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The Cursed Crusade FAQ/Walkthrough
Version 1.0
Copyright 2012 by John "The Ogre" Kwitkowski


1.  Introduction
2.  Controls
3.  Main Characters
4.  Skills
5.  Techniques
6.  The Curse
7.  Walkthrough
  7.1 Chapter 1
  7.2 Chapter 2
  7.3 Chapter 3
  7.4 Chapter 4
  7.5 Chapter 5
8.  Disclaimer

                            1. Introduction

The Cursed Crusade follows a Knight, Denz De Bayle, and his friend, Esteban
Noviembre, through the altered events of the Fourth Crusade. An ancient curse,
The Templar's Curse afflicts both partners, damning their souls to hell. The
pair seek a way to rid themselves of the curse and reclaim their souls.

There are no plot spoilers within the guide & generic objects will substitute
named ones. "Use the catapult to destroy the tower" instead of "Use the 
catapult to destroy Friedrick's Tower" for example.

                            2. Controls

(A) Button: action
(B) Button: guard break/dodge opponent guard break
(X) Button: horizontal attack
(Y) Button: vertical attack

Left Stick: move

Left Stick (push): display weapon and mission stats

Right Stick: pan camera/aim ranged weapon

Right Stick (push): center camera

Left Bumper: enter/exit curse

Right Bumper: call/command partner (context sensitive)

Left Trigger: zoom (ranged weapons)/ready curse power

Left Trigger (hold)
 + (A): purifying fire
 + (B): fire maelstrom
 + (Y): invigorating aura
 + (X): roaring flames

D-pad Up: select/equip one handed weapon

D-pad Down: equip ranged weapon

D-pad Left: equip two handed weapon

D-pad Right: select/equip dual wield weapons

                             3. Main Characters

        ~O0===================={Denz De Bayle}====================0O~

A Templar looking to join the Fourth Crusade in the hopes of locating his
long lost Father in Jerusalem. Only his Father can reclaim the land stolen by
his (Denz's) Uncle.

Denz is the playable character in single player, the host in online matches,
and player 1 in local co-op. 

Usually starts each new mission with a two handed sword.

      ~O0===================={Esteban Noviembre}====================0O~

A Spanish thief held up in France with numerous enemies on his heels. Esteban
joins a band of mercenaries, where he first meets Denz De Bayle.

Esteban is the non-player partner in single player, and player 2 in online or
local co-op. Fallen partners (single player or co-op) can be revived by
holding the (A) button while nearby. 

In single player Esteban fights on his own without any combat command from the
player. Esteban is still susceptible to death, and the player must revive him
if he falls, or the mission fails. Esteban often holds helpless enemies for
Denz to finish, listen for his cues and take advantage of such situations.

Esteban can be called for assistance during missions to move heavy objects,
operate siege weapons, or overcome obstacles that one man could not clear on
his own. To call him to such objects (context sensitive), press the RB. To
command him once in position, press the (A) button. 

     ~O0===================={Boudouin De Flandre}====================0O~

An experienced soldier, De Flandre quickly becomes High Baron of the Fourth
Crusade, and is in direct command of Templars such as Denz. No matter his
demeanor, a Templar must obey him.

   ~O0===================={Boniface De Mountferrat}====================0O~

The man leading the Fourth Crusade. A war veteran himself, Boniface will use
any means in the name of God to make it to Jerusalem. His true intentions are
not known, but he has full support of the Templars and has full control over
the campaign. Certainly the man to impress for young hopefuls looking to
join his crusade. 

                               4. Skills


Strength improves your overall damage dealt and increases the power of your
guard breaks. Worth increasing a little early on, but not fully until other
skills are higher.

       ~O0===================={Templar's Curse}====================0O~

The higher your curse skill is, the more time you can spend in the curse
before your meter drains. Very important skill to increase, especially once
you begin to earn more powers and are more comfortable fighting in the curse.
Remember that while in the curse you are faster and more powerful, and enemies
have a harder time parrying your attacks. Being able to stay in the curse 
longer is very valuable, and worth increasing this skill for.

        ~O0===================={Weapon Mastery}====================0O~

Weapon mastery increases the efficiency of your techniques. How exactly is 
not well explained anywhere in game or in manual, but points here benefit
somehow. Increase greatly only when other skills better explained are higher

        ~O0===================={Armor Mastery}====================0O~

Each rank in the armor skill adds another piece of armor to your character.
This in turn allows your armor to take more hits before falling apart and 
exposing you (and your health bar). Armor location (high, mid, low) and
enemy attacks of the same sort still take effect however, and shiny new
sabatons (leggings) will not add protection to your neck (high attacks).

A very worthy skill to upgrade steadily. Each new rank adds the following
pieces which are replaced each new mission or reload of checkpoint.

-right spaulder
-left spaulder
-right couter
-left couter


Constitution increases your overall health, adding an additional small bar
(greyed out at first) on the health meter for each rank. These small bits
add up over time and ultimately equal half of the available health meter.

Constitution also reduces the effects of stun attacks, allowing you to recover
more quickly.

                              5. Techniques

Each technique hits a certain area of the enemy, high, mid, or low. Techniques
are purchased for one point apiece and require connected hits to be unlocked.
For example, the Reaper combo (Y,X,X) requires both the Y and Y,X hits to
be unlocked before purchase, as Reaper is an extension of those attacks.

Collecting all VP throughout the campaign will leave you with spare technique
points (16 to be exact). This allows plenty of room for error while collecting
for the average player, and completionists can rest easy on the more trivial
tasks that do not count for achievements (souls). Some people like to grab
everything and go for 100% however, so it may or may not affect you at all.

Collecting any VP on nightmare will of course be extra and unusable.

                               6. The Curse

The Templars Curse is a double edged blade, granting extreme power to all
afflicted, whilst damning their souls in the process. Those who cannot resist
the curse are met by death, and taken to hell. Those with the courage and
strength to control the curse can use it to their advantage and unleash it's
deadly power.

While in the curse you can detect weaknesses in structures, usually walls. If
you spot a glowing wall in the curse approach it and press A to find the

         ~O0===================={Curse Meter}====================0O~

                   / \          When this section fills
          .-----> /   \ <-----{ you will automatically
 These sections  /    /         enter the curse and be
 fill when you  /    /          unable to exit until this
 deal or take  /----/           section is depleted.
 damage.       |    |
       \       |    |
        \      |    |
         "-->  |    |
               |    |               /\
               \    \              /  \          This section fills
                \    \            /   / <------{ automatically after
                 \    \__________/   /           each fight.
                  \  /              /

You can freely enter and exit the curse by pressing (LB). While in the curse
you are stronger and faster and can unleash curse powers. The curse meter
(bottom left, outer red circle) drains steadily while in the curse and using
curse powers drains larger amounts of the meter instantly.

If the curse meter is drained completely, your health will begin to be 
consumed by the curse. Unless you absolutely need the aid of the curse at that
time, best not to flirt with death as your health will drain until you exit.

