: Rapier
EX Attack: XYY

Sima Zhao
Weapon: Sword
EX Attack: XXYY

Deng Ai
Weapon: Lance

Wang Yuanji
Weapon: Throwing Knives
EX Attack: XXXYY

Zhong Hui
Weapon: Flying Swords
EX Attack: YY

Zhuge Dan
Weapon: War Fan
EX Attack: XXYY

Xiahou Ba
Weapon: Great Sword
EX Attack: XXXYY

Guo Huai
Weapon: Arm Cannon
EX Attack: XXYY


Zhu Rong
Weapon: Throwing Knives

Diao Chan
Weapon: Chain Whip
EX Attack: XXXYY

Lu Bu
Weapon: Halberd
EX Attack: XXYY

Dong Zhuo
Weapon: Flail
EX Attack: YY

Yuan Shao
Weapon: Rapier
EX Attack: XXXYY

Zhang Jiao
Weapon: Shaman Rod
EX Attack: YY

Meng Huo
Weapon: Gloves
EX Attack: XXYY


4) Walkthrough


The story begins with Cao Cao watching a battle during the Yellow Turban 
Rebellion. Xiahou Yuan and Xiahou Dun then ride up and exchange words with Cao
Cao. The battle begins with you playing as Xiahou Dun.

Yellow Turban Rebellion

Ride up and fight with the enemies and defeat the first enemy general Zhang
Mancheng. After defeating him, head south and help Zhu Jun by defeating Bo
Cai. That will conclude the first battle.

The next part introduces the camp part of the game which is new to Dynasty
Warriors. You can talk to anybody with a mark over their head. To continue to
the next battle, talk with Cao Cao, who will have a red mark over his head. 
You may also speak with the weapons dealer to buy new weapons.

The gate will open and then the battle will begin. Head forward and defeat
the first enemy Yan Zheng. Continue on and defeat the next two enemies, Guan
Hai and Zhang Yan.

While fighting them, enemy reinforcements will arrive in the east part of the
map. Ride up there and defeat the two generals Cheng Yuanzhi and Deng Mao who
are attacking some peasants. After saving the peasants, they will give you a

In the meantime, Zhang Liang will summon boulders to impede the allied forces
advance. Go to him and take him out to stop the boulders and to allow your
allies to continue their advance. On the way there, take out Huang Shao and
He Yi.

The next piece of magic you will encounter are powerful wind storms summoned
by Zhang Bao. You will have to swing around the west side of the map and head
that way. Along the way, you will come to a climbable cliff. Scale that and 
continue on your way and defeat Liu Pi.

Head north towards Zhang Bao and the little flashing dot on the map. Circle 
around Zhang Bao to successfully complete a surprise assault on him and his 
men. Defeat him as well as Gao Sheng.

Continue towards Zhang Jiao's camp and take out the rest of the generals 
along the way. Once inside the main camp, destroy the four cauldrons first.
This will stop Zhang Jiao's sorcery and will allow you to defeat him easily.

Finshed Yellow Turban Rebellion

The story continues as you in control of Cao Cao now in the throne room of
Luo Yang castle. Speak with Dong Zhuo to continue. Cao Cao will refuse Dong
Zhuo's offer and is ordered by Dong Zhuo to be put to death.

Dong Zhuo's Trap

Your goal here is to reach the escape point without dying. Follow the blinking
dots on the map to reach your goal. Head to the east and defeat the two 
lieutenants to rescue the person trapped inside the gate. The person turns out
to be some handmaidens who will give you some treasure for saving them.

Head to the west to continue to the exit. Defeat Li Jue to open the next gate.
Inside will be Chen Gong who will aid you in your escape. The next room will
introduce you to Lu Bu. For anybody who is new to Dynasty Warriors, I offer a
word of advice.

Don't pursue Lu Bu.

Of course you could stay and fight, but you won't get very far. Run to the
next room and Chen Gong will mention a tiger in the next room which will aid
in your escape by throwing the enemy into disarray. Defeat the lieutenant to
open the door to the tigers. All you have to do is destroy the cage to free 
the tigers.

Go forward and defeat Li Su and Xu Rong to continue. The tigers will be 
startled by Lu Bu and run off. Lu Bu will continue chasing you into the next
hall which has a ballista down the hall which will shoot at you (obviously).
Defeat Li Meng who is the captain of the ballista to stop it. Make sure you
don't let Lu Bu get you in the meantime.

Once you reach the next room, Lu Bu will stop pursuing you and you will be
relatively safe. There will be another ballista controlled by Guo Si. There
will also be a blockage in the hallway. Defeat Guo Si to control the ballista
and clear the blockage. Leave the ballista and proceed to the exit.

Finished Dong Zhuo's Trap

You now have control of Xiahou Yuan at Sishui Gate. Speak to Yuan Shao to

Elimination of Dong Zhuo

Once out the main gate, you have many ways to go. Your first objective is to
defeat Hua Xiong. Hurry towards him. Along the way, stop in Sun Jian's camp to
help him out and defeat Dong Huang and Cai Yang. While fighting Hua Xiong, he 
will try to retreat. Stun him with your arrows and finish him off so he can't

Meanwhile, Sun Jian's forces are becoming demoralized as they have no food. 
To get food to them, defeat the generals who will be converging on the
supply depot in the northwest: Niu Fu and Zhang Xiu. This will deliver food to
Sun Jian. The main force will then begin their advance.

The main battle will be taking place in the center of the map. You can go 
there or finish off any other officers in the northern part. Once everybody
is defeated, head to the main camp and defeat Li Ru and Hu Zhen to finish the


Now to defeat Dong Zhuo permanently. He has his whole army in front and 
inside of Hu Lao Gate. Take your time and defeat the enemies outside of the 
gate. Also outside the gate are two catapults. You will use these to break 
down Hu Lao Gate. To commandeer one, take out Zang Ba. Before you destroy 
the gate, take out the enemy generals outside.

Once they're dead, hop on the catapult and bust down the gate. Many enemies 
will then pour out of the now open gate. Our good friend Lu Bu will then 
return. Again, now is not the time to pursue Lu Bu. Go to Dong Zhuo's main
camp and defeat him quickly as Lu Bu will be rushing towards Yuan Shao.

Finish Elimination of Dong Zhuo

Now it's time for a new character, Dian Wei. It turns out some remnants of
the Yellow Turbans are causing a kerfuffle in the Yan province. 

Battle of Yan Province

Your goal in this battle is to stay with Cao Cao and protect him. In the
southwest camp, Cao Cao will be ambushed by Gong Du and Sima Ju. Defeat them
and protect Cao Cao. Cao Cao will resume his advance once they're defeated.

Once you reach the east side of the map, you will be attacked by some tigers
and Li Tiao and Wu Huan. Defeat them and move on with the mission.

You will be lead to the Northeast Garrison which is full of enemies. Defeat 
them all to move on. Once you reach the northern central part of the map, 
more Yellow Turbans will come out of hiding. You just need to defeat 100 
enemies to continue.

The next task is to capture the Northwest Garrison. It's pretty similar to the
Northeast Garrison. The last task will be to defeat a giant in the central 
part of the map. The giant is actually not a tall giant, but a wide giant.
His name is Xu Zhu. Defeat him to finish the mission and to recruit him.

Finish Battle of Yan Province

In a surprising twist, you will now be in control of Xu Zhu. Walk around the
camp, and when you're ready, speak with Cao Cao to continue

Battle of Xu Province

The first objective of the battle is to capture the central garrison. Along
the way, there are various enemy generals to defeat. Once inside, you get
ambushed by some more generals. Of course this will be no challenge since they
are all weak.

While you are clearing out the central garrison, Lu Bu's forces will attack
starting with Zhang Liao who will charge your main camp. Quickly clear the 
rest of the central garrison so the doors will open up and then return to Cao
Cao's camp to defeat Zhang Liao. Once you defeat Zhang Liao, a short cut scene
will commence. 

After the cut scene, Lu Bu's main force will arrive. Xun Yu will leave to 
prepare a fire attack. You need to hold off Lu Bu's forces for enough time
for the fire attack to proceed. Once the fire attack succeeds, Lu Bu will

The objective will then switch back to attack Tao Qian. Go through the forest
and mop up the rest of Lu Bu's forces and then head south towards Tao Qian's
main camp. Once you return to the central garrison, it will be closed again.
Defeat Zang Ba to open the garrison up. Go inside and retake it.

After clearing the central garrison, continue on your way to the main camp.
Outside the main camp, there will be some catapults decimating your forces.
Defeat Chen Deng and Chen Gui to stop the catapults. During the time Liu Bei's
forces will arrive. Don't worry about them for now. Use the catapults to break
down the gate similar to Hu Lao Gate.

Once inside, defeat the enemy to finish the mission. You can also defeat Liu
Bei's army if you desire.

Finish Battle of Xu Province

Now it's time to return to Dian Wei at Wan Castle. Zhang Xiu has surrendered
and all is well. Except not really. Speak to Zhang Xiu when you're ready to

Battle of Wan Castle pt 1

Jia Xu tricked you! Of course you should know that, but if you're new to the 
history, you're pardoned. Anyway, to start things off, defeat the first 
soldiers to defect and Yang Feng. You need to protect Cao Cao as you make for
the exit.

Continue to the east and fight Huche'er and try to stay alive through the fire
attacks. The northeast room will reopen once you defeat Huche'er. The next area
introduces some phantom soldiers. To get rid of them, you must destroy the 
cauldrons in the corners of the area. Zhang Xian will also attack but he is 
not a phantom soldier so he can easily be defeated.

Continue west and more enemies will come out of hiding. Defeat Li Yue, Han 
Xian, and Lei Xu to continue. Han Xian will be hiding behind some juggernauts
and Lei Xu will be behind a ballista. Defeat Lei Xu first to commandeer the 
balista. You can then destroy the juggernauts and Han Xian with the balista.

The last enemy is Zhu Ling who is fighting Cao Ang. Reunite with him and they
will exchange some words. More enemy soldiers will arrive and you must fight
through them also. The last area contains some arbalests units which can't be
stopped. Zhang Xiu will appear here. Defeat him too and head to the west to
finish the mission. Afterwards, Witness the ultimate sacrifice.

Finish Battle of Wan Castle pt 1

You will now be back in control of Cao Cao at his camp outside of Wan Castle.

Battle of Wan Castle pt 2

Your first objective of the mission is to secure the drawbridges. Each one is
guarded by two generals. Only one set has to be defeated for both bridges to 
fall. If you enter the southern gate of the castle, you will be caught in a 
fire attack. Instead, head along the castle to the north and wait for the 
enemy outside the east gate.

Liu Biao's forces will have arrived in the meantime so head back to your main
camp and deal with them. You don't want Yue Jin dying and the mission failing.
Some of Zhang Xiu's men will come out of the castle and you will need to lure
them to the designated point on the map (it's right over the drawbridge).

Defeat them and you'll also draw out Jia Xu. Defeat him and victory is yours.

Finish Battle of Wan Castle pt 2

Now it's back to Xiahou Dun at Xia Pi. When you're ready, speak to Cao Cao and
Liu Bei.

Battle of Xia Pi

To start things off, capture the west side of Xia Pi Castle. The first enemy
before the gate is Cheng Lian. You can easily take him out and then proceed to
the west side of the gate. Your forces will also capture the south side of the
gate while you are taking the west. 

Lu Bu's forces won't budge so you'll have to try something else. Move to the
west and open the floodgates. Once you're there, there will be an ambush 
waiting for you. Defeat them and the fort will be open and from there you can
flood the castle. Be sure to watch for arrows.

After you're done watching out for arrows, the castle will be flooded. Once 
you enter the castle, the enemies to the north will mobilize to attack Cao 
Cao. Backtrack and cut them off before they can get there.

