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Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven FAQ/Walkthrough
Version 1.0
March 15th, 2003
By Brian Nii ([email protected])

Table of Contents




It was a time of hiatus in a period of bitter wars and great turmoil.

The Azuma ninja clan conducted the traditional ceremonies to end its year of 
mourning for the tragic death of Rikimaru. Meanwhile, the land of Lord Gohda 
celebrated the passing of the fourth season of peace since the defeat of Lord 
Mei-Oh. Only the Azuma ninjas knew the truth about Lord Mei-Oh's 
disappearance into a portal after he was defeated. It was a secret that even 
Lord Gohda did not know.

Lord Gohda did know that the Azuma ninjas served him with their lives and 
their honor - delivering midnight messages to neighboring states and 
punishment in the shadows to those who turned against him. They were a feared 
yet unknown group, a faceless arm of justice masked in a cloud of secrets. 
Most importantly, they were his merciless forces of silent assassins.

This is the sequel to a tale of two shadows born into darkness and destined 
to die in darkness.

                      - From the Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven Instruction Manual

Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven is the true sequel to the original Tenchu: Stealth 
Assassins (Tenchu 2: Birth of the Assassins was actually a prequel). This 
time around an evil sorcerer named Tenrai gathers an evil army of ninjas, 
demons, and the undead in a plot to resurrect the demon king Mei-Oh who was 
defeated by the Azuma ninjas Rikimaru and Ayame. Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven 
features the same game play as its predecessors with a few changes in its 
Playstation 2 incarnation.


- Movement is now controlled by the left analog stick. The control pad now 
controls item selections.

- Blocking is now accomplished by holding the O buttion.

- There is now a lock-on feature to face attacking enemies (R2).

- The camera can now be controlled by using the right analog stick.

- Characters always have their weapons drawn and cannot run.

- Characters can now do stealth kills by dropping on their target.

- Characters can earn new moves by getting nine stealth kills in a certain 

- Characters can now pick up and use enemy weapons such as spears and bows.

- There is no stage editor as in Tenchu 2.

- Stages once again have background music unlike Tenchu 2. You can still turn 
the music off though.

- There is no longer any swimming or body dragging as there was in Tenchu 2: 
Birth of the Assassins.

- The game has much longer draw distance than previous games (i.e. no more 
fogging effects).

- Enemies have a much tighter defense and attack more aggressively than in 
previous games.

- Each stage has three different layouts for enemy and item placement. The 
stage design itself remains unchanged.

- There is now a versus mode and cooperative mode for two players.


Version 1.0 (3/15/03) - First completed version of this FAQ/Walkthrough. 
Finished Tesshu's walkthrough. Finished Bonus Stage walkthrough. Made more 
Version 0.2 (3/14/03) - Finished Rikimaru's and Ayame's walkthroughs. Started 
Tesshu's walkthrough. Made a whole lot of corrections and additions.
Version 0.1 (3/11/03) - First version of this FAQ. Completed Rikimaru's 
walkthrough up to the fifth mission.


Left Analog Stick: Moves the character. Tilt the stick slightly to walk 
slowly. Hold down to run (well, ninja shuffle anyway). Holding the R2 button 
down allows you to strafe.

Right Analog Stick: Controls camera movement. When leaning against a wall 
turns the camera around corners.

Control Pad: Press left or right to select items. Press up to select 
Grappling Hook. Press down to select Health Potion.

L1: First person view. Use the Left Analog Stick while holding down the L1 
button to look around.

L2: Scrolls left through your item inventory.

R1: Stealth Mode (actually a crouch). While in Stealth Mode your profile is 
greatly reduced and enemies that would normally spot you will think you are 
something else. This of course does not work at close range. While in Stealth 
Mode you can do the following moves:

R1 + Left Analog Stick: Move in a crouched position.
    (near low opening): Crawl.
    (near flat wall)  : Flatten against wall.

R1 + X + Left Analog Stick: Roll.

R1 + X: 180-degree roll.

R1 (while falling): Performs a stealth landing. Falling long distances 
without holding the R1 Button will cause the character to crash into the 
ground, stunning them for a second.

R2: Lock on. Pressing R2 will make your character face the nearest enemy. 
Holding R2 will lock your character facing the nearest enemy. While locked on 
the Left Analog Stick will move you around the target enemy.

R2 + X + Left Analog Stick: Strafe.

R2 + X: 180-degree somersault jump.

Start Button: Skip Cinematic/Pause Game.

Select Button: Open/Close Map Screen. Note that the game is not paused while 
the map is open.

Square Button: Attack. Press repeatedly to perform a combo attack, or in 
conjunction with the Left Analog Stick to perform special attacks. Combos 
depend on the character used.

Triangle Button: Uses selected item. For items that can be thrown/fired 
holding down the Triangle Button aims while releasing it throws the item.

X Button: Jump. Pressing the X Button again in mid air performs a double jump 

O Button: Block. Can only block attacks in front of the character. Some 
attacks cannot be blocked.

O Button (near enemy): Performs character's special attack. Rikimaru will 
throw the enemy, Ayame performs a knee to the head, while Tesshu grabs and 
head butts the enemy.


Square x 3: Three hit combo.
Square x 3, Away + Square: Three hit combo + roundhouse kick. (Rikimaru and 
Ayame only)
Square x 4: Four hit combo (Ayame only).
Square (enemy on ground): Attack prone enemy.
R1 + Square: Crouch attack.
X + Square: Jumping attack.
360 degrees on left analog stick + Square: 360 degree attack.
Towards x 2 + Square OR Hold R2 + Towards + X + Square: Lunge attack.
Hold R2 + Away + Square: Overhead attack.



The Ki Meter next to your health bar is an indication of how close another 
being is relative to your location. Although this is supposed to be an 
indication of how a ninja can detect a living being by their life force, 
strangely enough in the game this also can detect undead beings as well as 
automatons that aren't alive at all. Go figure. Anyway, the number by the Ki 
Meter is a relative distance between you and a target. The higher the number 
the closer you are and vice versa. Be warned that your Ki Meter will not 
differentiate between hostiles and innocent bystanders so be sure to look 
before you leap. As a good rule of thumb anyone that is carrying a weapon 
(well other than Gohda's guards in Rikimaru's second mission), that looks 
like a demon, or looks like they were just dug up from a grave is fair game. 
Next to the number is an icon that indicates the awareness level of the 
target of your presence.

No Icon: There are no living (or unloving) targets in the area.

?: There is a target in the area, but they are completely unaware of your 
presence. The larger the icon the closer the target is and vice versa. You 
can only determine distance to targets in this condition.

!?: The target has been alerted by a disturbance, but does not know what (or 
who) it is. The target will actively search for the source of the 
disturbance. If the character is not found for a period of time the target 
returns to the ? condition.

!: The character has been spotted, but has not actively identified as a 
threat by the target. If spotted from a distance the character can sometimes 
use Stealth Mode to return the Ki Meter to the ? condition.

!!: The character has been identified and will be attacked by the target. If 
the character can hide from the target's visual range the Ki Meter change to 
the !? condition. Note that the !! condition will also alert any other 
targets in the vicinity of your presence. 

Note that innocent bystanders and cats will not attack you, but they will 
alert any enemies in the area to your presence.


New to the Tenchu series, the Kuji Meter is an indication of the character's 
spiritual strength. Each time a character performs a stealth kill a Kanji is 
filled in the Kuji Meter. When the Kuji Meter is completely filled (9 Kanji) 
a new special move is learned by that character. Each character learns a 
different special move for each mission, and once it is learned it can be 
used in any mission. You can only learn a special move once per mission, but 
as the Kuji Meter is filled the character's attack power is increased, so 
it's a good idea to fill it up even if you already learned the special move 
for the mission. Note that Tesshu does not have a Kuji Meter. Instead he 
earns money for every stealth kill he makes. Killing an enemy with the blow 
gun earns only half a kanji, while killing an enemy from the front earns one 
and a half kanji. Killing an innocent bystander empties the Kuji Meter 


In order to perform a stealth kill the target must be either in the ?, !?, or 
! condition. You cannot perform a stealth kill while under the !! condition. 
The type of stealth kill performed depends on the direction the character 
approaches the target. Note that you can immediately cancel the stealth kill 
animation by pressing the O button. You can also disable the stealth 
animations completely in the option menu. Also some enemies such as the dogs 
or Chibots have no stealth skill animation, but killing them unseen will 
count as a stealth kill. Killing enemies with a stealth kill increases the 
Kuji Meter, or in the case of Tesshu adds money to his inventory. Performing 
a stealth kill temporarily disables the Ki Meter to the !? condition, so be 
careful when there are multiple enemies in the area.


From Behind: Rikimaru grabs the enemy from behind and slits their throat with 
his sword. Can occasionally decapitate the enemy.

From the Right: Rikimaru moves around the enemy while cutting open their neck 
with his sword.

From the Left: Rikimaru stabs the enemy in the back, then follows up with a 
slash to the front.

From the Front: Rikimaru stabs the enemy in the stomach.

From Above: Rikimaru runs the enemy through with his sword, twisting it for 
good measure.

Enemy is on a slope: Rikimaru jumps on the enemy's shoulders and runs his 
sword through their head.


From Behind: Ayame places her swords against the enemy's throat and slices 
their neck open. Can occasionally decapitate the enemy.

From the Right: Ayame knocks the enemy face down into the ground, then pulls 
their head back and cuts their throat.

From the Left: Ayame kicks the enemy in the head and follows up with a slash 
to the neck.

From the Front: Ayame stabs the enemy in the stomach with both swords.

From Above: Ayame grabs the enemy with her legs, twists their neck, then 
smashes them to the ground.

Enemy is on a slope: Ayame grabs the enemy with her legs, twists their neck, 
and then jumps off springing off of their head.


From Behind: Tesshu grabs the enemy from behind and pierces their skull with 
a needle.

From the Right: Tesshu grabs the enemy from behind and drives his hand into 
their spinal column. He then prays for their departure to the spirit world. 

From the Left: Tesshu breaks the enemy's elbows, then twists their head 180 

From the Front: Tesshu grabs the enemy, drives his hand into their chest, and 
pulls out their heart.

From Above: Tesshu pins the enemy face down on the ground, then dislocates 
their spinal cord.

Enemy is on a slope: Tesshu jumps on the enemy's shoulders and drives his 
needle into their skull.

Tesshu has a seventh stealth kill animation if he uses the Kumihimo on an 
unaware enemy.


Filling the Kuji Meter during a mission will unlock a new special move for 
that character. Each character earns the same moves for each stage with the 
exception of the first one. Once the move has been learned it can be used in 
any other stage. Tesshu automatically begins the game with all of his special 


SHOULDER THRUST (Rikimaru)/SOMERSAULT KICK (Ayame) (Mission One)
Command: Square x 2, Away from opponent + Square (Rikimaru)
Command: Square x 4, Away from opponent + Square (Ayame)
A powerful attack that knocks the enemy back quite a distance if it connects. 
Useful for knocking enemies into pits or when you need to buy yourself some 
time to use an item.

Command: Press O at the moment the enemy attacks you.
This pushes the enemy off balance, leaving them open to attack. Hard to time 
but useful against enemies with a tight defense.

NINJA VISION (Mission Three)
Command: While in first person view (L1) move the Right Analog Stick.
This allows you to "zoom in" as if you had a pair of ninja binoculars. Not 
only does this allow you to observe enemies from a distance, but you can 
attack enemies from a much greater distance that normally possible. It's also 
useful to look closely at the details in the game, such as the flower tattoos 
on the Kunoichi. =)

Command: Rotate 360 degrees on the Left Analog Stick + Square, Triangle
This attack hits the enemy with a 360-degree attack, then grabs them with the 
grappling hook and draws them next to you. You can repeat this move over and 
over again for an infinite combo.

Command: Hold R1 while grappling to a flat ceiling.
This allows you to stick to the ceiling, where you can drop on the enemy for 
a stealth kill, or drop items such as poisoned rice. You can only stay on the 
ceiling for a limited time though.

FEIGN DEATH (Mission Six)
Command: Rotate 360 degrees on the Left Analog Stick + R1. Press Square when 
enemy is near.
When this move is executed you will stab yourself doing 20 damage and fall to 
the ground in a seemingly comatose state. Guards will approach your "dead" 
body to investigate, where you can execute a surprise attack by pressing the 
Square button. Note that while you are feigning death you will lose health, 
but your health will not drop to less than 1. Guards that examine your body 
long enough will realize you are playing dead and will attack.

WALL KICK (Mission Seven)
Command: Press Square while jumping towards a wall.
Another attack to add to your repertoire, but most enemies will usually block 
it if they are aware of your presence. 

Command: While holding down R2 press Up then Down then Square. You must hit 
the opponent to activate this ability.
This causes the targeted enemy to attack other enemies for a period of time.
This works great when you're up against multiple opponents. Just remember 
that it does wear off eventually, and does not work on bosses.