        ~O0===================={Curse Powers}====================0O~

Curse powers are unlocked as the story progresses, and can be freely used
after that point. Curse powers can be used while not in the curse, and will
enter you into the curse automatically. All damaging powers stun affected
enemies temporarily.

Orange souls can only be damaged by curse powers!

Hold down the left trigger and press the corresponding face button for each

(A) {Purifying Fire}

Burn a single enemy up to a short distance away.

(Hold Y) {Invigorating Aura}

When close by to your partner, unite and heal both characters. Using it will
drain the curse meter completely!

(B) {Fire Maelstrom}

Blast all surrounding enemies in a wide radius, inflicting minimal damage.

(X) {Roaring Flames}

Equip the Hellish Crossbow and shoot flame bolts.

                              7. Walkthrough

The game is divided into chapters, and then into missions. Generally each
mission consists of fighting off groups of enemies while advancing towards a
goal in the storyline. Some missions are simply story cinematics or slide
shows, and thus have no walkthrough to them. Bear in mind that the game does
not save after you reach the mission complete screen, only after you exit it
via "continue", "main menu", or "restart mission". If you power off your
gaming machine before choosing one of those options, all saved collectibles
and the mission completed status of the current mission is lost.

Completing a mission for the first time unlocks it for replay at any time
from the main menu, making all collectibles "unmissable".


       ~O0===================={The Old Templar}====================0O~

The prologue gives some back story on Jean De Bayle, Denz's Father, and his
thoughts and actions of the past. Purely cinematic, it serves to introduce the
character and his beliefs.

                               7.1 Chapter 1

      ~O0===================={A Winter Evening}====================0O~

After the introduction of Denz and Esteban, both are set upon by foes. As you
gain control of Denz, you are attacked by a few enemies. You have a two handed
sword so use it to chop down the enemies. There are also barrels nearby which
you can use to stun enemies (A button to throw), and you can pick up dropped
weapons from the enemy if you wish (A button).

After you dispatch the enemy soldiers, you are thrown into the curse and Death
comes for you. Run to the safety of the church to escape Death. Death will 
try to stun you with his magic, be sure to hit the correct button when the
circle appears on screen to avoid being stunned. When you reach the church,
which is hallowed ground, you are safe from Death, for now...

~O0===================={Assault On The Castle Of Biron}====================0O~

Victory Points: 5
Coffers: 5
Common Weapons: Spear, Mace, 1 Handed Sword, Shield

As you take control of the Mantlet, advance with the Left Stick and take cover
from arrows with the Right Trigger. Listen and look for the cues before a hail
of arrows is launched and take cover right away to avoid the damage. 

After three volleys you should be close enough to the gate to take out some
of the archers. Ready your crossbow with Left Trigger, aim and then fire with
the Right Trigger after stepping out from cover with the Left Stick. There are
three archers on ground level and three above, and a final archer will appear
on the left tower above. Denz with then use saltpeter bags to break down the
first door and the men will bring in a battering ram for the main gate. Cover
the battering rams advance with your crossbow until De Flandre commands you to
use the Ram (there is extra ranged ammunition on the bridge). As the outer
circle matches with the inner circle, press the A button to release the Ram and
break down the door.

As you enter the main gate, your army clashes with those inside. Defeat them,
experimenting with different weapons they drop if you wish. After the ground
troops are slain, some archers will attack from above. Take them down with your
crossbow. Check the stable connected to the burning building (right past the
well) to find the first coffer. Use Esteban to boost you up to the area the
archers were at.

As soon as you climb up head right along the wall to find the second coffer.
Turn right at the second brazier after climbing up to find the third coffer
(an enemy jumps out at you from the location). Fight your way through the
large group of enemies to find your way blocked by a ballista. Tucked away to
the right is the fourth coffer, grab it before moving the ballista and heading

Head up the stairs in the next room to find the final coffer guarded by a 
couple of soldiers. Head back down and out the door, and across the stone
bridge to the tower entrance.


The castle lord, Martin, engages you atop the tower. Take out the soldiers
aiding him first while your partner keeps him occupied, and then move in on
the lord. Martin is heavily armored but can be easily stunned, take advantage
of that and keep attacking him. After you strip his armor and deal a set
amount of damage to him, he enters the curse, with you as well. Martin is a
bit tougher in the curse and will use purifying fire on you, try to keep on 
the offensive and deal as much damage as you can in between his fire blasts.

Once you defeat his cursed form, Boniface and Deflandre enter the scene. Your
father is mentioned by Martin but you are ordered away before more can be told,
mention of a relic is heard as well...

    ~O0===================={The Tournament of Ecry}====================0O~

Victory Points: 4

Impressing the Lord at the Tourney will surely net you a place in the Crusade.
You must train hard and fight well to succeed!

The Ecry mission serves not only to progress the story, but to cover the basics
of advanced combat. Remember well what you learn here as it will mean life or
death in later missions.

Use the (B) button to break the guard of parrying opponents. When you are done
practicing, press (RB) to proceed to your first fight. This is a 2V2 battle
with one handed swords. The enemy will guard often, forcing you to make use
of the guard break. Best to deal with one and let your partner handle the 

Back to the training grounds to practice counters! Quickly press the (RT) as
an enemy attacks to perform a deflection counter. You then have a small window
to attack the enemy as he stands dazed. The blue glow surrounding an enemy will
serve as a cue to deflect, except in nightmare difficulty. When you are
comfortable deflecting, press the (RB).

This time you will use one handed axe to fight two opponents, use counters to
gain the upper hand and win the round.

Practice now avoiding enemy guard breaks with (B). When you see a gold glow
around an enemy, that is your cue (not present in nightmare). When you are 
ready for the next round press (RB).

The fight is 2 v 2 again with two handed spears, use all you have learned to
complete the round on top.

The next tutorial teaches how to inspect your weapon (LS) to see its status.
The closer to white the icon is, the better the condition. The closer to red
the icon is, the closer it is to being broken. Broken weapons have less reach,
less damage, and cannot perform finishers. After you are done checking weapon
status, press (RB) to begin the final fight.

The final round is against De Flandre and his companion. Turns out you are
stuck with broken weapons for this match, while the competition has perfectly
new ones. Do your best to practice what you learned and you can indeed win the
bout. After you win De Flandre calls in reinforcements so continue to wipe the
floor with them using your broken sword, much to the amazement of the crowd.
As soon as you defeat one of the new enemies, feel free to pick up one of their
weapons to help finish the fight.

After you defeat them a second time, De Flandre draws you into the curse. Teach
him the riddle of steel, the hard way. He is defeated, you are victorious, and
a spot in the lord’s crusade is made for you and your partner. The Templars
Curse is now available to use at your will (LB). Keep an eye on the meter lest
you lose your soul!

       ~O0===================={A Moonlit Chase}====================0O~

Victory Points: 5
Coffers: 5

Fight off the attacking guards as you advance down the road. When the ground
forces are defeated, some archers attack from above. Use your own crossbow to
dispatch them and then search the road left of the well for a coffer. Continue
down the main road until you reach a cart that needs to be pushed out of your
way. Move the cart and fight your way straight past the well as you are
ambushed (do not go right of the well yet). A coffer lies down this dead end,
grab it before taking the road right of the well.

