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[ Title    ]   The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
[ Platform ]   Nintendo Gamecube™
[ Version  ]   v0.40
[ Authors  ]   Brett "Nemesis" Franklin / Masamune2
[ E-Mail   ]   [email protected]  / [email protected]
[ Updated  ]   April 4, 2003

00. Intro
01. The Legend Continues
02. Game Basics
03. Walkthrough
    - Outset Isle
    - Pirate Ship
    - Forsaken Fortress
    - Windfall Island
    - Dragon Roost Island
    - Dragon Roost Cavern
    - Forest Haven
    - Forbidden Forest
    - The Search for Nayru's Pearl
    - Tower of the Gods
    - The Master Sword
    - Forsaken Fortress
    - Fire Mountain and Ice Ring Isle
    - The Earth Temple
    - The Wind Temple
04. Items
05. Sea Chart
06. Side-Quests
    6a. Hidden Dungeons
        • Dragon Roost Island
        • Pawprint Isle
        • Bomb Island
    6b. The Killer Bees
    6c. Link's Cabana
    5d. The Koroks' Spoutlings
    5e. The Great Fairies
07. Location Lists
    7a. Treasure Charts
    7b. Heart Piece Locations
    7c. Empty Bottle Locations
08. Version History / Credits
09. Copyright Info


00. Intro


I'm back! Did you miss me? Good, I missed me too. I never really planned on
writing FAQs again, but this new Zelda is just too good to pass up. And since
I've written for the previous two Zelda games, it only seemed right to do
an FAQ for the newest installment in the spectacular Zelda series.


01. The Legend Continues


Long ago, there existed a kingdom where a golden power lay hidden. One day, a
man of great evil found this power and took it for himself, and with it at
his command, he spread darkness across the kingdom. But then...just as all hope
had died, a young boy clothed in green appeared as if from nowhere. Wielding a
blade that repelled evil, he sealed the dark one away and gave the land light.
This boy, who traveled through time to save the land, was known as the Hero
of Time. The boy's tale was passed down through generations until it became

And then a day came when a fell wind began to blow across the kingdom, and the
great evil once again crept forth from the depths of the earth. The people
believed that the Hero of Time would again come to save them. But the hero
did not appear...

What became of that kingdom...? None remain who know. The memory of the
kingdom vanished, but its legend survived on the wind's breath.

On a certain island, it became customary to garb young boys in green when
they come of age. Clothed in the green of fields, they aspire to find heroic
blades and cast evil down. The elders wish only for the youths to know courage
like the hero of legend...


02. Game Basics


Controlling Link:
Walk/Run/Swim/Jump - Control Stick
Crouch/Crawl - R Trigger, tilt the control stick to crawl
Defend - R Trigger with weapon out
Swordplay - B (more techs below)
Action - A and R Trigger, depending on your situation
Camera - C-stick to change the camera view
Target Lock - L Trigger

In-Depth Controls:
Control Stick: The control stick controls Link, and the direction that you
               want him to move. Since it's an analog stick, the speed that
               he moves depends on the amount of pressure you put on the
               stick itself. It also controls what direction you wish to
               aim something, or the direction you wish to look in the
               First-Person view.

Jumping: This can be done by simply pressing forward on the control stick, and
         by having Link running at full speed. When Link reaches the end of
         a ledge or edge, he will automatically jump. The longer you run, and
         the faster you run, the farther Link will jump.

Swimming: This too can be controlled with the control stick, and you can also
          control the speed in which you swim.

A button: This is the action button. This is the blue icon at the top of your
          screen, and controls what actions you can do. The text appearing
          on the icon changes depending on what Link is doing, and where he
          is standing, and it tells what Link can do at a certain time.
          Some of the actions include:

          Grab: Up/Down + A
          Drop: A while hanging from a ledge.
          Throw/Place: Up + A, after grabbing with the A button.
          Open: Press A in front of a door/gate.
          Speak: Press the A button near someone, or while somebody is
                 highlighted with L-Targeting.
          Check: Press the A button in front of a sign, or after you have
                 targeted it with L-Targeting (use the Left Trigger)

	  The A button also does some battle actions, like:

          Jump Attack: L + A after drawing your sword
          Back Flip: L + Down + A
          Side Jump: L + Left/Right + A
          Roll Attack: Up + A

B button: This is the attack button. You can perform various attacks with
          this button. Some of the attacks include:

          Vertical Swing: L or Up + B
          Horizontal Swing: B, or Z + Left/Right + B
          Stab: L + Up + B
          Spin Attack: 360 degrees with Control Stick + B, or hold B, then
                       release it.

R Trigger: This is the defend button. Pressing it will raise Link's shield.

L-Trigger: This is the all-important L-Targeting feature. This allows Link
           to lock onto any target, and NEVER lose sight of this target.
           This is great for battles, and fast moving enemies. While in
           L-Targeting mode, Link will attack/check/speak to whatever
           is targeted.

X-Y-Z buttons: These buttons are able to hold any three items/weapons during
               gameplay. You may assign an item to one of these 3 buttons
               at any time.

C-Buttons: The C buttons and stick will control the camera view, allowing
           full freedom within the game.

Ropes: Ropes are a new aspect to the Zelda series. By jumping onto a rope,
       Link can swing back and forth to reach a long distance ledge, or
       he can even stop mid-swing with the R Trigger, then change the
       direction he wants to swing in. Also, if you hold R and tilt the
       control stick up or down, you can adjust the height you wish to
       climb the rope.

Sword Techniques:
Horizontal Swing: B or L + control stick + B
Vertical Slash: L + B
Thrust: L + up + B or any direction on the control stick + B
Spin Attack: Hold and release B, or spin the controls stick counter-clockwise
             and press B
Jump Attack: L + A
Rolling Attack: Control stick + A
Side Step: L + Control stick left or right + A
Back Flip: L + Control stick down + A


03. Walkthrough

DISCLAIMER: This document contains many spoilers for the game. If you do not
            wish for the game to be spoiled for you, do NOT read ahead of where
            you currently are.

                               >> Outset Isle <<

What's this? No green tights or floppy hat? Has Link gone soft? Well, fear not
young Jedi. This isn't your everyday Link. This is a new hero, but he looks
After the cut-scene, head down the ladder, across the bridge, and into the
house straight ahead. Hit R to crouch, then crawl underneath the bed to get
a Rupee, and continue through the crawl space into the next room. Open the
chest for a Red Rupee. Exit the same way as you entered, and leave the house.
Hop off the ledge right outside, and talk to the kid in the grass. After
speaking with him, continue across the bridge, and talk to the kid on the
He'll challenge you to hop across the rocks. Do so, and you'll find a blue
rupee on the first rock and a yellow rupee on the second rock. Hop back across
the rocks, and continue across the bridge. Approach the first house on your
left, and a guy with a huge head will talk to you. Speak with him (he's on the
second level of the house, on the outside), and climb the ladder to the
right and enter the house. Speak with the man, and he'll tell you that his
brother downstairs always FENCES (i.e., he might have a sword for you), so
leave this room, go back down the ladder, and enter the lower door next to
the ladder.

Talk to the half-naked freak who's rolling into a wall. He'll ask you to roll
into it, so do so. Afterwards, he'll ask you if you want to learn how to use
a sword. Select 'yes' and he'll train you (albeit a very short lesson) in
swordplay. Just follow his instructions and it'll be over very quickly.
Normally, you would assume that this naked weirdo will give Link a sword.
Not so. He even says that he WON'T give you a sword. What a jerk. He's
half-naked, rolls into walls, and won't hesitate to teach a kid how to kill
things with a sword, but he won't give up a blade. Leave this room and go to
the house next door.

Once inside, climb up the ladder and approach the creepy old lady holding
some very recognizable clothes. She'll give you the HERO'S CLOTHES, and
you'll now look like the Link we all love and cherish.

Exit the house and head to the area behind the house where you were taught
swordplay, and speak with the fat lady. She'll ask for a pet, so run off
and locate a pig who's running around nearby. Sneak up to the pig by holding
the R Trigger, then release the R Trigger when you're near the pig. Now press
A to grab it, and bring it back to the lady for an easy 20 Rupees (she gives
you a Red Rupee). She'll ask for more of them, so if you wish, go back down
near the bridge and you'll find a black pig. Return it to her for another Red
Rupee. You can keep bringing her pigs as long as you can find more
(I couldn't).

When you're ready, go back across the bridge, and return to the look out tower
where you first began the game, and speak with the girl (Link's sister). For
a birthday gift, she'll give you the TELESCOPE. Do as the girl says and use
it to look at their house (it's to the right). She'll DEMAND that you look
at the red mailbox, so do it and you'll see a giant hawk who looks like he's
having a seizure. Look into the sky to see a giant bird and watch the

Apparently, a girl has fallen into the forest towards the top of the island.
Now, common sense and logic would indicate that a fall from that high into
a forest would kill you, but I guess there's no real logic here. It's just
an excuse for you to move on in the game and kick some baddy ass.

Go back to the island, and return to the swordsman's house. Speak with him
and when he asks if you want more training, say yes. He'll teach you some
new techniques, and afterwards, he'll give you the HERO'S SWORD. Leave the
house and go back across the bridge, near the beginning of the island.
To the far left of the first house there is a path leading up to the top
of the island. Cut the trees down and continue up the path. At the top,
go across the bridge, and enter the forest.

First things first: cut down every damned tree around you, because we all know
that trees are your main predators in the game.

Or not. Just cut them down to ensure that no more damned trees will grow
around these parts for years to come. Make your way through the forest until
you reach the first enemy, a giant bore/human-thing. Keep pacing forward
and you'll find a giant rock blocking the Fountain of the Fortune Goddess.
Go past the rock and up the tree that leads to the next part of the forest.
Two birds will drop more bore things, so defeat them and the girl hanging
from the tree will awaken and fall to the ground. She'll wake up, and want
to repay the debt to the bird who dropped her.

Watch the cut-scenes, and you'll find out that the giant bird has kidnapped
Link's sister and taken her to the IMPENDING DOOM that is the Forsaken
Fortress. Link wants to stow away on their pirate ship (arrrrr) but they want
you to have a shield before you go. So, head back to your house (near the red
mailbox) and go inside. Climb up the ladder to find that something is missing.
Go back down the ladder and your grandma will give you the HERO'S SHIELD.
Return to the pirates, speak with the girl, and you'll sail off.

                               >> Pirate Ship <<

Speak with the pirates on here and they'll all tell you to talk with Niko
below deck. Enter the only door on the ship, and go down the stairs, where
you'll find Niko. He'll test your skills with a rope test, which is too easy.
Just jump from rope to platform before time runs out, and Niko will offer you
whatever is in the treasure chest in the next room. Open it to find the SPOILS
BAG. Return to the main deck, and you'll see the Forsaken Fortress. The pirates
will launch Link from the ship into the Fortress.

                            >> Forsaken Fortress <<

Right after you land in the water, climb up onto the dry land, and the pirate
girl (I forgot her name, so sue me), will tell you that you've lost your sword
on the island somewhere, but she's given you the PIRATE'S CHARM, which allows
her to see what you're doing and give advice. Also known as your NEW NAVI, only
its not a fairy, its a magical stone. Same thing. Head up the ramp, and grab
a barrel to ensue in some Metal Gear Solid stealth action. Sneak across the
courtyard, avoiding the spotlights, and stopping when they go over you. If you
go up the stairs to the right, at the top there is a door to the left. Enter
it to get the COMPASS. Return the way you came and back down to the searchlight

Veer to the right, and enter the door. Once inside of this room, go left, and
down the hallway. You can try to get past the gaurds here, but you have no
so just get yourself caught and they'll lock you up in a cell.

To get out of the cell easy, just hop on the table, then across over to the
shelf with a single pot on it. Toss the pot out of the way to reveal a
crawlspace. Enter it and crawl through to get to the other side of the
cell. Go down the hallway across from the cell, and you'll end up in a room
with a chest. Open it for the DUNGEON MAP. Jump across the gap here using
the hanging light, then go through the door to the left (or right, doesn't
matter, they both lead to the same place. Go right if you don't have the
COMPASS yet and you'll get it in the first room). Follow the path until you
reach the first room, leap across the chasm with the hanging light, and through
the door. Follow the path until you reach another room with a few giant guards.

