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-----{FAQ/WALKTHROUGH}-{Ver 0.7}-{By: NeoGamer}-{[email protected]}------

                    -=|       General Information       |=-
    |           Platform:---------------Xbox                              |
    |                                                                     |
    |           Game Format:------------1 DVD                             |
    |                                                                     |
    |           Publisher:--------------Microsoft                         |
    |                                                                     |
    |           Developer:--------------Bungie                            |
    |                                                                     |
    |           Price:------------------$49.99(USD)                       |
    |                                                                     |
    |           Genre:------------------First Person Shooter(FPS)         |
    |                                                                     |
    |           Players:----------------1-4  With Single Xbox Console     |
    |                                   2-16 With Xbox System Link        |
    |                                                                     |
    |           Memory:-----------------227 Blocks                        |
    |                                                                     |
    |           Controller:-------------Analog                            |
    |                                   Force Feedback                    |
    |                                   Memory Unit Support               |
    |                                                                     |
    |           Release Date:-----------November 6, 2001(US)              |
    |                                                                     |
    |           ESRB Rating(Mature):----Blood and Gore                    |
    |                                   Violence                          |

                    -=|        Table of Contents        |=-
    |             I.--------Legal Disclaimer                              |
    |                                                                     |
    |             II.-------Introduction to this Document                 |
    |                  2.1---About this FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                   |
    |                  2.2---History/Updates                              |
    |                  2.3---Contact Information                          |
    |                                                                     |
    |             III.------Game Basics                                   |
    |                  3.1---Starting a Game                              |
    |                       [a]Campaign                                   |
    |                       [b]Multiplayer                                |
    |                       [c]Settings                                   |
    |                       [d]Game Demos                                 |
    |                  3.2---Game Settings                                |
    |                       [a]Change Name                                |
    |                       [b]Controller Setup                           |
    |                       [c]Advanced Setup                             |
    |                       [d]Change Color                               |
    |                  3.3---Saving/Loading                               |
    |                       [a]Managing a File                            |
    |                  3.4---Heads Up Display(HUD)                        |
    |                       [a]Weapon Indicator                           |
    |                       [b]Health/Shield Indicator                    |
    |                       [c]Flashlight Indicator                       |
    |                       [d]Directional Damage Indicator               |
    |                       [e]Navigation Points                          |
    |                       [f]Target Indicator                           |
    |                       [g]Motion Tracker                             |
    |                                                                     |
    |             IV.-------Introduction to HALO                          |
    |                  4.1---Background Information                       |
    |                  4.2---Human and Alien Encounters                   |
    |                       [a]The Ship and Crew                          |
    |                       [b]The Covenant                               |
    |                       [c]The Master Chief                           |
    |                  4.3---Controlling Your Character                   |
    |                  4.4---Weapons and Items                            |
    |                       [a]Human                                      |
    |                       [b]Covenant                                   |
    |                  4.5---Vehicles                                     |
    |                       [a]Human                                      |
    |                       [b]Covenant                                   |
    |                                                                     |
    |             V.--------Level WALKTHROUGH                             |
    |                  5.1---The Pillar of Autumn                         |
    |                  5.2---Halo                                         |
    |                  5.3---The Truth and Reconciliation                 |
    |                  5.4---The Silent Cartographer                      |
    |                  5.5---Assault on the Control Room                  |
    |                  5.6---343 Guilty Spark                             |
    |                  5.7---The Library                                  |
    |                  5.8---Two Betrayals                                |
    |                  5.9---Keyes                                        |
    |                  5.10--The Maw                                      |
    |                                                                     |
    |             VI.-------General Tips & Strategies                     |
    |                  6.1---Enemy Tips                                   |
    |                  6.2---Weapons/Items Tips                           |
    |                  6.3---Gameplay Tips                                |
    |                  6.4---Vehicle Tips                                 |
    |                  6.5---Level Tips                                   |
    |                       [a]Level 1                                    |
    |                       [b]Level 2                                    |
    |                       [c]Level 3                                    |
    |                       [d]Level 4                                    |
    |                       [e]Level 5                                    |
    |                       [f]Level 6                                    |
    |                       [g]Level 7                                    |
    |                       [h]Level 8                                    |
    |                       [i]Level 9                                    |
    |                       [j]Level 10                                   |
    |                  6.6---Multiplayer Tips                             |
    |                                                                     |
    |             VII.------Secrets/Extras                                |
    |                                                                     |
    |             VIII.-----F.A.Q.                                        |
    |                                                                     |
    |             IX.-------Multiplayer                                   |
    |                  9.1---Modes of Play                                |
    |                       [a]Cooperative Play                           |
    |                       [b]Split Screen                               |
    |                       [c]System Link Play                           |
    |                       [d]Edit Multiplayer                           |
    |                  9.2---Multiplayer Levels                           |
    |                       [a]Battle Creek                               |
    |                       [b]Blood Gulch                                |
    |                       [c]Boarding Action                            |
    |                       [d]Chill Out                                  |
    |                       [e]Chiron TL34                                |
    |                       [f]Damnation                                  |
    |                       [g]Derelict                                   |
    |                       [h]Hang 'Em High                              |
    |                       [i]Longest                                    |
    |                       [j]Prisoner                                   |
    |                       [k]Rat Race                                   |
    |                       [l]Sidewinder                                 |
    |                       [m]Wizard                                     |
    |                  9.3---Multiplayer Games                            |
    |                       [a]Slayer                                     |
    |                       [b]Slayer Pro                                 |
    |                       [c]Elimination                                |
    |                       [d]Phantoms                                   |
    |                       [e]Endurance                                  |
    |                       [f]Rockets                                    |
    |                       [g]Snipers                                    |
    |                       [h]Oddball                                    |
    |                       [i]Reverse Tag                                |
    |                       [j]Accumulate                                 |
    |                       [k]Juggernaut                                 |
    |                       [l]Stalker                                    |
    |                       [m]King                                       |
    |                       [n]King Pro                                   |
    |                       [o]Crazy King                                 |
    |                       [p]Race                                       |
    |                       [q]Rally                                      |
    |                       [r]CTF                                        |
    |                       [s]Invasion                                   |
    |                       [t]Iron CTF                                   |
    |                       [u]CTF Pro                                    |
    |                       [v]Team Race                                  |
    |                       [w]Team Rally                                 |
    |                       [x]Team Ball                                  |
    |                       [y]Team King                                  |
    |                       [z]Team Slayer                                |
    |                  9.4---Multiplayer Tips                             |
    |                                                                     |
    |             X.--------Acknowledgment                                |

                                -=[Section I]=-
                      |         Legal Disclaimer        |
This Document is Copyrighted (c) 2001 by NeoGamer. Any reproduction of this
document in part or in whole without the author's consent is strictly forbidden. 
If the reader wishes to use the FAQ for his or her personal and private use only, 
then a printed copy may be made.

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Any other sites wishing to host this Document, feel free to contact me. I will 
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                               -=[Section II]=-
                    -=|  Introduction to this document  |=-
[2.1]--|About this FAQ/WALKTHROUGH}
Halo is an awesome game, and probably the best Xbox game that launched with the 
system. Developed by Bungie, Halo is a unique FPS(First Person Shooter) that 
contains constant adrenaline rushing sequences that can be quite tough. Never 
fear, this guide is here to help!

This guide was written in size 10 Courier New font. If you are viewing this 
document in a word processor, set the font in a likewise manner for best results. 
Additionally, this guide is formatted for 79 characters in width.

If you would like to find a specific section, hit Ctrl+F and type in a keyword. 
For example, if you wanted to skip to the Walkthrough for level 1, you could 
search for [5.1] or the level name itself, The Pillar of Autumn. Simply use the 
Table of Contents as a reference for your search.

The newest version of this FAQ/WALKTHROUGH can always be found at:


NOTE: It seems that some of the sites hosting my FAQ have changed the format of 
this document. I'm not sure there is anything I can do to fix this. I suggest 
that if you want a safe version, one that looks the way it was meant to look, 
head over to GameFaqs.

NOTE: The Walkthrough reflects the events on the Normal difficulty setting.

[November 16, 2001]- The structural layout of the guide was put into place and 
the ASCII art was designed. The General Information for Halo, as well as a 
tentative Table of Contents, was added. Sections I, II, and III were completed.

[November 17, 2001]- With a research paper to work on, only section IV was  
completed. Playing through the first few levels extensively was also done to 
help when the writing of the Walkthrough later on.

[November 18, 2001]- Halo multiplayer madness! I played multiplayer in various 
modes to get a good feel for the overall multiplayer experience. There will be 
extensive multiplayer coverage in a later update. The GameCube came out and I 
did not have much time to play HALO, but a complete walkthrough for the first 
few levels will be completed soon.

[November 20, 2001]- I added a few general tips that I thought might be helpful. 
Not much time for the Walkthrough.

[November 22, 2001]- Thanksgiving! And I wrote the level 1 Walkthrough.

[November 23, 2001]- I wrote the level 2 Walkthrough, and fixed a few spelling 
errors. And finally, I uploaded version 0.3 of this FAQ/WALKTHROUGH to GameFaqs.

[November 25, 2001]- Busy with other things as usual, only had time to update 
the list of sites that may host the FAQ as I've received many e-mails requesting 
this. I also received several tips via e-mail and incorporated them into the FAQ. 
Additionally, some e-mail questions were answered in the FAQ section. Hopefully 
I'll have time for a few more levels in the near future.

[November 29, 2001]- One research paper down, three to go. Until then, I'm 
allowed a bit of free time to work on the FAQ. I added yet a few more sites to 
the list. I received a handful of new tips and questions, and added those as 
well. I revised a few of the "shaky" points in the FAQ. ;) I sense a big update 
this weekend.

[November 30, 2001]- I was able to complete the level 3 Walkthrough, which is 
fairly long.

[December 1, 2001]- I completed the level 4 Walkthrough, and added some FAQ 
questions that I received via e-mail. I also added a few more tips that were 
sent in. See, I do care.

[December 2, 2001]- Not much time to work on the Walkthrough because I have 
another research paper due tomorrow. I did, however, upload version 0.5 to 
GameFaqs! Finally.

[December 10, 2001]- NOTE TO SELF: Never try to write a FAQ near the end of the 

[December 11, 2001]- I apologize for the updates, or the lack thereof. Finals 
are soon to come, and I've been working frantically to finish every paper that 
is due. I managed to steal a bit of free time today, so I went through dozens of 
e-mails and added new tips. In-depth information regarding the Master Chief was 
added, as it was received.

[December 15, 2001]- Finally, I'm able to sit down and write more of the guide. 
I started the level 5 Walkthrough and added some level 5 Tips to the appropriate 
section. A few more URLs were added, as I've had more requests for hosting the 

[December 19, 2001]- Ok, school's out for the year! I finished the level 5 
Walkthrough. What a long Walkthrough that was. I also went through my e-mail and 
added a few tips. I also started adding the cinematic titles wherever they 
appear throughout the levels. Well, more updates are on the way!

[December 21, 2001]- With all of my Christmas shopping completed, I can now work 
on the FAQ for the weekend! Now I just need to concentrate on Halo and not FFX. 
Well, the level 6 Walkthrough was completed today. The level 7 Walkthrough will 
hopefully be completed soon... just as long as I don't go crazy playing through 

[December 22, 2001]- With several breaks in between, I made significant progress 
on the level 7 Walkthrough! Still quite a bit to finish though. I sorted through 
another pile of mail and added a few tips. I also added some FAQ questions that 
I had received.

[December 24, 2001]- After taking yesterday off, I decided to finish the level 7 
Walkthrough... finally! I added a few more URLs of websites that wanted to host 
the FAQ. I do plan to play through the first four levels again to obtain the 
cinematic subtitles.

[December 27, 2001]- I am now the proud owner of a 1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT!... A 
red one at that. With what free time I had today, I went through answering tons 
of e-mail and updated the tips section. I went ahead and changed section VII 
seeing how there are no codes in site. I also sent in the long-awaited update 
(version 0.7) to GameFaqs! I will pump out the final three levels in due time; 
just be patient people. I've literally received a few hundred e-mails asking for 
the rest of the guide.

[2.3]--|Contact Information}
I may be reached via email: [email protected]

Visit: http://igamingnetwork.tripod.com for more of my work.

Additional work may also be found at: 

If you would like to help contribute to this FAQ/WALKTHROUGH in any way, such as 
add a tip/secret, or correct any errors I may have made, e-mail me and I'll give 
you due credit on the next update.


                               -=[Section III]=-
                      |           Game Basics           |
[3.1]--|Starting a Game}
This is the primary meat of the game. Choose this option to begin a new Campaign 
or to resume where you left off in an existing Campaign. If you have not created 
a profile yet, a new one will be created automatically. When the virtual 
keyboard comes up, name your profile. Your progress during a single player game 
will be saved to this profile.  Up to 3 profiles may be created. If you have 
already created a profile, you will be able to continue with that profile, or 
chose a different one if you wish.

Choose Multiplayer to take on your friends in head-to-head combat, or to play 
through the campaign cooperatively with one other person. For an extensive look 
at the Multiplayer in Halo, go to section IX of this guide.

On the Settings menu, you can modify player profiles, customize controls, and 
define custom multiplayer game types. For a detailed look at the Game Settings, 
go to section 3.2 of this guide.

[3.1][d]-Game Demos:
Use this option to learn about a few other Xbox games. You can play Fuzion 
Frenzy and Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee. Additionally, you can view videos of: 
Amped, Azurik: Rise of Perathia, Bloodwake, NFL Fever 2002, Nightcaster, 
Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee, and Project Gotham Racing.

[3.2]-|Game Settings}
[3.2][a]-Change Name:
First select the profile you wish to edit, then, once 'Change Name' is 
highlighted, hit the A button. Use the virtual keyboard to rename your profile. 
Select 'Done' when finished. For the changes to take effect, you must go down 
and select 'Save Changes' before you quit.

[3.2][b]-Controller Setup:
Select the profile you wish to work with. Using the A button, select the 
'Controller Setup' option. You will be given the chance to change the thumbstick 
and regular button settings to one of four settings: Default, Southpaw, Legacy, 
and Legacy Southpaw. Choose whichever configuration you think might be 
comfortable. You can always go back and change this, however, so play around. 
Hit the A button to confirm your new setup. For the changes to take effect, you 
must go down and select 'Save Changes' from the main settings menu.

[3.2][c]-Advanced Setup:
Select the profile you wish to work with. Using the A button, select the 
Advanced Setup option. From here you can adjust the following:

Invert Thumbstick: Yes/No
Choosing Yes will cause the Y-axis of your thumbstick will reverse, so that 
pushing up makes you look down, and vice versa.

Look Sensitivity: 1-10
Default is 3. 1 is too sluggish and 10 is ultra-sensitive.

Controller Vibration: Yes/No
Choosing Yes will cause the controller to vibrate whenever your character takes 
on damage.

Invert Flight Control: Yes/No
Choosing Yes will ensure a more authentic flight experience with any flying 
vehicles you find. If you like the Thumbsticks to be inverted(see above) you 
will most likely find this option more comfortable.

Auto-Center: Yes/No
Choosing Yes will keep your viewpoint centered until you Aim in a different 

As usual, for the changes to take effect, you must go down and select 'Save 
Changes' from the main settings menu.

[3.2][d]-Change Color:
First select the profile you wish to edit. After selecting the 'Change Color' 
option, you will be presented with 18 different colors. These color affect your 
character's color in Multiplayer modes ONLY.

Halo automatically saves to the Xbox's HDD(Hard Disk Drive) at multiple points 
throughout the Campaign mode. When given the option to save changes to certain 
aspects of HALO, such as custom multiplayer settings, the game is saved on the 
selected profile. There is no initial need for a Memory Unit in the controller, 
as the file is simply stored on the HDD safely. If you wish to transfer the save 
file to another Xbox, you will need to use the Memory Unit(Sold Separately) to 
do so. See below.

[3.3][a]-Managing a File
From the Xbox's main menu(called the "Dashboard"), select the 'Memory' option. 
Choose the Xbox Hard Disk to view your Halo saves on the HDD. Select a profile, 
and while a Memory Unit is inserted into one of the controller ports, select 
'Copy' to copy the selected profile to a Memory Unit. You may also delete Halo 
profiles from this menu.

[3.4]--|Heads Up Display(HUD)}
This is a vital part of surviving the onslaught of enemies in Halo. If you do 
not know what your current health is, or even your weapon status, how can you 

[3.4][a]-Weapon Indicator:
The weapon indicator is located in the upper-left corner of the screen. This 
indicator displays how much ammo you have left for your currently equipped 
weapon. When using one of the Covenant weapons, the weapon indicator displays a 
percentage rather than a number since the Covenant weapons use charges. Just to 
the right of the weapon indicator you will see a grenade indicator. Keep up with 
how many you have because they are very useful when in a crowded area.

[3.4][b]-Health/Shield Indicator:
Located in the upper-right corner of the screen, the health and shield 
indicators are the most important to be aware of.

The health indicator is the gauge next to the blue cross symbol. Depending on 
how full the bar is and what color each bar is indicates your overall status. 
Red is poor, yellow is okay, and blue is great. In order for health to be 
restored, health power-ups must be picked up.

The shield indicator is located just above the health indicator, and right next 
to the shield symbol. When you are not taking on damage, the shield charges 
automatically and does not stop until it is fully charged. Be careful: when your 
shield reaches the red area, your health bar will start to go down. Try to take 
cover when this happens so your health will not drop too low.

[3.4][c]-Flashlight Indicator:
When in a dark area, it is advised that you turn on your flashlight. To do so, 
press the White button on the Xbox controller. Upon doing so, a blue meter will 
appear below your health bar. This meter represents the flashlight's power, 
which will slowly drain. Fortunately, the flashlight will recharge once you turn 
the light off.

[3.4][d]-Directional Damage Indicator:
When you are in the middle of a war zone, an arrow will light up on the screen 
indicating which direction fire is coming from. Turn in the direction the arrow 
is pointing and eliminate the attacking target!

[3.4][e]-Navigation Points:
At certain points in the game, a small red triangle will appear in the top-
center of the screen. Although misleading at times, this arrow will usually lead 
you in the general direction of an important target. Just be aware that this is 
not always a good indicator for height.

[3.4][f]-Target Indicator:
This is basically the reference for firing your weapon. While aiming, if you 
target an enemy, the indicator turns red. However, the target indicator does 
have a range. At long distances the indicator will not turn red when an enemy is 
targeted. Just because the indicator is not red doen't mean you can't hit your 

[3.4][g]-Motion Tracker:
The Motion Tracker appears on the bottom-left area of the screen. This simply 
indicates nearby moving objects. Some enemies use stealth and may not be seen. 
Other enemies, however, show up as red dots. Allies are usually represented by 
yellow dots. Use this to either avoid or locate enemies or allies.

