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|   |       |_|        _|  |_  / |                                   /  \
|   |    _____  ______|_    _||  |  _____   __    __  _____  _  ___  \__/ _____
|   |   / __  \/  ____/ |  |  |  | /  __ \ |  |  |  |/ __  \| |/   \  __ / __  \
|   |   \/  | |\  \___  |  |  |  ||  |__| ||  |  |  |\/  | ||   /\  ||  |\/  | |
|   |    __/  | \___  \ |  |  |  ||  _____||  |  |  | __/  ||  |  | ||  | __/  |
|   |   /  _  |___  \  \|  |  |  ||  |   __ \  \/  / /  _  ||  |  | ||  |/  _  |
|   |  (  |_| |\  \_/  /|  |  |  ||   \_/ /  \    / (  |_| ||  |  | ||  |  |_| |
|   |   \_____| \_____/ |___| |__| \_____/    \__/   \_____||__|  |_||__|\_____|
|   |        _   ______________________________________________________________
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 \_____  ____// ____\_  ___ ___ | | ___                  /__ __ \ __   __  ___
       )(    / /||  | ||  _\ __\| |/ __\                | || || |/  \ /  \|   \
      /  \   \ \||__| || | | \__| || __|  O F   T H E  _| ||_|| | () ) () ) |\ |
      \  /    \_____/_||_| \___/|_|\___/              /___/   |_|\__/ \__/|_||_|

                        ~An FAQ/Walkthrough Created By: Croco~

This document is Copyright 2001 by Croco. Reproduction of this document in part
or in whole without the author's consent is strictly forbidden. If the reader
wishes to use the FAQ for their personal and private use only, then a copy may
be made.

This Extensive FAQ/Walkthrough to the Hit GBA Game Castlevania: Circle of the
Moon Includes the Following Features:
     * Walkthrough through the game
     * Extensive, detailed Enemy Guide with such facts as HP and experience.
     * DSS Card Guide, with descriptions and locations of each card and its
     * An Equip Guide, telling you the locations and effects of all the items
       you can equip in the game
     * A Walkthrough to the secret Magician mode
     * More! Read on...

Contact Me: [email protected] (See Part 5, Section 3 for details)

This FAQ/Walkthrough for Castlevania: Circle of the Moon is currently in Version
1.1, Created July 17th, 2001 by Croco.

Version 1.1 - Created 7/17/01
A new update comes. What a lot of gaming-related things I have to do. Not only
are my new purchases of Gran Turismo 3, Twisted Metal: Black, and Harvest Moon:
Back to Nature keeping me tied up gaming, I'm always trying to update and
complete some of my older FAQs. All the while, new FAQs are calling to me to be
made. Man oh man. At least I had time to get this update in after only a few
days. New additions include the Audience Room and Outer Wall Walkthroughs, as
well as updates to the Enemy Guide, DSS Card Guide, DSS Magic Guide, and the
Equip Items Guide. It's all good.

Version 1.0 - Created 7/12/01
It's been one month and one day since Game Boy Advance and Circle of the Moon
have been released, but with GBAs in such high demand and new owners getting
there's every day, this title is still very popular. So here it is, the first
portion of my compilation for the latest Castlevania game. The only sections
that aren't really entirely complete are Parts 3 and 4, which include everything
up to (and in some cases further) the Catacombs and the Abyss Stairway (that
means the walkthrough, enemy guide, equip items guide, etc. has all the stuff
for those areas).


UPDATE NOTICE: New to this version is the Audience Room and Outer Wall
Walkthroughs, along with the Enemies, DSS Cards, and Equip Items that go along
with the area. Also included are the Venus Card Combinations for DSS Magic.

NEXT UPDATE: Expected 7/20/01



I. Part 1: Introduction
   1. Introduction
   3. Story
II. Part 2: Basics and Lists
   1. Controls & Gameplay
   2. Characters
   3. Sub-Weapons
   4. Status Abnormalities
   5. Recovery Items*
   6. Magic Items
III. Part 3: Game Walkthrough
   1. Catacombs
   2. Abyss Stairway
   3. Audience Room
   4. Outer Wall
   5. Triumph Hallway**
   6. Machine Tower**
   7. Eternal Corridor**
   8. Chapel Tower**
   9. Underground Gallery**
   10. Underground Warehouse**
   11. Underground Waterway**
   12. Observation Tower**
   13. Ceremonial Room**
   14. Battle Arena**
IV. Part 4: Guides and Indexes
   1. Enemy Guide*
   2. DSS Card Guide*
   3. DSS Magic Guide*
   4. Equip Items Guide*
   5. Bonus Modes Walkthroughs**
V. Part 5: Miscellaneous
   1. Additional Tips
   2. Frequently Asked Questions
   3. Contact Info
   4. Credits/Other
   5. Closing Statement


*: This symbol indicates that this section has been started on, but is currently
under completion. Expect more in future updates.
**: This symbol indicates that this section has not been started on at all. When
it will be started on is usually based on the order it is found on the Table of
 : No Marks indicate the section has been completed.


   ________ _________________________________________________________________
  /()_____(\_______________________________________________________________  \
 /) /  ___\ \                                                              \  \
/  /  /)  () \     =============== PART 1: INTRODUCTION ===============     )  )
\()\  \____  /_____________________________________________________________/  /
 \ (\_____/(/________________________________________________________________/

              =============== INTRODUCTION ===============

     The Castlevania series is one of the longest-running franchises in all of
video games. Through the years, Castlevania has had many incarnations, 2-D and
3-D games, and a growing fanbase. With Circle of the Moon arriving now, the
popularity of Castlevania is only ensured.
     The series started out with Vampire Killer for the MSX PC in 1986. While
not title Castlevania, Vampire Killer stars the famous vampire hunter Simon
Belmont and has similar gameplay to Symphony of the Night and Circle of the
Moon. It included such classic Castlevania items as holy water, crucifixes, and
     Shortly after, in 1987, the first big Castlevania game was born, simply
titled Castlevania. Since the MSX PC hadn't caught on in the US, many gamers had
never had a chance to play a game of this ilk. Castlevania landed on the wildly
popular NES and proved to be somewhat successful. Castlevania, while more linear
than Vampire Killer, provided a more entertaining show and improved in most
every aspect.
     Konami quickly realized that this was a golden note they had struck and
continued the series with Castlevania II: Simon's Quest in 1988. Much like Super
Mario Bros. 2 and The Adventure of Link, Catstlevania II deviated from the
first's gameplay and offered up something new. The second game was more of a
Platform/RPG than the strict Action/Platform there had been before. The game had
a story to back it up, some nice graphical touches, and even innovative ideas
like day/night changes, but it didn't end up being nearly as popular as the
     Earlier I mentioned that Castlevania II was like Mario 2 and Zelda II in
that it was very different from the first. It is also alike in that the third in
the franchise returned to the basic gameplay of the first. Castlevania 3:
Dracula's Curse (1990) was styled like the original Castlevania and featured
branching paths like Castlevania II. Instead of starring Simon Belmont, the hero
shifted to one of Simon's ancestors, Trevor Belmont. Dracula's Curse was more
well-received than Simon's Quest, and continued the popularity of the
Castlevania series.
     As the NES was nearing its death, Castlevania needed to move on to the
greener pastures of the 16-bit consoles. In the 16-bit era, Konami introduced
Super Castlevania IV (SNES, 1991), Castlevania: Bloodlines (1994, Genesis), and
Dracula X (1995, SNES). While all of these were fairly good games, none were
particularly notable staples in the franchise. Probably the best game of this
time was Dracula X: The Rondo of Blood (PC Engine/Turbo Duo, 1993), but was only
released in Japan. While Dracula X was similar, it wasn't as good as the
Japan-only Rondo of Blood. Also during this time several Game Boy incarnations
of Castlevania were created, including Castlevania Adventure (1989), Castlevania
II: Belmont's Revenge (1991), and Castlevania Legends (1998).
     The series was really taken to the next level when the PlayStation release
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (1997) made its debut. Taking many elements
from games like Super Metroid, Symphony of the Night is usually the favorite of
major Castlevania fans. However, bigger changes in the series were coming soon.
     With its first Castlevania game on the N64, Konami decided to bring the
franchise into the 3-D realm. While many eager fans were excited over the idea
of a 3-D Castlevania game, their excitement dwindled when the game came out.
Castlevania (1999), more commonly referred to as Castlevania 64 (to tell it
apart from the first Castlevania), was less than spectacular. Many deplored the
fact that Castlevania had moved to 3-D. Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness (N64,
1999), which was essentially an updated version of Castlevania, didn't do much
to change players' views.
     Fortunately, Konami knew that gamers weren't too fond of the 3-D games.
With the Game Boy Advance on the horizon, there was a golden opportunity to
revive the 2-D aspect of the series without seemingly going back in
technological advancements. And so Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (2001)
was born, a game not unlike Symphony of the Night in its structure and layout.
This popular GBA quickly became one of the best-selling and most acclaimed
launch titles to the new handheld wonder.


                    =============== COMMENTS ===============

     Have you read the introduction? No? Go back and read it now. Well, I do
suppose if you're taking the time to read this section, you must be very bored
and have read all of the other sections as well. So, the introduction makes it
look like I know a lot about Castlevania, huh? Actually, Circle of the Moon is
the first Castlevania game I've seriously played. I'm just well-researched.
     So, what do I think about Circle of the Moon? It's one of the better
handheld games I've come across in my years of playing, and definitely a
top-notch Action/Platform game.
     It's rather strange, as I've been getting into writing this FAQ. It's
something I'm motivated to write about and finish, which hasn't happened to me
for a while. That's good news for you, because it probably won't take me so
excruciatingly long to update.
     On with the FAQ. Here it is. Now off with you, scram. I've got work to do.


                      =============== STORY ===============

     The story isn't a strong point for Circle of the Moon. It isn't really
developed much. It's the setup that really tells you the most. Here it is for
your convenience.

      "The year is 1830.
       in an ancient castle on the outskirts of the Austrian
       empire, a demon lord that would write the powers of
       darkness was being resurrected at the hand of a fiend
       yearning for chaos.

       At this demonic castle, Camilla, one of Dracula's
       minions, began the incantation of a ritual to bring her
       lord Dracula back to life.

       The vampire hunter Morris and his two apprentices,
       Nathan and Hugh, sensed an abnormality in the
       balance of nature and rushed to prevent Dracula's
       unholy reemergence.

       'That unholy monster must never return!'

       However, they arrived too late to prevent Dracula's
       return from his confinement. Dracula used his magical
       powers to imprison Morris, and cast Nathan and Hugh
       into a graveyard underneath the demonic castle.

       Together the two began to search through the castle in
       order to vanquish Dracula and to rescue their master."

- From the Instruction Booklet


   ________ _________________________________________________________________
  /()_____(\_______________________________________________________________  \
 /) /  ___\ \                                                              \  \
/  /  /)  () \    =============== PART 2: BASICS & LISTS ===============    )  )
\()\  \____  /_____________________________________________________________/  /
 \ (\_____/(/________________________________________________________________/

               =============== CONTROLS & GAMEPLAY ===============

     Although there are only a few buttons on the Game Boy Advance, Castlevania
manages to provide you with a wide array of attacks, moves, and ways to get
around. Below are the controls for the game. Following the controls are a few
major ideas used in the game.