Right when you enter this room, the game will show you which door you need to
get to, so get at it. Hop in the barrel and slowly sneak past the guards,
only moving when they aren't near you or facing you. If you get caught, it's
back to square one, so don't get caught. Once you finally reach the door,
dump the barrel and go through it. Back outside, follow the path up the stairs,
and at the top you'll be presented with another barrel. Hop in this one, and
sneak past the guard, and follow the path until you reach a ladder. Take it
down, and go forward a bit to the left, and there should be another ladder
that leads down. Take it, and follow the path until you reach another ladder
that leads to a giant searchlight. Toss the pot here, and the monster
the searchlight will come down to fight you. Defeat him with the sticks that
fell out of the pot you broke, and the searchlight will power down.

Go back the way you came, and follow the only path left open to you (or hop
down to the main area where you began this dungeon), and look for another
giant searchlight like the one before. Do the same thing and defeat the
monster to power down the second searchlight. Search around for the third
searchlight, and make your way towards it. Depending on where you are, you
might have to go back inside of the fortress and run along the outside ledges
to find the ladder that leads up to it. After shutting down the final
searchlight, go back to the outer ledges and go to the room where you found
the COMPASS. Swing across the gap, and exit the door.

Return to the room where you had to sneak past the two guards in a barrel,
and do it once more to get through the giant door again. Now you're on the
tower where your sister is at. Sneak past the guard once more, but this
time, once you reach the end of the path to the ladder leading down, sidle
across the small ledge next to the ladder. Keep going, sidle the next ledge,
and once you make it to the other side, you'll see your sword...and a
baddy. Quickly grab your sword, and defeat the monster to open the door. Enter

not the suicidal mass murdering ship it was made to be. He is your friend,
and has decided to help you. But first, you need a sail for the ship so
you can sail away. He takes you to Windfall Island.

                             >> Windfall Island <<

Feel free to explore the town to your heart's content. One thing you should do
first is enter the house directly north of where you've landed, up a hill.
Inside, you'll find Tingle inside of a cell. Rescue him and he promises a gift.
Find the floor switch near some pots to the left of the door, step on it, and
you'll release Tingle. After releasing him, he'll give you two items: TINGLE
TUNER, which allows you to hook your GBA up to your GC and get tips from
Tingle, and the SEA CHART, which helps you navigate the seas. Before you
go, however, there's a secret here. Roll into the crate inside of the cell
to reveal a crawlspace. Crawl through it and go:

Right, straight, left, left, right, right, left, straight, left, right, right,

WARNING: Beware of any wooden floor plates you come across. There's a rat
         waiting for you to crawl on it so he can drop it and make you
         start all over from the dock where your ship is.

Inside of this room, you will find a chest. Open it for the PICTO BOX. Make
your way back out of the maze, or simply find a rat inside of the maze, and
he'll drop you out back outside.

Leave the house, and back outside. Near the house, you'll find a man that,
more or less, will find you, and ask you to find his dear daughter Maggie.
Link will promise to find her for him. Now enter the town itself, past the
man who wants his daughter back.

Go past all of the stores on your right, and head to the top of this area
to find an eskimo dressed in warm clothing. Speak to him and he'll tell
you his story. Basically, give him 80 Rupees and he'll give you the BOAT'S
SAIL that you need to move on. Now you can do whatever you want in the town.
If you play the Battleship game inside one of the doors, you can earn a
HEART PIECE if you win within 20 cannonballs.

Now that you have the sail, it's time to sail off. Return to your boat, and
sail due east, following the arrow on screen to Dragon Roost Island.

                           >> Dragon Roost Island <<

Upon arrival, your boat will give you the WIND WAKER, which allows you to
use the power of the gods, or something. After practice with it, you are set
free by the fearsome boat. Make your way up the ramps, blowing up the giant
boulders using the bomb plants that are around you. Once you get to the
first gap, sidle across the ledge to the other side, and hop off the ledge.
Use the bomb plant next to you to blow up the boulder ahead, and enter the
newly opened path.

Speak with the Quill (the giant bird) then continue up the path and into the
opening ahead. Watch the cut-scenes, and eventually, you'll get the
DELIVERY BAG. Now to find Medli in one of the upper rooms. Go up the ramp
and enter the first door on the left to find her. She'll give you FATHER'S
LETTER to give to Prince Komali. Return back downstairs, and go into the
doorway directly across from where you entered this area from. Follow the
path a bit down some stairs, and enter the door at the bottom to Prince
Komali's room. Show him the letter, then leave back to the main room. Go
through the door next to Komali's room, and outside to the entrance to Dragon

Hop into the pit below and talk with Medli. After speaking with her, pick
her up, stand on top of the raised rock, and when the wind is blowing towards
the ledge she wants to be on, throw her. She should fly right onto the ledge.
For helping her, she'll give you an EMPTY BOTTLE. Go back to the main room and
speak with the king in the center. Go back out the main doorway, the same
way you came when you first entered the area, and head back towards the
beach. Once at the water, use your empty bottle to get some water, and go
back to the entrance of Dragon Roost. Pour the water on a dried up bomb flower
then toss the bomb onto the giant rock blocking the water below.

Swim across the water, and climb up the other side. Bomb the two statues to
create a bridge over the lava. Now enter the first real dungeon.

                           >> Dragon Roost Cavern <<

Items of interest: Grappling Hook, Joy Pendant (x2), Treasure Chart

First things first, pull the statue to the left towards you, then pull the
statue next to it to reveal the opening to the dungeon. Defeat the baddies
inside, then grab one of their sticks from the ground, and light it on fire
(think of it as this game's Deku Stick). Now use it to light the other two
unlit torches, and take the SMALL KEY from the chest that appears. Proceed
through the door.

Start off by busting through the wood planks, then go left, down the ramps,
and to the block inside of the wall. Pull it out, then climb up it and use
it to get to the other side of the ramp. Hop off the ramp and onto the
bridge. Go across it, then on the other side, use a bomb flower to blow
up the boulder ahead. Enter the door.

In here, the big pots contain water. Use these to toss onto the lava to
make a path for a short period of time. Hop across the hardened lava before
it disappears, then go up the ladder and enter the door. In here, kill the
baddy that jumps through the wooden planks, grab the sword he dropped, and
use it on the wooden planks to the right then go through the path. Defeat
the 2 Red Chus, and use the giant sword again on the planks here. Open the
chest for a SMALL KEY. Continue through the next door, and back into the
main room once more.

Turn to your left to find some bomb flowers on the wall next to a boulder.
Grab a rock and toss it at the flowers to make them blow up the boulder. Go
across the new path and head towards the locked door. Open it with the key
and go on inside. Defeat the Red Chus, then smash the wooden planks with
the enemy behind them. Defeat him and pick up his stick. Light it on fire
then use it to light the wooden planks on the other side of the room. Step
on the floor switch here to open the door, and go through it to end up

Go across the bridge and defeat the baddie at the end, and go up the ladder.
Defeat the bird, then sidle across the ledge, avoiding the lava spurts.
Go around the rock, and hop onto the ledge, and hang from it. Make your
way across the ledge to the other side. Climb up the rock, grab the bomb
flower, and toss it at the boulder. Go through the newly revealed door.

Pull the first block on the right, then pull the second block out. Now climb
up them and into the opening at the top. Pull the nearby block out, climb
on it, and go right to a chest containing the COMPASS. Now smash the pot with
the sticks inside of it, light one on fire, stand on the block you pulled
out, and throw the lit stick at the wooden planks covering the chest across
the room. Open it for a SMALL KEY. Use it on the locked door in this room and
enter it.

Once outside, find the bird in it's nest, and kill it for a SMALL KEY. Or just
run at it to scare it away from the nest to grab the key. Enter the locked
door. In here, smash a pot with the sticks, grab one, light it on fire, and
light the torch in the room beyond, then light the wooden planks on the
doorway. Defeat the bats, then open the small chest for a JOY PENDANT. Light
your stick, go through the doorway, and light the two torches here to open the
next door. Enter it.

Out here, use the bomb flower to blow up the rock on top of the giant bubbling
pot to the left. This pot, when climbed into, acts as a warp point between
the beginning of the dungeon and the current area. Head across the bridge and
go through the door. Defeat the enemy, then climb the ladder. Go all the way
left until you reach a pot with sticks in it. Grab a stick after smashing
the pot, light it on fire, and use it to light the unlit torches here to reveal
a chest. Open the chest for a TREASURE CHART. Smash every pot in the room to
find two hiding enemies. Defeat them and the doors will unlock. Go through
the door at the top of the ladder.

In here, ignore the centipede, and wait for the giant lava burst to die down,
then toss a water pot onto where it was. Hop onto this and it'll rise when
the lava bursts again. It'll take you to the top, so ride it and enter
the door at the top. In the next room, use the bomb flower to blow up both
boulders. One is covering a warp pot and the other leads to a new door, so
go through it.

Once outside, run up the ramp quickly, because they'll start to fall. At
the top, you'll find Medli trapped. Defeat the three enemies that appear to
free her. Speak to her afterwards, and she'll give you the GRAPPLING HOOK.
Climb up the platform and use the grappling hook as Midli directs you to.
Grapple across the next gap, and drop down. To the right of the door (if you
face the door), there will be more grappling areas to use. Grapple across them
until you reach a door, then enter it.

Go across the bridge, defeat the enemies here (one's on the bridge, the other
inside of a jar), and a small chest will appear below. Cut the ropes on the
bridge to cause it to fall, bringing you down with it. Open the chest for a
JOY PENDANT. Exit through the door on the opposite side. Enter the giant
cage to the right, and stand in the center. Do a spin attack to cut all
3 ropes at once, and cause the platform you are standing on to fall. Once it
settles, hop onto the doorway, then across the platforms and up the ladder.

Stand next to the door in the giant mouth, and face the center of the room.
Look up towards the ceiling to find a grapple point/lever. This will unlock
the door, so turn around while still grappling (hold R to do so), and go back
onto the ledge and through the door. Grapple onto the point here, but turn
to the right and swing to the ledge. Go across the platforms, then grapple
across the chasm and through the next door.

Attack the centipede here, but don't kill it. You want it to roll into a
ball so you can grab it and place it on the switch so you can grab the
boss key from the chest surrounded by fire.

Now you have to backtrack to the boss door, or the third pot warp. You can
go the long way if you remember how, or just save, quit, then restart the
dungeon from the first warp point, and warp back to the third one.

Once back in the third warp room, swing across the gap, and up the stairs
(there are fairies in the pots, so grab one if you feel you might need it
for the boss, but you shouldn't, I didn't even take any damage from him
the first time I faced him), and enter the door.

                                  BOSS: GOHMA

At first it might seem as there is nothing you can do to hurt this boss.
Well, first you have to look around the area. See where the dragon's tail
is? Grapple it. Get out of the way of the boss, and grapple the tail. Doing
this will cause the ceiling to collapse onto his head. Do this three times,
and the boss will attempt to trap you between it's claws. Good thing it's eye
is exposed, so when it traps you with his claws, attack it's eye with all
of your might. Repeat as necessary until you have defeated this easy boss.

Grab your heart container and watch the cinema and you'll receive DIN'S PEARL.
Head through the small cave opening near the beach and approach what looks
to be a blue tombstone with Wind Waker directions on it:


Stand in front of the stone and play the Wind Waker in those directions,
and you'll learn Wind's Requiem, and Zephos, the God of the Winds, will
talk to you. Since you're here, there should be a large boulder right next to
the path leading to the Wind Shrine, right in front of the shrine itself.
If you have a bomb on you, then just bomb it. If not, you can use your Tingle
Tuner and your GBA to talk to Tingle, and have him drop a bomb on that exact
point. Either way, once the rock is gone, hop into the hole below.

Now, there's no real way to go through this dungeon. Your main objective is
to get each one of the un-lit doorways in the first room all lit up. So
what you want to do is enter an unlit door, and defeat the monsters inside.
There are 4 rooms you have to clear, and they're all painfully easy. Once
each room has been cleared, the torch above that room will light up. After
getting all of the doors lit up, the door that used to be locked in the
main room will become unlocked. Go on inside and claim your prize, a Purple
Rupee, worth 50 Rupees. Not bad for such an easy and short dungeon.