                               -=[Section IV]=-
                      |      Introduction to HALO       |
[4.1]--|Background Information}
The year is 2552. Planet Earth still exists, but overpopulation has forced many 
of her former residents to colonize other worlds. Faster-than-light travel is 
now a reality, and Earth's unified government, through the United Nations Space 
Command, has put its full weight behind the colonization effort; millions of 
humans now live on habitable planets in other solar systems. A keystone in 
humanity's colonization efforts is the planet Reach, an interstellar naval yard 
that builds colony ships for civilians and warships for the UNSC's armed forces. 
Conveniently close to Earth, Reach is also a hub of scientific and military 

Thirty-two years ago, contact with the outer colony Harvest was lost. A 
battlegroup sent to investigate was almost completely destroyed; only one badly 
damaged ship returned to Reach. Its crew told of a seemingly unstopable alien 
warship that had effortlessly annihilated their forces.

This was humankind's first encounter with a group of aliens they eventually came 
to know as the Covenant, a collective of alien races united in their fanatical 
religious devotion. Covenant religious elders declared humanity an affront to 
the gods, and the Covenant warrior caste waged a holy war upon humanity with 
gruesome diligence.

After a series of crushing defeats and obliterated colonies, UNSC Admiral 
Preston Cole established the Cole Protocol: no vessel may inadvertently lead the 
Covenant to Earth. When forced to withdraw, ships must avoid Earth-bound 
vectors-even if that means jumping without proper navigational calculations. 
Vessels in danger of capture must self-destruct.

On Reach, a secret military project to create cyborg super-soldiers takes on 
newfound importance. The soldiers of the SPARTAN-II project rack up an 
impressive record against the Covenant in test deployments, but there are too 
few of them to turn the tide of the war.

Existing SPARTAN-II soldiers are recalled to Reach for further augmentation. The 
plan: board a Covenant vessel with the improved SPARTAN-IIs and learn the 
location of the Covenant home world. Two days before the mission begins, 
Covenant forces strike Reach and annihilate the colony. The Covenant are now on 
Earth's doorstep. One ship, the Pillar of Autumn, escapes with the last SPARTAN-
II and makes a blind jump into deep space, hoping to lead the Covenant away from 

[4.2]--|Human and Alien Encounters}
[4.2][a]-The Ship and Crew:
The Pillar of Autumn- The Pillar of Autumn is a Halcyon-class warship that has 
seen decades of service. An aging but sturdy vessel, and one of the smallest 
cruisers in the human fleet, the military High Command chose it specifically as 
an inconspicuous launch pad for a covert offensive against the Covenant. 
Genetically-engineered cyborg soldiers in state-of-the-art battle suits were 
supposed to board a Covenant vessel and locate the Covenant home world. A 
surprise Covenant attack on the human military base on the plant Reach 
annihilated all but one of the SPARTAN-II soldiers. The remaining SPARTAN-II, 
known only by his rank of Master Chief(That would be you, the hero!), was stored 
in a cryosleep chamber upon the Pillar of Autumn shortly before the ship made a 
blind jump across the galaxy in a desperate effort to lead the Covenant away 
from Earth. The Master Chief is easily the best soldier aboard the Pillar of 
Autumn, but many of the human military's finest also call the ship home.

Captain Jacob Keyes- Twenty-six years into his military career, Captain Keyes 
commands respect as a keen strategist and inspirational leader of his men. He 
became a minor hero early in his career, when he led a small group of security 
troops against a Covenant ambush of the colony ship Meriwether Lewis and held 
them off long enough for the ship to escape. His many decorations and years of 
combat experience against the Covenant made him a natural choice to command the 
Pillar of Autumn and its secret cargo.

The Marines- A rugged and diverse assortment of soldiers, the Marines on the 
Pillar of Autumn are fighting a losing battle against the Covenant's superior 
weaponry and numbers. Under the leadership of Captain Keyes they continue to 
wage a furious struggle against the Covenant, even as their numbers dwindle. 
They're the best of the best-but they're only human.

Cortana- Cortana is the highly advanced AI at the heart of the Pillar of Autumn. 
Her design allows her to be uploaded into an appropriately configured battle 
suit for safekeeping. She is capable of hacking into alien computer systems, and 
has used this skill to intercept Covenant communications during combat. She 
interprets this data to provide her caretakers with directional waypoints and 
the best available information about troop movement and strategy.

[4.2][b]-The Covenant:
The Covenant forces have spent more than thirty years trying to wipe out 
humankind. Because their efforts have been so successful, and because few 
Covenant troops have ever been captured alive, little is definitively known 
about their origins, society, or motivations. Intercepted communications and 
battlefield reports indicate a religious underpinning to their genocidal 
campaign. What follows are brief descriptions of the alien races known to belong 
to the Covenant collective, gathered mostly from encounters on the battlefield.

The Grunts- Approximately 5' tall and relatively weak, Grunts tend to travel in 
packs and stick close to more powerful allies. Individually they are easy to 
defeat, but in groups they can overwhelm careless Marines. Their armor seems to 
house some sort of life-support mechanism. They are known to use a variety of 
weapons including the plasma pistol, plasma rifle and plasma grenades.

The Jackals- With superior senses of sight, hearing and smell, Jackals serve as 
scouts and assassins for the Covenant forces. They use plasma pistols and carry 
a strong energy shield to compensate for their physical weakness: a well-
positioned Jackal can hold his own against several Marines, though grenades are 
effective against them. They stand approximately 5'8" tall.

The Elites- 1337! There are a few varieties of the Elite, but all are roughly 
8'6" tall and incredibly strong. Their strength allows them to rely on brute 
force when necessary, but they're quite capable of brilliant battlefield tactics 
as well. Their natural resilience is augmented with full-body energy shielding 
which recharges when depleted. They wield plasma pistols, plasma rifles, 
grenades and needlers.

The Hunters- Hunters stand 12' tall, though in their combat state they contract 
to approximately eight feet. Hunters fight with a fuel rod gun integrated 
directly into their armor. They carry an enormous and nearly-impervious metal 
shield made of an unknown alloy, which they sometimes use as a melee weapon.

[4.2][c]-The Master Chief:
NOTE: The information contained within this section ([4.2][c]) was sent in by 
Tony Cord.

Conception - Age 6:
He was observed, along with many others, by the military to determine whether or 
not he had the qualities they were looking for in the Spartan II program 
candidates. After it was determined that he did possess these qualities, he was 
kidnapped by the military at the age of 6. The military replaced him with a 
clone, so his parents were none the wiser.

Age 6 - Age 13:
After being kidnapped, the Master Chief entered a combination boot camp/boarding 
school, where he was trained to be a soldier and taught all about ground warfare 
tactics. This training was supplemented with challenging and often sadistic 
field exercises.

Age 14:
Almost immediately after entering puberty, all Spartan II candidates underwent 
heavy modification, including:

A: Carbide ceramic bone grafting
B: Muscular enhancement injections
C: Increased blood flow to the eyes, enhancing vision
D: Nervous system alteration to enhance reflexes and intelligence

33 Spartan II candidates lived through and adapted
12 Spartan II candidates were severely crippled by side effects
40 Spartan II candidates died in the process

Eight months later the spartan candidates are considered succesful, and are 
introduced to the Mjolnir powered armor, which originally has no shielding nor 
any interface for an AI. Due to it's design, it can only be safely used by 
enhanced humans.

Age 41:
The Sigma Octanus conflict occurs. The AI construct Cortana receives and 
secretly decodes a covenent transmission from the second battle. This 
transmission is translated into a set of coordinates that Cortana keeps secret. 
These coordinates outline the location of Halo.

After the Sigma Octanus conflict, the Covenant attacks Reach, succesfully 
destroying the Naval shipyards.

During the battle of Reach, all of the spartans are sent planetside to stop the 
covenant except for the master chief. The Spartans are overrun, the battle is 
badly lost, and Captain Keyes flees to a random point in space to keep the 
aliens from tracking them back to earth.

The shipboard AI, however, has other plans. Instead of choosing random 
coordinates, Cortana substitutes the coordinates captured from the second battle, 
and the pillar of Autumn finds Halo.

A veteran Spartan, the Master Cheif becomes the sole surviving original member 
of the first Spartan II project - Age 41.

[4.3]--|Controlling Your Character}
First Person Shooters can be hard to control, at first, when using a controller 
as opposed to the traditional keyboard and mouse. Controlling your character 
must be second nature if you wish to survive. With time, the controls will feel 
natural, but it is advised to know exactly what your buttons do before you begin 
your adventure. So, memorize the layout!

Here are the default controls:

[Left Thumbstick] Used to move forward and backwards, and strafe left and right. 
Press in on the Left Thumbstick to crouch, and move the control stick around 
while the button is pressed to do a crouch walk.

[Digital Pad] Same functions as the Left Thumbstick, only not analog. Also, you 
will not be able to crouch if you are using the D-Pad.

[Back Button]

[Start Button] Brings up the Pause Menu during gameplay.

[Right Thumbstick] Turns your character left or right while moving forward with 
the Left Thumbstick. Use this to aim your weapon around as well. Press in on the 
Right Thumbstick to activate the Zoom function. The Zoom function only works 
with certain weapons, but it allows for more accuracy at a greater distance. It 
is advised to adjust this stick to where it is inverted, as it makes aiming feel 

[Left Trigger Button] Throw grenades. Simple.

[Right Trigger Button] Fires the weapon you are currently holding.

[A Button] This button simply jumps. Run before you jump and you will go much 

[B Button] Used for melee attacks. If you are low on ammo, or simply out, use 
this button to strike enemies with the gun itself. A blow to an enemy from 
behind can be devastating.

[X Button] The Action button. This does a variety of functions. It reloads your 
weapon, picks up and swaps weapons on the ground, and performs basic 'action' 

[Y Button] Switch weapon.

[Black Button] Yes, this button is just a black button, there is no name for it. 
It switches grenades though.

[White Button] Again, a button with no label other than the color. This 
activates and deactivates your flashlight.

[4.4]--|Weapons and Items}
If you are out of ammo, you can use the weapon in your hand to fight melee style! 
This is quite handy when the enemy is in close, or when you wish to conserve 
ammo. As mentioned earlier, hitting the enemy from behind while melee fighting 
can cause an instant kill. However, in most cases, you are better off using a 
weapon with ammo.

Also, you are only allowed to carry 2 weapons at one time, with the exception of 
grenades. There are two types of weapons, Human weapons, and Covenant weapons.

The Human weapons are advanced military issue guns, similar to those used in 
other adventures. A few of the guns even give a nice 'Starship Troopers' feeling 
to the actual gameplay.

[M9 HE-DP Grenade] The M9 high-explosive, dual-purpose grenade is a thrown 
fragmentation device. Use it to suppress or disable vehicles, except tanks. It 
can be thrown, rolled, bounced or ricocheted into places direct fire weapons 
can't reach. Increase the angle of the throw to toss it farther, or to get it 
over obstacles. Be careful not to throw it too close to your own location.

[M6D Pistol] This pistol is a recoil-operated, magazine-fed handgun. It is 
issued with a smart-linked scope capable of 2x magnification (press in the Right 
thumbstick). It fires 12.7 mm semi-armor-piercing, high-explosive rounds. It can 
shoot either semi-automatic or automatic fire (pull and hold the Right trigger 
for automatic fire). Shot placement is very important. The only shot that 
guarantees immediate and total incapacitation is one roughly centered in the 
head, above a horizontal line passing through the ear opening and below the 
crown of the alien skull.

[MA5B Assault Rifle]
This rifle is gas-operated and magazine-fed. It fires 7.62mm armor-piercing 
rounds. Rate of fire is limited by a soldier's ability to aim, fire and change 
magazines. Short, controlled bursts are more accurate than fully automatic fire. 
The MA5B's integrated computer displays rounds left in the magazine and the 
relative direction of the gas giant, Threshold, for point of reference. This 
feature is particularly useful for orienting you in areas where it's easy to get 
turned around and lose your sense of direction.

[M90 Shotgun]
The shotgun is a pump-action magazine-fed (dual tubular non-detachable type) 
weapon. It fires 8 gauge magnum (3.5") rounds. This weapon is very effective 
against targets at close range and may be used to engage several targets 
simultaneously at medium and long range.

[S2 AM Sniper Rifle]
This rifle is a gas-operated magazine-fed weapon. It is issued with a smart-
linked scope with two levels of magnification (press in the Right thumbstick 
once for 2x magnification, press again for 10x magnification, and once more to 
deactivate). Also, while still in zoom mode you can press the White button to 
activate light amplification. It fires 14.5mm armor-piercing fin-stabilized 
discarding sabot rounds.

[M199 SSM Rocket Launcher]
The M19 SSM is a man-portable and shoulder-fired rocket launcher. It has two 
major components, the launcher and the magazine. The magazine (the expendable 
part of the system) contains two 102mm shaped-charge, high-explosive rockets. It 
is designed for fast, easy detachment from the launcher. The launcher contains 
the sighting and fire control systems.

[M41 LAAG]
The Warthog's M41 light anti-aircraft gun is a three-barreled, electric-powered, 
linkless, drum-fed weapon. It fires 450 to 550 12.7x99mm armor penetrating 
rounds per minute. Turret traverse rate is 100 degrees per second and weapon 
elevation rate is 60 degrees per second. Recoil from sustained fire is 
prodigious and negatively impacts accuracy at long range.

The are quite powerful, and out of this world. Just about every enemy that you 
kill will drop one, so you should have plenty of opportunity to snag one up. The 
Covenant are weaker against their own weapons, so use these to inflict more 
damage! One other thing, unlike the Human weapons, the Covenant weapons do not 
take traditional ammo. Instead, the take Plasmatic energy. Most weapons will 
need to be recharged.

[Plasma rifle]
This is a directed energy weapon. It is capable of either semiautomatic or 
automatic fire (pull and hold the Right trigger for automatic fire). Continuous 
rapid fire overheats the weapon-this in turn depletes the weapon's power core. 
The Humans do not understand how to replace or recharge a power core at this 

[Plasma pistol]
This weapon is a semi-automatic directed energy weapon. If you pull and hold the 
Right trigger, the weapon may become over-charged; when the Right trigger is 
released the bolt is launched. After the over-charged bolt is launched the 
weapon temporarily stops functioning as it dumps waste heat. Use of the over-
charge capability rapidly depletes the weapon's power core. The Humans do not 
understand how to replace or recharge a power core at this time.

Very little is known about this weapon other than that it is a magazine fed 
weapon capable of automatic fire. Its projectiles penetrate soft targets no 
matter what the angle of impact. They ricochet off of hard surfaces at oblique 
angles, however, and are always deflected by energy fields. The only exceptions 
to this are the shields generated by the MJOLNIR battle suit and the Elite's 
combat armor. The composition and energy signatures of its projectile is unknown. 
The manner in which the projectiles home in on their  target is also unknown.

[Stationary Gun (Shade)]
Although the Shade appears to be a light anti-vehicle weapon, the Covenant uses 
it almost exclusively in an anti-infantry role. The operator sits directly 
behind the gun and an armored control suite, but relies entirely on the infantry 
support for protection to the sides and rear.

[Plasma Grenade]
This weapon is similar to the Human's own hand grenade in that it is a thrown 
anti-infantry and anti-vehicle weapon. It has some kind of internal mechanism 
that allows it to distinguish between targets and background. For example, it 
will stick to a soldier or vehicle, but not a tree or wall. It has a three-
second fuse that is activated after it sticks to a target or otherwise comes to 
a rest.

The world of HALO is vast and you will need to cover a lot of ground quickly, so 
vehicles are indispensable. Therefore, hijacking Covenant vehicles is useful and 
necessary. The strength provided by your MJOLNIR armor allows you to right 
overturned vehicles by standing next to them and pressing the action button[X].
There are also a few Human vehicles to use.

The Human vehicles, while more traditional when compared to the Covenant 
vehicles, are still quite useful and powerful.

[M12 LRV(Warthog)]
The M12 light reconnaissance vehicle, or Warthog, is the standard vehicle of the 
UEG armed forces. It is fast and maneuverable, but prone to rollovers during 
hard cornering. A three-barreled machine-gun is mounted in the rear of the 
vehicle. Armed passengers significantly increase the unit's anti-infantry 
capacity. Using three people is most beneficial. One person can drive, another, 
from the passenger seat, can use any hand weapon to fend off foes, and a third 
can stand in the back and use the heavy M41 LAAG machine gun. Driving the 
Warthog is no cakewalk. Turning the Warthog is done by positioning the camera. 
Where the camera points, the vehicle will go. Try to be easy on the analog stick 
to ensure a smoother ride.

[M8O8B Scorpion MGT]
The Scorpion Main Battle Tank is primarily an anti-vehicle weapons platform, but 
it also has very high anti-infantry capabilities. Its ceramic-titanium armor 
makes it nearly invulnerable to small arms fire, but its deep dead-zone, or the 
area within which fire from the tank's guns cannot hit targets, puts it at risk 
from enemy anti-tank infantry. Up to four soldiers may ride on (and fire from) 
the Scorpion's track pods. Riding on a tank is always hazardous and should be 
done only when the advantages outweigh the risks.

Far superior to Human vehicles, the Covenant vehicles are better armed. They are 
more useful against Covenant forces, so use them if you can find them.

The Ghost is the Covenant's standard reconnaissance and rapid attack vehicle. It 
is equipped with two of what are now accepted as the standard light vehicles 
mounted weapons: a directed energy weapon capable of projecting a bolt of super-
heated plasma in the 100-250kW range. While the vehicle is fast and maneuverable, 
the driver is virtually unprotected.

Not to be confused with a Viper or Cobra, the Banshee is the Covenant's standard 
ground assault aircraft. It is very fast, extremely maneuverable and capable of 
hovering. It has two weapon pods mounted to either side of the fuselage. Both of 
these pods contain a light plasma cannon and a fuel rod cannon. Though small 
arms fire may not disrupt or disable the pilot, only heavy weapons are capable 
of inflicting damage or destroying the vehicles.

                                -=[Section V]=-
                      |        Level Walkthrough        |
[5.1]--|The Pillar of Autumn}
[Mission Overview]
Escape intact as Covenant forces board your ship.

This level is fairly linear, however, this section covers every detail of the 
entire level in the event that you need help. So read on.

