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This Document is Copyrighted 2000 by Croco64. Any reproduction of this document 
in part or in whole without the author's consent is strictly forbidden.

This FAQ Includes: * Guides to Beating Every Championship
                   * Locations of Hidden Shortcuts
                   * How to Find Every Bonus Box
                   * Two-Player and Beetle Battle Strategies
                   * Flower Box Locations
                   * Guide to all the Cars

Contact Me: [email protected] (see Part 4 for details)

This is currently Version 1.1 of the Croco64 FAQ/Walkthrough for Beetle 
Adventure Racing, Created 5/29/2000.

Version 1.1- Created 5/29/00
It's time for the first update to this FAQ. This version includes all the 
strategies and other stuff for Time Attack mode in the last three levels, some 
2-Player Strategies, and the beginning of the guide to the Beetle Battle. Oh 
yeah, and I've also started on the walkthroughs for the Championship mode and 
completed the Novice Circuit walkthrough. Well, that's all, hope you enjoy it.

Version 1.0- Created 5/14/00
Well here we are, the first time you've ever set eyes on this FAQ. The first 
version. So fresh... so new... how peachy. Anyway, we've got a bunch of stuff 
here, including Parts 1, 2, and 4, and some parts of Part 3 (it's partly 
complete, for the most part). Specifically, I've covered most of the things 
found in Coventry Cove, Mount Mayhem, and Inferno Isle. For the second half of 
the game, I've gotten down all the detours, and in my next couple updates I'll 
try to finish each of the levels. The rest of the sections in Part 3 are non-
existent, but keep an eye out for them in the future. Anyway, enjoy this FAQ for 
the best Beetle game on N64.


UPDATE NOTICE: There are plenty of updates in this version, including the Time 
Attack Strategies for Sunset Sands, Metro Madness, and Wicked Woods. For the 
Championship Walkthroughs, I completed the Novice Circuit. I've listed a few 2-
Player Strategies, and anyone who has ones of their own can feel free to send 
them in. And finally, I've begun the Beetle Battle Strategies with General 
Strategies and strategies for the Airport level. Have fun, and have a good 
Memorial Day. 


I. Part 1- Introduction
   A. Introduction
   B. Author's Comments
II. Part 2- Guides and Lists
   A. Controls
   B. One-Player Items
   C. Beetle Battle Items
   D. Cars
III. Part 3- Guide to the Game (Walkthroughs)
   A. Level 1: Coventry Cove
      1. Detours
      2. Time Attack
      3. Bonus Boxes
      4. Flower Boxes
   B. Level 2: Mount Mayhem
      1. Detours
      2. Time Attack
      3. Bonus Boxes
      4. Flower Boxes
   C. Level 3: Inferno Isle
      1. Detours
      2. Time Attack
      3. Bonus Boxes
      4. Flower Boxes
   D. Level 4: Sunset Sands
      1. Detours
      2. Time Attack
      3. Bonus Boxes
      4. Flower Boxes
   E. Level 5: Metro Madness
      1. Detours
      2. Time Attack
      3. Bonus Boxes
      4. Flower Boxes
   F. Level 6: Wicked Woods
      1. Detours
      2. Time Attack
      3. Bonus Boxes
      4. Flower Boxes
   G. Championships (Walkthroughs)
      1. Novice
      2. Advanced
      3. Professional
      4. Bonus
   H. Two-Player Strategies
   I. Beetle Battle
      1. General Strategies
      2. Airport
      3. Parkade
      4. Stadium
      5. Castle
      6. Ice Flows
      7. Volcano
      8. Dunes
      9. Rooftops
      10. Woods
IV. Part 4- Additional Help
   A. Tips
   B. Frequently Asked Questions
   C. Contact Info/Credits/Special Thanks
   D. Closing Statement

Where Should You Go?
Part 1- This section allows you to get to know my view on the game and why I 
wrote this FAQ. The story to the game is also included in this section. You can 
skip it if you want.
Part 2- This has good information on the aspects of the game, such as stuff on 
the cars and items. If you're an experienced player, you may skip this section, 
but there still is good info for everyone.
Part 3- This is the real meat of the FAQ, and where you can find info on the 
game, with guides to the levels, secret stuff, and more.
Part 4- If you've checked all over and can't find what you need, someone may 
have the same problem or one of the tips may help you out. If they don't you can 
always contact me, and info on how to do so is found here. Also, credits and 
thanks are given out to those who helped me.

                      ___                        ___                 
|__|                 /___\______________________/___\               |__|
/  \===================|   PART 1: INTRODUCTION   |=================/  \
|  |                 \___/                      \___/               |  |

      - - - - - - - - - - - - INTRODUCTION - - - - - - - - - - - - 

     The New Beetle... while opinions on the car are mixed, the quality of this 
game is for sure very high. One of the best racers on the N64, BAR manages to 
bring a new style of gaming. It's not really an entirely new style, but the game 
will feature lots of detours and shortcuts in huge levels. The interesting play 
of the game will make Beetle and non-Beetle fans alike enjoy this great game, if 
not for its exploration-heavy single player races than its stellar multiplayer 
     Paradigm, creator of such classic (yet forgotten) games such as Pilotwings 
64 and F-1 World Grand Prix, has created their third N64 game in the form of 
BAR. Paradigm does such good work with their titles, yet after a short time 
everyone seems to forget about them. Unfortunately, BAR is one of the 
"forgotten" and will likely stay that way. However, anyone who plays this game 
won't be getting rid of it soon. BAR offers a unique racing experience that 
won't only see a lot of time on the TV when you're by yourself, but with your 
friends, too. Any multiplayer or racing fan cannot complete their library 
without this great game.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - AUTHOR'S COMMENTS - - - - - - - - - - - -

     Beetle Adventure Racing looked like a good game when it came out in '99, 
but it didn't compel me enough to buy it. On a trip to a friends house, however, 
I learned of how fun this game could be. I loved exploring the gigantic levels 
and finding (or following my friend into) shortcuts. Even better, the Beetle 
Battle mode was the best multiplayer that I had seen in a while. BAR quickly 
became one of the big party games for me and my friends, and a short while ago, 
I decided to test out the entire game myself. Even having played all the levels, 
BAR brought surprises and fun. It also brought difficulty. I didn't even know 
about the Flower Boxes until later in the game. So here, I've compiled a handy 
guide to help you out in finding all the Bonus Boxes, Flower Boxes, unlocking 
excellent cars and getting the fastest times. 

                      ___                        ___                 
|__|                 /___\______________________/___\               |__|
/  \===================| PART 2: GUIDES AND LISTS |=================/  \
|  |                 \___/                      \___/               |  |

          - - - - - - - - - - - CONTROLS - - - - - - - - - - -

   This game has what you'd expect, the basic racing controls. Only this time 
you'll actually need to use the brakes...

Control Stick: Steer
A Button:      Accelerate
B Button:      Normal Brake
Bottom C:      Hand Brake
Left C:        Rear-View Mirror
Top C:         Camera Change 
Right C:       Horn
Z Button:      Shift Down
R Button:      Shift Up
A + Z:         Reverse
L Button:      Move Car to Center Track

If you don't like the way the controls are set up, pause the game and select 
"Options" (or select "Options" from the starting menu), the select "Controller". 
Here you can change the control setup.

   Pressing the L Button to get back onto the road is an often overlooked  but 
incredibly helpful technique, perhaps the most valuable thing in the game (well, 
besides the gas button). Quickly tap this button at the first sign of any 
trouble. If you can get out of the trouble its better, but if you can't, the 
sooner you tap it the less time you'll waste. If you're taking a detour, 
however, you'll be transported to the normal route, which may prove to be 
helpful or hurtful (depending on where the detour goes).
   There are three different ways to brake. The normal brake is useful only on 
long, easy turns, as it doesn't stop your car much unless you hold it down. The 
Hand Brake brakes quickly, and you'll stop fast. Use this for more difficult 
turns. The final one, though not really a brake, is the Reverse. It will stop 
your car fast, though not as fast as the Hand Brake. It's handy to know that the 
Reverse can brake your car, but you won't use it in many situations. 
   The default camera is set on Close 3rd-Person, but there are also two other 
styles: Far 3rd Person and 1st-Person. While I generally prefer the default 
setting, you'll be able to see more of the track and your surroundings with the 
Far 3rd-Person.  
   Check your rear view mirror every once in a while to check if there's an 
opponent nearby. Only tap it quickly.
   The horn is just for fun, and won't affect you or any other of the cars. The 
only exception is with the Police Sirens (see Part 2, Section D).


Power Slide: The standard power slide is very helpful while taking not-
     so-sharp turns, because it won't slow you down all that much. To 
     use it, tap the brake while still holding down the gas.
Super Power Slide: The Super Power Slide allows for quick, fast turns, 
     but you sacrifice more speed for it. However, this is the Power 
     Slide of choice in most situations. Do it by holding R and Bottom 
     C (the Hand Brake) for a short time. It's very useful.
360 Spin: The 360 is never needed in the game, but if you can pull one 
     off, you're a good player. Simply follow the directions for the 
     Super Power Slide, but do it when you're going off a jump or ledge.
     If you do it correctly, you may pull off a full spin. These are 
     much easier to do in the multiplayer mode, so you can try them out 
     there first. 


      - - - - - - - - - - - ONE-PLAYER ITEMS - - - - - - - - - - -

   While racing to win the Championships, you'll most definitely come across a 
few items, which are all in the forms of boxes. Getting these boxes isn't 
necessary to win, but they will aid you in some way.