WRATH OF HEAVEN (Mission Nine or Ten)
Command: Press X and O at the same time.
This attack instantly kills an enemy if it hits. Unfortunately, this attack 
also reduces your health to 1 regardless if it hits or not. It also has a 
very short range so be careful on how you use it.


Since Tesshu doesn't have a Kuji Meter he begins the game will all of his 
moves from the start.

Command: Rotate 360 degrees on the Left Analog Stick + Square.
This replaces the standard 360 attack for Tesshu. It's a bit hard to hit with 
in combat, but when it does connect it sends the enemy flying farther than 
the Shoulder Thrust or Somersault Kick.

Command: Press the O button while crouched (R1).
This has the same effect as the decoy whistle. Tesshu makes a random animal 
noise to alleviate the enemy's suspicions. This is pretty funny when a guard 
runs up to a horribly mangled corpse and Tesshu makes a rooster crow. "Oh, it 
must have been a rooster that did this. I'll just go back to patrolling." 

Command: Rotate 360 degrees on the Left Analog Stick + R1. Press Square when 
enemy is near.
This is the same as Rikimaru's and Ayame's technique.

Command: Hold R1 while grappling to a flat ceiling.
This is the same as Rikimaru's and Ayame's technique.

Command: Press O at the moment the enemy attacks you.
This is the same as Rikimaru's and Ayame's Ninjitsu Block technique. Since 
Tesshu isn't a ninja I guess they can't call it a Ninjitsu Block now can 

Command: Press the X and O buttons at the same time.
This takes a few seconds to activate, leaving Tesshu vulnerable to attack. 
When used it powers up Tesshu's attacks for a limited time. While using this 
technique any hit that connects sets the opponent on fire.


Various items can be found during the missions either in hidden locations or 
dropped by enemies. After each mission you will receive additional items 
based on your efficiency. Obtaining the rank of Grand Master (or Master of 
Assassins for Tesshu) for a certain mission will earn special items 
unavailable anywhere else. Being spotted by an enemy (or anyone else for that 
matter) during a mission will deduct 150 points from your score. For each 
time you are spotted after that an additional 30 points is deducted.


Mission     Rikimaru                Ayame                  Tesshu
-------     --------                -----                  ------
One         Super Shuriken          Exploding Arrow        Super Needle
Two         Exploding Arrow         Invisibility Spell     Kumihimo
Three       Chameleon Spell         Super Shuriken         Magazine
Four        Dog Bone                Chameleon Spell        Exploding Arrow
Five        Invisibility Spell      Fire Spell             Disguise
Six         Fire Spell              Ninja Armor            Bamboo Gun
Seven       Ninja Armor             Fireworks
Eight       Fireworks               Dog Bone
Nine        Decoy Whistle           Decoy Whistle
Ten         Binding Spell           Binding Spell

Super Shuriken: Fires eight shuriken in a fan pattern.

Exploding Arrow: Causes explosive damage and sets enemies on fire. The 
explosion can hit you so be careful if you use it at close range.

Super Needle (Tesshu only): Fires eight throwing needles in a fan pattern.

Invisibility Spell: Turns you completely invisible for a short period of 

Kumihimo (Tesshu only): Cord weapon that strangles enemies. If the enemy is 
unaware of Tesshu it does a stealth kill.

Chameleon Spell: Transforms the character into an enemy for a short time. The 
character will not be recognized by enemies during this time. Attacking an 
enemy nullifies this spell.

Magazine (Tesshu only): A diversion item. When dropped on the ground causes 
enemies to come to look at it.

Dog Bone: Summons the Azuma ninja dog Semimaru (from Tenchu 2) to fight by 
your side.

Fire Spell: Creates a wave of fire around your character, burning any nearby 

Disguise (Tesshu only): This is Tesshu's version of the Chameleon Spell.

Ninja Armor (Rikimaru and Ayame only): This reduces the damage inflicted to 
your character for a single mission. It also looks really cool. =)

Bamboo Gun (Tesshu only): A powerful crude gun that inflicts heavy damage.

Fireworks: Distracts all enemies in the area. This does not work against 
enemies that have spotted you.

Decoy Whistle: Mimics the sound of an animal. This causes enemies in the !? 
condition to return to the ? condition much faster.

Binding Spell: Paralyzes all enemies in the area of effect.


Basement Key: Found in Tesshu's first mission. This unlocks the basement area 
in Echigoya's mansion.

Blow Gun: Kills enemies instantly if they are unaware of your presence. This 
weapon does not work on the undead.

Bow: Fires arrows at enemies. Dropped by archers.

Caltrops: When enemies step on this they become temporarily immobilized, 
leaving them open to attack or buying you time to escape.

Colored Rice: Marks your present location on the map.

Dokuto (Ayame only): A pair of swords that can poison the enemy. Ayame 
herself will be poisoned while using this.

Explosives: Used to open a path in Ayame's eighth mission.

Fugaku Sword: Deals more damage than Izayoi but is much slower. 

Gate Key: Used to open a gate in Echigoya's mansion.

Grappling Hook: Used to grapple to ledges, walls, and roofs. This item is 
permanently in your inventory. 

Grenade: Causes explosive damage on contact. If the grenade misses it burns 
on a delayed fuse and explodes after a certain period of time.

Hamada's Key: Dropped by Hamada in Rikimaru's second mission. Used to open a 
door later in the mission.

Health Potion: Restores 100 health.

Health Potion (small): Restores 25 health. This item can only be found during 

Kasumi and Shizuku (Ayame only): This sword is capable of killing the undead. 
It constantly drains the health of Ayame when used, but will not lower her 
health to less than 1. Killing undead with this sword restores Ayame's 

Mine: Causes explosive damage to enemies that step on it. The mine will 
damage you as well so be careful where you place it.

Money: Boxes of money found during Tesshu's missions. Adds money to his 

Muramasa Sword (Rikimaru only): This sword is capable of killing the undead. 
It constantly drains the health of Rikimaru when used, but will not lower his 
health to less than 1. Killing undead with this sword restores Rikimaru's 

Ninja Rebirth: Resurrects your character if their health drops to 0. This 
will not prevent death by falling. You can only bring one from the item 
selection screen, but you can carry more if you come across any during a 

Poison Antidote: Cures poison. Characters that are poisoned will slowly lose 
health and periodically be stunned. Poison wears off after a certain period 
of time.

Poison Rice: Attracts enemies and paralyzes them if they eat it.

Prison Key: Found in Tesshu's fourth mission. Unlocks the exit to the 
limestone cavern.

Shuriken: Can be thrown at enemies for a small amount of damage. If the 
shuriken misses the target it can be picked up and used again.

Smoke Bomb: Incapacitates enemies with blinding smoke.

Spear: Has a longer range than a sword. Dropped by spearmen.

Staff: Similar to the spear. Found in the Buddha Temple. Dropped by monks.

Steel: Found in Rikimaru's sixth mission. Required to repair the Izayoi 

Sticky Bomb: Shuriken weapon that sticks to objects or enemies. Can be 
detonated by pressing the R3 (Right Analog Stick) button.

Stone of Power: Increases damage inflicted for an entire mission.

Strength Potion: Temporarily increases damage inflicted.

Tetsubishi: Chain that grabs enemies and pulls them toward you.

Throwing Needles: Tesshu uses these instead of shuriken in his missions.

Tiger Trap: Enemies that step in this trap are immobilized and rendered 
helpless for a period of time.



Rikimaru: Leader of the Azuma ninja clan, Rikimaru was supposedly killed 
after rescuing Princess Kiku from Lord Mei-Oh. Years later he appears once 
again, this time to fight the forces of the evil sorcerer Tenrai. Wielding 
the mystical sword Izayoi, Rikimaru possesses a high degree of honor and is 
always willing to put his life on the line for his lord.

Ayame: Sharp of both blade and tongue, Ayame has been trained in the arts of 
stealth and assassination since birth along side Rikimaru. Using her twin 
swords, her fighting style is both swift and deadly. Ayame is both hot 
tempered and impulsive, preferring to jump straight into any situation and 
slice up her foes with her blades. She has a soft spot for Princess Kiku, 
whom she considers to be like a little sister.

Tesshu Fujioka: A member of the underground vigilante organization Muzen, 
Tesshu is a doctor by day, hired assassin by night. While he kills for money, 
he will only do so if it serves justice. Using his knowledge of anatomy, 
Tesshu's barehanded assassin techniques are just as deadly as any blade. 
Tesshu inadvertently becomes involved with the Azuma ninja's fight against 
Tenrai's forces. 

Lord Godha: A just and honorable ruler, Lord Godha is the patron lord of the 
Azuma ninja clan. With the help of both Rikimaru and Ayame he survived the 
coup attempt by the rogue Burning Dawn ninja clan, as well as rescued his 
daughter Kiku from certain death at the hands of the evil Lord Mei-Oh.

Sekiya: An advisor for Lord Godha, Sekiya worries constantly about the safety 
of his lord, but knows that the Azuma ninjas have never let Lord Gohda down 
regardless of how dire the situation.

Ressai: A skilled blacksmith capable of repairing mystical blades. He fixes 
Rikimaru's Izayoi blade and gives him his family's heirloom sword Muramasa to 
combat the undead.

Zennosuke Otou: Leader of the underground vigilante organization Muzen.

Senkichi: A runner for Muzen, he relays orders and payments from Zennosuke to 

Semimaru: The Azuma ninja dog, Semimaru helped Rikimaru and Ayame track down 
the location of the Burning Dawn's underground base.

Tokubei Echigoya: Although his father was assassinated by the Azuma ninja for 
corruption, Tokubei has also become a corrupt merchant, loaning large amounts 
of money to villagers and taking their daughters as payment when they fail to 
pay him back. He has recently begun bribing one of Gohda's officials to 
"overlook" the process.

Nasu: A statesman for Gohda, he is as corrupt as Tokubei and has a fondness 
for wine, women, and money.

Tajima: A hired thug with a sword, tri-barreled gun, and a major attitude 
problem. He thinks he can handle anything, but apparently has never 
encountered the Azuma ninja before.

Hamada: A traitor within Gohda's ranks, he's in cahoots with Tokubei and 

Onikage: Formerly Suzaku, one of the four lords of the Burning Dawn, Onikage 
plotted to resurrect the evil Lord Mei-Oh but was killed by the Azuma ninja. 
Resurrected by Tenrai, he is given another chance to bring his unholy lord 
back to life.

Dr. Kimaira: A mad scientist, Dr. Kimaira has created an automaton army to 
assist Tenrai. 

Hyakubake: A shape-shifting magician who can impersonate another being with 
perfect accuracy.

Kagura: An evil sorceress who can summon evil spirits from ofuda (talismans).

Ganda: A giant of a man strengthened by evil energy. He leads a cult of evil 

Tatsumaru: Former leader of the Azuma ninja. He lost his memory and joined 
the rogue Burning Dawn ninja clan against Lord Gohda. While he eventually 
recovered his memory, Tatsumaru committed suicide in atonement for his 
dishonorable acts. Tenrai brought him back to life once again to do battle 
with the Azuma ninja.

Tenrai: An evil sorcerer with the power over life itself, Tenrai plots to 
resurrect the evil Lord Mei-Oh and spread darkness throughout the land.

Jinnai: A mysterious swordsman who was a former member of Muzen alongside 


Samurai/Ronin (sword): The basic guards are much better at blocking than they 
were in previous games. Their attacks aren't too difficult to dodge, but they 
can be a problem in large groups.

Samurai/Ronin (spear): Spear carrying guards have a much longer range than 
swordsmen so you'll probably want to block or sidestep and then 
counterattack. They will usually drop a spear upon their defeat.

Samurai/Ronin (bow): These guards can see farther than normal guards and are 
usually posted in high places or across chasms, making them difficult to 
attack. They will usually drop a bow upon their defeat.

Dog: These creepy looking dogs are hard to see due to their size. They will 
aggressively attack if they see you and will alert any guards in the area.

Bees: Found in a beehive at Echigoya's mansion, bees will aggressively attack 
any nearby enemies if their nest is disturbed. It's great fun to gather a 
large group of guards near the beehive, then from the roof let loose an arrow 
at the nest and watch the fun begin. =)

Ninja: Ninjas are much better at chasing you than ordinary guards and will 
usually do flips to avoid your attacks. 

Kunoichi (red): Their attacks are similar to Ayame, but they're nowhere as 
fast as she is. From a distance they can appear to be geishas. Unlike geishas 
they will frequently jump on top of buildings so be careful.

Geishas (innocent): They won't attack, but being spotted by one will count as 
being spotted by an enemy, and any guards in the area will come to 

Cat (not so innocent): Starting as little balls of fur on the ground, cats 
screech immediately when you approach them and run around like crazy, 
alerting all guards in the vicinity. As far as I know you cannot kill a cat. 

Jonin (red): These sword-wielding demons are very aggressive if alerted. 
Otherwise, they behave the same as ninjas.

Samurai Automaton: Found in Amagai Castle, these wooden soldiers are much 
tougher than their flesh and blood counterparts. They are armed with either a 
spear or bow. Despite their appearance they can be stealth killed.