>>Complete Training Diagnostic

After the cinematic introduction to the first level, the order is given to 
unfreeze the Master Chief(that would be you!). The technicians must ensure you 
are in working order before you are on your way. The first thing they ask is 
that you look around the room(use the Right Thumbstick) to get. Then they bring 
your health monitors online and ask you to climb out of the cryo-tube. Hit the X 
button to climb out. Take a few steps to get used to the controls, then stand on 
the red square as requested so that the technician can check your targeting 
sensors. Use the Right Thumbstick to aim at the orange lights and turn them 
green. If you have not played HALO yet, the controls will not be inverted. After 
targeting all 5 lights, you will be given the chance to test out the inverted 
controls(up goes down and vice versa). I prefer the inverted, but test it out to 
see if you like it. Just tell the technician if you do and he will keep it 
inverted. After you target all 5 lights, you will be asked to follow the 
technician to the yellow square to test your shield. While on the shield the 
technicians will charge and test your shields to ensure they are working 
properly. Press the A button to initiate the shield testing while on the yellow 
square. After the technicians are through with that stage of the diagnostic 
tests, an order will be given to send you to the Captain's Bridge. It sounds 
urgent. Immediately after that, you hear a few of the crew members die from 

>>Find Captain Keyes on the Bridge

Follow the technician through the door, but not too closely, as he's about to 
meet up with a nasty surprise. Turn around and look for the pipes on the right 
and hit the A button to jump over them and into the next area. Take a right and 
continue down the corridor and through the door with a green light. Keep going 
down the hall and take a left. You will see a huge door that is halfway closed. 
Press in on the Left Thumbstick to crouch and crawl under the door. Some fellow 
crew members are fighting off the Covenant that has boarded the ship. Take a 
right, and wait for your pals to seal the doors. On the left there is a door 
that leads to the bridge(look at the floor for the blue arrow). Go through that, 
and watch out for what's ahead. The Marines, after killing the baddie, will tell 
you to get to the Bridge. Take a left, and make your way down the hall. You will 
run into more crew members and Marines fighting the Covenant forces. Just watch 
for now, and after the doors close, make your way across to the Marine standing 
in the doorway marked with a blue arrow on the floor. Follow the Marine, 
allowing him to do all the gun work(not that you have a weapon yet). Follow him 
closely until he stops. He should tell you that Captain Keyes is waiting for you. 
Take a right, and you are now on the Bridge! Follow the hallway around to find 
Captain Keyes. He gives you the bad news, and a new set of orders. He is 
abandoning ship, as the invading Covenant forces are too great. Now you need to 
get Cortana off of the ship to keep the valuable secrets safe. Captain Keyes 
also gives you a pistol, but with no ammo.

>>Get off the Pillar of Autumn

Exit the Bridge the way you came. You will pick up some ammo for your gun near 
the main entrance to the Bridge, and then confront your first set of enemies! 
Take out the (3)Grunts and take the first right. You will find an MA5B Assault 
Rifle. Help out the Marines in that room. After the Covenants are destroyed, 
take either of the paths to the right, as they are part of the same hall. Finish 
off the Grunts in that hall, and take the only open door, which also has a First 
Aid kit next to it. There is also a red arrow marked "Airlock".  Go through that 
door, and continue down the corridor. You will see a few Marines fighting an 
Elite, be generous and help them out! Proceed and the Marines will freak out at 
the rumble. Take a right and follow them. Soon you will come to another small 
area and a Marine will say, "It's about time you showed up!". Back up, as a 
group of Covenants will burst through! Stand next to the Marines and take out 
all of the Grunts and Elites. Take a right where the Covenant forces broke 
through to find an extra shield. Backtrack, turn to the right, and continue 
following the Marines. Take a right at the door that has a green arrow on the 
floor labeled "Stairs". Go through that hallway. From here you can either:

(A)Take the next right and eliminate the Covenant forces alone.
(B)Go straight and find the Marines, if you need help with the forces.

The fight will go quicker if you choose to go alone, but you will be better 
protected if you stay with the Marines. After the Covenant are eliminated, make 
your way straight across from where the Marines were firing. There is a First 
Aid kit next to the door on the right that you will need to enter. Below the 
door, on the floor, is a red arrow labeled "Airlock". Make your way through and 
help the Marines fight off the Covenants. Follow the Marines(if they are still 
alive) straight through the door in front of you. Take a right and continue to 
battle it out with the Covenant forces. Keep making your way around the hallway 
until you see the flaming barrels. On the right you will need to duck through 
the halfway opened door. In the next area, eliminate every enemy, then find the 
door on the left containing a First Aid kit. There is also a green arrow on the 
floor labeled "Stairs". Make your way through the halls until you see the stairs. 
The lower area is a dead end, so climb the stairs and destroy the Coventant 
forces that wait above. After they are destroyed, exit the only open door at the 
top of the steps. Use the barricade to take safely take out the enemies. Make 
your way down the hall, taking out the other enemies. You can also use their 
plasma shield to take cover from fire. Continue around to the left, taking out 
even more of those pesky Grunts and Elites. Just try not to let the Elites get 
too close, as their melee attack can be deadly. Continue around the corridor and 
you will hear a message telling everyone to abandon ship. As you continue down 
the hall, you will notice out the left window, some life pods already launching. 
Boy, I bet you wish you were on one already! Unfortunately, the Covenant forces 
are already destroying some of the life pods, so hurry up! To the right of the 
window is a First Aid kit, in case you need one. Make your way to the left. As 
you can see, those life pods have already been used. You need to make your way 
through the maintenance area to reach more pods. Follow the Navigation Point 
until you see a green arrow on the ground labeled "maintenance". Go in, and turn 
on your flashlight. Using your flashlight, take the hidden left passage. Follow 
the path until Cortana activates your motion tracker. There are three exits, but 
only one of them seems to be safe: the right path. Exit the maintenance area, 
and you will be in a dead end, or so it seems. Use the butt of your weapon to 
open the jammed door(hit the B button). Take a left, and prepare for a battle. 
Down the hall, there are two doors on the left. Both lead to the same hallway, 
so take either one. The main thing you need to do is destroy every enemy. Be 
especially careful when fighting the Elites, and take cover if your primary 
shields are depleted. After the battle, take a right through the door with a 
First Aid kit next to it. As you make your way through the next area, you will 
see the operating room where the technicians unfroze you. Keep going straight. 
Up ahead you will notice some charred hallways. Be very cautious as there are 
several preprogrammed explosions coming your way. You need to find another 
maintenance tunnel. This one is to the right of the area where the explosion 
occurred. Turn on your flashlight, and kill the Grunt to the right. There is 
another Grunt on at the next right turn, but after killing him, go left. Take 
your next right. From here, there are four doors that you can take, which all 
lead to the same hallway. I suggest taking the one on the far right. You will 
emerge next to your Marine buddies, so help them. Ignore the door with a First 
Aid kit next to it, as it leads in a circle. Instead, go forward towards the 
area that the Covenant forces were coming from. Up ahead you can take either the 
left or right path, as they both lead to the same area. The next area is 
actually on the left side, so it is quick to take the left path. Continue 
through the new area, killing the many Covenants. Advance and take a left, and 
you will see more Airlocks. There will also be a barricade to hide behind, and 
you will find some Fragmentation grenades. Take out the enemies. To the left of 
the barricades, you will see another maintenance tunnel. One of the paths leads 
in front of the barricades, the others lead in circles. You can take the tunnel 
and keep right, or simply jump over the barricades. You need to get in a life 
pod! Just in time, you escape the Pillar of Autumn.

[Mission Overview]
Seek out surviving Marines and help them fight the Covenant.

You have escaped the Pillar of Autumn. The pilot notices a strange looking, ring 
shaped surface, so he attempts to land. You crash land, killing the other 
Marines aboard. As you leave the ship, pick up the weapons at the exit. Covenant 
dropships approach and you need to hide. For now, your objectives are:

>>Evade the Covenant patrols searching for you
>>Head for higher ground
>>Search for other lifeboats

As soon as you leave your lifeboat, take a left and make your way over to the 
canyon. Cross the bridge and turn right. Travel along the wall, using the rocks 
as cover from the Covenant forces. Continue up the slope, staying as close to 
the left wall as possible. You will soon meet up with a small group of Covenant 
forces. Go ahead and take them out, and continue forward up the slope. Near the 
top, the path narrows and the slope will begin to drop. Use the rocks to jump 
down and continue around the path that winds to the left. You should see a 
Covenant dropship unloading more enemies. Dodge the fire from the ship as it 
leaves, then head down. You will see a structure, along with several Marines! 
Help them fight off the Covenants. Go up to the structure and head to the top. 
Walk around the edge and you will find two First Aid kits, some grenades, and 
ammo for your weapons. The Marines are happy to see you, and you receive a new 
set of objectives:

>>Stay with the survivors
>>Protect the human survivors
>>Wait for an evac dropship to arrive

Then more Covenant dropships arrive. Help the Marines destroy every last one of 
the enemies. After the first batch of enemies are destroyed, additional Covenant 
dropships will unload. Happy day! Continue with your mayhem. Eventually, some of 
the enemies will make their way up to the structure you are on. You may also 
have to leave the structure to reach a few of the hiding Covenants, just use 
your Motion Tracker and look for the red spots. Finally, after much fighting, an 
evac dropship arrives nearby. You learn of three additional groups of human 
survivors. The evac ships drops off a Warthog for you to use! How nice. Simply 
use the Navigation Point to find it. Unfortunately, the controls for this cool 
vehicle are somewhat demanding. You now have additional mission objectives.

>>Search for three additional groups of human survivors
>>Protect the human survivors
>>Wait for an evac dropship

When you are ready, jump in the driver's side of the Warthog. You already have a 
gunman. Drive around for a minute to get a good feel for the vehicle. Cortana 
will mention something about the location of the survivors. Then another 
Navigation point will appear. Follow the Navigation Point down the rocky path 
and around to the right. You will see an entrance to a cave. Go in and follow 
the paths. There is a jump ahead, so be sure to keep up the speed. Hopefully you 
did not get your gunman killed up to this point, as he will be quite useful up 
ahead. Continue through the cave. Eventually you will make it to an large, 
futuristic looking area. This place is crawling with Covenant forces. There are 
various ways to go about eliminating the Covenants. The easiest (and funnest) 
way is to simply run over the covenants with your Warthog. Just try to vary your 
path so you do not receive much damage. A little more difficult way (for those 
of you who insist on gunning your way through) is to go to either the left or 
right side, park the Warthog, and get out. Help your gunman destroy the wave of 
enemies by taking out anything he misses. Or you can simply drive around the 
area and let him do all of the shooting, but you will take more damage that way. 
If the gunman is dead, get in the back and use the big guns yourself. The center 
path leads to the other side, but the bridge is down. Go to the right side of 
the room and find the ramp. Prepare yourself with a really powerful weapon, 
preferably the Needler. There are two Elites at the top of the ramp, and they 
are extremely dangerous! You could also use a Plasmatic Grenade, but if the 
Elites charge you, Kaboom! I suggest backtracking immediately if you chuck a 
grenade their way. Walk up and around the ramp to the top and, after destroying 
the Elites, hit the switch and watch the bridge appear. Now go back down, get in 
your Warthog, and drive across bridge. Continue through the tunnel. Soon you 
will reach the exit. It seems that a larger number of crew members made it off 
of the ship. First make you way up the hill. At the top, you will see a river on 
the left side. Notice that there are also enemies over to the left. While they 
are not important at the moment, you can take them out now and save trouble 
later. The good thing is that they can't cross the deep ravine to attack you. 
Simply strafe to dodge their fire. After you have killed the enemies you can see, 
get back in the Warthog.

(NOTE: The following detailed section of the [5.2] Walkthrough takes you in a 
counter-clockwise direction for rescuing the three groups of Marines. You can 
actually go in any order you wish. If you are having a hard time going this way, 
try taking a different route when you make it to this point.)

Make your way forwards, and to the right. You should see two blue lights marking 
the entrance to a new path. Go through there, and follow the skinny pathway 
until you reach an opening. Several Marines are detected up ahead hiding in the 
rocks. To the right is another crashed lifeboat. Head over too it and you will 
find a First Aid kit, some ammo, and an S2 AM Sniper Rifle. Drive around the 
rocks and help the Marines fight the Covenant forces. After the initial wave of 
enemies is destroyed, a few Covenant dropships will come by and drop off 
additional enemies. This wave will be significantly harder. Try to take cover 
between the rocks. Use the gunner for support but not if there are too many 
Covenants. You want to keep your gunner alive and be alert of the Warthog's 
position at all times. After that batch of enemies has been destroyed, you will 
signal for a rescue ship to come to the area. The pilot says there seems to be 
two more groups of survivors. One near a cliff edge, the other at the head of 
the river. There is nothing more to do in the area you are in.

>>Search for the two remaining groups of human survivors
>>Protect the human survivors
>>Wait for an evac dropship

Remember the path you took to enter this area? The one with two lights? That 
path is on the left side of the area if you are exiting. Instead, take the path 
on the right side. To reach this path, go along the cave wall on the extreme 
right side of the area. You will see a narrow path leading up and around to the 
right. You will see a different set of blue lights, so continue through there. 
When you make it back out, you will be back in the field next to the river. If 
you look off to the left, you can see the first set of blue lights. Now you know 
where you are! Go to the right just a bit, and cross the river. You will see yet 
another set of blue lights. Follow this path and you will soon come to a major 
cliff. Below you can see a structure that is shooting a blue beam into the air. 
There are also several enemies below. Carefully drive down the cliff, and you 
will learn of a group of Marines hiding in the hills just above you and to the 
right. Join them, and they will help you fight off the group of Covenants. Stop 
next to some Marines while in your Warthog and some will get in the Warthog to 
assist you. After the fight, another evac dropship will come in to pick up the 
Marines. Find the crashed lifeboat nearby for a First Aid kit, grenades, and 
ammo as usual. When you are ready get back into your Warthog. Hopefully you 
still have some people in it. It is no big deal if you do not, but it is much 
easier if you do.

>>Search for the last group of human survivors
>>Protect the human survivors
>>Wait for an evac dropship

There is a path to the right of the area, opposite the cliff that you entered 
from. This path is near the crashed lifeboat. If you can't find the path, follow 
the right side the wall where the Marines were hiding in this area. Once on the 
path, continue as it winds around. As soon as you make your way through the new 
path, a group of Covenants are waiting. You learn the Covenant forces have 
discovered the crash site of the Pillar of Autumn and secured it. You need to 
hurry and find the final lifeboat. Simply turn right after exiting the path, 
cross the river, and go up between the blue lights. After following this path, 
you will see another structure. As you approach, you see more enemies. Take them 
out. A good method is to park next to the cliff and take them out by hand. If 
you still have a Sniper Rifle, use its zoom function to snipe out the Covenants 
from a long distance. As you make your way closer to the structure, more enemies 
come out of hiding. One of the structure on the right has some areas to explore 
inside. Enter and follow the path in the building. Take out the enemies as you 
see them. You will find a group of Marines in the lower parts of the building. 
You automatically signal for the last evac dropship. Exit the building, and 
eliminate any remaining enemies. The evac dropship will not come until they are 
all destroyed. Cortana found Captain Keyes! He is being held on a Covenant ship. 
Make your way to the evac dropship. A Navigation Point appears to guide you. 
Jump aboard and move out!

[5.3]--|The Truth and Reconciliation}
[Mission Overview]
Board a Covenant ship in an attempt to rescue Captain Keyes.

The Covenant forces have captured Captain Keyes, and are holding him aboard the 
Covenant Battle Cruiser, The Truth and Reconciliation. You land with a small 
group of Marines, and you must find your way to the entrance of the ship from 
below. You start out with a Sniper Rifle and Marine Assault Rifle. Additionally, 
your Sniper Rifle is equipped with night vision on the scope. You can activate 
it by pressing the flashlight button (the White button by default) when in the 
zoom view. Covenant forces have been spotted up ahead, so let's get to the 

>>Board the Covenant Battle Cruiser

After the cinematic introduction, turn to the right just slightly and head 
straight for the opening in the canyon. Your job is to use espionage to snipe 
out as many enemies as you can before the Marines come in and support you. Stay 
to the right side of the passageway, as far as you can. You do NOT want to get 
too close, as the enemy will spot you and engage in a full assault.

(NOTE: There are multiple sniping positions, however, the one noted is the 
safest that I have found from the start.)

You should see a U-shaped rock on the right side of the entrance to the canyon. 
In fact, this is the first large rock structure you should see. Use this point 
for sniping the enemies. You should see a few Grunts, Jackals, one or two Elites, 
and most importantly, a Covenant Turret gun, called a Shade. Try to take all of 
these enemies out from your current position. If it looks safe, and you do not 
see any enemies on the motion tracker, proceed to the right along the wall and 
look for another safe sniping spot. Again, take out as many enemies as possible. 
You will also notice another Shade gun, this one further back and to the left. 
If you are fired upon by the Covenant at any point, the Marines will rush in a 
help you. I suggest staying up on the ledge and continue to snipe out the 
Covenants while the Marines take them on from below. A few waves of Covenants 
will emerge from the area on the left near the Shade gun. Keep taking them out, 
and advance toward the opening near the left-most Shade gun. Now you will be 
traveling along a narrow path on the left side of the mountain. The drop to the 
left is deadly, so don't fall! As you make your way around the bend, additional 
Covenant forces are spotted ahead. Carefully proceed and start taking out the 
Covenants. There are Elites in this group as well. One of the most important 
things you can do is take out the Shade gun on the canyon top straight ahead. 
Use the trees and rocks as cover. Try not to advance too deeply until you have 
taken out a sufficient amount of Covenants. At the base of the canyon, straight 
in front of you, is a First Aid kit, Fragmentation grenades, and some Assault 
Rifle ammunition, should you need any supplies. Continue around the left side of 
the path after the enemies have been destroyed. After a short journey, you will 
make it to an opening which contains more Covenants. There is also a hidden 
alcove to the right and a few Grunts will attempt to ambush you. After taking 
them out, concentrate on the enemies at the top of the slope. After they 
Covenants are dead, continue forward and the path slims down. Now you must 
travel along the edge of the cliff. Cortana detects Covenant forces ahead.

(NOTE: There are a few ways of going about taking out the Covenants ahead. This 
guide covers the most common, and probably easiest way.)

You are recommended to stay far to the left as you make your way solo around the 
pathway. Go slowly, sniping the Covenants as they appear on the path. Soon the 
path will curve around to the right, connecting with the area you were just next 
to. Cortana will radio the Marines to take the middle. You will now be in the 
middle of a small war, but the Marines are on the opposite side of you and you 
can press in on the enemy. Note that there is an Active Invisibility pick-up 
located in the center of the three trees in the middle of the area. If you pick 
that up, you can either fight with an advantage, or head for the corner of the 
area and continue through the canyon. I would fight, however, so the Covenants 
located here do not cause trouble later. There are three Shade guns in this area. 
One next to the path you took on the left, one in the upper right corner, and 
one to the right of the area where the Marines entered. Soon Cortana will radio 
in a Dropship, and additional Marines will jump out and help. After the 
Covenants are eliminated, make your way under the rock passage. This is located 
to the right, on the opposite side of the cliff. Under the passage and slightly 
to the right lies a skinny path leading to the next area. Your Marines will 
follow, but prepare for a major fight ahead. As you enter the next area, it 
might be a good idea to snipe out any enemies before engaging in full combat. 
Stand up on the rock and pick off some enemies. There is also a Shade gun set up, 
take it out first if you wish for your men to survive a bit longer. Press on 
with your troops and continue to kick tail. You should notice the beam in the 
middle. This will transport you to the ship after this fight. Around the corner 
and to the left, is yet another Shade gun. Take it out, and hunt down any 
surviving enemies. On the far side of the area, opposite the side you entered, 
there is a third and final Shade gun. Take it out as well. Soon, after one of 
the Marines yells, "That can't be all of 'em!" a group of Covenants teleport 
down from the ship. Don't you hate those hunches? After those baddies have 
fallen, a Covenant dropship will drop some more enemies on the other side of the 
transport for you to kill. Then, yet another small group of Covenants will 
teleport down from the ship above. After you kill that batch, you are safe... 
for about 10 seconds. As soon as the music changes to a dramatic pace, focus 
your attention on the teleport area. You will be introduced to two Hunters. Not 
good. These guys are tough, and practically indestructible from the front. There 
are a variety of ways to take them out (see section [6.1] for enemy tips). My 
way is just to allow them to charge at me, then strafe out of the way, and hit 
their back. Their orange spots represent their weak spots. Unless you act fast, 
your Marines will die. Try to take out the Hunters quickly, but without taking 
on too much damage. After the Hunters are dead, more reinforcements arrive. On 
the other side of the teleporter, between the wall and the base of the 
teleporter, you will find a health pack and some ammo that has been dropped by a 
fallen Marine. When you are ready, go up to the teleporter with your men and 
enter the Covenant Battle Cruiser!