Nitro Box: Nitro Boxes, when you smash through them, will give you a 
     short burst of speed. This will increase your speed from 5-10 mph 
     above the maximum. If you continue down the road without losing 
     speed (not going up hills, turning, etc.), you'll maintain this 
     level of speed. Nitro Boxes can be found in any mode, including 
     Time Attack and Beetle Battle.
Bonus Box: Bonus Boxes are, well, for bonuses. There are three kinds: 2
     point, 5 point, and 10 point boxes, which are all obviously worth
     their respective points. In championships, collecting a certain 
     amount of points (50-65) will gain you a continue. This is very 
     helpful in many cases, because you can start all over if you have 
     no chance of winning. If you collect all the boxes (reaching 100 
     points) in any one level, you'll unlock a brand-new Beetle Battle 
     Arena for you and your friends to play in. Bonus Boxes can only be 
     found in the Championship mode, but you can practice (and only 
     practice) collecting them in the Single Race mode if you collect a 
     special cheat. They are mainly found on detours and alternate 
Flower Box: Flower Boxes are the most elusive of the boxes. They are 
     hidden very carefully and there are three in each level. A player
     could go through an entire game not even knowing that these boxes 
     exist. However, those that do find them will know that getting one 
     will open up special cheats. You'll really need to be observant and
     go out of your way, exploring to get them. They can only be found 
     in the Championship mode, and nowhere else. This makes them even 
     harder to get, because if you spend too much time exploring in the 
     Championship mode you'll get disqualified.


     - - - - - - - - - - - BEETLE BATTLE ITEMS - - - - - - - - - - -

   In Beetle Battle, you can't just go around getting worthless points- you need 
items of mass destruction. That's why Beetle Battle has its own unique items 
that will spice up your matches.

Ladybugs:        Effect- Collect to Win
Ladybugs are the key to winning Beetle Battle matches. One ladybug can be in the 
arena at a time, and you'll have to drive into it to collect it. These are 
strange, rare types of ladybugs that change colors every couple seconds. In 
order to win the match,a player must collect a ladybug of every color (then get 
to the exit). If you get squashed, you will lose your most recent ladybug.

Rockets:         Damage- 1/3
Rockets are the basic weapons. When you get a box, you'll get a five rockets, 
which act as super-fast projectiles. They will home in on a target, but only to 
a certain extent. You'll still have to aim in the general vicinity of the 
opponent's Beetle. Rockets are one of the most valuable items to have, so pick 
them up whenever you can.

Bomb Boxes:      Damage- 1/3
These boxes, which look somewhat similar to the rest of the item boxes, can be 
placed anywhere in the arena (including in the air). The remain stationary after 
planted, and if an opponent runs into one, will take severe damage. You'll get 
three of these when you crash through their container. After a while, these 
boxes will explode automatically.

Stealer Boxes:   Effect- Steals 1 of Your Opponent's Ladybugs
This is a very helpful item, and can be used largely to your advantage. That is, 
if you have good aim and know how to use it. Hit your opponent with this rocket-
like projectile, and one of their ladybugs is yours. You get five of these per 
box, but its hard to hit your opponent with.

Invincibility Boxes: Effect- Turns Your Car Invincible
The Invincibility boxes have two wonderful purposes rolled into one. First of 
all, you'll be invulnerable to all attacks. As an added bonus, you'll get a 
shiny new coat of silverish paint, which is extra thick, meaning you can ram 
opponents and cause major damage (enough to destroy them in one hit!).

Health Boxes:    Effect- Increases Health by 1/2
This nice little health-refills are not very plentiful, but it's worth finding 
them when you're low on health. They will refill approximately 1/2 of your 
health meter up.

Poison Boxes:    Effect- Decreases Health (Amount Under Study)
These boxes are the exact opposite of the health boxes. Instead of increasing 
your health, they decrease it. 

Nitro Boxes:     Effect- Gives Speed Burst
Nitro Boxes are the same in the Beetle Battle mode as they are in the Single 
Player. You can use Nitros to reach higher areas, or you can ram your opponents 
to cause damage, depending on how accurately you hit them).

Mystery Box:     Effect- Changes Opponents View
Mystery Boxes are all about messing up your opponent. These boxes will do one of 
three things. It can either fog your opponents screen so their view is limited, 
flip their portion of the screen upside down (and reversing directions), or 
change their view so it's like you were looking through curved glass (like the 
things you look through to see who's outside the door), or fisheye. These 
effects are simply their to fool and confuse your opponent, and will not harm 


             - - - - - - - - - - - CARS - - - - - - - - - - -

   Logically, the cars in BEETLE Adventure Racing are all Beetles. That means 
same sort of design in all of them. It gets kind of boring, but it seems each 
different color/design has different attributes. Which is the best? Check below!
   Each car is rated by Speed, Acceleration, and Handling, the same way as they 
are in the game. The ratings go in this order, from worst to best:

   -Very Poor
   -Above Average
   -Very Good
   There's also the Top Speed the car can reach without any enhancers (Nitros, 
Jumps), and the Top Speed the car can reach with enhancers. 
   I've included my personal choice of the best car in each class, but keep in 
mind that a certain car may be better for you. Find your strengths and 
weaknesses and see which car will use them best.
   To change the color of any of the cars, simply press Up or Down on the 
control stick. There are many color choices for every car.


Red Beetle: Speed- Poor     Acceleration- Fair     Handling- Poor
               Top Speed- 105 mph      Top Nitro Speed- 111 mph 
The Starting Vehicles, which includes the Red Beetle, all available from the 
start. That means that these are all pieces of junk. But you can still win races 
in them to unlock new, better, vehicles. The Red Beetle is a good starting 
choice because of its average (at least compared to the other starting cars) 
stats, and good acceleration. 

Yellow Beetle: Speed- Fair   Acceleration- Poor   Handling- Very Poor
               Top Speed- 118 mph      Top Nitro Speed- 126 mph
The Yellow Beetle is an fair choice because of its great speed. However, it has 
awful handling and you may never even get up to Top Speed. It's acceleration 
isn't great, either, but not all that bad.

Blue Beetle: Speed- Very Poor     Acceleration- Poor     Handling- Fair
               Top Speed- 99 mph          Top Nitro Speed- 105 mph 
The Blue Beetle excels in handling, which is very helpful in a game with a lot 
of twists and turns. Consider testing it. Unfortunately, its very low Top Speed 
may prevent you from using it in championships.

*Starting Choice Car: Red Beetle


Striped Beetle: Speed- Average   Accel.- Above Av.   Handling- Average
                Top Speed- 114 mph          Top Nitro Speed- 120 mph
The Beetle with stripes down the center is one of the "all-around good" cars. 
Each first car of every class (starting, novice, advanced, etc.) will generally 
be pretty balanced, with acceleration better than normal. Having balanced 
abilities, they all tend to do rather well in races.

Lightning Beetle: Speed- Above Av.   Accel.- Average   Handling- Fair
                Top Speed- 122 mph          Top Nitro Speed- 130 mph
The quick Lightning Beetle is like lighting; really fast, but no sense of 
control. The control may hurt, but if you think you can tame it, this will be 
your choice. Otherwise, go with the Striped Beetle. The second car in each class 
usually sports high top speed and low handling.

8 Ball Beetle: Speed- Fair   Acceleration- Average   Handling- Above Av.
                Top Speed- 110 mph          Top Nitro Speed- 116 mph
The 8 Ball Beetle may be a bit too slow to win the more difficult Advanced 
circuit, but if you find that staying on the road is more of a problem than 
speed, you may want to check it out. With good handling, you'll stay on the path 
and even if you mess up, the decent acceleration will help you get started 
again. The last car in each class will always have exceptional handling, but 
lacks in speed.

*Novice Choice Car: Striped Beetle


Flower Beetle: Speed- Good    Acceleration- Very Good    Handling- Good
                Top Speed- 119 mph          Top Nitro Speed- 126 mph
Although very well-balanced, the Flower Beetle isn't the choice car in Speed or 
looks. Consider using it, but keep in mind the speed of the Spoiler Beetle... 
and it's awesome looks.

Spoiler Beetle: Speed- Very Good    Accel.- Good    Handling- Above Av.
                Top Speed- 122 mph          Top Nitro Speed- 130 mph
One of the coolest looking Beetles, the Lightning Beetle with a spoiler is a 
great addition to your lineup for cars, and is the most suitable for tackling 
the Pro Circuit. Though it has worse handling than the other Advanced Beetles, 
it's good enough to keep this car from being bad.

Fin Beetle: Speed- Above Av.   Acceleration- Good   Handling- Very Good
                Top Speed- 114 mph          Top Nitro Speed- 121 mph
The little Fin on the back of this Beetle must improve its handling, because 
that's where this little bug excels. Its low speed will make it overlooked by 
many, however.

*Advanced Choice Car: Spoiler Beetle


Alien Beetle: Speed- Excellent   Accel.- Excellent   Handling- Excellent
                Top Speed- 132 mph          Top Nitro Speed- 140 mph
The strangest of the New Beetles, the Alien variety is outfitted with a strange 
horn that speaks, saying "we come in peace". Also, the coating of paint is very 
strange. Despite all the weirdness surrounding it, the Alien Beetle is most 
definitely a top choice with it's well-rounded features and excellent speed.


Police Car Beetle: Speed- Max.     Acceleration- Max.     Handling- Max
                Top Speed- 130 mph          Top Nitro Speed- 136 mph
The Police Car Beetle is the best vehicle in the game, available after the 
completion of the Bonus Circuit. This wondrous car has perfect speed, handling, 
acceleration; everything. Once you get this car, don't look back and use it all 
the time to get bonus boxes and to set records.     