Chibot: These freaky looking short samurai dolls roll around looking for 
annoying Azuma ninjas to kill. They have a spinning attack that does crazy 
amounts of damage. Avoid them as much as possible. Even though they are too 
short to stealth kill you can kill them with one hit if they are unaware of 
your presence. Be warned that a Chibot on the brink of death will detonate 
itself in a kamikaze attack.

Fire Demon (undead): These short loincloth wearing ghouls look harmless but 
are actually quite dangerous. They have a fire breathing attack that covers a 
huge area and cannot be blocked. At close range they have a claw attack that 
hits repeatedly and does quite a bit of damage. What makes them hard to deal 
with is that when they move they tend to flail their arms around, making it 
difficult to determine which direction they are moving in.

Undead Samurai (undead): These are easily identified from their living 
counterparts by their decaying flesh, swarm of flies, and arrow sticking out 
of their head. They are armed with a sword or bow, but also have a close 
range bite attack.

Ghost Head (undead): These floating decapitated heads are surrounded by a 
blue glow, making them easy to spot in the gloom. They attack by bashing into 
you, spewing vomit from long range, or biting you at close range.

Jonin (blue): They look just and act just like their red counterparts, except 
they have claws instead of swords. And they have a last ditch kamikaze attack 
when their low on health.

Shikigami: These spirits look like thin ghosts, and are usually positioned in 
areas where they can alert other guards. They have a long-range attack and 
can latch onto you draining even more health. While you can stealth kill 
them, they do not give you any kanji for it.

Werewolf: Funny how they look like ordinary white wolves. Maybe they're just 
in lupine form. Anyway, think of them as aggressive dogs.

Ninja Dog: You'll find these during Ayame's eight mission. These white dogs 
have a dagger in their mouth that they use to slash you with.

Monk: These basket-wearing monks wield staves (the same as spears for game 
purposes), but a few are armed with blow guns. While these won't kill you 
outright they will poison you.

Bear: You'll find one roaming the Buddha temple grounds. They have a ton of 
HP and do a great deal of damage. Their only major weakness is that they 
cannot block your attacks. And yes, you can stealth kill them.

Kunoichi (black): These female ninjas are as dangerous as Ayame. They also 
have a cute tattoo of a flower on their thigh. =)

Martial Artists: Wearing bloodstained white uniforms, these crazy monks can 
shoot homing balls of evil energy (which cannot be blocked) and have a 
hurricane kick style attack that hits repeatedly.


- It's a cliche mantra in the Tenchu series, but it's good advice. Remain 
unseen as much as possible. Not only does this increase your score, but it 
also increases your chances of survival. There will be some times where it 
may seem that a fight is inevitable, but there is always a way to get through 
a mission without being seen even once, though it may require a lot of 
patience (and a great deal of timing).

- Never kill the innocent.

- You can cancel zip lining from a grappling hook by pressing the triangle 

- Sometimes you can move faster by rolling than by moving normally. Rolling 
while in water allows you to move without making noise.

- Hold R1 down when you drop from great heights to land on your feet. This 
also prevents noise when landing in water.

- Archers have greater range of vision than normal enemies do.

- Enemies that bend down to pick up poison rice are completely vulnerable 
during this animation. If you kill them before they pick the poison rice up 
you can reuse it over and over again.

- Crouching in stealth mode greatly reduces your profile, making it difficult 
for enemies to see you. If you are spotted from a distance quickly crouch to 
reduce the chances of being identified. This obviously will not work if you 
are too close to the enemy.

- Enemies can never reach locations that require a grappling hook. If you can 
jump up and pull yourself to an area, assume that your enemies can as well.

- You can cancel the stealth kill animations by pressing the O button.

- Enemies have a problem with doors. Use this to your advantage. If an enemy 
lies beyond a sliding door you can slide with your back against the door to 
open it without exposing yourself.

- Sticky Bombs can be set on enemies.

- Physical attacks will not damage the undead. This includes such attacks 
such as kicks/sweeps, shoulder thrust/somersault kick, and close range 
attacks such as throws.

- Use the L1 button frequently to scan an area before entering. If the enemy 
is close but you can't see them, look above or below.

- If you encounter a dead end, try looking up for a way out or for small gaps 
you can crawl through.

- Use attacks such as the Shoulder Thrust/Somersault Kick to knock enemies 
into pits. By the same token avoid fighting in front of pits.

- Ninja Rebirths will not save you from bottomless pits.

- If you're up against multiple enemies, it may be a good idea to run. If 
that is not possible try not to get surrounded, as you cannot block attacks 
from the rear.

- Against enemies that block frequently, remember that the close range attack 
(O button near enemy) cannot be blocked.

- You can cancel an attack by strafing to the left or right during the 

- Enemies will run up to a corpse if they see one. You can use this to your 
advantage by waiting till they run by, then stealth killing them from the 
side or from behind. If there's another enemy in the area you can repeat the 
process using the fresh corpse you just made. 


Note: These walkthroughs assume that you are playing on the first (initial) 
layout of the mission. The second and third layouts have the same area 
design, but the placement and number of items and enemies changes.

SK = Stealth Kill

Objective: Punish the evil merchant!
Ability: Shoulder Thrust
Grand Master Item: Super Shuriken
Recommended Items: Health Potion

You'll start the mission near the entrance to Echigoya's compound. From there 
you can either head right along waterway next to the wall and sneak in the 
crawlspace at the end, or grapple up to the wall and run on top ninja style. 
Since the former is rather boring we'll go with the latter option. There's a 
guard in the courtyard just asking to be stealth killed. Note the beehive 
near the entrance of the building. If you hit it with a missile weapon the 
bees will fly out and attack anyone nearby. Further in the center of the 
compound is a wandering dog and another guard. Kill the guard if you like, 
but you'll probably want to avoid the dog. Note the ramp leading up to the 
upper area. That's where you'll be headed if you decide to take the long 
route in.

Once you're in the compound and killed any nearby guards, there are two ways 
to proceed. You can either enter the front of the house (where the bees are) 
and take a secret passage. Or you can take the longer route using the gate 
key. If you decide to take the secret passage enter the house by the front 
door and proceed inside until you come across a crawlspace that leads to the 
hut in the upper level. For those interested in the long route proceed to the 
end of the main house by roof or the wall and a cut scene will play showing 
several guards amusing themselves (people who have played the demo will 
recognize this scene). Note the key on the ground. Note the locked gate. The 
guards will continue to party indefinitely unless you either a) make a 
disturbance outside or b) barge in and take them out. If the guards come out 
to investigate there is a chance that one of them will pick the key up. In 
that case you'll have to search their corpses for the key after you kill 
them. If you decide to barge in you can easily SK one of them before they 
even realize what's going on. You can take them out in a direct fight, or run 
outside and play hide and go seek until they lose track of you. Whichever 
option you choose, you now have the key to the gate near the ramp. There's a 
guard right in front of it, but it's the archer above him that makes 
approaching the area difficult. If you try to sneak from the wall he will 
spot your approach. Taking him out by approaching the ramp from the other 
side would be a good idea. After he's taken care of feel free to perform a 
mid air SK on the hapless guard below.

The locked gate leads to a small passageway underneath the upper area. You'll 
encounter some guards along the way so make judicious use of your ki meter 
and corner view camera to SK them all. At the end of the corridor is an area 
with a lone geisha. When she's looking away quickly grapple up to the ledge 
above and then climb up the opening above you to the upper courtyard.

If you took the secret passage in the lower area you should end up in one of 
the huts on the upper level. Otherwise you'll start out in the corner in 
front of the huts. To the right is a gate with a guard. To the left are the 
huts and one sentry. You cannot climb the nearby walls near this area so 
you'll need to use the huts and crouch walk/roll through the area. Once 
you're at the huts you can try to SK the guard from behind or above, but be 
careful as there is another guard patrolling in the garden area nearby. Once 
those two are gone feel free to take out the guard at the gate you saw 
earlier. From there it's time to sneak into the main house. There are a few 
guards in front, but that's also the most direct route. There is a rear 
entrance to the back, and above the main entrance there is a hole you can 
also use to enter. But that wouldn't be any fun now would it? One of the 
guards will probably walk behind to the side of the house. That's your cue to 
SK the guard in front. After that you can go back and finish the second 
guard. When the coast in clear proceed with caution to the front entrance.

There are several rooms in the front with enemies you can SK, but the main 
route is to the right. On the east side of the house there is a room leading 
to the basement. There's a guard and a cat here, but the cat's on the 
opposite side of the room so you should have no problem stealth killing him. 
Grapple up to the next area at the end of the basement and prepare to fight 
the first boss.

BOSS: Tajima     HP: 100

He's pretty much the same as he was in the demo level. At far range he will 
shoot at you with his tri-barreled gun, and at mid range he will stab at you 
with his sword. If you get too close he will fire his gun at point blank 
range, sending you flying across the room. Try to get in his face and attack 
aggressively with combos. Otherwise you'll have to side step his sword attack 
and counter while he's open. If this is your first time playing remember that 
pressing down on the control pad (not analog stick) uses a health potion if 
one is in your inventory. Think of him as a warm up for boss battles to come.

Once Tajima is dealt with proceed upstairs to the next level. On the third 
floor a guard awaits you around the corner. SK him and enter the door on the 
right. The door on the left has a guard in it, but the sliding door might 
make it hard to kill him discreetly. Ahead you should see a cat and a small 
crawlspace in the wall in front (a cat door perhaps?). The cat may alert the 
guards nearby so proceed with caution. You can either crawl through the 
opening or go left through the rooms around it (taking out the guard along 
the way). At the end of the hallway there should be some boxes you can stand 
on. Grapple up to the opening to the attic. Be careful of the guard in the 
next room as he's partially hidden in an adjoining room. At the end of the 
attic there should be a hole leading down with a guard in it whom you can try 
your death from above SK on. Drop down the hole with the two beams across it 
and get ready for another boss fight.

BOSS: Nasu     HP:100

Two guards come barging in while Nasu waits in the back. A single combo using 
the shoulder thrust should take out a guard easily. Concentrate on the guards 
before taking on Nasu. Nasu looks comical, but his attacks are anything but. 
Watch out when he crouches down sumo style. That signals a charge attack that 
will knock you clear across the room. When Nasu is low on health a cut scene 
will play where he will grovel on the ground and put a health potion on the 
ground. Do not pick it up. The moment you do he will launch an attack that 
will knock you across the room and pick up the potion. The trick is to keep 
attacking after the cut scene ends. A single combo should be enough to finish 
him off.

Objective: Execute Hamada and return to Lord Gohda!
Ability: Ninjitsu Block
Grand Master Item: Exploding Arrow
Recommended Items: Health Potion

For the first part of the mission you cannot kill any of the guards. Doing so 
will result in mission failure. At the start do not jump down the hole near 
you. If you do you will be spotted immediately by the guard below. Instead 
head around the corner and pick up the smoke bomb. The hole nearby leads to a 
small library. From here you will need to sneak past the guards to reach 
Hamada's room (indicated by a star on the map). It will be difficult to get 
there unseen, but remember that guards have very poor peripheral vision. You 
can move directly beside an enemy and they won't see you. When you reach 
Hamada's room you will automatically kill him in a cut scene. From this point 
on ninjas will have replaced all the guards outside and you can now use 
stealth kills once more. Be sure to pick up the key Hamada drops. Make your 
way to the atrium in the center, giving the ninjas along the way the 
traditional Azuma greeting, preferably from behind. If they give you any 
trouble for some reason, just shut the door on them. For some reason the 
ninjas here have difficulty opening doors. Near the atrium entrance is a 
crawlspace leading to the next area with a smoke bomb along the way for the 
taking. Head up the stairs and make your way from room to room giving the 
ninjas along the way an unpleasant surprise. Head down the stairs at the end.

At the bottom of the stairs head right to the next staircase, stealth killing 
the nearby guard. Note that the door nearby leads to a room with a secret 
passage leading back to Hamada's room. You could have taken the secret 
passage from the start, but that would be too easy now would it? Head up the 
stairs to the last area of the castle. From this point on it's pretty much a 
straightforward path to the end. Eliminate all opposition and head up the 
stairs to complete the mission. 

Objective: Find the Shichishito Sword!
Ability: Ninja Vision
Grand Master Item: Chameleon Spell
Recommended Items: Health Potion

From the start turn around and grab the nearby Ninja Rebirth. It won't help 
you if you fall into a pit, but it's always nice to have once just in case. 
At the end of the cave you'll see a large open water filled area with a 
watchtower. You can either jump down onto the tower and surprise the guard 
when he's looking away, or you can jump down to the bottom and then grapple 
up to the tower. Either way, be sure to hold down the R1 button as you fall 
or your landing will make a splash that will alert the guard. Once the 
watchtower guard is taken care of, a second guard patrols near the entrance 
on the opposite end. Roll your way through the water and carefully SK him. 
Proceed down the tunnels to a room with a long wooden walkway in the middle. 
Two ninjas are there engaged in small talk. After they part ways carefully SK 
the closer of the two. If the second ninja detects you quickly make trails 
for the passageway you just came through. For some reason the ninja won't 
follow you all the way back. Then you can return to SK him at your leisure.