- Control Pad
   Left: Walk Left
   Right: Walk Right
   Down: Crouch Down
- A Button: Jump
- B Button: Swing Whip
- L Button: Activate/Deactivate DSS Magic
- R Button: Special Move Button
- Start Button: Go to Menu Screen
- Select Button: Go to Map Screen

- Crouched Attack: Hold Down and Press B
- Sub-Weapon Attack: Hold Up and Press B
- Slide: Hold Down and Press A
- Whip Spin: Hold B
- Magic Item Moves: To prevent spoilers, the controls for the Magic Item moves
   are listed in Part 2, Section 6, Magic Items.


1. Leveling Up
Unlike most Action/Platform games, Circle of the Moon has RPG elements mixed
into the standard play formula. In particular, you gain experience and level-up.
When you defeat an enemy, you obtain a certain number of experience points. When
enough are obtained, you raise a level and get more HP, MP, and Hearts, along
with raised stats.

2. Your Stats
You have four basic stats: Strength, Defense, Intelligence, and Luck. Strength
concerns the amount of damage you deal to enemies. A higher defense means that
enemy attacks on you will do less damn. Intelligence recovers your MP; the more
INT the faster MP recovers. Finally, Luck deals with how often an enemy you
defeat will drop an item.

3. DSS Cards
Hidden throughout Dracula's Castle are 20 cards. 10 feature mythological Roman
gods, while 10 feature fearsome fantasy creatures. By combining the two types,
you unlock a certain magic power. These powers range from engulfing your whip in
flames to forming a protective shield around Nathan.

4. Fighting Bosses
Periodically you will face up against enemies that are much tougher than the
ones you normally encounter. These bosses have elaborate attack patterns that
deal more damage. They are also more powerful. Defeating them will take great

5. Finding Secrets
Hidden throughout the castle are many secret rooms. Secret rooms are hidden
behind weak walls that can be destroyed with an attack. Inside these rooms are
wondrous treasures.

6. Finding Items
In addition to DSS Cards, enemies more commonly drop items. Items range from the
type that recover HP, MP, or Hearts, to the kind that can be equipped and boost
your stats.


                   =============== CHARACTERS ===============

     Circle of the Moon, even with it's un-rich storytelling aspect, introduces
a handful of new characters never before seen in the Castlevania universe... and
Dracula again. Listed below are the characters and a short description of each
of them.

Nathan Graves (the player you control) is the chosen successor to wield the
'Hunter Whip'. His parents, who were Vampire Hunters, were killed 10 years
before banishing Dracula.

Nathan's rival and the son of Morris, Master Vampire Hunter. He is bitter that
Nathan, who he believes is the weaker of the two, was chosen as his father's

Morris is Nathan's Master and is teaching him the skills necessary to combat
Dracula and his minions. He and Nathan's parents succeeded in banishing Dracula
10 years previously. He chose Nathan as his successor over his son, Hugh, and
passed on the 'Hunter Whip'.

Sealed off from this world by Nathan's parents and Morris, he is attempting to
reemerge after 10 years of confinement.

A loyal minion plotting the complete resurrection of her master, the demon lord


                   =============== SUB-WEAPONS ===============

     Throughout the game, you will walk by many torches. These torches just
aren't for decoration; when destroyed, they yield items. While usually this is
just a heart, in some locations you will find Sub-Weapons. Sub-Weapons are
secondary weapons to your whip that you can use at the same time. They usually
aren't as powerful, but have some advantage to the normal attack.

Hearts Used: 1
Power: Weak
Range: Far
Description: A knife thrown at high speeds.

The Dagger is the first Sub-Weapon you will come across, and like the others,
had several advantages and disadvantages. The main weakness of the Dagger is
that it isn't very powerful, only taking of a portion of the damage that your
whip would. On the plus side, the Dagger travels quickly through the air in a
straight line, not stopping until it hits a wall or an enemy. That means you can
throw it from some distance and still hit an enemy in front of you. Attacking
from afar is its biggest good point, and it uses on one heart, but its weakness
should limit you to using it only when you can't afford to get close to attack.

- AXE -
Hearts Used: 2
Power: Medium
Range: Short
Description: An axe draws an arch in the air when it is thrown.

The Axe is another normal Sub-Weapon that isn't particularly strong, but more
powerful than the Dagger. When thrown, the Axe flies up in the air a bit, then
comes down again. The whole throw forms an arc shape. A big plus for the Axe is
that it can travel through walls, ceilings, and floors to hit enemies. Use it to
hit an enemy that's just above you or one that's below, or close enemies for
more damage than the Dagger. The arced throw makes aiming more critical, so
learn how to use it in the best way.

Hearts Used: 4
Power: Strong
Range: Short
Description: Holy water bursts into flames where it lands.

Holy Water, a prized item for battling monsters and demons, is quite a powerful
liquid. When a bottle is thrown, is breaks on the ground and creates two blue
flames. If an enemy comes in contact with these flames, they will be damaged
severely. The flames stick around for about five seconds before disappearing.

Hearts Used: 6
Power: Strong
Range: Medium
Description: A crucifix, when thrown, flies like a boomerang.

The Crucifix is probably the best Sub-Weapon that you can use for attacking.
When thrown, it travels out straight in front of you. After going a short
distance, it will return to you, like a boomerang. If the enemy you're attacking
is standing at the turning point of the Crucifix, it will get damaged several
times. You can throw up to three Crucifixes at once. The biggest downside to
this Sub-Weapon is that it uses a lot of hearts.

Hearts Used: 20
Power: N/A
Range: N/A
Description: Enemy movements are stopped for a set period of time.

The Stopwatch, also known as the Clock, is a very powerful Sub-Weapon. It
doesn't hurt enemies, but instead stops their movements entirely, allowing you
to attack them while they're helpless to attack back. Each stoppage of time
lasts 10 seconds. You can use the Stopwatch as many times as you want in a row,
too. The real downside to it is that it doesn't stop time while facing Bosses,
nor does it stop time in the Battle Arena. Very handy otherwise, if you have the
hearts to use it.


              =============== STATUS ABNORMALITIES ===============

     Throughout your quest, certain enemy's attacks will not only damage you,
but will change the status of your character, much like in RPGs. These effects
are usually annoying, but sometimes can be very harmful as well.

When poisoned, your HP will slowly drain. The amount you lose depends on the
power of the enemy. If you're in a difficult area or have low HP, losing some of
it may be very harmful. If you want to curb the effects of poisoning, use an

A few enemies, when you get hit by them, will curse you. When cursed, you cannot
attack. This is very devastating, as you have no way to defend yourself. Either
use a Cure Curse item or get to the nearest Save Point right away to dispel the

Being turned into stone will completely immobilize you. The best way to break
free of this effect is to quickly press Left and Right on the control pad. The
other way involves getting hit by an enemy, but the damage that is dealt is much
more than normal.

Being frozen is very similar to being turned into stone. Both abnormalities
stick Nathan in one spot. However, you cannot become unfrozen by pressing
buttons. Instead, you must wait it out. Like stone, if you are hit, you will
become unfrozen, but will also receive copious amounts of damage.


                 =============== RECOVERY ITEMS ===============

     Recovery items will do one of four things: replenish HP, replenish MP,
replenish hearts, or cure status abnormalities. The amounts they recover and the
rarity of the items is what separates them from each other. Each type of
recovery item is listed in order of rarity.

Recovery Type: Hit Points
Recovery Amount: 20
Description: Recover 20 HP

- MEAT -
Recovery Type: Hit Points
Recovery Amount: 50
Description: Recover 50 HP

Recovery Type: Hit Points
Recovery Amount: 250
Description: Recover 250 HP

Recovery Type: Mind Points
Recovery Amount: 30%
Description: Recover 30% MP

Recovery Type: Mind Points
Recovery Amount: 50%
Description: Recover 50% MP

Recovery Type: Heart
Recovery Amount: 10
Description: Recover 10 hearts

Recovery Type: Heart
Recovery Amount: 25
Description: Recover 25 hearts

Recovery Type: Heart
Recovery Amount: 50
Description: Recover 50 hearts

Recovery Type: Heart
Recovery Amount: 100
Description: Recover 100 hearts

Recovery Type: Status Abnormalities
Recovery Amount: N/A
Description: Cure poison status

Recovery Type: Status Abnormalities
Recovery Amount: N/A
Description: Remove curse status



                   =============== MAGIC ITEMS ===============

     Each boss guards an item that possesses magical powers. With these items,
you can travel to areas of the castle that you previously could not. Below is a
list of all of the Magic Items you will find in the game.

Area Found: Catacombs
Boss/Guardian: Earth Demon
Description: Double tap forward to perform a dash move.

Your slow pace will pick up once you find these boots near the start of the
game. When you tap forward twice, Nathan will run instead of plodding along with
a slow walk. Not only does this make getting around easier, you can jump across
larger holes and chasms.

Area Found: Catacombs
Boss/Guardian: Cerberus
Description: Another jump can be performed while in mid-air.

The Double allows you to jump for a second time without touching the ground.
While it defies every law written by those old smart guys, it certainly is very
useful. Not only can you reach higher platforms, you can also more easily dodge
enemies. An important part of your arsenal.

Area Found: Audience Room
Boss/Guardian: Necromancer
Description: Forward + Special Move button makes the player charge. Some blocks
   can be destroyed with this move.

The Tackle can be used as an attack that takes off moderate damage. However, its
main purpose is to demolish those big gray blocks that are littered throughout
the castle.

Area Found: Machine Tower
Boss/Guardian: Iron Golem
Description: Jump against walls for extra height. Push forward + Special Move
   button to execute.

Similar to Mario's awesome wall kick, the Kick Boots allow you to spring off
walls into the air. You can perform the kick as many times as you can. This can
be used to ascend narrow upward passages without stairs or any other means of
getting up. However, you will only propel yourself off the wall so far, so if
the walls are too far apart, you can't make it up.

Area Found: Underground Gallery
Boss/Guardian: Dragon Zombie
Description: Certain boxes can be pushed.

The heavy ring has a similar purpose that the Tackle has - it moves blocks out
of the way. In this case, the large brown boxes can be pushed aside to allow you
to pass. Sometimes the blocks are also used as parts of puzzles.

Area Found: Underground Warehouse
Boss/Guardian: Death
Description: Cleanse specific bodies of water so that they are safe to traverse.

The Cleansing power isn't very exciting, and it's only used once in the entire
game. One body of water in the castle is contaminated and will harm you if you
try to go in it. With Cleansing, the water is made safe for travel.

Area Found: Underground Waterway
Boss/Guardian: Camilla
Description: Upward direction + Special Move button will result in a higher

The Roc Wing is an incredibly useful item. It allows you to soar as high as you
want. When activated, you will leap high into the air. You can repeat this jump
maneuver as many times as you want. The only problem with the move is that the
jump is so high it's not practical to use in most areas.

Area Found: Observation Tower
Boss/Guardian: Hugh Baldwin
Description: Key to open the door to where the rite will take place.

A basic item, the Last Key simply opens the door in the Ceremonial Room that
leads to Dracula. Nothing more.


   ________ _________________________________________________________________
  /()_____(\_______________________________________________________________  \
 /) /  ___\ \                                                              \  \
/  /  /)  () \   =============== PART 3: GAME WALKTHROUGH ===============   )  )
\()\  \____  /_____________________________________________________________/  /
 \ (\_____/(/________________________________________________________________/

     Welcome to the game walkthrough. In this section you will find information
to aide you through your quest. To make things easier, I've also included maps
of each of the areas, each painstakingly created to perfection (or near
perfection... or sort-of near perfection). Look here for any help you need on a
particular area, finding items, or defeating bosses.