Once you're all set to go, return to your boat and set sail once more.
Use your Wind Waker and play the Wind's Requiem, and set the wind direction
to the South. Now hop on your boat and set sail for Forest Haven.

>> Forest Haven <<

Make your way up the path, defeating the Boku Babas and using your grappling
hook on the branch near the waterfalls. Right after the grappling hook
area, go left and hop on the path, then hop from there onto the next island
in the middle of the river. Continue forward and use your grappling hook
once more, while avoiding the Octorok, to swing across the river and enter
the cave.

Veer to the right, and run along the water until you reach the center of
the area, a giant tree with a face (Deku Tree). Perform a rolling attack
into the tree itself to knock the Chus off, and defeat them all. Watch
the cut-scene, and the Deku Tree will make a Deku Leaf appear at the top,
but he wants you to get it for him. To do this, simply find the purple
flower next to the Deku Tree, and hop in it. This will propel you into the
air and to the next purple flower. Keep doing this until you reach the
fourth flower, land on the branch above it, and grappling hook to the next
set of flowers, and continue up until you reach the DEKU LEAF. Use it
by jumping off the ledge, then pressing the button you've assigned it to,
so you can glide to the next ledge, the one the little leaf kid tells you
to fly to.

Continue forward and go outside, and speak with the leaf kid. Stand near
the edge of the rock ledge to see the Forbidden Forest. Play the Wind
Requiem and set the wind to southwest (SW), and use your Deku Leaf to
glide to the small island to your left. Once on this island, play the
Wind Requiem once more and set it to Northwest (NW). Now wait for the
cyclone of wind to get on the eastern part of the ledge, and when it comes
by, hop into it with your Deku Leaf and it should blow you upwards. Now
aim for the Forbidden Forest, and fly towards it. Once you land on the ledge,
enter the forest.

                            >> Forbidden Forest <<

Items of iterest: Boomerang, Joy Pendant (x3), Treasure Chart

Defeat the Green Chus around here, and go up the ramp to the right. Open the
chest at the end for a DUNGEON MAP. Now you see the door in the center,
covered by the flower? You can't get rid of it by attacking it, so check
in the grass to the left of this door to find a giant seed or ball or whatever
it is. Pick it up and throw it at the flower on the door when it's blossomed.
This will destroy the flower and allow access through the door. Enter it.

Its those funny looking purple flowers again. Hop into the first one and
right before you pop out, face the tower with another purple flower on (the
one to the right), and glide with your Deku Leaf to reach it. Now do the
same thing and glide to the next highest purple leaf to the left. Once again,
enter this purple flower and glide across the chasm and onto the next ledge
with a door. This door has another flower on it, so you'll need to bomb it
with the bomb flower to your right. A bunch of Green Chus will surround
you when you approach the bomb flower, so just hit the bomb and run away
quickly. The Chus will explode and a new bomb will grow back, so toss it
at the flower on the door, and enter.

In this next area, there will be a giant gap between you and the other side.
See that weird looking plant to your left? Use your Deku Leaf to fan air
at it, and make it spin. A bridge will lower, so hop on it. Now face the other
plant across from the bridge to the right, and fan it to bring you closer to
the ledge. Once you're close to the ledge, hop off and enter the door.

Defeat the 3 Boko Babas here, and one of the should leave an open purple
flower to launch yourself with. Hop into it, and land on the ledge behind
you, which should have another flower. Hop into it, and launch yourself onto
the ledge above. There's another covered door, but you can't do much
about it now. Use the weird looking plant that's to the left of the door,
and fan more air onto it to lower a bridge.

Hop onto the bridge and fan the same plant a few times so you start to move,
then quickly turn around and fan the other plant to continue moving forward.
Jump off the bridge once you reach the other side, smash the wood planks,
and pick up the giant seed. Walk back onto the bridge, and press your
Deku Leaf button to drop the seed on the bridge. Quickly fan the plants
so you make your way to the other side, then throw the seed at the plant on
the door. Enter the door.

There's another seed right ahead, but the giant tenticles block you from
picking it up. Easy way to solve this? Blow air at the seed with your
Deku Leaf to blow it away from the tenticles. Now just run around them and
pick the seed up, toss it at the plant on the door, and enter.

Go right, and use your grappling hook to swing across the gap. Now hop onto
the moving branches until you reach the next locked door. Grab the seed,
then turn around, enter the hanging plant with the Rupees if you want
them, and go to the ledge next to it with the plant on the door. Toss the
seed at the door and proceed through.

Now you can go right over this next gap and through the door, but if you
want a yellow rupee, then hop down and take it from the chest. To get
those prickers off you (they don't hurt you, they're just annoying), just
roll around.

Avoid the raising tenticles as best as you can, and veer to the left. Grab
the bomb flower and toss it at the giant wooden planks near it to reveal
a chest. Open it for the COMPASS. Grab another bomb flower and toss it
at the other wooden planks to the right of the compass. Now SLOWLY make
your way around the tenticles in the room, until you finally reach the
planks you just bombed. Open the chest here for a small key. Now use
the purple flowers to glide over the tenticles, and return to the first
locked door (2 rooms back), and proceed through it.

Turn to your right and fan the spinning plant with your Deku Leaf to bring
the bridge to you, and fan it again to bring it to the other side of the
ledge. Enter the door.

In this area, use the purple flowers to launch yourself up to the second
level, then locate the purple flower on a small tower on this level. Use
this flower to launch you up one more level, and enter the door that's
unlocked. In here, you'll fight a mini-boss, but it's incredibly easy. It's
a giant flying wasp that shoots those little pricky things at you, which
will slow you down significantly. Just roll around to get them off you,
then attack with all your might when the wasp gets near you. Eventually,
one of his wings will fall off, then the second wing, and once he has
no wings, he's yours for the taking. Jump slash at him a few times and he's
toast, and the locked gate will open, revealing a chest. Pop open the chest
to receive the BOOMERANG. Very nice. The door leading out is still locked,
but use the Boomerang to target the two plants above it, and toss it at them
to unlock the door. Exit the room.

If you want an easy JOY PENDANT, go right of the door you just exited, and
look up for a grapple point. Grapple it, then hold R to climb up and onto the
branch. Now look ahead for another grapple point, grapple onto it, then hold
R again to drop down onto the leaves. Jump onto the moving branches ahead,
and at the top there is a chest containing the Joy Pendant. Now go back down
to the level you were just at and find the next door thats covered with 2
plants. Use your boomerang on them to clear the door, then go on in.

Here, use your boomerang to cut down all of the hanging vines, then glide
to the other side using your Deku Leaf. Open the chest for a JOY PENDANT.
Enter the door. Now you're at the top of one of the rooms you were
previously in. Instead of trying to get onto the giant flower ahead of you,
use your boomerang on all 5 of the vines holding it up to make it drop
down and hear that classic "YOU'VE FOUND SOMETHING" Zelda sound. Drop down
into where the flower fell and go into the door.

Use your boomerang on the propeller flower and the prickly things on the
islands, then head to the right, kill the Green Chus, and go through the
door. Hop across the flower in the center, open the chest for a Yellow Rupee.
Now target the vines holding the flower up, and use your boomerang to cut
them and to cause it to drop, and drop down with it. Block the Octorok's
attacks with your shield to reflect it back at him and kill him, then
use the bomb flower across from the wooden plated door, and use it to
clear the door. Enter it.

Destroy all enemies in this room, then make your way around the large
tree in the center of the room (there's a chest inside, but it's blocked
off by a gate). Get to the back of the tree, and hop up the tree stumps
and defeat the Boko Baba to open the purple flower. Now use it to launch
yourself to the ledge above it, and fan the spinning plant to the left
to bring the bridge to you. Fan it again to get yourself to the other side,
grab the bomb flower, and toss it into the center of the giant tree below
to clear the plants covering the chest. Now drop down into the tree itself
and open the chest for a TREASURE CHART. Exit the tree by crawling out
of the crawlspace, then exit the room.

Look up and use the boomerang again to cut the flower back down to you,
hop on it, and kill the Octorok. Now face the opposite way of the area
where the Octorok was, and fan yourself to float down the river. Towards
the end, there are 2 more Octoroks, so defeat them, hop off the flower, and
kill the Green Chus. Now enter the door.

Go straight and up the winding hill to the top of the tree, and face the
door you just entered. Now turn 90 degrees to your right to find a crystal
switch next to the tree you are standing on (next to the ramp). Target it
first, then target the rest of the switches in the room, moving clockwise.
Hit them at once, and the gate below will open allowing you access to
the chest within. Open the chest for the BOSS KEY (or BIG KEY, whatever). As
soon as you try to leave the tree with the chest, 2 giant enemies will
drop down. Defeat them, and a door above you will open up. Run back up
to the top of the tree, and grapple over to the ledge with the newly
unlocked door. Enter it.

You're back in a room you were in before, so kill the prickly things on the
islands, then hop across and go through the door on the other side. To your
left is a spinning plant that you can fan once more. Fan it, and a cyclone
of air will appear on the flower ahead of you. Hop into it with your Deku
Leaf to glide up. Land on the next level, and use your boomerang on the
plants covering the door. Go through it.

Upon entrance, the two doors will lock on you with tenticles, and two bug
enemies will approach. Defeat them with ease, and the doors will unlock,
and a chest will appear. Open the chest for a JOY PENDANT, then continue
forward and through the next door.

Right ahead is the boss door. Destroy all of the giant seeds in here to get
hearts, Rupees, and some enemies (Green Chus and those prickly things). There
is also a warp pot here, which you can open up by smashing the jar with the
sticks inside, then light it on fire and set the wood on top of the pot
on fire. There's also a fairy inside of a pot next to the warp pot if you
want one for the boss fight. When you're ready, enter the boss door.

                               BOSS: KALLE DEMOS

So far, I'm fairly disappointed in the difficulty of the bosses in Wind Waker,
and this one doesn't help that out. It's incredibly easy. Start off by
targeting the tenticles that are holding the plant to the ceiling with your
boomerang and let it fly. Repeat this for all of the tenticles, and the flower
will drop, allowing you to slash at it's core with your sword. After enough
damage, the plant will curl up and spit you back out. Chop the plants around
you for hearts, and repeat the process. Eventually, you'll defeat the plant
and claim your Heart Container and rescue Makar. Hop into the wirlwind to
exit the dungeon.

Back outside, the Great Deku Tree will reward you with FARORE'S PEARL. Exit
this area, and head back to your ship and sail Northwest.

                      >> The Search for Nayru's Pearl <<

Your next destination is Greatfish Island, which is across the map from Forest
Haven. You will now be allowed to sail anywhere you wish in the Great Sea,
except for the Foresaken Fortress. You can either go straight to Greatfish
Island or stop and explore the Great Sea a bit.

When you do finally decide to head to Greatfish Island you'll find out that
Ganon has already attacked the island but Jabun has made it to safety in a cave
behind Outset Island. You will also discover that the Tetra and the pirates had
tried to get to Jabun but the cave he was in was sealed off and they went to
Windfall Island to find a way in. That means that your next stop is Windfall
Island to see the pirates about getting into that cave.

Once you arrive at Windfall Island you can look around for the pirates but
you'll notice that they are nowhere to be found and that you need a password to
get into their ship. You might also notice that the bomb shop is closed. Put
two and two together and you'll probably deduct that the pirates are inside the
bomb shop. But how do you get in the bomb shop? Well, it's quite simple,
really. From the front of the bomb shop go around to the left of the building
and you can get behind it. Climb up to the hole and crawl through it. Inside
you'll overhear the pirates about how they are going to use bombs to get inside
the cave. You will also hear the password to get in their ship. Since you don't
have the bombs to blow open the cave head to their ship and give the password
at the door. Go inside and down to where you first met Niko. He has another
challenge for you, except this time it is much harder. Swing across the lamps
and make it to the other side before the gate closes. It'll take a few tries
but when you finally get it you will be rewarded with BOMBS. Tetra will find
out about this with the stone she gave you and tell you that the pirates will
depart in the morning for the save giving you until then to get inside. Don't
worry about that and head for Outset Island.

