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PipoSaru 2001 FAQ v1.00 (1/9/02) by Gene
PipoSaru 2001 (PS2)
1 Player 
1 Disc (CD-ROM)
Genre: Action 
Memory: 83 Kbytes

1)  Introduction
2)  Frequently Asked Questions
3)  How to play
     3.1)  At the Main Menu
     3.2)  Screen Layout
     3.3)  Controls
     3.4)  Game System
     3.5)  Scoring
4)  Character Info
5)  Walkthrough
     5.1)  Completing the Game
     5.2)  Expert Mode
6)  Secrets
7)  Miscellaneous / Et Cetera

1) Introduction
This is a FAQ for the Playstation 2 game, PipoSaru 2001.  It was released on
5/9/2001, only in Japan.  There are no current plans to release the game in
any other markets.  It is an action game where the objective is to chase down
monkeys, suck off their soiled shorts and clean them.

2) Frequently Asked Questions
Q) Can I play it without much knowledge of Japanese?
A) No, very little.  The conversations are in Japanese, but you don't need to
   understand them to play the game. 

Q) What is the game like?
A) It is an action game with humorous graphics and fun gameplay.

Q) Are there any plans for an American release of the game?
A) At the time of writing this FAQ, it doesn't look like it.  It's a shame 
   because the game is very fun and could do well there.

Q) What is this game, is it a sequel to Ape Escape or not?
A) First of all, it is very different from the original.  The first game had 
   much more of a puzzle feel to it.  It was more of a platformer.  This one is 
   simply action.  You have to be quick in this game because there is a time 
   limit, and you are assigned a rank, depending on your speed.  As for it 
   being a sequel or not, it is hard to tell.  It contains the same characters, 
   and it takes place after the original game, Saru Gechyu (Ape Escape), and has 
   the Saru Gechyu emblem on the corner of the box.  I think it is definitely 
   part of the series, but, there are rumours that Sony is planning another 
   game which will be a direct sequel of this one.

Q) Are the Anolog controls from the first game still present?
A) Unfortunately, no.  I found the controls in the first game difficult, but 
   still interesting and worth keeping for this one.  But, here you can use the 
   left anolog stick to move, but the right one is unused.  It's a shame too, 
   because aiming the vacuum can be difficult, especially at close range with 
   the current controls.  

Q) Is the game any good?
A) Yes!  It received Gold Ranking in Japanese Famitsu magazine.  Here is what 
   I think are the games good/bad points:
     + Fun gameplay
     + Humorous graphics
     + Interesting music, but not incredible
     + Expert mode keeps you playing after clearing it
     + Suitable difficulty
     - Controls were better in the first game
     - No Mini-games!
     - Boss stages could be improved

3) How to play
This section deals with how to play and control the game.

3.1) At the Main Menu
At the main menu, you have two choices, either load or start a new game.  Be
careful when navigating the menus.  The buttons for selecting and cancelling
are very uncommon. 

3.2) Screen Layout
Your character is in the middle of the screen.  At the top, the time remaining 
is displayed.  Under that, there is your current health.  Your head represents
the marker.  You start at blue, then yellow, red and death.  Around the edge
of the screen, you can see the shorts that you have accumulated out of the 
total needed to clear the stage.  The clear shorts represent shorts needed.
The yellow shorts represent the shorts that you currently have.  Finally, the
yellow shorts in the bubbles represent the shorts have taken back to the 
washing machine.

3.3) Controls
L1 - Camera reset
R1 - Jump
R2 - Vacuum
Square - Vacuum
Circle - Activate MD
X - Jump
Left Analog stick / D-pad - Player movement

Advanced Controls:
Activate MD: when you press the Circle button, and possess an MD, you can 
  activate it.  If you press it quickly, you will drop it in front of you.
  If you hold the button, you will see a red marker.  That is where the MD
  will land after releasing the button.
Double Jump: press the X or R1 button twice while in the air to double jump.
  You must press the button when you are at the top of the jumping arc.
Crouching: push the left Anolog stick to crouch, and move to crawl.
Swing Attack: if you tap the Square or R2 button, you can swing your vacuum
  around and club the monkeys surrounding you.
Vacuum Recoil: If you hold the Square or R2 button when you are facing monkeys,
  you can suck hold them in mid-air until you release.  When you do, the 
  monkeys will be shot into the air.  You can pull back or aim the controller
  while recoiling to catapult them in any direction.