>>Find the ship's brig and rescue Captain Keyes

You are teleported to a room with several doors. Apparently, there are no 
enemies... yeah right! Among standard Elites, Grunts, and Jackals, you will 
encounter an Elite using Invisibility and wielding a powerful plasmatic sword. 
One hit of this sword can kill you. The best strategy for him is to keep running 
backwards while shooting him with your most powerful weapon. Additionally, a 
slew of enemies will come from various directions. Just help the Marines fight 
them off. On one of the sides of the room, there is a First Aid kid. Also, 
behind one of those barriers around the edge of the room, you can find an Active 
Invisibility pick-up. I would use it to help the fight go smoother if I were you. 
After every enemy in that room has died, the Marines advance through the large 
corridor. If you follow them, you will see that the door is locked. They say you 
need to open if for them. How nice. Return to the large room where you first 
teleported and there will be two doors on the right. Since both lead to the same 
hallway, it doesn't matter which one you choose. The one on the right will get 
you to the place you need slightly quicker, so go through and take out the 
Covenants. Follow the path around to the right and an Elite is waiting for you. 
Just beyond that, there is a path to the left. This is a dead end, but a few 
Grunts are here so you might want to take them out now so they do not sneak up 
on you later. Continue forward, and around to the right. When you reach the door, 
be prepared: A few Covenants, usually Grunts, will sneak up behind you. Hey, at 
least you already got rid of the other ones. Past the door are several enemies 
along a ledge, but you can snipe them with ease if you still have your Sniper 
Rifle. If not you'll have to engage in combat hand to hand. This ledge is 
overhanging a room below, which you will be able to enter soon. For now, just 
make your way around the top and kill the Covenants in your way. There are a few 
Elites, so be prepared. Take advantage of your height. Go ahead and take out as 
many Covenants down below as possible. This will save quite a bit of trouble in 
just a few minutes. After you have taken out the enemies on the ledge, as well 
as the ones down below, head through the door at the end of the path. That leads 
down to the room you were just above. The tunnel is very straight-forward. There 
are a few Elites in there, so be careful since this will be in closed quarters. 
Once at the bottom, follow the Navigation Point and press the switch on the 
right side of the door. This will open up the door for the Marines to help! Good 
thing, because more Covenants have arrived! Take note of the path in which the 
Covenants are entering. You will take this path once the room has been cleared. 
After every enemy has been killed, follow the Navigation point to the door. You 
can also take the door to the left or right of this, but they lead to the same 
hallway. Once you have proceeded down the new path, take a left. Follow this 
path down around to the right, and take out the Covenants along the way. This 
path will continue down and around, and take you to the shuttle bay area of the 

The bad news is, this area is quite tough. Try to stay in the tunnel you are in 
and take out as many Covenants as possible. There are several Covenants camping 
out at a higher elevation waiting for you, (ala The Rock shower room scene ^_^). 
This advantage will be tough to overcome, but with precision sniping or firing, 
it can be done. Proceed through the room, constantly moving and firing. Soon 
Cortana will radio a dropship and since you are in a shuttle bay, that is 
entirely possible. Enemies seem to pour in from all directions, so keep a 
constant move! Once all of the Covenant forces in that room have been eliminated, 
proceed to the adjacent room for some similar combat. In the other room, in 
front of one of the barriers, you will find an Over Shield. You will need it. 
There are multiple waves of enemies, including several Elites, that come your 
way. As you take them out, Cortana decides to override a computer system and 
open up a door. Soon after you kill most of the enemies, the music will change 
to a dramatic pace yet again. And likewise, there are two hunters waiting for 
you! By the way, there is a First Aid kit in the first room, along the wall, 
opposite the side in which you entered. After the Hunter's have been killed, 
follow the Navigation point to the door that Cortana just opened. Follow the 
path up and around, taking out the enemies as you meet them. You will find a few 
Elites along the way, including two who are invisible. Fortunately, they do not 
carry a sword like last time, but standard plasma rifles. Eventually the path 
will lead up to the mid section of the shuttle bay. Take out the enemies on the 
right side, then take a left to continue around the ledge hanging over the 
shuttle bay. On the right side of the path, in the center of the bay, there is a 
platform with a switch. Find your way there and hit the switch to open the 
shuttle bay doors, allowing a new dropship to come in. As soon as the ship 
enters, however, Covenants will appear from the area you just came from. Do not 
hesitate, take them out. Then continue going around the ledge and take the door 
on the left. This leads up to the third and highest level of the shuttle bay. On 
the way up, you will once again face many Covenants. No invisible Elites this 
time, however. Once you reach the top and are in the shuttle bay, follow the 
ledge around to the right and fight the Covenant coming through the passage. 
After killing them continue around the ledge and take a right at the very end. 
Go through the door, and follow the path until you reach a three-way fork. The 
path to the left leads to a First Aid Kit and ammo. The center and right path 
lead to a larger control room. There are many enemies in this room, including an 
Elite with a Plasmatic Sword. Fortunately, he is not invisible. Try to take him 
out first though. After destroying the remaining enemies, follow the Navigation 
point to the door and follow the path to the left. As you make your way through 
the halls, you will encounter several Jackals and a few Grunts. Eventually you 
will reach another major fork, this time you can only go left or right.

First go up to the left. This path leads to a holding cell. There are no enemies 
here, but if you hit the switch at the end of the room you can open up the 
prison doors and grab some ammo and a First Aid kit in one of the cells (the far 
right on your way out). Leave the room and go straight, ignoring the path on the 
right in which you came from earlier. Continue following this path, which will 
eventually lead to another holding cell. This one is holding some Marines, and 
Captain Keyes. Before you can release him, you must destroy the Covenants, 
including an Elite using a Plasmatic Sword, and two invisible Elites using 
Plasma Rifles. Go hit the switch in the middle after the enemies have been 
cleared out. You learn about the ring you are on... Halo, lol.

>>Return to Shuttle Bay for Extraction

The number one rule for this next part is to keep the Captain alive. If he dies, 
you fail the mission. Before you can make it out of the holding cell, two 
invisible Elites make their way in. There is a First Aid kit and ammo in one of 
the cells (the far left on your way out). Head back towards the shuttle bay, 
killing all of the Covenants you meet along the way. Just follow the tunnels and 
you will make it to the control room. Be very careful here, there are two 
invisible Elites carrying Plasmatic Swords! Take them out swiftly before the 
other Marines arrive if possible. Cortana will radio for a ship to pick you up, 
but that is currently impossible. Continue making your way to the shuttle bay. 
For your convenience, a Navigation point will appear. Keep following it until 
you reach the upper floor of the shuttle bay. Take out the enemies that are 
walking around on the ledge. Then turn left and hit the switch on the right of 
the ledge to release the Covenant Dropship. You have to use it to get out of 
here! Finally, a bit of peace. Don't worry, it will not last long.
[5.4]--|The Silent Cartographer}
[Mission Overview]
Search for the map room that will lead you to the secrets of Halo.

You and two teams of Marines are dropped off on the shore in search of the map 
room. You do not know exactly where it is yet, but you see some Covenants up 
ahead. You start out with your trusty Assault Rifle and Handgun.

>>Clear the landing beach of hostiles

Advance forward along the shore and take out all of the Covenants. They will be 
hiding behind the rocks and other structures along the sand, but you have two 
teams of Marines to help! While fighting Elites especially, use the rocks for 
your own cover. As soon as the Covenants in that area have been destroyed, a 
Warthog will be dropped off nearby. Use the Navigation Point to find the Warthog 
if you don't already see it. Make sure two Marines get in the Warthog with you 
before you head off.

(NOTE: The events detailed below can be done in a different order, for example, 
you do not have to follow a specific direction around the island, or kill all of 
the enemies. In fact, you can explore each area in many different ways.)

>>Find the entrance to the map room

Once in the Warthog, continue along the shore. You should be traveling in a 
counter-clockwise direction. Around the corner, you will meet up with a few 
Jackals. Running over them is a very easy way to take them out. Your gunner 
should be able to reach the Jackal hiding on the rock to the left. Continue in a 
counter-clockwise direction around the island and up the slope. On the way up, 
you will meet some Grunts and an Elite. Use similar tactics to kill this group 
of Covenants. As you continue to make your way over the hill, you should spot a 
Covenant Dropship unloading off to the right next to the beach. Drive down to 
the right and take those enemies out. There is also an Over Shield right where 
the Covenants were standing. If you turn and look toward the center of the 
island, you should notice a structure. The Map Room is located inside here, but 
one of the doors is locked. You do not have to go in here at the moment, but I'm 
going to just in case you want to go ahead and take out some Covenants. (Skip to 
the next paragraph if you want to save this for later.) There's just something 
good about knowing there are no enemies behind you. Before you can enter, you 
should take out as many Covenants as possible. A good strategy is to turn around 
and go back up the hill you came down in order to reach the Over Shield. Once 
back at the top, turn around and stay to the left this time, as you travel in 
the usual counter-clockwise direction. You will see many Covenants, including 
several Elites. Run over as many as you can, then try to take out the rest by 
gun. You should park the Warthog near a wall to keep the Marines safe from 
multi-directional fire. After you have taken out all of the Covenants, proceed 
to enter the structure. You will have to take out a few Elites in the first hall, 
as well as some other Covenants. Follow the hallway down, and you will reach a 
small group of Covenant forces. Kill them, and head down to the door. The 
Covenants have locked the door! They outsmarted you this time. Captain Keyes 
orders you to use any means necessary to find the Map Room. So leave the 
facility the way you came in. Immediately, after making your way back outside, 
you may notice a cave on the far left wall. This is basically a shortcut to the 
shore, but if you have a Warthog with you, you can't make it through the cave. 
It doesn't save much time, but it's a neat place sneak up on someone.

>>Find the main facility security override

Head back down to the beach and continue in a counter-clockwise direction. After 
you travel through the small alcove, keep to the right near the shore and head 
for the overturned Warthog. It appears some Marines were not as lucky as you are. 
There is plenty of ammo and even two First Aid kits on the ground where the 
Marines have fallen. Cortana should say, "It looks like there's a path into the 
interior of the island". If you face the center of the island from the point 
where the overturned Warthog is, you should see a few Covenants. Just so you'll 
know, if you continue around the island in a counter-clockwise direction, you 
will make it back to the point where you started the level. However, heading up 
towards the Covenants seems to be the best course of action, as that path leads 
to the security override system. Soon your Marines will start firing at the 
Covenant that are making their way down hill. I found it easy to flip the 
overturned Warthog and use the gun on the back while your Marines are in the 
other Warthog. Double the firepower! When all of the Covenants that you can see 
are dead, make your way up the hill and you'll notice a path. Unfortunately, the 
Warthog just doesn't seem to fit through. It seems like it would if you could 
drive it at an angle, but so far I've had no luck. So, unless you find a way, 
you'll have to go on foot.

Make your way up the path, and use the rocks as cover while you take out the 
Covenants. One thing I did is fire at the Covenants, then back away slowly and 
lure them down to the start of the trail. The Warthog was parked close enough 
that the Marines helped finish those enemies off. Continue up and around the 
path, which is crawling with Covenants. Soon you will be at the top, terrain 
will flatten out. As the path curves to the right, you should see a couple of 
large red spots on your motion tracker. These, my friend, are Hunters. Around to 
the left side, there are two First Aid kits and some ammo, should you need any 
of this after the fight. Down below that, is a structure and the Hunters. 
Hopefully you have your pistol handy, as it only takes a few shots to the back 
to finish them. Sitting right between the Hunters are two more Over Shields. Try 
to save one for later, but use the other if you need it. After the Hunters have 
been destroyed, go past the structure and into the new area. Again, try to use 
the rocks as cover as you make your way through the next area covered with 
Covenant forces. This new field area is enclosed by rock walls, so you should 
not have a problem with being disoriented if you turn around in circle. Be 
careful, though, as many of the Jackals will shoot charged shots at you. These 
charged shots are powerful enough to take down your armor with one hit. On the 
far right side of the field, you should see a structure around the bottom of the 
slope. To the left is a narrow pathway. Make your way there, taking out any 
Covenants you see. As you follow the path, you will see the ocean. Don't jump 
down, as you can't make it back up. If you could make it back up, there would 
not have been a need to cross through the center of the island. Instead, go to 
the right and you will see the entrance to the new structure. This structure 
holds the security override system. Around to the left side of the entrance, 
before you actually enter, you should see three Over Shields. Pick one up if you 
need, and enter either of the two entrances; both entrances lead to the same 
hall. Follow the pathway down and you will see a large room with several 
barriers in it. These barriers provide good cover from fire, but unfortunately 
they do not provide much room for running around. This is especially bad when 
you consider that there are a few Hunters in the room! Try to take on only one 
at a time. Be careful not to strafe into a block while dodging the Hunter's 
charge. There seems to be more running room at the ends of the room itself, and 
not in the middle. After you take them out, go through the doorway, opposite the 
side you came in. Follow the hallway down to the dead end room which contains 
the security system. Walk up to it and press the action button (X by default) to 
override security system. You will see an Elite with a Plasmatic Sword, but you 
will not fight him for a while. The previously locked door will now be unlocked. 
Turn around and go back down the hall and through the large room. On your way, 
you hear of a dropship taking heavy fire. When you actually reach the large room 
that had the Hunters in it, you will be ambushed by an invisible Elite. This one 
is only carrying a gun, but he is still tricky. Use evasive strafes while 
looking for him to give away his general location by firing his weapon. After 
killing him, continue back up the ramp and out of the structure. Remember that 
there is an Over Shield next to the exit on the right, just after you get 

>>Find the Silent Cartographer

Remember the beach? Instead of traveling back across the center of the island, 
you will need to make your way down to the beach in front of the structure. 
There is a path that leads halfway down to the beach, right next to the area 
where the three Over Shields were located. If you are leaving the structure, 
just take a right. Look down and you'll see a steep path. You will still have to 
jump part way down, as this path doesn't lead all the way to the beach. Your 
armor will absorb the minimized damage and will recharge. When you reach the 
bottom, you will see a dropship that has crashed, and a few Covenants around the 
plateau near the shore. Take them out, and gather the weapons. There are also 
two First Aid kits. You might consider picking up the Rocket Launcher and 
rockets! The only negative aspect is that, since you can only hold two weapons, 
you might find yourself short on ammo later on. But the Rocket Launcher is so 
cool I'd get it just to play around with. See the overturned Warthog next to the 
downed dropship? Turn it over and get in it. You don't have any Marines with you 
this time, but you will manage. Your mission now is to go back to the structure 
with a locked door. You can either follow the shore clockwise or counter-
clockwise to get there. Clockwise is a shorter, however. As you make your way 
clockwise, you will soon see the spot where you spotted the first overturned 
Warthog. This is also where you decided to cut across the mountain. If you want, 
you can pick up the Marines that are in the other Warthog near the start of the 
trail that took you to the security override system. When you're ready, continue 
back along the shore in a clockwise direction. This area should look familiar 
now. Make your way up to the structure on the right, just after you pass under 
the alcove. Be warned though, there are two hunters up here. Once they spot you, 
get OUT of the Warthog. If you have Marines in the Warthog, do NOT park it 
within the Hunter's range of fire. Now might be a good time to use the Rocket 
Launcher. Don't worry, there's not really a boss or anything to use it on later 
in this level. After taking out the Hunters, continue inside the structure.

There should be no Covenants in the first hallway leading to the now unlocked 
door, if you previously killed them that is. Make your way to that door, go 
through it, and take a right. Just get a view of the place. Wow. Deep. Turn 
around, go to the very end of the hall, and follow the hall to the left. The 
next set of corners has several Covenants. The big room adjacent to this hall 
has several enemies in it. Go around in that area and eliminate the Covenants. 
On the left side of the large room, there is a door that leads to a ramp. This 
ramp will take you down one level. At the bottom of the ramp, you are faced with 
a few choices. Basically, this level features a center room with halls on either 
side. There are Hunters and other Covenants in the center room. Take them out 
carefully. Use your rockets on the Hunters if you still have them. If you find 
yourself low on health or ammo, you will find two First Aid kits along with some 
ammo along the hall on the right. After taking out every Covenant in this area, 
find the ramp that leads down to the next level. Location wise, this ramp can be 
found at the back left corner of the area, past the large room. Go down the ramp 
to the next level. Halfway down the ramp, if you look over the edge, you can 
spot a small platform to jump down to. This seems to be a shortcut, but you 
might take some damage. Just letting you know the options. I'm going to continue 
down the ramp though.

At the bottom of the ramp, you will hear the Marines having a conversation with 
Cortana and a dropshop pilot talking about a few Covenants. They will try to 
hold them off while you find the Map Room. Continue through the hall and into 
the large room. From here, you are at a high point in this room, and can take 
the ramp on the left to go down one level. You can either jump off to the main 
floor below, or continue around the corner and take the following ramp. I would 
jump off, because just below the ramp that you just came down, there is a door 
that leads to a lower level. This is the next area you need to go to. Go through 
the door and down the path. At the bottom you will see an Active Invincibility 
pick-up. The only way down to the floor below is to jump. Get the invisibility 
and jump down. Follow the hallway down to the large room, and take out the 
Covenants. From here, there are a few ways to reach the next lower area.

(A)The far right side of the large room leads to a ramp. Taking this ramp will 
allow you to sneak up on two Elites from behind. You can do a melee attack to 
instantly kill one. The room beyond is the Map Room. Or...

(B)You can also take a left from inside of the large room and go down the ramp 
on the outside of the structure. There is an Over Shield next to the barrier 
located on this path. Follow this path around to the right to reach the Map Room.

Activate the Map with the action button. You have the information you need, but 
can't seem to contact Captain Keyes. You are able to contact the dropship pilot, 
so its time to get out of here!