Before you head to the cave you might want to talk to all of the people here
and do a few things. If you go to see Orca (The guy who gave you your sword)
he will give you a challenge: Fight him and hit him 100 times without him
hitting you three times. Do this and you will get a purple rupee. After you do
that you can talk to him again and he will challenge you to another fight,
this time hit him 300 times before he hits you three times. If you do this
you'll get a Purple Rupee. When you're done head around to the back of the
island and you'll see a large whirlpool. Before it sucks you up shoot the
large stone barrier on the cliff. Once it has been destroyed the cave will be
open and the whirlpool will go away. Inside you will meet a Jabun and he will
give you NAYRU'S PEARL.

                            >> Tower of the Gods <<

Items of interest: Hero's Bow, Joy Pendant (x3), Treasure Chart

Open up your Sea Chart and you'll see that three locations have been marked.
These are the three Triangle Islands. Go to each one and approach the statue.
Link will place each Peral in each statue and after the last one has been
placed you can sit back and watch the cut-scene. Once you regain control enter
the Tower.

Get out of your boat and swim to the right and enter the door. If the water
rises and blocks the door, wait for it to go back down again. Defeat the ChuChu
in here and the water will eventually rise. If you look around you'll see two
walls on the left you can blow up with bombs and one on the right. Stand in
front of the first wall on the left, place a bomb in front of it and blow it
open. To blow open the other wall on the left wait for the water to go down and
locate the crate across from it on the floor. Push this crate across the room
so it is in front of the wall. Wait for the water to rise and then stand on the
crate. Put a bomb on it and take cover. Inside is another ChuChu and some more
pots. To blow up the wall on the right just wait for the water to rise and put
a bomb on the ledge in front of it. Inside here are some pots and the DUNGEON
MAP. A few more ChuChus will drop from the celing when you go towards the door.
Kill them if you wish and then leave.

Get in your boat and head to the other side of the room. See those walls that
are slightly cracked? Shoot them with your bombs. When the water rises get out
of the boat and climb over the top of the wall that is still there. Go to the
right and enter the door at the top of the stairs. Kill this guy by blowing him
with the Deku Leaf and atacking him afterwards. Open the chest to get the
COMPASS. There's another chest in here but you can't get it at this moment.
Leave the room and break the pot with wooden sticks in it. Grab one and light
it on fire. When the water lowers run down the stairs and light the two torches
to make a chest with a JOY PENDANDT appear.

Go all the way across the room and to the left of the door with the map. Wait
for the water to rise and go on this platform. If you stand on the switch next
to the door the door will open. If you step off of it it will close. Take one
of the statues and place it on the switch and go through the door. Kill the
ChuChu and jump into the big hole. Pick up one of the crates and place it on
the switch. This will make a bridge appear. The water will probably start to
rise moving the crate, but don't worry about that, when the water level lowers
itself the crate will go back on the switch. Climb up the ladder and cross the
bridge. Pick up the strangle object in the middle of the covered area and take
it out of the room. If you drop it in the water it will go back to it's
starting position. Place it in the middle of the covered platform to the left
of the door and it will open a gate to your left.

Get in your boat and head through the newly opened gate. Get out when you reach
the platformand place the statues on each switch. What you have to do in here
is light the torches on the other side of the room. when the water is lowerd
jump down into the lowered area and push the crates so you can hop across them
to get to the unlit torches. You can do this with only four of the big crates.
Lighting the torches will make a chest containing a SMALL KEY appear. Grab the
key and try to leave the room. A few ChuChus will drop down from the celing to
harrass you, so dispose of them.

Get back in your boat and head to the walls that you destroyed with bombs. Use
your key to open the locked door and go inside. Argh! More ChuChus! Kill them
all and a staircase will appear. Take it and grab the object in the middle of
the covered platform. Take it out of the room and up the stairs to your left.
Place it in the middle of the covered area across from the door at the top of
the stairs. This shuts off the water coming from the big thing in the middle
of this room and lets you take the path behind it.

Follow this new path and go through the door. In the middle of this room there
is something that fill fire a laser at you that damages you which you cannot
kill. Your goal is to take the two statues by the door past it and place each
one on a switch and step on the third switch yourself. Doing so will cause the
moving platforms at the back of the room to activate giving you access to the
second floor.

In the first room on the second room the only open door other than the one you
just came through is to the right. In this room ride the platform to the other
side and go through the door. In here go up the stairs and on the platform.
Jump down and approach the stone tablet. Read it and it says to press R. Press
it and  the statue will lower itself to follow you. Go slowly and let it
follow you around this floating platform until it ends. If the statues stops
press R again to call it. When you get to the end by the door pick it up and
jump across the gap while holding it. Continue holding it and go back through
this room with the platform. Go through the door and the statues will go onto
a round spot on the floor casuing a tablet to appear in the middle of the room
with a new song for your wind waker. Take out your wind waker and learn the
Command Melody:


*Neutral means you don't touch the C-Stick and leave it in it's neutral

Once you have learned this the door to your left will open. Go through it. You
are going to need your Deku Leaf for this room. Use it to kill the monsters in
here. Then take out your grappling hook and swing across the gap. To do so stop
in the middle of your swing with R and angle yourself to face the door.

Go through the door and get ready to use your grappling hook again. Use R to
call the statue down. Before using the Command Melody go to the switch and
stand on it to make a bridge appear. Without moving, play the Command Melody to
take control of the statue. Walk across the bridge and then take control of
Link again. Use your grappling hook to get back across the gap and take the
statue to the next room.

Instead of Link standing on this switch, drop the statue on it. Use the
grappling hook to get to the door using the same method as before and go
through it. In here you'll have to fight a very tough enemy. In order to do any
damage to him you have to get behind him when he trys to attack and hit him in
the back once to make his armor fall off. Once you ahve done that you can slash
him with your sword until he dies. If he hits you he'll do a significant amount
of damage. Once he dies a chest will appear with the HERO'S BOW. If you need
health you can blow up the pillars with bombs, the can contain hearts.

Exit the room and try out your new bow by shooting the eye across from you.
This will cause two moving platform to move to the center of the room. Go back
to where the statue is and carry it across the platforms and through the door.
It'll walk to the round spot on the floor and open the last door in this room.
Go through that door.

In this room you drop down into the water and take the door to the right. For
this room you might want to equip your Deku Leaf. First of all, use it to kill
the monster in here. You can also use it if you mess up and think you will miss
a platform when jumping. Take the platform in front of you and ride it down.
Then jump on the next platform in front of you. Take out your bow and shoot the
eye on the platform. That will cause the platform it is in to move up and down.
What you want to do is jump on the platform to ride up. Jump off at the top
onto the platform with the chest and grab the SMALL KEY. Jump on the platform
to the left of the chest and ride it up. There's another monster up here, so
use the Deku Leaf to kill it. Jump to the next platform and shoot the eye
across from you. When the platform it is on comes up to you jump onto it and
shoot the eye above the door with your bow. Open the chest to find a JOY
PENDANT. To get back to the door you can either fall down the pit (Not the best
way to do it), go back on the platforms or just glide down with the Deku Leaf.

Back in this room with the two platforms hanging by chains grab a statue and
throw it on either platform. The statue will cause the platform to lower and
the other to raise. Throw another statue on the lowered platform and jump on
the rasied one. Jump from the raised one onto the ledge and open up the locked
door with your small key. In this room there is a lasers blocking you from
getting to the statue that you need to control. Stepping on the switch removes
the barrier, although you have to stay on it to remove the lasers. Instead
of using the switch, climb up the thing in the middle of the room and float
over the barrier with the Deku Leaf. Press R to call the statue and use the
Command Medoly to put it on the switch (It can walk through the lasers). Walk
through the barrier now that it has been removed, pick up the statue and take
it through the door.

Out here you'll meet a new enemy. Kill it by shooting a couple arrows at it.
You've probably noticed the wall that you can bomb by the water. Before you
blow it open put the statue down on the ledge by the door that you just came
through. Jump on the platform next to the wall and it'll be at the same level
as the wall you have to blow open. You can't put the bomb in front of the wall
to blow it up, so you have to time it and throw the bomb right before it
explodes. The fuse on the bomb is roughly eight seconds so throw it just before
that. Go in this new area and go through the door. In here stand on the
swastika-like icon depicting the wind and play the Wind's Requiem. This will
make a chest appear containing Treasure Chart 30. Run to the chest, open it
and run out the door without touching these giant statues that want you dead.

Now you have to get your statue across the suspended platforms. Do what you did
to get across originally by throwing statues onto one of teh platforms. Except
instead of throwing just two throw all four to balance the platforms. Go back
up to where you left the statue, grab it and take it across the platform to the
door. The statue will go onto the last empty-circular spot on the floor and
then all three statues will give you a way to get up to the last floors of this

Before you go, you might want to get the last chest on this floor. Go into the
door to your left from where you are at this point, or the door that was open
when you first came in here. Kill the enemies here and jump on the platform.
From the platform shoot the eye to your right and another platform will come
out. Jump on it and take it up to the door. In here there a two more of the
huge statues that want to kill you. Use L Targeting to target each one and
shoot them with just one arrow. Then throw a bomb at them while they are
studded and it will go in their mouths. They will hop around a bit then
explode. Killing them both will make a chest with a JOY PENDANT appear. Take it
then go back to the big room to get to the upper floors.

Step into the pink light and you'll be lifted to the third floor. In front of
you is a door with statues on either side. To your left and right there are
the things that shoot lasers at you, like the one right before the second
floor. Behind you there is a laser barrier blocking the chest with the big key
and three switches in front of it. Take the statues and place them on the
switches. Step on the last switch to remove the barrier. Grab the BIG KEY and
the two statues will come alive and attack you! Kill them by shooting them with
an arrow once and then hitting the glowing spot on their back twice with your
sword when they are stunned. Killing them opens up the door in here.

Go through the door and you'll be taken to stairs on the outside of the tower
leading up. You won't be able to go up them unless you dispose of the things on
the sides that shoot lasers. To destroy them, get close enough so they fire
their laser shoot the thing that looks like an eye with an arrow. Once you
destroy the last ones go in the door leading to the boss.

                                 BOSS: GOHDAN

You're going to be needing your bow quite a bit for this boss. Use L target to
target one of his hands and shoot it with two arrows to disable it. Then do
this with the other hand. Once both hands are out of the way target each of his
eyes and shoot it twice. Once you have disables his eyes throw a bomb into his
mouth. He'll prbably use his only real attack at least once by now, shooting
fire at you. Just run to the side of it to avoid it. After throwing three bombs
in his mouth he dies. If you run out of arrows, don't worry, he'll drop bundles
of ten for you out of his nose (Eww). Avoid the lowered areas on the sides of
the room, going in them shocks you.

Once you have defeated him grab the Heart Container and step into the light. In
this new area climb up the ladder in front of you and use your grappling hook
on the bell above.

                            >> The Master Sword <<

After the cut-scenes you'll find yourself in control of Link in the castle.
Your goal is to find the Master Sword. To do so you have to open up a path to
basement. To do that you will have to solve a puzzle. When you enter the castle
go past the big statue of Link and you'll see a picture of the Triforce on the
gorund. What you have to do is move the blocks nearby onto this picture of the
Triforce so they match up with that. Once you do that the statue of Link will
move opening a path to the basement. Go down and get the MASTER SWORD. Now you
have to go back up to the main floor and deal with the monsters. Kill ALL of
them and you will be allowed to leave. Go back to your boat and go into the
glowing gold light.

                            >> Forsaken Fortress <<

Items of interest: Skull Hammer

Your next stop is the Forsaken Fortress. When you get there your only way in is
a wooden door in the water on the sothern side of the fortress. Fire two bombs
at it to break it down. Go up the stairs and onto the big open area with the
search lights. Approach the big door and a mini-boss will appear.