The next area features a split in the tunnel. It doesn't matter which way you 
go, but be aware that there are pitfalls in the tunnels, some of which are 
concealed by the environment. For the sake of this walkthrough we'll go 
right. Along the way you'll come across a ramp leading up. A Jonin (demon 
ninja) is waiting at the top, seemingly inviting you to SK him. Don't be too 
hasty. There is a pit cunningly concealed at the top of the ramp and if you 
rush up to kill him you'll fall into it. Yes, I fell for it the first time 
too. Anyway, time your double jump across when he's not looking and SK away.

The two routes converge to a large cavern with a few enemies lurking around. 
The only way out is to grapple up. From this point you can choose to take the 
scenic but dangerous route, or the safe route. If you decide to go 
sightseeing crawl into the small hole to the west. This is the longest of the 
three possible routes to take. If you decide to go this way skip to the next 
paragraph for a description. Suffice it to say eventually you'll reach the 
tunnel to the large pit area in the center. For those of us seeking a safer 
route take the path heading east. You'll come across a hole in the tunnel 
with blue sparkles at the bottom. Drop down and take the path, being mindful 
of pitfalls and enemies along the way. The tunnel should lead to the large 
pit area where three paths converge. A red Jonin should be nearby, but he 
should be relatively easy to deal with. From the outcropping look down and to 
the right. There should be ground far below. If not keep looking until you 
see it. Jump down and proceed to the east. 

If you decide to take the scenic route you're in for quite a journey. Follow 
the tunnel until you come to a large pit. There's an enemy nearby so be 
careful you don't get knocked in. After the pit crawl through the small 
tunnel and pick up a poison rice. Keep on going and eventually you should end 
up on the cliffs near the ocean. Yes, falling in will kill you. From there 
you'll need to make a series of difficult grapples, shimmy across planks, and 
maneuver on narrow walkways to get to another tunnel that leads back to the 
large pit area, not to mention a few enemies. While you can get some items 
for going this way, I wouldn't recommend it unless you are feeling 

If you had continued past the hole with the blue sparkles you would end up in 
the northwest upper platform in the area, with a ninja across from you and to 
the right a broken bridge. The on lower platform where the bridge was 
connected should be the red Jonin. This is the platform you need to get to. 
Take a large double jump when the Jonin isn't looking. You should barely make 
it across. If you want to play it safe go back the way you came and down the 
sparkle hole, and take the tunnel to the Jonin. From there jump down to the 
ground below. If you had taken the sea cliff route, you'll end up where the 
ninja was. SK him, then grapple across. From there proceed as if you had 
taken the other route, either jumping the gap or going down the tunnel.

Continue east. There are some barrels here you can smash for a health potion. 
Keep going to the water filled cavern with planks across it. Be mindful that 
the water doesn't give you away and SK the various enemies in your path. Also 
be wary of the pit in the middle of the area, as it blends in well with the 
surroundings. Head to the northwest to the long tunnel until you reach a 
large water filled cavern. Get ready to rumble.

BOSS: Onikage     HP: 100

Don't get too close or he'll really start ripping into you, literally. 
Onikage will use his classic kick attacks from the previous games. Block his 
attacks and counter, or sidestep and counter. Eventually he'll go down, 
leading to...

BOSS: Onikage     HP: 150

Yep. You have to fight him again. He has more HP this time, but his attacks 
are pretty much the same. When his health is low, Onikage will try his old 
health potion trick. If you hit him before he drinks it he'll drop it on the 
floor for you to pick up. Keep on counterattacking and eventually he will 
fold. For now...

Objective: Cross the Ronin Village!
Ability: Grappling Hook Combo
Grand Master Item: Dog Bone
Recommended Items: Poison Rice, Health Potion

This is a pretty straightforward mission. Basically you need to pass through 
four areas filled with enemies. You can try to SK them all, or avoid all of 
them if you wish. The first area is a typical village area filled with 
various ronin. One will start in front of you right off the bat. Quickly 
crouch and roll away to avoid being detected. From that point on you can 
pretty much SK at will, using the houses and walls to play a game of cat and 
mouse. Be warned that the enemies can follow you up on the roofs of the small 
houses. The enemies here shouldn't give you too much of a problem. The only 
part you'll need to be patient with is the northern area where two archers 
patrol. After you've stealth killed to your heart's content, use the northern 
crawlspace to get to the next area.

The second area is a bit trickier. You'll wind up in a moat with several 
enemies nearby. While they can't see you from the water, the archer to the 
north will occasionally wander straight towards your position. Use the wall 
to quickly escape detection. There are a few guards in the inner courtyard, 
but it's very difficult to SK them both since they are usually facing each 
other. Also be careful of the geisha wandering around the area as well. When 
you reach the house at the end you can use your height advantage to quickly 
eliminate any guards in the area. When you're done head for the gate between 
the two massive barrels.

The third area consists of several large barrels with several enemies 
scattered around the perimeter. If you're in a rush you can simply jump from 
barrel to barrel and make a run for the exit. If you want to SK them all, 
make sure each guard is isolated before jumping down on them. While the 
guards can't reach you on top of the barrels, grappling to the top of them 
while being pursued can be rather difficult. 

The last area will be familiar to those who played the demo level. It is the 
demo level. Your final goal, however, is the gate at the opposite end. 
There's one geisha and a villager here, and about four enemies wandering 
around. You know the drill. There are a lot of places to hide and grapple to 
in this area, so have fun stealth killing everyone.

Objective: Rescue the kidnapped princess!
Ability: Cling to Ceiling
Grand Master Item: Invisibility Spell
Recommended Items: Health Potion

This is a fun mission for all the wrong reasons. Not only do you have to deal 
with incredibly tough enemies, but also a whole lot of traps, including pit 
traps that will instantly kill you if you fall through them. Did I mention 
that the enemies here are tough? Anyway, let's get on with this rescue 
mission. At the start a guard will come in front of you. Use the pillars on 
the side to hide, then SK him, er, it, when the opportunity arises. Continue 
grappling across the lava pools. Note that unlike the original game falling 
the lava will not kill you instantly, but it will drain your life. If you 
fall in quickly grapple out. When you reach the two striped platforms, wait 
for the guard to look away before stealth killing it. Be careful not to drop 
directly down from the platform, as there is a spear trap nearby. Beyond is a 
long room with a raised walkway with a guard on it. There are three pit traps 
in the center of the room. You can avoid them by walking to the side, but if 
you trigger one you have a split second to move away before it falls. Around 
the corner is a room with a fairly obvious spear trap in the doorway. And a 
Chibot. Do not let the Chibot see you. When the Chibot turns its back get 
close enough to the door to trigger the trap but not so that you are hit with 
it. Then rush up and SK the Chibot. Note that Chibots are so short that you 
won't even get a SK animation for it. Proceed with caution through the next 
rooms and SK the remaining guards on the way to the staircase.

Move up the staircase slowly as there is another Chibot waiting for you. SK 
the Chibot, then grapple up to the next area. To the right you should find a 
revolving door (look for the semicircle on the floor). Use the one on the 
left by flattening your back against it. In the next C shaped room with the 
wood flooring there are still more pit traps. Move on the sides to avoid 
them, stealth killing the enemy along the way. You should arrive at a second 
revolving door. You'll enter a mist filled hall filled with cells. At first 
it seems like a dead end, but if you look up near the revolving door you can 
see two areas you can grapple up to. The left area has a Chibot, while the 
right leads to a door with a chain next to it. This door leads to the next 
area, but also contains a deadly trap. From the doorway grapple up to the 
beam in the center of the room. As soon as you enter the door shuts, gas 
fills the room, and grenades fall everywhere. Good thing you grappled up to 
the beam. After that's over go around the corner where you'll see a pit with 
several holes in the floor. The holes are spear traps so don't fall into 
them. SK the guard on the other side and head up the stairs to the next 

Another guard awaits you at the top. Hang on the ledge and SK it when the 
time comes. From the ledge grapple up to the next area. Note the nasty 
looking spear traps in the deep pit below. After that there are two paths you 
can take. The left path with the holes in the floor is obviously trapped. If 
you step on it flames will shoot up burning you. The problem is if you 
grapple across an exploding arrow will shoot from the opposite side and hit 
you, possibly knocking you back into the fire trap. While it is possible to 
avoid the arrow, why take chances? Instead head for the right path. The right 
path splits into two paths. Just to let you know the left one has a trap door 
that drops you right into the fire trap. Right it is. There are guards and 
Chibots on the other side, so you'll have your work cut out for you. Keep on 
going and stealth killing until you reach an outside area with wooden beams.

Outside there are yet more enemies to deal with, as well as a pit to jump 
across. In the next inside area you will notice a hole in the floor. Upon 
closer inspection there are large gears revolving in the hole. Falling into 
the hole will grind Rikimaru up into Azuma hamburger, so let's avoid that if 
we can. Cross the hole carefully into the next area, which has a floor 
completely filled with rotating gears. The only way past is to carefully 
grapple to the opening above by aiming up and to the right. Cross your 
fingers and grapple away. The next room is even more fun, requiring you to 
grapple across with large blades dropping from the ceiling at regular 
intervals. To make things even more interesting a guard with a bow is 
positioned on the other end. The blades will cut through the grappling hook 
line so you'll need to time it just right. Past the blades awaits one last 
enemy. SK it and breathe a sigh of relief as you climb up the stairs leading 
to the exit of this demented fun house.

BOSS: Dr. Kimaira     HP: 150

The doctor and his wacky doll Maihime pack quite a punch. Fortunately, 
Maihime tends to telegraph most of her moves, giving you ample time to block 
or get the hell out of the way. Once you get a counter hit keep on attacking 
and don't let up.

Objective: Retrieve steel for Ressai!
Ability: Feign Death
Grand Master Item: Fire Spell
Recommended Items: Health Potion, Ninja Rebirth

This is quite possibly the most difficult mission in the game. Don't feel bad 
if you fail to pass this one the first time around. Or the second or third 
time for that matter. Most missions in Tenchu have no time limit, so you are 
usually free to take your time and carefully SK the enemies. In this mission 
time is a luxury that you can't afford. You must kill the enemies here 
quickly and with stealth. The reason being is that the Muramasa sword you 
begin with constantly drains your life. While it won't drop your life below 
1, the undead enemies here will have no problem doing so. The only way to 
replenish your life (other than using a health potion) is to kill the undead 
with the Muramasa (normal weapons don't work against the undead). Engaging in 
combat with the undead will drain your life even faster (especially against 
the fire demons), so it's especially important to quickly SK all the undead 
so you can move on to the next one. Did I mention the "boss" battle here is 
harder than the final battle? Before we get started I should mention that the 
decision you make here on which steel to use does affect the ending, as well 
as a cut scene during the Onikage battle in mission nine. While I won't go 
into specific details, you will have to fight Tenrai an additional round at 
the ending if you go with the Shichishito.

From the start you should see a fire demon right in front of you. Since your 
life is slowly ticking away SK the demon ASAP. Next up an undead archer 
guards the passageway in the north. SK and enter. Another undead guard awaits 
you in the tunnel. You guessed it. SK and move on. As you reach the end of 
the passage you can see a hut with a box on the ground. The moment you step 
through the exit a "boss" fight begins.

BOSS: Undead (swordsmen, archers, fire demons)     HP: varies

The box on the ground contains the steel Ressai was looking for, but right 
now survival is more important. Waves of undead will attack. The undead 
swordsmen will slash at you while the fire demons spray fire in a huge arc in 
front of them. And in the distance archers will take pot shots at you all the 
while. Needless to say if you stand toe to toe with them you will die pretty 
quickly (remember your life is draining all the while). The trick here is to 
use the hut to prevent them from ganging up on you. They can follow you up on 
the roof, but only so many can fit up there, and it's much better than facing 
all of them at once. There isn't really any reliable strategy to use here 
other than that. Unless you're really good you're probably going to use a 
Ninja Rebirth here. Remember to use your health potions if your life is 
extremely low, but try to save some for later.

When the undead mob is dealt with, pick up the box in the front of the hut if 
you haven't done so already. Your life is still draining away so make haste 
for the hole in the back of the area. Continue down the passage and SK the 
undead. You should end up in a large area with trees and several undead 
wandering around. The darkness makes it hard to spot the enemies here. If 
you're detected try to kill the enemies for the health refill. If things are 
taking to long it might be a good idea just to make a break for it to the 
next passage. The next passage features floating ghost heads that are more 
annoying than dangerous. Killing them will refill your life so go ahead and 
SK them. The area after that is a large cemetery with several undead 
sentries. There are some spots on the ground where hands will burst out from 
below and grab you for a few seconds. Try to jump away if you see them coming 
out. To exit the area grapple up to the large fence in the northwest and 
continue into the passageway.