*Make use of the well if need be, as many enemies attack in the ambush!*

Take out the archers on the balconies and a screen prompt will explain the
invigorating aura power, which heals you at the cost of your full curse meter.

Hold LT+Y near Esteban to heal.

Climb the balcony to reach the other side, and head toward the next well. 
Examine the weak spot in the wall while in the curse, and break through the
wall. Pass through and fight off the guards at the brazier (use it as you may
have been for an easy kill) and move the cart in your way. The drawbridge is
in sight but it is raised at the moment. You must lower the bridge to leave 
the castle.

Guards will attack so prepare to fight. Enter the doorway to the right of the
well to find a coffer and then head up the stairs into the castle tower. There
are guards to fight in the main room, and a coffer upstairs. The final coffer
is out on the balcony of the main room. Lower the bridge with the large crank
in the room and head back to the drawbridge to leave the castle in a hurry.

       ~O0===================={Forest Roads}====================0O~

Victory Points: 4

The pair races to De Flandre's camp, and Esteban decides to stay with his
new friend Denz. Enjoy the cinematic and storytelling within. When you arrive,
De Flandre attacks with his guard. Fight them off until the fight is stopped,
and you are allowed to enter the camp and its crusade.

         ~O0===================={Nightmare I}====================0O~

Victory Points: 6
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 60

You awaken in the curse, and must head towards the light. Follow the path,
while defeating the blue souls in your way. You need 60 for the point, so be
sure not to miss any. When you reach the fountain, Esteban appears and you
are given a new power, purifying fire. Purifying fire (LT+A) can damage and
stun enemies, destroy wooden objects, banish crucifix, and defeat orange souls.

Many souls appear and you must defeat them. Make sure you test your new power
on the orange souls, as conventional attacks have no effect. When finished,
use the fire on the face/door to open it. Make your way across the bridge to
the crucifix, and purify it with the fire after you defeat all of the souls
around it. Death himself appears and summons souls to his aid. It is important
to remember that your soul quota is 60, so be sure to hit that amount before
finishing death!

Use the purifying fire together on death and rapidly tap (A) to send the fire
ball his way. When death recoils and teleports away, he summons more souls
and fights more aggressive. Weaken him with melee and then use the fire as
before with Esteban to do real damage. 3 Blasts with fire should do the trick,
be sure you have the souls before then!

    ~O0===================={Expectations Half Met}====================0O~

Cinematic narrative.

                              7.2 Chapter 2

      ~O0===================={The Tower of Zara}====================0O~

Victory Points: 7
Coffers: 2
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 10

Near the end of this mission, there is a room with 9 blue souls. Since you
need only 10, and further should yield no bonuses, you may choose to only
banish 1 early on. You can safely do this, but since entering and exiting the
curse at regular intervals adds to the game's character and excitement, the
rest of the souls are listed anyway!

After you land, climb up to the pathway above and head to the right. Denz will
speak of the towers age, and suggest looking for a weak spot to break through.
Before you search however, continue along the path all the way until it ends
at the first coffer. Enter the curse right after opening the coffer to find
3 blue souls. Defeat the souls and double back on the path, taking the path
upwards just after you pass under a crooked tree. Enter the curse and examine
the wall above to find its weakness, crumble the wall, and enter the tower.

Your hiatus interrupts the changing of the guard, good timing. Dispatch the
guards in the cellar and be sure to enter the curse to find a single blue soul
there before you head up. Climb the ladder to ascend the tower and find more
guards and two ballista you must destroy to allow safe passage of your
crusade. Use the purifying fire on the ballista to destroy them, and enter the
curse to find 3 blue souls in the same room before continuing your ascent. Two
guards will attack you after destroying the ballista, one with spear and 
shield, and the other with a 2 handed sword. Defeat them and head upwards.

Defeat the 3 guards that are right upon you, and pass through the caged doors
and across a narrow beam to find the second coffer. Head back and to the other
side and defeat the remaining enemies to proceed to the top of the tower.


There are many enemies at the top, so make use of the advanced skills you 
learned throughout your early chapters. Enter the curse and check the closest
corner of the tower to the brazier to find the crucifix before using purifying
fire on the door on the other side of the brazier. Stay in the curse to find
2 blue souls behind the door, and then head down.

Now you are in the room with the chain mechanism (your objective). There are
also 9 blue souls in this room, so defeat however many you need, or all of
them before activating the mechanism with Esteban. Exit through the now open
doorway, defeat the final 2 guards, and exit the tower through the main gate.

    ~O0===================={Landing at the Docks}====================0O~

Victory Points: 7
Coffers: 4
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 6

You begin with sword and shield equipped and must advance toward the city wall
whilst beset upon by crossbowmen. Move forward with shield up, blocking any
bolts that connect. At the end of the pier take a left to find the first
coffer. Head back to where the guards are and engage them in melee, entering
the curse near the gate to find a blue soul.

After you jump down enter the curse to find an orange soul near the brazier
and a blue soul near the next pier. Head down the pier to the end, and enter
the curse to find a crucifix on a ship. Fight your way to the nearby bonfire,
where more crusaders join the fray. Enter the curse near the bonfire to find
an orange soul, and stay in the curse as you advance to find a blue soul a
bit further ahead. When you reach the next bonfire (near the gate), examine
the space in-between the houses on the left to find the second coffer. Kill 
the remaining guards and burn down the gate to the next area (purifying fire).

A large group of guards attacks you as you enter, defeat them and enter the
curse near the brazier to find a blue soul. There is an orange soul near the
second brazier if you missed an earlier one somehow. The third coffer can be
found in the far end of the area, after which you can head back and go through
the gate that Denz will suggest.

Head left, fighting your way to the ballista, and then burning it. Continue
along the way to find the fourth coffer before heading back. Now take the
right path, breaking through the debris and fighting your way to the next
ballista. After burning the last two ballista, open the portcullis with
Esteban and burn down the two gates nearby, allowing passage to the keep.

     ~O0===================={Old Streets of Zara}====================0O~

Victory Points: 7
Coffers: 5
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 5

As you enter the streets you are attacked by a group of guards. Dispatch them
and head left, then right to find a blue soul at the dead end (enter the curse
to see it). Head back to the main street and enter the right passage this
time to find the first coffer hidden around the corner. Fight your way to
the first gate, and enter the curse to find an orange soul right before it.

Defeat the guards that attack and search the upper area ahead (near the stair-
way) dead end to find an orange soul. Advance to the next gate to find more 
guards. Explore the area the guards came from to find the second coffer before
passing through the gate.

Many foes await you in this courtyard so be sure to utilize the surrounding
(barrels, the well) and technique of combating multiple enemies at once to
defeat them. Move along the backside of the merchant stands to find the
crucifix (in the curse) and the third coffer in the first garden area (left)
further ahead. A blue soul waits in front of the next gate, head through after
freeing it.