>>Return to the surface for extraction

Making your way up will be slightly different. If you took the path with 
invisibility, you will remember that you had to jump down to reach the lower 
area. Leave the Map Room and go up one floor to the large room that you fought 
the enemies in while you had the Active Invisibility. Find the only ramp leading 
up while in this room. Take this ramp and continue along the path. The musical 
score will change for the dramatic side, but no Hunters this time. There are 
Covenants though. Continue into the next area, which is the previously visited 
large room, and fight off the enemies. After they die, find the ramp near the 
middle of the room and take it up. Follow this path around and it will 
eventually lead to another ramp that goes up. Continue making your way back up. 
You will see soon be back to the room that contained two Hunters. There are a 
few Covenants here now, so be careful. Go across this room and exit the way you 
came earlier. On the other side of the door, continue up the ramp. Through the 
door at the top of the ramp, there are several enemies. After clearing that room, 
find the exit on the other side. Be careful in that hallway. The Elite you saw 
earlier with a Plasmatic Sword is waiting for you! Shoot a strong plasma weapon 
at him while running backwards. Don't let him hit you or you will die. At the 
end of the hall, and to the right, you should see the door that you unlocked via 
the security system earlier on. Go through the hall, and up the ramp. Careful! 
Right after Cortana radios for pick-up, when you reach the room that leads to 
the outside of the structure, you will be greeted by three invisible Elites! 
After taking them out, head outside and over to the back of the dropship. Press 
the action button to get in. Cool, you're out of here! For a moment... You are 
taken underground to the area where you can reach the control room. For now, 
you're on your own.
[5.5]--|Assault on the Control Room}
[Mission Overview]
Defend the Control Room against wave after wave of Covenant troops.

Deep inside island, the Dropship unloads you; however, you have no Marine 
support at the moment. In fact, it will be a little while before you do, so you 
might as well get used to the solo-heroic scenario. Just as an overview note, 
I'd like to mention that there are several situations on this level where you 
have the option of using melee attacks for stealth kills on sleeping or 
unknowing enemies. Always use the melee attacks, as they will not only save ammo, 
but allow you to take out quite a few enemies without the risk of damage.
                      -=[I Would Have Been Your Daddy]=-
>>Reach the transition to the second chasm

As soon as you jump out of the Dropship, a few enemies will make their way 
through the door on the right. To cliff on the left leads to death, so try not 
to fall off while fighting. There are multiple ways of dealing with the 
Covenants that come: you can always use those shields that are set up for 
protection and take them out by standard fire, or you can even jump on one of 
those Shade guns and start killing Covenants, concentrating on the Elites first. 
After dealing with the Covenants, make your way through the door on the right. 
At the entrance, take note of that white arrow on the floor. These arrow will 
become useful later on if you are having trouble finding the right exit in a 
particular room. Make your way through the corridor and you will soon meet a 
Grunt. The best course of action might be to take it out with a melee attack. 
Beyond the Grunt, there is a door that leads into a room filled with Covenants. 
This circular room has an outer pathway, with a room in the middle. Covenants 
will be strategically positioned all around, so use the structures and walls for 
cover. Also, you might eventually want to trade your Assault Rifle for a 
covenant weapon. Use plasma grenades liberally, as they can be found around 
almost every dead Covenant. After the Covenants are dead, you should find a door 
on the other side of the room. In case you are not sure which door to take, use 
the arrows on the floor (in front of each door) as reference points. Go through 
the door and follow the corridor. You will soon come to another door; behold, 
the snow. Beautious as it may be, this is no tourist spot. You will see a 
Dropship as you approach the door leading outside. The Dropship is requesting 
help. Ahead is a bridge that leads to the next area. You have a few options here:

(A)If you wait for the entire message from the Dropship, Grunts will wake up and 
start using the Shade guns to the left and right of the door you are coming out 
of. You will have to take them out while they are shooting at you, which can be 

(B)If you go immediately out the door, even before the Dropship is in site, the 
Grunts will be asleep. There are two just behind the Shade guns, and two a 
little bit further along the bridge. If you use melee attacks, the Grunts will 
not wake up and will instantly die. This is much safer.

After the Dropship lands, however, all enemies on the bridge will be alerted. 
One thing to note, this bridge has two levels. On the left and right sides of 
the bridge, you will find ramps leading down to a lower level of the bridge. 
There are Covenants here as well. Make your way across the bridge, taking out 
the Covenant forces as you go. There are a few Elites, several Grunts and 
several Jackals. There is also an Elite with a plasma sword. Those structures in 
the middle of the bridge make for good cover spots. You don't have to take out 
the Covenants below, but if you do not, they could sneak up on you from behind. 
If you happen to look over the side of the bridge, you will see a nice valley 
below. You will be here soon, but you can't simply jump down as the fall would 
kill you. On the other side of the bridge, you will find two more Shade guns. 
Most likely, Grunts will be using them so take them out quickly. Exit the door 
at the end of the bridge. Follow the corridor to another circular room. The exit 
to this room is just to the right of the entrance, but a solid wall blocks your 
path and you must travel almost all the way around to reach it. So, travel 
around this room in a clockwise direction to reach the exit. Almost half way 
around the room, on the left side, you will find a First Aid kit, some ammo, and 
a few fragmentation grenades, lying right next to the dead Marines. Continue in 
a clockwise direction, taking out the Covenants as you see them. Some Covenants 
are in the center of the room while others are at a higher elevation, so just be 
careful. When you are through, find the exit and follow the path. This path will 
lead to a lift. Get on it, and press the switch to go down.

At the bottom of the lift, follow the corridor and you should see some sleeping 
Grunts in the new hall. Take them out using melee attacks, and enter the large, 
circular room. This room can be confusing during chaotic fights. The room has a 
circular path around the outside, with an inner room. The left side of the path 
is blocked off, so you will have to travel in a counter-clockwise direction. As 
you make your way around the room, continue using melee attacks until the 
Covenants have been alerted of your presence. There are a few Elite in the room, 
along with several Jackals and Grunts. Use the structures that litter the path 
to dodge incoming fire, and remember to take out the enemies in the center room. 
The exit is marked by a white arrow and is located almost all the way around the 
room. Leave the room and follow the corridor. You will emerge at the bottom of a 
snow-covered canyon; the very canyon you might have seen from the bridge above.

This new snow-covered area can be daunting at first. As you enter this area, you 
should notice a battle raging on to the left; these are the Marines, and they 
are using Covenant weapons! If you take out the Shade gunner on the left, you 
can use the Shade gun to take out another Shade gun turret across from the 
Marines. There is a small group of Covenants fighting the Marines, so go help 
them out. An Elite will board one of those Ghost vehicles parked near the canyon 
wall, opposite the side you entered. Stick a plasma grenade to it and his ride 
will end. Or, if you do not wish to damage the Ghost, you can shoot the Elite 
directly since he is exposed. Now you can drive the Ghost around and run over 
and/or shoot any remaining Covenants to help out the Marines. There should be 
another Ghost, unused, parked near the area the Elite found his. You should also 
notice the large, blue, plasmatic energy balls landing near your area. This is 
from the Covenant tank, however, you will not be able to pilot this vehicle. 
This vehicle is quite dangerous, so use a few grenades to take it out quickly. 
Near the overturned Warthog you will find a First Aid kit, ammo, a Sniper Rifle, 
and a Rocket Launcher. You can also find additional rockets behind a rock near 
the area where the two Ghosts were parked. After taking out the Covenants, get 
what you need and head in the direction that the Marines were firing. (If there 
are any surviving Marines, I would take the Warthog for the extra firepower. If 
the Marines are dead, however, the Ghost vehicle will work better because you 
can drive and shoot at the same time.) As you make your way through the canyon, 
be sure to take out all of the Covenants as quickly as possible. There are a few 
groups of Jackals up ahead, but running over them will take them out quickly. 
Just before the canyon curvs to the right, there is a semi-steep drop-off that 
you must drive down. Just keep enough speed so that you don't flip when you go 
over the edge.

After the drop-off, you will notice a few things: there are more Marines 
fighting, there is a crashed Dropship, and there is a Scorpion tank... yes! 
Climb aboard the tank, and take out the Covenants with ease. (The Right Trigger 
button fires explosive rounds, the Left Trigger button fires the tank's machine 
gun.) Any nearby Marines will jump on the tank and use their primary weapon. 
Before advancing, there is a First Aid kit, Rocket Launcher, and additional ammo 
under the crashed Dropship. As you continue through the canyon, the path splits. 
Both the left path and the right tunnel lead to the same area, but before you 
can decide what to do, more Covenants will come in. You might have to take down 
a few Ghosts as well, but the tank's explosive rounds work wonders. After taking 
out the Covenants, it doesn't really matter which path you take. However, the 
left path through the canyon seems more efficient due to its position.

(NOTE: The rest of the guide for this level assumes you have the Scorpion tank. 
While you can beat the level without it, the Scorpion tank makes things much 
easier. So, use your tank as long as possible!)

As you make your way into the new area, you will notice a structure at the other 
end. Reaching the structure is your goal for now. There is an Active 
Invisibility located to the right of the structure (next to a rock), but trying 
to get it before killing most, if not all, of the enemies will be much harder 
than just taking on the enemies from far away. On your way you will have to 
fight standard ground enemies; Elites, Grunts, and Jackals. As you progress 
toward the structure, a few Ghosts will get in your way, so use the tank to 
dispose of them. You should also notice Covenant tank fire. You can take out the 
Covenant tank in just a few shots if you use the tanks explosive rounds. You 
will also need to take out the three Shade guns; one in the middle of the field, 
one near the far left corner, and the last near the far right corner. As you 
reach the section just before the structure, and the game auto-saves (you see 
the message "checkpoint... done"), turn around, face the direction you entered 
from, and look up to the sky. A Banshee, or flying Covenant vehicle, will fly 
down for a bit of fighting. The guns on the Banshee can cause major damage. Try 
to line up the Banshee in your sites and use the Scorpion's machine gun and 
explosive rounds to take out the Banshee. Also, there is a Covenant tank on the 
snow bank above the structure. You do not have to take this tank out, just stay 
near the base of the structure and the plasma balls will not reach you. There 
will also be two Hunters and a few Elites that come from the entrance to the 
structure down the slope. Now might be a good time to use the Active 
Invisibility to the right of the structure, or you could just use your tank's 
explosive rounds. Before following the path leading down into the structure, you 
can find a Sniper Rifle, several grenades, and other ammo behind some rocks to 
the right side of the strucure, near the area the Active Invisibility was found. 
When you are ready, take the tank down the slope at the base of the structure. 
Get out and hit the switch to open the large door.

Make your way though the tunnel using the Scorpion tank. You will come out in a 
cool looking cavern area, however, the Covenants here are numerous. There is a 
bridge to the left that you must cross to reach the other side, and the bridge 
to the right, which isn't complete, has a Shade gun on it. Take out the enemies 
to the left and right sides of the cliff you are on. The far right edge of the 
cliff on your side contains some rockets, several grenades, and other ammo. The 
far left side of the cliff on your side contains a Shade gun, which you should 
take out, and a few additional Covenants. Before you cross the bridge, you might 
want to take out some Covenants from the side you are on. There are a few Elites 
and two Hunters on the other side, but you can easily take them out from the 
side you are on if you use a Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher, or the Scorpion 
tank's explosive rounds. When you are ready, cross the bridge, and take out any 
Grunts and Jackals that may be waiting for you. There is also a Shade gun to the 
left, after you cross the bridge, but there may or may not be someone using it 
so you might not need to take it out. When you are ready, press the switch to 
the left of the door that is directly in front of the bridge you just crossed. 
With the door now open, take the Scorpion tank through the tunnel.
                             -=[Rolling Thunder]=-
Soon, you will meet up with more Covenants in the tunnel. Take out the Elites 
before they can use the two Ghost vehicles sitting in the tunnel. The tunnel 
will then curve to the left and the slope will increase. Shoot the Covenants as 
you make your way up the slope and out of the tunnel.

>>Reach the transition to the third chasm

When you near the top of the slope, you should see a Covenant dropship landing; 
there are quite a few Covenants up ahead. After you leave the tunnel, two Ghost 
ships will come at you. If you fire the Scorpion's explosive rounds early enough, 
you can take both of the Ghosts with one shot. There are also dozens of Grunts 
at the top of the slope. A good tactic is to use the Scorpion's machine gun 
while the primary gun on the Scorpion tank is recharging. Now that the Covenants 
in the immediate proximity have been eliminated, you should carefully choose 
your next battle plan. This next wave of violence can be tough. In the middle of 
the snow-covered area you are in, there is a large stone tower: you can go to 
either the left or right side of it. The right side has a Shade gun on it. The 
left side contains a few Ghost vehicles in operation by Elites, and a Shade gun 
on a rock plateau in the middle of the path. There are doors on both the left 
and right side of the large stone tower; enemies will pour out of either side 
when you drive by. After taking them out, you can enter the tower via one of the 
doors. Just be careful, there is an invisible Elite with a plasma sword inside. 
Behind him, over in the corner on the shiny floor, you can find an Active 
Invisibility. Other than the two hallways that lead to the left and right sides 
of the stone tower, there is a ramp that leads to a higher ledge on the tower. 
There are a few Elites up here, and this ledge makes for a great sniping spot 
for any enemies you may have missed. When you are ready, go back outside and get 
in your tank. Now head for the back side of the stone tower. Use the explosive 
rounds to take out the Covenant tank hovering over the frozen pond. After that, 
head in the direction that the Covenant tank was located. Get ready for a some 
hard situations. Two Hunters and two Elites will come from a path located to the 
left, and a Banshee will come from behind. I would take out the Hunters first, 
then try running over the Elites while aiming up at the sky and taking out the 
Banshee. If things get to chaotic, either temporarily retreat or leave the tank 
all together. You should have enough ammo for your Rocket Launcher that you can 
take out the enemies quickly on foot. After the Covenants have been eliminated, 
jump back in the tank and head for the narrow path that the Hunters came from. 
Follow the path until you reach another opening.

In the new area, on one side of a cliff, you will see several Covenants near the 
trees to the right. There are also a few Grunts and Jackals further to the left 
near a rock. Advance slightly and use the explosive rounds to take out the Shade 
gunner positioned on the cliff across from you. Then, make your way to the left 
side of the cliff you are on and you will see a ramp leading down to the valley  
below. (The valley is actually composed of frozen water, so the tank controls 
will be a bit looser.) At the bottom of the spiraling ramp, you will be joined 
by about five Marines on foot. If you have any room left on the tank, some will 
jump on. Then, a Covenant dropship lands nearby. Grunts, Jackals, and Elites 
will start coming down the ramp you just came down, so take them out! Once those 
Covenants are taken care of, work your way around to right side of the ramp and 
through the valley where the Marines were located. Around the bend to the left, 
two Hunters will be waiting for you. Since you probably have four Marines on the 
Scorpion right now, it might be a good idea to take the Hunters out on foot: 
especially if you still have a Rocket Launcher. This will ensure that the 
Marines are not helplessly slaughtered. There is also an Active Invisibility 
located on the wall behind the Hunters, incase you wish to take them out while 
invisible. The only problem is that you will have to go right next to the 
Hunters to get the Active Invisibility, which almost nullifies the purpose. Near 
the Active Invisibility, behind a rock, you will also find some ammo and a First 
Aid kit. At the end of the canyon, behind the Hunters, you can see some round, 
pipe-like structure. You will need to go through here to reach the next area. 
The primary purpose of the pipe-like structures is to keep you form bringing the 
Scorpion tank though. Yes, that's Bungie's way of telling you that you can't use 
the tank for the rest of the level! So, leave the tank and go through the 
passage beyond the pipe-like structures.

The tunnel is  quite short, and, at the entrance to the new area, you will meet 
an invisible Elite, and some Jackals and Hunters! Now you are at the bottom of 
another canyon. If you look up, you will see two bridge. You will be here soon, 
but not yet. Continue to make your way up the slope. An Elite will meet you on 
the way, and hopefully your Marines will still be there to help. Behind you, 
directly above the passage you just came from, you will see a Shade gun. Take 
out the gunner to prevent trouble. You get a message saying that the Covenants 
have secured a position ahead in the rocks. Make your way up the slope and fight 
off the slew of Covenants, which consists of Grunts for the most part. As you 
advance toward the two bridges overhead, you will see a structure. To the right 
of the structure, embedded in the canyon wall, there is a door. This is your 
goal, but first take out the Covenants ahead. Use the rocks as cover, and take 
out the Shade gun on the left. There are also two shade guns on the right side, 
guarding the entrance to the door in the canyon. Additionally, a Banshee and a 
Ghost vehicle will try to take you and the Marines out. Use your Rocket Launcher 
if you still have it. If not, use your most powerful weapon, a Shade gun, or a 
downed Ghost to take them out. There are two dead end tunnels under the 
structure, and they only contain Elites. Avoid them unless you are just feeling 
frisky. As you approach the door embedded in the cavern, two more Elites will 
come out. After taking them out, proceed inside and prepare for a familiar 
structural setup.

Go through the corridor until you reach the next room. This room is quite 
similar to the previous rooms at the beginning of the level. The right side is 
blocked off, however, so you will have to travel in a clockwise direction to 
reach the next exit. Use melee attacks as long as you can, then mix things up 
with a few grenades. There are a few Elites, but mostly Grunts in this area. The 
exit, in this case a hallway, is around on the other side. There is also a white 
arrow marking this path as well. So, after taking out the Covenants, find the 
exit and continue down the hall. This will eventually lead to a lift, so get on 
and press the switch. You are greeted by a Jackal at the top of the shaft, so 
greet him back with a nice weapon. Continue through the corridor and down the 
hall. In one of the next halls, you will come up behind two Jackals. Take one of 
them out melee, and quickly finish the other. Also, in that same room, there is 
a First Aid kit and some ammo at the top of a small block. Continue through the 
corridor, and up the small ramp. There are quite a few Grunts at the top of the 
small ramp, so have a good grenade ready. You are now in a circular room, but 
the path leading around is blocked off to the left. So, travel in a counter-
clockwise direction. The center area has several Elites, Jackals, and Grunts in 
it, and the musical score will heighten to let you know of the chaotic fight at 
hand. After taking out the Covenants, find the door, marked by a white arrow, on 
the other side of the room. Go through the door and follow the corridor. This 
path leads outside, to one of the two bridges that you saw from below.

When you exit the corridor, you will be on a bridge. There is another bridge 
over to the right, however, you are not able to reach it just yet. Notice the 
glass shields on the left and right sides of the bridge; these will come in 
handy when dodging enemy fire from the other bridge. To the left and right sides 
of the entrance, you should notice several sleeping Grunts. Take them all out 
with melee attacks, then proceed across the bridge. Eventually you will be 
spotted and fired upon by a Jackal. Now all of the Covenant, including the ones 
on the other bridge, will be alerted of your presence. Try to keep to the left 
side of the bridge as you make your way across. This protects against some of 
the Covenant fire coming from the bridge to the right. There are a few Elites 
ahead, but using the center blocks as cover should make taking them out easy. 
Just be careful as you reach the end of the bridge: an invisible Elite is 
standing near the group of Grunts waiting to take you out. Go through the door 
at the end of the bridge and follow the corridor to the next room.

This circular room is quite simplistic, but is similar to the other ones. There 
are a few Elites in here, but most of the enemies are gone. (My theory is that 
some of the enemies that ambushed you on the bridge came from this room, so 
numbers will vary from time to time.) Around on the left side of the room, there 
are two dead Marines. Here you can find a First Aid kit, rockets, a Rocket 
Launcher, and more ammo for the Assault Rifle and Handgun. When you are ready, 
leave the room using the corridor on the opposite side of the area that you 
entered. Like usual, there is a white arrow on the floor pointing in the 
direction you should go. Around the corridor, as it turns to the right, you will 
find a long hall with pillars on the left. Several Jackals and Grunts are hiding 
here. Lob a few grenades at them to take them out in large numbers. Proceed down 
the corridor, and follow the rest of the path. The path comes out in another 
circular room filled with Covenants. The center room is different this time; and 
there are elevated walkways that go around the room as well. After disposing of 
the Covenants, make your way out of the room by the door on the opposite side. 
The floor is marked by a white arrow in case you are disoriented and do not 
remember which direction you came from. Follow the corridor which leads outside 
to the next bridge.