3.4) Game System
There are several different aspects of the game:
Shorts / Washing
 - Monkeys wear the shorts which you need to wash.
 - You must suck them off and collect them.
 - Monkeys will try to reclaim them while chasing you, if they catch them, the
   shorts package may explode open, scattering the shorts.
 - You can collect shorts by sucking them up, or running over them.
 - Shorts that stay on the ground for a long period of time will disappear and
   re-appear with new monkeys that are dropped by Specter.
 - Once you have collected shorts, you can take them back to the washing 
   machine for cleaning.
 - Shorts can get stuck on fences, spikes or other areas, and may explode open
   and scatter.

 - You begin each stage with a certain amount of time.
 - Your rank on that stage is determined by the time remaining.
 - You may pick up clocks (before it reaches zero) to increase it by 30 seconds.
 - If the timer reaches zero, your health is reduced to red and cannot increase.

 - The monkeys are your enemies in the game, and there are six types of monkeys
   that you will encounter.  Some are faster than others, and some more 
 - Most monkeys will run away from you when they are wearing shorts.  The main
   exception is the Mechamonkeys.  They will always attack you. 
 - Monkeys are unlimited.  If you kill them off or shoot them into oblivion, 
   Specter will just teleport more of them in.

 - There are different hazards that you must avoid in the game.  Some vary 
   depending on the stage that you are playing.
 - Water - if you fall in water, you can swim.  Don't worry about your breath,
     but you can't use the vacuum.  If you enter the water past the buoys, you
     will lose a life.
 - Swamp - if you fall in swamp, you will sink.  Jump to get out.  If you don't
     you may lose a life.
 - Lava - you will start to smoke after being on lava.  Move off quickly.  If
     you catch fire, you must run in some water or you will lose a life.
 - Drains - in the Beach area, you can drain the water of the pools by stepping
     on the drain button.  If you jump into the draining water, you may lose a

Monkey Hazards
 - Monkeys will sometimes drop things to deter you.
 - The hazard depends on the monkey that released it.
 - Some don't harm you, but just make you slip (Banana peels, scorpions, etc.)
 - Mechamonkeys will drop Mini-Mechamonkeys which explode and cause you damage.

 - There are bonuses hidden throughout the game.  They can be found by firing 
   monkeys into various things.  
 - Hit palm trees (with monkeys) for extra hearts
 - Hit gravestones (with monkeys) for a bonus star
 - There are other bonuses hidden too. 

 - When you complete a Specter level, you will receive a bonus screen showing
   monkeys in an onsen (Japanese traditional bath-house).
 - You get more monkeys for completing the levels with S rank.
 - There are six different onsen in total.

3.5) Scoring
There is no score in the game besides your ranking for each level.  There are
six different Ranks, S-A-B-C-D-E.  However, for each level, you also receive
a bonus life if there is any time remaining when you finish, and a bonus life
for collecting all the shorts in one attempt (without dropping any off at the
machine in between).  There is no rank for the last Specter level of the 
Specter stages.

4) Character Info
There are five main characters in the game:

The Professor(Hakase) - The genius, inventive Professor

Katie(Natsumi) - The Professor's daughter 

Spike(Kakeru)- Our hero 

Specter(Specter) - The evil monkey boss

The Monkeys(Piposaru) - The generic monkeys of the game

5) Walkthrough
This is a walkthrough to help you improve you rankings for the game.  Most of
the game is fairly simple.  Completing the stagees is usually rather easy.  
Getting an S-Rank, however, is sometimes more difficult.  When you reach the
Expert mode, it becomes a bit harder.

Walkthrough Stage Legend:
Parkland - P  (Park)
Splashland - B  (Beach)
Scaryland - Z  (Zombie)
Nowhereland - D (Desert)
Icyland - I  (Ice)
Specterland - S  (Specter)

5.1) Completing the Game
This is a guide to complete the game and clear all the stages for the first 
time.  Once you have completed all of the levels, you will be transported to
the Specter course again.  If you complete all of the levels, including the
FINAL Specter, then you will unlock Expert Mode.

Monkey Course
          P3 - P4 - P5(Boss)
P1 - P2 <
          B3 - B4 - B5 - B6(Boss)

Stage - P1 (Small Park)
Level: 1
Shorts Quota: 10
Time Limit: 3:00
Notes: This stage is a simple rectangle.  Chase those monkeys down and grab 
their shorts!

Stage - P2 (River Park)
Level: 2
Shorts Quota: 20
Time Limit: 3:00
Notes: There are some monkeys trapped in the middle and a river surrounding the
stage.  It's quite simple.

Stage - P3 (Ramp Park)
Level: 3
Shorts Quota: 20
Time Limit: 3:00
Notes: There is a ramp leading to an upper area.  Some of the monkeys are 
trapped in a fenced off area in the lower one.  Not difficult at all. 