Take the side road after fighting the guards at the well to find the fourth
coffer, and enter the curse nearby the aforementioned well to find the final
blue soul. Fight through the next two groups of guards and take the side 
road (far corner) to find the fifth and final coffer. Head back to the main
gate and enter the city!

    ~O0===================={Toward the Peninsula}====================0O~

Victory Points: 7
Coffers: 6
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 5

An onslaught of foes will attack you at the gate, and will attempt to stop you
from burning it down and letting the army through. As they attack back off away
from Esteban and stay towards the gate, defeating any stragglers that follow
you. When you have a chance, start using purifying fire on the gate, pausing if
attacked. 7 Shots burn it down (nightmare), and in comes the cavalry along with
a ballista.

The ballista must make it intact to the peninsula and it is your job to
defend it as the two crusaders push it along. Sticking with the ballista as
it moves, fend off any foes that approach, making use of counters, combo 
strings, and stuns. You may have to run back and forth just to bash enemies
to avoid the crusaders taking any hits, especially if you want to earn the
"slow and steady" achievement. If you lose a soldier, Esteban will push in his
stead. If you lose both, both Esteban and Denz must push the ballista. If you
need the achievement, protect the ballista until it stops at each gate and then
go back for collectibles (this guide is written with this method in mind).

When facing enemies near the ballista (or groups in general), enter the curse
to ensure a quick victory!

A few enemies attack as the ballista stops by the well, three from the left
and one from up ahead. Stun or knock back the three first, and then quickly
deal with the single enemy on the other side (which is probably at the ballista
by then). The ballista will then move forward and some more guards attack
from around the corner (right). Meet them head on before they can reach the
ballista to ensure its safety. When the ballista stops at the first gate,
you must find another way around to open it. Backtrack for collectibles before

Enter the curse and head back towards the well to find a blue soul and an
orange soul (the orange one is tucked around a corner near merchant stands).
Head up the stairs near the well and go down the right side to find the first
coffer, and the left side to find the crucifix (in the curse). At the very
start of the mission area in the far corner (kind of opposite the crucifix) is
the second coffer. Go back to the ballista and round the corner, fighting your
way to a gate. Pass through to the next area with Esteban.

Take the right path first to find an orange soul in the corner and a coffer
behind a large barrel. The next area holds a large group of guards. Defeat them
all before heading left and opening the gate in front of the ballista. Stay in
front of the ballista and run toward the next gate to find four or five more
guards closing in. You should be able to defeat them before the ballista 
reaches the gate, making your protection task easier.

Enter the gate to the right of where the ballista stops and head up the stairs
to find a large group of guards. Enter the curse here to find a blue soul
in the corner in front of a tree, and then head up the staircase on the house
nearby to find the third coffer. There is an orange soul around the next 
group of guards ahead, enter the courtyard after freeing it. Defeat the few
guards moping around and then check the corners near both gates for the fourth
and fifth coffers before opening the way for the ballista. Lead the way to the
final gate and final group of guards. Burn down the gate to complete the

If you had problems with the ballista, simply try again trying to anticipate
where the enemies will come from and heading them off before they get near
the ballista. The A.I. tends to lock onto your character once engaged, so 
engaging them as far away from the ballista as possible will ensure success!

    ~O0===================={The Fortified Bridge}====================0O~

Victory Points: 7
Coffers: 4
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 5

Now it's time to use the ballista to destroy the wooden hoardings on the


Right Stick: move ballista left/right
Left Stick: rotate to raise the ballista
Right Trigger: fire

There are four wooden hoardings in all, two on each tower. Use the ballista to
destroy them all and then you will need to fight your way across the bridge to
the main gate. Before heading across however, enter the curse to find an 
orange soul near the ballista and ascend the stairs behind it to find the
first coffer. Now head across and burn down the gate and pass through. Fight
to the next gate to find it sealed. Before searching for a way around,
enter the narrow hallway to the right of the gate to find the second coffer.
Enter the curse and search the surrounding railing to find the crumbling one
weakened, and smash it so you can drop down.


Turn around immediately after falling to find the third coffer a bit down the
pathway and then head back to the shipwrecked vessel, and burn it down to pass.
Enter the sewers and hang a right to find the final coffer guarded by two
soldiers. Head back and take the left path this time to an open area with
many large barrels and a single guard (he will shout that "the sea will run
with your blood"). In this area let Esteban deal with the guard while you enter
the curse to find four blue souls in this room. When everything is defeated,
head up the spiral staircase.

Use your bow to defeat the enemies below and then head down and toward the
guard tower. Defeat the next wave of guards and enter the structure to find
the mechanism to open the gate. Open it and go back up to the causeway heading
toward to large castle tower. Enter the curse just before the stairs to the 
tower and look into the courtyard below to find the crucifix (do not ascend the
stairs beforehand, you cannot come back without restarting). Head up the stairs
to complete the mission.

    ~O0===================={The Five Wells of Zara}====================0O~

Victory Points: 7
Coffers: 3
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 20

From the starting area head right and search the balcony corner for a coffer.
Head down the short stairs and immediately go left to find the crucifix
around the bend, and a coffer by the nearby gate. head in towards the wells to
find the guardian of the wells and initiate the boss battle which throws you
into the curse as he summons many blue and orange souls to impede your assault.

The final coffer is atop the gallows along the back wall, grab it right away
so you do not forget it. There are weapon racks scattered around in case you
need them throughout the fight, note their locations as you find them.

Defeat all of the summoned souls (which fills your 20 quota by the way) to
weaken the captain and make him vulnerable to attacks (he is invincible in the
curse). The captain will guard break, parry, and dodge attacks often so team-
work is needed to defeat him. Attack from behind or the sides to make things
easier. After a set amount of damage is dealt to the captain, he will enter
the curse again and summon more souls. Repeat the same process of defeating the
souls, and then damaging the captain when he is vulnerable until he is 

The key to this fight is teamwork, one distracts the captain while the other
deals with the souls and then flanks the vulnerable captain (A.I. Esteban is
actually pretty good at staying on the captain the whole time).

Listen to the captain's warning of the curse and how you are too late to
rid yourself of the it. Another has already been searching a cure.. someone
in command of the crusading armies...

  ~O0===================={Nearing the Castle of Zara}====================0O~

Victory Points: 7
Coffers: 5
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 5

Right behind you on the left around the corner is the first coffer. Enter the
building on the right and fight your way to the top, through the ambush. There
is a blue soul on the bottom level and an orange one at the top of the stairs.
Search the far right, top balcony to find the second coffer, and then burn
down the wooden door up there to exit back to the streets. Enter the curse
right away and look up at the bottom of the stairs to find the crucifix.

Hang a right and enter the curse to find a blue soul at the dead end, and then
search the outer wall on the left side to find its weak spot. Break through
the wall and defeat the group of guards waiting for you. Head left right away
to find two more blue souls and the third coffer tucked in a stable. Head right
this time and search the back corner (near some stairs) for the fourth coffer.

Locate the wagon now near the center stairs and push it out of the way. Meet
the defenders head on and defeat them all before advancing to the second 
pillar building which holds the final coffer.