After dealing with Zhang Liao, the only enemy left is Lu Bu in the main camp.
Go and defeat him. This time you can pursue Lu Bu as he isn't uber powerful.
If you do defeat Diao Chan however, he will become enraged and will be a 
little more difficult to defeat. Once he's dead, the mission will be complete.

Finish Battle of Xia Pi

Moving forward, it's time to play as another new character: Cao Pi. When
you're ready to begin the battle for Guan Du, speak to the guard.

Battle of Guandu

At the start of the battle, head out the west gate and towards Yanjin. Along
the path towards Yanjin, Jia Xu recommends going through the water. Do so 
and you'll discover Liu Bei's ambush trap. Defeat them in order to keep Guan
Yu on your side.

After dealing with Liu Bei, resume the advance on Yanjin. Once you're there,
launch the pincer attack on Yuan Shao's troops in the center. After defeating
the men in the center, more of Yuan Shao's troops will advance over the river
towards Baima and Yanjin. Guan Yu will deal with the enemies at Baima so head
back the way you came to Yanjin and defeat the enemies there. Keep an eye on
Cao Cao in the center as you don't want him to die and fail the mission.

Yuan Shao's reinforcements will arrive after defeating them. The plan now 
calls for a temporary retreat back to Guandu Castle. Protect Cao Cao as he
retreats as he'll be ambushed in the center of the map. Xu Huang will also 
help by reappearing to help Cao Cao. More enemies will appear in the center
and at Baima and Yanjin. Continue to keep close to Cao Cao as he retreats to
Guandu Castle.

Yet another ambush will happen with some bigger names this time such as Zhen
Ji and Zhang He. Once you defeat them, the first part of the mission will end.

You will return to the war room where you can talk to some more people or 
dabble with some new weapons. Talk with Xu You and Jia Xu to continue.

You will notice the whole map is polluted with Yuan Shao's forces. The first
objective is to defend the castle by using the catapult on your walls to 
destroy Yuan Shao's siege towers. After destroying them, rendezvous with Xu
You at the east gate to advance towards Wuchao.

Xu You informs you that there is an ambush lying in wait down the road but
you can avoid them by going up the cliff and around the ambush. However, Jia
xu is weary of Xu You's loyalty and leaves the decision of what route to take
to you. I'll let you in on a little secret and tell you to take the mountain
path as Xu You is telling the truth. Once the ambush is spotted, jump down the
mountain and surprise attack them and defeat them quite handily.

Once you reach Wuchao, Zhen Ji will attack Xu You for his treachery. If you 
watch the report closely in the game, it will say to not allow Zhu Jun to be
defeated. Seeing as Zhu Jun has been dead for some time, I will assume the
game means to protect Xu You.

Anyway, defeat Zhen Ji and you'll end up taking her as your wife and defeat
the rest of the enemy generals attacking Xu You and then he'll convince the 
guards to open up Wuchao's south gates. Once inside, Zhang He will appear to
fight. Defeat him and Chunyu Qiong to set Wuchao on fire and decimate Yuan
Shao's forces. In the meantime, Yuan Shao's forces will have breached Guandu
castle so hurry and defeat Zhang He.

Like Zhen Ji, Zhang He will join your side after defeating him (although he
won't be your wife). Yuan Shao's forces that were attacking in the castle will
begin to retreat. Leave Wuchao through the north and strike right at the heart
of Yuan Shao's main camp.

Liu Bei will appear and charge your main camp. However, he will meet Guan Yu
and they will exchange words and Liu Bei will withdraw. Defeat all of the 
enemy generals that are indicated on the map. Once they're defeated, all that
remains is Yuan Shao. He will fall easily.

Finish Battle of Guandu

Now it's finally time to play as Zhang Liao. This time, there is no pre-battle
meeting. You'll be thrust right into the action.

Battle of Changban

Anybody familiar with Dynasty Warriors knows this level. It's your goal to 
reach Liu Bei before he can escape. Advance forward and defeat the enemy
generals as fast as you can. The first is Chen Dao who will be blocking your
way. Ride hard to the next point where some peasants and Yi Ji are blocking
your path. Show no mercy and cut them down.

Ride up to Liu Bei and... wait no! Boulders in the way! Head back to the east
and fight Zhao Yun who has just appeared. Keep on advancing and defeat Sun 
Qian who is in the next fort. Again, go to the next fort and defeat Liu Qi.
At this point, Liu Bei should have crossed Chang Ban bridge and Zhang Fei will
be standing guard. Zhang Fei will set fire to Chang Ban bridge and you'll have
to defeat him to advance. 

Once Zhang Fei is defeated, the bridge will magically be extinguished. 
Continue on your pursuit of Liu Bei. Once you enter the southeast garrison, 
you'll be greeted with a fire attack and an ambush by Zhuge Liang and Zhuge
Jun. Once they're defeated, hurry to Liu Bei as his escape ship will soon be

Once you reach Liu Bei, Guan Yu will arrive on his flaming horse and Liu Bei
will escape. Don't fret as the objective will change to and you must now 
defeat Guan Yu to win.

Finish Battle of Changban

Now for whatever reason, you get to play as Xu Zhu for the pivotal battle of
Chi Bi. When you're ready, speak with Cao Cao.

Battle of Chibi

Start off by advancing normally and fighting some enemy generals. Eventually,
you'll come to Lu Su and Zhou Yu. Defeat both of them to advance the mission.
While you are fighting Zhou Yu, a southeastern wind will begin to blow. After
the wind starts blowing, Huang Gai will launch a fire attack upon Cao Cao's

Rendezvous with Cao Cao and defeat Huang Gai who will be attacking him. Once
you defeat Huang Gai, you will have to escort Cao Cao to the shore and to
safety. Of course, Sun Quan's reinforcements will have arrived by now. Escort
Cao Cao through the enemy generals and ambushes to the escape boat.

Once you're on the boat, Gan Ning will ninja onto your boat and attack you
and Cao Cao. Quickly defeat him so he doesn't bring any harm to Cao Cao. Once
you reach the shore with the boat, Zhou Yu will be back (somehow) and will
attack. Once Cao Cao reaches the shore, the first part of the battle will be

You will now have control of Cao Cao and Xu Zhu will stay behind to allow you 
to escape. Your first task is to defeat Liu Qi and rescue Li Dian. Do this and
continue on your way. Once you reach Huarong Eastern Checkpoint, Zhao Yun will
ambush you and you'll have to defeat him to advance. Sun Qian will also arrive
to attack you but he is easily defeated.

Advance now to the center of the map and Jian Yong will appear in an ambush.
You know the drill by now. After defeating him, go up the narrow northern 
path to Mi Zhu where you'll find Yue Jin under attack. Defeat Mi Zhu to rescue
Yue Jin.

Proceed to the center of the map and to your objective to find that the path
is sealed. Mi Fang will ambush you but defeating him will not open the doors.
You'll have to backtrack to a secret mountain path which Xiahou Yuan just

Continue on your way to the northwest checkpoint and rescue Zhang Liao from
Guan Ping along the way. You'll come to a rock wall where Jia Xu will mention
that a man of immense strength could break it. Take the only other path you
have up the mountain and defeat all the enemies that are in your way.

Once you come to your objective, you'll find that the way is shut again. Zhou
Cang will then ambush you. Head back to the rockwall from earlier as Cao Ren 
has arrived to break the rocks (with a flail wtf?). Once you reach the exit,
Zhang Fei ambushes you and block the exit. Defeat him to finally finish the 

Finish Battle of Chibi

Now is the time to finally control Jia Xu, a character completely new to the
Dynasty Warriors franchise. When you're ready to begin, speak with the guard

Battle of Tong Gate

The first objective of this battle is to go forward and capture the forward
garrisons. Each one is guarded with some enemy generals, but they aren't much
of a problem at all.

Once the garrisons are taken, head back to the main camp to rendezvous with
Cao Cao. Escort him down to meet with Han Sui. They will exchange some words
and Han Sui will defect if you don't attack him. Now your objective switches
to defeating the allied forces.

First defeat any enemies that are assaulting the main camp. Afterwards, mop
up any of the remaining enemies that are flashing on the minimap. Move towards
Ma Chao to trigger a short cut scene and he'll come out to face you. Defeat 
him to end the battle.

Finish Battle of Tong Gate

After a long hiatus, it's time for some more Xiahou Yuan action at the battle
of Yangping Gate. You won't have a chance to talk to anybody here as the 
battle starts right away.

Battle of Yangping Gate

To start things off, head east towards the Shu reinforcements that appear at
the beginning of the battle. Defeat them to start things off. A supply depot
will be found at the base in the northeast part of the map. Head up there and
take it after defeating Zhao Yun and friend.

Along the way, some more Shu reinforcements will arrive and head to the supply
depot. Once you cross the bridge near the supply depot, you will be ambushed
by some of Zhang Lu's soldiers. Defeat them and then take the supply depot by
defeating the enemies there.

More Shu reinforcements will arrive on the other side of the map now. Your 
objective right now should be to take out any generals that are marked on the

Once the rest of the Shu forces are dealt with, the last objective is to head
up to Zhang Lu's main camp and take him out. Head up the center path towards
his camp. While you are fighting him, he will continually get healed from some
unknown source. There are two cauldrons in the bottom two corners of his main
camp. Take those out and he'll no longer be able to heal.

Finished Battle of Yangping Gate

Back to good old Zhang Liao to defend He Fei. Again, you will be thrust right
into battle without time to mingle with fellow officers or buy weapons.

Battle of He Fei

Starting off, you'll have to defeat some enemy generals that all come to you.
Pretty standard stuff. Make your way towards the enemy camp and defeat Ding 
Fing to beat the first part of the battle.

Now you will be in a camp before the second leg of the battle and can talk
with people and buy some weapons. Speak with Li Dian and Yue Jin to advance.

Once the second part of the battle begins, you first fight with Lu Meng. Take
him out and then there will be three generals highlighted on the map for you
to take out. Take out Ling Tong first as he's attacking Yue Jin and if he
dies, the mission fails. The other two will come to you as you're fighting
Ling Tong.

Once they're dead, head to the west where the enemy will be advancing towards
the castle. Take them out and the enemies from the northeast will be moving 
in. Ride over them and take them out too.

Once they're dead, the last objective is to take out Sun Quan. Li Dian will
appear behind him and take out the bridge trapping him there. As you approach
Sun Quan, Taishi Ci will stand in your path. You'll have to defeat him to open
the gate to Sun Quan.

As you approach Sun Quan after defeating Taishi Ci, he jumps the gap on his 
horse and then catches a spear out of midair (damn). Victory is yours then.

Finish Battle of He Fei

Now it's back to Xiahou Yuan at Mt. Ding Jun. Again, no time to talk, you're
put right into battle.

Battle of Mt. Dingjun

As the battle starts, an ambush will happen in the center of the map. Go down
there and deal with them and then you'll be free to ascend Mt. Chaqi. Near 
the first part of the mountain, you will be ambushed by some archers (scary).
Defeat Wei Yan and continue up the mountain.

On the west side of the mountain, your allies will be under attack by some 
ballistas. Destroy the three ballistas and defeat the three enemy generals to
help your allies out and so they can resume their advance.

Once you enter the main camp, Huang Zhong flees like the girl he is and the 
camp is sealed and the enemy comes out of hiding. Defeat them and you'll be
free. Chase down Huang Zhong and kick his ass before he kicks Cao Zhang's ass
(your commander for the battle). Once you beat him, you spoilers (die). Kind 
of weird how you beat him but you die. Whatever.

Part 2 begins with you getting to finally play as Zhang He. (S)he gets to lead
the next attack. Speak to the guard when you're ready to roll out.