Stage - B3 (Tropical Pool)
Level: 1
Shorts Quota: 20
Time Limit: 4:00
Notes: This is the first water stage.  It is a giant circle.  Learn the basics
of water movement here.

Stage - P4 (Park Fountain)
Level: 5
Shorts Quota: 50
Time Limit: 5:00
Notes: There is a star right behind you when you start.  Get it and chase the
monkeys down.  You have to collect a lot of shorts, but it still isn't very 
difficult.  Be careful of the spiked mines.

Stage - B4 (Mountain Pool)
Level: 2
Shorts Quota: 30
Time Limit: 4:00
Notes: At the start, grab the Shorts Finder and go behind you.  After getting
those shorts, head into the pool and on to the other side.  There, you can 
drain the pool and collect your shorts.  Get the capsules too because you can't
get them when the pool is full.

Stage - B5 (Tropical Waterfall)
Level: 5
Shorts Quota: 50
Time Limit: 5:00
Notes: This is the first challenging stage you will meet here.  There are a lot
of shorts to collect and a lot of areas to go to.  Find the Shorts Finder by
the hut to help you out.  Use the Love Bananas and drain the pool often.  There 
is a capsule at the bottom of the pool too.  Finally, you will have to take the 
ferry to the other island to find some capsules too.  There is a capsule on the 
outer edge underwater too.

Stage - P5 (Park Specter)
Level: Boss
Shorts Quota: 40
Time Limit: 5:00
Notes: Bomb specter to release the monkeys and the shorts.  Find his path and 
wait for him.  It is the same stage as the Park Fountain.  You can also fire 
monkeys at him too.  Do whichever you think is easier.  Almost all of the other 
boss stages are similar to this.  Get used to it.

Stage - B6 (Beach Specter)
Level: Boss
Shorts Quota: 40
Time Limit: 5:00
Notes: This is the same stage as the previous stage before it (Tropical 
Waterfall).  This boss stage is a little easy.  If you wait on the beach, to 
the left of where you start, Specter will come very close.  Keep a bomb ready 
and hit him when he comes close.  You can also go to the top of the mountain 
and wait for him.

People Course
     D2        Z4 - Z5 - Z6 - Z7 - Z8(Boss)
D1 <    > D3 <         x
     B2        I4 - I5 - D6 - D7(Boss)

Stage - D1 (Desert Ring)
Level: 1
Shorts Quota: 30
Time Limit: 4:00
Notes: This is the first desert stage.  It is a simple ring.  Follow it around
and get the final capsule in the center.  Hit the Bullseye with some monkeys to 
earn extra lives.

Stage - D2 (The Twister)
Level: 2
Shorts Quota: 30
Time Limit: 4:00
Notes: This stage is a figure eight.  The twister travels around and sucks you
up, then you will fall to the ground.  You can land on the top of the one area
to get some extra bombs.  Be careful to collect the shorts from the capsules,
but don't release the extra monkeys.

Stage - B2 (Three Islands)
Level: 3
Shorts Quota: 40
Time Limit: 5:00
Notes: There are three islands and two boats.  Travel to each island to collect
the shorts.  No big deal.

Stage - D3 (Oasis)
Level: 3
Shorts Quota: 30
Time Limit: 4:00
Notes: This stage is a circle.  Head to the Oasis first and collect the shorts
there.  Then, go after the rest.  

Stage - Z4 (Sinkholes)
Level: 1
Shorts Quota: 30
Time Limit: 4:00
Notes: You start on a higher level and there are two light switches, a blue and
red one.  They light up the pits in the lower level for bombs.  Grab these 
shorts at the top quick and then run down to the lower level.  Use the bombs to
get these ones.  Hit the third gravestone from the left on the lower level 
(with monkeys) for a star and sometimes you will get a star.

Stage - I4 (Wheel of Ice)
Level: 1
Shorts Quota: 30
Time Limit: 3:00
Notes: This stage is a giant wheel.  There are five spokes of the wheel.
Travel the spokes to get to the center of the wheel.  Press the switches to 
launch the snowmen from the presents into the center.  Be careful, you can hurt
yourself.  But, the better idea is just to chase the monkeys, using the Love 
Bananas around the stage to corral them.

Stage - Z5 (Key Island)
Level: 2
Shorts Quota: 20 
Time Limit: 3:00
Notes: There is a small peninsula, shaped like a key, with a light switch to 
give you a bomb in the center of this stage.  It is the key to completing it 

Stage - I5 (Frozen Pond)
Level: 2
Shorts Quota: 30
Time Limit: 3:00
Notes: This stage is giant frozen pond.  There are cracks whihc you can fall
into.  Be careful.  The only shorts you need are in the capsules.  Avoid the
monkeys and collect your shorts.  You also need to protect your shorts, 
because they can move faster than you.  Use the bombs to do that.