**Choice Car (Overall): Police Beetle

                      ___                        ___                 
|__|                 /___\______________________/___\               |__|
/  \===================|PART 3: GUIDE TO THE GAME |=================/  \
|  |                 \___/                      \___/               |  |

   OK., I've gotten down all the basic stuff, now it's time to get into the game 
itself. All the levels, bonus boxes, modes of play, and multiplayer stuff is 
covered in these helpful guides.


   - - - - - - - - - - - LEVEL 1: COVENTRY COVE - - - - - - - - - - - 

   A cozy country town nestled in the hills, complete with a little port village 
and glorious waterfalls. This is a very historic area, with a stonehenge-like 
area and a ruined castle. A while ago a mine was created, but is now abandoned. 
This course is the basic countryside level that introduces you to the game. That 
doesn't mean it's going to be easy, though...

                          - - - DETOURS - - -

   Each level has a heck of a lot of different paths you can take, and sometimes 
it may be difficult to find them. Check below to find all the hidden routes you 
can take.

1. The Old Mill
At the very end of the opening stretch, you'd normally go over the tiny bridge, 
but you can instead drive into the grass and leap over the stream and onto the 
side on the mill. It's only a tiny little detour.

2. Port Town Shortcut 1
Soon after you enter the town, look to your left. You'll see a glass window and 
a dark alley. Go down the alley, and you're in the shortcut. Jump over the river 
from the ramp and go by the warehouses. As you exit, watch out for the bundle of 
logs the crane might put in front of your path.

3. Port Town Shortcut 2
Bypass the first Town shortcut and look to your right for a reddish telephone 
booth. When you see it, steer to the right to enter a short alley. The path will 
end up at the bridge you use to jump over the river. 

4. Train Track Tunnel
Right when the town ends, look on the ground for train tracks or for the sign 
displaying a train. When you do, follow the tracks into the tunnel. Ride the 
tunnel until the end, where a nitro box will send you off a cliff and back on 

5. Barn Detour
When you see the barn on your right after the large field straightaway, simply 
blast through the doors and inside. Not much of a detour, but have you ever 
driven through a barn full of hay in a Beetle? Thought not.

6. Stonehenge Shortcut
After the barn and the tunnel, don't turn right to go around the Stonehenge 
island, but continue straight off the jump and into the historic area. With good 
steering, you can drive by the structures and up the other ramp, which will take 
you back onto the normal path.

7. Mine Mayhem
Instead of going through the Stonehenge island, continue down the normal route. 
When you see the big rock on your right, follow the dirt path up to the 
abandoned mine. Crash through the boarded-up entrance and follow the mine cart 
tracks, over the ramp, and back out to the standard path.

8. Cave on the Hill
The next detour in this level is found after the tunnel after you go under the 
waterfall. Look to the left, and you'll see an incline. This goes up to a 
special cave. The Nitro at the end will rocket you into the air, where you will 
fall down on the track.

9. Castle Detour
Directly after the small bridge that crosses over the stream, drive up on the 
hill to the left and launch yourself into the castle. Take a left, then a right 
to find the way out. After the right you take, you can head forward or go 
through the covered-up tower if you turn to the right more. Through there, go 
through the stained glass window. 

                        - - - TIME ATTACK - - - 

   To get the best time, you'll need to know the fastest route though the level. 
That's what the Time Attack Section in each of the levels is for. I recommend 
using the police car for all your time attack needs, because it is by far the 
best car in the game. Below are the records set by the game's creators (or 
somebody else you don't know), and my top time. Far Below are the routes and 
paths you should take to get the fastest time. Basically, any point that is not 
covered means you should stay on the normal route.

Top Times: 1. Scott            6:28.66
           2. Jackson          6:41.01
           3. Brooke           7:13.35
           4. Hanno            7:47.22
           5. Serena           8:32.20

Croco64's Time: 4:56.10
Reader's Time:  -


1. The Old Mill 
When the opening stretch ends, you can either go over the bridge or turn to the 
right a little go alongside the mill. Going through the mill is not only much 
more dangerous, but won't give you any advantage. Stay on the normal path, where 
the bump on the bridge will get you airborne (and increase your speed).

2. Waterfall Bridge
Take the waterfall bridge with a long power slide, or you'll run into the wall. 
Always avoid running into anything (except for Nitro Boxes), because it slows 
down your time substantially.

3. Town Shortcut Jump
The fastest way through the town is by taking the first shortcut. There's even a 
Nitro at the end, which will boost your speed even more. Take this route every 

4. Following the Train
Following the train tracks doesn't give you any real advantage, but the Nitro at 
the end could lower your time. However, take this route only if you're confident 
that you won't run into the walls. In the small space in the tunnel, not running 
into them might be difficult.

5. Cut the Grass
On the long straightaway after the town, don't follow the road. Remember, the 
shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Because driving in the 
grass won't slow you down at all, use this to your advantage.

6. Barn Nitros
There are two nitros near the barn. One behind and to the left of it, and 
another on the side not facing the road. If you're sure you can't hit the broad 
side of a barn, then go for these.

7. Sail to Stonehenge
If you can land from the jumps accurately, take this way. You won't have to 
circle around it.

8. Into the Cave 
Getting to the cave requires you to go up an incline, so it's best not to go up. 
However, the first time around the nitro up there will make it worth visiting 

9. Castle Detour
Take the castle detour both laps. Not only is it the shorter route, the nitros 
should help you out even more. Don't go into the tower.

10. Final Stretch Nitro
After the big right turn on the final stretch, stay to the left, and after the 
drop, a nitro will soon appear to help you boost to the finish line.

                        - - - BONUS BOXES - - -

   When racing in the Championship mode, bonus boxes will be laid out throughout 
the courses. Picking up 50-65 of them will grant you a continue, but if you 
manage to snag all of them, a new Beetle Battle arena will be yours. Difficulty 
level doesn't matter, so it's easiest to do so on the lowest difficulty level 
possible and with the best car you have. Below is the guide to finding each and 
every one of 'em.

   Getting all of the Bonus Boxes in Coventry Cove will unlock the Castle Beetle 
Battle Arena.
1. After the Mill:          Total Points- 6
There are no boxes on the opening or the final stretches of this level, so 
you'll always have multiple chances to collect them. The first three boxes (all 
2 pointers) can be picked up right after the mill. If you take the mill 
shortcut, you can collect the first one on the right. The nest two are on the 
left right after the first one. If you miss these, they're easy to collect on 
other laps, so don't worry.

2. Port Town Shortcut 1:     Total Points- 16
When you blaze through the fishing/port town, take a left through the 
bookstore's glass display case to find a 5-point box. Continue down the alley, 
and you can find three 2-point boxes. After the jump over the river, there's a 
5-point box. 

3. In the Alley:             Total Points- 4
On your next lap, take the other town shortcut (easily found where you see the 
telephone booth). In the alley, there's two 2-point boxes.

4. Train Tunnel:             Total Points- 4 
Inside the train's dark, dank tunnel, you'll come across two lovely 2-point 

5. Farm Field & Barn:        Total Points- 9 
Just in front of the barn is a 2-point boxes half-hidden in the right pile of 
hay. Smash through the doors to find a 5-point box in the middle of the barn. 
When coming out, look for the end of the grassy area to find another 2-point 

6. Stonehenge Leaps:         Total Points- 7
You'll have to aim carefully and with excellent accuracy to get these boxes. The 
only way to get them is to go off the ramps right into them. The first ramp has 
the 5-point box above it, and the second one has a 2-pointer.

7. Mine Tunnel Troubles:     Total Points- 10
On your second or third lap, bypass the Stonehenge shortcut and head into the 
mine. Go off the jump by the waterfall with good aim to get the first five-point 
box, then grab the second 5-point box just before exiting.

8. Secret Cave:              Total Points- 17
This huge stash of bonus boxes is located right after the mine exit. After the 
dark tunnel, drive up the hill on the left and through the bushes. The boxes are 
all in a row, and a great source of points.

9. Pull Over:                Total Points- 2
After the big, electric arrow sign, you'll see some non-electric arrow signs. 
After them is a plainly visible 2-point box. Getting it without running into the 
wall takes some skill, though.

10. Castle Treasures:        Total Points- 21
The castle holds the largest amount of points in this level. Go over the hill 
after the small bridge to collect an "all right" 10-point box, then drive 
through the castle grounds to uncover another 2-point box. On the same lap, turn 
abruptly after the right turn (near where the 2-point is) and enter the covered 
tower, which has a five-point box. On the second lap, don't take the jump, but 
follow the road until you see the U-turn sign. Turn right and drive into the 
opening in the castle where two more 2-point boxes await.

11. End of the Lap:          Total Points- 4
At the very end of the lap, two 2-pointers are waiting as a gift on the right 
side of the road.

                        - - - FLOWER BOXES - - -

   Flower Boxes are very well-hidden. So well-hidden, in fact, that you'll most 
likely not even see them until you go searching for them. These boxes, when 
bashed into, will unlock cheats for the normal game and for the Beetle Battle. 
These cheats are usually more like options, but are very useful. There are three 
of these located somewhere inside each level, including Coventry Cove.

1. On the Dock:    
This one is the hardest to find in this level. After the river in the town 
(after you leap over the drawbridge), look on your left. If you hug the left 
wall, you'll eventually run into a small hole. Turn around and drive into it. 
Inside this little area is the first flower box. 