This guy is very easy, just like all of the real bosses have been so far. You
don't have to worry about stepping in the spotlights, either. He will start out
the fight by throwing a blue ball of energy at you. Before it hits you, swing
your sword to send it back it him. He'll take it a throw it back at you so
send it back to him again. After you exchange it a few times it will hit him
(Unless you get hit first) and he will fall to the ground. When he's on the
ground attack him with all your might. He will get up and disappear. When he
appears again attack him before he has a chance to attack you. Do this a few
times until you have defeated him. Once he's gone a chest with the SKULL HAMMER
will appear.

Go into the big door and go to the left. There are some obstacles blocking
your path. Use your brand new hammer to get rid of them. Go down the hall,
fighting the monsters if you wish. Go through the door and you'll be in the
room with the ship hanging from the ceiling. There's a new enemy in here, it's
a big hand that comes out of the swirling black spot sitting on the ground.
Continue on through the room and down the hall. Enter the next room and climb
up the ladders onto the beds. Then climb up the next ladder to get to the
platform in front of the door.

Go through the door and go right onto the outside platform by the door at the
other end of this path. Head up the ladder and kill the monster by the
searchlights. Jump down onto the path ABOVE where you just were and go across
to the ladder. Kill the monster to disable the searchlights. Go back down the
ladder and follow this path downwards past wher you jumped onto it. Go onto
the covered walkway and enter the door at the end in front of the direction you
are facing as you came down the path.

In here kill the monster and glide across the gap with the Deku Leaf. Use the
hammer on the obstacles and enter the door. Go out the balcony on your left and
climb up the path. Go up the ladder and disable the searchlights by killing the
mosnter. Go back down the ladder and the path you just came up. Enter the door
across the one you juest came out of.

Glide across the gap with the Deku Lead and enter the door. Go down this
walkway and through the door at the other end. Go to the right, up the stairs
and through the door. Go up all these stairs and you will eventually come to
some obstacles to smash with your hammer. Then you'll come across a gap. You
can either sidle along the very narrow ledge or just float across with the Deku
Leaf. You will then come across another gap where you can do the same thing.
Up the next set of stairs is a switch you have to hit with the hammer to open
the door.

After the cut-scene run all the way up these platforms to the top of the tower.
As you run the bird will start to smash the wooden platforms asfter you cross
them. There will also be enemies dropping from the ceiling, but you can ignore
them. If at any point you fall you can grapple across the gaps where the
platform was smashed. At the very top you'll see the bird. Give him a single
hit with your hammer to sending him down into the water.

                              Boss: HELMAROG KING

Hitting him with the hammer didn't finish this guy off, so you're going to have
to fight him for real. What you want to do is wait for him to land and then
stand near him, but not too close to his feet, so he will try to peck you. When
he does that dodge and he'll get his beak stuck. While he is stuck hit him in
the head with the hammer. After you do this a few times the armor around his
head will break and you will be able to hurt him with your sword. Now you will
be able to use the Master Sword to hit him a few times when he gets his beak
stuck in the ground. Before you break his armor he may start to try to attack
you by flying across the room in order to hit you with his claws. If you stand
in front of the large wall on one side he will fly into to it and you may be
able to hurt him with the shockwaves from the impact of hitting the hammer on
the ground. Defeat him and grab the HEART CONTAINER.

Go up the path that just opened and enter the door at the end. After the long
cut-scene and the plot revelation head back into the castle. Inside go back
down the stairs to the room where you found the Master Sword and you will watch
another cut-scene.

                     >> Fire Mountain and Ice Ring Isle <<

Your next task is to seek out the evil Wind God that is responsible for all of
the cyclones on the sea. When you find him get close to his cyclone so it
starts to suck you up. Quickly take out your bow and shoot him with it three
times. Once you do he will teach you the BALLAD OF GALES:


Whenever you conduct this song while on your boat out at sea you can warp to
the following locations:

Mother & Child Islands
Windfall Island
Dragon Roost Island
Tingle Island
Greatfish Isle
Tower of the Gods
Southern Fairy Island
Forest Haven
Outset Island

What you want to do now is use it to take you to the Mother & Child Islands.
When you get there you will meet the Queen Fairy. She will give you the ability
to use FIRE ARROWS and ICE ARROWS. Now you have to make your way to either Fire
Mountain or Ice Ring Isle. You can go to either first, but it's why I'm
detailing what to do there first.

Sail right up to Fire Mountain and take out your Ice Arrows. Fire one straight
throw the lava gushing out of the top of the mountain. This will stop the lava
from flowing for FIVE MINUTES. Climb up the side of the mountain and drop into
the hole at the top. Inside kill all of the bats around you and then hop across
the platforms floating in the lava. Don't stay on them too long, they sink into
the lava eventually. Kill the monsters at the end of the platforms and a chest
containing the POWER BRACELETS will appear. Use your new bracelets to lift up
the big rock shaped like a rock. Throw it and the wall and walk through the
path back to the exit.

Now head to Ice Ring Isle. You'd best get on the west side of the island to do
this next part because it is much easier that way. Take out your bow and fire
a fire arrow right at the big block of ice sticking out of the water above the
rest. This will give you FIVE MINUTES before everything freezes again. Pull up
to the sheet of ice around the island and get out of the boat. Climb up to the
raised part of the ice and walk along it. Link will slide a bit and make
strange sounds, but continue on. At the end jump onto the raised platform in
the water. Wait for the next platform to get close to you and then jump onto
it. When it moves towards the last platform, jump. Jump again and climb up the
stairs. At the top is the hole you need to go into. Inside carefully cross the
narrow platform to your right and climb up onto the big platform. You can use
your fire arrows to melt the ice around the pot. Inside the pot there are two
fairies. Climb up to the slide and carefully slide down to the chest. Inside
the chest are the IRON BOOTS. Equip the boots and then walk through the wind
back to the exit. If you walk into the wind there is a hole you can go into
that takes you to a room full of frozen monsters. Killing them all will make a
chest containing an orange rupee appear. When you get back outside make sure to
use a fire arrow to melt the ice around the chest containing TREASURE CHART 39.

Now that you have these two items you can go to the Earth Temple on Headstone

                            >> The Earth Temple <<

Items of interest: Mirror Shield, Joy Pendant (x3), Treasure Chart

Head on over to Headstone Island and walk onto the beach on the southern side.
Pick up the big rock and throw it at the wall to reveal a tunnel. Go inside and
take out your wind waker in front of the wall to learn the EARTH GOD'S LYRIC:


Watch the cut-scene and learn of your next task, to find a new sage for the
temple. Your only clue is the harp on the door. What you want to do now is head
to Dragon Roost Island. Climb up to the town section of the island and you will
hear someone playing a harp somewhere above you. Inside climb up to the second
floor and go out onto the wooden platforms high above the sea. Go to your right
and grapple across the gap. Climb up to Medli and take out the wind waker in
front of her. Now play the Earth God's Lyric.

After the long cut-scene take Medli back to Headstone Island. When you get
there the King of Red Lions will give you some information to help you through
the temple. If you press R you can call Medli to have her follow you. You can
lift her up to fly you places. Go up to the stone door and play the Earth God's
Lyric to open it.

In the first room pick up Medli and have her fly you across the gap to the
door. Take her through the door and set her down in this room. Before you do
anything you might want to kill the three monsters in this room. Once they are
gone head up the stairs to your left with Medli. She will inform you that she
should try flying by herself and that you can control her with the wind waker.
You can switch to controlling her by playing the Command Melody on the wind
waker. When in control of Melody tap A to fly and a meter will appear. You can
fly until this meter runs out. At the top of the stairs, pick her up and fly
to the first switch and have Link stand on it. Now take control of her and fly
her to the other switch them to open the door. Fly down to the door and
take control of Link again. Go down to the door, pick up Medli and go on
through the door.

In here throw Medli into the light and fight the Chus. You will meet a new type
of Chu, a purple Chu. To kill it lure it into the light and it will turn to
stone. Throw it and it will die. While it is stone you can use it to hold down
switches. Once all of the Chus are dead the two doors will open.

Use the Command Melody to take control of Medli and put her in the light if she
isn't already in it. You'll notice that she can reflect the light with her harp
in the same manner as Link could with the Mirror Shield in OoT. Press A to aim
the light at the chest on the pedestal to make it become solid. Open it up to
get the DUNGEON MAP. There is also one of those pots in here you can use to
warp around the dungeon. Throw a bomb at it or something to break the wood on
top of it so you can use it later if you so desire. Pick up Medli and go
through the door to the next room.

Take control of Medli and stand in the pillar of light to the right. Aim the
beam of light straight ahead so you can clearly see the switch. Don't move
Medli and go back to controlling Link. Go up to the switch and hit it with
the hammer. If you step into the clouds you won't be able to use any of your
weapons, but you can get them to go away by standing in one of the spots of
light. Hitting the switch will open the closed door to the right. Pick up Medli
and go through it.

Drop Medli and kill the two monsters that come out of the coffins. Once they
are gone walk past the coffins and climb up the ladder to your left. Grab the
big box and pull towards you. This will unblock a beam of light. Take control
of Medli and have her walk into the spot where the light hits the ground. Use
the harp to aim the light at the chest. Once the chest appears go back to Link
and open the chest to get a SMALL KEY.

Go back through the door you came in and use the small key to open the locked
door. In here kill all of the Chus until the purple ones appear. You need to
get them to turn to stone to hold down these two switches so you can go up the
stairs. But there is no light. What you have to do is take a Fire Arrow and
shoot the banner on the wall to the left as you come in. It will burn and
reveal a place for light to come in. Lure the Chus into it and place them on
the switches. Go up the stairs and push the big block down. This will open the
door. Take Medli and bring her through the door.

Drop Medli and kill the lone monster. Once it's gone go up to the block without
the statue on top of it and push it towards the marking in the depression on
the floor that it is in. This will bring a beam of light into the room. Take
control of Medli and go into that beam of light. Use the harp to aim the light
at the markings that look like the Sun on the walls. There are a total of four,
down on each wall. Doing this will cause the wall around them to crumble
revealing secret chambers. In one is one of the warp pot things. In the other
is the block you need to push along to get up to the raised part of the room.
Before switching back to Link bounce some light at the statue on top of the
block. This will cause the statue to crumble. Now switch back to Link and push
this block. Pushing it into the marking will make the chest containing the
COMPASS appear. Before climbing up to it throw Medli up to the raised area.
Grab the compass and take Medli through the door.

Drop Medli and kill all of the monsters, including these new ghost monsters.
This will make a staircase appear. Ignore it for now and take control of Medli.
Fly up by the ladder and bounce the light across the room at the statues. Go
back to controlling Link and open the chest to get a JOY PENDANT. Go up the
staircase (Don't take Medli) and enter the door to your left.

Jump down into the pit and let the stone slabs fall, just not onto you,
obviously. Now you will have to fight some ReDeads. Kill them by getting behind
them and slashing them a few times. Once you kill them the ladder will drop
down. Grab the SMALL KEY behind one of the stone slabs and climb up the ladder.
Go through the door and into the locked room. You can't take Medli in here.

Now it's mini-boss time! Don't worry, this guy isn't very tough. You can use
your boomerang to stun him then run up to him and slash him as much as you can
before he can hit you. Hit him enough and his bones will fall apart and his
skull will jump around. Attack the skull as much as you can and he will
eventually die. If you take to long he'll put his bones back together and
attack you with his full body again. Once he's dead two more of these guys will
come out of the coffins. Kill them and make the stairs leading to the chest
appear. Inside the chest is the MIRROR SHIELD. Once you have it a spot in the
roof will open up to give you a beam of light to reflect. Step into the light
and use your new shield to reflect the light towards the Sun and moon shaped
thing above the door. Keep the light focused on it and it will open up the
door. Go through back to the last room.

The monsters are back so kill them all. Once they are gone take control of
Medli fly up to the spot of light. Take out your harp and aim forward towards
where the statues used to be. Without moving, go back to controlling Link.
Climb up to where you aimed the light with Medli and take out the Mirror
Shield. Use it to bounce the light onto the Sun-shaped thing on the wall.
Get Medli and go into this new passage. If you want you can take control of
Medli and aim the beam of light in here at the statue. Then take control of
Link, grab the blue rupee and reflect the light from there to the Sun at the
other end of the hall. This will open a chamber with some rupees inside. When
you are done take Medli and go through the door.