Stage - Z6 (Coffin Bowling)
Level: 3
Shorts Quota: 20
Time Limit: 3:00
Notes: The stage is shaped like a giant ring.  What you have to do is either
bomb or bowl down the coffins and get the shorts of the monkeys inside.  
Again, time is of the essence.  I think that bowling is easiest because there
is only the one bomb on the stage.  Beware of the swamp as usual.

Stage - D6 (Desert Volcano)
Level: 5
Shorts Quota: 60
Time Limit: 6:00
Notes: There are quite a few hindrances in this stage, including lava, a 
twister, cacti, and land mines.  The strangest is the lava on the top of the 
mountain.  If you touch the lava for too long, you will catch fire and must 
return to the water to put it out before dying.  Also, this stage is difficult 
because of the sheer number of shorts required.  Anyway, just do an area at a 
time and be quick about it.  Speed, as always, is important.

Stage - Z7 (Haunted House)
Level: 5
Shorts Quota: 40
Time Limit: 5:00
Notes: This is a large stage like a maze.  But, you can walk along the walls
of the maze.  Head up to the house first.  When you hit the yellow switch, make
sure that you use both bombs before the light goes out.  Then, get more bombs
and do the ones below the house.  Next, look for star when you press the blue 
switch.  Hurry, you go back and to the left side to get the star.  Then, head
below and get the shorts.  The red switch lights some areas on the walls for 
more bombs.  Use the bombs to get the last of the shorts!  Be careful of the 
swamp moat too.  Sometimes, if you have a lone coffin, push it into the swamp
to get the shorts.

Stage - D7 (Desert Specter)
Level: Boss
Shorts Quota:
Time Limit:
Notes: twister stage, suck up, land on platform, bomb from there.

Stage - Z8 (Zombie Specter)
Level: Boss
Shorts Quota:
Time Limit:
Notes: grab the bombs from the house (use the switch) and bomb Specter
you can also shoot monkeys at him, if you're lucky.

Professor Course
I1 - P2 - B3 - D4 - Z5 - I6 - I7 - I8(Boss)

Stage - I1 (Four lakes)
Level: 3
Shorts Quota: 30
Time Limit: 3:00
Notes: This stage has four large frozen lakes.  You can smash the lakes with
the snowmen, but to do that, you must open a monkey capsule.  It's not worth
it.  Just use the Love Bananas to collect the monkeys the regular way

Stage - P2 (Thirty-Thirty)
Level: 4
Shorts Quota: 30 
Time Limit: 0:30
Notes: This is a quick one.  You start with only thirty second and a clock
in front of you.  You have to collect thirty pairs of shorts from the monkeys.
Just start bowling quick and run as fast as you can.  Hit the tree to collect 
a bonus life.  If you are looking for an S rank, don't bother collecting the 
clock as you need to make it in less than thirty seconds.  It'll take a couple 
of tries at least.  

Stage - B3 (Underwater Land)
Level: 4
Shorts Quota: 40
Time Limit: 3:00
Notes: This stage is almost completely water.  In this stage, there are a lot
of Love Bananas.  So, use them to attract the monkeys.  It is a bit of a pain
because you have to constantly drain the areas.  In the center pool, there is 
a Directional Arrow to help you find them.  There are several capsules that 
you need to find too, but try and find the lone monkeys with shorts first.

Stage - D4 (Desert Capsules)
Level: 4
Shorts Quota: 40
Time Limit: 3:00
Notes: This is a simple one (for this level).  There are some enemy capsules 
in the middle of the stage, ignore them.  The outer areas contain all of the
shorts that you need.  Collect them quick for a high rank.

Stage - Z5 (Dark Maze)
Level: 4
Shorts Quota: 40
Time Limit: 4:00
Notes: This stage is short maze.  There are most of the shorts in the lower 
area near the blue switch.  There are also red and yellow switches for more
bombs.  You can also get a star if you are lucky from one of the gravestones.

Stage - I6 (Christmas Tree 1)
Level: 4
Shorts Quota: 10
Time Limit: 1:00
Notes: Do a lap around the track, picking up the shorts.  Then, jump off into
the area with the Christmas tree.  Light the switch and enter the tree.  When
you land, look for the Stars and then mop up the rest of the monkeys.