Fight your way down the street, taking out the archers and final guards before
burning down the large doors and completing the mission.

       ~O0===================={The Fall of Zara}====================0O~

Victory Points: 7
Coffers: 3
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 5

Follow De Flandre to the first well, where some enemies attack. Defeat them
and enter the curse to find a blue soul, as well as opening the first coffer
behind the well. Stay in the curse and approach the barricades to find an
orange soul. Move the ballista with Esteban and fight off the enemies that

Open the gate to the next area and use your crossbow on the archers above. 
There is a blue soul and an orange soul behind each of the bars on the right of
the area, smash through to get to them. A few archers attack from above in the
next area, deal with them before opening the second coffer on the left right
as you enter. Move the ballista to proceed, as more archers appear in the 
distance (there is ranged ammunition before the ballista if you need it).

The gate near the next well holds the final coffer and there is an orange soul
in the area also. The next gate behind a gnarled tree up ahead holds the
crucifix, be sure to burn it!

Travel to the next barricade and defeat the shielded guards there (three), and
the regular guards further ahead. Open the gate to find the crazed Ladislaus,
who holds something you need..


Defeat his human form as you would any other foe, and then he flees to the
top of the tower.. and in the curse. Ladislaus' split personality becomes as
two separate entities in the curse, and you must defeat both. Work on the blue
one first, and Esteban should attack the orange. After both vanish, his human
form returns. Repeat the process until you finish him.

The item is taken, and the truth reveals itself a bit more...

         ~O0===================={Nightmare II}====================0O~

Victory Points: 7
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 82

Back in the curse, follow the path along while slaying all of the souls
along the way (there are 12 before the first staircase). On the landing, an
enemy attacks with some blue souls (4). Defeat them and fight your way to
the next landing. Head right to a secret path to find the crucifix here before
fighting back to the stairs (should have 28 souls by now).

At the top of the stairs approach the fountain to learn a new curse power,
the roaring flames!

While in the curse hold LT and press X to equip the Hellish Crossbow. When
equipped, hold LT to zoom and press RT to shoot flame bolts.

Some enemies and souls appear around the fountain, defeat them all (30) and
then shoot the face-door with the hellish crossbow to open it. Cross the
bridge to find death waiting for you with many blue souls (more than enough
to meet your quota unless you missed many throughout the level). Get your
needed souls before engaging death, and when able, use a curse power on death
and tap A rapidly to push the flame towards him and damage him. Continue this
method until he comes down to ground level, at which time you will have to
fight him in hand to hand combat before you can unleash flame again. Since
both characters must burn death at the same time to overpower him, be sure to
clear out all souls each round to ensure an A.I. Esteban works with you.

Repeat the process, working together to keep souls at bay and death in check,
until you force death to flee... for now.

     ~O0===================={To Rescue an Empire}====================0O~

Take in the story to learn of a struggle in Constantinople and the inevitable
visit the crusade will take there...

                              7.3 Chapter 3

 ~O0===================={The Walls of Constantinople}====================0O~

Victory Points: 7
Coffers: 3
Souls: 4

As you land follow the crusaders to the enemy guard, but let them do most of
the work. Perhaps try out your new curse power or just take on stragglers.
Esteban will split off and take another route and this part is difficult, so
risking any damage early on is unwise. Axes make a common appearance from this
point onward, so use points on the respective techniques if you wish.

After the first group of enemies advance to the wooden structure and Esteban
will climb up, leaving you and the remaining crusaders to continue on ground
level. The guards are relentless here and will continue coming until you 
advance to the next loaded area, so move fast and grab collectibles as you
go. Use the curse when you can, but watch the meter! Since Esteban is not here,
if you fall death consumes you immediately.

There is a blue soul along the wall after the burning logs, just fight in the
curse to see it. The enemies come in three's usually, but also regularly. If
you don't kill the first three fast enough, more will be upon you. There is
a coffer and a blue soul around the major corner of the wall. Race to the
brazier ahead and fend off any remaining enemies before you can proceed.

Be aggressive once you round the bend, use the curse for the extra speed
and damage, but end combos in stuns and exit the curse during stun animations
so the curse meter can start refilling before the animation finishes. Avoid
using the brazier at the end, Denz has a tendency to get stuck between the
brazier and structure if you do, forcing you to restart. Enter the next area
when you can to rejoin with your partner.

-Destroy the trebuchets-

Turn around and follow the battlement all the way to the second coffer. Head
back now and go all the way until the screen zooms out and focuses on the first
trebuchet. You can use ranged of just rush the guards below, Esteban will
ensure this part is much easier than the beginning. Burn down the trebuchet
and then search the area in front of it (near the battlement you were on) for
the final coffer. Head to the next trebuchet and burn it as well before 
exploring the battlement on this side for another blue soul.

Enter the curse and examine the wall below by the cart and large barrel to find
the weak spot and break through. Enemies are on the other side, so deal with
them and enter the side area to find the crucifix (curse). Examine the walls
again to find another weak spot and break through back outside. Head straight
up the stairs to the battlement to find the final blue soul before fighting
your way to the rendezvous.

       ~O0===================={The Golden Gate}====================0O~

Victory Points: 7
Coffers: 4
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 3

Watch in awe as the city's giant defensive door is weakened, and then use
the battering ram to finish the job (press A as the out circle lines up with
the inner circle). The crusaders rush in, only to find the walls guarded by
bowmen. Advance under cover of the mantlet, taking cover (RT) when a hail of
arrows is in the air. Once stopped, step out with your crossbow and take down
the archers in sight. Once the archers are dead advance with the mantlet once
more until in melee range of the rest of the guard.

At this point, you need to burn down the hoarding to stop the guard. Take out
any guards attacking you and then work on the hoarding when you get a chance.

*Use the Hellish Crossbow on the wooden hoardings (LT+X)!*

Head towards the town center to find many guards to defeat. Explore the area
to find a blue soul on temple stairs, and a coffer in said temple (left side
from where you entered). The center pillar holds the crucifix, and a coffer.
The gate you broke through with the battering ram holds a blue soul and the
next coffer. The last soul and coffer lie at the end of a dead end area 
between the temple and the next mantlet. After you have all collectible items,
head to the southern gate's mantlet and repeat the process from earlier to
complete the mission.

 ~O0=================={Trapped in the Yedikule Fortress}==================0O~

Victory Points: 7
Coffers: 3
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 4

The city's guardian interrupts your advance and takes our pair on heroes on.
Blessed with a more heavenly curse, the guardian is fast and relentless. Use
teamwork to wear away his armor, attacking from the sides or behind while he
is engaged with your partner. During the fight, find the crucifix in one of
the fenced areas on the side (right side from the start of the battle). The
guardian deals massive damage to your armor so be careful to block, parry, or
simply avoid hits.

Once wounded, his guards come to his aid and he retreats. The guard captains
are tough as well, so take on a few weaker foes to change weapons before 
fighting them (preferably one on one). There are two blue souls in the area,
make sure you free them before heading over the fallen column. Be sure you are
fully healed here (LT+Y) as you will soon split up and be unable to be revived
for a time.