The first objective for the second part of the battle is to clear out the 
center part of the map. Jump down Mt. Dingjun and take out the enemy generals.
Of course nothing can ever be easy. The enemy flees as soon as you get down
to the center.

Your new objective will be to defeat Ma Chao who is tearing a path through the
south part of the map towards your main camp. Hop on a horse and intercept him
and take him out. Head back up towards the center part of the map where you
should see a great battle taking place. Hop on in the action. Your allies 
would probably appreciate the help.

Head to the east and you'll be confronted with a wall of arbalests. Sneak to
the south and head up behind them to take them out. Defeat any of the generals
in your way.

Once the arbalests are destroyed, advance up towards the main camp taking out
the generals in your way. Once the Shu reinforcements arrive, go take them out
before assaulting the main camp. Yue Ying will be attacking with her flame
juggernauts which can easily be taken out. Take out Zhuge Liang to finish the

Finish Battle of Mt. Ding Jun

Returning to another old character, it's time for some hot Xiahou Dun action
at Fan Castle.

Battle of Fan Castle

Your first objective is to head to Xiangyang to protect Lu Chang. Defeat the
two generals on the way there and help out Cao Tai who apparantly is
struggling under the might of the Shu army. Whatever.

Jump down into the castle and help out your allies inside by defeating the
three enemy generals. Your next objective requires you to help out Cao Ren.
Of course the attack on Xiangyang was just a distraction. The real attack
was a flooding of Fan Castle.

Go defeat Guan Ping and Guan Suo who are moving to attack Cao Ren. Go assist
Cao Ren and once you defeat Guan Ping and Suo, the first part will be 

At the start of the second part, head out and defend the front of Xiangyang
from attack. Quickly try to defeat Yi Ji who is trying to flee in the 
northwest. If he escapes, he will bring some reinforcements.

The next objective is to take the two forts south of Xiangyang. Defeat the
generals to take them. Ma Chao will eventually arrive in the northwest if you
failed to stop Yi Ji. Go defeat him and his friends so he doesn't cause any
future problems. 

After dealing with Ma Chao, return to taking over the two forward forts. Once
they fall, some catapults will start to be constructed. Head over to their
construction site to make sure they aren't destroyed. You will then need to
escort them to where they're going.

Along the way, the catapults will be attacked by some ballistas up on the
hills. You must defeat the generals in each of the signal towers to stop them.
Another general will make a break for the exit in the southwest part of the
map to call some reinforcements. Ride over there to stop him. An ambush from
Wu will hinder his escape.

In the meantime, you have many choices of what to do. You can stop the 
enemies if they've taken back Xiangyang or you can wait for Mi Fang to
defect inside the castle and open the gate. You could also use the catapults
to break into the castle.

Once you're inside the castle, help Mi Fang out and kill the generals inside.
Guan Yu will have fled leaving Guan Ping and Pan Jun to defend. Defeat them
and chase after Guan Yu.

Once you catch him, it's time for the final duel. Wu will arrive to try and
steal your victory, but it doesn't matter.

Finish Battle of Fan Castle

And so concludes the story of Wei... and a tear jerking ending. Should have
been called the story of Cao Cao and his quest to avenge Dian Wei.

Wu Story Mode

The story begins with the Sun Clan fighting some yellow turbans. You then take
control of Sun Jian to begin the journey.

Yellow Turban Rebellion

To start things off, simply defeat the enemies that are presented before you.
You can then ride to either the east or west to fight the enemy. There are two
generals on each side. Once one side is clear, go do the same on the other 
side of the map and the first part will be complete.

Now it's time for the real battle. Speak with Sun Shang Xiang to begin the
fight. The first goal is to defeat the enemy vanguard which contains three
enemy generals. Once they're dead, the imperial forces will begin their

In the eastern part of the map, some peasants will come under attack by some
Yellow Turban reinforcements. Defeat Deng Mao and Cheng Yuanzhi to free the
village and they will offer you a reward.

Return to the fight against the rest of the Yellow Turbans by advancing up the
mountatin where Zhang Liang will summon a rock fall to hinder your advance.
Carefully work your way up through the rock fall killing the two generals that
come to fight. Finally, kill Zhang Liang to stop the rock fall.

Continue up the mountain and you'll find that Zhang Bao has summoned a 
powerful wind storm to stop your advances. No matter. Simply swing around the
path to the west where you'll find a scalable cliff that will insert you right
behind the enemies.

Fight through Liu Pi and then circle around Zhang Bao to catch his forces off
guard and to launch a surprise attack. Once the wind is stopped, your forces
can advance. Cut through the last generals on the way to Zhang Jiao's camp.

Once in Zhang Jiao's camp, destroy the four cauldrons first before attacking
him. This will get rid of his flame attacks. Simply beat him to finish the

Finish Yellow Turban Rebellion

Now it's on to Sun Ce in the Liang Province. Kind of far from the southlands
but whatever. To start the battle, speak with Sun Jian to begin the next 

Conquest of Liang Province

To start things off, Sun Quan will take his forces north. That means you get
to go south. Defeat Cheng Yi and then head south to the other two generals.
Once you get close enough, the enemy will launch an arrow attack down upon
your troops. Hurry around to defeat the leader of the arrow troops, Yang Qiu.

Once they're dead you can move to take the enemy main camp. However, that
would be too easy. Ma Dai will charge out of the northwestern camp and head
straight to Dong Zhuo. You must return to the camp and make sure Dong Zhuo
doesn't die.

Now that Ma Dai is defeated and Dong Zhuo is safe, you can head back towards
the enemy main camp. If you try to move through the center, you'll find that
the gates are sealed. Flank around either north or south and then jump down
into the central fort to surprise attack the enemy.

After taking the central garrison, go back around again and assault the main 
camp. Once you approach, Ma Chao will appear to challenge you. For some 
reason, he is stupidly easy to defeat. One musou attack should deal some
serious damage.

Once Ma Chao is dead, now you can truly assault the main camp without any
more interruptions. There are just a few more enemies and then you'll be done.

Finish Conquest of Liang Province

Now it's off to Jing to put down another uprising. We switch now to Sun Quan.
Speak with Sun Jian to begin the battle.

Ou Xing's Rebellion

The first thing to do here is to go out and defeat the various enemy generals
that are right outside the main camp. After fighting some of them, Ou Xing's
forces will withdraw. Anybody with half a brain will know what's coming. (I'm
sorry if you or anybody you know has only half a brain. No offense.)

Your forces will march right into an ambush. It's up to you to rescue them.
Simply go to each of the castles and defeat the ambush troops. While rescuing
your troops, a messenger will appear in the east and will be riding for more
reinforcements. Quickly ride there to stop him.

With the messenger taken care of, return to rescuing your allies. Having 
learned nothing, Sun Ce will move into the northwest garrison and be ambushed.
The enemy will also launch a fire attack on his forces and severely damage 
him. Now you get to go rescue him too.

Of course nothing is easy in this game. The garrison's doors have been sealed 
and Sun Ce is trapped inside. Defeat the enemies outside of the garrison to 
get in there. Once inside defeat the enemies to help Sun Ce etc.

The last objective is to defeat the enemy commander and take the main camp.
It's pretty easy so don't worry.

Finish Ou Xing's Rebellion

Now it's time to take care of Dong Zhuo. Sun Jian sounds like a good choice.
Speak with the Guard when you're ready to roll out.

Elimination of Dong Zhuo

You'll be started right in the heart of the battle. Start off by defending the
camp you're in. Once you get the objective to stop Hua Xiong, do so. You don't
want him wreaking havoc on the rest of your troops.

While you are fighting him, he'll rally and restore his health and then he'll
flee once you damage him some more, if you can quickly catch and finish him,
do so. Otherwise, focus on your new objective: delivering food to your troops.

Head up to the supply depot in the northwest to speak with Yuan Shu and to get
some food. Move there and Yuan Shu says he would have sent food, but there 
some scary enemies in the way (yeah sure). Defeat them to get food for your

You're now free to complete the level however you want. You'll probably want
to take out the enemies in the center to gain some experience. In fact, if
Yuan Shao comes under attack, you'll definitely want to go help him out. 
Defeat Li Ru and Hu Zhen to finish the first part of the battle.

With no time to rest, it's time to assault Hu Lao Gate. You'll notice there 
are some catapults attacking your forces. You'll want to take them out to
start. Defeat Zang Ba to commandeer them. Before breaking down the gate 
however, defeat the rest of the generals outside of the gate.

Approach the gate and Lu Bu will appear. The rest of the Sun clan will rally
to help defeat Lu Bu. Use your combined strength to take him in but also be
careful as he can take you out pretty quickly if you get careless. Once his
health has been lowered enough, he will retreat. Now you may break down the

Once the gate is destroyed, five enemy generals will rush out to fight. Take
them out and proceed inside. Zhang Liao will appear to try and fight, but he
is surprisingly weak. Continue to take out the remaining generals inside. Once
you're ready, attack the main camp and defeat Dong Zhuo. He really is quite 
the pushover.

Finish Elimination of Dong Zhuo

Now it's back to Jing to put down Liu Biao and Sun Ce is the man on the job.
Speak to Sun Jian when you're ready to fight.

Battle of Jing Province

To start things off, you need to use the catapults to get into the castle.
All you have to do is destroy one of the gates. Once inside, you'll have to
defeat Wei Yan and Huang Zu who are in the center of the castle. Once you
reach them in the center, Huang Zu's archers will appear and attack you. They
really don't do anything so just defeat Huang Zu and Wei Yan like normal.

Liu Biao will appear in his camp and be the last enemy. Ride to him and enter
the camp where you'll be ambushed. Defeat the ambush and Liu Biao will appear
to the west. Defeat him and finish the battle. What comes next may shock you.
Maybe not. Who knows.

Finish Battle of Jing Province

To the homeland finally. Here we get to play as Zhou Yu, the sworn brother of
Sun Ce.

Battle of Wujun

Getting right into the battle, head to the south to fight the enemy. There are
multiple enemy generals to defeat. The ones that are necessary to defeat are
highlighted on the minimap.

Once you pass the western garrison, it will be sealed off and you'll be 
isolated from the rest of the force. Continue on your objective to defeat the
enemy generals in the south. Jump into Niuzhu fort to attack Dong Xi who will
promptly defect to your side after Zhou Yu convinces him to.

Continue and take the southern garrison by defeating Ze Rong. Taishi Ci will
be advancing from the rear so go and fight him. He will retreat when his 
health gets low. Let him go as he'll be useful later.

The forces in the north will then start to move towards the south thereby 
saving Sun Ce. Mop up the rest of the southern generals to continue the 
mission. Defeat Yan Baihu to complete the first part of the mission.

The second part will quickly commence and you now switch over to Sun Ce. Your
first objective is to duel and defeat Taishi Ci. He actually is quite easy (it
seems every enemy that you have to duel is a pushover).

With Taishi Ci defeated, advance through the north and swing around taking the
bases and defeating the enemy generals along the way. When you enter the empty
Qu'a Castle Northern Garrison, the gates will close and Taishi Ci will attack
you once again. Beat him down again and then continue on your way.

Fan Neng will be the last enemy in the central garrison. Once you defeat him,
you can attack the enemy main camp. In order to get inside, defeat all of the
enemies outside the castle. Taishi Ci will appear for a third and final time
below the castle. Defeat him once and for all and he will join you. Just watch
out for his musou attack. It can hurt you pretty badly.

All that remains is Liu Yao in Qu'a Castle. Defeat him to reclaim your 
ancestral lands.

Finish battle of Wujun

It's finally time to play as the third child: Sun Shang Xiang. Speak with the
Guard when you're ready to attack.