Stage - I7 (Christmas Tree 2)
Level: 5
Shorts Quota: 60
Time Limit: 1:00
Notes: There is a tree in the middle on top of a frozen pond.  Light the 
tree with the switch and you will be catapulted into the air.  When you land,
open the presents.  There are tons of Love Bananas and Remote Controls.  Use
them, along with the Snowmen traps to complete the level quickly.  Note:  in
some of the igloos, you can find bonus time, but don't bother with it.  

Stage - I8 (Ice Specter)
Level: Boss
Shorts Quota: 60
Time Limit: 3:00
Notes: This is the same stage as the last one (as always).  Head into the
tree first and get your bombs.  They will keep coming for a while, then you 
will have to light the tree again.  Anyway, just follow his pattern and then
hit him with the bombs.  Keep smashing the pond to get rid of the straggling

Specter Course  
S1 - S2 - S3 - S4 - S5(Boss)

Stage - S1 (Specter Stage 1)
Level: 1
Shorts Quota: 30
Time Limit: 4:00
Notes: This stage has some conveyor belts, with some Mechamonkeys.  Beware of 
the rocket launchers too.  Use the Love Bananas and collect the shorts off 
the monkeys.  Not very difficult.

Stage - S2 (Specter Stage 2)
Level: 2
Shorts Quota: 30
Time Limit: 3:00
Notes: This stage is a giant square with conveyor belts going to and from it.
There are many fast Mechamonkeys here.  It takes some practice to get it 
perfect, but use the Love Bananas and the bombs to get them all.

Stage - S3 (Specter Stage 3)
Level: 3
Shorts Quota: 30
Time Limit: 1:00
Notes: Run fast at the start and get to the end.  Collect the time and bonuses
on the way.  Knock down the walls at the end and use the specials in there to
collect the shorts.

Stage - S4 (Specter Stage 4)
Level: 4
Shorts Quota: 30
Time Limit: 4:00
Notes: Run into the maze at the right first.  The Mechamonkeys in the original
area don't have any shorts.  Climb the stairs into the bomb maze.  The rocket 
launcher will destroy some of the bombs.  Use the bombs to destroy the rest.
In the next area, use the Love Bananas to collect them all.  When you get to
the final area, use a Love Banana from the last area.  It will help you at 
the start.  Jump off the end to finish the level.

Stage - S5 (Final Specter)
Level: Boss
Shorts Quota: Special
Time Limit: Special
Notes: The first area is a simple conveyor belt run.  It is annoying because
your camera doesn't help you.  The second area has some rooms and conveyor
belts.  To open the doors, press the button.  Keep moving!  It is harder, 
especially due to the poor camera angle.  At the end, you need to press four 
buttons to open the final door.  The third area is the trap door area.  Keep
running and you'll be fine.  There is a bonus life off to the side, but don't
bother unless you think you are lucky.  The fourth area is an area where you
have to collect the shorts.  You have two minutes to collect the 50 shorts.
Just run around the edges, getting the capsules and use the love bananas in
the middle.  There is no bonus for getting the shorts, as you must now fight
Specter.  The final area is Specter Monkey.  He is a giant monkey who shoots
fire from his arms, monkeys from his mouth and lasers from his eyes.  Use
the bombs to hit his arms.  Use the monkeys to shoot at his chest.  You can
do alot of damage with them!  Once you have destroyed him, you will fight
Specter himself.  But, you must have cleared every area on the world map, or
you will not get the chance.  He is just the head of the monkey.  He releases
monkeys, does a charge attack, fires missiles, lasers, then repeat.  The best 
strategy is to fire his monkeys back when he charges.  Definitely avoid him

with his lasers and missiles!  After destroying him, take his shorts and watch 
the ending!

5.2) Expert Mode
Once you have cleared all of the stages, Expert mode is unlocked.  It a mode
to re-play the same stages again.  However, it is much more difficult this 
time around.  The monkeys move faster and are more ferocious and the layout
is usually harder than before.  For example, usually capsules are placed in 
difficult areas, more shorts to get, shorter time, etc.

6) Secrets
Once completing the game, Expert Mode is unlocked.

7) Miscellaneous / Et Cetera
Sony Homepage: www.scei.co.jp

This FAQ is not associated with Sony, or any of their products either software 
or hardware.  The respective companies retain all copyrights of their products 
mentioned in this FAQ.

There was a demo of the game that you could win at McDonalds in Japan.  It was
a disc called Happy Disc that had included a demo of Parappa the Rappa 2.  For 
PipoSaru 2001, you could play 2 full levels.  Instead of hearts, you received
McDonald's burgers to increase your health!  The loading screen showed the 
monkeys eating burgers too.  Strange!

Feel free to email any advice or suggestions!  Due to time constraints, do 
not expect a reply on email.

--  1/9/02 Gene([email protected])

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