The enemies will continue coming up ahead, you need to flee to the ramparts
while quickly grabbing collectibles! There is a checkpoint after climbing
the column, dying and restarting there will repair your armor (but remove
all gained weapons except for a two handed sword)!

After climbing over the column, a rain of arrows splits the duo apart. Cut left
(not through the arrows!) and enter the curse to find a blue soul near the
wall's corner. Grab it and examine the cracked wall to break through. Some 
enemies await on the other side, defeat them and head into the opening on the
right to find a coffer, but only grab it when safe to do so. If you can
quickly stun the four enemies and run all the way past the stairs to the
corner, they may stay still near the coffer, allowing you to pick them off
(LT+X). Otherwise, run up the stairs and hang a right immediately to find the
next coffer at a dead end (along with an enemy). 

Don't get trapped in the corner, keep moving onward as the enemies will keep
coming in fours. Stun and run is a good tactic on the ramparts. If there are
too many enemies at once, you are moving too slow (running and/or defeating
enemies). Run along the straight stretch until you see some stairs on the
right leading to a lookout. There is a blue soul and coffer there.

Now you just have to run the straightaway to the end, be careful as many
enemies may attack! Round the next bend and the end is just past the brazier.
If you stop to fight, you likely won't make it.

 ~O0==========={An Emperor Murdered, A Promise Forever Unkept}===========0O~

Storyline cinematic. View to take in more of the story, or skip to jump back
into the action!

     ~O0===================={The Blachernae Walls}====================0O~

Victory Points: 7
Coffers: 4
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 3

The mission begins atop a siege tower. Use your crossbow to protect the
tower from the city's defense. The archers will use cover in-between shots, so
time your own carefully. After the tower is in range you will mount the wall.
Head right, fighting your way through the enemies, and find the blue soul and
coffer in the tower right up ahead. Examine the door in the curse and enter
the other side, fighting off the guards to find the wall crumble and block
your way down. Turn around and follow the wall back the way you came from,
fighting through the fresh guards. There is a blue soul shortly after you
pass the mission's starting area, along with some more guards. 

Examine the gate to pass into the next tower, which holds a coffer and enemies.
Go through the open door first to find another coffer, then go back and examine
the closed door to continue the mission. Take down the archers at the next
gate, and use the curse to pass through it as you have been doing, and continue
down to the yard (stairs).

Stay close to Esteban in the yard, as the enemies are tougher there (2 handed
axe enemies). Your task is to open the portcullis but first clear out the area
and grab the collectibles. There is a blue soul to the right of the large
doorway, a coffer hidden under a wagon near the trebuchet, and the crucifix
is beneath the large archway. Open now the portcullis (large gate on outer wall)
so the army can breach the walls.

   ~O0==============={The Imperial Gardens of Blachernae}===============0O~

Victory Points: 7

Coffers: 3
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 35

Right at the start there is a coffer near the outhouse. Burn down the 
scaffolding nearby to make a path, and slowly clear the guards with Esteban.
Tucked away in the far corner (left from where you entered) lies another
coffer, grab it and head up the stairs. The way is blocked and more enemies
attack from behind. Defeat them and open the door atop the stairs with

After the unexpected 300 reference, more enemies attack. After they are 
dispatched search the right lower corner for the crucifix and the left upper
corner for the final coffer. Approach the gate and your enemy appears and
summons undead from the 2 wells. Destroy the pillars to collapse the wells and
stop the undead.

Your first task should be to collapse one of the wells, so the undead are a 
bit fewer in number. Examine the pillars as you would a wall in the curse, and
destroy them around one of the wells. After you collapse the first well, fill
your quota of 35 souls before destroying the second well as before. After the
wells collapse, defeat the enemies that attack and pass through the gate.

~O0===================={In Front of the Imperial Palace}====================0O~

Victory Points: 6
Coffers: 4
Crucifix: 1

The chase is on! Fight through the streets and stay on the heels of your foe.
Turn around right at the start to find a coffer, then continue forward. Make
use of the environment as you fight through the guard, and be sure to switch
weapons often. After the short cut scene, be prepared for a few waves of
shielded and aggressive foes. As you near the area with pillars, spiked
fencing, and a large gate, there is a coffer well hidden behind a water tower
(you will hear a guard say "there they are, get them" when you are near). 
Approach the large gate (inside the spiked barrier) and examine its left
side in the curse to find the crucifix.

After the second cut scene, another wave of guards attack. Just north of the
large, burning barrels is the next coffer. Stay to the bottom of the screen
as you fight on to find the final coffer just after a spiked barricade (not
too far after the burning barrel).

At the next large gate another wave of guards roll in. Keep your weapons up
to par at this point, you need good condition weapons here very soon. Enter
the next area to face down your enemy.


Treat this boss just as you would a fight with death; use the fires of the
curse to burn him with your partner. Only when both Denz and Esteban focus
their power on him will he take damage. Be sure to block his own fire attacks
with timed button presses (a prompt will appear). After a successful fire 
hit, jump into melee until you can join fire again. Repeat the process until
your enemy is beaten... and flees.

 ~O0===================={The Bath House of Blachernae}====================0O~

Victory Points:
Coffers: 4
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 7

Use the hellish crossbow (LT+X) and burn your enemy together with Esteban. 
Once hurt, he will flee again and you exit the curse. The bath house is filled
with many alternate paths, often housing collectibles, so be sure to explore
each area fully before progressing to the next. Examine the door to the right
(curse) and break through, heading straight until you can no further (about
three rooms forward). The crucifix is in this very room. Exit left out of the
room and search the next for a blue soul. Head back to the room you broke into
and take a right this time to find another blue soul and another door to

Cross over to the other side of the pool and your enemy will appear again. Use
the flames as before with Esteban as before until he flees again. Examine and
break the door on the other side this time, and begin to explore the rooms 
there. There is an orange soul right where you break in, and a coffer and an
orange soul in the next room to the left (or north). There is a blue soul in
the next room or so, and another coffer after the narrow hallway there.

Before you examine and break the door leading back to the pool area, your
collected items should be: 2 coffers, crucifix, and 5 souls.

Examine the door after you loop around the rooms and break back into the pool
area. Head straight to the door opposite you (skipping the hallway on the way)
and find the coffer and 2 souls right inside. Now you can head down the 
hallway, which houses some guards and the final coffer in the immediate left
room. Examine the next door to pass and enter the yard.


Fight off the enemies (2 handed axe men) as you move down the path, swapping 
out axes often to keep them from breaking on you. After the camera changes,
there are some souls just in case you missed any before (though you should
not have). Head up the stairs to find your foe with nowhere left to run.
Fight him off as you would any other, utilizing the curse and your partner
for optimal damage. A bit more info on the mysterious relics is learned, and
all else fades with the emperor..

        ~O0===================={The Capitolium}====================0O~

Victory Points:
Coffers: 4
Crucifix: 1

Head right from the start and search the areas along the outer wall to find
the first coffer. Head left now and use your crossbow on the archers in the
distance. Advance to where the archers were and move the cart to allow passage.
Some enemies attack so deal with them before searching the corner (right where
you moved the cart) for the next coffer. Advance to the end of the street to
find the door to the sewers and enter (examine in curse).