 /  _____________________________________________________________________  \
/  /                                                                     \  \
\  \          =============== LEVEL 1: CATACOMBS ===============          \  \
 \  \_____________________________________________________________________/  /

     After confronting Dracula in the Ceremonial Room, Hugh and Nathan are cast
in to the depths below the castle. As they land from the long fall, Hugh marches
off in search of the pair's master. Nathan wants to look for him as well, but
first he'll need to get out of the dreary Catacombs and back up to the castle.

Follow these directions to get through the Catacombs (these directions bypass
any unnecessary rooms, only listing the basic way through the Level).

Room 1-A --> Room 2-A --> Room 3-A --> Room 1-B --> Room 2-B --> Room 7-B -->
Room 11-B --> Room 1-C --> Catacombs Boss --> Room 3-C --> Room 4-C --> Abyss


        Ceremonial Room
             _   _
            |     |                             ~ MAPS KEY ~
            |     |                         --> a = goes to a on other portion
            |     |                                 of the map
            |     |                             + = wall breaks to lead to a
            |     |                                 hidden room
            |ROOM |                         SAVE! = Save Room
            |     |                         WARP! = Warp Room
            |1-A  |
            |     |                               ___________
            |     |                              |           |
            |     |                              | CATACOMBS |
            |     |                   ___________|           |___________ _
            |     |                  | ROOM 3-C  |   BOSS    |           |
            |     |      Abyss       |MAGIC ITEM                           --> a
 ___________|     |                  |_____ _____|___________|   ROOM    |_
|           |     |     Stairway     |     |ROOM |           |           |
|   ROOM    |     |                        + 5-C | ROOM 2-C                --> b
|_____      |     |______|_   _|_   _|     |_____|___________|   1-C     |_
      |     |     |                  |                       |           |
      |     |                        |      ROOM 4-C                     |
 _____|     |_____|                  |_________________ _____|___________|
|           |     |                  |                 |           |
|    4-A    |SAVE!     ROOM 2-A           ROOM 5-A     |             --> c
|_____      |_____|                  |_________________|           |_
      |           |                  |                  MAGIC      |
      |                                   ROOM 3-A      ITEM         --> d

=============== PART A WALKTHROUGH ===============


When you begin the game, you will be much weaker than you will be at the end of
your journey. If you're playing on the normal mode, then you will start out with
these stats:

HP: 100/100          MP: 100/100          Heart: 25/50
STR: 100             DEF: 100             INT: 100              LCK: 100

Nothing spectacular, but it's more than enough to get the job done for now. You
won't have any DSS Cards, items, or equip items so make sure to look out for
these later.

~ ROOM 1-A ~
Enemies: Skeleton Bomber
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: None

Although not officially part of the Catacombs, the long shaft (Room 1-A) is what
you must travel down first. Along the way, you will encounter several Skeleton
Bombers. Try to stay above them in the shaft, then drop down and attack right
after they've thrown a bomb. Also littered throughout the shaft are torches. Use
them to fill up your hearts. If you take your time, you can make it to the
bottom of the shaft without a scratch.

~ ROOM 2-A ~
Enemies: Skeleton Bomber, Bat, Bone Head, Poison Worm
Sub-Weapons: Dagger
Level-Up Items: None

Room 2-A appears on the map to be a large, wide-open room, but instead it is
simply a winding path leading downward. The first segment of the path is filled
with Skeleton Bombers. Your approach to them will be different now that you're
on flat ground. Wait until they throw the bomb and the explosions dies out, then
move in to attack. Head all the way to the end and follow the path downward and
to the left (skip going into Room 5-A for now, there's nothing you can do there
yet). On this stretch you'll come across several more Skeleton Bombers, but this
time Bats and Poison Worms make things tricky. Defeat as many enemies as you can
as quickly as you can to avoid being overwhelmed. In particular, target the
poison worm. At the end of this tunnel, go up to head to the Save Room. Here you
can recuperate. Go back out and down to the lowest passage, bypassing Room 4-A.
At the start of the passage is a Torch containing the Dagger Sub-Weapon. More
Skeleton Bombers and Poison Worms get in your way, but stepping carefully will
ensure a safe passage.

~ ROOM 3-A ~
Enemies: Earth Demon, Bat
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items:

When you enter this room, you will be attacked by the first major enemy in the
game, the Earth Demon. In your weak, early state, this enemy is sort of like a
mini-boss. Jump over the Earth Spikes he shoots out of the ground. You can tell
they're coming when you spot a puff of smoke coming from the ground. When he's
defeated, go all the way to the right to get the Dash Boots, your first Magic
Item. With them you can proceed upward. Climb the platforms (watch out for
swooping Bats!) and dash jump to the right and head on into the next area.

~ ROOM 4-A ~
Enemies: Skeleton Bomber, Fleaman, Brain Float
Sub-Weapons: Axe
Level-Up Items: HP, MP

DOUBLE: To get anything useful in this room, you'll need to have the Double
Magic Item. Jump up to the tall ledge above (past the Skeleton Bomber) and up
higher and to the left to find an MP Max Increase. Watch out for pesky Fleamen
along the way, as they are agile and annoying, especially in their large
numbers. To the right on top of the first ledge is a tall passageway. Many Brain
Floats litter this place. If you have the Mercury and Serpent Cards, you can use
the Ice Whip to freeze the Brain Floats and create platforms up to the HP Max
Increase. Just remember they won't stay frozen forever, so be quick about it.

~ ROOM 5-A ~
Enemies: Currently Unknown
Sub-Weapons: Holy Water
Level-Up Items: Heart

HEAVY RING: Details currently unavailable.

       _____ _________________ ___________________________________
      |     |                 |                                   |
      |SAVE!    ROOM 11-B                                         |
      |_____|      ___________|             ROOM 7-B              |
            |     |           |                                   |
      a <--       |                                               |
           _|_____|           |_____ _   _______ _________________|
            |ROOM |   ROOM    |ROOM |           |
      b <--  12-B |           |6-B              |
           _|_____|   8-B     |_____|           |_____ _____ ___________
            |ROOM |           |ROOM |           |     |     |           |
            |9-B               10-B     ROOM     SAVE!|     |           |
     _ _____|_____|___________|_____|           |_____|     |      _____|
      |                       |ROOM |   2-B     |           |     |
c <--         ROOM 13-B       |5-B  +             ROOM 4-B  |     |
     _|_______________________|_____|           |___________|     |
      |                             |           |                 |
d <--            ROOM 1-B                             ROOM 3-B    |

=============== PART B WALKTHROUGH =============

~ ROOM 1-B ~
Enemies: Skeleton, Zombie, Poison Worm
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: None

The long, dark graveyard of Room 1-B is filled with Poison Worms and Skeletons,
but most notably Zombies. The Zombies will rise out of the ground constantly,
their numbers never ceasing. Kill them before they get near, but you will need
to press on or you won't get anywhere. Ignore Zombies that are far behind you
and concentrate on getting to the exit.

~ ROOM 2-B ~
Enemies: Skeleton Spear, Bone Head
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: None

This room is filled with projectile-tossing enemies, such as Bone Heads and
Skeleton Spears. Be careful when you jump because something may be flying at
your destination. First make your way up to the Save Room to heal up, then go
back down to the lower right exit of the room (to Room 3-B). This is where
you'll find entrances to many other rooms, too.

~ ROOM 3-B ~
Enemies: Earth Demon
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: Heart

You'll come across another Earth Demon in this room. Defeat him, then run to the
incline. The small tunnel beneath it leads to a Heart Max Increase. Slide under
to get it. You'll have to return later with the Kick Boots to get up to the next
part of this room. Exit back into room 2-B when you're finished.

KICK BOOTS: Details currently unavailable.

~ ROOM 4-B ~
Enemies: Skeleton Bomber, Bat
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: HP

The entrance to Room 4-B is just above the entrance to Room 3-B. Enter and drop
down to the lowest part of the room. Slide under the low wall and head back up
to find an HP Max Increase. Return to Room 2-B again.

~ ROOM 5-B ~
Enemies: Skeleton Bombers
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: MP

Room 5-B is a hidden room on the other side of the room (2-B) from Room 4-B. Use
the whip to break open the entrance. Dodge the bombs of the Skeleton bombers
inside to get to the MP Max Increase.

~ ROOM 6-B ~
Enemies: Spirit
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: MP

Head to the upper left corner of Room 2-B and go into the doorway. Inside is an
MP Max Increase, but a nasty bunch of Spirits aren't going to let it go easily.
Cautiously make your way to the prized bottle, then skeedaddle out of there.

~ ROOM 7-B ~
Enemies: Skeleton Bomber, Bone Head, Spirit, Mudman
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: MP, Heart

Room 7-B is the largest room in all of the Catacombs. When you enter it,
immediately head to the left (watch out for the Skeleton Bombers! A hit from
their bombs could send you flying back to Room 2-B). Jump up to the ledge and
Slide into the small opening. After you're done with the things to do in Room
8-B, come back to 7-B. This time, go right. When the path splits, take the lower
one to the end to find an MP Max Increase. Backtrack and go up the upper path
now. Make your way up past the Bone Heads and Skeleton Bombers, then left past
the Spirit field. Go into Room 11-B.

DOUBLE: Right above where you found the MP Max Increase is a winding path
leading to a Heart Max Increase. However, it's too high to reach with a regular
jump. You'll need to return with the Double Magic Item to get up there and to
the Heart.

~ ROOM 8-B ~
Enemies: Skeleton Spear, Bonehead
Sub-Weapons: Axe
Level-Up Items: None

This area, accessed from Room 7-B, is quite similar to Room 2-B, but there
aren't as many paths branching off of it. The only real notable thing in it is
the Axe Sub-Weapon, found on the middle-left side of the room. Head into Room
9-B next.

~ ROOM 9-B ~
Enemies: Skeleton Spear
Sub-Weapons: Dagger
Level-Up Items: MP

This room simply has one Skeleton Spear guarding an MP Max Increase. Defeat him
and grab the power-up. Go through Room 8-B to Room 10-B, across from this room.

~ ROOM 10-B ~
Enemies: None
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: None

Room 10-B has no purpose other than a route out of Room 8-B and back into Room
2-B. Slide into the small opening.

~ ROOM 11-B ~
Enemies: Skeleton Bomber, Mudman, Skeleton Spear
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: None

The first portion of this room contains a pit filled with Mudmen. Don't dawdle
in here or you're sure to get hurt. Save at the Save Room past the Mudman pit,
then continue down to Part C of the Catacombs.

~ ROOM 12-B ~
Enemies: Skeleton Bomber
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: Heart

Accessed from Room 1-C, the last Catacombs B room contains a handy Heart Max

~ ROOM 13-B ~
Enemies: Stone Armor, Zombie Thief
Sub-Weapons: Axe
Level-Up Items: MP

TACKLE: Come back here with the Tackle ability to get past the large stone
blocks. Be VERY careful around the Stone Armors and Zombie Thiefs within. At the
end of the passage is an MP Max Increase.

=============== PART C WALKTHROUGH ===============

~ ROOM 1-C ~
Enemies: Gremlin, Skeleton, Bat
Sub-Weapons: Dagger
Level-Up Items: None

Room 1-C leads to your first Boss battle, but don't head there just yet. This
room is filled with tons of angry Gremlins, who oftentimes get in your way and
will throw spears at you. Try to defeat them before they can get close. Your
first stop should be Room 12-B, then to Room 2-C. After you've gotten the
Level-Up Items in these rooms, go around gaining experience. You should be at
Level 5 or 6 for this upcoming battle. When all is well, head back to the Save
Room. Save and heal up before the battle, then carefully head through Room 1-C
(try not to get hit) to the upper left corner. Enter the gate to fight the boss.