Battle of Shouchun

Your first job for the battle is to assault the west side of the castle. To do
so, you must defeat the enemy generals guarding the west side. First take the
fort with Lei Bo inside of it. Afterwards, go to the west gate. You'll notice 
the ballistas in your way. Defeat the Chen Lan to stop them and then 
commandeer them.

Once on the ballista, use it to defeat the four defense captains on top of the
castle walls. This won't open the gate, but it will begin the construction of
a battering ram. More enemies will appear on top of the castle walls again.
Use the ballista to take them out also. The battering ram will then open the

Once inside, continue wiping out Yuan Shu's forces. Once the inside gate 
opens, you'll find that Yuan Shu has gone into hiding. Search the castle to 
find him. Yue Jiu will be hiding in the north part of the castle. Chen Ji is
hiding in the southwest corner.

After defeating them, Yuan Shu will not be found in the castle. Instead, he 
will be spotted trying to flee on the eastern part of the map. Call a horse
and catch up to him. Some of his officers will revolt and slow him down. When
you catch up to him you can either kill him and end the mission then or defeat
some of the other officers fleeing with him. When you're ready to finish the
level, kill Yuan Shu.

Finish Battle of Shouchun

Returning to Sun Ce, he has decided to attack Cao Cao from behind at Xu Chang.
You will find yourself alone outside of Xu Chang.

Assault on Xuchang

Move forward and jump down. A strange fog will envelop the land. Head towards
the enemy general who turns out to be the mystic Yu Ji. He will create some
phantoms of himself that you must defeat. Head into the western garrison to
find that Yu Ji is still alive

He will then summon more phantoms for you to fight. The first is Xu Gong. 
After Xu Gong is Fan Neng and then Yu Mi after him. They all question Sun Ce's
ambition. Yu Ji will then summon some of Sun Ce's own soldiers who will then
attack Sun Ce.

Yu Ji will reappear inside the castle and will again summon more phantom 
generals for you to fight. Move inside the camp and even more phantom generals
will appear to fight you. Taishi Ci will soon come to your rescue... or will
he? He too will turn and fight you. The last set of gates will then open once
Taishi Ci defeated and Sun Jian will appear to fight.

Chase Yu Ji up the wall and then outside of the castle. Three phantom Yu Jis
will then spawn. After defeating those three, Yu Ji will appear yet again to
the south. Approach him and he will appear along with three phantom doubles of
himself. Defeat all four to finally end the first part.

Control then switches to Sun Quan as Sun Ce falls to darkness. Enter inside 
the castle and start fighting the enemies. Enter the main camp and then an
ambush will happen and Zhou Yu will be attacked. It's imperative that you
rescue him.

Reinforcements will then arrive on the other side of the map putting Sun Shang
Xiang in danger. Hurry and rescue Zhou Yu and then get to the other side of
the map to rescue her.

Once Shang Xiang is rescued, regroup and mop up any of the other officers that
are outside the main camp. When you're ready head to the main camp to face
Xiahou Dun defeating all of the enemy generals in the way. Xiahou Dun is the 
final enemy of the battle.

Finish Assault on Xuchang

Another day, another Sun dying. Too soon? Anyway, the next fight involves you 
as Sun Quan again fighting against that dastardly Liu Biao. Speak with Zhou Yu
when you're ready to begin.

Battle of Xiakou

The first objective of the battle is to take the three central garrisons. 
However, there are some enemy generals to defeat before you attack the 
garrisons. If you try to go up the central path, you will encounter some logs
rolling down the hill. The easternmost path is guarded by some ballistas. The
western path has boulders rolling down the hill.

Pick whichever path you want and take the corresponding base. This will stop 
whatever the impediment is. From there, take the other two to stop everything.
Some enemies will begin to move to the ships in the southeast with the intent
of sailing up the river to attack your main camp. Try to stop them before they
are able to board the boats.

Gan Ning will then retreat on some orders. The only thing left to do right now
is to attack the main camp. Once you arrive at the main camp, Gan Ning will be
waiting outside. You and Ling Tong will 2v1 him (mostly you really). Defeating
Gan Ning will open the gate to the main camp. Defeat Huang Zu to end the 

Finish Battle of Xiakou

The pivotal Battle of Chi Bi has arrived. For this great battle you get to 
play as... Zhou Yu! Speak with the Guard to begin.

Battle of Chibi

The first objective is to keep the enemy at bay so Zhuge Liang can call the
southeastern wind. Move forward and fight Cao Cao's troops. You will soon need
to attack and defeat Zhang Liao. Once he's defeated, you should notice some
enemies advancing down the west side of the map and going to attack Zhuge 

Get over to Zhuge Liang quickly so he can succeed in calling the southeastern
wind. Defeat them and then the second wave of Cao Cao's forces will arrive.
You will then have to wipe out the second wave of generals. Each one will be
highlighted on your map to help you out. The first part will be completed once
the second wave is completed.

The second part begins with you in control of Huang Gai right after completing
the fire attack. You'll be by yourself but that's okay because everybody will
be severely weakened by the fire attack.

Work your way through the enemy and progress towards Cao Cao. He will be 
fleeing the battle to the north. Don't worry about him for now. Just keep
working your way through the enemy. It will be revealed that Cao Cao was only
bait for an ambush. You must defeat the ambush to continue.

Now that the ambush has been defeated, work your way to the west and towards
Cao Cao. Defeat the enemies and then beat Xu Zhu to get to Cao Cao. Cao Cao
will be all by himself, but that doesn't mean he isn't dangerous. You can die
very quickly if you let your guard down here. Eventually some reinforcements
will come to Cao Cao's aid in the far north of the map. You must defeat Cao 
Cao before Xiahou Dun reaches the escape point.

Finish Battle of Chibi

Continuing with new characters, it's time to play as Gan Ning back in Jing...
again. Speak with Zhou Yu when you're ready.

Battle of Nanjun

The first objective is to capture the three forward bases. Head north to the
first one and take out the general inside. Do the same with the two central
bases and you'll be ready to move on.
While inside the Central Northern Garrison, you will be ambushed and Zhou Yu
will be pierced by an arrow. Protect him by defeating the ambush. It turns out
that Zhou Yu was just deceiving the enemy and wasn't hurt at all.

Now it's time to retreat to the specified fort. Wait for your enemies to
arrive there. Once they arrive, they will all fall into a fire trap. Defeat
the rest of the enemies to continue with the mission.

Once they're defeated move towards Cao Cao's camp. Take out the reinforcements
that just arrived on your way there. You can also go to the east and take out
the enemies for some more experiences if you want. The battle will be finished
once Cao Ren is defeated.

Finish Battle of Nanjun

More death. What a surprise. Let's continue as Gan Ning to He Fei.

Battle of He Fei

The first objective of this battle is to take the south and central garrisons.
Sweep down through the south and then strike up through the center. Defeat all
of the indicated generals to continue. Things will start to go sour pretty
quickly as many ambushes happen around the map and a fire attack wipes out two
of your allies on the west side near you.

Go defeat the fire attack ambush and then take the southern garrison like 
originally planned. Do so quickly as Zhang Hu will ambush Sun Quan and Ling
Tong in the center of the map (your commanders). Ride up to Zhang Hu and take
him out to rescue Sun Quan and Ling Tong.

Once they're safe, head north and you will be ambushed by Zhang Liao. He is
actually pretty easy to take out. the only thing he does is kill another one
of your officers. Once you beat Zhang Liao, the first part of the battle is

The second part of the battle is controlled by Ling Tong. Speak with Lu Meng 
to begin the battle.

You need to protect Sun Quan and Gan Ning as they flee to the escape point. 
Head south with Sun Quan as Zhang Liao will appear in the first base. Defeat
Zhang Liao to continue.

Continue south to the next garrison where Sun Quan will be attacked again.
Defeat some of the generals here but be ready to go back to the north to 
assist Gan Ning if he hasn't made it to you. Otherwise continue attacking
the enemy generals as they come to you.

Sun Quan will be running ahead and Zhang Liao will reappear with another
ambush in the south central part of the map. Make sure you get down there
quickly to deal with Zhang Liao if you aren't already there. Deal with the
enemies and don't forget about Gan Ning. Once you all reach the escape point,
Zhang Liao will attack one last time. Defeat him and victory will be yours.

Finish Battle of He Fei

So now we meet another new character, Lu Xun. It's time to fight some Shu.
Speak with Lu Meng when you're ready.

Battle of Fan Castle

You'll be inserted into the south part of the map while the rest of the battle
will be raging on in the north. As you approach the first base, they will be
alerted to your presence and will try to start the smoke signal in the signal
tower. Go into their base and destroy the tower. Once the tower is destroyed,
a messenger will also try to go and alert the Shu forces. Kill him too to keep
the element of surprise.

As you approach the next base, they will also spot you. Quickly go behind it 
and climb the ladder to get into the base. Destroy the signal tower there too.
This time there is no messenger to kill. Once the tower is destroyed, go south
and take the base there.

Inside the base will be Fu Shiren. He will surrender and defect once you 
damage him enough. Once he defects, go to the east gate of Jiangling castle
with him to get inside. He will open the gate for you.

Once inside, fight with Pan Jun and Xi Zhen and they too will defect. At this
point, Xiangyang should have fallen so time is of the essence. Continue to the
west of the castle and fight with Mi Fang as he also will defect.

Two messengers will leave to try and relay the message that you have arrived.
Don't let them get the message through. After stopping them, go to the eastern
garrison to defeat Guan Suo and Guan Xing. You will find the gate is closed so
you'll have to defeat the supply unit that has recently arrived on the east 
side of the map. 

The enemies will come out to check on the supply line once you defeat them. 
This is your chance to kill them. Once Guan Suo and Xing are defeated, the
first stage of the battle will be completed.

The second stage puts you in command of Lu Meng, another new character. Speak
to the guard to finish the battle.

Your first objective is to defeat the Shu forces in Xiangyang and Fan Castle.
Simply go to each place and clear it out of enemies. In the meantime, Ma Chao
will arrive with some reinforcements in the northwest and will charge Fan 
Castle. You can simply wait for him or go out and meet him.

Your objective will switch to taking the two central garrisons. Simply defeat
any officers in the vicinity to take them. Guan Yu will arrive and Xi Zhen 
will defect back to Shu. This causes Lu Xun to be put in danger. Ride to 
Jiangling castle to make sure he is safe.

Now you have many options. You can clear out the rest of the map of the enemy
generals or you can go straight to Guan Yu to take his head. (I guess that's
not many choices). You will want to make sure first and foremost that Cao Ren
is safe. Whenever you are ready, head to Guan Yu to finish the mission.

Finish Battle of Fan Castle

Now it's back to Lu Xun for the penultimate showdown at Yiling. Speak with the
guard to begin.

Battle of Yiling

The first thing to do here is make your way to Zhu Ran in the southwest part 
of the map as something is not going right with the fire attack. Zhu Ran is
being an angsty little girl that you got a promotion and he did not. To earn
his respect, you must defeat the front line generals. They are all indicated
on your map.

Guan Suo will eventually charge down to attack. Move to him but retreat back 
to the main camp so he will give chase and walk into an ambush. Once he does,
you can easily defeat him. All the front line generals should be defeated by
now. If not, finish them off and Zhu Ran will commence the fire attack. Go to
him and escort him to the strategic point.

Yue Ying and Zhang Bao will ambush you at the strategic point. Defeat them to
allow the fire attack to succeed. Move through the enemy to the indicated 
camps on the map. Once inside, the doors will shut and you'll be ambushed.
Defeat the ambush and you'll be free to leave the camp.

Liu Bei and his reinforcement will have shown up by now. Liu Bei and Zhuge
Liang will flee into the stone sentinel maze while Zhao Yun will guard the
entrance. You need to defeat Zhao Yun to gain entrance into the stone sentinel
maze. After defeating him, the first part of the battle will be completed.