2. In the Hay:            Cheat- Radar (Beetle Battle)
The pile of hay near the barn that is closest to the road conceals the next 
bonus box. Wonder how you could've possibly missed this? 

3. Behind the Monolith: 
Jump out onto the island where the Stonehenge monoliths lay, but before you go 
up the ramp on the other side, stop and look behind the last monolith on the 
left. Behind it is the last flower box, cleverly hidden just out of view.


   - - - - - - - - - - - LEVEL 2: MOUNT MAYHEM - - - - - - - - - - - 

   Your next destination (and the only other level available from the beginning) 
is Mount Mayhem, a snowy mountain area with interesting roads. The level will 
start out nice and clear at the base of the mountain, but as you climb up it, 
snow will start to fall, covering the roads with a layer of slipperiness. The 
roads are hazardous, and avalanches have caused huge snow-covered boulders to 
land in the middle of the road. Fortunately, a cozy mountain retreat is 
currently celebrating its annual Ski Fest, and there's even a huge ski jump and 
halfpipe set up right now. But all is not right here. Some black helicopters an 
be seen flying towards the suspension bridge... what's up? Only deep exploration 
will tell!

                          - - - DETOURS - - -

   There are many things that will hint you toward spotting the detours in this 
level, so they aren't exceedingly difficult to find on your own. However, here's 
the list of the detours so you can make sure you've found them all.

1. Glass Wall into the Town
Once it begins to snow, check the right side of the road for a jump. If you go 
off it, you'll sail towards the glass wall of a building. Crash through it to 
find an easy way into town.

2. Sharp turn into Town
Another way to get into town is the take a sharp turn after you see the sign, or 
right after the building mentioned previously. Now you can ride up above the 
canyon in the snowy village. 

3. By the Hotel
The Giant Hotel at the end of the town can't be entered, but you can go past 
it... that is, in the air. Just keep following the road and crash through the 
barriers at the end of it. Now you'll fall down past the hotel and into the 

4. Off the Ski Jump
If you'd prefer to go off the ski jump, take a sharp right at the end of the 
town's road. Crash through the glass wall, and go down the ski jump. If you have 
enough speed, you'll sail off and to the halfpipe. Unfortunately, someone's 
forgotten to clean out the large clumps of snow from the avalanche, so dodge 
them and continue down. You'll emerge right in front of the bridge.

5. The Helicopters Revealed...
Wonder what the black helicopters are doing hanging around the bridge? Hit the 
mound of black rubble behind the barriers to launch into the air. If you direct 
yourself so you go parallel to the bridge but off of it, you'll end up in a 
cave. Inside? A giant UFO, which largened the cave with a crash landing. Drive 
by it ad into the regular cave, where you'll eventually appear in the avalanche 

6. Frozen Waterfall
This waterfall has frozen over, and even though the pond beneath it is making 
cracking noises, don't be afraid to jump over it and into the waterfall. Into 
the ice? You bet. About in the middle of the falls is a hidden cave, and the ice 
there isn't all that thick. Smash through it to drive in a cave. It will end up 
in the crystal cave.

7. Secret Super Jump Tunnel
One of the coolest parts of this level is where you take the big jump in the 
cave. However, to get even higher (and possibly make it to a shortcut), Instead 
of going through the cave entrance, drive up on the side and through the trees. 
Angle to the side a bit, and jump into the cave. If you aimed good, you might 
land on the ledge above. A fork in the tunnel will make you choose routes. The 
left route will take you down to the shortcut mentioned below, and the right one 
will take you outside onto the edge of the cliff, over a bridge and more before 
finally landing where the grass turns green.

8. Lower Un-Super Jump Tunnel
If you miss the shortcut above, there's still a shortcut you can take. When you 
see the arrow turn signs, don't pay attention and barrel right through them. 
This snowy cave can also be accessed if you take the left route of the shortcut 
above. The exit is right near the start of the grassy area.

9. Dirt Road Jump
When you emerge from the detours listed above or when the grassy area starts, 
look ahead for a grouping of tall pines. Behind, a cave is barely visible. Drive 
through to find a dirt path that will lead you to a dirt jump, which will lead 
you to the end of the lap.

10. Dirt Road Speed
Follow the road in the grassy area, but after the first right turn, continue 
turning to go on the dirt path. Two Nitro Boxes will blast you through this 
area, up to the end of the lap.

                        - - - TIME ATTACK - - - 

Top Times: 1. Icewoman         6:32.54
           2. Mark B           6:44.44
           3. Ben              7:01.98
           4. Howard           7:38.66
           5. Frank            8:25.76

Croco64's Time: 4:53.78
Reader's Time:  -


1. Sharp Cornering
After the wooden bridge on the opening stretch, watch out for the sharp turn. 
Even the best Beetles will have trouble with this, so power slide (or maybe even 
super power slide) through it.

2. Down the Canyon
The fastest way through town and through the proceeding area is simply by going 
down the canyon. No fancy-schmansy shortcuts. At the bottom, be sure to power 
slide around the sharp turn.

3. Bypass the UFO
The government and your record would be happier if you stayed away from the UFO, 
so race by on the bridge. 

4. Keep the Scene Serene
Don't mess up the picturesque frozen waterfall by smashing it, but instead 
bypass it. This isn't a photo tip, though, it will help out your time.

5. Pipe Dreams
It may seem logical to stay on the road and go around the entire loop in the 
pipe area, but don't be fooled. The second the wall ends, do a super power slide 
and turn into the snowy, pipe-filled area. This will bypass the entire loop, 
saving you a bunch of time.

6. Once Again, Normal is Better
In the famous giant cave jump, choose to fall down to the lowest level to save 
the most time. No special shortcuts will benefit you, even those equipped with 
nitro boxes.

7. Over the Side
The second suspension bridge is curved downward in the center, making a jump at 
the end. This jump can be used to leap over the high snow on the right side, 
which will let you skip going through the dangerous S-curve.

8. Icy Cave
The icy cave presents two sharp turns. Use a power slide to get by the first 
one, but a super power slide may be needed to get by the next turn without 
slamming into the stalagmites.

9. Only One Shortcut, Only One Lap
Take the dirt road that doesn't have the jump (the one with nitro boxes) on 
either your first or second lap, but only take it once. This detour will only 
help your time if you hit both nitros. So once they're gone, forget about taking 
it, as it will be longer than the normal road.

10. Spiral Mountain
On the final stretch, the spiralling road going up to the top of the mountain 
can be dangerous, and running into the wall can be dangerous for your time. 
Don't use a power slide the whole way up, but when things begin to look bad, 
activate it.

                        - - - BONUS BOXES - - -

   Getting all of the Bonus Boxes in Mount Mayhem will unlock the Iceflows 
Beetle Battle Arena.

1. Off the Ramp:          Total Points- 7
The first detour of the level, where you jump off the roadside ramp and into the 
glass-walled building, is where the first bonus boxes can be located. A 2-
pointer is right off the jump, while a 5-pointer is inside the building itself.

2. Chairlift View:        Total Points- 7
After driving through the streets of the town (which have a 2-point box on 
them), smash through the barriers by the chairlift cars and the Hotel. In the 
air is another 5-point box.

3. The Canyon Route:     Total Points- 2
If you bypass the town and take the normal route, at the bottom of the canyon is 
a clearly-visible 2-point box in the snow.

4. Halfpipe Bonus Boxes:  Total Points- 10
Take the ski jump shortcut with enough speed to make it into the halfpipe. The 
two 5-point boxes are easily visible, near where the halpipe begins to curve 

5. Snow Drift:            Total Points- 4
If you take the normal route into the canyon, after the sharp turn where the 
canyon ends, look onto the left side of the road to see two 2-pointers resting 
on the snow.

6. UFO Detour:            Total Points- 9
Jump off the blocked-off rubble on the bridge and into the UFO cave, Near the 
entrance is a 2-point box, and shortly afterwards is an even better 5 point box. 
Continue on past the UFO to find another 2-point box in the tunnel leading back 
to the road.

7. Avalanche Area:        Total Points- 5
After the suspension bridge, continue straight, even when you see the turn 
signs. There isn't a secret shortcut, but instead in the dark area behind the 
snow mound is a hidden 5-point box. Stay near the right wall to get it.

8. Frozen Waterfall:      Total Points- 8
Crash through the froze-over waterfall after the avalanche area (aim for the 2-
point box, and collect it, too!). Inside the icy tunnel are three 2-point boxes.

9. Edge of the Loop:      Total Points- 4
Follow the road on the big loop in the pipe area to find two 2-point boxes on 
the side near the wall.

10. Center of the Loop:   Total Points- 7
Cut across the center of the loop, and a 2-point box near the entrance to the 
pipe area and a 5-point box near the exit will be your reward.

11. Crystal Caves:        Total Points- 4
When you enter the cave full of giant crystals, check to your left. Two 2-point 
boxes are there, cleverly hidden behind a view-blocking crystal. Crash through 
it to get them both.

12. Roadside:             Total Points- 2
When leaving the Crystal Caves, look for the single 2-point box right after the 
turn signs.

13. High Cave Tunnel Detour:  Total Points- 10
Drive up the side of the road and take the high cave tunnel detour. When you get 
a little ways into the tunnel, a 10-point box will come into view. From here, 
take the right route not only for a beautiful mountainside view, but two 2-point 
boxes after the bridge.

14. Bridge Jump:          Total Points- 5
On a different lap, don't take the big cave's detour, but instead continue on 
until you get to the bridge. On the bridge, gather speed. In the sir on the 
other side you'll see a 5-point box. Aim carefully and jump into it.