~ ROOM 2-C ~
Enemies: Hopper
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: MP

Room 2-C is a horizontal room with several attacking Hoppers. Other than the
jumpy Hoppers, there's nothing to worry about. Just hit them as they leap (or
crouch down and attack) to defeat them. Grab the MP Max Increase and head back

Recommended Level: 5-6 +
Sub-Weapon: Axe/Holy Water
DSS: Fire Whip

Cerberus is a large, canine-like creature that is very quick and very
aggressive. You should have the cards by now to make the Fire Whip, which will
increase your strength a bit. As with most of the other bosses, the key is
learning how to avoid the attacks. When Cerberus glows blue, he will pounce.
When he howls, he will either summon two electricity-shooting globes (which form
a sort of shield around him) or leap to a higher ledge and emit a powerful
laser. To avoid leaps, the best strategy is to jump on the higher ledges and run
like the wind to one of the ends of the room. When he summons the electric orbs,
throw Axes at him through the electric shots. The best time to attack is when
he's firing the laser. Whenever he gets on a higher ledge, quickly dash behind
him, where you can safely attack him. Also attack whenever he's on the ground
moving slowly (if you've decided to bring Holy Water, this is a good time to use
it). Cerberus doesn't have a whole lot of HP, so it shouldn't be a big problem
defeating him.

~ ROOM 3-C ~
Enemies: None
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: None

After defeating Cerberus, immediately head into Room 3-C. Don't worry, there
aren't any enemies inside. However, a very valuable Magic item is inside:
Double. You'll be using this move a ton from now on. Whenever you're in mid-air,
press the jump button to jump without starting from the ground. This can add an
extra jump onto normal jumps, thus the name Double. Grab it and head back to the
Save Room to heal up and save your game. Then proceed on through Room 4-C.

~ ROOM 4-C ~
Enemies: Coffin, Mummy
Sub-Weapons: Holy Water
Level-Up Items: None

The first stretch of this room contains several Coffins, enemies that are unique
to this area of the game. Every few seconds, the Coffins will open up and drop
out groups of three Mummies. Attack the strong Mummies before they reach you,
but center your attention on dispatching the Coffins. When you come to the end
of the room, use your new Double skill to go upwards. On the wall to the right 
at the top is a hidden room (Room 5-C). Break it open with your whip.

~ ROOM 5-C ~
Enemies: Coffin, Mummy
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: HP

Break this room open from Room 4-C and defeat the Mummies/Coffin inside to get
to the luscious HP Max Increase.

 /  _____________________________________________________________________  \
/  /                                                                     \  \
\  \       =============== LEVEL 2: ABYSS STAIRWAY ===============        \  \
 \  \_____________________________________________________________________/  /

     After trudging through the murky depths of the Catacombs, it's time to make
your way back up into the Castle. The Abyss Stairway, a long, upward path that
leads from the Catacombs to the Audience Room, is the only way you can get up
there now. There isn't a boss in this area, but be prepared for hordes of
monsters to attack.

Follow these directions to get through the Abyss Stairway (these directions
bypass any unnecessary rooms, only listing the basic way through the Level).

Room 1-A --> Room 2-A --> Room 1-B --> Room 2-B --> Audience Room


                            _____|  |  |
   a                       |     |     |             Audience
   ^                       |     |     |               Room
 _ | _______ _____         |     |     |               _   _______
|           |     |        |     |ROOM |              |           |
|                 |        |     |     |              |           |
|      _____|     |        |     |2-B  |              |  ROOM     |
|     |ROOM |     |        |     |     |              |           |
|ROOM |4-A   ROOM |        |ROOM       |              |           |
|     |_____|     |        |     |_____|         _____|           |_____
|     |ROOM |     |        |     |     |        |ROOM |  2-B      |ROOM | Under-
|2-A   3-A  |1-A  |        |1-B   SAVE!|        |3-B  +            4-B    ground
|     |_____|     |        |     |_____|        |_____|      _____|_____|Gallery
|           |     |        |     |ROOM | Underground  |     |
|           |       Cata-  |      5-B      Waterway   |     |
|_______   _|_   _| combs  |     |_____|              |     |
                           |     |                    |     |
       Catacombs           |     |                    |     |
                           |_   _|                    |     |
                              |                          |
                              V                          V
                              a                          b

=============== PART A WALKTHROUGH ===============

~ ROOM 1-A ~
Enemies: None
Sub-Weapons: Axe
Level-Up Items: None

Room 1-A is where you'll enter from Part C of the Catacombs. However, you can
only climb about halfway up the tall room. Head to the bottom and through a tiny
part of the Catacombs to the other side, Room 2-A. Go around Room 2-A to the top
of Room 1-A, where you can then go down to get to Room 4-A.

~ ROOM 2-A ~
Enemies: Axe Armor
Sub-Weapons: Dagger
Level-Up Items: None

Room 2-A will take you up to Part B of the Abyss Stairway. Simply ascend the
platforms to the top to get there. Also, between the first and second platforms
from the bottom that are on the right wall is a hidden room. Break it open.

~ ROOM 3-A ~
Enemies: Slime, Axe Armor
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: MP

Get here from Room 2-A. Defeat the Slime before the Axe Armor can throw his axe,
then duck down and snap your whip a few times to defeat it. The MP Max Increase
is all yours.

~ ROOM 4-A ~
Enemies: Skeleton
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: HP

Access this small room from Room 1-A. Inside is a Heart Max Increase guarded by
a Skeleton.

=============== PART B WALKTHROUGH ===============

~ ROOM 1-B ~
Enemies: Bone Head
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: None

Simply climb up this passage using the Double jump, being careful to watch out
for collapsing platforms and the Blue Shots of the Bone Heads. Enter the door to
your right to get to Room 2-B.

ROC'S WING: Details currently unavailable.

~ ROOM 2-B ~
Enemies: Bone Head, Gremlin, Skeleton
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: None

This is a very large, tall passage. Along the way you'll encounter many
Gremlins, Skeletons, and Bone Heads. The ascending pattern repeats itself, so
you won't have much trouble getting up. Just watch out for the Skeletons and
you'll be fine. Go all the way to the top to exit into the Audience Room.

KICK BOOTS: Return here with the Kick Boots to get to the Eternal Corridor. The
shaft you must kick up is at the very bottom right of the large portion of the

~ ROOM 3-B ~
Enemies: Skeleton Soldier
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: Heart

Break this room open from the left wall one story above the entrance in Room
2-B. Inside is a Heart Max Increase.

~ ROOM 4-B ~
Enemies: None
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: None

STATUE BREAK: After you destroy all the statues, you can go into the Underground
Gallery from this room.

~ ROOM 5-B ~
Enemies: None
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: None

STATUE BREAK: After you break all of the statues, you can enter the Underground
Waterway from here.

 /  _____________________________________________________________________  \
/  /                                                                     \  \
\  \        =============== LEVEL 3: AUDIENCE ROOM ===============        \  \
 \  \_____________________________________________________________________/  /

     The Audience Room is the main portion of the base floor of Dracula's
Castle. Through its winding, tortuous corridors, you'll encounter many new
diabolical creations that haunt the castle floor. Also waiting for your arrival
is a treacherous boss. This is one of the largest and most space-spanning areas
you'll encounter.

Follow these directions to get through the Audience Room (these directions
bypass any unnecessary rooms, only listing the basic way through the Level).

Room 1-A --> Room 2-A --> Room 4-A --> Room 6-A --> Outer Wall --> Room 1-B -->
Room 3-B --> Room 1-C --> Room 5-B --> Room 7-B --> Audience Room Boss -->
Room 8-B --> Machine Tower

                                                           Outer Wall
                                                  _____________ ^ _ ___________
                                                 |              |  |           |
                                  b              |                   ROOM 9-A  |
                                  ^   _____ _____|                 |___________|
                               |  |  |ROOM |     |                 |ROOM |
                               |     |5-A  +              ROOM      8-A  |
        _____ ___________ _____|     |_____|     |_____            |_____|
       |ROOM |           |                       |     |           |
       |3-A  +                 ROOM 4-A           SAVE!|  6-A      |
       |_____|           |_________________      |_____|           |___________
             |           |                 |     |                 |           |
Machine Tower    ROOM        ROOM 1-A      |                         ROOM 7-A  |
_____________|           |___________      |_____|_________________|___________|
             |   2-A     |           |     |
Triumph                  |           |               ROOM 10-A            --> a
Hallway _____|           |           |_   _|_____________________________
       |     |           | Ceremonial|
       |WARP!                 Room   | Abyss
       |_____|___________|           | Stairway

=============== PART A WALKTHROUGH ===============

~ ROOM 1-A ~
Enemies: Axe Armor
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: None

Coming out from the Abyss Stairway, you can either go upor to the right. Since
the path to thr right is blocked by a stone you can't break (yet), go upwards.
Quickly go up the breaking platforms, then down to the left to get to the next

~ ROOM 2-A ~
Enemies: Skeleton
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: None

This winding room is filled with many bone-throwing Skeletons, so constantly be
on your guard for attacks. This room is sort of a hub, connecting to a Warp
Point, the Ceremonial room, Triumph Hallway, the Machine Tower, and the later
parts of the Audience Room. On your first trip through, go down to the bottom of
the room, to the left, then up to the top. Go to the right to get to the next
room. Don't miss the Hidden Room in the upper left corner here.

~ ROOM 3-A ~
Enemies: Skeleton Soldier
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: Heart

This Hidden Room is accessed from the upper left corner of Room 2-A. If you can
make it past the deadly Skeleton Soldier within (it'll be excruciatingly
difficult!), then the Heart Max Increase will be yours.

~ ROOM 4-A ~
Enemies: Axe Armor, Skeleton Soldier
Sub-Weapons: Axe
Level-Up Items: None

This long, branching room connects several different areas of the Audience Room.
Heading from Room 3-A, one should go straight down the hallway to the Save Room.
Watch out for the hordes of Axe Armors and Skeleton Soldiers along the way
(utilizing Sub-Weapons may be helpful). Take the upper path on the right side of
the room to continue on through the Audience Room.

~ ROOM 5-A ~
Enemies: Axe Armor
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: MP

If you take the upper route in the right end of Room 4-A, break the wall open on
the left at the top of the passage to reveal this Hidden Room. Inside is an Axe
Armor guarding an MP Max Increase.

~ ROOM 6-A ~
Enemies: Electric Skeleton, Skeleton, Skeleton Soldier, Slime
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: Heart

This large area has many different paths you can take. Several rooms with
Level-Up items branch off the right end. If you entered from the upper path in
5-A, start by following the level you are on straight to the right. When you get
to a hole, be prepared for a tricky jump. The wall right above the hole will
make the jump tricky. Run to the very edge of the platform and jump, hitting
your head on the bottom of the wall. When you begin to fall, use the Double to
leap again to the other side. Down just a little further is Room 8-A. After
grabbing what's inside, go back and fall down the hole. You'll land right next
to a Heart Max Increase. Pick it up, then head to the left and down. At the
bottom, head left again to arrive at the lower path in Room 5-A. Go back to the
upper path and re-enter Room 6-A. This time you'll want to head towards the
Outer Wall. Jump up to the first upper path, then left to the next higher path.
Continue down and jump up into the opening at the end to reach the Outer Wall.