Once the battle resumes, enter the stone sentinel maze but stay on your guard.
Down the first stretch, there will be a wall balista that fires at you.
Quickly dodge it by moving forward so you're out of its line of sight.

After the ballista are phantom soldiers. Run by them and then you'll come to
a wall that thrusts out spears to try and stab you. As you move through the
maze, you will encounter those three traps. Run or dodge through all of them.

Once you come to Zhuge Liang, fight and defeat him to gain entry inside the
base. Once inside, you will be greeted by many arbalests, ballistas, flame
juggernauts, and Yue Ying. Run to the right and behind the arbalests to take
out the ballista and flame juggernauts over there. Of course, you can also 
take out Yue Ying to halt their attacks too.

Once Sun Quan moves into the stone sentinel maze, it will reactivate and Sun
Quan will be ambushed. You must move quickly to kill Ma Su and deactivate the
stone sentinel maze. Once he's dead, move back to help Sun Quan.

From here you can either advance to the main camp, or clear out the remaining
enemies back in the battlefield to gain some more experience. Once you arrive
near the main camp, Zhao Yun and some friends will arrive as reinforcements 
and move to attack you. Defeat them and then launch your final assault upon
Liu Bei in the main camp. Defeat him to finish the mission.

Finish Battle of Yiling

Now it's time to finish everything. You get to play as Sun Quan for the final

Battle of Dongkou

The first step in the battle is to defeat the Wei vanguard. Defeat the four
highlighted generals to move on. While you are fighting the vanguard, enemy
forces will sail in. If you have time, you can jump on the catapults to try
and destroy the ships before they reach the shore.

More ships will be sailing in the other side of the map now. You can try to
take them out again with the catapult or you can wait until they reach the

Once the enemies are defeated, board the center ship to take the fight to 
them. Once you reach the other side, some archers will shoot down at you and
Zhang Liao will jump down onto your ship to fight. Defeat him to finish the 
first part of the battle.

Once the second part begins, your first goal is to defeat Niu Jin and Huan Fan
who are both in the center of the map. You will also need to defeat Cao Xiu 
who is launching a boulder attack on your forces and thereby halting their 


The Wei forces have launched a flaming rock attack upon your forces. (How 
exactly do the rocks burn?) Move to the west and up the cliff to take out Jia
Xu and stop the flaming balls.

The next obstacle is a minefield. Go around the minefield choosing either the
east or west side. Defeat the enemy generals as you go along. To stop the 
minefield, defeat Sima Yi.

As you approach Cao Pi's camp, Zhen Ji will appear to defend him. Lian Shi 
will then move to attack her. Help her out and after she'd defeated, the gates
to the camp will open. Go inside and defeat Cao Pi to bring an end to the 

Finish Battle of Dongkou

And so ends Wu's story. So who didn't die?

Shu Story Mode

This story begins at the Yellow Turban Rebellion just like the others. You get
to start off as Liu Bei. 

Yellow Turban Rebellion

The first part of the stage is simple. All you have to do is defeat the two 
enemy generals who are attacking the village. You must also make sure that the
peasants do not die.

Speak with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei to begin the second part of the battle.

Unlike the other modes, you will start off in the village to the east. You
need to head south and help out the imperial forces who are struggling with 
the rest of the Yellow Turbans. Take out the three marked generals and Zhang
Mancheng along the way.

Once the vanguard is defeated, you may march forward. Once you get far enough,
Zhang Liang will summon a rockslide and boulders will roll down the mountain.
Run by the boulders and defeat Zhang Liang to stop the boulders.

Move up towards Zhang Bao who will promptly summon his wind storm to stop your
advance. Flank around to the west and climb the cliff once you get to it. 
March north through Liu Pi and then circle around behind Zhang Bao to 
successfully launch a surprise assault on his troops.

The only enemies remaining are three generals before Zhang Jiao's main camp 
and Zhang Jiao himself. Move your way through them to Zhang Jiao. Once there,
destroy the four cauldrons in his camp to get rid of his flame attacks. Simply
defeat Zhang Jiao afterwards to finish the mission.

Finish Yellow Turban Rebellion

As expected, the fight now shifts to Dong Zhuo. For this battle, you get to
play as the God of War, Guan Yu. Speak with Yuan Shao when you're ready to

Elimination of Dong Zhuo

Right out of the gate, your first objective will be to defeat Hua Xiong to
help out the allied forces. Ride to the south and duel with him. Once you 
lower his health enough, he will begin to retreat. Let him go for now.

You'll now find out that Sun Jian's troops aren't getting food. Ride to the
base Sun Jian is at to help his troops out. It turns out Yuan Shu isn't 
sending the supplies. Head to the northwest supply depot to find out what's

when you get there, he you will find Yuan Shu couldn't send the supplies 
because he was being attacked. Defeat the two enemy generals here to deliver
supplies to Sun Jian.

Once the supplies are delivered, the enemy will come out and fight to your
main camp. Go around defeating and officers in your way and make sure that
Yuan Shao doesn't fall to any enemies.

Once you get to the gate, Li Ru and Hu Zhen will begin to defend it. Defeat
them as well as Hua Xiong (who will reappear) to complete the first part of 
the battle.

The second stage of the battle will begin with you still in control of Guan 
Yu. Run forward and you'll find there are no enemy generals to fight. Instead,
Lu Bu will guarding the gate. You and your allies must defeat him. Once his 
health is lowered enough, he will withdraw.

The catapults will now begin their attack on Hu Lao Gate. To counter this, 
Dong Zhuo's men will come out to try and destroy the catapults. To counter
that, defeat all of the enemy generals.

Once inside, there will be many generals to defeat. None of them are any
trouble. Some of the generals will try to rush Yuan Shao. Go back and defeat
them to keep Yuan Shao safe. To get into Dong Zhuo's camp, you'll have to
defeat Zhang Liao. Once inside, kill Dong Zhuo to finish the mission.

Finish Elimination of Dong Zhuo

Now we turn to Xu province to defend against Cao Cao. It's Zhang Fei in this
fight. Speak with Zhao Yun when you're ready to begin.

Battle of Xu Province

Right out of the gate we learn that Tao Qian needs rescuing. The good thing
is that he is right near the start. Head over to him and defeat the two enemy
generals attacking him.

Now you need to escort Tao Qian to Xuzhou castle in the south. Of course there
will be some enemies in your way so make sure to deal with them. Once you 
reach the castle, you'll find it has already fallen to enemy hands. Defeat 
them to reclaim the castle for Tao Qian.

The next goal is to work your way towards Cao Cao's main camp. To do so, you
must first defeat Xu Zhu and take the central garrison. You will also want to
defeat Xiahou Yuan once he launches his attack out of the central garrison.

The next objective is to take the alternative route to assault Cao Cao's camp.
You will be promptly ambushed by a bunch of peons. The enemy will then launch
an assault to try and retake the central garrison. Go back and defeat those

The further you go into the alternative, the more you'll get ambushed. Defeat
any enemy generals who stand in your way. You will be ambushed a third time by
Lu Bu... except he's on your side as he wants to claim Xu as his own.

Continue clearing out the rest of the generals on your way to the main camp.
Once inside the main camp, defeat Cao Cao to finish the mission.

Finish Battle of Xu Province

That damn Lu Bu has taken Xia Pi. No matter, Guan Yu will show him what's up.
Speak with Cao Cao to begin the battle.

Battle of Xia Pi

Once the battle starts, you will have to move to attack the west gate of the
castle. Before going there, defeat the three generals outside. Eventually,
Zhang Liao will charge out of the north and go for the main camp. Intercept
him and his friends and defeat him.

Yuan Shu's forces will then arrive in the south in support of Lu Bu. After
dealing with Zhang Liao, head down there and defeat Yuan Shu and his forces.
Return to attack the west gate after everything is settled. You'll find that
there are some ballistas on top of the walls that are causing your troops 
some trouble. Take out any enemy officers and then go destroy the six 

Once they're destroyed, it's time to assault Lu Bu and finish him. However,
once you move to the inner part of the castle, you will be ambushed. Defeat
the ambush and then take Lu Bu. Be sure to avoid his musou attack or you'll
probably be starting over.

Finish Battle of Xia Pi

Look who showed up. Zhao Yun. Speak with Yuan Shao to begin the battle.

Battle of Guandu

The first thing you must do here is reinforce the western side as your troops
are being pushed back. While you are fighting, Xu You will defect and Wuchao
will fall to Cao Cao's army. You need to get over there right away to defend

You will witness a cut scene and Guan Yu will slay Yan Liang and Wen Chou.
Yuan Shao will then turn on you and you will have to flee the battlefield.
Escort Liu Bei to the escape point and to safety. Along the way, you will
be ambushed a few times. Defeat them all to continue. Once Liu Bei reaches the
escape point, the battle will be over.

Finish Battle of Guandu

We return now to Zhang Fei. Speak with the Guard when you're ready to begin.

Battle of Xinye

Your job at the beginning is to assault the center of the map. Defeat the
first two generals in the center. Once Zhu Ling is defeated, the drawbridge
will lower. Once you get to the other side, you will encounter a weird 
formation. Listen to Xu Shu on how to beat it.

You will first have to head to the southeast. Be careful and stay in the 
center of the path so you don't get hurt by the spears sticking out. Once you
defeat Lu Kuang, head to the west side and defeat Li Dian. The last enemy is
Lu Xiang in the northern part. Defeat him to destroy the enemies maze.

Once the formation falls, head to the south to attack Cao Hong. Once you
defeat Cao Hong, the battle will be won.

Finish Battle of Xinye

Cao Cao just won't give up. Now Liu Bei's son has been left in the 
battlefield. (If only he wasn't rescued).

Battle of Changban

You get to play as Zhao Yun here and you must find and rescue Liu Bei's son.
Start by rescuing the peasants in the two southeast bases. Once you defeat the
two generals and protect the peasants, you will find that Liu Bei's son was 
left at the northwestern garrison.

On your way there, you will need to also help the peasants at the northeastern
garrison by defeating the general who is attacking them. Hurry to the 
northwestern garrison afterwards and defeat Cao Hong and rescue Liu Bei's son.
(Who just leaves a baby lying on the ground?)

Now you have to get back to Zhang Fei at the Changban Bridge. Ride back the 
way you came. Once you enter the northeastern garrison, Zhang He will ambush
you. Defeat him and carry on your way. Once you rendezvous with Zhang Fei at 
the bridge, defeat the officers attacking there to finish the first phase of
the battle.

The battle now switches to Zhang Fei as you defend Changban Bridge. This part
is really easy but really fun. All you must do is stand your ground and 
slaughter all of the enemies the come to face you. Once Zhao Yun reaches the
escape point or Cao Cao is defeated, the battle will be won.

Finish Battle of Changban

For the beginning of Chibi, we turn back to Zhao Yun. Speak with Liu Qi when
you're ready to begin.

Battle of Chibi

At the start of the battle, you must sneak in and seal off Cao Cao's escape
route before the battle begins. Go and board the attack ship and get in the

Your goal here is to defend Liu Qi while he sails you up the river. You will
eventually be attacked by three of Cao Cao's boats. Defeat each one of them.
After the fire attack, some of Cao Cao's generals will start to board your
boat. You either use the ballista to defeat them or jump out and defeat them

Once you get near enough Cao Cao, Xu Huang will board your boat to try and 
stop you. Defeat him too. Shoot the archers if you'd like. Once you reach the
boats, get out and head towards where Cao Cao escaped. You'll find Xu Zhu 
guarding the way. Defeat him to finish the first leg of the battle.

The second stage has you in control of Guan Yu. Speak with Guan Ping once you
are ready to pursue.