15. Grassy Pines:         Total Points- 2
After you emerge from the tunnel and when the grassy area starts, look on the 
right side of the road to find a 2-point box.

16. Dirt Jump Detour:     Total Points- 5
This may be the best-hidden bonus box in the level. When taking the dirt path 
shortcut with a jump near the end of the level, when you launch off the jump, 
aim left so you land on the hillside. Try not to go off too fast or you'll slide 
off. Brake immediately so you stop, then go to the very end of the hill. There's 
a 5-point bonus box here.

17. Dirt Nitro Detour:    Total Points- 5 
Right after the entrance to the detour mentioned above, take a right to go on 
the other dirt path. In the middle of the path is a 5-point bonus box.

                        - - - FLOWER BOXES - - -

1. Hidden in the Trees
Right after the icy cave after the second bridge ends, or where the grass just 
starts, stop and turn around. Look to the left and nestled between two large 
pines is a Flower Box.

*More Flower Box Locations Coming Soon!*


   - - - - - - - - - - - LEVEL 3: INFERNO ISLE - - - - - - - - - - - 

   Ahh... sandy beaches, a luxurious resort hotel... and a T-Rex that'll rip 
through the electric fence, trying to snatch up your Beetle in its mouth. The 
remote island known As Inferno Isle is a beautiful place, but the active volcano 
poses a threat not only to the villagers who cut the many trees of the forest, 
but even more for the native village on the base of the deadly volcano. The 
sandy beaches are topped with a beautiful lighthouse, and much more awaits in 
your very long trek through Inferno Isle!

                          - - - DETOURS - - -

   Most of the detours in Inferno Isle will hurt you more than they help you. 
And the one's that do help you require skill to make it through without wasting 
a bunch of time. Very tricky indeed.   

1. Swamp Hut
After you emerge from the opening stretch, or right after you complete a lap, 
look on your right for a left turn sign. Completely disregard it and follow the 
dirt path to the right. Follow through the jungle and past the screeches of 
monkeys, and to the swamp. A stilted hut is in the middle, and you can choose to 
drive around it or hit the jump and go right through it! After the hut, continue 
through the jungle to slam through a barrier and into the town.

2. Town Alleyways
When you enter the town, you don't have to go through all the turns. Keep close 
watch on the right wall, and you'll see a hole in the middle of the buildings. 
Go through it to continue down to the end of the town through more alleys. 

3. Dock Jump to Island
After the town ends, look out to the water for a dock. Drive out on it, and get 
to the jump at the end. This will send you flying out to a shipwreck and another 
jump, which will send you to the island. Another jump awaits at the end, which 
will set you back on track.

4. Volcano Detour
If you'd like to tour the volcano from above, take this route. Don't take the 
previous shortcut, and keep an eye out for a dirt path on the right side of the 
road. Follow it up to a huge jump over the road below and into a volcano. It'll 
lead toward another enormous jump which sends you over the lava fields and 
inside the big volcano. You'll be taking the high route inside the volcano, 
which has no railings whatsoever. This detour will eventually merge with the 
normal volcano route.

5. Branching Volcano Paths
When you're inside the volcano on the lower route, there are many alternate 
paths you can take. They're all pretty much the same, but the left turns are 
harder to take and more dangerous. The right turns, which is what you'll 
normally take, are less hazardous and sometimes even have railings on the sides.

6. Around the Lighthouse
This is a longer turn around the lighthouse instead of in front of it, but it 
does give you a pleasant view of the beach and the ocean (that is, if you don't 
drive into it). Drive through the arrow signs to get behind it, but stay near 
the base of the lighthouse or you'll drive your shiny New Beetle into the murky 
depths of the ocean.

7. Fortress Detour
After the jump over the collapsed bridge, you'll see a fortress ahead of you. A 
small bump on the side of the road will give you enough height to get inside the 
walls, which will send you back after the sharp turn you would've had to take.

8. Pirate's Cove
This is one of the most exciting shortcuts. First of all, you must fall down the 
collapsed bridge to the tunnel below it. Drive through the sandy cave, and 
you'll eventually come out near the lower part of the castle. Be careful, 
because there's no railings! The Pirate ship has been destroying the fortress, 
and you'll have to make it over the remains of the castle or be stuck down here 
forever! Speedily jump across the remaining platforms, but don't worry about the 
constant cannon fire, it won't hurt you. You'll emerge near the end of the lap.

                        - - - TIME ATTACK - - - 

Croco64's Time: 7:04.68
Reader's Time:  -


1. Cut Through the Water
The sandy beach is a tranquil sight, with the calm ocean waves lapping at the 
dunes, moistening them under the hot rays of the sun. Why not become part of the 
scene and drive through the water? Instead of fearing that the water will hurt 
your Beetle, drive right through the shallows.

2. Dinosaur Route
The swamp detour will actually take you a longer time than driving through the 
dinosaur area, so bypass it and stay on the beaten path.

3. Alleys
If you can do a quick super power slide into the alleys, it's definitely 
advantageous to go through them. If it takes you more than a couple seconds to 
get in them, its actually easier to take the turns of the town and get to the 
bottom more quickly.

4. Island Jump
The Nitro on the island makes this route a tad quicker, but you should probably 
bypass it for the Volcano Detour (which will save you more time).

5. Volcano Detour 
By taking the several jumps above the road into the volcano, you'll save 
yourself some good time. Take this route every lap, but be careful and know 
where you're going, or you may fall off.

6. Right is Right
On the lower level in the Volcano, always take the right path. The left routes 
are generally shorter, but are far more dangerous and require you to slow down 
not only to get onto the path, but so you don't fall off into the lava. It's 
safer just to take the right path.

7. Obviously, Stay on the Road
When you get to the lighthouse, there's no reason to go around it unless you 
want to waste time. So, quite obviously, you should keep your Beetle on the 

8. Quick Turn = Nitro!
In order to get to the monstrous hotel, you'll have to take a right turn in the 
jungle. Immediately after it on the right is a Nitro box. You'll need a car with 
good handling if you want to get this. 

9. Fortress Detours
Do not fall off the collapsed bridge to get to the lower part of the fortress, 
as it will waste a lot of time. But, take the upper detour through the fortress. 
This will let you bypass an entire turn and land nicely into another.

10. Native Village Aflame
In the native village, be careful of the spewing lava. In order to make sure you 
don't drive in, slow down when you enter. If you're going for a top time, you 
may want to risk going fast, but you may end up falling into the lava and 
hurting your time even worse.

                        - - - BONUS BOXES - - -

   Getting all of the Bonus Boxes in Inferno Isle will unlock the Volcano Beetle 
Battle Arena.

1. Beach Shallows:        Total Points- 4
On the Opening stretch, you can see these two 2-point boxes in the shallow 
water. Aim well, because this is your only chance to get them.

2. Jungle Road:           Total Points- 6
When you leave the beach and enter the jungle, look to the right side of the 
road to see two 2-point boxes. Continue down the road, and when you see the 
arrow sign and swamp shortcut path, on the left should be another 2-point box 
hidden in a group of bushes.

3. Swamp Hut:             Total Points- 12
Take the right path to the swamp at the beginning of the next lap. On the path, 
a 2-point box is waiting directly in the center. Continue on past the flaming 
torches, but don't go too fast. When you reach the swamp, go straight off the 
jump and smash through the 10-point box, and then smash through the hut (by 
accident of course).

4. Top of the Town:       Total Points- 9
After going through the swamp, the only way to go is to continue down the dirt 
path. When you reach the end, aim the left as you go through the first 2-point 
box. When you slam through the barrier, if your aim was good you'll land on the 
rooftops of a building. Drive down to get another 2-point box, and continue some 
more to get a 5-point box. Now's the time to fall down back to the streets, or 
you'll slam into the wall of another building. 

5. Post-Dino Area:        Total Points- 4
After you exit the T-Rex's pen, look to the left side of the road. Right after 
the turn signs are two 2-point boxes.

6. Town Alleys:           Total Points- 8
Drive down the alleys of the town. Right before and right after each of the 
jumps are 2-points boxes. Collect all four!

7. Town Streets:          Total Points- 4
On another lap, don't traverse down the alleys and take the normal streets 
though the town. On the second U-turn, a 2 point box awaits intertwined with 
crates. On the next 90 degree turn, another 2-point box sits near the old cart. 

8. Island Detour:           Total Points- 7
Drive out onto the dock, where a 2-point box is sitting. Drive off the ramp and 
onto the next one. If you aimed correctly, you'll sail off of it and into a 5-
point box in the air.

9. Volcano Left Turn #1:    Total Points- 7
When you enter the volcano, continue down to the sign above the points right. 
Instead, take a left and drive past the dangerously-placed 5-point box. Continue 
down, and at the end a 2-point box awaits.

10. Volcano Left Turn #2:    Total Points- 10
After the left turn above, you'll come across the same situation again. Take a 
left, where a 10-point box is. After you get it, it doesn't matter if you 
accidentally fall into the lava, because there's no more boxes after it.

11. Volcano Jump:            Total Points- 5
When driving by the railroad tracks above you, look on the right for the upper 
volcano detour. When you go up the dirt path and through the boards, you'll 
immediately hit a 5-point box in the air. Continue down this detour to find more 
bonus boxes, explained below.

12. Upper Path Jumps:        Total Points- 7
After making it into the upper part of the volcano, continue down the dangerous 
paths, and be careful not to fall in. The first jump over the path below has a 
5-point box above it, and before the second jump is a 2-point box. 