The deep water of the sewers threaten to drown our heroes in their heavy 
armor so it only makes sense to use the curse to rid the water in place of
flame! The sewers are full of souls, defeat those needed and press on. Collect
the coffer near the start, and climb the ladder to find the crucifix before
taking the exit stairs out of the sewer.

   ------------------------------            C: Coffer
  |                C |            |          E: Entrance
  |         ---------     ---     |          L: Ladder 
  |                      |   |    |          E2: Exit
  |--    |               |   |   E|
  |      | ---     ---   |   |----
  |                       ---        
  |                  |    |
  |                  |   L|
   ------------      -----
          |         |
          | E2      |

You enter in the Capitolium, take out the guards there and examine the walls
on either side to find the relic and the final coffer. The coffer is on the
left side if you are facing the doors, best to get it first so you do not miss
it. Fight off the enemies that attack and the relic is gained.

        ~O0===================={Nightmare III}====================0O~

Victory Points: 6
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 60

Death is right on your heels, so you must run to the fountain. You should be
able to fight the blue souls and still stay ahead of death, just use rapid
(X) combos and keep moving. At the fountain you learn a new power, Fire 
Maelstrom, which is a nice area of effect fire attack. Use it on the souls that
appear and burn the crucifix before purifying the door and moving on.

Meet death and his souls in the usual spot, and defeat him in the usual manner.
Collect your souls (60) before dealing death major damage if you are going for
the points.

                             7.4 Chapter 4

   ~O0===================={The Forum of Theodosius}====================0O~

Victory Points: 7
Coffers: 5
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 5

The enemy is hot on your heels and you must navigate the city streets in an
attempt to escape. A group of guards assault from behind as the mission begins,
carefully dispatch the armored foes and explore the area to find a coffer 
inside the fenced part along the back wall. A blue soul waits on the other side
of the pillars where you start. Head down the street now and enter the curse
as you cut right through the pillars to see another blue soul as some shield
enemies attack. Fight them off and enter the doorway to the next area.

After you seal the door behind you, you are entered into the curse as more
enemies attack. There is a blue soul on the other side of the fountain, be
sure to free it before passing to the next area. 

Knocking down the large pillar would surely seal the door behind, so you
now need to burn down the wooden supports on its base. There is a coffer to
the immediate right, in front of a small statue. Burn down the wooden supports
and the pillar collapses as you needed it to. Check the coffer area again to
find a new blue soul hanging around the area. Head through the new opening
and find the blue soul right past it before heading right. Shortly down the
right side (near a brazier) is a coffer on the right hand side, and the
crucifix waits at the end of the path before it cuts right. After the right
turn there is another coffer in front of a wagon.

Head back now to where you entered through after burning the supports and
head through the pillars with trees between them. Turn left right away to
find the final coffer and then head right and to the end.

  ~O0===================={The Forum of Constantine}====================0O~

Victory Points: 7
Coffers: 7
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 3

As you round the corner some archers attack from above. Use your own bow to
take them out and then move the cart to proceed. A group of armored guards
wait on the other side, so fight through them and search the area. The wooden
cages right in front of you can be examined and broken in the curse. The second
one from the right holds a coffer.

Attack the guards near the well ahead and destroy the nearby cart to enter
the next area, which is filled with more guards. There is a coffer on top of
the gallows to the right and four blue souls below. Use purifying fire to take
down the souls, of which you need 3 for the VP.

Another coffer is in the open on the way to the next area. At the circular 
area fight off the guards attacking civilians and cut left immediately to
find another coffer. Examine the gate and break through, collecting ranged
ammunition nearby if needed.

Help the civilians at the square and go straight up to the large doors to
find a coffer. Enter the opening (left of the doors) and explore the first
right (dead end) for a coffer. Move the cart and break the first wooden cage
on the left for the crucifix. Continue fighting the guard and saving civilians
and find the last coffer dead ahead (left of the gate). Pass through the gate
ahead and help the city's defender who is surrounded by the enemy.

Tatikios spares your life for helping him, but will not accept further aid.
Regardless, making your way to the palace to save the royal family is still

 ~O0===================={The Path to the Great Palace}====================0O~

Victory Points: 7
Coffers: 3
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 6

Enter the curse right away to find the two blue souls and then fight off the
tough enemies that entered (preferably while still in the curse). Check the
stables before heading out into the garden as one contains a coffer. Once you
enter into the gardens the foes keep coming so you have to be quick in both
defeating them and collecting items. A good course to take is straight up the
right side, entering the curse after passing the large barrel so you can find
the crucifix shortly after. Head along the right wall all the way to the corner
to find another coffer and then hug the wall to the left corner, stopping to
fight only if cornered. Make your way back down the wall until you reach the
main gate, and then join Esteban in fighting off any foes. Once you have 
the enemies eliminated, quickly open the gate with Esteban and pass through
to the other side.

Prepare your crossbow to take out the archers on the left, high ground as you
progress down the alley. The last coffer is to the left of the entrance, on
the other side of the spiked barriers. Walk around the barrier to reach it.
There are two blue souls in this area as well, one near the entrance and the
other about halfway down the alley on the right. Enter the next gate to find
yourself in the middle of a tough fight. Make use of your newest curse power
to try and keep enemies stunned!

The final two blue souls are here near the fountain, be sure to free them 
during the battle. As with any boss fight, take out the lesser enemies first
and then work on the big guy's armor. Unfortunately The Cursed Crusade's bosses
are little more than heavier armored tough enemies, so just hack away, swapping
weapons from the weaker foes as needed. When close to defeat your foe will
unleash his own curse powers, be sure to hit the correct quick time event
buttons to avoid the fire blast, and then use your own fires on him! Stay close
to Esteban because it's difficult for the A.I. to revive you while under
heavy assault. 

This fight is extremely hard on nightmare as your weapons break easily, the
enemies keep coming, and often you cannot keep up with either. The worst part
is there is no checkpoint, so really work on your combos and keeping enemies
at bay with stun attacks (LT+B) and counters. Each time you avoid the enemies
fire blasts , you automatically counter, use this to your advantage.

      ~O0===================={The Excubitorium}====================0O~

Victory Points: 7
Coffers: 4
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 8

Fight off the first wave of guards that attack here before searching the area.
There are three blue souls on the left end as well as a coffer in the left,
upper corner (left relative to where you began). Head to the right end and
open the gate to allow passage.

In the next area head right immediately, around the spiked barriers to find a
coffer. Enter the curse while fighting off the guards to find two blue souls.
Advance to the next group of guards to save the wounded soldier, whom speaks
of a monster, a demon. Cut to the right after the cut scene to find another
coffer near a statue before climbing the wall near your ally.

The remaining souls are in the area along with guards to deal with, so use the
curse to take care of everything at once. Pass through the gate and note the
guards lying in wait. Head to the left straight away and search the corner
for the final coffer. Check your surroundings and start fighting off the guard,
making your way to the right, upper corner now to find the crucifix. Finish off
the guards your allies left and then prepare for another wave. Approach the
large doors when all is clear to finish the mission.