Back in this room have Medli fly you across the clouds and land by the beams of
light. Take control of Medli and stand in one of the beams. Take out her harp
and aim it at one of the eyes on the statue that has the same Sun and moon
design as the thing above the door in the room where you got your new shield.
Keep the light focused on it and switch back to Link without moving. As Link
go to the other beam of light and use your Mirror Shield to bounce the light
at the other eye. The whole statue should turn orange and then look like the
Sun. This will open up the staircase to the next floor. Before you go down
take Medli and go into the door to the right (The one that wasn't locked).

Kill the monsters and take Medli past the coffins. Go to the right and put
Medli on the switch. Leave her there and go through the door. Use the Mirror
Shield to reflect the light onto the two Suns. Open the chest to find a JOY
PENDANT. Leave this room, take Medli and go back to the room with the staircase
down to the next floor.

Go down these stairs with Medli and then kill these monsters. A nice shot or
two from an Ice Arrow will dispose of each one. Once they are out of the
picture take Medli across the bridge and with her next to you play the Earth
God's Lyric in front of the stone slab. This will give you access to the door.
Take Medli through it.

There are two ReDeads in this room. To make fighting them easier, use your
Mirror Shield to put some light on them. They won't like this and it will stun
them. Once you have killed them stand in the light and aim the beam at both of
the big mirrors, one on the right and one on the left. When you aim the light
at a mirror it will reflect a more powerful beam that can destroy the large
statues. Once you've gotten rid of both statues destroy the smaller one on the
box in front of you. Once that's done take Medli through the door on your

This room can be a bit tough. Drop Medli somewhere safe and run straight
through the clouds towards the chest on the other side, while avoiding the
monsters (Floormasters?). Inside the chest is a SMALL KEY. Opening the chest
will also make all of the clouds go away. Now you have to fight all of these
Floormasters and kill them. If they grab you they will take you back to a room
near the beginning of his dungeon. You can use your boomerang to stun them
to give you some safe hits. There is one that won't expose it's hand, to get it
to you will have to take Medli and throw her near it. It will grab onto her
and then you will be able to hit it. Once they are all dead a chest with a
TREASURE CHART inside will appear. Take it and leave this room with Medli.

Leave Medli behind and go through the door across from you. Jump into the pit
with the fog and run through it. Avoid the Floormasters and make it to the
other end. Go up to the switch and hit it with your hammer. Instead of using
your Mirror Shield to reflect this new beam of light pull the block with the
mirror on it into the spot with the light. Now that you have done that you can
leave this room by going back thought he fog and Floormasters.

Push the crate in front of the beam of light up to the wall so you can climb it
up to the raised area. Pick up Medli, throw her up there and climb up yourself.
Use your key and go through the door with Medli. In this room kill the monsters
and then get working on reflecting the light from the mirror. You want to use
it to break the statue to the right as you come in. It is in front of the next
door. The other two can be broken to reveal a gold rupee and a a big magic
bottle. Because of the angle of the light and the statues you will have to
control Medli and have her bounce the light somewhere. Then you will have to
take Link and use the light bouncing off of her harp to aim at the statues.
Once the statues are gone take Medli and go through the next door.

Immediately put Medli down and fight off the bats. Once you have killed them
you can go up to the chest which contains a red rupee if you wish. Avoid the
stone slabs as the fall and watch out for the various monsters that are inside
these coffins. Take Medli up to the bigger stone slab blocking the door and
play the Earth God's Lyric. Take Medli through the door and down these sets
of stairs. When you come into the wide open area put Medli down and go to the
right. Take out a bomb and put it next to the pot so you can warp here if you
wish. Go back to Medli and down the stairs. When you reach the door go inside.

In this room take control of Medli and fly up to the raised platform in the
middle of the room. Step on the switch to get some light into the room. As Link
go down into that beam of light and aim it right at the chest. Once the chest
appears open it up to find a purple rupee. Pull the nearby mirror into the
beam of light and then take control of Medli. Go down to where Link is (The
beam of light won't get blocked when you move off of the switch) and stand on
the platform that is right in the light's path. Turn around and aim bounce the
light down to the littler platform in the enclosed space. Switch back to Link
and stand on the platform. Bounce the light at the four Suns on the wall to
remove the wall in front of this mirror. Pull this mirror as far as you can so
it's at the end of the depression in the ground. See that to the right of where
you just pulled this mirror? Use Midli again to shine light onto it to burn it
away and to reveal another mirror. Now pull it out to the depression in the
ground. Now the light will be reflecting off of all of the mirrors on this
side of the room and you'll hear the little Zelda secret sound effect thingey.
Go to the other side of the room and find where the beam of light ends.

Grab the mirror next to that and put it in front of the light. Now you need to
take control of Medli and put her on the platform that the beam of light goes
over. Use her harp to aim it at the big statue along the wall in the middle of
the room. A mirror will appear from this area. Aim light at the Sun on the
wall that you can aim the light at, if you do this you will open the path to
a door. Don't go in it just yet. Now take the light and aim it at the smaller
one next to the one you are on. Take control of Link and pull the new mirror
out and into the depression in the ground. Stand on that platform and aim the
light at the Suns on the wall. Before you move that mirror aim the light at
the chest so it will materialize.

Inside is a JOY PENDANT. Now go and move that mirror. After you have done that
go to the mirror that was being blocked by the big statue and move it. You've
finally done all of the mirror-moving for this room. Don't start celebrating
just yet, there is still more to be done in this room. Take control of Medli
and put her on the platform by where the beam of light ends. Aim the light at
the eye of the big statue on the wall, like the one at the start of the
dungeon. Go back to controlling Link and stand on the platform near the one
that Medli is on and aim the light at the other eye of the statue. This will
open the path to the next door. Leave Medli and go through it.

Kill all of the monsters in here to open the door and to get the BIG KEY. Now
go back into the last room and through the door that was blocked by the wall
with the Sun in front of it. Stand in the beam of light and aim the light at
the coffins to open them up. Inside each one is one of the mini-bosses. Kill
them all to get the chest with a TREASURE CHART to appear. Now you want to
leave and go back to the big, open room with the staircases on the sides. Take
control of Medli and fly her up by the warp-pot thing. Go back to controlling
Link and walk up the stairs and then climb up the vines to get to Medli. Pick
her up and use her to fly across the gap. Now enter the boss' chamber.

                                BOSS: JALHALLA

This guy is a piece of cake. You are going to want to note the spots where the
light comes in from the roof. While he tries to attack you get into the light
and aim it right at him. Continue doing this until he drops his lantern and
falls down. Run up to him and pick him up. When you throw he we will roll until
he hits the wall so aim your throw so he hits one of the big pillars of spikes.
When he hits them he will break apart into the smaller ghosts that he is made
up of. Attack as many of these ghosts as you can and kill them. Eventually they
will go back together and form the boss again. He will now have a few more
attacks to use on you. He will try to body slam you, blow air at you and try to
push you into the spikes on the side of the room and the attack he uses most,
sucks in air and blows his breath at you. Still hurt him the same way until you
kill all of the smaller ghosts. Once they are all dead you have won. Collect
your Heart Container and step into the glowing part of the Triforce.

Once you're ready, sail off to Gale Island. As soon as you approach the front
of the island with the winds blowing towards, you, put your Iron Boots on,
and walk towards the statue that's blowing wind, and smash it with your Skull
Hammer. Enter the cave. Upon entering, examine the stone tablet in front
of you, then whip out your Wind Waker to learn a new song, Wind God's Aria:

6/4ths time:


Now you need to find the sage who needs to hear this song, which is Dekar
in Forest Haven. Sail or warp there, and approach the giant waterfall near
the entrance to the island. Look up for a grapple point, and use it to swing
into the waterfall itself. Inside, you will find Dekar. Play him the Wind God's
Aria, then sail with him back to Gale Island.

Play the Wind God's Aria in front of the stone tablet to cause it to crumble,
then enter the Wind Temple.

                             >> The Wind Temple <<

Items of Interest: Hookshot, Joy Pendant (x4), Treasure Chart #5, #35

Just like in the previous temple, Makar can fly when you throw him, and when
you take control of him, you can fly and plant seeds in the ground to make
a Deku Leaf appear that floats.

First off, pick him up and carry him through the first door. First, put
Makar down and defeat the flying enemy. Then take control of him and have
him plant two trees in the soft dirt spots on the lower level to make
a big chest appear with an Orange Rupee. Now fly him past the wind gusts and
onto the ledge above and step on the switch to make the gusts go away. Now
take control of Link, and defeat the Stalfos, and bomb the Warp Jar to open it
for later. See the giant switch? There's a spring on it, so when you stand
on it with your Iron Boots on, it weighs it down, and when you remove them,
you go flying away. If you're on the lower level, use the spring pad down
here to reach the first ledge where you entered, then use that spring pad
to rocket into the air, and use your Deku Leaf to glide to Makar. Grab
the little guy and enter the next door.

Drop Makar and defeat the statue enemies, then fan the spinny thing with
your Deku Leaf to raise the garage door like door. Drop Makar again and
take control of him. Fly up to the platform to the right, plant a tree,
then fly to the second platform, plant a tree, then fly to the upper ledge
near the locked door and plant the last tree. Upon doing this, some
Floormasters will come out and kidnap Makar. Once back to Link, go through
the door to the right. Kill the Peahats in here, then defeat the Armos
statues guarding the North door, and enter it.

Kill the Peahats here, and step on the stone tile near the edge of the
platform you are on, and put the Iron Boots on to drop through. Kill
the Floormaster then fan the spinny switch to raise the door. Stand on
the nearby spring pad and launch yourself straight up and through the
opening above you, back up top. Now run across the floor that you just
raised, kill the Peahats, then open the chest to the left of the gate
for a JOY PENDANT. Go through the eastern door.

Hop off the ledge and use your Deku Leaf to glide into the whirlwind, then
fly up to the ledge on the left and step on the switch. Kill the Wizrobe
with an arrow, then glide over to the newly formed ledge in the gate. Glide
again into the next whirlwind and glide all the way across the room, through
the opened gate, and onto the far ledge with a chest containing the DUNGEON
MAP. Take it, then hop back down to the lower level and run all the way back
to the beginning of this room by climbing the vines.

Glide back to the lowered gate that you used before (right past the first
whirlwind), then hop over to the ledge to your left, then the next ledge
past that. Now use the whirlwind to glide through the last opened gate,
and keep using the whirlwinds to power your flight to the very end of the
room. Drop on the ledge, and defeat the 3 Peahats and the Wizrobe. Enter
the door.

Bomb the Warp Pot to the right, then stand on the switch with your Iron
Boots on to make a giant gate open in below you. Drop all the way down to
the bottom with your Deku Leaf and defeat the Peahats. Enter the unlocked

Stand on one of the stone tiles with your Iron Boots to drop down. Defeat
the enemy below, then spring back up (you have to push the blocks around
to get the spring in the right place to boost up). Repeat this for all of
the tiles and a chest that contains a small key and a TREASURE CHART (#5).
To reach the chest, push the blocks so that they line up with the open hole
right below the chest area (you can't fly over the spikes above). Exit the

Enter the locked door, and fight the Red Wizrobe. This is an annoying
fight, since he summons many enemies and makes duplicates of himself.
Fend off the enemies as best you can, but when you see him, fire some
Ice Arrows at him (he's fire based, as you can see from his attacks).
Eventually, after enough damage, he'll die and a chest with the HOOKSHOT
will appear. After the fight, hookshot up to the target above you on
a ledge, and smash the peg with your hammer. Exit the room.

Kill the Peahats, then Hookshot your way up the ledges until you reach a
point where you can't Hookshot anymore (about 5-6 Hookshots up), and you'll
spot a ledge across from you with a chest. Glide to it with your Deku Leaf
and open it for the COMPASS. Now use the spring pad to launch yourself up
and continue Hookshotting your way up until you reach the next spring pad.
Launch yourself up to the ledge, and to the last hookshot target right
next to the cage Makar is in. Stand near the Statue blocking him in, and
put your Iron Boots on, then Hookshot the target on it's head to make it
fall over. Enter the cell, check the chest for a JOY PENDANT, then pick
up Makar and drop down to the ledge below the cell.