This area is a bit of a maze, but your goal is to pass through the large red 
room on the map. Several undead will be wandering around inside so SK them 
when the opportunity presents itself. The red room is actually filled with 
blood and has a single guard in it. Kill the guard and grapple up to the 
exit. Quickly follow the passage to the final outside area. There are a few 
enemies around, but if your health is low and you're out of health potions it 
might be a better idea to make a break for it to the exit.

Objective: Find Ayame's imposter!
Ability: Wall Kick
Grand Master Item: Ninja Armor
Recommended Items: Health Potion, Poisoned Rice, Ninja Rebirth

Now that Izayoi is repaired it's time to get back to business. This is a 
tricky mission, but you don't have to worry about your life draining away 
this time. Cautiously make your way forward, stealth killing the Jonin you 
come across. When you get the large open area, be careful of the Shikigami 
enemies here. They are usually placed in spots that give them a wide field of 
view. Although they don't give you kanji for stealth kills, you should try to 
do so anyway as they have incredible range on their attacks. Don't worry if 
your health gets low here as you can refill it at the hot springs in the next 
area. Follow the wooden walkway to the springs and jump in. Note that you 
need to crouch in the spring in order to refill your health. When you're 
refreshed, look for a small opening near the spring entrance and crawl in.

You'll end up in a large area with a wooden walkway. Several Shikigami are in 
the area, as is the so called "werewolf" enemy you've been hearing about 
during the mission loading screen. Get up on the bridge and follow it to the 
end. There is an area to the left of the tunnel where several enemies are, 
but they're positioned in such a way that it's very difficult to kill one 
without alerting the others. Underneath the bridge is a water filled tunnel 
leading to the next area. Continue through the tunnel and SK the enemies 
there. Keep going up to the next area.

More Jonin are patrolling in the area. You know what to do with them. Keep 
following the path until you get to the area with a snowman. From here you 
can take an upper route or lower route. The upper route is shorter and has 
fewer enemies, where the lower route has more enemies and a pit to avoid. 
Either route will lead you to the gate that leads to the boss battle.

BOSS: Hyakubake (disguised as Ayame)     HP:100

A red and blue Jonin join the battle. Try to lure them away from Ayame and 
take them out as quickly as possible. If you try to fight them and Ayame at 
the same time you will end up dying quickly. Ayame is a tough cookie due to 
her speed. If you're far away she'll throw multiple shuriken in a fan pattern 
(which can't be blocked). Up close she'll hit you with her trademark four hit 
combo. Attacking aggressively won't work here since Ayame can counterattack 
rather quickly. The only chance you have is to anticipate her attack and 
sidestep. Smoke bombs are good here, so smoke em if you got em.

Objective: Infiltrate the Buddha temple!
Ability: Ninja Mind Control
Grand Master Item: Fireworks
Recommended Items: Health Potion, Blow Gun, Ninja Rebirth,
                   Smoke Bomb, Sticky Bomb, Grenade

I guess sending a ninja into a temple to kill everyone isn't violating holy 
ground huh? Anyway, the temple is a huge area with many passages and multiple 
levels that can really confuse you, especially if this is your first time 
through. It almost makes the colored rice seem useful. Well maybe not. You 
begin on a wooden walkway in the front of the temple. A monk is wandering 
nearby. Use the pillars for cover and SK him. Then grapple up to the wooden 
beams. You should see a crawlspace nearby. Enter and make your way through 
the temple, stealth killing the monks as you go along. Eventually you'll end 
up in a large outdoor area with wooden beams. Carefully make your way across 
the gap. There are quite a bit of monks below, so stealth killing them all is 
a bit of a risk. If you get spotted try to grapple back up and start again. 
If there are too many of them you might as well go ahead and fight them toe 
to toe. When the guards are dealt with, continue grappling up the beams until 
you see a tunnel entrance. Take out the nearby guard and enter, grappling up 
at the end of the tunnel. After another guard you should come across a large 
pit. The lower platform has shuriken on it so don't risk life and limb trying 
to get it. Instead grapple up to the wooden bridge. Turn left and head down 
the hole to the lower level. Keep following the path, grappling across a pit 
and jumping down another level.

Keep on moving, grappling up when things look like a dead end. Eventually 
you'll arrive at a large pit. It looks like a dead end, but the path 
continues below you. The trick is to gently jump onto the wooden plank and 
fall (not jump) off, hanging back on the stick so you land on the platform 
directly underneath. Keep on going, crawling through a small tunnel, until 
you see a hole above leading to the main temple area. Grapple up and SK the 
guard. There's a bear in the distance, but unless you're itching for a fight 
I would recommend avoiding it. Walk around to the side entrance (watch out 
for the hard to see gap in the walkway) and enter the temple. A few monks are 
wandering around so SK them if your kuji meter isn't full yet. You'll need 
all the help you can get in the boss fight.

BOSS: Kagura     HP: 60     BOSS: Ganda     HP: 200

Here's a tip right off the bat. Ignore Ganda and concentrate on Kagura. 
Kagura teleports all over the place so use the R2 button to lock on to her. 
She'll throw ofuda in a fan pattern, and if one hits you you'll be stunned 
for a few seconds, which is bad if Ganda is nearby. Ganda will just follow 
you during the fight, trying to beat the crap out of you with his stick. Get 
in Kagura's face and start working on her before she teleports again. If she 
blocks get in close and throw her. She has only 60 HP so she can't take much 
of a beating. When she dies the battle will end.

BOSS: Tatsumaru     HP: 100

Tatsumaru has all of his attacks from Tenchu 2, in addition to several new 
ones. If you get too close to him he'll be glad to demonstrate them for you. 
If you're at less than half health it would be a good idea to use a health 
potion, as his special attacks can kill you instantly if you're low on 
health. Fight defensively as he tends to block everything you throw at him. 
He will also occasionally throw smoke bombs at you, which equals a lot of 
hurt if one hits you. Return the favor by tossing a few of your own. If he 
starts taunting you, don't bother attacking him. Just go up to him and throw 
his ass. He won't heal himself, so if you fight defensively and have health 
potions (and/or a ninja rebirth) on hand you should be able to outlast him.

Objective: Assassinate the evil Tenrai!
Ability: Wrath of Heaven
Grand Master Item: Decoy Whistle
Recommended Items: Health Potion, Blow Gun, Ninja Rebirth
                   Smoke Bomb, Sticky Bomb, Grenade

Start out the mission by stealth killing the nearby Jonins, using the 
assorted pieces of lumber for cover. Move across the log to the next area 
with a house. A Jonin and a Kunoichi (those white haired female ninjas with 
the flower tattoo on their thigh) are patrolling nearby. Stay crouched on the 
roof to wait for an opening, then SK them one at a time. If they're too close 
you might want to Blow Gun one of them. Continue to the next area taking out 
the Kunoichi along the way.

The next area is a large cavern with multiple levels and wooden walkways. In 
other words it's a perfect place for stealth kills. Make your way to the far 
right side taking out everyone along the way. A Martial Artist guards the 
exit so just hang around (literally) until he turns his back. SK and proceed 
to the next area that has several cannons in it. Martial Artists are 
wandering around the area, so give them a friendly Azuma hello. Go up the 
stairs to the next level. There should be more cannons and enemies. You know 
what to do. Be sure to pick up the health potion around the corner of the 
third cannon room. The remainder of the level is pretty straightforward. 
Assorted Martial Artists, Kunoichi, and Jonin guard the passageways. SK as 
many as possible so you can Wrath of Heaven before the next level. Another 
health potion is on top of the second watchtower. You're going to need it in 
the next boss fight.

BOSS: Onikage     HP: 200

Haven't we done this battle like six times already? Let's see. Twice in 
Tenchu: Stealth Assassins. Twice in Tenchu 2: Birth of the Assassins. And 
twice in Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven. Yep. That's six times. I'd be willing to 
bet we're going to be fighting him yet again in the next Tenchu game. Anyway, 
it's time for round seven with our dear old friend. He's pretty much the same 
as the last time, except he has more HP and his attacks seem to do a bit more 
damage. Stay away from him or he'll quickly drain your life with his special 
attack (I love it! I love it!). Concentrate on dodging and counterattacking. 
If you plant a sticky bomb on him during the fight, you can detonate it when 
he tries to drink his health potion. Not only will this damage him but it 
will also knock the potion from his hand, allowing you to pick it up. Using 
the Wrath of Heaven is not advisable here, as it means certain death if you 
miss. If you do decide to use it, follow up immediately with a health potion.

Objective: Assassinate the evil Tenrai!
Ability: Wrath of Heaven (if not obtained in mission nine)
Grand Master Item: Binding Spell
Recommended Items: Health Potion, Blow Gun, Ninja Rebirth
                   Smoke Bomb, Sticky Bomb, Grenade

This is Rikimaru's final mission, but if you've gotten this far you shouldn't 
have any serious problems here. SK the sentries here until you get to the 
point where two routes are. Up to the right is a ledge you can grapple up to. 
Taking this route (west on the map) involves a great deal of grappling. 
Taking the left route (south on the map) has far less grappling involved but 
involves some risky jumping. For the walkthrough we'll go with the left 
route. Continue along until you reach an area with some strange things 
chained to the wall. Use the corners to hide and SK the guards. Keep on going 
until you reach an area with several pillars. SK away and grapple to the top. 
Be careful of the monk nearby. You should end up at the edge of a large pit 
with pillars. Carefully jump from pillar to pillar to around the corner. A 
blue Jonin is near so wait till he's turned before jumping there. From there 
head west up the stone ledges to an area with several pillars. Use the 
pillars for cover as two monks are wandering around. If they see you you're 
going to be in for quite a fight. There are also some pits in the room so 
watch your step. Run up the stairs and grapple up to the room with the 
glowing walls. 

Exit the glowing room and you should see a red Jonin to the right beyond the 
gap. You can either double jump and SK him when his back is turned or simply 
Blow Gun him. In either case carefully maneuver around the walkway to the 
other side. A red Jonin is waiting across the pit. If he spots you he'll 
throw a shuriken at you, which you can easily dodge and pick up. Throw it 
back at him if you feel like it. Otherwise grapple across and take him out. 
From there move to the end near where the bars are and grapple diagonally to 
the area in the distance. Follow the path and SK the last two guards along 
the way. You can tell you're at the end when you see the door with the symbol 
on it. Prepare yourself for the final battle.

FINAL BOSS: Tenrai     HP: 150

Tenrai teleports around the area, either shooting spells at you from a 
distance or smacking you with his staff if you're close. His attack that 
thrusts rock spears from the ground is fairly easy to dodge and leaves him 
wide open, so go to work on him. Save your items and stick with normal 

FINAL BOSS: Tenrai     HP: 200

Tenrai is invincible for the first part of the battle, but continue to attack 
him until the cut scene plays. After that your attacks will start to damage 
him. If you have any explosive weapons now would be the time to use them. 
Dodge his attacks and strike when you see an opening. What happens when you 
defeat him for the second time depends on the decision that you made in 
mission six. If you didn't use the Shichishito sword to repair Izayoi, 
congratulations! You've beaten the game. Otherwise...

FINAL BOSS: Tenrai     HP: 200

The main strategy here is to get in his face and launch an all out attack. 
Izayoi is powered up here so the battle shouldn't take too long if you're 
aggressive. Kill Tenrai for the third time and you've won the game.


Note: These walkthroughs assume that you are playing on the first (initial) 
layout of the mission. The second and third layouts have the same area 
design, but the placement and number of items and enemies changes.

SK = Stealth Kill

Objective: Rescue the village girls!
Ability: Somersault Kick
Grand Master Item: Exploding Arrow
Recommended Items: Health Potion

This mission is pretty much the same as it was for Rikimaru, except there are 
no Jonin, Shikigami, or Werewolves around. Instead you have plain vanilla 
samurai enemies. This mission is interesting in the fact that most of the 
first area is completely optional. Basically it's an introduction to stealth 
killing with Ayame. You'll begin on top of a wooden bridge with your first 
victim in plain view. Once you've gotten your first SK proceed to the end of 
the bridge. Note that if you somehow get injured there is a tunnel you can 
crawl through to reach the hot springs. At the end of the bridge you can 
either hop down and enter the water filled tunnel to the next area, or take a 
detour to the left where you can SK a half dozen enemies wandering around the 
area. It's good practice and an easy way to rank up the kanji, so I would 
highly recommend taking the time to kill them all before moving on.

Once you've killed to your contentment, enter the water filled tunnel. Two 
guards here start chatting away when you get close, then split up to start 
their patrols. Dispose of them both and proceed up the stairs to the next 
level. Keep on going until you come to the snowman area. From here you can 
take one of two paths. The left path is a bit more direct while the right is 
longer and has a pit you'll need to jump. It doesn't matter which one you 
take, but be sure SK enough enemies to earn the somersault kick before you 
leave the level. The last enemy guarding the gate is hard to approach head 
on, so come at him from the side instead.

BOSS: Tajima     HP: 100

Tajima has the same attacks and patterns that he had in Rikimaru's mission, 
so you can use the same strategies for that battle. You have a wider area to 
fight in this time, so dodging his attacks shouldn't be a problem. Dodge and 
counterattack, and Tajima should fall in no time at all.