13. Behind the Lighthouse:   Total Points- 5
Race behind the lighthouse to get this 5-point box. It may seem that nothings 
there, but as you go back to the road you'll see the box.

14. Upper Fortress Path:     Total Points- 5
Off of the main path, use the bump on the side of the road to get inside the 
fortress. Drive through to the other side, where you'll jump off and get a 5-
point bonus box in mid-air.

15. Lower Fortress Path:     Total Points- 7
Take the detour to the lower part of the fortress by falling off the collapsed 
bridge, then drive down the path. When you reach the remaining platforms of the 
castle road, aim precisely and with care to make it over the platforms while 
getting the 5-point and 2-point boxes that wait there. You must do this well, 
because you only have one chance to get it right.

                        - - - FLOWER BOXES - - -

1. Inside the Hut
Right before the finishing hut at the very end of the final stretch, ram your 
Beetle into the hut on the left. It'll shatter into pieces, but inside is a 
Flower Box.

*More Flower Box Locations Coming Soon!*


   - - - - - - - - - - - LEVEL 4: SUNSET SANDS - - - - - - - - - - - 

   The Ancient Egyptian area is the next stage for your races, a beautiful 
desert area named Sunset Sands. A small desert village is in the center of huge 
pyramids and temples from long ago. The area is completely filled with sand, and 
only a small road runs through most of it. The structures range from giant 
statures to a great pool to an underground walkway in a tomb area. Exploring 
Sunset Sands may take a long time!

                          - - - DETOURS - - -

   Contrary to Inferno Isle, the detours in Sunset Sands are usually shortcuts. 
However, they are also usually quite long. The Long Detour described here is the 
by far the most complicated detour in the game.

1. Steep Ramp to a Steep Ramp
On the Opening stretch, look to the right side of the road for a steep, rocky 
ramp. By jumping off this, you'll soar over the road and down another steep, but 
less rocky ramp.

2. Long Detour Part 1
Getting to the end of this detour is a very long and enduring process. The first 
step is after the river jump and in between the sand dunes. When the turn near 
the tall obelisks comes, turn left sharply to get into a sandy trench. Drive 
down this trench and over the road below, and continue down the path above. Jump 
into the heiroglyphic-floored area and drive up the ramp into the temple. 

3. Long Detour Part 2
Once you get into the temple, take a quick right through the log gate, 
activating a ramp later in the level. You can continue on down the edge of the 
room until you reach the bottom, or skip all that and just jump down into the 
water, and reemerge on the track. Continue on to the lava room, and run through 
one of the Nitros to boost yourself up and over the ramp and lava pit. You'll 
land on a long platform, but stop as fast as you can. Going very slowly, reach 
the octagonal platform in front of the sign reading "Good Things Come To Those 
Who Wait". Because of the waiting and the octagon looking like a familiar red 
sign you see on the road, you should stop. 

4. Long Detour Part 3
The octagonal platform will lower you down into a room, where you can go ahead 
down a walkway in a huge, dark room. A giant head of Anubis and other things 
await in this tomb area, and its very cool. Continue down, and you'll soon 
arrive outside, on top of the center platform that you have to dodge if you take 
the normal route. At the end, you'll jump off it and continue on with the set 
path (but much farther into the level).

5. Pillar Tunnel Detour
After you exit the large temple with the pool and lava pit, and race around the 
long platform, a large, covered wall is easily visible ahead through the rocky 
terrain. Anything covered with boards and other things should always indicate a 
shortcut, and this one leads into a tunnel of falling pillars. Avoid the pillars 
and race out of the tunnel, into the open area. By taking this route, you'll 
bypass the entire town and the area around it.

6. Town Center
If you choose to go through the town, many of the streets that aren't on the 
normal route will lead to the center of town. You can skip some of the long 
turns that you would take if you traveled on the outer rim of the town by 
zooming through the circle.

7. Pyramid Shortcut 1
The first shortcut you can take on top of the pyramids is right after the palm 
tree stretch. On the left turn, continue to turn left and you'll go up a ramp to 
the upper ledge of the temple. Just follow the path, and you'll eventually turn 
up driving around the back of the pyramid. Continue down, and watch for the 
electric arrow signs to tell you which way to turn.

8. Pyramid Shortcut 2
Another way to the pyramid is by a jump. When you see the temple mentioned in 
the first Pyramid shortcut, turn right into the sand. You'll see a ramp on the 
side in between some rocky outcroppings. Jump off the ramp to arrive at the 
pyramid. Go around it, then continue toward the electric arrow signs that should 
point the way you should go.

9. Cliff Detour
This is a very long and very hard detour to take. After exiting the smaller 
temple area and past the bumpy tunnel, keep an eye on the left side of the road. 
When you see the walls go in some, turn and you'll start down a path. With 
enough speed (you'll need a lot) and good aim (you'll need that, too), you'll 
soar onto the cliffside ahead. Ride along and you'll eventually wind up dropping 
back down to the normal path just in time for the next lap.

                        - - - TIME ATTACK - - - 


1. Steep Hill Detour? Not Really...
The detour up the side of the steep hill and onto the other steep hill has a 
Nitro Box on the end, but going up the steep hill is more work than it's worth.

2. Sand Dunes
The quickest way to get by the sandy desert part at the beginning of the level 
(not the opening stretch) is to drive through the sand. If you aim to the right 
of the small hill on the left side, you'll set yourself up for the next step 

3. Long Detour Detour
There's a special path you can take that'll save you a bunch of time and you 
won't have to go through the entire Long Detour. Drive through the dunes to get 
to the dirt road at the beginning of the Long Detour faster. When you turn right 
and are about to make the jump to the next section of the road, turn to the 
right and instead jump to the paved road far below. You'll bypass a big portion 
of the level and won't have to take the entire Long Detour! Very nice!

4. Nitros in the Lava Room
Don't miss the two Nitro Boxes in the Lava room of the temple. While their 
original purpose was to help you get up the ramp for the Long Detour, if you 
turn well you can put them to good use and go on the normal route still.

5. Pillar Tunnel Detour
The Pillar Tunnel Detour is a bit shorter than going through the town, and there 
are a couple Nitro Boxes in the detour as well. 

6. Pyramid Shortcut 1 or 2?
The first of the Pyramid Shortcuts is the easiest to take, but you'll save time 
if you can take the second one. However, you'll need good turning skills and aim 
to make it, so practice a bit first. This will let you get by the trecherous 
tunnel that the normal path goes into.

7. Cliff Detour 
The Cliff Detour won't help you very much and is very risky to take, so it's 
best just to skip it, unless you're a master at getting to it. It is sort of 
nice to bypass that sharp turn near the end of the lap...

8. Final Stretch
The sand on the side is steep, but once you see the finish line go to it in a 
straight line, over the sand dunes (but no, you can't go through the walls) to 
get there in the shortest time possible. 

*More Of This Level Coming Soon!*


  - - - - - - - - - - - LEVEL 5: METRO MADNESS - - - - - - - - - - - 

   All the levels so far have had little villages in them, but none can compare 
to the huge metropolis of Metro Madness. There are several ways to get around 
the town: the expansive highway, on train, or through the roads of this city. 
Many businesses have set up shop here, including gas stations and movie 
theaters, but there's also a large section of industrial area. Gambling is legal 
here, as several large Casinos adorn the cityscape. Good thing for you, there's 
not any traffic in the city now. 

                          - - - DETOURS - - -

   There are so many detours in Metro Madness, that listing them all would be 
listing the number of ways you could get through a huge city. So, I'm 
generalizing here and there, and really pointing out only the major detours, not 
some of the smaller ones.

1. Highway Barrier Detour 1
On the opening stretch, you can take this very long detour by squeezing your 
Beetle in between the concrete barriers with arrows on them. You'll continue 
down another area of the highway, but a blocked off area will force you to do a 
U-turn, leading back to another part of the highway. 

2. Highway Barrier Detour 2
Farther down the highway, just after you get off the opening stretch, you'll see 
more concrete barriers with arrows on them. If you manage to get by them without 
touching them (don't enter straight from the road, enter the openings at an 
angle), you'll have enough speed to propel you over the incomplete bridge and to 
a part of the city. Here, there are several paths you can take that will lead 
you into the main part of the city.

3. Train Station
When you enter the city from the normal route and go past the gas station, 
continue forward past the turn signs. On your left, you'll see a glass wall. 
Smash through it and up into the train station. From here you can drop down on 
the tracks and race above the city alongside a train. You'll finish this long 
run near the Casino area.

4. Movie Theater Detour
If you stay on the normal route through the city and take the right turn after 
the gas station, get into the left lane whenever you can. When you reach the 
left turn signs, go past them and you'll come across a glass wall. Inside is a 
movie theater. Race down the aisles and smash through the screen, which will 
take you into behind the Casino area. Navigate the roads there to get back onto 
the main route.

5. Rooftop Jumps
If you've still stayed on the normal route, when you enter the casino area, 
you'll see a marge staircase on your left. Use this as a ramp to jump up to the 
rooftops of the casinos. You'll fall down right before the Jokerz Casino. 

6. Jokerz Casino Detour
When you see the tall sign for the Jokerz Casino pull over onto the left road. 
Continue down, avoid the fountain, and crash through the glass entrance. You'll 
be inside the casino and amongst an abundance of slot machines. Race through and 
you'll come out behind the Casino.

7. Jokerz Casino Hotel Detour
If you'd rather go through the halls of the hotel rather than the Casino, don't 
avoid the jump, but use it as a ramp. Too much speed will send you past the 
glass window, but too little won't get you up there, so judge carefully. If you 
go off with the right amount of speed, you'll break through the glass and be 
driving down the hallway. At the end, crash through the window to land back 
behind the Casino.