~ ROOM 7-A ~
Enemies: Currently Unknown
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: MP

HEAVY RING: Details Currently Unavailable

~ ROOM 8-A ~
Enemies: Axe Armor
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: HP

This small room contains an HP Max Increase. Defeat the Axe Armor in front of it
to grab it safely.

~ ROOM 9-A ~
Enemies: Currently Unknown
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: HP

TACKLE: Details Currently Unavailable

~ ROOM 10-A ~
Enemies: Axe Armor, Slime
Sub-Weapons: Dagger, Holy Water
Level-Up Items: None

Like several other passage in the Audience Room, Room 10-A is littered with Axe
Armors. Also added into the mix are Slimes. In the middle of this room, between
the two gray stones, are the Dagger and Holy Water Sub-Weapons.

TACKLE: Once you've beaten the Audience Room Boss and have learned how to
Tackle, you can take out the gray stone block in this room, effectively creating
a shortcut between Room 1-A and Room 7-B.

===== AUDIENCE ROOM LEVEL MAP (PART B) =====                 _____
                                                            |     |
                                                            |     |
              Outer                  Outer                  |ROOM |
               Wall                   Wall                  |     |
                         _____ _______   ___________________|2-B  |
                        |     |                             |     |
                        |WARP!          ROOM   1-B                  Battle Arena
       _________________|_____|            ___________      |_____|
      |           |           |           |           |     |     |
      | AUDIENCE  |                       |           |      SAVE!|
 _____|   ROOM    |           |___________|___________|_   _|_____|
|ROOM |           |           |                                   |
|8-B      BOSS        ROOM    |          ROOM  3-B                  --> c
|_____|___________|           |___________________________________|
                  |   7-B     |                       |           |
                  |                  ROOM  5-B        | ROOM 4-B  + --> d
      ____________|           |_________________      |___________|
                  |           |     |     |ROOM |                 |
a <--                          SAVE!|     |6-B  +                   --> e
      ____________|___________|_____|     |_____|_________________|

=============== PART B WALKTHROUGH ===============

~ ROOM 1-B ~
Enemies: Electric Skeleton, Skeleton Soldier
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: None

After a brief escapade out on the Outer Wall, you'll return to the Audience Room
through Room 1-B. This room is filled with hordes of Skeleton Soldiers and a few
Electric Skeletons. As you enter the room, drop down and make your way down the
upper path to get to a Warp Room. Enter the door to transport to the Warp Room
near Room 2-A in the Audience Room. Step on the switch outside to make it
accessible at all times. Warp back and now continue right. At the end, drop down
a bit and go to the right to find a Save Room. Save, then go back to the upper
right to find the entrance to Room 2-B. When you return, drop all the way to the
bottom and into Room 3-B.

TACKLE: After learning the Tackle ability by defeating the Audience Room Boss,
you can destroy the gray stone block in the lower left corner of this room. This
creates a shortcut between this room and Room 7-B.

~ ROOM 2-B ~
Enemies: None
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: MP, Heart

Enter this room from the upper right portion of Room 1-B. Inside is an MP Max
Increase for you to take.

ROC'S WING: Return to this room later in the game once you have obtained the
Roc's Wing. Leap up to the top of the room to find a Heart Max Increase.

~ ROOM 3-B ~
Enemies: Axe Armor, Devil Tower
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: MP

You drop down in the middle of the hallway when you come in here from Room 1-B.
If you go left, be prepared to fight some Axe Armors and Devil Towers. However,
at the end you'll be rewarded with an MP Max Increase. The short route right
leads into Room 1-C.

~ ROOM 4-B ~
Enemies: Devil Tower
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: MP

When you enter Room 1-C from Room 3-B, you go down a winding passage to the
bottom. Mid-ways down this passage is a breakable wall (on the right). It leads
to Room 4-B. A few Devil Towers attack intruders trying to get the MP Max

~ ROOM 5-B ~
Enemies: Axe Armor, Devil Tower
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: None

Room 5-B is similar in many respects to Room 3-B. You'll encounter many Axe
Armors and Devil Towers along your way, but nothing else is of any note. You'll
emerge in Room 7-B.

~ ROOM 6-B ~
Enemies: Axe Armor
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: HP

When Room 5-B starts going up, break open the wall to the left to uncover this
room. Inside is an HP Max Increase.

~ ROOM 7-B ~
Enemies: Devil Tower, Electric Skeleton
Sub-Weapons: Axe, Holy Water
Level-Up Items: None

This is the final room you will enter before facing off against this level's
boss. Your first priority should be to get to the Save Room in the lower right
corner of this area. After saving, go around the room leveling up and collecting
potions. When you're up to it, it's time to face the boss. Make your way up
through the room, running across the large gaps using the collapsible platforms
and Double jumps to help you. At the very top of the room is a shortcut that
will be accessible after you beat the boss. To get to the boss room, go to the
left of the last collapsible platform and enter the large gate.

Recommended Level: 9-10 +
Sub-Weapon: Axe
DSS: Venus/Salamander -or- Venus/Serpent

The Necromancer can be tough if you're not ready for him. Be sure to go in with
your best Armor on and with a healthy number of Potions. The Necromancer takes
on two forms. Fitting to his name, the Necromancer also summons Undead

 1. FORM ONE: Cloaked Necromancer
   The Cloaked Necromancer is who you will fight first. His first attack is to
   float around the room with a protective ring of orbs protecting him. Don't
   touch these orbs, or you'll get hurt. After a short while, he will fire off
   half of these orbs at you, then the other half. When all of the orbs are
   gone, he'll summon several Zombies to attack you. The best time to attack him
   is when he is standing still, summoning the Zombies. If you rest on the upper
   platform, you'll be able to get in a lot of hits. It's also good to hit him
   when he's floating around with the orbs around him, but be sure to be running
   when he fires them off. If you keep on the move, they probably won't hit you.
   The Axe is quite useful when the Necromancer is too high for your whip to

2. FORM TWO: Skeleton Necromancer
   About halfway through the battle, The Necromancer will turn into a flying,
   giant skeleton creature. With this transformation, his attacks will also
   change. In addition to flying around, he usually swoops down to attack you.
   He will also gain energy and turn into a glowing ball, propelling himself
   around the room at high speeds. Finally, instead of summoning Zombies, he
   will summon the more troublesome Skeleton. Use the same basic strategy on
   this form as you did the last: it's easiest to hit him when he's still and
   flying around. He will generally stay closer to the ground in this form, so
   let your whip do most of the talking. When he turns into the glowing orb, run
   to the entrance/exit door and duck to protect yourself the best. Make
   defeating Skeletons your top priority when he summons them, because their
   bone throw will get annoying really fast.

Keep at it and the Necromancer will soon fall, allowing you to get the Magic
Item in Room 8-B and continue on your quest through the Castle.

~ ROOM 8-B ~
Enemies: None
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: None

After defeating the Necromancer, walk in here to find your reward. It's the
Tackle Magic Item. With it, you can break the gray stone blocks and harm
enemies. Scurry on back to a Save Point afterwards, then take Room 10-A back to
Room 2-A, where you can continue on into the Machine Tower.

         _________________________________________ _______________________
        |                                         |                       |
        |             ROOM 1-D                    |         ROOM          |
        |      _____________________________      |                       |
Machine |     |                             |     |         3-D           |
              |                             |     |                       |
 Tower  |_____|                             |_   _|_   ___________________|
                                            |           |
              __________________            |           |
             |                  |           |           |
        c <--                   |           |   ROOM    |
             |                  |_____      |           |
             |                        |     |           |
        d <--       ROOM  1-C         --> f |   2-D     |
             |                        |     |           |
             |                        |     |           |
        e <--                         |     |           |
             |________________________|     |           |
                                            |      _____|
                                            |     |
                                            |     |
               ________________________     |     |      ____________
              |                             |     |                  |
        f <--          ROOM 2-C       --> g |     | g <-- ROOM 2-C   |
              |________________________     |     |      ____________|
                                            |     |
                                            |     |
                                            |_ | _|

=============== PART C WALKTHROUGH ===============

~ ROOM 1-C ~
Enemies: Clinking Man, Fleaman, Will O' Wisp
Sub-Weapons: Dagger
Level-Up Items: Heart

Go all the way down to the bottom of the room after you enter Room 1-C. If you
go to the right, you can climb up a series of platforms I a wide open area to
get to a Heart Max Increase. To the left is the exit to Room 5-B.

KICK BOOTS: Details Currently Unavailable

KICK BOOTS: At the far right end of the room, you will need the Kick Boots to
leap upwards. This path will take you to Room 2-C.

~ ROOM 2-C ~
Enemies: Currently Unknown
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: HP


=============== PART D WALKTHROUGH ===============

~ ROOM 1-D ~
Enemies: Currently Unknown
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: None


~ ROOM 2-D ~
Enemies: Currently Unknown
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: None


~ ROOM 3-D ~
Enemies: Currently Unknown
Sub-Weapons: Dagger, Axe, Holy Water, Stopwatch, Crucifix
Level-Up Items: MP, Heart


 /  _____________________________________________________________________  \
/  /                                                                     \  \
\  \         =============== LEVEL 4: OUTER WALL ===============          \  \
 \  \_____________________________________________________________________/  /

     The Outer Wall consists of two large rooms that take place in an open area
of the castle. This area is sort of a ruin, with pillars strewn all across. It's
a large, wide-open space, but the Level itself is quite short, mainly a way to
get from different parts of the Audience Room quickly.

Follow these directions to get through the Outer Wall (these directions bypass
any unnecessary rooms, only listing the basic way through the Level).

Room 1 --> Room 3 --> Audience Room


 _______   _       _____       _________________
|           |     |     |     |                 |
|           |     |     |     |                 |
|           |_____|     |     |                 |
|                       |     |                 |
|                       |     |                 |
|                       |     |    ROOM   3     |
|      ROOM   1         |     |                 |
|                       |     |                 |
|                       |_____|                 |
|                       |                       |
|                                               |
|_   _______________ + _|___________________   _|
                  |           |
                  |  ROOM  2  |

=============== LEVEL WALKTHROUGH ===============

~ ROOM 1 ~
Enemies: Electric Skeleton, Skeleton Bomber, Will O' Wisp
Sub-Weapons: Holy Water
Level-Up Items: MP

Heading through Room 1 for the first time can be tricky with the Skeleton
Bombers throwing their bombs atop high perches. Make sure the Skeleton Bombers
aren't about to chuck a bomb before you begin to ascend the pillars. If you fall
down to the ground near the right side of the room, you can make it up to the
exit by Double jumping from the small pillar fragment to the left.

ROC'S WING: Details Currently Unavailable

~ ROOM 2 ~
Enemies: Axe Armor, Electric Skeleton
Sub-Weapons: None
Level-Up Items: Heart

Room 2 is hidden quite nicely from the rest of the Outer Wall. There aren't to
many Hidden Rooms that you break open the floor to get to, so finding Room 2 is
quite difficult. Head to the very right of Room 1 and drop to the ground. About
one pillar's width away from the right wall is the spot you need to break open.
Use an Axe to do this. Drop down inside to find a Heart Max Increase guarded by
an Axe Armor and Electric Skeleton.