Objective: Execute the evil merchant!
Ability: Ninjitsu Block
Grand Master Item: Invisibility Spell
Recommended Items: Health Potion

Not to sound like a broken record, but this mission is pretty much the same 
as it was for Rikimaru. Well, okay, there are a few minor changes, but the 
overall mission is pretty much the same. If you don't want to go back and 
read that walkthrough, I'll summarize here. You can go into the front 
entrance of the main house and make your way to the secret crawlspace, or you 
can take out the three guards in the back and get the gate key to the gate by 
the ramp. One notable difference here is that the geisha that was in the 
underground passage is gone, and a guard is up hidden in the area above, so 
be careful when you grapple up there.

The upper area is also pretty much unchanged from Rikimaru's first mission. 
Take out the guards and enter the main house by the front door. The house 
layout is exactly the same as it was last time. The only difference is that 
you won't have to fight Tajima this time through since you already took care 
of him in the last mission. Here's a brief walkthrough in case you're too 
lazy to go back and look at the previous one. From the entrance head right 
and at the long corridor take the door on the left to the basement. Move 
through the basement and grapple up to the next level and keep going to the 
second floor. Follow the passage and take the door on the right. Either crawl 
through the space or take the long way around to the end of the hall. From 
the boxes grapple up to the attic. Go through the attic and drop down the 
hole at the end. Drop down again and get ready to rumble.

BOSS: Nasu     HP: 100

Thanks to Ayame's mad skills there won't be any guards to help to Nasu this 
time. He hasn't changed any since you fought him as Rikimaru, so just get in 
his face and slash away. When he's low on life he'll start begging for mercy, 
but you know how to deal with that trick already.

When Nasu has been dealt with, simply retrace your steps back out and the 
mission will automatically end when you head for the first floor.

Objective: Assassinate the traitor Hamada!
Ability: Ninja Vision
Grand Master Item: Super Shuriken
Recommended Items: Health Potion, Poison Rice, Smoke Bomb

This mission will put your SK skills to the test, as there are ninjas in 
every nook and cranny of the castle. Fortunately you won't have to avoid 
combat like you did for the first part of Rikimaru's mission. The layout and 
route you need to take is the same as for Rikimaru, except that there are a 
whole lot more enemies to deal with. Some enemies are paired up in opposite 
positions, so look both ways before you attempt to SK someone. There are two 
things you can do to make your life a bit easier. First, you can open sliding 
doors by sliding near them with your back to the wall. This reduces the 
chances of a ninja spotting you on the opposite side. Second, when you're 
moving with your back to the wall, you can look behind walls by rotating the 
camera twice around a corner. Both of these will come in handy in the tight 
confines of the castle corridors.

For a more detailed walkthrough refer to the Rikimaru mission. Here's the 
condensed version. Make your way to the atrium in the center. Enter the 
crawlspace nearby and go up stairs. Make your way to the second staircase 
going down. Go right around the corner and make your way to the stairs going 
up. Follow the winding corridors to the stairs leading down to the boss. Of 
course, there's going to be a small army of ninjas along the way to deal 
with, but hey, the journey is the reward right? If you move with caution and 
make judicious use of the manual camera, you can get a grand master ranking 
on this one easy. The Ninja Vision you earn here will be especially important 
in the next mission, so don't leave the castle without it.

BOSS: Hamada     HP: 100

Just like the first game, Ayame has to deal with a boss that Rikimaru kills 
automatically. Hamada has good range and damage with his sword, but Ayame has 
an edge in speed. His attacks leave him wide open if he misses, so use quick 
hops or just run like a maniac to avoid and counterattack. Remember that 
Ayame takes more damage than Rikimaru, so it's safer to dodge than to try 
blocking attacks.

Objective: Retrieve the Yoto swords!
Ability: Grappling Hook Combo
Grand Master Item: Chameleon Spell
Recommended Items: Health Potion, Smoke Bomb

This mission is nowhere near as difficult as Rikimaru's version, but it is 
still very challenging. Your health won't drain away during the mission, so 
you can take all the time you want. The trade off is that you have no way to 
kill the undead you encounter, so you'll have to sneak or run pass them. The 
good news (if you can call it that) is that the ninjas here aren't undead so 
they can be killed. The bad news is that since they're wearing black they're 
difficult to spot in the darkness (Hmmm. I guess that's the reason why ninjas 
wear black.), so you'll need to be extra careful and use the L1 button (and 
Ninja Vision if you have it) to look ahead in the gloom for them.

Ayame starts out where Rikimaru ended his mission, so basically we're going 
in reverse of that mission. In order to proceed Ayame must strike sealing 
stones (red glowing stones) to open up the next areas of the mission. Right 
from the start a fire demon dances nearby, so carefully sneak past it. Crouch 
and roll by to minimize your profile. There's a ninja nearby as well, but 
it's difficult to SK him with the demon so near. Carefully make your way to 
the sealing stone near the tunnel entrance and hit it with your sword. When 
the door opens proceed into the maze like tunnels. There should be a few 
ninjas wandering around. Make sure to SK as many as you can, as the number of 
time you can earn kanji in this mission is severely limited. In the blood 
room an undead soldier is walking around. When he's looking right quickly 
drop down quietly (hold R1 before you land), roll to the left and quickly 
grapple up to exit before he sees you. Carefully avoid the undead in the area 
as you make your way through the maze. There should be a sealing stone near 
the exit. Smash it and head outside.

Jump over the fence and you should see the sealing stone to the left of the 
area. You can try to kill the ninja in the area, but remember there are 
undead wandering about as well. If you want to play it safe head for the 
stone, smash it, and stealthily make your way to the next tunnel area without 
engaging the enemies here. Floating heads patrol the next tunnel. Avoid them 
and run to the next area. The next sealing stone is here, along with a few 
ninjas. SK them all if you can, hit the stone, and move on. The next tunnel 
features a ninja and undead guard near the gap. Carefully drop down and hang 
on the ledge until the undead guard turns. Then quickly move past and SK the 
ninja nearby. Grapple up the well to the last area. Run to the hut and 
prepare for the boss.

BOSS: Undead Headless Giant     HP: 200

You have the Yoto swords equipped for this battle so you can kill this boss. 
Unfortunately, like the Muramasa, Kazumi and Shizuku will constantly drain 
your health. Since there are no undead nearby to kill except the boss, the 
only way you can refill your life is to drink a health potion. The giant is a 
huge target and his attacks are slow, but his sword gives him a huge reach. 
If he hits you with it, expect to get swatted away like a baseball. Run 
around and wait for the giant to commit himself to an attack, then hit him 
for all you're worth. Unless you have a lot of health potions and a ninja 
rebirth, you'll want to fight cautiously for this one.

Objective: Go to the red house of Zennosuke!
Ability: Cling to Ceiling
Grand Master Item: Fire Spell
Recommended Items: Health Potion, Poison Rice, Blow Gun,
                   Smoke Bomb

This is probably the hardest mission to get a Grand Master Ninja ranking, as 
it is very easy to be seen. There are civilians everywhere, the darkness and 
rain make it very difficult to spot the black garbed ninjas, and the Kunoichi 
are easily mistaken for geishas due to their red clothing. Add this to the 
fact that the enemies here frequently jump on top of buildings, and you have 
the most challenging SK mission in the game. If you can get past this one 
without being spotted once, you truly are a ninja master.

The first village area is crawling with non-combatants and ninjas. The ninjas 
frequently jump on roofs, so don't assume you're safe just because you're up 
on higher ground. Keep low and make judicious use of the manual camera. 
Unless you slowly make your way through the village, you are bound to get 
spotted a few times. Make your way to the crawlspace to the next area.

Two ninjas are near you from the water. Keep low, roll, and take out the 
closest one to the wall. The one further down is a real pain in the ass since 
he keeps jumping up and down from the ledge, making stealth killing him a 
real chore. A Kunoichi and ninja are in the courtyard area. The ninja is near 
the wall so make sure he's facing away before jumping down. From there you 
can make your way to the platform where the Kunoichi is keeping watch. Two 
more guards are waiting in the area near the house.

There are a whole lot of enemies in the barrel area. If you're intent on 
stealth killing them all, make sure to wait on a barrel near one of the 
isolated corners. Chances are another guard will see the body and come 
running shortly after. Grapple back up the barrel and SK the guard when he 
calms down. Repeat until you have a pile of bodies, then proceed to the next 
and final area.

Zennosuke's house is the only bright red one so you can't miss it. There are 
more villagers roaming around here to make stealth killing more interesting. 
Stick to the rooftops, but watch out for the ninjas that occasionally patrol 
up there. Step through the door to Zennosuke's house and prepare to rock. 

BOSS: Tesshu     HP: 100

Tesshu is much stronger than Ayame, but by the same token he's also much 
slower. Watch out for his rushes and counterattack when the opportunity 
presents itself. A few combos into the fight Tesshu will break off the 
attack. Don't rest easy since this leads to...

BOSS: Hyakubake (disguised as Rikimaru)     HP: 100

You're probably familiar with all of Rikimaru's attacks by now. He can attack 
faster than Tesshu, so you'll need to block more often. Use Ayame's edge in 
speed to dodge and counterattack, and "Rikimaru" should eventually fall.

Objective: Escape from Amagai Castle!
Ability: Feign Death
Grand Master Item: Ninja Armor
Recommended Items: Health Potion

BOSS: Dr. Kimaira     HP: 150

Nope. You're not seeing things. Ayame begins this mission with a boss fight, 
in this case good old crazy Kimaira. You can use the same strategies you used 
in Rikimaru's fight. Run around Maihime when it winds up to attack, and then 
hit it for all you're worth. Watch out for its spinning attack that can do 
some serious damage to Ayame. It may take a while, but eventually the big 
freaky machine will fall.

Now that we're done playing with the doctor, it's time to blow this joint. 
Unfortunately, you have a 20-minute time limit before the castle floods with 
deadly gas, so you're going to be cutting it a bit close. The mission is 
pretty much the same as it was for Rikimaru, with the major exception that 
you're going to be going in reverse. Fighting enemies will definitely eat up 
the clock here, so it's even more important to SK as much as possible.

Head downstairs and make your way to the room with the falling blades, taking 
care to SK the wooden guards along the way. Grapple across the room and then 
carefully double jump diagonally through the gear room. The next room with 
the smaller gear pit has a guard, so time it so that you jump across when 
it's not looking. Keep on moving past the outdoor area, being wary of the 
Chibots on patrol. Avoid the flame trap in the next area by sticking to the 
left route. Jump past the deep spear trap while the guard is turned, and make 
your way downstairs to the next level.

Keep going past the room with the trap pits, and take a left to the smoke 
bomb/grenade trap room. The moment you step on the beam the trap will 
activate. You can't open the door or stop the trap, so you're going to have 
to jump over the door from the beam. Past the trap room, jump across the gap 
and use the nearby revolving door. Keep going to the staircase at the north 
of the map, again watching out for enemies using the Ki Meter.

More enemies await downstairs. Past the spear trapped door is a hallway with 
several pit traps in the floor. Unlike Rikimaru's mission, there is a pit 
trap on the side this time. If you want to play it safe, grapple up to the 
wooden walkway and use that instead. Grapple up to the orange beams and 
across the lava pit, carefully taking out the remaining enemies on the way to 
the exit.

As you reach the exit Onikage confronts you at the same time Rikimaru arrives 
on the scene. Here you have a choice of either fighting Onikage or letting 
Rikimaru do it while you go to the temple. Your choice here affects some cut 
scenes later in the game. Unless you're low on health I would recommend 
fighting him. Who doesn't enjoy beating up on Onikage?

BOSS: Onikage     HP: 150

Yep. It's the same old Onikage with the same old tricks you've seen before. 
You can use the same strategies that you used with Rikimaru, except it's a 
bit easier to dodge his attacks since Ayame is much faster. Just keep your 
distance or else his close range special attack will quickly drain Ayame's 
health. Note that this attack will also refill his health quite a bit so 
avoid getting close.

Objective: Retrieve the Jewel of Heaven!
Ability: Wall Kick
Grand Master Item: Fireworks
Recommended Items: Health Potion, Poison Rice

BOSS: Ganda     HP: 200

Yea! It's yet another pre mission boss fight. Unlike Rikimaru, this time you 
must fight Ganda. Fortunately, Kagura isn't here so you can fight mono e mono 
with the big guy. His attacks are slow and easy to dodge. If they do connect, 
Ayame will be in a world of hurt. Keep Ganda in the center and run around him 
until he launches an attack. Then move in and whack away. You can't use the 
close range knee bash on Ganda so don't bother. He has a ton of HP, but 
eventually you'll manage to chop the big guy down to size.

Move down the tunnel and you'll see the temple entrance where Rikimaru 
started. Take out the guard in the tunnel, and then stealthily kill the guard 
on the walkway. Grapple up the beam to the crawlspace above and enter the 
temple. A monk is nearby when you exit so stay crouched and move in when he 
turns around. Keep going until you reach the hole in the floor. You can see a 
monk in the distance down there, but don't be too hasty to jump down as 
another guard is below and to the right. Jump down when the guard in the 
distance is turned and take out the nearby monk, then rush the other guard 
when the time comes.