Now you are on the second bridge. As the music takes a turn for the dramatic, 
you might notice that the bridge you just crossed is to the right, and there are 
two Hunters on it! There are also quite a few enemies on the bridge you are 
currently on. Those glass barriers will be helpful while dodging the Hunter's 
charged shots. A good tactic is to get the attention of the Grunts on the bridge 
you are on. Then make your way back to the corner and use the glass as 
protection from the Hunters on the right. Now you can take out quite a few of 
the Covenants on your side without worrying about the Hunters. If you still have 
a Rocket Launcher, use it combined with strategic strafes to take out the 
Hunters on the other bridge. If you have no way of taking them out, stay to the 
left and make your way across the bridge. Proceed to eliminated the Covenants on 
the bridge and be cautious of the invisible Elite near the end. When you are 
ready, preceed through the door at the end of the bridge and follow the corridor 
to the next circular room.

In this room, the primary path to the left is blocked off, but the center area 
is large enough that it doesn't really matter. On the immediate left, Jackals 
are patroling. I would simply go to the right and take out the sleeping Grunts. 
After that, take out the remaining Grunts and Jackals. The music will change 
when the Covenants in that room have been defeated. There are no Elites, so 
clearing this room should be simple. The exit is on the left side of the room, 
so travel around to it and follow the corridor. You will soon be in a long 
hallway with more pillar structures on the left. This time there is an invisible 
Elite with a plasma sword hiding, so take him out pronto! Down to the left, 
beside the wall, you can find your own Active Invisibility. As you proceed down 
the corridor, you will find another invisible Elite; however, this one does not 
have a plasma sword. After taking him out, follow the corridor to the next 
circular room. The path to the left is blocked off, so take your booty counter-
clockwise. In the center of the room, there are two Hunters. Use a Rocket 
Launcher from far away, or your good old dodge tactics to take these big guys 
out. Grunts and Jackals will pour in the room from the exit. There is a First 
Aid kit in the middle room where the Hunters were located, and rockets are on a 
dead Marine near the exit. When you have killed the Covenants, Cortana notes 
that you must be getting close; so, follow the corridor until you make it to the 
next area.
                         -=[If I Had a Super Weapon]=-

Cortana informs you that you are at the Control Room and that the entrance is at 
the top of a pyramid structure. From here, you have a few options. I'll explain 
both in-depth. The basis of your next operation is in a huge canyon. As you 
leave the corridor, you will be on a bridge. In the distance and off to the left, 
you can see a pyramidal structure. You need to be up at the top, but there are 
so many ways to go about this it isn't even funny. Below, two of the most common 
ways have been outlined. Option (A) is my pick, as it's much easier and 
extremely fun when compared to option (B). However, you have a free will, so 
please do as you wish.

(A)For this option to work, you must act quickly. There are two Banshees on the 
bridge that you come out on. Ignoring the Covenants on the bridge, head for the 
middle and jump in the Banshee closest to you. If an Elite gets to the Banshee 
before you, either skip to section (B) or "REVERT TO SAVED" and try again. You 
can even shoot the Elite before he reaches the Banshee. Assuming you have the 
Banshee now, quickly fly off the right side of the bridge, increase your 
elevation and go all the way to the wall. You should now be on the opposite end 
of the canyon, far away from the pyramid. [While you can just fly straight to 
the top of the pyramid, the rest of section (A) details the events that consist 
of taking out Covenants. So, if you don't want to take out several Covenants, 
skip the rest of section (A) and (B).] After taking a few seconds to get a good 
feel of the controls, turn around and look down. If you hold back on the Left 
Thumb stick, you will hover in one spot. This is a good tactic for getting a 
good view of the area and firing down upon enemies. There is a Covenant tank on 
the ground far below. Use the Banshee's two plasma cannons along with its fuel 
rod cannons to take out the tank. You might also have to engage in a dog fight 
with an Elite in a Banshee; this all depends on whether or not the second 
Banshee from the bridge was taken. Now you can hover next to or above the bridge 
and take out the rest of the Covenants. If you land on the ground below, there 
are several Ghost vehicles and Covenants ready to fight. Taking them out with 
the Banshee, however, is quite easy. There is also a deep ravine on the ground 
that contains quite a bit of ammo, a Rocket Launcher and a Sniper Rifle. You 
should land the Banshee to reach this area. When you are ready, use the Banshee 
to fly to the top of the pyramid.

(B)Choose this option only if you can't get a Banshee while you are on the 
bridge. Make your way across the bridge, taking out all of the Covenants. Use 
the rocks as cover, and try to take out the flying Banshees with your Rocket 
Launcher. Or, if you want to conserve ammo, and if you do not have a rocket 
launcher, run! There is a door at the other end of the bridge. When you get 
there, a few Grunts will run out. Take them out and go through the door. Follow 
the corridor to the, gasp, circular room. The right side is blocked off, so 
travel around the left side. Take out the Grunts and Jackals as you go. After 
taking them out, make your way to the exit around on the other side. Like usual, 
use the white arrows if you are disoriented during a fight to find the correct 
path. Follow the corridor until you reach a lift. Hit the switch and you are on 
your way down. At the bottom, follow the hallway leading into a new room. There 
is an invisible Elite waiting for you, so be careful. Other than that, follow 
the path to the right and take out the remaining Grunts and Jackals. In the 
center room, at the top of a ramp, you can find quite a bit of ammo. The exit, 
marked by a white arrow on the floor, is located on the far left side of the 
room. The corridor leads outside, below the bridge you were on a few minutes ago. 
Cortana mentions the fact that you need to make it up to the pyramid, now to 
your right, and that you need quite a bit of firepower. As you leave the 
corridor, there will be a group of Covenants to your left. Take them out and 
secure a Ghost vehicle. Try to take out the Covenant tank using a Rocket 
Launcher while on foot. Now head for the base of the pyramid, while still in the 
Ghost, and climb  slope on the right. At the top of the first slope, a Hunter 
and a few Grunts are waiting! You are extra vulnerable while in the Ghost, so 
try to run him over. Or, you can get out and use your hand to hand combat 
tactics. Take the Ghost through the small tunnel to the left side of the pyramid 
where you will find a few Grunts and another Hunter. After taking them out, 
there is a ramp on the far left edge of the pyramid that leads to the next 
highest section. On the next section take out the Shade gun quickly, and proceed 
along the edge of the pyramid. After taking out the Elite and Grunts, go through 
the small tunnel to reach the right side of the pyramid where you will find more 
Grunts and a slope leading up one more level of the pyramid. At the top of this 
level you will find yet another Shade gun. There are also quite a few Grunts on 
the right side of this area. After taking out the Grunts, make your way over to 
the left side of the pyramid. On the way you will encounter more Grunts and a 
handful of Jackals. Make your way through the small tunnel and to the left side 
of the pyramid. Follow the slope on the left to reach the top of the pyramid! If 
you had the Banshee, you could have flown directly up here.

Now that you are on the top level of the pyramid, make your way up the ramp and 
to the door. In a minute you will need to open that door, but before you do, 
take out the Grunts and two Hunters that come down from the tower just in front 
of the door! (NOTE: One time there were no enemies on the tower across from the 
large door, but this was only when I used option (A) from above.) When you are 
ready, press the switch to the right of the door. The large door will open, 
revealing a large number of Covenants. An Elite holding a plasma sword is among 
the first to charge you. This section is not really easy, but there are a few 
things you can go about doing to help things go smoother. If you have a Rocket 
Launcher, fire it into the groups and hide behind the blocks. If you have a 
Ghost, run over the enemies while shooting them. Or, you can use one of the 
Shade guns parked outside of the doors. Using a Shade gun will be quite 
effective, but you must get out if your health begins to drop. After taking out 
the initial wave of Covenants, more Covenants will appear. After taking out 
every last Covenant, enter the large room and go around the corner. You will be 
facing yet another huge door, so when you are ready, hit the switch on the right 
(One of the panels is not really a switch.) As the door opens, Cortana informs 
you that the Covenant forces have been eliminated! Whooo! Continue down the huge 
corridor, and when you reach the next large door, hit the switch on the right. 
When you do, the level ends. You are now in Halo's control center. Cortana gets 
out and starts acting really freaky. Do not worry, the freaky part is yet to 
[5.6]--|343 Guilty Spark}
[Mission Overview]
Creep through a swamp to meet the only enemy the Covenant fear.

At the end of the previous level, Cortana vaguely mentions Captain Keyes and 
tells you to find him immediately. You are soon dropped off in a swamp: the 
point where Captain Keyes' last transmission was recorded nearly twelve hours 
ago. This time you will not have the support of Cortana.
                            -=[Well Enough Alone]=-
>>Locate Captain Keyes

When you jump out of the dropship, you are in the swamp. While this area looks 
easy to get lost in, it really isn't. In fact, it is fairly linear. Move forward 
and to the left to the dry land, and you should see the dropship of Captain 
Keyes. Load up on the ammo for the Assault Rifle and note the three First Aid 
kits. You also hear a garbled, pre-recorded transmission coming from the ship 
that goes something like this:

"This is dropship Victor 9... Pillar of Autumn... if anyone... need assistance... 
we are under heavy attack by some new kind of Covenant... isn't Covenant... 
Captain Keyes has been captured by hostiles... we're dug in at a large structure 
in a swamp near... long we can hold out... please... I will send this message to 
repeat at... intervals... dropship Victor 933 clear."

Hmmm, that doesn't sound good. Well, after taking the Assault Rifle ammo, 
continue forward and down into the next swamp. You should see a few dead 
Covenants after you pass through the water and reach the dry land. Continue 
forward and follow the path around to the left. Now make your way down the hill 
and you should see some live Grunts and Jackals. To the left is a downed 
Covenant dropship. After taking out the Covenants, pass by the downed Covenant 
dropship and take a left and head up the hill. You will meet a few more 
Covenants along the way. Beyond the rocks, you will find a Jackal standing on 
top of a rocky area, next to a downed tree. Take out the Jackal and jump up on 
the rocks to make it to his former position. From on top of the rock where the 
Jackal was standing, you can see the rest of the downed tree to the right. 
Simply jump on the tree and travel across it. On the other side, climb the hill 
and you should be right next to a Shade gun. Continue forward and you should see 
some fighting below. As you make your way down, you can see the Covenants 
running from the right. To the right is the structure you need to enter, as that 
is where the Marines are. Taking out the Covenants on the left is optional. Also, 
the hill to the left only leads back to the beginning of the level where you 
were dropped off. When you are ready, enter the large structure you found on the 

As you enter the large room of the structure, a lift will come up the shaft in 
the middle. Get on and hit the switch on the right to descend. When you reach 
the bottom, head for the Covenants on the other side of the wall. After taking 
out the Grunts and Jackals, proceed through the door the Covenants were blocking. 
Through the door, you will find yourself on the second floor of a large room. 
After taking out the Covenants on the ledge you are on, jump down to the floor 
below. There are a few more Grunts down here, so take them out. A First Aid kid 
can be found in the far left corner behind a pillar. On the right side of the 
room you will find the only unlocked door on the lower floor. Go through it and 
you will be in a tiny room with small corridors on each side. The doors on the 
left and right are locked, so go through the door at the other end of the room. 
This takes you to a much larger, square room with Covenants on the left. The 
center of the room contains a slimy substance, and if you look up, you can see 
green liquid dripping from above. Take out the three Jackals on the left and go 
through the door. As you enter the tiny room, the first thing you will notice is 
the Covenant blood... everywhere! Ignore the doors on the left and right sides 
and exit through the door at the other end. This leads to the bottom floor of a 
large room. Apparently, the Covenants have already fought here. The exit is to 
the right side in the middle, but you will have to jump behind a pillar to reach 
it. You will be in yet another small room with doors on the left and right. Like 
the last few times, the only open door is on the other side. However, let the 
door open, but do not go through yet. As the door opens, you will see a Marine, 
still alive, sitting up against the wall in the next room. He has been 
traumatized, and says:

"Stay back! Stay back, you're not turning me into one of those things! I'll blow 
your brains out... get away from me! Ghaaa... ahhhhhhhhh! Don't touch me you 
freaks... I won't be like you I'll die first! Find your own hiding place the 
monsters are everywhere! Play dead! That's what I did... play dead. They took 
the live ones. Oh God I can still hear them... monsters... ahhhh... aaha.. 
aaaahhhhhaaaa... Just leave me alone. Sarge, Mandoza, Jenkins... Oh God, the 
things took them. They're gone... get it? Gone! They wont get me! Oh God... Oh 
God, I don't want to be like them please... please no, please no..."

This gets freakier by the minute! He warned you... stay away. Unfortunately you 
must pass through there. He will shoot at you, but have a heart and just run by 
him, ok? No need to kill the innocent. As soon as you run by him, you are safe. 
It appears that more Covenants have died during some type of confrontation. 
There are no other doors in this room, so you need to reach the walkways above. 
In the back left corner of the large room, you can find a way up. Just use the 
rubble to jump up onto the ramp. Follow the path toward the front of the room 
and go through the door, which is actually above the one you used to enter the 
room. Go through the next small room and exit through the door on the other side. 
This next room you have been to before, but not on the upper walkways. As you 
enter, you can immediately spot the exit: all the way on the other side in 
between the two red symbols that were painted on the wall. Make your way to the 
other side by following the ledge on either the left or right side of the room. 
There is an Assault Rifle on the floor in front of the door, so pick it up if 
you need it. As you go through the door, the music turns freightfully dramatic. 
Go around to the left side to find two First Aid kits. From there, follow the 
ramp down to the lower floor and take a left. Approach the door and prepare for 
a nasty surprise. Enter the room and watch the chilling cut-scene detailing the 
previous events through the eyes of one Marine, Jenkins.
                                -=[The Flood]=-
After the cut-scene, the Flood will burst out of the door on the opposite side 
of the room. There are no unlocked doors at the moment, so you will have to 
fight them off. In fact, the door does not unlock until all of the Flood in this 
room have been killed. The Assault Rifle is probably the best weapon you 
currently have to use against the Flood. After killing most of the Flood that 
came from the opposite side of the room, more Flood will burst through one of 
the doors on the right side of the room. Take some of them out, and additional 
Flood will come from one of the doors on the left side of the room! And finally, 
after killing most of the Flood in the room, a large group of Flood will burst 
through the door in which you entered from, providing an exit. This group of 
Flood includes much larger enemies that lunge out at you, so be careful. Before 
you leave, you can find a First Aid kit through the first door on the left. Be 
sure to kill all of the Flood in that room. After you do, you will be given a 
new set of orders.


From this point on, your goal is to simply escape. This task is easier said than 
done. One thing you should note, you do NOT have to kill all of the Flood. 
Ignoring them is usually a good thing, and taking them out is always optional. 
Sometimes it is better to take them out because there might be a particular item 
in a specific area that might be worth getting. So, for the time being, exit the 
door you entered earlier. Follow either of the ramps on the left and right side 
of the hallway as they both lead to the same area. Continue forward and exit the 
door to the front of the room. In this next room, you can see the Flood fighting 
the Covenant on the floor below. No time to watch the show, unless you want to 
fight. Remember, the way you came in this structure is not accessable right now, 
so your exit will be different. From here, there are two doors you can go 
through. One is on the top, on the right of the room you just entered. The other 
is on the bottom, directly under the door the right side of the room. Both lead 
to the same area, but the one on the top level is a bit easier. If you fall down 
below, however, you will have to take the lower door.

(A)Taking the top door: Go through the door and follow the path through the 
small room. Soon you will come out in a much larger room with glass in the 
middle and walkways around the side. Find the door on the right side of the room, 
which leads into a small, square room. Go through the small, square room and 
enter the larger room. There is no need to jump down to the floor below. On the 
right, you can see Covenants blocking a door. There are two green symbols on the 
wall above. Take out the Covenants and go through the door.

(B)Taking the lower door: Assuming you are on the lower floor in the room where 
you found the Covenant fighting the Flood, go through the door on the right side 
of the room. Through the door is the familiar square room with Covenant blood 
everywhere. Make your way through that room and into the next. Above you can see 
some glass walkways, and there is an exit to the right side of the room. Try to 
move fast because there are quite a few large Flood in this room. The large ones 
are much more powerful. The exit on the right leads you through a small square 
room with one unlocked door on the other side, and onto the lower level of a 
large room. As you enter the large room, there will be tons of Flood. The exit 
you need to take is on the upper right floor, but the only way up is to jump on 
some purple blocks on the other side of the room. These are located near the 
right corner. After jumping up the  blocks, take out the Covenant to the right 
and enter the door they were blocking. There are two green symbols on the wall 
above the door.

After going through the door, take a left. There will be two First Aid kits and 
a Shotgun next to the dead Marines. Pick up the First Aid kits if you need them, 
and be sure to get the Shotgun because it is one of the best weapons against the 
Flood. Trade the Shotgun for anything but the Assault Rifle. Both weapons are 
quite vaulable against the Flood. Make your way down the hall to the left and go 
through the door. Make your way to the end of this next room and go through the 
door on the left. This next room is large and has a lift in the middle. This is 
one of the situations where it would be better to finish off the Flood in that 
room. After taking them out, stand on the lift and hit the switch. As you go 
down, you will notice tons of Covenant blood splattered on the walls. When you 
reach the bottom, bad news is the only thing that will accompany you. The larger 
Flood now use weapons. There is an Over Shield at the top of a pile of purple 
blocks. Climb the blocks to snag this priceless gift. Before leaving, you may 
wish to take out the Flood if they are causing too much trouble while chasing 
you. When you are ready, take the exit which is to the left side of the area 
that you found the Over Shield.