Drop Makar, then hookshot over to the next ledge. Now control Makar and
have him fly to Link. Go through the door. Kill the Wizrobe, then Hookshot
your way using the trees you planted before, to the top. Now control Makar and
fly to Link. Pick Makar up and enter the door.

Fly Makar up to the first ledge, plant a tree, and have him keep planting trees
until there are no more to plant. Have Link Hookshot to them until you reach
the very top and enter the door.

In here, drop Makar on a switch then stand on the other with Link to open
the gate. Now go back through the door you just came in. Fly Makar back down
to the door you came in through in this room, then glide to the same door
with Link. Now fly and glide straight ahead to the door straight ahead and
enter it with Makar. Drop him, then run past the sliding blade and to the
closed gate. Turn around and look up for a ledge and a hookshot target
next to it. Hookshot up, and fan the spinning switch to raise the giant
gate to make a floor you can walk on. Run across it, and use your hookshot
with your Iron Boots to pull down the two statue heads to reveal Rupees and
another JOY PENDANT. Step on the tile with the Iron Boots on, and drop down
and defeat the Armos. Go grab Makar and enter the door you came in from.

Enter the door to the right. Take control of Makar and drop all the way down
to the level where you got the Hookshot and locate the two soft soil patches.
Now plant 2 trees. Take control of Link and when the whirlwind starts up,
glide across the giant gap and to the door directly across from you. Defeat
the Armos, then take control of Makar and fly him to Link. For another JOY
PENDANT, glide directly above where you are now to find a chest with one. Now
turn around and look out into the giant whirlwind. To the upper left is ledge.
Glide to it with Link, then with Makar. Defeat the Armos here, then when the
chest appears, take the SMALL KEY. Exit the room with Makar, and glide
down to the ledge where you originally defeated the 2 Armos (the one right
below the last Joy Pendant you got). Enter the door.

Defeat the Peahats, drop down into the hole again, kill the Floormasters, then
fan the wind switch to open the gate. Go through it, and spring back up to the
next level. Control Makar and fly over the traps and to Link. Approach
the stone tablet here with Makar and play the Wind God's Aria. The tablet will
crumble, showing a door. Enter it.

Drop Makar and fight the 3 Darknuts. After the fight, a chest with the BOSS
KEY will reveal to you, so take it. Exit the room. Fan the wind switch to
raise the gate as a floor again. Pick Makar up and run past the two sliding
blades and enter the far door again. With Makar or without him (if you do it
without him, you'll have to bring him down seperately), jump all the way
down to the very bottom of this area, below the fan. Enter the locked door.

Defeat the Wizrobe and Stalfos, then Hookshot your way all the way up until
you reach a floor switch. Stand on it with your Iron Boots, and the lower
door will unlock again. While you're up here, use your Hookshot and Iron
Boots on the statue heads to bring them down, and reveal Rupees and some
enemies. Kill them all and the chest that's shown on your screen will appear.
It contains TREASURE MAP (#35). Take it and leave through the opposite door
from where you entered.

Kill the enemies (you can steal some JOY PENDANTS from them with the
grappling hook if you need some), and then kill the Armos'. Take control of
Makar and fly over the winds and plant a tree in the soil, but stay away from
the Floormaster. Now grapple across the gap with Link with the hookshot
and defeat the Peahats and the Floormaster. Enter the door with Makar.

Drop Makar right away and use your Iron Boots. Push the two boxes to stop the
first two blades so you can create a path for you and Makar. Now push the third
box past the 2 blades and near the last blade and into the gap. Pick him up and
take him past the blades, then drop him right before the last blade, and
place him in front of the second block you moved so he won't blow away. Now
go back and pull the first block across the bridge you created with the
block when you pushed it into the gap, and push it so it blocks the last
trap. Grab Makar and make your way across this small bridged gap and into
the next room past the fans.

Approach the stone tablet and play the Wind God's Aria, and a new door will
be revealed. Bomb the Warp Jar here, get any fairies you might want, and
enter the boss door.

                                 BOSS: MOLGERA

This guy can be a pain in the ass simply because you have too many targets
to choose from at once. The main way to kill him is to target his tongue
with your hookshot (use L Targeting) to bring it towards you, then slash
at it with your sword. The main problem here is that he sends out multiple
mini-snakes to attack you from the sand, and when you are busy with them,
he comes up from the sand and eats you up. Just target each one of these
smaller snakes seperately with your Hookshot, then slash at 'em one
at a time. Eventually, he'll reveal his tongue, allowing you to hookshot it,
reel it in, and attack it. Watch out when the sand turns black around you,
because he's about to come up and try to eat you. After about 3-4 Hookshot
attacks and slashes, he'll die.

Claim your Heart Container and step into the Triforce.


04. Items


Boko Baba Seed:
Description: Source of the evil plant's magic. Perhaps if you could find
             someone to cook it up, its magic can be unleashed.
Location: Dropped by Boko Babas, Forbidden Forest.

Description: In-flight weapon. Allows you to target up to 5 targets at once.
Location: Aquired after the first mini-boss fight, Forbidden Forest.

Deku Leaf:
Description: Use it to blow blasts of air at objects and enemies. Can also
             be used with magic power to ride drifts of air.
Location: Top of the Great Deku Tree, Forest Haven.

Delivery Bag:
Description: Finely crafted bag used by Rito postmen everywhere.
Location: Dragon Roost Island, from the Rito Leaders.

Din's Pearl:
Description: This is the pearl of the gods spoken of in Rito legends.
Location: Received after the Dragon Roost Cavern boss.

Farore's Pearl:
Location: Received from the Great Deku Tree after defeating the Forbidden
          Forest dungeon.

Father's Letter:
Description: Letter from Komali's father to Prince Komali.
Location: Dragon Roost Island, from Medli.

Golden Feather:
Description: A certain strangeness emanates from the quill of this beautifully
             shining golden feather. Winged girls are said to be infatuated
             with these treasures.
Location: Dropped by enemies.

Grappling Hook:
Description: Item used by the Rito before they had wings. Allows you to reach
             far away items/ledges.
Location: From Midli, Dragon Roost Cavern.

Hero's Bow:
Description: A bow fit for a hero.
Location: 2F of Tower of Gods, in the room guarded by the Iron Knuckle.

Hero's Clothes:
Description: Green clothing fit for a hero.
Location: From your grandma, Outset Island.

Hero's Shield:
Description: Shield with great power.
Location: Given to you by your grandma on Outset Island.

Hero's Sword:
Description: Blade with the power to dispel evil.
Location: Given to you by old man Orca on Outset Island.

Iron Boots:
Description: These boots are so heavy you can hardly walk, but the wind can't
             blow you around when you wear them!
Location: Ice Ring Isle

Joy Pendant:
Description: These pendants are said to flock to those who spread joy, like
             butterflies gathering around nectar-filled blossoms.
Location: Dropped by an enemy; also in Dragon Roost Cavern.

Knight's Crest:
Description: All who are skilled in the ways of the sword know the value of
             a crest such as this.
Location: Dropped by various enemies. First by Armor Knight in Tower of the

Master Sword:
Description: The legendary blade with the power to repel evil..once wielded
             by the legendary hero himself!
Location: Hyrule Castle, after Tower of the Gods.

Mirror Shield:
Description: It's shiny surface reflects beams of light.
Location: Earth Temple

Picto Box
Description: Allows you to take pictographs. Can hold up to three at a time.
Location: Tingle's Cell, hidden behind the crate. Go through the maze in the
          following directions to reach it:

          Right, straight, left, left, right, right, left, straight, left,
	  right, right, straight.

Pirate's Charm:
Description: This is the mysterious stone Tetra lent to you. Allows Tetra to
             give you advice when it's needed.
Location: Given to you at the beginning of Forsaken Fortress, beginning of
          the game.

Power Bracelets:
Description: Both arms are now stronger than ever!
Location: Fire Mountain.

Red Chu Jelly:
Description: There's a gelatinous substance in the red jelly. It's an effective
             cure for exhaustion, but it can't be used in it's current state.
Location: Dropped by Red Chus.

Description: Used to set sail with your boat.
Location: Eskimo merchant on Windfall Island. 80 Rupees.

Skull Hammer:
Description: This mighty hammer can break things and pound obstacles into the
             groud. Some enemies even get stunned by the shock waves it causes
	     when you pound the ground with it.
Location: Forsaken Fortress (2nd time around)

Skull Necklace:
Description: This rather off-putting accessory would appear to be of little
             value, but shown to the right person, it is apparently of great
Location: Dropped by enemies, spoils.

Spoils Bag:
Description: This bag is primarily used to hold up to eight different kinds of
             items that defeated enemies dropped.
Location: Niko, Pirate Ship.

Description: You received this treasured item from your sister on your
Location: Outset Island, from your sister on the lookout tower.

Tingle Tuner:
Description: Allows you to connect your GBA with your GC to receive tips from
Location: Tingle's Cell, Windfall Island.

Treasure Chart:
Description: Chart given to you by Tingle. Shows treasure on your Sea Chart.
Location: Tingle's Cell, Windfall Island.

Wind Waker:
Description: Magical conductor's baton that borrows the power of the gods.
Location: Given to you at the beginning of Dragoon Roost Island.


05. Sea Chart


|          |           |          |          |          |          |          |
| Forsaken |   Star    | Northern |   Gale   | Crescent |  Seven-  | Overlook |
| Fortress |  Island   |  Fairy   |   Isle   |   Moon   |  Star    |  Island  |
|          |           |  Island  |          |  Island  |  Isles   |          |
|          |           |          |          |          |          |          |
| Four-Eye |  Mother & | Spectacle| Windfall | Pawprint |  Dragon  |  Flight  |
|  Reef    |  Child    |  Island  |  Island  |   Isle   |  Roost   |  Control |
|          |  Isles    |          |          |          |  Island  | Platfrom |
|          |           |          |          |          |          |          |
| Western  | Rock Spire|  Tingle  | Northern | Eastern  |   Fire   |Star Belt |
|  Fairy   |   Isle    |  Island  | Triangle |  Fairy   | Mountain |  Archi-  |
|  Island  |           |          |   Isle   | Island   |          |  pelago  |
|          |           |          |          |          |          |          |
| Three-Eye| Greatfish | Cyclops  | Six-Eye  | Tower of | Eastern  | Thorned  |
|   Reef   |   Island  |  Reef    |  Reef    | the Gods | Triangle |  Fairy   |
|          |           |          |          |          |  Island  |  Island  |
|          |           |          |          |          |          |          |
|  Needle  | Islet of  |  Stone   | Southern | Private  |  Bomb    |  Bird's  |
|   Rock   |   Steel   | Watcher  | Triangle |  Oasis   | Island   |   Peak   |
|  Island  |           |  Island  |  Island  |          |          |   Rock   |
|          |           |          |          |          |          |          |
| Daimond  | Five-Eye  |  Shark   | Southern | Ice Ring |  Forest  |  Cliff   |
|  Steppe  |   Reef    |  Island  |  Fairy   |   Isle   |  Haven   | Plateau  |
|  Island  |           |          |  Island  |          |          |  Isles   |
|          |           |          |          |          |          |          |
|Horseshoe |  Outset   | Headtone | Two-Eye  | Angular  |  Boating | Five-Star|
|  Island  |  Island   |  Island  |   Reef   |  Isles   |  Course  |  Isles   |
|          |           |          |          |          |          |          |


06. Side-Quests


The following are side-quests information and walkthroughs for the game. These
are not required to beat the game by any means, but they are recommended to
do if you wish to get the most out of the newest Zelda game.

                              6a. Hidden Dungeons

>> Dragon Roost Island <<

There's a hidden dungeon located on the beach outside of Dragon Roost Island,
next to the Wind Shrine. There should be a large boulder right next to
the path leading to the Wind Shrine, right in front of the shrine itself.
If you have a bomb on you, then just bomb it. If not, you can use your Tingle
Tuner and your GBA to talk to Tingle, and have him drop a bomb on that exact
point. Eitherway, once the rock is gone, hop into the hole below.