For this part, you must fight through the enemy to get to Cao Cao. First kill
Zang Ba and then move forward to Zhang Liao. Exchange some words with him (a
hint to the outcome) and then defeat him.

After defeating Zhang Liao, you will locate Zhang Fei up ahead fighting the
enemy. You need to rescue him. If you try to go straight to him, you will be
blocked by a wall of fire. Instead, take the long way around to the east to 
get to him.

After rescuing Zhang Fei, you'll learn that Cao Cao has fled to the west.
You will see him briefly through the gate that Xiahou Yuan is guarding. Defeat
Xiahou Yuan and the reinforcements that have just arrived to continue. Your
allies will discover a narrow path through the mountains to the north. Take
this to get to Cao Cao.

Once through, quickly move to the west on the northern path. Defeat the two
generals guarding the gate to open it and to get to Cao Cao. Now it's time for
the showdown with Cao Cao. Once you defeat him, the battle will be over. 
However, Guan Yu will let him leave since he owes him.

Finish Battle of Chibi

Meet Huang Zhong and Wei Yan. You don't get to play as them right now.
Instead, you get to use Pang Tong. Speak with the Guard when you're ready to 
begin the next battle.

Battle of Luo Castle

Huang Zhong will head to the north so that means you get to stick with Wei Yan
for now. Follow him to the first base and take it. You will also be ambushed
while in there so defeat the ambush too.

Follow Wei Yan to the next base and take that one too. Stick with Wei Yan as 
he runs by all of the enemies and straight to the next base. You know the 
drill. Defeat the enemies there to take it and to move on. After that base,
the bridge will go out so you'll have to find an alternate path.

You may have noticed on your way there a ladder. Go back and climb up this 
ladder to continue. Some reinforcements will show up in the proceeding base
to challenge you. Defeat them and head on.

As you move forward, an arrow attack by Zhang Ren will leave you injured.
Defeat him and set your sights on Luo Castle. Move to the south and take out
the two generals by the river and then defeat the enemies that come to attack.
Defeat Liu Xun inside the castle to finish the battle.

Finish Battle of Luo Castle

Now that we've had some death during the Shu campaign, everything is well. 
It's up to Zhuge Liang to take Cheng Du.

Battle of Cheng Du

Start off by marching north. The officers you need to defeat will be marked on
the map. Take out any of the other officers that get in your way on your path
to them. If any enemies move to attack Liu Bei in the center, take your time 
to defeat them so Liu Bei is safe.

Once they're defeated, Ma Chao will show up. Your reinforcements will arrive 
at this time too. Escort Li Hui to meet with Ma Chao in order to recruit Ma

They will be stopped in the northwest by an arbalest unit and some enemy
reinforcements. Get over to Li Hui and help him out by destroying the enemies
so he can advance. Once Li Hui reaches Ma Chao, he will convince Ma Chao to
join your side.

Now that Ma Chao is on your side, make sure that Liu Bei is safe. Defeat any 
officer attacking him. In order to open the gates to the fort he's in, you 
have to defeat the required officers outside of Chengdu castle. They'll be
marked on your map.

Once they're done, you're free to either end the mission by defeating Liu 
Zhang or you can go defeat any other enemies alive.

Finish Battle of Chengdu

Now it's time to play as Huang Zhong. Speak with the Guard when you're ready 
to begin.

Battle of Mt. Dingjun

The first objectives here are to take the western and central garrisons. Ma
Chao and Wei Yan will deal with these for now. You should head to the center
of the map to duel with Xiahou Yuan. After you defeat him, he'll withdraw for

After dealing with Xiahou Yuan, go take the western and central garrisons.
After taking the garrisons, Yan Yan will move to launch a fire attack on the
enemies supply base at Mt. Tiandang. You need to escort him there so he can
successfully launch the attack. While you are escorting him, Xiahou Yuan will
appear again to attack you. Defeat him a second time and he'll withdraw again.

Defeat Han Hao in Mt. Tiandang and the fire attack will be successful. March 
south towards Mt. Dingjun and taking out the demoralized enemies along the 
way. As you make your way up Mt. Dingjun, Sima Yi will seal off the northern
garrison and set it on fire trapping your allies inside. Quickly defeat Sima 
Yi to rescue them.

Move up the mountain and defeat Cao Cao to finish the mission.

Finish Battle of Mt. Dingjun

It turns out that Cao Cao was only a distraction. Now it's back to Guan Yu in
Jing. Speak with Guan Ping and Guan Suo to begin.

Battle of Fan Castle

To start things off, defeat the enemies outside of Xiangyang. Yu Jin will show
up and head for the eastern bank garrison. Head over and cut him off and 
defeat him. More enemies will show up now on the western side of the map. Go 
and take them out too. After things have settled down, take Xiangyang so you 
can start your assault on Fan Castle.

Once you have Xiangyang, head to the west garrison and release the flood gates
thereby flooding Fan Castle and destroying much of the enemy force. Board the
boat and then cross the water to Fan Castle.

Once at the castle, jump down and launch a surprise attack upon Niu Jin and
Cao Tai. Once those two are defeated, the first stage of the battle will be

Part 2 has you in control of Guan Yu's dau... son Guan Suo. Your first task is
to protect Guan Yu as you two escape. As you move towards Xiangyang, Guan Yu 
will be attacked and injured by some archers. He will keep advancing and once
he reaches Lu Meng, he will become infuriated and give chase.

Stay with him as he goes and walks into an ambush. Defeat the ambush to save
his life. While you are fighting, Guan Ping will also die. Head south with 
Guan Yu and fight Jiang Qin.

After Jiang Qin you need to defeat the traitors Mi Fang and Fu Shiren. Keep
defeating the enemy officers as they come to you and protect Guan Yu. He'll
keep on marching and you need to keep protecting him. Defeat Ding Fing and 
then Lu Xun when he appears. Defeat the ambush in Mai castle too. After that,
the battle will be complete. 

Finish Battle of Fan Castle

Liu Bei is now all alone in the world. To take revenge, you get to play as 
Zhao Yun.

Battle of Yiling

To start off, you need to rescue your allies on the front line. As soon as you
jump down there, the fire attack will happen. Work quickly to rescue as many 
of your allies as you can. After you finish clearing the front lines of enemy
officers, Ma Liang will mention to head to the east to get around the enemy.

As you move to the east, you will find Liu Bei. Move into the now open base 
and defeat the ambush in there. Once you defeat Gan Ning, the first part will
be over and you will be reunited with Liu Bei.

The second part will resume with you in control of Zhuge Liang. Your first
objective is to defeat the many generals on the front lines. You can use the
ballistas or you can quickly take them out on foot. After taking out many 
generals, Guan Suo will rush into the main camp and isolate himself. You need
to go rescue him.

Once you get to Guan Suo, he will be under attack by many officers. Take them
all out to rescue him. After he's rescued, take out the rest of the marked 
generals on your minimap. As the Shu companies withdraw, Lu Xun will 
eventually arrive. Take him out and the level will be completed.

Finish Battle of Yiling

Now that Liu Bei is gone, it's up to Zhuge Liang to fulfill his lords wishes.
You get to play as him now. Speak to the Guard when you're ready to begin.

Battle of Tianshui

The objective of the battle is to defeat the three commanders in the corners
of the map. Before any of that can happen though, you need to deal with the
Wei vanguard forces. All of the required generals will be marked on your map.
Go and defeat them to continue.

After the vanguard is defeated, attack the four generals who will try and 
attack Liu Shan. After they're defeated, head to the northwest base. The doors
will be open because Cui Liang will think you're heading south. Defeat him and
then head to the southeast.

Wei reinforcements will arrive and will head to Liu Shan. Take them out before
they can reach him. Once you defeat the reinforcements, head to the southeast
fort. Cui Liang will open the gate for you. BUT IT'S A TRAP.

A Wei ambush will appear and Cui Liang will switch back to their side. Show 
them what's up and defeat them all. Two generals will spawn in the two central
garrisons. Go and defeat them and then Tianshui Castle will be the only place
left to take.

However, they will launch another ambush. Defeat the ambush and Jiang Wei will
appear and the castle gates will open. Go in and defeat Jiang Wei to take him
as your successor. An archer ambush will happen and a fire attack will happen,
but the enemy messes up pretty bad and they will be easy to defeat.

Finish Battle of Tianshui

You get to play as Jiang Wei now in the penultimate showdown at Wuzhang 
Plains. Speak with the Guard when you're ready.

Battle of Wu Zhang Plains

The first objective is to capture the strategic points in the east and west.
Since you're already heading towards the east one, do that one first. After
taking the camp, Xiahou Ba will show up and rush the main camp. Hurry back and
defeat him so Zhuge Liang will stay safe.

There is also a threat of an enemy assault on the cliff above the Shu main 
camp. You will have to ride around quite a ways to find a ladder to climb up
there. You will discover and ambush unit who will be surprised and start to
panic. They will jump down to attack Zhuge Liang. Follow them down there and
defeat them.

After defeating them, take the other strategic point if it hasn't been taken
already. If it has, defeat the last generals in the center of the map. While
you are doing so, reinforcements will show up in the center supply depot. Work
your way there and then defeat Sima Shi to finish the first part of the 

Once the second part begins, defeat the three forward generals first. Wei Yan
will get ambushed in the west but don't worry about him. Once the flame 
juggernauts are ready, commandeer them to defeat the enemies in the center.

Ma Dai will then be ambushed in the east. The enemy will have many artillery
united ready to counter your juggernauts. Carefully defeat the two enemies and
then go help Ma Dai. You will run into an ambush by Sima Shi outside of the
gate. Defeat him to open the gate and rescue Ma Dai. Defeat the officers 
attacking Ma Dai to rescue him.

After rescuing Ma Dai, move to the center of the battlefield again and defeat
Xiahou Ba. Move to the west to help Wei Yan. In the meantime, Wei 
reinforcements will arrive and will head towards your main camp. Screw Wei Yan
for now as he'll be fine and go and protect Zhuge Liang.

Now you can finally help out Wei Yan. After doing so, go and help Ma Dai on 
the other side of the map again as he'll be needing your help. Once the Wei
reinforcements arrive, they will charge your camp. Head back there again to
assist Zhuge Liang. 

Once you've cleared out the enemies, you can finally attack the Wei main camp
and defeat Sima Yi. Once Sima Yi is defeated, the battle is over.

Finish Battle of Wu Zhang Plains

And so ends the tale of the Shu kingdom.

Jin Story Mode

Completely new to Dynasty Warriors is the story of the Jin Kingdom. Exciting.
Unlike the other stories, this one begins near the end of the three kingdoms
era (duh). The story begins with you as Sima Yi, the one who laid the
foundations of the Jin Dynasty.

Gongsun Yuan's Rebellion

Starting off as Sima Yi, head to the south central garrison and take it over 
by defeating the two officers there. After taking the southern garrison, take
the other three strategic points in the southwest part of the map.

While you are taking the points, some more officers will come down to attack.
An ambush will also interrupt your assault unit in the east. Go over there and
defeat the ambush to save your assault unit. While on the east side, assault 
the castle. Defeat the two generals there and then climb the ladder up the 

Defeat Su Shu and Wei Yan outside of the castle gate. Your troops will be 
ambushed inside the castle, but your assault from the east will confuse them
all. Destroy them and then set your sights on Gongsun Yuan. Once he's 
defeated, the battle is over.

Finish Gongsun Yuan's Rebellion

With Sima Yi retired (yeah right) it's now up to Sima Zhao to conquer Shu.
Speak with Cao Shuang when you're ready to begin the battle.

Conquest of Shu

Your orders here are to take the supply base in the northwest since the enemy
will supposedly never attack you. Once you reach the base, your main camp will
be ambushed just as predicted. Defeat Wang Ping quickly and then head back to
your base to rescue Cao Shuang.