As you enter the next room, you will see a fight going on between the Flood and 
a few Marines. I was never able to save them. There is a bridge in the middle 
that keeps reappearing, but you can't cross it. To the right of the entrance, 
there are two Active Invisibility pick-ups. Pick one of them up and jump down to 
the floow below. Using a Shotgun while invisible will make this large group of 
Flood much easier to kill. There are Assault Rifles and a few Shotguns spread 
across the room where the Marines died. When you are ready, exit through the 
door on the left side of the room. This door leads to a small room with three 
doors. The doors on the left and right are dead end rooms that hold the Flood. 
Make your way to the door on the other side of the room. Go through it and into 
the large room filled with Flood. Above, you can see some walkways. You need to 
get up here, so climb the rubble in the far left corner of the room. On top of 
part of the rubble, you will find a First Aid kit and some ammo. Make your way 
up to the walkways above. Now that you are on the higher level of the room, head 
toward the entrance and go through the door. This door is actually right above 
the one you entered. Pass through the small, square room and into the large room. 
You might want to take out any Flood that are bugging you. To the right, you can 
see that bridge that keeps appearing. Since you are already on the other side, 
find the exit that is straight across from the door you just entered. If you 
accidentally jump down, you will have to go back through the door on the bottom 

Go through the door and into the small, square room. Exit through the door on 
the opposite side and you will be on the upper level of a large room. Jump down 
and find the exit on the lower floor, to the left side of the room. This leads 
through another small, square room and into another large room, similar to the 
one where the Covenant were fighting the Flood. There are quite a few Flood in 
this room, but I would just run past them. There is an exit on the other side of 
the room, just across from the area in which you entered from. Go through this 
door and through the next small, square room. In the next room, you will 
confront yet another group of Flood. To the right of the entrance, you should 
see a few blocks. Jump up on them, to find a First Aid kit and quite a bit of 
ammo. You can also use these blocks to reach the upper level of this room. Jump 
up to the walkways above and take the upper door, which is on the left side of 
the room. Exit through the door and go through the small, square room to reach 
another large room. There are two ledges in this room, and if you hit the switch 
near the middle of the ledge you are on, you can activate a bridge. (If you fall 
off the ledge, you will have to go through the door on the bottom and into the 
room you were previously in.) Make your way across the bridge you just activated, 
and approach the door with three symbols above it. Large Flood will pour out of 
the doorway, so take them out. When no more come through, go through the door 
and into the large room. There is a lift in this room, and it actually goes up! 
Before taking it, however, be sure and eliminate the Flood so that they do not 
come up the lift with you. When you are ready, get on the lift and press the 

Near the top, you are contacted by the dropship pilot. When you reach the top, a 
large number of Marines are in the room ready to leave. They eagerly greet you! 
Follow them up the ramp and out into the swamp. Make your way forward and over 
the small hill, traveling between the trees. You and the Marines will soon be 
confronted by the Flood. There are quite a few, so I would not worry about 
taking all of them out. Continue around and to the left as you follow the 
Marines. Be careful because the Flood will jump out of tree and ambush you along 
the way! Make your way down the hill and into the swamp area. When you reach the 
actual swamp water, you should be able to see red lights through the fog. These 
lights will lead to a structure up ahead. As you enter the water, quite a few 
Flood will swarm the area. After taking them out, make your way around to the 
other side of the structure in front of you. If there are quite a few Flood in 
the area, some blue, flying robots will help you take them out!
                            -=[343 Guilty Spark]=-
When you reach the other side of the structure, you meet a Monitor named 343 
Guilty Spark. Its job is to prevent the Flood from spreading since they were 
recently released. It asks that you follow because it needs your help. 
Unfortunately, you must follow the Monitor for the game to progress. Prepare for 
The Library.
[5.7]--|The Library}
[Mission Overview]
Fight your way through an ancient security facility in search of the index.

Relieved to be out of the swamp? Save that relief for later; you'll need to keep 
your head on straight for this mission. The Library is a bit long and quite 
repetitive. The level itself is semi-linear, but the primary problem is the 
Flood. You will continually fight hordes of them through large hallways, which 
slows down progress through the level dramatically. The key thing to remember 
while reading my guide to level 7: Easier said than done. While I can offer 
great tips on how to kill the Flood in each area, it is ultimately up to you to 
wield your Flood killing skills. Here is one tip for the entire level, however: 
Do not try to keep up with the Monitor. Instead, stay back and clear an area of 
the Flood before trying to catch up with the Monitor. Enemy management is what I 
like to call it. As the level starts, the Monitor will tell you that the "index" 
must be found and taken to the control room and asks that you follow it.
                               -=[The Library]=-
>>Follow the Monitor to the index

(NOTE: The Monitor emits a blue luminosity that can be seen from far away, so 
keeping up with it should be no problem.)

You start out with an Assault Rifle and Handgun, but there are plenty of weapons 
to be picked up throughout the level. For now, the Assault Rifle will suffice. 
Proceed to follow the Monitor, and a few of the small Flood will come out to 
attack you. Take them out, and move closer to the Monitor who is waiting for you. 
When you do, turn around becaue tons of the Flood will pour out from behind you 
as well as from your sides. Try to take out the Flood with giant heads from far 
back because their death results in an explosive situation. After taking out the 
Flood, turn back around and make your way toward the Monitor. Again, before you 
can reach the Monitor, the Flood will come at you. This time from the left and 
right. I'd backtrack toward the beginning of the level so that the concentration 
of the Flood is in front of you. Then make your way forward as you clear out the 
Flood. Ahead, on the right, the Monitor will be hovering over the entrance to a 
large room. The Monitor should say "We are near the index chamer, follow me." 
Don't enter yet, however, as there are quite a few dangerous Flood pouring out 
of a pipe to the left. These larger members of the Flood are carrying weapons, 
which make them extra lethal. The good news, however, is that you can take their 
weapons after killing them. Just be sure to keep the Flood in front of you at 
all times. You might also have to run backwards while firing in order to dodge 
some of the lunge attacks. Before going through the door that the Monitor was 
hovering over, be sure you pick up a Shotgun off of one of the dead bodies. When 
you are ready, enter the doorway and go through the short hall to the large 
index room.

As you follow the it into the large room, the Monitor will mention the index 
above. Don't venture far into the large room, however, as the Flood will enter 
in from all sides. A good tactic is to walk back a litle way into the tunnel you 
used to get to the large room. This will force the Flood into a small area, 
allowing you to concentrate your shots. You might have to run back into the 
index room to lure additional Flood out of hiding. After taking out that batch 
of the Flood, the Monitor is waiting for you to the left side of the index room. 
Make your way over to the Monitor and pass through the corridor below it. Before 
you can reach the other side of the small corridor, the Flood will come at you 
from the other side. In this area beyond the corridor, just outside of the index 
room, the Flood will continue to come out of a large pipe in the wall for quite 
some time. The corridor itself seems like a fairly safe area to shoot from. 
After taking out all of the Flood, enter the area the Flood were just coming 
from and follow the path to the right. Before you can even take a few steps, the 
Flood are already pouring out of pipes up ahead. These Flood have more lethal 
weapons such as the Shotgun and Needler. Try to take them out first. Keeping the 
Flood in front of you is a must. Also, never be affraid to run backwards to save 
your life. When no more red dots appear on the Motion Tracker, proceed around 
the pathway. On the left side of the path, you should see the Monitor hovering 
next to a giant door. Approach the door and the Monitor will say, "The security 
doors have sealed automatically. I will go access the override to open them." 
After waiting for a few seconds, the Monitor returns and says, "Please follow 
closely. This portal is the first of ten." Joy! So, put on a smile and go 
through the large doors.

The Monitor is waiting, and wants to take the path on the right. However, if you 
take the path on the left, you can save a bit of trouble later on. If you go 
left, the Monitor will say, "This is not the correct direction. If you do not 
follow me you may become lost." Ignore the Monitor and continue in the "wrong" 
direction. You will reach a dead end, but tons of the Flood will emerge. 
Fortunately, these are the small Flood and are quite easy to take out with an 
Assault Rifle. Taking them out now will prevent them from sneaking up from 
behind if you would have gone the "correct" way first. After taking the Flood 
out, turn around and go in the correct direction. The Monitor is waiting for you, 
so follow it down the large hall. As soon as the Monitor mentions your 
"ineffective weapons", the Flood will appear ahead. Take out the first wave and 
advance. Then, as you reach a section of the path with three glass panels in the 
floor, more of the Flood will appear. This time you will be surrounded by them, 
so try to find an area where you can regain control of the situation by putting 
the Flood in front of you. During your hardships, the Monitor conveniently says, 
"The Flood must not escape the installation: they consume all." Work your way 
back toward the three glass panels and take out all of the Flood. As you go past 
the glass panels, you will see the monitor waiting at the end of the path. When 
you approach the Monitor, the Flood will jump out of the pipes in the wall in 
front of you. Backtrack a little to give yourself some room to take out the 
Flood. Just be careful not to fall through the area where the three glass panels 
were behind you. While a Shotgun does work wonders on the Flood, the Covenant's 
weapons seem to be quite useful on the large Flood members. After a few waves of 
the Flood, follow the Monitor around to the left at the end of the pathway. The 
Monitor mentions "genetic infection" and how the bodies "transform". No time to 
care right now, because as you follow the Monitor around the corner to the left, 
more of the Flood jump out. After taking the Flood out, continue following the 
Monitor down the large hall. Again, the Monitor mentions the Flood and says they 
need a "host". Interesting.

As you are following the Monitor, it will fly into one of those pipes ahead. You 
obviously can't follow that, but the Flood come out anyway. After taking the 
Flood out, follow the hall around to the right. The Monitor is out of site, but 
there are more Flood that appear anyway. Before advancing down the hallway too 
far, be sure to pick up the Over Shield at the bottom of the small ramp in the 
middle of the path. As you continue down the large hall, you will meet back up 
with the Monitor who will then say, "We must continue. This way please." However, 
the Flood come from your left and right so you must deal with them. Backtrack 
some so that you can keep the Flood in front of your position. After taking the 
Flood out, follow the Monitor down the hall a little bit more. The Monitor will 
compliment the facility and suggests that you can see more of it later. Yeah 
right. Like usual, more Flood will appear. Again, you will be surrounded, so 
find a good spot to protect your back. After dealing with the first batch of the 
Flood, continue down the hall. You should see three glass panels in the floor 
again, just be sure not to fall through them. When you approach the area beyond 
the three glass panels, more of the Flood will come from the hall in front of 
you. This group of the Flood will be concentrated in front of you already, so 
just hold your ground. After dealing with them, pass over the three glass panels 
and follow the hall around to the right. At the next corner, as the hall turns 
right, additional Flood will appear in front of you. After taking the Flood out, 
continue around the corner to the left.

Up ahead, the path will widen and quite a few Flood will appear. Then, the 
Monitor introduces you to a group of Sentenals! These Sentenals are like the 
robots you may have seen at the end of level 6. They use precision lasers to 
take out the Flood. Advance forward and watch them work their magic. Letting 
them do the work saves ammo too. However, if you notice that any of the 
Sentenals are taking damage, protect them. Actually, you may wish to fight at 
the same time the Sentenals fight just to make things go even quicker. You 
should be careful not to get in the way of the precision lasers as they will 
damage you! After most of the Flood in the immediate area have been eliminated, 
the Monitor mentions something about a disruption of the power flow. The Monitor 
then leaves, so continue forward down the hall and take out any remaining Flood. 
Near the end of the hall, there is an opening on the left. This leads to a 
circular room that acts as an elevator. Enter the room and stand in the center 
of the elevator. The Sentenals will not follow you, but you will now be able to 
go up one level.
                           -=[Wait, it Gets Worse]=-
The bad part is that it does get worse. When the elevator comes to a stop, exit 
through the door and you will see the Monitor to the left. Before following it 
down the hall to the left, however, some Flood pour out from the right. A good 
tactic is to run back into the elevator room and allow the Flood to enter 
through the skinny doorway. Taking them out in a concentrated area will be much 
easier. When the Flood have been eliminated, follow the hallway to the left. As 
you make your way down the hall, more Sentinals will appear from the left. 
Proceed forward and make a left near the end of the large hall to find the 
Monitor. The Monitor mentions some type of failure in a drone control sub-system 
due to the Flood. The Monitor goes to fix it and says it will be right back, but 
for now you must stay here and fight off the Flood that appear. As the Monitor 
leaves, advance down the hallway. There are two First Aid kits at the bottom of 
the small ramp in the middle of the path. As you continue down the hallway, a 
few more groups of the Flood will appear; however, you should not have to work 
really hard with the presence of the Sentenals. After taking out the Flood, 
continue forward and follow the hall around to the right. Around the corner is a 
large door, but it is locked for the moment. That is the door the Monitor went 
to unlock.

>>Hold your position until the Monitor returns

As you reach the corner, the Flood will come in from quite a few directions. You 
have the Sentenals to back you up, but you still need to find a secure place to 
fight. Also, try to keep the Sentenals out of danger. If you back up against the 
locked door and secure your front side, you should be ok. After most of the 
Flood have been destroyed, the Monitor will return and open the large, locked 
door. Time for more following.

>>Follow the Monitor to the index

As the door opens, pass through it. More Flood will appear up ahead as well as 
behind you in the previous hallway. The Sentenals will be fighting some of the 
Flood ahead, and the Monitor is around to the right. This is actually the index 
room, only now you are one level higher than you were last time you were in it. 
Make your way around to the right, in a counter-clockwise direction. The Monitor 
is hovering over to the right and will say, "The Sentenals can use their weapons 
to manage the Flood only for a short time. Speed is of the essence". With that 
said, the Flood will come at you from the direction the Monitor is heading. With 
the help of the Sentenals and a nice Shotgun, take out the Flood. Continue 
around in a counter-clockwise direction after the Flood have been taken out. You 
will soon reach the Monitor again. Up ahead, on the right, there is another 
large door. Before you make it to the door, however, a group of the Flood attack 
you from the front. Be extremely careful here, because one of the Flood members 
has a Rocket Launcher! After finishing off the Flood, approach the large door 
and the Monitor will proceed to open it. The door, however, gets stuck during 
the process and the Monitor leaves to fix the problem.

>>Hold your position until the Monitor returns

As the Monitor leaves, turn around so that your back is facing the partially 
opened door. The Flood will come at you from the right side of the path, and a 
few Flood will gather behind you, on the other side of the door. Take out the 
Flood and when the Monitor comes back, face the door and prepare for the Flood 
on the other side.

>>Follow the Monitor to the index

Continue through the large door and follow the Monitor. This hallway segament is 
similar to one in a previous section of the level. The Monitor takes the right 
path, but if you go to the left you can go ahead and take out some Flood. Taking 
them out now will make things easier in the near future. After you have taken 
them out, return and follow the correct path, where the Monitor went. Up ahead, 
the Flood will start coming at you. Some of the Flood will actually come from an 
underground tunnel, which is located at the bottom of the ramp that is in the 
middle of the hall. There is a side-alley on the right with a First Aid kit 
behind a pillar. After taking out the Flood, since the hallway is a dead end, 
you will have to follow the ramp in the middle of the floor down to the tunnel 
below. Follow the tunnel and, as you turn the corner to the right, you will meet 
up with more Flood. Continue through the long tunnel and you will eventually 
reach another ramp. This ramp emerges in the middle of another hallway. On your 
way up, some Flood will drop down to surprise you. Take them out, and head up to 
the hall above. You will hear the Monitor humming, but there are still quite a 
few Flood to deal with. Position yourself so that your back is secure, and 
proceed to take out the Flood. After that, for the Monitor on one of the sides 
of the ramp you just came from. From the exit of the ramp, the Monitor is to the 
left. Make your way over to the Monitor and it will mention the fact that your 
suit will keep you well protected. As the Monitor travels down the hall on the 
left, the Flood will pour in from several the left and right. An easy tactic is 
to backtrack to the prvious hallway where you emerged from the ramp in the floor. 
Just be sure to give yourself plenty of room to take out the Flood. Several 
waves of the Flood will come out at you after each previous wave has been taken 
out. When no more seem to come out, proceed forward and follow the hallway 
around to the left where the Monitor went. Soon, however, you will encounter 
additional Flood.

After taking them out, continue to follow the hallway around the corner. After a 
left corner, you will make your way around a right corner. From here, you can 
see the Flood waiting for you at the end of the long hall. However, one of the 
Flood members has a Rocket Launcher! Strafe out of the way whenever a rocket is 
fired and take the Flood out. When you have taken the Flood out, continue down 
the hallway and toward the Flood that was using a Rocket Launcher against you. 
At the end of the path on the left, you can find a First Aid kit and a Rocket 
Launcher on a dead Marine. Follow the path around to the right and continue 
forward. As you make your way forward, a few more Flood will jump out at you. 
The ramp in the middle of the path leads to nothing this time, so continue past 
it. You should see the Monitor again and it will say, "The installation was well 
conceived. It is surely the only way to end the Flood threat". After that, the 
Flood will come in from your front. Back up a little, and take them out. Several 
waves of the Flood will continue to appear, but just have patience. After taking 
them out, continue forward toward the Monitor, which is hovering up ahead. As 
you approach it, the Monitor will continue forward and around to the right. Then, 
more Flood will come in. Once again, backtracking is a good tactic to use since 
the Flood come in from quite a few directions. After eliminating the Flood, 
follow the hallway around to the right and proceed forward. The Monitor is 
waiting for you ahead on the right, so follow it as it makes its way down the 
hall. Before it dissappears, however, more Flood will come out of the pipes up 
ahead. Just keep the Flood in front of you at all times, and you should be able 
to use previously acquired tactics to take them out. After a huge number of 
Flood have been eliminated, the halls will finally be safe. Make your way 
forward and go through the doorway on the left. This leads to another circular 
room that has an elevator in it. So, when you are ready, stand in the middle of 
the elevator to go up one level.
                  -=[But I Don't Want to Ride the Elevator]=-
When you reach the top, continue through the door and follow the hall around to 
the left. You will then meet back up with the Monitor and the Sentenals will 
make another appearance. As you continue down the hall, the Monitor makes a 
statment about how it believes the Covenant are responsible for releasing the 
Flood. You will also run into some Flood, but the Sentenals should be a great 
assistance. In the middle of the room, there is a ramp leading down to a tunnel. 
You must take this to proceed since the hallway you are in is a dead in. Before 
you go down the ramp, however, there is a First Aid kit just past the ramp on 
the right side of the hall. When you are ready, follow the ramp down to the 
tunnel below. Follow the tunnel and you will soon run into a group of Flood. A 
grenade or two will take them out quickly since the Flood are in a small area. 
Continue through the tunnel and you will eventuall find a ramp leading up to 
another hallway. As you emerge into the new hallway from the tunnel below, the 
Flood will come at you from the left and right. Fortunately the Sentenals are 
nearby. The area to the right of the hallway from where you emerge is a dead end. 
Like usual, keep your back protected and help the Sentenals take out the Flood. 
When the Flood have been taken out, make your way down the hallway and around 
the corner to the right. You will see the Monitor again, so follow it until it 
dissappears into the hole in the wall stright ahead. Not surprisingly, the 
Monitor has left you. Around the corner to the left is another locked door.

>>Hold your position until the Monitor returns

When the Monitor leaves, the music will heighten and the Flood wlil appear. The 
best route is to backtrack and allow the Flood to come to you. The Flood come 
from three directions, but if you keep them in front of you, they will be easier 
to destroy. After taking out the last of the Flood in the immediate area, the 
Monitor will open the door around the corner to the left.

>>Follow the Monitor to the index

Continue around the hallway and you will notice a First Aid kit in the corner on 
the right, just before you go through the doorway. After going through the 
doorway, you will be back in the index room (only one leve higher than you were 
the last time you were in the index room). The Monitor will fly to the left, in 
a clockwise direction, and mention something about a previous catestrophic 
disaster. Meanwhile, the Flood approach you from the left. Make your way in a 
clockwise direction around the room, taking out the Flood as you go. After the 
first batch of the Flood, the Monitor will be waiting for you. When you approach 
it, the Monitor speeds on in a clockwise direction. Then even more of the Flood 
appear. After taking out the Flood and continueing in a clockwise direction, the 
Monitor will be waiting for you in a doorway to the left. After passing through 
the large door, the Monitor tells you how the facility was built to study the 
Flood. Follow the Monitor around to the right. Be sure to pick up the First Aid 
kit on the left of the hall if you need it. Continue down the hall and head for 
the Monitor hovering up ahead. Before you reach the Monitor, however, some of 
the Flood jump out at you. The ramp in the middle of the hallway is a dead end, 
so jump over the hole and make your way to the Monitor. When you reach the 
Monitor, it will go through the hole to the right. The Flood will start coming 
at you: a few from the right(where the Monitor went) but most from the hallway 
to the left. Take the Flood out and work your way down the hallway to the left. 
Additional Flood will appear, but concentrating on the dangerous Flood first 
will make things easier.