Jump across the platforms in the large outside open area with the wooden 
beams. If you look down a bear will be wandering nearby. Carefully drop down 
and hide using the beams. When the bear presents his bear behind, run up to 
him (her?) and SK it. There are more guards in the nearby candle lit tunnel, 
but your ultimate goal is to grapple up the wooden beams to the tunnel above. 
A guard is nearby, but fortunately for you he has horrendous peripheral 
vision. Jump when he's turned, SK him, and enter the tunnel. Grapple up and 
keep going till you reach the pit area.

Grapple up to the wooden bridge walkway. The guards here tend to look at each 
other, so it will take some timing on your part to take them out with 
stealth. Once the coast is clear, head left to the area with the hole. Jump 
across and keep going until you reach an area with a long deep pit. To borrow 
a phrase from the loading screen: To fall is to die. Do not fall. Carefully 
jump to the plank in the middle of the pit, then jump to the ledge on the 
right. From here you'll need to grapple in a zig zag fashion across the pit 
to the ledges on the sides. When you reach the end you'll need to grapple up 
to the top of the pillar on the left. It might take you a few tries. From 
there keep grappling up to the temple area above.

You should end up near the side entrance of the temple. Enter the temple and 
SK the guards on your way to the temple center. When you reach the statue 
grapple up the planks, taking care to eliminate the monk on the walkway 
above. Jump to the face of the statue and the mission ends.

Objective: Rescue Council Sekiya!
Ability: Ninja Mind Control
Grand Master Item: Dog Bone
Recommended Items: Health Potion, Poison Rice

Wow. A mission that doesn't start with a boss fight. Ayame begins further in 
the caverns that Rikimaru's mission near the wooden walkway area. A red Jonin 
is nearby so take him out first. While you can walk back to the waterfall 
area, there aren't any items there. There are several enemies however, 
including a werewolf and a blue Jonin. If you need the kanji go ahead and 
clear the area out. Otherwise, you can proceed through the caves much in the 
same way that you did as Rikimaru. From the starting area you can take either 
path north to the large cavern. Watch out for the Kunoichi here though. They 
attack just as fast as you do. The large cavern is crawling with enemies. 
Killing a guard here is bound to attract attention. You can sometimes use 
this to your advantage by hiding nearby as the guard rushes up to investigate 
a body. When the enemies are cleared, grapple up to the right and continue 
down the tunnel until you reach a hole with the blue sparkles. Drop down and 
continue onwards. A Kunoichi should be down there, and another Jonin waits at 
the end. Look down from the ledge for the lower floor and drop down. Another 
Jonin is guarding the cell where Sekiya is being held. Sneak up and take him 
out. When you reach the cells Sekiya will tell you that the path to the 
island is blocked by a boulder and you will need to get some explosives to 
clear the way. You can see the location of the explosives on the map. From 
here on, Shikigami spirits appear frequently. Use your Ki Meter to carefully 
proceed to the room with the explosives. Once you have them, move on to the 
large cavern with the plank walkways over the water. A werewolf is around 
here, as are a few more guards. Remember that the water will alert guards if 
you land in it. When you reach the end of the cavern grapple to the upper 
walkway and take out the nearby Jonin. Then proceed to the large circular 
water filled area where Rikimaru fought Onikage. A Kunoichi is nearby. Avoid 
falling into the pool or the sound will put her on alert. Creep up and take 
her out. Then get in front of the boulder and place the explosives on the 
ground in front of it. Quickly move away or you'll be caught in the 
explosion. When the smoke clears, head through the opening and on to the 

BOSS: Kagura     HP: 60          BOSS: Spirit Wolf     HP: 200

It's Princess Mononoke! Since you took care of Ganda earlier, Kagura has a 
spirit wolf helping her out this time. As before, ignore the wolf and 
concentrate on Kagura. Get in her face and start whacking away. If she 
blocks, nail her with a close range knee bash. At 60 HP she can't take too 
much punishment so be relentless with your attacks.

Objective: Assassinate the evil Tenrai!
Ability: Wrath of Heaven
Grand Master Item: Decoy Whistle
Recommended Items: Health Potion, Blow Gun, Ninja Rebirth
                   Smoke Bomb, Kasumi and Shizuku

This mission is essentially the same as Rikimaru's with one major exception. 
Undead fire demons are wandering around the fortress this time around, and 
while you don't have to kill them to proceed, getting rid of them permanently 
with Kasumi and Shizuku will make your life a whole lot easier. I would 
highly recommend bringing them along for the ride.

Head for the house area at the start of the mission. There's a health potion 
on the roof that's ripe for the taking. SK the nearby blue Jonin while you're 
up there as well. Move to the next area, taking out the guard in the passage. 
In the large cavern area you'll notice a fire demon walking around. If you 
have the Yoto swords take him out. Otherwise, avoid him by taking the long 
way around the cavern. A Martial Artist will appear as you approach the exit 
to the area, so hang around and wait till he turns away. Move through the 
cannon room and SK the monks. Go up the stairs and SK the monk in the next 
cannon room. Past the wooden bridge is a third cannon room and a fire demon. 
Yoto him if you can. Otherwise you'll need to use the box for cover while you 
sneak past him. From this point on it's pretty much a straightforward sneak 
and destroy mission. Past the guard towers are trenches that you can use to 
sneak up on the unsuspecting Jonin. One more undead awaits you near the end. 
If you're spotted and don't have an undead killing weapon just run like hell 
past it.

BOSS: Tatsumaru     HP: 100

For some reason Tatsumaru seems much more difficult this time around. Being 
aggressive will quickly get you killed, especially if Tatsu hits you with his 
special attack combo. Fight defensively and watch out for the occasional 
smoke bomb he'll throw at you. If Tatsu starts blocking frequently, counter 
with a quick knee bash. It won't do much damage, but thankfully Tatsu doesn't 
have any health potions on hand. Speaking of which, if you're low on health 
don't hesitate to use a health potion on your own, as one of his kick combos 
can kill you instantly if you're not prepared for it. Blocking, dodging, and 
counterattacking are the keys to victory here.

Objective: Assassinate the evil Tenrai!
Ability: Wrath of Heaven (if not obtained in mission nine)
Grand Master Item: Binding Spell
Recommended Items: Health Potion, Blow Gun, Ninja Rebirth
                   Smoke Bomb, Kasumi and Shizuku

Bring the Yoto swords and plenty of health potions cause it's going to be a 
bumpy ride. The mission is similar to Rikimaru's, with the addition of a few 
undead to make things a bit livelier. Start off by grappling up to the ledge 
in front. Hang around until the Martial Artist turns away, then go up and 
greet him in proper fashion. Continue on stealth killing the guards as you go 
until you reach the break in the path. Grappling up to the right path is 
longer and requires a bit of grappling, while the left path is more 
straightforward. I usually take the left path but it doesn't really make a 
difference. Jump the pit and keep going until you reach an area with some 
things chained to the walls. Two enemies including a fire demon are wandering 
nearby so use the surroundings to play hide and go seek. Grapple to the next 
area with the pillars. A Martial Artist is wandering below. Take him out and 
grapple to the top of the pillars. Another one is on the ledge near the top 
of the pillars. Crouch to hide, then jump across and take him out when he 
turns. Proceed to the large pit area.

Jump carefully on the pillar to the ledge around the corner. Be careful, as 
it is very easy to fall to your death here. A Jonin should be nearby. Crouch 
then rush him when the opportunity presents itself. Keep going west and up 
the stone ledges. More Martial Artists await in the next area. Use the 
pillars to your advantage and take them all down. Go up the stairs and 
grapple up to the glowing room entrance.

Grapple up to the exit from the room. From here you can go right or left. To 
the right are stairs with a gap in the middle and a red Jonin keeping watch. 
If you go this way, crawl up the stairs and then jump across when he's 
turned. SK and keep going on the walkway until you round the corner. Jump to 
the platform in front, then grapple over to the well-lit area to the left. A 
red Jonin with shuriken is stationed there and will throw some at you if 
you're spotted. Grapple over and SK him, or knock him over the edge in 
combat. For some reason this Jonin always seems to run off the ledge to his 
doom. Anyway, from there grapple up to the ledge near the gate. If you go the 
left route from the glowing room instead, drop down below when the Jonin is 
looking the other way and SK him. Grapple up to the ledge by the bars. Either 
way, you should be on the ledge next to the bars. Continue down the corridors 
and take out the remaining guards. When you see the door with the symbol on 
it you're ready to face the final boss.

FINAL BOSS: Tenrai     HP: 150

Tenrai has three magic attacks he can use against you. First is a linear 
attack that shoots rock spears from the ground. This is easy to dodge and 
leaves him wide open to attack. The second are ice spears that he shoots in a 
fan pattern. You can't block them so you'll have to jump over. The last 
attack summons seals on the ground that shoot lighting up. Tenrai is most 
vulnerable during the first attack so get in his face and combo away.

FINAL BOSS: Tenrai     HP: 200

This version of Tenrai relies on physical attacks. His claw swipes will do 
quite a bit of damage to Ayame so try to circle around him. He will 
occasionally stop to spray a poisonous green mist in front of him. Avoid this 
at all costs. Not only will the poison do a lot of damage, but also Ayame 
will have difficulty avoiding attacks while she convulses from the venom. Get 
in Tenrai's face and give him everything you have. Drop him to 0 and victory 
is yours!


Note: These walkthroughs assume that you are playing on the first (initial) 
layout of the mission. The second and third layouts have the same area 
design, but the placement and number of items and enemies changes.

SK = Stealth Kill

Tesshu differs from Rikimaru and Ayame in that he does not have a Kuji Meter, 
and begins the game with all of his special abilities. The down side is that 
the selection of items he can use is more limited. He also does not have an 
item inventory screen. Instead he must purchase items before a mission using 
money. Enemies that are stealth killed by Tesshu occasionally drop money. 
Money can also be found in boxes during missions. After a mission Tesshu 
sells back all the items he had at the end of the mission, and is paid an 
amount of money based on his efficiency. He also receives bonus money for 
quickly finishing a mission.

Objective: Assassinate Nasu and Echigoya!
Master of Assassins Item: Super Needle
Recommended Items: Health Potion

There are more guards in the compound than there were in Rikimaru's and 
Ayame's missions, but that doesn't pose much of a problem to Tesshu. The big 
change here is that the gate that was locked before is unlocked. Use this 
area to practice Tesshu's moves and sample some of his rather unique stealth 
kills. Be sure to grab any money that pops out of enemies when you kill them. 
The guards here are more cautious that usual, and are often paired up 
together. You can either take the secret passage in the house or take the 
longer route underground. Whichever way you choose make sure you loot all the 
enemies as any items you end the mission with gets converted to money. 

Some of the huts in the upper area have moneyboxes in them so go ahead and 
loot away. Echigoya's not going to need them where he's going. The front of 
the house is heavily guarded. If you're trying to avoid being spotted 
completely go around to the rear of the house and enter there. Otherwise jump 
down, SK one guard, and take the other out in hand to hand.

If you came from the rear entrance, head towards the front of the house. 
Notice that the door to the basement is now locked. We're going to have to 
get the key from Echigoya. If you came from the front, take the left door 
right next to the entrance. Hello Echigoya. Goodbye Echigoya. Go back and 
unlock the basement door and head down. There's a sleeping guard and a cat 
down there. Kill guard. Even Tesshu can't kill the cat. *sigh* Anyway, 
grapple up and head towards the second floor.

Proceed down the hall, using the corner camera to help you SK the guards. 
Keep going straight down the hall past the cat. Note that Tesshu does have 
the Mimic Animal ability. Use it to calm the guards down if they get 
suspicious. At the end of the hall by the boxes, grapple up to the attic. You 
should be familiar with this area by now since you've been here twice 
already. Watch out for the guard in the attic. Drop down at the end and wait 
till the guard turns. Drop down and SK him. Drop down one last time for the 

Well. There used to be a boss anyway. Looks like Rikimaru got to him first. 
Oh well. Easy come easy go.

Objective: Teach Rikimaru a lesson!
Master of Assassins Item: Kumihimo
Recommended Items: Health Potion, Smoke Bomb

Is it just me or does killing Gohda's guards here just seem wrong? Muzen is 
supposed to serve the cause of justice, not vendettas. Anyhow, let's try not 
to dwell too much on details shall we? Tesshu begins under the crawlspace in 
the atrium. If you want you can go and clear out the floor of guards, but 
it's not necessary to complete the mission. Whether or not you decide to do 
so, the mission path is to head through the crawlspace and make your way to 
the stairs leading to the second floor. On the second floor it's business as 
usual. Kill the two guards along the way to the stairs leading back to the 
first floor. Back on the first floor hang a right and head for the stairs 
leading back to the second floor (just who designed this place anyway?). Back 
on the second floor you know the drill. SK the half dozen guards along the 
way to the stairs heading back down. Get ready to teach Rikimaru a "lesson".