On your way back, you'll be ambushed by many soldiers. Defeat them and return
to Cao Shuang. The enemy will launch a fire attack making the situation even 
more dire. Once you do rendezvous and save Cao Shuang, you must escape the 
battlefield with him to the east.

Along the way, you'll be ambushed a few times. The first is by Guan Suo once
Cao Shuang makes it to the south central part of the map. Defeat him to move
on. Yue Ying will appear next. Defeat her too. The next ambush will occur in
the eastern central part of the map and Xing Cai will appear. Again, defeat 
her to move on.

Right after Xing Cai, Ma Dai ambushes you. Defeat him in a duel and the battle
will be completed.

Finish Conquest of Shu

Now it's time to seize power from Wei. Sima Yi will launch his coup d’état.

Coup d’état

Once the battle begins, head out towards the guard post in the south part of 
the map. Take it over and then take the armory too. The armory is located in
the southeast part of the map. Before you do that, kill the messenger that 
will spawn on the west side of the map so word doesn't reach Cao Shuang of 
your coup.

After taking the armory, move back to the west and take the highlighted 
guardpost. Another messenger will appear but he will be in the center of the
map right in your path to the guardpost. Take him out too and then continue
on to the guardpost and take it over.

Another messenger will try to flee to warn Cao Shuang. This time it's Huan
Fan. He will try to make a break for it down the center. Don't let that 
happen. Cao Shuang's vanguard will return in the east. Go and meet them and
let them know that you're in charge now.

After defeating the vanguard, Cao Shuang himself will return. Chase after him
as he attempts to flee and cut down all who stand in your path. Once Cao 
Shuang is defeated, the battle is done.

Finish Coup d’état

Now it's time for some Sima Shi action. Speak with Sima Zhao to begin the 

Shu Invasion

Once out of the gate, head to the indicated base in the central part of the 
map. Deng Ai informs you that it may be a decoy. Stay weary. Just as he 
predicted, it was an ambush. Fall back and destroy the bridge when you are
prompted to.

Now that the bridge is out, you'll find the enemy supply depot in the
northwest. Advance along the northern path and take out the enemy officers on
your way there.

Once inside the supply depot, you'll be ambushed by Xing Cai and Li Hui. Take
them out to capture the supply depot and demoralize the Shu army. If Sima Zhao
is under attack, return to your base to help him out.

After helping out Sima Zhao, Yue Ying needs to be defeated. She will have
brought some arbalests along. Destroy them and then defeat her to have a clear
shot at the main camp. Some officers will charge out but they pose no problem.
Enter the camp and defeat Jiang Wei to finish the battle.

Finish Shu Invasion

Back to Sima Yi now to put down Wang Ling. Speak with Sima Shi to begin.

Wang Ling's Rebellion

Start things off by taking all of the highlighted bases. The one in the 
northeast will be the closest one to the start. Rescue Wang Guang and he will
follow you and try to talk some sense into his father. 

Some Wu reinforcements will soon show up and charge to your main camp.
Intercept and defeat them. Once they're defeated, the main Wu force will 
arrive in the southeast corner of the map. Defeat them and then mop up any
remaining enemy forces outside the castle.

Enter the castle when you're ready and fight Wang Ling. His son will try to
talk sense into him but he won't listen. Defeat him to end the battle.

Finish Wang Ling's Rebellion

So ends Sima Yi. Now it's up to his sons to realize his dreams. The next 
battle is to conquer Wu and its led by the new general Zhuge Dan. Speak with
Sima Zhao to begin.

Battle of Dongxing

The first objective is to take the western castle. Your troops will march 
inside and will get caught in a fire attack and then they'll be ambushed.
Enter the area and rescue your troops.

After they're rescued, the fire will go away and your troops will resume their
advance. Advance with them and the Wu reinforcements will show up and attack 
Sima Zhao. Ride back to protect him and to defeat the Wu reinforcements.

After defeating the reinforcements, resume the attack on the western castle.
Defeat any remaining enemies outside the castle and then move to attack the
eastern castle. Once you reach the bridge, the first stage of the battle will
be complete.

Part two puts you right into the battle as Wang Yuanji. You need to rendezvous
with Zhuge Dan who has isolated himself in the east side of the map. Head to 
southeast and then up through the eastern castle to reach him. Defeat the two
generals inside to take it.

After taking the castle, continue to the north and to Zhuge Dan. Defeat the 
three generals attacking him to rescue him. Now you'll have to rendezvous with
Sima Zhao on the other side of the map and then make for the escape point. 
Stay with Zhuge Dan as he'll walk into another ambush.

Hurry up to Sima Zhao as he'll soon get surrounded by Wu forces. Defeat them
and then escort him south to the escape point. Zhuge Dan will get ambushed
again so ride ahead of Sima Zhao and rescue him. Escort Sima Zhao and Zhuge 
Dan to the escape point while defeating the reinforcements that arrive as you

Once at the escape point, defeat the officers there, and the battle will be

Finish Battle of Dongxing

Riding on their momentum, Wu moves to attack New Hefei Castle. It's up to Sima
Shi to hold them back. Speak with Zhuge Dan and Sima Zhao when you're ready to

Battle of New Hefei Castle

Hey I thought it was New Hefei Castle. This is the same as Dynasty Warriors 6!
Anyway, start off by defeating the officers to the west that have breached the
inner part of the castle. After defeating them, head to the center part of the
castle as indicated on your map as the Wu forces will be advancing that way.

Once there, hop on the ballista to repel the enemies that are coming through.
After taking out the officers, head to the east where more enemies will be 
breaching the castle. Once there, hop in the pyrocannons to defeat the
enemies. The pyrocannons are similar to the juggernauts from Shu.

After they're dealt with, advance on the main Wu force in the southwest. 
Defeat them and all that is left will be the main Wu camp. Take it over by
defeating Zhuge Ke and the battle will be over.

Finish Battle of New Hefei Castle

Now Jiang Wei is back at it and it's time for a new character, Guo Huai. Speak
with Wang Yuanji to begin.

2nd Shu Invasion

Sima Zhao will be surrounded to the southwest. Head straight there and defeat
the enemies that are attacking him to rescue him. Once he's rescued, escort
him back to the main camp. Defeat the enemy officers that are in the way.

The Qiang tribe will arrive in the northwest and will head straight for your
main camp. Head back there and protect it and defeat them all. After defeating
the Qiang tribe, they'll defect and serve you.

Reinforcements will arrive in the after defeating the Qiang. Head down there 
and take them out. It will be Yue Ying with her stupid juggernauts. Destroy
those too. After defeating them, return to attacking Xiahou Ba at Nan'an
Castle in the southeast. Once you defeat him, part one will be done.

Part two continues after Guo Huai gets the business. Deng Ai will attempt to
avenge him now. Duel Jiang Wei right at the beginning and then assault the Shu
forces. First take on Xing Cai in the first garrison you come to.

Advance west after taking her out and take out the ballista that's sitting
right outside. Make your way back to the Wei main camp now as you'll see the
enemy marching there with more juggernauts. Destroy the juggernauts and kill
the lieutenants so Wang Yuanji will be safe.

Resume your assault on the Shu camp after that. Defeat the final three 
officers to finish the battle. (Watch out for the fire attack).

Finish 2nd Shu Invasion

It turns out not everybody like Sima Shi. Sima Zhao will have to keep him 

Attack on Sima Shi

Walk with Sima Shi. Once you get to Li Feng, he will turn on you and some
assassins will attack. Defeat them to keep Sima Shi safe. Stay with him and
once you get to the next group of ministers, they too will turn on Sima Shi.
Defeat them to move on.

Once you reach the inner area of the castle, Zhang Ji will ambush you with two
ballistas and many archers. Defeat Zhang Ji to seize the ballistas. Use the
ballistas to clear the path of the archers.

Continue with Sima Shi after eliminating the archers. More enemies will appear
behind you and give chase. Another ambush will happen. Take them out and 
protect Sima Shi. Defeat Xiahou Xuan and then three more assassins and the
mission will be complete.

Finish Attack on Sima Shi

Now it's time to eliminate those who tried to rebel. Sima Shi will do this
himself. Speak with Wang Yuanji to begin.

Guanqiu Jian & Wen Qin's Rebellion

Start things off by defeating all of the generals on the frontlines. The 
officer to the south is the closest to your position. Wen Qin's sons Wen Hu 
and Wen Yang will arrive as reinforcements to the north. Take them out before
they can attack your main camp.

After thwarting their plans, take out the officers in the northeast part of 
the map. Afterwards, Wen Hu and Wen Yang will reappear at the central
garrison. Defeat Wen Hu to gain entry into the base and then thd first part of
the battle will be completed.

Deng Ai will come to your aid after you take the arrow to the eye. Defeat both
Wen Yang and Wen Qin to start the second part of the battle. After defeating 
them, the gates will open. Wu reinforcements will arrive from the south and 
the rest of the enemy will advance on your main camp. 

Head out to the west back to your main camp and defeat the enemies as they 
come to you. With the Wu reinforcements defeated, the Wu main force will 
arrive to defend Shouchun castle. Hurry over there to rescue Zhuge Dan.

When you enter the central garrison again, you'll be ambushed by Guanqiu Xiu.
Defeat him to open the gates. Once you get to Shouchun castle, you'll need to
defeat the Wu main force to gain entry. They will all swarm you so take them
out. Once inside the castle, defeat Guanqiu Jian to finish the battle.

Finish Guanqiu Jian & Wen Qin's Rebellion

Now Sima Zhao must follow in the footsteps of his father and brother by 
thwarting yet another Shu invasion. Speak with Deng Ai to begin.

3rd Shu Invasion

Start the battle by attacking the forces in the center. They'll be marked on
your map. After taking them out, you'll need to assault the three garrisons 
that are up the mountain. Some fog will settle in and obscure the map.

Go up the route to the east of the first garrison where you started and take
out the two generals coming down. A little further up the path you'll come to 
a ladder you can use to attack the easternmost garrison.

Continue to the west and take the remaining two bases by defeating the enemies
inside of them. Once you take all three, the fog will lift. Continue up the 
mountain and take the next garrison. Right outside the next base will be two
arbalests and an enemy officer. Take them out so Zhong Hui can continue his

Move to the Shu main camp which is guard by Yue Ying and some more arbalests.
Additionally, the enemy will launch a fire attack on you. Take them out and
some Shu reinforcements will arrive. Take them out too and then attack Jiang
Wei in the Shu main camp. Once he's defeated, the battle will be completed.

Finish 3rd Shu Invasion

Sima Zhao has really transitioned into a leader. Unfortunately, Shu just won't
give up. Now it's time for Zhong Hui to end their invasions. Speak with the 
Guard when you're ready to begin.

4th Shu Invasion

Right out of the gate, defeat the three officers who are attacking on the
frontlines. Deng Ai will had south and walk into an ambush. Go down there and
defeat the ambush to rescue him.

Continue south with Deng Ai towards the western checkpoint. Zhang Yi will 
appear guarding the gate. Defeat him to continue. Turn your attention now to
the east side of the map where some reinforcements will arrive.

Head to the marked location to destroy the bridge. Xiahou Ba will then arrive
at the southern checkpoint. Head south taking out the enemy generals along the
way to get some experience. Take out Xiahou Ba to finish the first part of the

Part two continues with you as Deng Ai on the western side of the map. Start
off by moving forward and taking out the enemy. When you come to the enemy
ambush. Ride around to the south to flank them. Doing so will throw the ambush
units into confusion. Defeat the three generals to ensure Zhong Hui's safety.