Just follow the large hallway around several corners and you will eventually 
meet back up with the Monitor. The ramp leading down in the middle of the 
hallway is a dead end, so just ignore it. Make your way to the Monitor and it 
will fly forward through the large set of doors ahead. These doors are only 
partially opened, but there is enough room to go through. Continue through the 
door and you will see the Monitor up ahead at another set of doors. This set of 
doors is locked. As you make your way to the Monitor, you can find a First Aid 
kit to the right, just behind a wall in the middle of the room. Now approach the 
Monitor and it will say, "I will deativate the security lock. Wait here".

>>Hold your position until the Monitor returns

As yo umight have guessed, the Flood will come while the Monitor is gone. You 
are confined in a small area this time, so try to reach a corner where you can 
keep your back safe. Also use a potent weapon to eliminate the Flood quickly. A 
weapon such as the Shotgun will do. When you are almost finished with the Flood, 
the Monitor will open the door that you were trying to get through a minute ago. 
The Sentenals are on the other side of the door fighting the Flood, so proceed 
through the doorway.

>>Follow the Monitor to the index

Through the doorway you should find several dead Flood as they have already 
confronted the Sentenals. After all of the Flood are dead, continue through the 
hallway and around the corner to the right. The Monitor says to stay close 
because time is short. As you make your way down the long hallway, some of the 
Flood will appear. The Sentenals should make this fight go quickly, however. 
Continue around the corner to the left and follow the hallway until you confront 
a large number of the Flood. The Flood will continue to attack for quite a while, 
but the presence of the Sentenals should save on ammo. You should, however, take 
an active-offensive role to speed up the the process. After taking out the rest 
of the Flood, go through the small doorway on the left near the end of the hall. 
You are in the last of the "elevator rooms"... rejoice! So, when you are ready, 
get on the elevator and walk to the middle to go up to the final level of the 
             -=[Fourth Floor: Tools, Guns, Keys to Super Weapon]=-
When you reach the fourth and final floor, exit the elevator room. For once, the 
Sentenals follow you up the elevator. As you leave the elevator room, there is a 
First Aid kit in front of the exit in the new hall. There are already quite a 
few Flood to the left and right, and the Sentenals should be taking care of 
business right away. Make your way to the right and down the hall. You will meet 
constant Flood resistance along the way, so take a few minutes to help the 
Sentenals eliminate the Flood. As you reach the next corner, several waves of 
the Flood will appear. These Flood are particularly difficult as most of them 
have good weapons. Backtrack a few steps into the previous hall and defend your 
ground. Try to protect the Sentenals however; they might take quite a bit of 
damage from the Flood who carry Shotguns. After taking out the Flood, continue 
through the hall and you will eventually come to a a ramp in the middle of the 
floor that leads down to a tunnel below. Beyond the ramp there is a large door, 
but it is not fully open. Therefore, you must take the ramp down to the tunnel 
below. As you follow the underground tunnel around to the left, you will meet 
quite a few Flood. Chuck a grenade to help that number drastically decrease. 
Continue through the tunnel and you will eventually emerge in another hallway. 
The door that was closed before is located to the left of the tunnel exit. To 
the right of the tunnel exit is a First Aid kit and the door you need to pass 
through as soon as the Monitor opens it. For now, a large number of the Flood 
will attack you. These attacks will come from all directions, including the 
tunnel you just emerged from. Try to isolate yourself and give yourself plenty 
of defensive room, then eliminate the Flood. By then, the Monitor will have 
opened the new door, just to the right of the tunnel exit.

As you pass through the door, you should see yet another ramp in the center of 
the hallway. This is a dead end, so just jump over it and continue through the 
hall and around the corner on the left. Up ahead, at the next set of corners, 
the Flood will start coming in again. You can easily find a corner to shoot them 
from, just don't let them get too close or you are toast. After eliminating that 
batch, continue around the hallway and you will meet the Monitor once again. 
This time the Monitor mentions something about "the Flood repairing your vessel". 
Up ahead you will see another ramp in the middle of the floor. Again, this one 
is a dead end, so ignore it. As you reach it, however, the Flood will attack so 
backtrack a bit to gain a steady offensive position. After taking out the Flood, 
you can find a First Aid kit along with a Rocket Launcher behind a pillar in a 
side alley to the left of the ramp. When you are ready, continue through the 
hall and you wil soon see the Monitor hovering at a door on the left. This door 
leads into the index room, but as you approach, and the Monitor opens the door 
for you, tons of the Flood will pour out.

This is probably the toughest section dealing with the Flood, primarily due to 
their strong weapons and smart intelligence. The door in front of you will 
slowly open, but quite a few Flood will continue to stream through. If you 
follow the hallway to the right, there is a dead end. However, this makes a good 
place to take out the Flood as they chase you. Use a Shotgun to swiftly take out 
the Flood with weapons. When your Shotgun runs out, pick up one of the weapons 
that the Flood dropped. Continue to fight off the Flood until no more come out 
of the index room. There are still quite a few Flood left, but they are waiting 
for you in the index room itself. If you walk into the index room, the Flood 
will come to you. So, go in until you see red dots appear rapidly on your Motion 
Tracker, and then backtrack. Continue the fight until no more Flood are on your 
Motion Tracker. There are still a large number of Flood left even after this, 
but now you can go right into the index room to take them out. As you enter, 
head toward the right.

>>Recover the index

You should see the Monitor waiting near the right side of the room. As you make 
your way over to that direction, however, a legion of the Flood will attack. 
This wave is quite lethal, so if things get too hectic in the index room, back 
out into the previous hallway. After what seems like an eternity of fighting, 
the room will finally be clear. Now head over to the Monitor hovering ahead. Now 
approach the large blue beam in the center of the index room. You and the 
Monitor lower to the ground floor and grab the index... finally! But... the 
Monitor takes it from you because it is against the "protocol". Bummer! You now 
must go back to the Control Room to use the index. Well, at least you are out of 
the Library.
[5.8]--|Two Betrayals}
[Mission Overview]
Reactivate the weapon at the heart of Halo...and learn the truth.


                               -=[Section VI]=-
                      |    General Tips & Strategies    |
If you have a tip or strategy, send it in! You will be given credit for it. The 
tips without a name were found by me, so try to submit something that is not 
listed here.

NOTE: I added the tips in the order that I received them. Some of the tips are 
similar in nature, but provide unique, useful bits of information. The name of 
the person who sent in a particular tip is in parenthesis. Keep sending them in!
[6.1]--|Enemy Tips}
-When an elite charges you they are normally out of a shield or very close.... 
use a melee attack and they will run into it finishing them off in style.~(Prae)

-Jackals carry shields. Use a photon weapon to destroy the shield quickly.

-The Covenant dropships will fire at you if they are threatened. Take 
appropriate measures to dodge the fire, as it almost kills you instantly.

-Charging the grunts can scare them and melee attacks will kill them in one hit. 
Don't try this when other covenant are around, the won't be afraid and you'll 
take pointless hits.~(Prae)

-Needler is a great weapon on enemies when they can't block you, try getting 
behind Jackals or too the side. Works a little on Hunters but the can take a 
bunch from it still.~(Prae)

-Don't turn you back on enemies very often they chase you down a bunch, and that 
is a good time for them to hit you with the Needler which can do devastating 

-When facing the Flood, always wait for the Covenant to finish their fight
with the flood (they tend to lose anyway) then rush in and defeat the
remaining Flood members (shotgun takes them out in bundles and fast.  For the
small brain-like floodites, use your assault rifle since they blow up and
destroy things around them.~(Tyme)

-Hunters CAN be damaged on other places than their front. Anywhere that their 
skin (orange) is showing on their body is a potential place to damage them, 
especially on their back. This is why some people like to get in close. The 
Hunter will charge you, you strafe out of the way, and then their back is 
exposed to you.~(Bruteman)

-When you destroy the body shield on an Elite, he'll let out a roar and then 
charge you, no matter what is in the way. Be aware of that, especially if you 
decide to stick a plasma grenade on him. He'll run straight into you!~(Bruteman)

-If you're engaging an Elite from a distance, don't waste your ammo! At far 
range, Elite will easily dodge shots and take cover, recharging their shield. 
Try to get in closer so that you can keep your fire up on the Elite.~(Bruteman)

-One of the most irritating things in the game is when a Grunt jumps into a 
Shade (one of those stationary turret guns) and mows you down. When aiming at a 
Grunt in a turret, aim slightly higher than the center of the turret, more 
towards their head, to hit them. I say this because if you use a sniper rifle, 
the sight will turn red when it's over the center of their body, but the turret 
will shield them from the shot.~(Bruteman)

-If you're using a sniper rifle (or zoomed-in pistol) and you're up against a 
Jackal who's ducking behind his shield, aim for the hand that he's holding his 
plasma pistol with. His hand is not protected by the shield and it will hurt 

-You can shoot individual arms (and heads from the human looking ones) off of 
the Flood troopers. If you shoot off the arm of one that has a weapon, it will 
immediately charge you and melee attack you.~(Bruteman)

-When fighting Flood troopers (the full-grown ones), be careful if you shoot 
them from a distance and they drop. Sometimes they get back up! If you kill one 
up close, you can be sure that they died.~(Bruteman)

-Later in the game, there will be several places where you'll see The Flood 
attacking the Covenant. Let one side kill the other and then pick off the 
winners. There are also several places where the two groups will keep each other 
busy and you can escape without either noticing you (there are several spots 
like this in 343 Guilty Spark when you escape from the

-Here is a good way to beat Jackals: If you have human weapons (aside from the 
rocket launcher :P) fire off a few shots. The Jackals will raise their shields 
to defend themselves. Use this opportunity to rush in and hit them with a melee 
attack. This may either kill them or force them to drop their shield while 
evading you.~(Micronian)

-Jackals can be hit with their shields up! If you have a sniper rifle, aim for 
their guns, which should be poking out on the left side (right side for you) of 
the shield.~(Micronian)

-A way to defeat Hunters:  First let them charge at you then quickly run aside, 
then you shoot them in the back. One hit in the back with the pistol will kill 
it. The orange spots on their body are their week spot. Just hit them their and 
you will kill them quick.~(Michael McNickle)

-The hunters can be injured by hitting them anywhere that their armor doesn't
cover. You can tell these places by the orangish flesh showing. Their neck, back, 
and stomach are the easiest places to hit that dont have armor. The best way to 
take them out is to get very close to them and wait for them to charge you. When 
they do this, QUICKLY dodge to one side and shoot or punch them in the back 
before they turn around. Using this technique, I have seen a Hunter killed with 
only 3 shots from a pistol. I personally like to just punch them in the 
back.~(Cyprian Tayrien)

-The Jackals' shields can be irritating at times, and like you said using photon 
weapons works, but I found that the melee attack is even easier. One smack with 
the good 'ole AR put them out for good, even when their sheilds are up. I don't 
recommend trying it when there are huge groups of enemies around, but if you're 
isolated with a jackal or two it works quite well, and conserves ammo. Once in a 
while they'll get a few shots off on you while you're trying to get close enough, 
but their weapons aren't effective enough to get past the regenerating sheild 
anyway.~(Brad Imhoff)

-The best way to kill an elite is to charge it using an automatic gun (such as a 
assault rifle) and when it's shields are depleted it will stop fighting 
momentarily. As soon as it does this bash the elite with your gun and it will 
drop to the floor dead.~(SteelPanther)

-In the earlier levels, the grunts do very little damage so if you find one by 
itself, go ahead and get in range to bash it with your weapon. Your shields will 
recharge and you will not waste ammo.~(SteelPanther)

-There is in fact a weak spot on the Hunter's armor. Any orange area is flesh, 
and therefore is a weak spot. Especially the giant spot on the back of them.  If 
you can, let the Hunter charge at you, then strafe sideways, turn around, and 
put a couple pistol bullets in his back. It takes some time to master this 
strategy, but it is a HUGE ammo saver.~(Shaun)

-Stick a plasma grenade to the hunter, then backpedal, firing madly as you run. 
The bullets won't do much damage, but they WILL slow him down enough that the 
plasma grenade won't take YOU out too.~(Louis Wu)

-Jackals are less wary of grenades than other Covenant - you can usually
kill 'em by dropping a grenade nearby.~(Louis Wu)

-the little flood crawlers are best attacked with a melee attack. it saves ammo 
and they explode and take out each other in a chain reaction. if there are too 
many to melee use the assault rifle in short bursts.~(customsex)

-When fighting the flood use the shotgun against them, its the best weapons 
against them.~(Michael McNickle)

-Against the infection form (the little ones) use your assault rifle and
don't worry if you get hit buy them they don't do that much damage, but
worry if there a lot of them.~(Michael McNickle)

-If you ever find a group of enemies fighting each other, let them fight. Then
just clean up when they're done.~(Michael McNickle)

-The sniper rifle is useless against the Flood. It passes through the combat and 
carrier forms.~(Michael McNickle)

-The hunters can be killed with one pistol shot to a soft area if they are not 
alert. These areas include their neck, which is exposed if they are not in a 
ready stance, and the back part of their abdomen, where the human kidneys would 
be located.~(Tony Cord)

-All jackals are left handed, so charge their right side(always to the player's 
left). The shields that they hide behind make it difficult to draw a bead on you. 
Once you are at close range, their shield is totally incapable of repelling a 
melee attack, so I find the best way to dispose of them is pistol 
whipping.~(Tony Cord)

-The covenant forces have a heirarchy of sorts. Hunters have regard only for 
other hunters and elites, and don't consider grunts to be worth the effort it 
takes to shoot around. Elites will avoid injuring any allies, and can operate 
independently in any circumstance. Grunts, on the other hand, will panic if all 
higher ranking covenant are killed, and are much more likely to run, so always 
kill the elites first. The ensuing confusion makes the grunts much easier to 
kill.~(Tony Cord)

-Hunters are also susceptible to being run over by warthogs, blasting by 
banshees, and some serious circle strafing on a ghost or with your machinegun. 
Of course, the most effective method is a well aimed shot with a rocket 

-When dealing with the Flood, carry a shotgun and machine gun and use the 
shotgun on the combat forms (for one shot kills) and the machine gun on 
infection and carrier forms (both which blow up those around them). These are 
all you need. Watch out for combat forms carrying rocket launchers.~(WiredWolf)

-Flood combat forms have rocket launchers sometimes, so be careful. Its a one 
hit kill if it gets you head on.~(Michael McNickle)

-Use the Flood carrier forms as a bomb, when then die they blow up.~(Michael 

-When you find a Ghost and you're up against a Hunter, move a few distances away 
and keep firing at the hunter from far away. The hunter will fire (two 
consecutive shots usually) so simply move out of the way when he does. The 
hunter will eventually fall. This is best if you're saving up on ammo or low on 
health.~(Lik Way Chan)

-You can actually take out a Covenant Tank with your Shotgun. 3 to 4 shots up 
close will be good enough. The Rocket Launcher will take only 2 shots even when 
you're really far away (use the zoom feature).~(Lik Way Chan)

-There are certain levels where the Grunts will be sleeping. Take them out with 
a good bash in the head. You won't wake them up that way AND you'll be saving 
yourself ammo and a lot of trouble. I've found that there are Elites roaming 
about and they will wake everyone up if they see you.~(Lik Way Chan)

-Never, EVER try to throw a grenade at a jackal from the front. They will bounce 
off the shield 99% of the time, and you WILL get killed.~(Chris Leidich)

-Everyone's mentioned sidestepping a Hunter and then turning to shoot it in the 
back with a single pistol bullet. No great discovery, it's in the rolling demo 
if you leave the game on the title screen ;) I favour Louis Wu's roadkill method 
(Ghost works as well) where vehicles are available but I have what can be an 
easier method on foot and in tight spaces. Let the Hunter charge you head on and 
watch for when he's about to swipe you with his shield, *then* step back at the 
last moment to dodge the attack. If you time it right then he'll miss, raise his 
shield high into the air and expose the large expanse of tender orange flesh 
beneath his chitinous blue armour -- right in front of your gun. Of course, if 
you've been stealthy enough that the Hunters didn't hear you coming, you can 
pick them off with pistol or sniper rifle from a distance while they're walking 
around.~(Zy Nicholson)

-If you take out an Elite, his grunt buddies seem more likely to lose it and 
flee than if you take out a couple of their number. Very Half-Life, yes. I 
haven't worked it out yet so I don't know if it's some kind of sophisticated 
ratio of dead to living Covenant in the area and their relative strength, or 
whether it's just an AI fudge that triggers cowardice as an optional behaviour 
sometimes...~(Zy Nicholson)

-Against Elites just use a charged shot from a plasma pistol to take our their 
shields and then use any fast or semi-fast weapon after that and there toast...I 
personally like using the AR right after their shields are depleted. Kill them 
good and proper.~(Sean Harvey "Beast")

-Be careful around later-level grunts. They throw plasma grenades. If a plasma 
grenade sticks to you, YOU WILL DIE. There is no way to survive the blast as far 
as I can tell, nor is there a way to remove the plasma grenade.~(Istanbul)

-The large ships that sling energy grenades are serious problems, as they can 
take a massive amount of hits to destroy. However, two direct hits from the 
rocket launcher will bring them down. If you do not have the rocket launcher 
when you first face one of these monstrosities, be prepared for a protracted 

-The Floodlings (little tennis ball crawlers) have a tendancy to explode in a 
small radius when killed. This inflicts minimal damage to you (you can take in 
excess of 15 hits from Floodlings and still have shield left), but it also means 
that you can shoot one Floodling in the center of a swarm and decimate the 

-If you fire a wep (say assault rifle) and injure an elite throw a grenade and 
keep firing the elite wont usually notice the grenades because its to busy 
fighting you and a couple seconds later boom and you see him come flyin toward 

[6.2]--|Weapons/Items Tips}
-Plasmatic weapons are more powerful against the Covenant, particularly the 
Elite. Also, the Plasma based weapons do not need to be reloaded. Just do not 
shoot too fast or they will overheat.

-When the action is light, go ahead and reload so you will not be caught 
reloading while in the middle of a fight.

-The shotgun is great for short ranged attacks, but terrible if you are aiming 
at something in the distance.

-When a Covenant dropship is getting ready to unload a group of Covenants, chuck 
a grenade into the door as it opens. The blast will kill several of the enemies 
since they are concentrated in one area.

-Try not to leave any enemies behind in a certain area. They will usually find 
you if you try to sneak by, which will create more chaos later on.

-Don't you a sniper rifle on the flood it doesn't work and is just a waste of 
bullets that could be used on a 

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