Now, there's no real way to go through this dungeon. Your main objective is
to get each one of the un-lit doorways in the first room all lit up. So
what you want to do is enter an unlit door, and defeat the monsters inside.
There are 4 rooms you have to clear, and they're all painfully easy. Once
each room has been cleared, the torch above that room will light up. After
getting all of the doors lit up, the door that used to be locked in the
main room will become unlocked. Go on inside and claim your prize, a Purple
Rupee, worth 50 Rupees. Not bad for such an easy and short dungeon.

>> Pawprint Isle <<

To get into this dungeon go up onto the main island and go to the south side of
the big white thing that almost looks like an egg. Crawl through under it and 
drop down the hole. From where you start go down the path into the main room of
this little dungeon .If you take the left path in the main room and blow up the
rock with bombs you can find a purple rupee. If you take the path to the right
there is a HEART PIECE in a chest and behind the rock that you can destroy
with bombs there is a JOY PENDANT.

>> Bomb Island <<

Get bombs (or Power Braclets), then you can come here and bomb the giant rock
in the center of the island. Enter the hole, and once inside, hit one of
the centipedes to it rolls into a ball, pick it up, then place it on the
switch to open the door. Enter it. Now in here, walk on the non-firey
path on the left and step on the switch to put out the flames on the path
to the right. Now take this path to the center area, and repeat the same
process with the centipede, and toss it (when its balled up) onto the flaming
switch to the left (the switch itself is hidden, but its there), and the
flames will be put out around the large chest that lies just ahead. Open
the chest for a HEART PIECE.

                              6b. The Killer Bees

Eventually you will be able to challenge the Killer Bees to a game, if you
win they will think about going back to school. You have to find where each one
is hiding and then catch them. The fist one is behind the Bomb Shop. Confront
him and he will jump throgh a hole in the fence to the left and run around
the grassy area around the Bomb Shop. The second one is behind the stone up
near Tingle's Cell where the dancing guy is. When you see him he'll jump down
to the water and run around the area where the first one did.  The next one
is up by the school. To the left of the door to the school there is a ladder
and to the left of that is an arch. Go through the arch and turn to the left.

The third member of the Killer Bees is behind the bush. When you see her she
will jump down the cliff and run up the stairs. After you catch her go back
down to the grassy area in front of the Bomb Shop.

The leader is hding atop the tree by the pier and arch over the main path up
the island. Roll forward into it to knock him out of it. He will jump down and
run through the island. Catch him and they will reward you with a HEART PIECE.

Go into the school and talk to Mrs. Marie, she will then give you a purple
rupee. Go back outside and the leader of the Killer Bees will tell you that
Mrs. Marie's birthday is coming up and she likes Joy Pendants. He will also say
that he saw a Joy Pendant in a tree. Go down to the Bomb Shop and roll into the
tree right next to the entrance to get another JOY PENDANT. Go back up to the
school and put your Joy Pendants on X, Y, or Z to show them to Mrs. Marie.
She will tell you to come back when you have 20 of them and also give you a red

                               6c. Link's Cabana

After you complete the Killer Bees sidequest equip your Joy Pendants and show
them to Mrs. Marie in the school on Windfall Island. She will tell you to come
back when you have 20 of them (Unless you have 20 already). Once you have the
20 show them to her. She will give you the Cabana Deed. Head down to the
Private Oasis island and equip the Cabana Deed. Show it to the talking door and
he will let you in. Inside on the wall to the left you will see a picture. On
the right wall is the same picture but it's all mixed up. Approach the mixed
up picture and you will be able to fix it in the form of a slide puzzle.

                          6d.  The Koroks' Spoutlings

You may have noticed (if you've been exploring the sea) on some islands there
is a Korok standing next to a withered sproutling. You can help these
sproutlings by by pouring some water on them, but not any water will work. You
need Forest Water from inside the Forest Haven. You can use that water as many
times as you like until it becomes normal water in 20 minutes. If you don't
water all of the sproutlings within 20 minutes they will become withered again.
You have to find all 8 islands with Koroks standing by the withered sproutlings
and pour the water on them. They are at the following locations:

Eatern Fairy Island
Mother & Child Isles
Star Island
Private Oasis
Shark Island
Needle Rock Island
Greatfish Isle
Cliff Plateau Isles

If you do manage to water all eight sproutlings with the Forest Water within
20 minutes they will grow into trees and a HEART PIECE will drop down from the
one you are next to.

Before you do this you will want to make sure you have learned the Ballad of
Gales. If you don't have it you won't be able to make it between the islands in
time. To make this quest easier for you talk to the Deku Tree, he will mark the
locations of the Koroks and thir sproutlings on your sea chart.

                             6e. The Great Fairies

Northern Fairy Island - There is nothing blocking the entrance to the Fairy
Fountain, so as soon as you can sail here you have acess. The Great Fairy here
will give you a bigger wallet which allows you to carry up to 1000 rupees.

Southern Fairy Island - All you need to see the Great Fairy here is bombs. Put
one right next to the wooden planks blocking your entrance then jump in the
hole. This Fairy will give you a bomb upgrade. The first upgrade allows you to
carry 60 bombs, the second allows you to carry 99.

Eastern Fairy Island - To see this Great Fairy all you need to do is plant a
bomb in front of the rock blocking the entrance.
This Fairy will give you a bomb upgrade. The first upgrade allows you to carry
60 bombs, the second allows you to carry 99.

Western Fairy Island - To see the Great Fairy here you will need to have the
hammer. Once you have it come to this island and use it to hit the switch. This
will cause the fire blocking you from seeing the fire to go away.
This Fairy will give you the ability to carry up to 60 arrows at once.

Thorned Fairy Island - You will need the hammer to get access to this Fairy.
Use the hammer to smash the three switches on the island and the plants
blocking the entrance to the fountain will go away. This Fairy will give you
an arrow upgrade, the first one will allow you to carry up to 60 arrows at
once and the second will allow you to carry 99 arrows.

Mother & Child Isles - The Queen Fairy is located here. Warp to where she is
using the Ballad of Gales. She will give you Fire Arrows and Ice Arrows. You
have to come see her before going through the Earth Temple and then the Wind

Two-Eye Reef - To the southwest of the reef you will see a group of seagulls
flying around. Get close to them and a giant squid will pop out of the water.
Use the bomb-cannon on the King of Red Lions and hit it in the eyes with bombs.
Take out all of it's eyes to defeat it. Once you beat him a Great Fariy will
appear and double your magic bar.


07. Location Lists


                            7a. The Treasure Charts

This list is far from complete, but don't fret, we are working on it as best we

Treasure Chart 3
Location of treasure: Eastern Fairy Island
Location of chart:

Treasure Chart 4
Location of treasure: Southern Fairy Island
Location of chart:

Treasure Chart 5
Location of treasure:
Location of chart: Wind Temple

Treasure Chart 9
Location of treasure: Horseshoe Island
Reward: Silver rupee
Location of chart: Inside the submarine on Crescent Moon Island. Kill all of
the monsters until the ladder drops down giving you access to the chest.

Treasure Chart 12
Location of treasure: Five-Eye Reef
Location of chart:

Treasure Chart 14
Location of treasure: Tower of the Gods
Location of chart: Find the submarine near Headstone Island. Go inside and kill
of the rodents to make the ladder which gives you access to the chest fall

Treasure Chart 15
Location of treasure: Angular Isles
Location of chart:

Treasure Chart 18
Location of treasure: Windfall Island
Reward: Silver Rupee
Location of chart:

Treasure Chart 20
Location of treasure: Bomb Island
Location of chart:

Treasure Chart 22
Location of treasure: Spectacle Island
Location of chart: In a submarine near Northern Fairy Island. Kill the monsters
and swing across the lamps to get to the chest with the chart.

Treasure Chart 29
Location of treasure: Mother & Child Islands
Reward: Silver rupee
Location of chart:

Treasure Chart 30
Location of treasure: Pawprint Isle
Reward: Heart Piece
Location of chart: Inside the Tower of the Gods

Treasure Chart 34
Location of treasure: Eastern Triangle Island
Reward: Silver rupee
Location of chart:

Treasure Chart 35
Location of treasure: Eastern Fairy Island
Location of chart: Wind Temple

Treasure Chart 36
Location of treasure: Bird's Peak Rock
Location of chart:

Treasure Chart 37
Location of treasure: Fire Mountain
Location of chart: Use bombs to blow up all of the rocks and hop across the
platforms. Drop down the hoel and light the two unlit torches. Some bats will
appear, kill them all to make the chest with the chart appear.

Treasure Chart 39
Location of treasure: Dragon Roost Island
Reward: Silver rupee
Location of chart: In a chest covered in ice on Ice Ring Isle

                           7b. Heart Piece Locations

>> Windfall Island <<

• Play the Battleship mini-game at the market. Sink all 3 squids within
  20 cannonballs to earn a heart piece.

• Win two auctions at the auction house, and the next auction will be for
  a heart piece.

• Complete the Killer Bees sidequest

>> Outset Island <<

• You can get this after you get the second Pearl (after Forbidden Forest).
  Visit Orca and hit him 500 times or more before he hits you 3 times and
  he'll reward you with a heart piece.

>> Rock Spire Isle <<

• Find the floating ship shop around the Isle, and the guy inside has
  this heart piece for sale. The cost is 950 Rupees.

>> Spectacle Island <<

• Beat the Cannonball game (shoot the 5 ships), and you'll get the heart

>> Bomb Island <<

• Bomb the center rock on the island, drop into the hole, defeat the short
  dungeon, and open the large chest for this heart piece.

>> Six-Eye Reef <<

• Locate the submarine and go inside. Kill all the monsters that appear to get
  the ladder giving you acess to the chest with the heart piece to appear.

>> Star Island <<

• The rocks here can be destroyed with bombs. Under the big rock
  on the western side of the island is a hole. Go in it and kill all of the
  monsters to make a chest with the Heart Piece appear.

  >> Pawprint Isle <<

  • There are two Heart Pieces in the secret dungeon.

  • While on the King of Red Lions use the grappling hook to pull up the chest
    shown on Treasure Chart 30.

>> Sidequest Heart Pieces <<

• Complete the The Koroks' Spoutlings Sidequest.

• Complete the Killer Bees sidequest.

                          7c. Empty Bottle Locations:

#1: Medli gives you the first empty bottle outside of Dragon Roost Cavern.
    This bottle is required to progress in the game, so you shouldn't have
    any trouble getting it.

#2: This bottle in a wooden submarine floating near BOMB ISLAND. You have to
    enter the sub and kill the enemies inside to get this bottle.

#3: This bottle is for sale at the floating ship shop at Rock Spire Isle.
    The damage? 500 Rupees.


08. Version History / Credits


Version 0.40 (04/04/03)
• Updated walkthrough up through the Wind Temple, did a major reorganization of
  the whole guide, most sections updated with new information.

Version 0.25 (04/02/03)
• Updated walkthrough up through the Earth Temple, all sections updated.

Version 0.20 (03/31/03)
• Updated walkthrough up through the Forsaken Fortress (after Tower of the
  Gods), all sections vastly updated, especially the Side Quests section.

Version 0.15 (03/28/03)
• Updated walkthrough up through the Tower of the Gods, all sections updated.

Version 0.10 (03/28/03)
• Updated walkthrough up through Forbidden Forest, all sections updated or
  with new info.

Version 0.05 (03/25/03)
• First draft, released to the public. Walkthrough up through Dragon Roost


09. Copyright Info


©  Copyright  2003  Brett  "Nemesis"  Franklin  and  Masamune2.  This  FAQ  and
everything  included within this file cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or
form  (physical,  electronical,  or  otherwise)  aside  from  being placed on a
freely-  accessible,  non-commercial  web  page  in it's original, unedited and
unaltered  format.  This FAQ cannot be used for profitable purposes (even if no
money would be made from selling it) or promotional purposes. It cannot be used
in  any sort of commercial transaction. It cannot be given away as some sort of
bonus,  gift,  etc.,  with  a  purchase as this creates incentive to buy and is
therefore prohibited.

                                    - EOF -

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