~ ROOM 3 ~
Enemies: Brain Float, Electric Skeleton, Skeleton Bomber
Sub-Weapons: Axe, Dagger
Level-Up Items: HP

Room 3 is pretty similar to Room 1, but some annoying Brain Floats replace those
Will O' Wisps. Like you did before, cautiously approach Skeleton Bombers. In the
middle of the room are those Brain Floats. You can, in fact, us them to climb to
the top of the room. How, you say? Why, with a trusty Serpent/Mercury or
Cockatrice/Mercury DSS Combination, of course! These two will immobilize the
Brain Floats and turn them into suitable platforms. Just be careful when
climbing them, as they don't stay frozen/stoned (he he) for very long. Navigate
through the ruins and broken pillars at the top to get to an HP Max Increase.
You can also get to the top using the Roc's Wing, but you'll have to dodge the
Brain Floats as you jump.



   ________ _________________________________________________________________
  /()_____(\_______________________________________________________________  \
 /) /  ___\ \                                                              \  \
/  /  /)  () \   =============== PART 4: GUIDES & INDEXES ===============   )  )
\()\  \____  /_____________________________________________________________/  /
 \ (\_____/(/________________________________________________________________/

                     =============== ENEMY GUIDE ===============

     Without a doubt, the enemies you come across are the main feature in Circle
of the Moon. Without them, things would be boring and easy. To ensure lasting
freshness (like those gum companies), Konami put a huge amount of enemies in the
game. It's taken me a long time, but below are all the stats you could ever want
on the enemies... unless you got greedy and wanted things that aren't possible,
like the enemies' favorite colors and foods. Greedy pigs.

---~ENEMY GUIDE KEY~------------------------------------------------------------
1. Name: The name of the enemy. When you attack an enemy, its name will appear
  on the screen.
2. Hit Points: The amount of HP the enemy has. Since there is no way to find the
  HP of an enemy simply by pressing a button, I've done this by doing different
  attacks. Therefore, not all HPs will be 100% accurate, but all will be at
  least close.
3. Experience: The number of experience points you will gain by defeating the
4. Attack(s): What attacks the enemy performs.
5. Attack Power: A measure of the enemy's strength, either Very Weak, Weak,
  Fair, Average, Above Average, Strong, or Very Strong. Attack Power is not
  just a guess, but instead the result of a study I have performed on the
  enemies. The enemies' Attack Power is compared to that of other enemies in the
  same area of the castle.
6. Defensive Power: A measure of the enemy's defense, either Very Weak, Weak,
  Fair, Average, Above Average, Strong, or Very Strong. Defensive Power is not
  just a guess, but instead the result of a study I have performed on the
   enemies. The enemies Defensive Power is compared to that of other enemies in
  the same area of the castle.
7. Status Effects: If contact with the enemy causes a status abnormality, it
  will be noted here.
8. Items: A list of the items the enemy may drop.
9. Found: What areas of the castle the enemy will be found. The first area
  listed is the first area in which you will encounter the enemy.

Hit Points: 20
Experience: 4
Attack(s): Bomb Toss
Attack Power: Fair
Defensive Power: Average
Status Effects: None
Items: Salamander Card, Potion
Found: Catacombs, Outer Wall

The Skeleton Bomber is the first enemy you will encounter in the game. It stands
stationary in one spot and throws explosives at you. The distance they throw
will change depending on where you are. If they throw a bomb, you can either try
to hit it with an attack (thus destroying it) or you can get out of the way. The
explosion that the bombs leave will stay around for a short while, so don't move
in to attack right after it lands.

- BAT -
Hit Points: 2
Experience: 4
Attack(s): Swoop
Attack Power: Very Weak
Defensive Power: Very Weak
Status Effects: None
Items: Wrist Band
Found: Catacombs

These furry creatures hang from the ceiling, then when you get near, they swoop
down for an attack. Since the game is so dark, they sometimes blend into the
scenery and it's hard to see them until it's too late. They're quite weak and
easy to destroy, however, so they're not much of a threat. You get a decent 4
experience points from them, too.

Hit Points: 24
Experience: 7
Attack(s): Blue Shot
Attack Power: Weak
Defensive Power: Strong
Status Effects: None
Items: Mercury Card, Heart
Found: Catacombs, Abyss Stairway

Bone Heads are dinosaur-like skulls that sit on the ceiling or ground and shoot
out blasts of blue energy. Contrary to what one might think, this is not ice it
shoots. Their attacks are easy to avoid, as the Bone Head slowly opens its mouth
well before it attacks. The attack on flies in one direction and at one
altitude, too. They have good defense, but that's about it.

Hit Points: 120
Experience: 14
Attack(s): Poison Worm Drop
Attack Power: Very Weak
Defensive Power: Weak
Status Effects: Poison
Items: Antidote, Magic Gauntlet
Found: Catacombs

The Poison Worms are one of the most annoying creatures you'll face up against
early in the game. Poison Worms gather in a large cluster that sticks to the
ceiling, and when you approach, it drops individual Poison Worms onto the
ground. If you come in contact with these worms, you'll become poisoned. The
worst part is that the worms slither just above the ground, so your whip cant
hit them even if you crouch. Use the Wind Whip (Mercury/Griffin DSS combination)
to defeat them easily, or the Axe if you must. You can also defeat them while
they're going up or down a slope. However, these methods may not be available at
the time, so in many case you'll just have to avoid them. A good trick to get
rid of them is going far out of the screen in the opposite direction. When you
come back, they'll be gone.

Hit Points: 150
Experience: 25
Attack(s): Earth Spikes, Sweep
Attack Power: Very Strong (Earth Spikes), Average (Sweep)
Defensive Power: Strong
Status Effects: None
Items: Serpent Card, Magic Gauntlet
Found: Catacombs

The Earth Demon is the first major enemy you will face, and the first of a
series of different types of demons. The Earth Demon flies around in the sky,
momentarily stopping to make huge spikes shoot out of the ground. You can see
where the spikes will start by a white cloud of smoke wafting above the point
where they begin. Jump over to spikes to avoid them, then attack while the Earth
Dragon is still. He's strong and has good defense, so it may take a while to
defeat him.

Hit Points: 50
Experience: 2
Attack(s): Life Suck
Attack Power: Weak
Defensive Power: Weak
Status Effects: None
Items: Cotton Clothes, Potion
Found: Catacombs

These undead monsters rise from the ground and lifelessly march towards you, in
an attempt to suck your life force. Don't let them get near you, and fend them
off with your whip. They come in countless numbers, so it's best just to move on
whenever you get a chance.

Hit Points: 25
Experience: 4
Attack(s): Bone Toss
Attack Power: Weak
Defensive Power: Above Average
Status Effects: None
Items: Leather Armor, Potion
Found: Catacombs, Abyss Stairway, Audience Room

The Skeleton is actually quite similar to the Skeleton Bomber. The main
difference is that the normal skeleton throws a bone while the Bomber throws a
bomb. The arc of the bone throw is longer, giving more distance to the throw.
The bone, however, is weaker than the explosive bomb. This enemy isn't as
dangerous as its counterpart you met earlier.

Hit Points: 30
Experience: 6
Attack(s): Spear Throw
Attack Power: Above Average
Defensive Power: Above Average
Status Effects: None
Items: None
Found: Catacombs

Another member of the Skeleton clan is the Skeleton Spear. They stay in
relatively the same spot and throw spears in a horizontal line across the
screen. Be sure not to jump into the path of the spear right when they're
throwing (they'll pull back right before they throw) and you'll defeat them with

Hit Points: 5
Experience: 1
Attack(s): Float
Attack Power: Very Weak
Defensive Power: Very Weak
Status Effects: None
Items: Wrist Band
Found: Catacombs

There are many Spirits living inside the Castle. They appear out of nowhere and
float around to attack you. Like Zombies, Spirits attack in unlimited numbers.
Don't let their numbers accumulate too much, or you may be in over your head.
Quickly make your way through their habitats.

Hit Points: 30
Experience: 2
Attack(s): Leap
Attack Power: Fair
Defensive Power: Fair
Status Effects: None
Items: Cotton Clothes, Mind Restore
Found: Catacombs

Mudmen are pesky creatures. They appear out of wet, muddy ground, stand still
for a second, then propel themselves forward in an attempt to harm you. They
appear in unlimited numbers, so moving through would be advisable, but they are
rather tricky enemies to dodge, so take your time if needed.

Hit Points: 30
Experience: 2
Attack(s): Spear Throw, Fly
Attack Power: Average (Spear Throw), Fair (Fly)
Defensive Power: Average
Status Effects: None
Items: Wrist Band
Found: Catacombs, Abyss Stairway

Gremlins are wicked flying beats that soar by for a short period of time,
throwing the spears they carry at you if you happen to be below them. They
aren't a huge threat, but their unlimited numbers can make them a pain,
especially when they suddenly appear out of nowhere. Just be on your guard while
traveling through the halls they inhabit.

Hit Points: 200
Experience: 3
Attack(s): Mummy Drop
Attack Power: N/A
Defensive Power: Average
Status Effects: None
Items: None
Found: Catacombs

Most coffins are buried underground, but the ones found in Dracula's Castle are
possessed with evil spirits. They hover in the air, and will occasionally drop
groups of three Mummies out. They don't attack in any way; they are simply
dispensers for the Mummies. Defeat them quickly so you don't get flooded with

Hit Points: 100
Experience: 3
Attack(s): Walk
Attack Power: Above Average
Defensive Power: Above Average
Status Effects: None
Items: Cotton Clothes, Heart
Found: Catacombs

Mummies are mindless drones. Once they drop from the Coffins they spawn from,
they'll slowly walk towards you in an attempt to inflict damage. They're so slow
it's not a problem at all to avoid them. Not much of a threat, but they do have
decent Attack and Defensive powers.

Hit Points: 40
Experience: 8
Attack(s): Hop
Attack Power: Average
Defensive Power: Above Average
Status Effects: None
Items: None
Found: Catacombs

The aptly named Hoppers are quite skilled at running around and, you guessed it,
hopping. They're so small that you'll need to crouch and swing your whip to hit
them, and they move so quickly that this may prove difficult. You can also hit
them when they leap in the air, but it's preferable to get out of the way
instead if you can't destroy them in one hit. A basic enemy made much more
difficult by agility.

Hit Points: 50
Experience: 9
Attack(s): Jump Attack
Attack Power: Very Strong
Defensive Power: Above Average
Status Effects: None
Items: Cotton Clothes
Found: Catacombs, Audience Room

Fleamen are nearly identical to Hoppers in both look and the way they attack.
The only difference is that they have slightly higher Attack Power, HP, and
Experience. Other than not, there really isn't anything that differentiates them
from their hopping counterparts.

Hit Points: 20
Experience: 10
Attack(s): Electric Shock, Float
Attack Power: Above Average (Electric Shock), Very Weak (Float)
Defensive Power: Fair
Status Effects: None
Items: Leather Armor, Mind Restore
Found: Catacombs, Outer Wall

These rather odd creatures somewhat resemble large brains the float in the
air... a rather fitting description for their name. They are rather slow, but
occasionally fire Electric Shocks that will harm you a bit more than just
hitting them. The chief purpose of Brain Floats is not as an enemy, but instead
a stairway to higher places. Using the Mercury/Serpent or Mercury/Cockatrice DSS
combinations, you can create a magical whip that either freezes the Brain Floats
or turns them into stone. You can use these immobilized creatures as steps to
get up in a tall room.