        ~O0===================={The Augustaion}====================0O~

Victory Points: 7
Coffers: 4
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 40

Waves of enemies will drop in at each section of the area, move cautiously and
fight them off together before you can advance. Fire Maelstrom works great
against the blue souls and since your curse gauge is infinite when they appear,
you may as well spam it on the large groups.

A few guards attack after the first wave of blue souls, fight them off and
explore the left wall near the burning cauldrons to find the crucifix. Move
the cart and the next wave of blue souls appear. Use the Maelstrom power once
more to easily defeat them. Pass through the gate to enter the courtyard.

Coffers lie at the small statue right in front of you, the large pillar, near
the far wall across from the large pillar, and at the front of the palace.

                       X <- enter

|     |                        o --coffer
|     |
 ----- o --coffer     o --coffer

                      o --coffer

Collect any weapons you want from the corpses laying around and enter the curse
to find the final four blue souls amidst the bodies. Approach the temple when
you are ready. All hell breaks loose literally, and time for a fight is upon


This beast is an easy foe and it's only weakness is it's legs. Either you or
Esteban need to attack it's legs while the other distracts it. Stay on the
move and beware it's crushing attacks, swapping weapons if needed. When damaged
use purifying fire on the beast's head while it is kneeling, and then repeat the
process three times to fell the demon. 

You are almost untouchable if you stay behind the demon while attacking it's
legs. Use dual swords for the quickest damage dealing.

    ~O0===================={Hagia Sophia Courtyard}====================0O~

Victory Points: 7
Coffers: 4
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 10

You need to push forward to the Basilica, and all that lies in your path is
the full force of the army...

Fight off the enemies in the square and take an immediate left (before 
descending the steps) to find three souls. Use the run down merchant stands
as cover and pick off the archers that appear before you advance. Another 
wave of soldiers rushes in at the brazier and you rush to meet them (you
appear nearby no matter your location). Fight them off and search the lower
left area (right on the other side of where the souls were) to find a coffer.

Move the cart out of the way to clear the way (right side) and look to the 
right afterward to find another coffer. Fight the enemies ahead near the
brazier and enter the curse to find two more souls in the same vicinity.

Circle around while hugging the wall until you reach some scaffolding. Burn the
scaffold to create a path. Enter the curse on the catwalk to find two more
souls after the second incline.

Once you reach ground level take an immediate right and look for the coffer
in the corner before entering the courtyard. Assault the soldiers near the
fountain, and enter the curse to find the remaining souls amidst the soldiers,
and the crucifix amidst the fountain. The far left corner holds another coffer,
open it before entering the door nearby with the chain to the iron gate. Wind
the chain with Esteban to open the gate to the Basilica. Enter the Basilca.

    ~O0===================={Hagia Sophia Basilica}====================0O~

Victory Points: 4

The sacred place is shortly defiled and you are forced to face with more
of the giant.. beasts. The curse will not work in this holiest of places so
you are forced to use more conventional means to defeat the demons.

From where you begin, either side of the basilica (far left or right) hold
large chandeliers at the end of the halls. Do your best to lure the demons to 
a chandelier, and note the lever on the way to it. You know the demon is 
below the chandelier when it is over a large circle on the ground and the
camera zooms out. Attack the demons legs while it is in the circle until it
kneels down in pain, then pull the lever nearby to drop the chandelier on it.

Another demon enters when the first is slain, so repeat the process on the 
opposite hall you did the first. A third demon will then attack so once again
use a chandelier on it.

C (chandelier)
L (lever)
S (start area)

         L                            L
     C                                    C

        O -- O -- O -- O -- O -- O -- O -- O     


        O -- O -- O -- O -- O -- O -- O -- O  

     C                                     C
         L                             L

Advance towards the gate that is now unguarded to complete the mission.

      ~O0===================={To The Bosporus}====================0O~

With demons hot on your heels, you flee the city on horseback. At the ballista
you are able to fight them off and pick up the trail.

                           -Storyline cinematic-

   ~O0===================={Leaving a Sacked Empire}====================0O~

Watch as the pair leave Constantinople and the city is burned and pillaged.

                            -Storyline cinematic-

                               7.5 Chapter 5

     ~O0===================={Inside the Fortress}====================0O~

Victory Points: 7
Coffers: 5
Crucifix: 1
Souls: 30

It is very wise to use the curse while fighting in the fortress, but mind
your meter!

A new army awaits in the fortress, an army of cursed crusaders! There is a 
blue soul right at the entrance, free it as you fight down the hall to the 
next group. A blue and orange soul await at the brazier, as well as a coffer,
get them all and be prepared for enemies attacking from down the hall. 

Two blue souls are in the next hall, along with enemies. After the cart there
is an orange soul and another coffer. Enter the next room to be transported
into the curse with souls and a few enemies. Step outside and find the blue
soul, as well as a coffer atop the stairs.

At this point (at the outside area) you should have:

Coffers: 3
Souls: 14

Travel the next hallway in the curse to find four souls (both colors) along
the way, and then a large group of crusaders. The Hellish Crossbow (LT+X)
works great here, as it is easy to become pinned against a wall in close 
combat. Just remember that your meter doesn't allow many shots before you
must exit, allow it to recharge and then use it again. Slowly work your way
up, until you are forced into the curse once more. In this area with all of 
the souls, look around the corner of the brazier for a coffer.

Use all of your curse powers and abilities for the coming groups. Try to keep
them stunned with (LT+B) or pick them off with the hellish crossbow before
engaging in hand to hand. Move slowly down the hall until you find a group of
enemies at the windowed area. Fight them off and look through the middle 
window to find the crucifix. Approach the opening to become trapped in the
curse once again. Defeat all of the souls and then enter the keep.

Defeat the two guards and descend the stairs to the caves. Prepare for an
attack from soldiers on either side as soon as you enter and further down the
way. On the right along the wall lies the game's final coffer, grab it before
fighting to the next area.

After the curse trap fight to the courtyard and then lure the enemies back
IN to the cave area. There are far too many, especially on nightmare, to risk
dying at this point. Use the chokepoint and the curse to quickly take down
a few at a time before moving into the yard.

Enter the dark temple to behold the evil ritual that is holding open the 
gateway to hell! You need to purify the sacrificial man to close the portal,
but there are enemies closing from all sides constantly. You have unlimited
curse meter here, so use all of your power to keep enemies away, and work on
blasting the man with fire. You can litterally sit next to the man and spam
Maelstrom if you don't mind feeling a bit cheap.

Either way, with the gateway to hell sealed, Denz senses something else. Enter
the curse and search the left wall to find a hidden passage.. Clues are left
behind, and Denz may have a way to undo this curse.


                          Live well, regret nothing!

                                 8. Disclaimer

This FAQ/Walkthrough is my own work, and has been created by me for use on

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This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

Copyright 2011 by John "The Ogre" Kwitkowski

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