8. Flaming Warehouse Detour
The beginning of this detour starts in the sewer/pipe area. When the two orange 
barricades block your path, you're forced to turn right. Or are you? Drive up on 
the side of the road and squeeze through the small space between the barricades 
and the wall. Drive down this new part of the sewer, and you'll eventually jump 
into a warehouse. The warehouse is ablaze with orange flames, but there's 
nothing you can do to stop it, so drive down the walkway as quick as you can and 
leap down to the construction area. Follow the path to get back on the main 

9. Train Yard
You'll come to the train yard some time after the last detour. Here, there's no 
extensive detour, but you can drive up the ramp and into a train car on the left 
or simply drive up and down on the right.

10. Parkade
When you see the two gigantic smokestacks looming ahead of you, keep an eye out 
on the left for a glass wall and a "Parking" sign. Go through the glass and up 
the levels of the parking garage. On the third level, you'll jump out the 
incomplete wall and into a warehouse. Continue on to soon get back on the normal 

11. Industrial Streets
Right before the end of the lap, several blocks of roads connecting industry 
will come before you. You can take almost any path through them, but the exit is 
on the exact opposite side you came in, remember.

                        - - - TIME ATTACK - - - 


1. Stay on the Beaten Path
The quickest way into the city is to stay on the standard route and to steer 
clear of any shortcuts. Continue on the path through the first part of the city.

2. Train Tracks
The Train Detour won't get you very far and you'll spend quite a bit of time 
taking the shortcut. Just skip it.

3. Movie Theater Detour
Driving through the Movie Theater takes about as long as the normal route, but 
there's more of a chance that you'll run into something within the cramped 
aisles. Just stay on the normal path.

4. Casino Quick-cut
There's a small shortcut after the first casino that will let you not have to 
take the two 90 degree turns. There's a low wall that seperates this golden-hue 
area from the road, and driving on the inside will get you quickly by the turns.

5. Casino Detour?
You should definitely take the Casino shortcut to get by the hazardous, twisting 
road that you'd have to take otherwise. The quicker path is in the hotel 
section, so launch off the fountain with precision to make it in. Speed down the 
halls and out the back, where the drop will speed your car up a little.

6. Normal Route
Stay on the normal route through the rest of the level, as the other detours 
won't really give any advantage (or any real disadvantage) to your time. On the 
normal path, there are several Nitro boxes. One is after the jump in the tunnel 
(hug the right wall to land on it). Two more can be found on the right side of 
the train yard. The final two are on the right walls of the buildings in the 
industrial area.

*More Of This Level Coming Soon!* 


   - - - - - - - - - - - LEVEL 6: WICKED WOODS - - - - - - - - - - - 

   Few have dared to travel to the dark depths of Wicked Wood. This haunting 
setting has all the scary things you'll need: A haunted chapel, an old manor 
filled with ghosts, torches aligning the leafy dirt path, creepy stone bridges 
crossing the rivers, a giant dragon, and huge jack o' lanterns. This level 
captures the Halloween spirit greatly, and driving through will be a blast... if 
you come out alive.

                          - - - DETOURS - - -

   Wicked Woods, although the last level, doesn't have a large amount of detours 
compared to other levels. However, these detours are all creepy and very well 
done, so you'll almost forget that there aren't so many.

1. Chapel Tower
For a long time there will be no detours in the level. After you drive by the 
windmill, start getting ready to soar up into the tower of the haunted Chapel. 
When the roadside begins to get larger, turn to your left into the ditch, where 
you'll see the blue nitro box stand out in the night sky. Hit it to give an 
extra boost to your jump, which will send you soaring up into the window of the 
chapel. Drive through the tower and you'll fall out the other side, back onto 
the main route. Quite a complicated shortcut for no huge reward or sight.

2. Town Sewers
When you enter the village, stay near the center to find this detour. After a 
couple trees, you'll see the entrance to the sewer. You can fall down and drive 
through the murky water. It'll take you to the other side of the town.

3. Haunted House
Immediately after the town, look towards the left and a gray path will beckon 
you. Follow it and jump over the main road. Continue following the path. Soon, a 
large mansion will appear before you. Go straight to break through the doors and 
into the haunted house. You can take a quick left to climb the stairs, but 
whatever way you go through the house, you'll end up crashing through the back 
and onto a path leading back to the main route.

4. Haunted Dungeon
If you'd rather drive through the dungeon than through the house, take the same 
gray path to the house. Right before you enter the house, however, turn to the 
right and go through the semi-circular door. The passages will lead you outside 
on the same path leading to the main route.

5. Dragon's Cave
When you take the path from the dungeon, or when you see the path of the main 
route, turn right and past some trees/bushes and into the grayish cave. The 
dragon's fire won't penetrate your Beetle, so drive by it with no fear.

6. Pumpkin Land
Possibly the coolest shortcut in the game, the road to the Pumpkin Land is long 
and easily overlooked. Immediately after exiting the Dragon's cave, whether you 
went through the bottom or the top, take note of the path on the small ledge 
above the road on the left side. On the right side is a little bump, which 
should get you high enough to get onto the path. If you succeed, drive down the 
path. After going over the bridge carved from a hollow log, you'll soon arrive 
in the Pumpkin Land. It's hard to describe the cool special effects here, so 
find out for yourself. 

                        - - - TIME ATTACK - - - 


1. Dark Road
Staying on the dark dirt path is difficult, but sticking to it will provide the 
fastest way through the level. Cut the corners of turns, but otherwise stay on 

2. Chapel Detour
When approaching the Chapel, it's in your best interest to launch into the top. 
This will definitely require some practice first, but when you do get it down 
taking the shortcut will prevent you from having to slow down to make it through 
the lower level of the chapel without jumping. Just be sure to aim so you don't 
run into any walls.

3. Haunted House and Dragon Detours
The time it takes to go to the haunted house or to stay on the normal path are 
about even, so take whichever you prefer. Whatever you do, do not take the 
detour to see the dragon, a climbing up the steep tunnel will hurt your time.

4. Skip the Pumpkin Land Detour
As cool as the Pumpkin Land may be, it's out of your way and takes longer to go 
through than the normal route. Even worse, it's very hard to easily make the 
jump onto the ledge you need to be on to get to it. It's best to pass it. 

*More Of This Level Coming Soon!*


  - - - - - - - - - - - CHAMPIONSHIP WALKTHROUGHS - - - - - - - - - - - 

   If you're having trouble beating the Championships, take a look at these 
walkthroughs that'll help you out and maybe score you the first place title.

                        - - - NOVICE CIRCUIT - - - 

LEVEL 1: Coventry Cove
- At the beginning of the race, try to get the pointer between the 4 and the 5 
in the little circle in the top left corner. This will get your started as 
quickly as possible.
- While passing cars, try nudging their sides with the side of your Beetle to 
slow them down a bit, hindering their chance of retaking their position.
- Power Slide through the Bridge Area
- Your cars poor handling will make the turn into the first town shorcut hard, 
so unless you've mastered the Super Power Slide already and have practiced this 
course, skip it.
- The hilly fields are the best chance you'll get to pass the computer cars in 
this level. Cut across the grass and hit some Nitro boxes, but be sure to save 
some for the later laps.
- On the long stretch near the caves and final stretch, the computer cars will 
get magic boosts of speed and may overtake you. Check your rearview mirror and 
try to stay in front of them.
- The tough turn where the electric turn signs are will definitely require a 
Power Slide, if not a Super Power Slide.
- The quickest way through the castle is by taking the second entrance, on the 
right side of the road after the jump into the first entrance. 

LEVEL 2: Mount Mayhem
- A Super Power Slide may be necessary on the first big turn where the many turn 
signs are.
- Another Power/Super Power Slide will be needed to get by the turn after the 
- Dodging the fallen rocks in the avalanche area and going through it at full 
speed will help you blast by the competition, as they always tend to slow down 
in this area.
- Another big place to get past the computer cars is in the pipe area, where you 
can cut across the center and make it into the crystal cave. By now you should 
be in first (unless you messed up).

LEVEL 3: Inferno Isle 
- The beach is an excellent place to pass cars. Drive through the water and then 
hug the left wall to pass approximately 2 cars.
- The dino area is another good place to pass cars. Just try not to turn too 
much and stay on a path that'll take you through the area without having to turn 
- In the town, Super Power Slides may be necessary to get by the turns. This 
will slow you down, so don't be discouraged if you lose a place or two. 
- In the Volcano area, you may lose another place or two with the twisting turns 
that you'll have to take slowly. 
- You likely won't pass anyone for the rest of the level, so make up for any 
lost positions by speeding through the dino area or any other place you can get 
by fast.

*More Walkthroughs Coming Soon!*


   - - - - - - - - - - - TWO-PLAYER STRATEGIES - - - - - - - - - - - 

   Here are some techniques and strategies you can use to beat your friends 
while playing the Two-Player mode.

1. Use Your Knowledge Effectively
Be sure to know which detours will help you and which detours will hurt you. If 
your friend just takes every one thinking its a shortcut or doesn't take any 
thinking they all go too long, you'll have an advantage.

2. Nitros
Getting the Nitros first will help you substantially. Know exactly where they 
are and try to push your opponent out of the way if you're both close to getting 

3. Smashing 
Ram your opponent's Beetle on the side to push it out of the wa. If there's a 
tight passage, you might be able to push them into off the path, ruining their 
chances of winning. Pushing also works if you're on the side of the cliff or 
next to lava/water. If you get a Nitro, and your opponent is going slow, graze 
their side quickly and you might smash their Beetle to pieces. 