Hit Points: 40
Experience: 11
Attack(s): Drop, Ooze
Attack Power: Above Average
Defensive Power: Very Weak
Status Effects: Poison
Items: Venus Card, Antidote
Found: Catacombs, Abyss Stairway, Audience Room

Slimes are tricky opponents. The ooze atop the ceilings, then drop down when you
approach, proceeding to ooze across the floor. Their slow movement makes
avoiding them easy, but they move so close to the floor that you can only hit
them when their bodies are moving up. Be careful not to touch them, as they will
poison you if you do.

Hit Points: 56
Experience: 42
Attack(s): Axe Boomerang
Attack Power: Very Strong
Defensive Power: Strong
Status Effects: None
Items: Mandragora Card, Leather Armor
Found: Abyss Stairway, Audience Room

The Axe Armor is the first of many types of Armors that you will encounter
throughout the rest of your quest. The Axe Armor, like its name implies, wields
a hefty axe, similar to the Sub-Weapon you can throw. The Axe Armor's ace,
however, reacts more like the Crucifix Sub-Weapon instead. It is throw a short
distance, then returns to the Axe Armor. If you're quick enough, you can destroy
the axe before it hits you, or you can simply avoid it. The first throw is
always at chest level, so duck to avoid it. The next is at foot level, so jump
over it. The next throws follow the same pattern. The Axe Armor is heavily
armored, but the experience you gain from finishing it off is well worth the

Hit Points: 35
Experience: 16
Attack(s): Sword Swing
Attack Power: Very Strong
Defensive Power: Strong
Status Effects: None
Items: Leather Armor, Bronze Armor
Found: Abyss Stairway, Audience Room

Skeleton Soldiers are undead warriors, covered with protective armor and armed
with a sword. While they sound like a tough foe, they really are quite
laughable. They plod along at a slow pace, and when they get right next to you,
will slowly chop at you with their sword. While they have decent defense and
attack power for an early enemy, they're a joke to defeat.

Hit Points: 40
Experience: 30
Attack(s): Electric Bolt Wave
Attack Power: Very Strong
Defensive Power: Above Average
Status Effects: None
Items: Leather Armor, Bronze Armor
Found: Audience Room

This skeleton variation isn't very mobile, but it does have one of the most
deadly attacks in the bony family. Every few seconds, the Electric Skeleton will
send out a bolt of lightning that runs a short distance through the ground.
Anyone standing in its path will receive a good amount of damage. Jump over the
bolts and attack fiercely.

Hit Points: 10
Experience: 9
Attack(s): Float
Attack Power: Weak
Defensive Power: Very Weak
Status Effects:
Items: None
Found: Outer Wall, Audience Room

These dark blue lights glow in the night air, luring travelers to their death.
However, they're a cinch for Nathan to take out. Wisps are quite weak and have
poor defense. Their slow movement makes them an even easier target.

Hit Points: 10
Experience: 15
Attack(s): Yellow Shot
Attack Power:
Defensive Power: Very Strong
Status Effects: None
Items: Wrist Band, Potion
Found: Audience Room

Devil Towers have a name fitting of a tall structure, but are instead stone
masks that rest on the sides of pillars. When you approach, they will turn
towards you and fire tiny yellow shots at you. You can usually defeat them
before they get a chance to turn fully, but if not, simply wait for them to fire
a shot, then attack.

Hit Points: 75
Experience: 21
Attack(s): Fall
Attack Power: Fair
Defensive Power: Fair
Status Effects: None
Items: None
Found: Audience Room

The Clinking Man looks similar in appearance to the Fleaman or Hopper. However,
these guys aren't too skilled at walking and stumble along at a slow pace. If
you get near, they'll collapse on you. They're not much to worry about.


                 =============== DSS CARD GUIDE ===============

     There are two guides to DSS in this FAQ. This one centers on each
individual card, what it does in general, and where they can be found in the
castle. The first list is of the first ten cards, those named after various
Roman gods. The second list is of the second ten cards, those named after
various mythical creatures.

---~DSS CARD GUIDE KEY~---------------------------------------------------------
1. Name: The name of the card. The first ten are named after Roman gods, the
  second ten are named after mythical creatures.
2. Effect: The basic magic form that the card brings out when combined with
3. Found: Which enemy you need to defeat to get the card. After the enemy is the
  location where the enemy is found.
4. Description: The description of the card from the game.

===== ACTION CARDS =====

Effect: Magic Whips
Found: Bone Head (Catacombs, Abyss Stairway)
Description: Mercury, the messenger of the gods. Has the potential of strength.

Effect: Stat Increasers
Found: Slime (Catacombs, Abyss Stairway, Audience Room)
Description: Venus, goddess of love and beauty. Has the potential of

Effect: Shields
Found: Fire Shade (Machine Tower)
Description: Jupiter, god of the heavens and the leader of Olympus. Has the
  potential of defense.

- MARS -
Effect: Swords
Found: Currently Unknown
Description: Mars, god of war. Has the potential of change.

Effect: Whip Magic Attacks
Found: Currently Unknown
Description: Diana, goddess of moon and hunting. Has the potential of creation.

Effect: Bombs/Energy Spheres
Found: Currently Unknown
Description: Apollo, god of the sun, music, and prophecy. Has the potential to
  create explosives.

Effect: Magic Healing
Found: Currently Unknown
Description: Neptune, god of the seas. Has the potential of Healing

Effect: Call Familiar
Found: Currently Unknown
Description: Saturn, god of agriculture and the father of Jupiter. Has the
  potential of a familiar.

Effect: Summon Creature
Found: Currently Unknown
Description: Uranus, former god of the heavens. Has the potential of summoning.

Effect: Various Magic Effects
Found: Currently Unknown
Description: Pluto, god of the underworld. Has the potential of special.


Effect: Fire Magic
Found: Skeleton Bomber (Catacombs)
Description: A lizard bathed in flames. Embodiment of the fire spirit,
  Salamander. Has the power of Fire.

Effect: Ice Magic
Found: Earth Demon (Catacombs)
Description: The serpent is said to be a dragon swimming in the sea. Has the
  power of Ice.

Effect: Plant Magic
Found: Axe Armor (Abyss Stairway, Audience Room)
Description: The Mandragora is represented as a humanoid with roots instead of
  feet. Has the power of Plants.

Effect: Earth Magic
Found: Currently Unknown
Description: A Golem is a mockery of man made from clay. Has the power of Earth.

Effect: Stone Magic
Found: Currently Unknown
Description: The Cockatrice is said to have the ability to turn things to stone.
  Has the power of Stone.

Effect: Poison Magic
Found: Currently Unknown
Description: The Manticore is said to have a body of a lion and the venomous
  tail of a scorpion. Power of Poison.

Effect: Wind Magic
Found: Currently Unknown
Description: The Griffin is said to have the head and wings of an Eagle and the
  body of a lion. Has the power of Wind.

Effect: Lightning Magic
Found: Currently Unknown
Description: The legendary Thunderbird is said to have been able to release
  lightning. Has the power of Electricity.

Effect: Holy Magic
Found: Currently Unknown
Description: The Unicorn is said to have been white with a single holy horn on
  its forehead. Has the power of Light.

Effect: Dark Magic
Found: Currently Unknown
Description: The Black Dog is said to consume darkness. Has the power of


                 =============== DSS MAGIC GUIDE ===============

     When two cards are combined together, Nathan can perform or activate some
magical power. However, this power is not always apparent from the start. While
it may be a useful spell, learning exactly how to use it may be tricky. Below
are all of the combinations of cards, 100 in total, and the magic you can gain
from them.

---~DSS MAGIC GUIDE KEY~--------------------------------------------------------
1. Name: The name of the two cards that are combined.
2. Type: Either Attack, Use, Shot, or Time. The first three are similar, as
  whenever you press the attack button, MP is diminished. Time types drain MP
  slowly but at a constant pace.
3. MP Used: The amount of MP used for each attack or for a certain period of
4. Description: What the game says about the combination.


Type: Attack
MP Used: 6
Description: Fire whip to attack enemies.

The Fire Whip is pretty much your basic Magic Whip. It's quite similar to the
Mandragora/Mercury combination's Whip of Thorns. The Fire Whip's advantage is
that it goes a little farther, but the Whip of Thorns does more damage. The Fire
Whip increases your Strength by 5%. I recommend the Whip of Thorns instead,
since the short extra length isn't worth 5% less strength.

Type: Attack
MP Used: 2
Description: Ice Whip. Frozen enemies can be used as platforms.

A short, quickly shot whip. It freezes enemies when you deplete all of their HP.
However, it also decreases your Strength by 30%. Definitely not a whip you want
to use for attacking, but one you want to use to make platforms (to get to
higher places, etc.).

Type: Attack
MP Used: 6
Description: Whip of Thorns to attack enemies.

The best basic Magic Whip you can get. While its length is somewhat shorter to
the similar Fire Whip, it increases your Strength by 10%. If you're not using
any of your other DSS combos, use this to boost your strength a little while
using minimal MP.

Type: Attack
MP Used: 8
Description: Earth Whip to attack distant enemies.

The Earth Whip is the longest range whip you can use. It stretches out nearly
the entire screen to hit enemies. The huge downfall is that it takes forever for
it to extend and comeback, allowing agile enemies (and even slower ones) to
become hard to hit. Not very recommended unless you're fighting a stationary
enemy or boss.

Type: Attack
MP Used: 6
Description: Stone Whip. Enemies turned to stone can be used as platforms.

A short whip that has extra dust appearing at the end, thus making it fatter.
Very similar to the Ice Whip. It's slower to whip, but the Stone Whip increases
your Strength by 10% instead of decreasing it. Your best choice against stronger
monsters you need to immobilize, but otherwise use the Ice Whip.

Type: Attack
MP Used: 6
Description: Poison whop that will release a mist of poison.

In the right situations, the Poison Whip can be somewhat helpful. You snap it up
at a 45 degree angle, and the whip releases several poison clouds down to the
ground. If there's an enemy a little above you, it works effectively, poisoning
them in addition to some minor damage (Strength is lowered by 10%). However,
even then it's no real gain, and most of the time enemies won't be right above
and next to you, nor will you be able to get close to others to drop poison
clouds on them. Hard to use, and not worth it since the STR decrease basically
cancels out the effects of the poison.

Type: Attack
MP Used: 10
Description: Wind whip. Continuous attack will occur while attack is held.

An incredibly useful whip that you'll want to switch to again and again. While
it is weaker than the normal whip (Strength is decreased by 15%), the Whip, when
attack is held, will move up and down, effectively hitting enemies low on the
ground and just above you. Great on Poison Worms, Hoppers, and other short

Type: Attack
MP Used: 10
Description: Electric whip. Will electrocute while attack is held.

The Electric Whip is your standard whip with a little twist. When you hold down
the attack button, the whip will stay extended, dealing consistent (though
constantly lesser) damage every few seconds. Since you can't move while it's
extended, you're rather vulnerable to attack. It's best to use other whips

Type: Attack
MP Used: 20
Description: Holy whip. Health is replenished with each swing of the whip.

Helpful in not only the 20% increase in Strength, the Holy Whip recovers 1 HP
with each swing. It also can be swung very fast. The only real downside is the
large amount of MP it consumes. If you have high MP and Intelligence, this is a
good whip choice.

Type: Attack
MP Used: 40
Description: Darkness whip to attack and envelop enemies in darkness.