BOSS: Rikimaru     HP: 100

Rikimaru has a significant edge in reach and speed over Tesshu, so trying to 
counter hit him is a losing proposition. Fight defensively and try to use 
power blocking if possible. Note that you don't have to kill him to win this 
battle. Once you get him to about half health the fight will end. If you want 
to speed things up use a smoke bomb to disorient him and combo away.

Objective: Rendezvous with Senkichi by the waterfalls!
Master of Assassins Item: Magazine
Recommended Items: Health Potion, Smoke Bomb

BOSS: Ganda     HP: 200

The key to winning this one is to play keep away with Ganda. His attacks are 
slow, but they have huge range and deal large amounts of damage. If he gets 
close enough to use his special attack (and you'll know it when you see him 
toss Tesshu to the ceiling), it's pretty much game over. Circle around him 
and wait for an opening, then hit him with a quick three hit combo. You can't 
head butt him so don't even try it. Enrage is helpful here, but remember that 
Tesshu is vulnerable for a few seconds when he activates it, so make sure 
Ganda isn't anywhere near him. If you have smoke bombs, use them if you have 
them. Don't worry about having to deal with another boss later in the level 
because this is it. His 200 HP is a lot to take down, but you should win 
eventually as long as you don't get sloppy.

Directly up and across from the statue is a hallway area you can grapple to. 
Two guards are there that you can SK if you like. Otherwise, head around the 
right of the statue to reach the exit, taking care of the monks along the 
way. Outside a bear is wandering the premises. If you're feeling confident 
you can try to SK it if you like. Further down a monk guards an opening down 
below. Take him out and jump down. There should be a small opening you can 
crawl through nearby.

You should come to the edge of a large pit. The way out is right above and 
behind you. While you can grapple directly up from the bottom, it's far 
easier to just grapple to the side ledge and then grapple up to the top. Jump 
down the nearby hole and keep going. A monk is nearby, so SK him and grapple 
up to the next area. You should eventually reach an area with a wooden bridge 
above you crossing over a pit. The exit is the dark tunnel to the right. Jump 
across, SK the monk, and keep going to the exit.

Objective: Escape from the limestone cavern!
Master of Assassins Item: Fire Arrow
Recommended Items: Health Potion

This short mission uses only a fraction of the limestone cavern map. While I 
haven't explored the previous area I'm pretty sure you can go back if you 
like and kill the enemies there. But that's pretty much optional for 
finishing the mission. The items that you purchased for this mission will be 
confiscated and placed in several areas of the map (indicated by red dots). 
From the start SK the nearby guard (is it me or has Jinnai gotten really 
sloppy?) and proceed to get back your items scattered around the area 
following the map. Be sure to snag the key in the room near the starting 
position. Once you've gotten back your items, head to the boss room via the 
water filled cavern. There are a lot of ninjas around so proceed with 
caution. The water will alert the guards nearby if you run through it. The 
Mimic Animal ability might come in handy here. Once you reach the boss room 
take out the remaining guard standing in the middle, then grapple up to the 
nearby exit.

Objective: Go to the house in the cemetery!
Master of Assassins Item: Disguise
Recommended Items: Health Potion

Yep. It's another cemetery mission. Fortunately for you the cemetery is 
undead free, so that's definitely a load off your shoulders. You won't have 
to worry about some vampire weapon draining your life, or fire breathing 
demons roasting your ass, or crap like that. No sir. It's back to good old 
needle stabbing, bone breaking, neck twisting, pulling your heart out of your 
chest while it's still beating business as usual.

You'll start the mission at the same point that Ayame did. The house you need 
to head for is where she fought the headless giant. After going through this 
area forwards and backwards you're probably well familiar with it now, so I 
won't go into details. In the first area with the stone lanterns a few guards 
should be wandering about. You should have no problem stealth killing them 
all. Enter the tunnel and head for the blood room, keeping an eye on your Ki 
Meter, checking corners, waiting till the guard's back is turned, etc. You 
probably know the basics by now, but it's always good to repeat them. Anyhow, 
a blue Jonin is wandering in the blood room (just how did all that blood get 
in there in the first place?). SK and grapple out. By the way, on a side note 
there is a voodoo doll floating down there as well. =) Another Jonin awaits 
you in the corridor beyond. SK him and exit.

Over the fence more Jonin await in the area below. SK at will and move on to 
the next passage. More guards. More stealth killing. The next open area is a 
bit trickier since the guards here are within close proximity to each other. 
You'll need to be patient here if you want to SK them all. When they've been 
dealt with enter the passage and grapple up the hole. Head for the house and 
it's on to the last mission.

Objective: Return to Zennosuke!
Master of Assassins Item: Bamboo Gun
Recommended Items: Health Potion, Smoke Bomb, Blow Gun

For this mission you'll need to travel in the opposite direction that you 
went in previous missions. You begin the mission near the Amagai castle gate. 
Zennosuke's house is where it was previously in Ayame's mission. Take out the 
nearby guard before entering. You must meet with Zennosuke or the last boss 
will not appear. After the cool cut scene, you can either head for the exit 
or hang around and SK the rest of the ninjas. Since the mission briefing 
tells you to show them no mercy, I would recommend killing them all. =)

The barrel area has more enemies just waiting to be killed. Move from the 
tops of the barrels and make judicious use of your death from above stealth 
kill. In the next area two guards are wandering around near the house, and a 
third is near the bridge. SK with caution and remember that you do have the 
Mimic Animal ability. There are a few ninjas patrolling in the courtyard. 
Stealth killing them all is very difficult since their field of vision covers 
a wide area. You may have to blow gun one of them to clear a path. When 
you're done with the area make your way to the crawlspace in the waterway. 
The final area has no enemies. Jinnai awaits you nearby for the final battle.

BOSS: Jinnai Ukyo     HP: 120

Ukyo is a tough boss, but then again he's the final boss, so I guess that 
makes sense now doesn't it? His attacks are fast and have a long reach, so 
counter hitting isn't an option. Furthermore, his attacks strike with such 
force that you'll be momentarily thrown off guard if you block them. You'll 
need to circle around close and hit him from the side while he's attacking. 
If you attack after his attack animation he will always block. While you can 
head butt him, this isn't recommended as he has a close range attack of his 
own (don't worry, it isn't an instant kill despite it's appearance). If you 
get into trouble, remember that the entire village is your battleground. Run 
away around corners and use all the tricks you have with you. Smoke bombs 
work wonders here. On the roof you can use the blow gun to poison him too, 
but make sure you save at least one shot for later. If he tries to climb up 
after you on a roof hit him back down. Try to save one or two health potions 
during the fight, as when he finally dies...

BOSS: Jinnai Sakyo     HP: 80

Sakyo doesn't have as much HP as his brother, nor is he as good at blocking 
attacks. He does have a long-range sword attack so keep away from his front 
and come at him from the sides. If you want to play hard to get, jump on the 
roof and blow gun him. The poison will help you a great deal. If you have any 
smoke bombs left now is the time to use them. Use the environment to your 
advantage and make him come to you on your own terms. Once he's defeated sit 
back and watch the cool ending. One more challenge awaits you however...


This bonus mission for Rikimaru is unlocked in the start menu when you've 
cleared all of the missions for all three characters. Rikimaru is sent into 
the future where he must assassinate the CEO of an evil company manufacturing 
a deadly virus. This isn't another Echigoya; the guards here have firearms, 
and the CEO is the hardest boss in the game. You begin the mission with three 
caltrops, poison rice, three shuriken, and a health potion. You cannot bring 
any items from your inventory, and there are no other items you can find in 
the mission. Whatever you do, do not use the caltrops during the mission. 
Save them for the boss. The opposition consists of large black security 
guards with nightsticks and large white security guards with handguns. The 
guards with clubs are not a problem, but the ones with handguns can fire very 
rapidly. Needless to say, try not to get spotted by them.

Rikimaru starts near a basketball court. To the left are some stairs with a 
club guard. To the right is an upper passage with a gun guard. You might as 
well take out both of them. Wait till the club guard turns and goes back up 
the stairs before heading towards him. There's a spot next to the stairs that 
you can hide in when he comes back down. Wait till he comes back and turns 
around again before taking him out. The gun guard patrols the area to the 
right. If you like you can ambush him around the corner near the top of the 
stairs, or from the ledge near the white car. After the two guards are 
disposed of head for the room left of the top of the stairs. One club guard 
is patrolling down there. He's an easy SK. Behind the wall near the pipes is 
a gun guard on patrol. Wait till he turns away then SK him as well. Proceed 
to the nearby walkway. A club guard should be walking around to the left. 
Drop down and SK him. Then turn around and carefully make your way down the 
area, keeping to the right. There's a club guard patrolling the area behind 
the fence, and he can see quite a distance. You'll need to grapple up to the 
ledge left of the fence. From there you can drop down and SK the guard. 
Further down are some pipes and a crawlspace. Enter and get ready for the 
tough part of the mission.

Past the crawlspace you should end up in a parking garage. There are three 
guards here. One club guard moves on patrol and two gun guards are stationed 
in back. It is very difficult to SK one guard without attracting some 
unwanted attention. Try to SK the club guard when he's farthest from the 
other two using the pillars as cover. When he's gone take out the remaining 
guards one at a time. If one spots you the others will come running for sure. 
If all three come at you at once you're in for a tough fight. Try to use the 
pillars as cover from the gunfire if you can. Whatever you do, do not use the 
caltrops. I'd thought I'd just like the remind you on that point. They are 
very important for the boss fight. If you want to try to avoid combat 
completely, grapple to the walkway suspended above the area. This also leads 
to the exit from this area, so if you're aiming for a grand master ranking 
this is a good idea, as being spotted even once will blow your ranking. Make 
your way to the ventilation shaft and crawl in.

After dropping though the hole at the end you should end up in the reception 
area. The gun guard here is looking away from you for the time being, so move 
in quickly and SK him. Head around the corner where another guard is on 
patrol. You know what to do. Wait till he turns, kill him, and use the 
elevator. Speaking of which, just how does Rikimaru know how to use an 
elevator anyway? I guess he's a fast study. Anyway, you should end up on the 
CEO's floor. One last guard stands between you and the boss. Head for the 
door and prepare for the fight of your life.

BOSS: CEO     HP: 250

As you can guess from looking at him, this guy has cybernetic implants and 
he's not afraid to use them. The key to victory here are the caltrops you've 
been saving all this time. You do have them, don't you? If not you're going 
to be in for a serious ass beating. His sword slashes do a great deal of 
damage, he blocks just about everything you throw at him, and he has a close 
range special attack that will drain about half your life from you. Sound 
fun? You bet!

At the start of the battle equip the caltrops and throw them in the middle of 
the room. You should get about four of them with each use. Since the floor is 
dark they can be hard to see, so be careful not to step on them as they can 
affect you as well. Try to lure the CEO on to each of them by keeping them 
between the two of you. When he steps on one he will be temporarily 
incapacitated. This is your cue to rush up and do a four hit combo (using the 
shoulder thrust or roundhouse kick). Repeat his process until all the 
caltrops have been used. The run to the center and repeat the process again. 
While you're doing this there are a few things you need to be careful of. 
First, do not step on your own caltrops. Second, be aware that he does have a 
dash attack that can take him over the caltrops and nail you. Third, when his 
fist starts glowing that means he's going to shoot a beam of energy at you. 
Keep moving around him to dodge it. Hopefully, you can kill him before you 
run out of caltrops. If not, ummm, I don't really have any fail-safe strategy 
to killing this guy except to fight very defensively. Remember that you do 
have one health potion so use it wisely. Good luck!


Restore Health
When paused press Up, Down, Right, Left, Square x 3.

Increase Items
At the item selection screen hold L2 and R2 while pressing:

Square x 3, Up, Left, Down, Right.

Unlock All Items
At the item selection screen hold L1 and R1 while pressing:

Up, Square x 2, Left, Square x 2, Down, Square x 2, Right, Square x 2.

Unlock Tesshu

At title screen press L1, R2, L2, R1, Right, Left, L3, R3. (Press down left 
and right analog sticks for L3 and R3)

Finishing the game with Rikimaru and Ayame also unlocks Tesshu.

Unlock All Missions

At the mission select screen press L1, R1, L2, R2, Right, Square, L3, R3.

Unlock All Layouts

As the mission select screen press R3, L3, R2, L2, R1, L1.

Unlock Bonus Mission

At title screen press L1, Up, R1, Down, L2, Right, R2, Left.

Finishing the game with all three characters also unlocks the bonus mission.

Play Demo Level

At start screen press Up, Down, Right, Left, X x 3.


Special thanks to:

Activision and K2 - For continuing the Tenchu tradition.

GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) - The best site for all your game FAQ needs.

You can find this FAQ at the following places:


This document is Copyright 2003 Brian Nii. Feel free to distribute or post as 
long as you don't change my name or try and make any money off of it, okay? 
Letting me know about it would be good too. =)

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