Continue along the cliffs to the north and over the bridges where you'll 
discover some arbalests below. Continue on and you'll find a catapult under 
the control of Ma Dai. Kill him to seize the catapult and destroy the 
arbalests below.

Jump down and help out Zhong Hui and then move on towards the Shu main camp.
Continue towards the camp taking out the arbalests and the enemy generals.
Defeat Jiang Wei to end the battle and his invasions.

Finish 4th Shu Invasion

Another rebellion. This time by Zhuge Dan. Sima Zhao himself will put it down.

Zhuge Dan's Rebellion

Start things off by heading to the east where Wu reinforcements are 
approaching. Once they arrive, defeat them. Another wave will arrive after you
defeat the first. Deal with them too. Zhu Yi will reappear too to try and 
defeat you. Take him out.

Now it's time to defeat the officers that have moved outside the castle. Start
by going north to the garrison that you are nearby. They will surrender after
they lose half their health. Ding Feng will appear where the previous Wu 
reinforcements were. Go and take him out.

Continue attacking the highlighted generals and they will all defect once they
are reduced to half their health. Sun Chen will then appear at the
reinforcement point to the east. Go and take him out. Once Sun Chen is dead,
the first part of the battle will be completed.

Part two continues with you as Sima Zhao still. Speak with Wang Yuanji to 
begin. Move out and attack the two officers outside the castle: Wen Yang and
Wen Hu. They will both surrender after you hit them a little bit as Zhuge Dan
has murdered their father.

Wu reinforcements will arrive in the southeast and will move to attack the 
main camp and Wen Yang and Wen Hu. Take them out to keep them safe. Move to
the south gate of Shouchun Castle and wait there for it to open.

Half of the forces inside the castle will surrender. Move in and clear out 
those that don't. Once the inner gates open, move in to confront Zhuge Dan.
It will be you and him for the final battle. He will launch a fire attack but
he will be no problem to defeat. Once he's dead, the rebellion will be over.

Finish Zhuge Dan's Rebellion

Another Rebellion this time by the emperor. Take him out to gain supremacy of
the land.

Wei Emperor's Last Stand

Begin by defeating one of the defense captains to gain entry into the castle.
Once inside, take out the arbalests. To do so, take the ballistas in the 
center. To take the ballistas, defeat the lieutenant.

After destroying the arbalests, move to the highlighted point in the west.
Cao Mao will show up himself to fight. Attack him and he will withdraw. You
can defeat him, but it won't end the mission yet. Enter the palace after
defeating him.

Move through and defeat Wang Jing when he appears. Move to the center of the
castle and head east. The next hall will be occupied by some pyrocannons. 
There is one unused one that you can commandeer.

In the next hall after the pyrocannons, the enemy will launch an ambush and
Cheng Ji and Cheng Cui will defect. Defeat them all to move on. Fight your way
through to the throne room and then slay Cao Mao to claim victory.

Finish Wei Emperor's Last Stand

Now it's time to eliminate Shu. This will be Zhong Hui's task.

Capture of Chengdu

Your first goal is to secure a path to the north and to the south. To do this,
defeat the three generals that are blocking each path. Once you free one of 
the paths, Xing Cai and Guan Suo will advance. Defeat both of them. Once 
they're defeated, the ladder up will be in place. 

Instead of climbing the ladder right away, help clear the other path to
either the north or south and then climb the ladder. Once you get up the 
ladder, you'll be greeted by some ballistas. Take out the officers at each set
to stop them. Alternatively, you could just destroy them.

Once both are taken, your goal will switch to attacking Ma Dai to take the 
central garrison. Before doing that, an enemy force will charge your main camp
from the east side. Go intercept and defeat them. After that, clear out any of
the remaining generals before the central garrison.

Go into the central garrison and defeat Ma Dai and friends in there to take it
over. Afterwards, advance north to the gate. Defeat the generals outside to 
open it and then head inside to defeat Xiahou Ba. As usual, they will launch a
fire attack, but it will be pretty worthless. Defeat Xiahou Ba to finish the 
first phase of the battle.

Part two begins with you as Deng Ai now. Speak with the guard to begin. Start
by heading south as the northern path is blocked. Defeat Zhang Shao who is
blocking the way. Pass through into the mountains and into the fog.

You'll come to Zhuge Liang (phantom) who has been dead for many years. Defeat
him and then the two enemy generals who come to attack and then another 
phantom Zhuge Liang to lift the fog and to continue.

Make your way up the nearby ladder to launch a surprise attack on the Banjun
northern garrison. After taking it, a Shu assault unit will go for your main
camp. Head north and climb the ladder to get over to them and defeat them.

Once the assault unit is defeated, the once blocked northern path will be 
opened and some juggernauts (they really love them) will come down towards the
main camp. They will keep respawning unless you take the juggernaut warehouse
which is guarded by Ma Miao.

Continue on the path to the next base which will be guarded by four arbalest
units as well as Zhang Zun. Defeat him and destroy the arbalests to continue.
Enemies will then spawn outside of the castle. Defeat them to gain entry.
Once inside they'll launch a fire attack on you. (How original). Defeat them
to finish the battle.

Part three begins with you in control of Sima Zhao himself to finish Shu. 
Speak to Wang Yuanji to begin. First you must head south or west to take on
the enemy. Choose either way. The south will launch a catapult attack while
the west will launch an archer attack.

After clearing one of the ways, they'll launch an assault on the main camp.
They'll completely ignore you so you'll have to go all the way back to your
camp to fight them. (I guess you aren't important). After defeating them, take
the other side that you didn't take earlier.

Head to Jiange Gate where Xing Cai will appear. Defeat her to open the gate.
Once inside, Liu Shan himself will be there to fight. He will withdraw once he
loses enough health. Once he withdraws, you'll be jumped by many officers and
Ma Dai will arrive on the ridge above with some ballistas. Go up there and 
defeat Ma Dai to stop the ballistas.

Head to the west where you'll find some catapults to destroy. Defeat Yan Yu 
and you'll be able to use the catapults. Yue Ying will show up with some
juggernauts (she can never think of anything new). Use the catapults to 
destroy the juggernauts. Once they're destroyed, hop down there and clear out
the remaining officers.

After defeating Yue Ying, clear out the remaining officers outside of the
castle. With them defeated, take out Guan Suo to gain entry to the castle.
Once inside, defeat Jiang Wei to finally destroy Shu.

Finish Capture of Cheng Du

So ends the story of Jin. I guess Wu no longer existed or something.


5) Conquest Mode

Conquest Mode is new to Dynasty Warriors. Each hex is a different type of 
mission and there are many different types of missions ranging in difficulty
from 1-10 stars.

Legendary Battles - Each character has two or three legendary battles to play.
They are all unique and pertain to that particular character. Complete them 
all to unlock the character.

Treasure Battles - To obtain the 10th weapons for each type, you must complete
each treasure battle. Each battle will be a simple assault on the enemy
commander who is the "master" of that type of weapon.

Alliance Battles - Each kingdom has five alliance battles that increase in 
difficulty. They are simply battles for each kingdom against some enemies.

Capital Cities - Unlock these by completing a battle outside of the city and
then you can purchase weapons among other things.

Arena Battles - Certain battles will be in an arena against a certain number
of enemy officers and nothing else.

Defensive Battles - Defend a base while the enemy assaults it.

There are many more all with varying degrees of difficulty.

Refer to this map for all of the information you'll need about Conquest Mode.


I did not make this map. Full credit goes to the original author of the map.


6) Quiz Questions

Check out my other guide for all of the quiz questions and answers:



7) Achievements

There are 50 achievements worth 1000 points

A Great Leap Forward (10)	
Unlocked the first capital city in Conquest Mode.

A Hit with the Ladies (10)	
Maxed out your bond with 5 or more female officers in Conquest Mode.

A Man's Warrior (10)	
Maxed out your bond with 5 or more male officers in Conquest Mode.

A New Challenger Appears (10)	
Completed the stories of Wei, Wu and Shu, and unlocked the story of Jin.

A Step Toward Glory (10)	
Completed the first stage in Conquest Mode.

A Warrior of the People (10)	
Made all Dynasty Warriors officers available as sworn allies in Conquest Mode.

Animal Collector (10)	
Obtained all guardian animals.

Army of One (10)	
Defeated 1,000 or more enemies in a single battle.

Audio Collector (30)	
Unlocked all officers' voices in the gallery.

Boot Camp Graduate (10)	
Completed all lessons in the tutorial.

Combo Master (10)	
Achieved a 50+ combo.

Conqueror of Chibi (10)	
Completed the Battle of Chibi with one of the forces in Story Mode.

Consensus Builder (60)	
Maxed out your bond with every officer in Conquest Mode.

Dong Zhuo's Worst Nightmare (10)
Completed the Elimination of Dong Zhuo with one of the forces in Story Mode.

Eager Student (10)	
Correctly answered 5 of the Scholar's quiz questions in a row.

Emperor of Jin (10)	
Completed the story of Jin.

Emperor of Shu (10)	
Completed the story of Shu.

Emperor of Wei (10)	
Completed the story of Wei.

Emperor of Wu (10)	
Completed the story of Wu.

Event Collector (10)	
Viewed all events.

Expert (10)
Learned all skills with any officer.

Friend of Jin (10)	
Completed all of the Jin Alliance Battles in Conquest Mode.

Friend of Shu (10)	
Completed all of the Shu Alliance Battles in Conquest Mode.

Friend of Wei (10)	
Completed all of the Wei Alliance Battles in Conquest Mode.

Friend of Wu (10)	
Completed all of the Wu Alliance Battles in Conquest Mode.

God of War (30)	
Achieved a total of more than 100,000 K.O.s over the course of the game.

Good Listener (10)	
Heard all conversations.

Gourmand (10)	
Used healing items a total of 100 or more times over the course of the game.

Grand Emperor (30)	
Completed all kingdoms' stories.

Hero of the Ages (30)	
Increased your fame to 1 million or more in Conquest Mode.

Historian (10)	
Completed 10 or more Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode.

Little Conqueror (10)	
Unlocked 7 capital cities in Conquest Mode.

Meticulous Collector (60)	
Unlocked all possible items in the gallery.

Movie Collector (30)	
Viewed all movies.

Nobleman (30)	
Obtained a total of more than 1 million gold over the course of the game.

OK, you can pursue Lu Bu (10)	
Defeated Lu Bu for the first time.

Perfect Battle (30)	
Completed a battle without taking any damage.

Quizmaster (30)	
Answered all of the Scholar's quiz questions correctly in Conquest Mode.

Renowned Warrior (10)	
Increased your fame to 500,000 or more in Conquest Mode.

Seal Collector (30)	
Obtained all seals.

Speedy Warrior (10)	
Completed a battle within 1 minute.

True Warrior of the 3 Kingdoms (90)	
Obtained all achievements.

Ultimate Conqueror (30)	
Completed all stages in Conquest Mode except for downloadable battles.

Unrivaled Warrior (30)	
Defeated 3,000 or more enemies in a single battle.

Valor In The City (60)	
Unlocked all capital cities in Conquest Mode.

Wallpaper Collector (10)	
Obtained all types of wallpaper.

Wandering Fighter (10)	
Increased your fame to 100,000 or more in Conquest Mode.

Weapon Aficionado (10)	
Obtained all weapons of a single type, except for downloadable ones.

Weapon Collector (60)	
Obtained all weapons except for downloadable ones.

Yellow Turbans Eliminated (10)	
Completed the Yellow Turban Rebellion with one of the forces in Story Mode.


8) Copyright

This guide is copyright © of Tom Stevens and may not be reproduced or 
redistributed in any way without consent.

Only GameFAQs may use this guide.

Questions/comments/suggestions? Feel free to e-mail me. I'll read all e-mails
but cannot guarantee a reply.

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