The Darkness Whip is the strongest whip, increasing your Strength by 40%. It
swings a bit more slowly than the Holy Whip, but not as excruciatingly slow as
the Earth Whip. Another good choice for a whip if you don't mind a little slower


Type: Time
MP Used: 4
Description: Inflicted damage increases by 25%.

A handy way to increase the amount of damage you inflict of enemies. If you have
nothing else to use, this is a good standard DSS combination to have equipped.
It's most effective early on in the game.

Type: Time
MP Used: 4
Description: Defense increases by 25%.

Similar to the Salamander/Venus combination, but the Serpent Card increases your
Defense instead. Not quite as helpful as the Jupiter shields or the Golem/Venus
Combination later, but still a decent choice early on in the game.

Type: Time
MP Used: 4
Description: Luck Increases by 25%

If you're looking for an enemy to drop a specific item, use this DSS
Combination. Your Luck increases by 1/4, thus giving you greater chances of
finding an item when an enemy is defeated.

Type: Time
MP Used: 16
Description: Defense increases as the % of the map uncovered increases.

A better combination than the Serpent/Venus combination as you progress in the
game. Since more of the map will become uncovered later, your defense will
increase more.

Type: Time
MP Used: 2
Description: Gains experience points from walking.

This sounds like a golden DSS Combination, but it's not nearly as incredibly as
you might be led to believe. First of all, you must be walking for this to work.
No standing still, no dashing, no jumping. When you are walking, every second or
so you'll get 1 experience point. Not very much, especially later in the game.
Unless you're really desperate to Level-Up and figure even a few experience
points added on will help, it's better to use a DSS Combo that's more useful.

Type: Time
MP Used: 2
Description: Gains double the amount of hearts received.

If you're running low on hearts, select this Combination. It'll double the
hearts you pick up after destroying torches or enemies. If you use Sub-Weapons
frequently, this is a DSS Combo to remember.

Type: Time
MP Used: 4
Description: Intelligence increases by 25%.

Similar to the first three Venus Combination, the Griffin Card will instead
raise your intelligence. This usually isn't needed very much, as any location
you'll need to recover MP, you'll usually need to recover it instantly.
Intelligence is usually high enough to not worry about this.

Type: Time
MP Used: 16
Description: Damage increases as the % of map uncovered increases.

A great way to increase the amount of damage you do. This is not so effective
early on in the game, when you've only revealed a small portion of the map.

Type: Time
MP Used: 8
Description: Defense x2 while inflicted damages is 1/2.

The Unicorn and Black Dog Venus Combinations are a peculiar pair. They double
one stat, while halving another. In the Unicorn's case, the stat increased is
Defense, while the one halved is Strength. May be helpful in areas you don't
need to attack.

Type: Time
MP Used: 8
Description: Inflicted damage is x2 while defense is 1/2.

The Black Dog Combination doubles Strength and halves Defense. If you're skilled
at dodging attacks, this the Combo for you.



                =============== EQUIP ITEMS GUIDE ===============

     One of the types of items enemies sometimes drop when defeated are the
Equip Items. You can equip these items to different parts of your body to
increase the various stats: Strength (STR), Defense (DEF), Intelligence (INT),
and Luck (LCK). You have two different types of Equip items, those that can be
placed on your body or your arms. Placing arm items on different arms may have
different effects. In any case, equipping the most helpful Equip Item for the
right situation is very important in deciding your success.

===== BODY EQUIP =====

STR Increase: + 0
DEF Increase: + 20
INT Increase: + 0
LCK Increase: + 0
Found: Zombie, Mudman, Mummy, Fleaman
Description: Clothes made of cotton.

STR Increase: + 0
DEF Increase: + 30
INT Increase: + 0
LCK Increase: + 0
Found: Skeleton, Brain Float, Skeleton Soldier, Axe Armor
Description: Armor made from leather.

STR Increase: + 0
DEF Increase: + 40
INT Increase: + 0
LCK Increase: + 0
Found: Skeleton Soldier
Description: Armor made from bronze.

===== ARMS EQUIP =====

STR Increase: + 0
DEF Increase: + 5 (L/R)
INT Increase: + 0
LCK Increase: + 0
Found: Bat, Spirit, Gremlin
Description: Cotton armband

STR Increase: + 0
DEF Increase: + 0
INT Increase: + 10 (L/R)
LCK Increase: + 0
Found: Earth Demon, Poison Worm
Description: Magical power lies within the Gauntlet.



            =============== BONUS MODES WALKTHROUGHS ===============

     After you complete the game for the first time, an extra bonus mode will be
opened up. Complete that to open more and more bonus modes. In these extra
features, you start out with different items and stats than you normally would.
This makes your strategies differ from game to game, and oftentimes can make
things more difficult. Read below for brief walkthroughs to each of the bonus

*There are currently no Bonus Mode Walkthroughs. Check future updates for all
your Bonus Mode needs. Thank you.


   ________ _________________________________________________________________
  /()_____(\_______________________________________________________________  \
 /) /  ___\ \                                                              \  \
/  /  /)  () \    =============== PART 5: MISCELLANEOUS ===============     )  )
\()\  \____  /_____________________________________________________________/  /
 \ (\_____/(/________________________________________________________________/

                   =============== ADDITIONAL TIPS ===============

     There are a few general tips and strategies, that if utilized, can
drastically improve your performance in the game as a whole. Sometimes learning
how to beat a certain part isn't as important as knowing what to do in general.

Since you have a limited number of MP and Hearts, one is inclined to try not to
use them all at once. My advice? You them as much as you want. If you have
decent Intelligence stats, the lower MP-consuming DSS combinations won't even
have any effect. Others will take a long time for it to wear down. As for
Hearts, you definitely have more than you need. Don't be afraid to use them up.

Save points aren't just useful for saving. Whenever you go there, HP and MP is
fully restored (but not hearts). Save as often as you can, because you never
know when you'll suddenly die and lose that DSS Card you just found or all that
experience you accumulated.

Look on the map for black spots in the middle of rooms and passages. Oftentimes
hidden rooms are located there. Swing your whip across any wall adjacent to a
black section on the map and you'll possibly uncover a hidden room. Better safe
than sorry.

Whip Spins may seem pretty cool at first when you realize "Whoa! I didn't know I
could do this!", but the move isn't quite as helpful as it seems. First of all,
the damage it deals is just a small portion of that a normal whip swing will
deliver. Also, you must stand still while spinning it and it pretty much only
attacks in one direction. It's very dangerous to use this move, and not worth
the risk.

Use your DSS summons often. Using a summon a few times can easily defeat or
weaken most bosses or will clear the screen of all enemies. The Thunderbird
works particularly well, but has consumes quite bit MP.

Oftentimes it isn't practical to fight every enemy you see. In fact, when you're
low on health, it's a necessity. Try to learn how to dodge enemies effectively
so you can get by without getting hurt. In large rooms, the Roc's Wing works
excellently, and in others a well-timed Double Jump will do. Be careful, though,
as if there are too many enemies in a small space, you'll need to defeat some.
Also consider taking alternate routes.


           =============== FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ===============

     I get loads of mail each day from readers wondering how to do something.
Most of the times it's "How do I start my computer?" or "Where in the world in
Carmen Sandiego?", but every once in a while I get a worthwhile question that
isn't answered in the rest of the FAQ. If several people end up asking it, then
I deem it "Frequent" and put it in this section. Thus the title "Frequently
Asked Questions". Oh yes, and there are answers here, too. I'm not THAT cruel.

Q: How do I delete all info, setting the game back to its default state?
A: If you've purchased a used copy of COTM or want to start back over from
  scratch, it may be handy to delete everything on the Game Pak. To do this,
  Hold down the A, B, L, and R buttons at the same time while on the title
  screen, then press Select. You will get a box asking you if you want to clear
  all data.


                  =============== CONTACT INFO ===============

Have some questions about the game? Comments about my FAQ? Know something I left
out? See info I got wrong? If there's something you need to know or say about my
FAQ, be sure to:

E-mail me Questions or Comments: [email protected]


1. Try to find what you need in the FAQ first. I've spent hours and hours
writing all this, and for a reason, so look here to try to find the answer to
your question(s). If the information you ask for is already in the FAQ, I will
likely just direct you to where it is in the FAQ.

2. Put the word "Castlevania", "Circle of the Moon", or similar phrasing as the
title of your e-mail. This makes things a lot easier for me.

3. I am very happy to have you contribute to this FAQ, and by all means send in
what you know. However, I do not want you to send me information on any of the
incomplete sections of the FAQ. What you send I'll probably already know.
However, if I miss something or something you know of doesn't fit anywhere else,
please send it in. Be sure to include a name or alias for the Credits section.
If you do not, I will assume that you wish to remain anonymous (unless you send
one at a later date).

4. I respond to 99.9% of the e-mail I get. If yours is in the lucky .1% that
doesn't get a response, it may be that your e-mail is dated for a past date and
is buried in my old e-mail, you didn't send it to the right address, or your
address is blocking all incoming mail. Even if your question is moronic or your
e-mail incomprehensible, I'll still probably respond to mock you.

5. Do not send me any spam, "chain" type e-mails, or pictures. These are
annoying and take up unnecessary space in my inbox. Also, don't send multiple
e-mails asking the same question. It will just make me hate you more. Oh, and
asking me to respond ASAP won't affect the response time at all.

6. If you are the webmaster of a site and wish to use my FAQ, you must contact
me requesting permission. In this e-mail, be sure to include your site's URL. I
will tell you right now that I do not give permission to everyone who asks. Only
the sites that I think have good quality will be granted permission. A quick
reminder: using my FAQ without permission is illegal, and appropriate legal
action can and will be taken if you steal this document. I do check around the
web to see where my FAQ is.

CHECK THE ENEMIES: If you're feeling bored, you can feel free to check the HP of
  the enemies in my Enemy Guide. Since finding the exact HP of an enemy is very
  tough, some of them are bound to be incorrect by a few HP. So, if you know the
  right amount of HP, drop me a line.


                  =============== CREDITS/OTHER ===============


- Currently none.


- Mike Whalen and Giancarlo Varanini's "The History of Castlevania" article.
   I gathered most of my information for the Introduction from this site
- Nintendo Power Advance: For some of the DSS combination effects. I also
   sometimes used their map along with the in-game one to help me mold mine.
- Castlevania: Circle of the Moon for the descriptions of the items, DSS
   Cards, Magic Items, and the Sub-Weapons.
- Castlevania Circle of the Moon Instruction Booklet for the Story and Character


- Konami: For producing Circle of the Moon.
- KCEK: For developing Circle of the Moon.
- Brisk Iced Tea: It's Lemon-rific!

                               *   *   *

The following sites have been given permission to use my FAQ:

     *GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)

No other sites have been given permission to use this FAQ. Please contact me if
you see this FAQ anywhere else.

Check www.gamefaqs.com for the most recent version of this FAQ.

                               *   *   *

   - Machine Tower Walkthrough
   - Triumph Hallway Walkthrough
   - Updated Enemy Guide
   - Updated DSS Magic Guide
   - Updated Equip Items Guide
   - Updated Recovery Items List


                =============== CLOSING STATEMENT ===============

     I am pleased. Quite pleased. This FAQ turned out much better than I
imagined, and I'm very fond of the nice little maps I've included. I would've
been happier if it was a little more complete, but that's what updates are for,
right? I'll be updating soon, so keep an eye out for new versions. Until then,
follow the bouncing Croco.

                      This FAQ Has Been                      _______
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    /   /     /  /    /  //  // /____/  //  /     \      \ \\\\\\\\\\  /
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