4. Avoid Being Smashed
Eventually your opponent will get wise and will try to smash your car, too. To 
avoid being pushed into a wall or off a cliff, try to stay in the center of the 
track when he's nearby.

5. Other Tips
Any of the other tips listed in the "Additional Tips" section (Part 4, Section 
1) will also work in a Two-Player setting.


      - - - - - - - - - - - BEETLE BATTLE - - - - - - - - - - - 

   The Beetle Battle is the most intense form of play in this game. You'll 
definitely need some good tips to survive in this game against your friends.

                    - - - GENERAL STRATEGIES - - - 

1. Super Power Slide
The Super Power Slide can be performed quickly and without requiring you to lose 
speed in the battle mode. This is an excellent technique to use to avoid Rockets 
and Stealers.

2. Avoid Lava/Water/Pits
When playing levels such as the Iceflows and the Rooftops, go much more slowly 
than you normally would. This will leave you vulnerable, but it's more important 
to avoid falling. If you're playing for kills, you can also use these hazards as 
things you can jump into to avoid being killed by an opponent.

3. Bombs
The bombs you can place are helpful, but are too small to help you out too much 
and will eventually explode. If you get any, place them in key areas (where a 
Beetle might pop up or at an intersection).

4. Invincibilty
Becoming invincible is the ultimate thing to do. You won't be hurt and one touch 
to another car will destroy it. However, your friends will likely be very agile 
in getting away from you. To get them, try ambushing them or anticipate their 
next move.

5. Dodging Rockets
Turning quickly (Super Power Slides) or into an enclosed area may help to get 
rockets off your tail. Whenever you hear one go off, go into evasive mode and 
avoid it at all costs.

                           - - - AIRPORT - - -  

   The airport is a small, basic level but perfect for Beetle Battles as there 
aren't many complications. It's composed of a runway area and two hangars. You 
can also go on top of the hangars to find a bunch of items. Most of the abnormal 
items (stealers, health) will appear on the roof, while bombs, poison, and 
rockets will tend to appear on the ground. Most of your opponents will spend 
their time on the ground as well. The exit is in the left hangar (if you're 
looking from the runway). Super Power Slides tend to slow you down, so only use 
them to avoid rockets or to get items. Otherwise, use normal power slides. If a 
rocket's trailing you, drive into one of the hangars to lose it. Because the 
level is small, you'll be confronting your enemies a lot. If they have nothing, 
ram them to lower their health.

*More Beetle Battle Level Strategies Coming Soon!*

 More of this Guide Coming Soon!!!
                      ___                        ___                 
|__|                 /___\______________________/___\               |__|
/  \===================| PART 4:  ADDITIONAL HELP |=================/  \
|  |                 \___/                      \___/               |  |
   The final section of this FAQ is here to give you extra tips and help on the 
game. The first part gives you some general tips that will help you out in the 
game (look here for cool racing tips to help you win). The second section has 
Frequently Asked Questions that readers of this FAQ send in frequently. If you 
have a question or problem that I haven't solved in this FAQ, it's OK to e-mail 
me and you'll almost definitely get a response. The final parts include my e-
mail address and guidelines for e-mailing me, special thanks, credits to people 
who helped me out in the making of this FAQ, and a closing statement. Also, take 
a look at the Reader's Challenge, in Part C.


         - - - - - - - - - - - - TIPS - - - - - - - - - - - - 

   If your problem isn't really finding bonus boxes and such but just winning, 
the tips here may increase the odds in your favor. Who knows? Maybe you'll win 
because of these!

1. Slam into Opponents
There's only two things that will slow an opponent down: turns and possibly you. 
When trying to overtake an opponent, giving them a good shove to the side can 
really slow them down, and you won't slow down too much yourself. Try using this 
a lot, and you'll win more races.

2. Smash into Opponents
If you have enough speed, you can slam into a car and destroy them. However, due 
to the fact that you'll usually destroy yourself fin the process, you'll need a 
strategy. If there's a large difference between your two speeds (if you hit a 
nitro or if your opponent is slowing down), just graze the side of their Beetle. 
If done correctly, you'll destroy their Beetle and go on yourself.

3. Bumper Boost
Bumper Boosts an give you a handy speed boost while setting your opponents back. 
It can, however, be used on you too. If you hear or see a car behind you, get in 
front of it. You may need to use you rear-view mirror to check its position. 
When it tries to overtake you, it'll hit your bumper, sending you ahead and 
slowing them down. Easier said than done, but well worth the effort. 

4. Shortcuts? Maybe...
Just because they're hard to find, it doesn't mean they're shortcuts. I use the 
word "detour" to describe the paths that are secret, but they're not necessarily 
shortcuts. Most times, they'll actually take longer to travel than normal 
routes. Why take them, than? Not only are some of them actually shortcuts, but 
nearly all of them have bonus boxes on them.

5. Continues
Continues are very helpful in the Championship mode. By collecting 50-65 bonus 
points to get one, you'll be able to restart a level you're doing bad in or try 
again if you're disqualified. This could turn the tables on your foes, and help 
you win the championship. It's a lot nicer than starting over from the 

6. Messed Up? Go back!
If you're playing with a good car on an easy difficulty level and are trying to 
get all the bonus boxes, sometimes you may miss a critical box and therefore 
can't get the new arena. Instead of starting all over, if you've gotten a big 
enough lead you might be able to turn around and go try again. This often works 
if you're quick about it, but don't do a sloppy job the second time around or 
you'll miss again.


  - - - - - - - - - - - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - - - - - - - - - - -

   Nope, not any frequently asked questions yet, but you send me some and I'll 
be sure to post them here in future updates. OK? Good.


        - - - - - - - - CLOSING/THANKS/CREDITS - - - - - - - -

Have some questions about the game? Comments about my FAQ? Something I left out? 
Info that I got wrong? If there's something you need to know or say about my 
FAQ, be sure to: 

E-mail me Questions or Comments- [email protected]

Before you send me stuff, however, make sure you read this first:
1. Please look at the walkthrough before you send me questions! I made the 
walkthrough for a reason. It was so you could look at it, not so you could find 
my e-mail address and ask me what you want to know before you glance at it. Be 
sure to check the walkthrough to see if it can answer your question(s) before 
asking me.
2. When e-mailing me, please put the words "Beetle Adventure Racing" or similar 
phrasing into the title. That would help me a lot.
3. I actually enjoy getting mail. If you have a stupid question, comments, or 
anything at all (except mail that says "send this to 50 other people or else"), 
I'd like to get it. 

Stuff to Send Me: There are a couple things I'm missing, such as some of the 
Flower Boxes and some of the Original Top Times. While I'll eventually get these 
myself, if you'd like to help me out (help Croco out = he works more on other 
parts of the FAQ), please send them to me at my e-mail address listed above. 

Question to Ponder: Have you noticed anything that most people wouldn't, such as 
the "Go Juice" sign at the gas station and the "Space Evaders" billboard at the 
movie theater? If you have any strange or overlooked things you've found, why 
not send them to me? 

Poll: Which level is your favorite? Mine, personally is Wicked Woods, because of 
its creepiness and haunted theme. 

READER'S CHALLENGE: To make this FAQ more fun, I've included my top time sin 
each of the levels. Some levels I've played quite a few times trying to get a 
good time, others I didn't really care. If you have any time that is better than 
any of the currently posted "Reader Times" (if there are currently none, that 
means whatever you have is better than nothing!), send them to me at my e-mail 
address, listed above. The top time will be posted in the FAQ, and if you manage 
to beat my times, you may get a special bonus for it. What is it? I'm not gonna 
tell until you win!  

                               *   *   *

                              - CREDITS -

A special thanks goes out to this kind people for contributing to help make my 
FAQ better and more fun and informative to read:

*Your Name Here If You Contribute!!!*
                               *   *   *

Special Thanks to:
*Paradigm- For another excellent product than combines the racing of F-1 World 
Grand Prix and the exploration of Pilotwings. Well done, Paradigm!
*Electronic Arts- For publishing and helping to make this game.
*Nintendo Power- A good source of info and great maps on each of the levels 
helped me out.
*The Instruction Booklet- Though bland and not too informative, the instruction 
manual nonetheless helped me out.
                               *   *   *

These Sites have been given permission to use my FAQ:

By the time I get this FAQ out, there may be several other sites that want it 
before I update it. So, don't be alarmed if you see it somewhere else. Instead, 
wait until my next update, when I'll have the list of sites that are allowed to 
have it. 

Check www.gamefaqs.com for the most recent version of this FAQ. 

                               *   *   *

COMING SOON: *Completed Guides to Sunset Sands, Metro Madness, and 
              Wicked Woods.
             *More Two-Player Strategies
             *More Beetle Battle Strategies

                                 *   *   *

                            -CLOSING STATEMENT-
   Paradigm isn't new to the racing genre with F-1 World Grand Prix, nor are 
they new to the exploration genre (though not really a genre) with Piltowings 
64. So Paradigm did what they did best and made a great racing game. Few games 
require you to explore, and if they do, the exploration is minimal and not very 
interesting. in Beetle Adventure Racing, exploration will reward you with 
incredible sights. The levels are so fun to just watch that whenever I unlocked 
a new one, I didn't even try to win. I just went around in awe looking at the 
cool new place I had just discovered. While a tad on the short side, Beetle will 
give you pleasant memories for a while. 

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